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  1. "Sent me?" Tempest frowned behind his mask. "Whoa now." He floated a bit further from the dock on which they had landed. Clearly this city is insane. I've heard of villains and stuff, but waving a sword at one's savior seems a little bit crazy. He eyed her sword, wondering if she could even hurt him with that blade. It was possible, he decided, and kept carefully out of her sword's reach - by more than a few yards. "Is this a traditional Freedom City thank you, or something? 'cause I would be willing to swear that I just helped you, madam. So why don't we hold off with the swording of people and things and take a few minutes to talk?" Even as he asked, though, he focused his mind, preparing to gently take the child from her if she seemed even more unstable than she already was acting. It would not do to let her harm a child, even if the child was hers.
  2. Zack grimaced, glancing down at his civilian garb. He'd been out on a walk when he witnessed them go overboard, for lack of a better term, and now he needed to save them... ideally without causing too much of a fuss. No time for that now, he thought, and flung out his mind as best he could, fishing for them desperately with his telekinetic senses. If he found them, he would grasp them as gently as possible and pull them from the water. Otherwise, he glanced briefly around to ensure no one was looking at him, and slipped down off of the bridge, flying low and close to the water as he grabbed his bandanna-mask to obscure his features.
  3. "Superpower clubs?" The man's frown deepened. "We don't get those sorts of folks down here in the Fens. No big explosions, nothin'. Just us." He pursed his lips. Meanwhile his thoughts went to several different (and rather filthy) locations - one was a "bar" of sorts where the waiters and waitresses dressed in spandex and wore masks, but food wasn't all that they offered. Another was a place that offered highly erotic superhero costumes for reasonably cheap prices, and the third was the rumors surrounding a small dive on the river's edge. "Mind, if you're lookin' for something like that, you'd be best lookin' a few blocks from here." He waved his hand vaguely north. "Might be some over there." Echohead felt the man's thoughts, which were filled with sardonic irritation, and he knew the man intended to send him on a wild goose chase, so to speak, with his spoken words. His thoughts, however, might prove more useful.
  4. I'll definitely let you both know if I do that, or, failing that, when the next step in this little saga continues.
  5. There may be other opportunities to pursue this lead - I have a few ideas about what may come next.
  6. Hmm. I started the thread prematurely, it appears. That said, I don't want the current players to feel underpowered if they aren't PL 10 - I know Echohead isn't, although Scarab is. The thread itself is intended to be mostly atmospheric, with one or two combats planned.
  7. The man behind the counter arched a brow at Echohead's stumbling over his words, sighing and rolling his eyes. "Look, buddy, I don't care what it is you're on, but I'm not here to make you feel good. That's what the stuff is here for." He gestured at the various erotic tools strewn across the shelves. "I've got no idea what you're talkin' about, but as you can see, we don't sell sex here, if that's what you're lookin' for." His frown deepened when he mentioned superpowers, but he didn't add anything else to his statement. He had, however, straightened somewhat, and seemed more cautious of Echohead than before.
  8. Tempest Diluvian GM What Lurks in the Fens
  9. The shop was full of flesh-colored advertisements, cardboard cut-outs of pornstars and other over-sexualized women. The store's walls were lined with a variety of startling objects, some of which Echohead was able to identify the use of, but most of which seemed utterly mysterious to him. A bored-looking man slouched over the counter, glancing up as the hero entered. Pot-bellied and seeming maybe a few years younger than Echohead himself, the man seemed unimpressed by his suit. "So," he said, not bothering to straighten, "what's your taste? Do you need any help finding something?" His tone indicated a deep reluctance to shift himself off of his comfortable position leaning against the counter near the cash register. Meanwhile, outside, the Scarab noticed a most unusual sight - a man with odd-looking spurs growing out of his brow and, if her deductive abilities were operating properly, his elbows and knees as well, based on the bulges she saw in his clothing. He looked furtively about the road before preparing to enter the same building that Echohead had.
  10. A handy set of skills to use, definitely.
  11. Echohead wandered through the streets of the Fens, passing by dozens of seedy looking adult video stores and other shops. The crowds that flowed past him watch him carefully, and he got the very distinct sense that he was not especially welcome in this area of town. Nevertheless, he eventually arrived at the river's edge - dozens of dives and bars, clubs and diners were strewn across the area, leaving him to question where exactly he would continue his search.
  12. Edit: These are for June, not July. My mistake.
  13. So, what's the plan here, guys - just heading southwards towards the river? Making any effort to be stealthy, or walking all brazen as brass amidst the pornshops and whatnot? @Supercape and @Tiffany Korta
  14. The few people willing to speak with Echohead shared the bare minimum of information. One man claimed "The club's somewhere on the river's edge.", while a woman claimed that there were a dozen different stories and she didn't really believe any of them.