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Freedom City Everything Timeline




Freedom City Everything Timeline

This is a master timeline for Freedom City History. Important city events should be listed here, as well as important events in the lives of its heroes and hero times. Events do not need to be of worldwide or citywide significance to be listed here. If the event took place within a thread, please provide a link to the thread as well. If the event is a major one with significant impact on the city, please also add it to Freedom City Big Events Timeline.

  • 1630: Freedom City (called Freedom) is founded by Puritan colonists
  • 1694: Freedom Witch Trials, led by Elijah Prophet
  • 1779: British are driven out of Freedom by Col. Maj. Joseph Clark and the colonial army
  • 1789: Freedom and its surrounding communities incorporate as Freedom City
  • 1825: Freedom City University founded, Freedom City Ledger enters print
  • 1890: Jack-a-Knives terrorizes Freedom City, is never caught
  • 1918: The Centurion’s lifepod descends from space and lands in Freedom City
  • 1930: “Mystery Men” begin patrolling Freedom City and stopping crime, examples include Doc Prophet, The Bluesman and John Danger.
  • 1938: The Centurion makes his first public superheroic appearance, other superheroes begin to appear, including Midnight, Johnny Rocket, Bowman, and Freedom Eagle.
  • 1941: Lady Liberty makes her first public superheroic appearance since the Revolutionary War, Siren makes first appearance, Dr. Tomorrow appears one day after Pearl Harbor
  • 1942: The Liberty League is founded by executive order of President Roosevelt, made up of American superheroes and led by Dr. Tomorrow. Its HQ is located in Freedom City
  • 1943: The Crime League is founded by supervillains active in Freedom City
  • 1945-46: The Allies of Freedom, a superteam fighting in Europe while the Freedom League fights at home, is destroyed to the last man by Nazi supervillains. Casualties include La Reynard Rogue, Human Tank and Gunner, Sergeant Shrapnel, and White Rose and White Thorn.
  • 1945: World War II ends, Dr. Tomorrow returns to the future, Freedom Eagle takes charge of the Liberty League
  • 1947: First Earth contact with the Grue Unity, in the form of a crashed spaceship
  • 1950: A Grue scouting team arrives on Earth, sowing distrust between the Liberty League and the government. Eventual hero Pseudo is part of this group.
  • 1955: Senator McCarthy and the HUAC call the Liberty League to testify about possible links with communism and demand they unmask and reveal their identities. Rather than comply, the League disbands, with most of its members retiring. Midnight fights one last battle with King Cole before going underground.
  • 1960: Hades invades Freedom City with an army of dead, is repelled by heroes includingCenturion, Daedelus, Lady Liberty and The Raven. These heroes join together to form the Freedom League.
  • 1961: Dr. Alexander Atom purchases the Goodman Building in Freedom City and moves in with his family.
  • 1962: The US Government forms AEGIS to deal with superhuman threats and policing. Jack Simmons, the former Patriot of the Liberty League, is the first director.
  • 1964: Blackstone Penitentiary opens, under the aegis of AEGIS.
  • 1965: Omega and the Terminus attempt to invade Freedom City, they are repelled by the Freedom League and the Atom Family
  • 1969: A second Grue scouting party arrive on Earth and impersonate the Freedom League, once again shaking public confidence in superheroes.
  • 1972: Duncan Summers, The Raven, is gravely injured while fighting Dr. Sin. He retires and marries Dr. Sin’s daughter, Jasmine. Lady Liberty retires after her powers fade.
  • 1973: Dracula comes to Freedom City, causing much public unease. Construction begins on Pyramid Plaza
  • 1975: Super-group 1-800-JUSTICE forms, with members Jump, Jive and Wail. Super-inventor Daedelus departs Earth to explore the galaxy.
  • 1976: Pyramid Plaza is completed
  • 1977: Jack-a-Knives returns for another murder spree in Freedom City
  • 1979: Supeheroes Brainstorm and Scarab are killed while fighting to save the Freedom League from the Scions of Sobek, leading to a period of League instability
  • 1980: Ethan Keller, sidekick to disgraced alcoholic Bowman Fletcher Beaumont II, adopts the codename Archer and begins fighting crime with lethal force in Freedom City.
  • 1981: Freedom League members Halogen and Tectonic are killed while fighting Crimson Katana and the Katanarchists. The Centurion elects to disband the Freedom League due to their many recent losses. Heroes Evening and Eye of Justice are made honorary police officers and deputized by the police department, an appointment revoked by the passing of the Moore Act
  • 1983: A riot at Blackstone Prison leaves more than 40 dead and several supervillains on the loose. Administrative error and outside agitation are found to be the main cause of the disaster, but public condemnation falls on superheroes for failing to stop the chaos faster.
  • 1984: Franklin Moore is elected mayor of Freedom City on a platform of zero tolerance for costumed vigilantes. Superheroes are outlawed by the Moore Act and most leave town.
  • 1985: Outlaw superhero Archer creates the superteam FORCE Ops, an illegally-operating vigilante team of young heroes who are ruthless in their defense of Freedom City
  • 1989: Freedom City celebrates its bicentennial
  • 1992: Michael O’Connor Jr (son of Freedom Eagle) is elected mayor on a platform of rolling back Moore’s unpopular policies, including the ban on superheroes.
  • 1993: Omega and the armies of the Terminus invade Freedom City on a scale never before seen. A massive alliance of metahumans fight together in Freedom City and repel the attack, but at a steep cost: many superheroes including the Centurion and nearly all of FORCE Ops are dead, and the downtown is all but destroyed. Dr. Metropolis rises literally from the rubble and begins rebuilding the city, while Mayor O’Connor repeals the Moore Act and welcomes the heroes home. A dying Dr. Atom transfers his consciousness to a computer so as to continue to care for his now-orphaned grandchildren.
  • 1994: The Freedom League is reestablished in Freedom City, the Sentry Statue is unveiled in Riverside Park.
  • 2000: Mass breakout from Blackstone Prison, heroes spend six months recapturing all the prisoners. Mayor O’Connor begins third term, Jack Simmons, director of AEGIS, dies and uploads his consciousness to an android body.
  • 2001: Freedom Hall is destroyed by supervillains and rebuilt. Duncan Summers opens Claremont Academy for super teenagers.
  • 2005: The Lighthouse is built as a space headquarters for the now world-focused Freedom League. Freedom Hall remains its local HQ in Freedom City.

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