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Found 7 results

  1. Cheval Power Level: 13 (Built as PL12) (200/203PP) Unspent Power Points: 3 Trade-Offs: -5 Defense / +5 Toughness In Brief: Celebrity hero of the people empowered by the loa Ogoun. Catchphrase: "I am iron, I am covered in iron." Theme: Unstoppable - The Score Alternate Identity: Marcus "The Iron Horse" Dumont (Public) Birthplace: Vibora Bay Residence: Weston District, Viboary Bay Base of Operations: Weston District, Vibora Bay, Occupation: Celebrity Hero, former Middle-Weight Boxer Affiliations: None Family: Michael Dumont (Father, deceased), Gabrielle Dumont (Mother, deceased), James Dumont (24, younger brother, attends University of Florida Vibora Bay), Nana Dee (Maternal grandmother, retired) Description: Age: 29 (DoB: 1990, August 10th) Gender: Male Ethnicity: African-American Height: 6'3'' / [God of Iron] 7' Weight: 167 lbs. / [God of Iron] 1.336 lbs. Eyes: Black / [God of Iron] Metallic black Hair: Black, shaved bald Tall and strong, Marcus' physique clearly shows off his history as a former professional boxer. Standing at 6'3'' and 167 lbs. of muscle, he is not easily intimidated of stopped. Despite his size and muscles, he is lean and athletic, the kind to dance around other, heavier boxers. His black hair is usually shaved bald, with a neatly trimmed black beard. He tends to wear dark red dress shirts and black slacks, often with a black tie. As Cheval, Marcus wears a dark red and black bodysuit, which leaves his arms and face exposed. While primarily dark red, the suit is black on his sides, from under his arms and stretching to his feet, where he wears black boots with dark red soles. The upper part of the costume is in a black down pointing triangle that reaches his solar plexus, leaving a red stripe between the black triangle and the black parts of the costume on his side. When ridden by Ogoun, Marcus grows in size to 7', his weight increasing to 1.336 lbs. His skin becomes metallic, like iron, and his eyes turn completely white. His beard becomes metallic, while remaining black. If he is wearing his costume, it grows to his size to continue being a perfect fit. He bulks up considerably, becoming even more muscular than normal. History: Marcus Dumont was born to Michael and Grabielle Dumont in Vibora Bays Weston District. While his parents did all they could to provide for their son, his grandmother Nana Dee took care of the young Marcus. A firm believer in the loa, Nana Dee told the young Marcus, and later his younger brother John, stories of the loa, their actions and their beliefs. To the young boys, it seemed like it were but fairy tales, but part of it stuck, particularly the tales of Papa Legba and Ogoun. While their parents loved both sons, the family could barely afford more than survival, and Marcus dreamed of one day becoming rich, so he could provide for his family, the way they had taken care of him. Where Marcus was strong and fast, John was clearly the smarter son. Easily bullied, John relied on Marcus to defend him, a task that the older brother took up with no complaint. The brothers loved each other dearly, that much was true. Everything came tumbling down when Michael and Gabrielle died in a car accident 2009. While Marcus had already moved out, he took John in, and took up boxing to provide for his younger brother and pay his college tuition. Marcus had long since accepted that his brother had a much greater chance of becoming someone, but he could at least do the one thing he knew how: Use his fists. Marcus quickly proved to be a natural. Marcus "The Iron Horse" Dumont rose through the ranks, earning greater and greater prizes, becoming well known in Weston, his fame slowly spreading through the rest of Vibora Bay. Marcus was happy. He was finally making something of himself, and he could take care of his brother. . Marcus discovered a fondness for rum, one that some thought might prove troublesome, even if he did not turn to alcoholism. Then, hurricane Michael hit Vibora Bay. John disappeared in the chaos, with Marcus frantically searching the streets for weeks to find his brother in the aftermath. He hunted every rumor, every path he could. He had to find John, he was sure that he was out there somewhere. Destitute and stressed, his fondness of rum slowly grew, and Marcus was rarely seen without a bottle of rum on his person during this time. One dark evening, he finally found him. The Mayombe, a sinister cult devoted to the darker sides of the loa, had used the chaos of the hurricane's arrival to make their way into Vibora Bay. Fading in power, now but a shadow of what she once was, the cult's leader, Lady Mamba, sought to commune with the loa Dinclinsin and Mademoiselle Charlotte in a bid to restore herself. To do so, they had prepared a sacrifice: John Dumont. As the Mayombe sang to the loa, Marcus acted to save his brother. He fought his way through cultists as best as he could, until he finally broke under their numbers, and was thrown into the interrupted ritual. Lady Mamba was delighted. Another sacrifice. The ritual resumed, the song continued, and Marcus remembered Nana Dee's teachings. He sang out to Papa Legba. Suddenly, he was elsewhere. Standing at the crossroads, he saw an old man with a crutch and a wide-brimmed hand. The old man removed the pipe from his mouth, and blew smoke rings. He asked why Marcus had sung out to him. He asked what he wanted. He asked what Marcus would offer. Marcus needed help. He needed the power to save his brother. He needed the power to stop the Mayombe. And he offered a bottle of rum, held high before Papa Legba. The old man smiled, waved his hand and called forth a man with a sword, dressed in a red sash: Ogoun. For a short time, they talked. Marcus would become Ogoun's cheval, being ridden by the loa in return for great power. Great power that he would use to do good. Marcus accepted. He had to save his brother. Marcus returned to the ritual, but something was different. He could feel the presence of Ogoun, and his body was far heavier than before. He was iron, he was covered in iron, and Ogoun pushed him on. With power far beyond what he had ever experienced before, Marcus fought the Mayombe, freeing his brother. As Cottonmouth the serpent man joined the fray, the battle spilled into the streets of Vibora Bay. Through power and skill, Marcus prevailed. His brother was saved. The Mayombe was pushed back, for now. As he stood victorious, his powers faded, and soon, he was recognized as the Iron Horse. He became an instant celebrity, revelling in his newfound fame. Sponsorships and more came through, and Marcus thought he had it made. He could provide for his brother and himself. He was barred from boxing, since no one knew if powers would resurface and give him an edge, but who cared? He stayed in Weston, he stayed in touch with the people on the street, he gave back to the community, and he had a good time. Three weeks after the fight, the voice started talking to him. Ogoun was not done with Marcus yet. He was his cheval, and there more good to be done in the world. Marcus found the powers that he had briefly possessed returned. He required little persuasion from Ogoun. As Cheval, he would fight for the people. Personality & Motivation: Friendly and affable, Marcus Dupont does much to combat his initial appearance as that of a muscular thug with his behavior. He is good with fans and kids alike, the two categories often overlapping, treating them with respect and talking to them as equals. Dedicated to his family and community, Marcus is determined protect everyone that he can. A former boxer, Marcus used to win over the crowd with his showmanship, which he continues to display even as the hero Cheval. Marcus' drive to be a hero comes from multiple sources. First and foremost, he wishes to protect his community. This is driven both by his own personal belief in protecting others when he can, as well as a constant push by Ogoun to use the powers he has been granted for justice. Having used his deeds to become a celebrity, Marcus has found himself driven to fight on for the sake of his fans, those that believe that he will show up to save the day, and, of course, the wealth that he has begun to amass from various endorsement contracts and the like. While he is aware of the contradictions and is determined not to let his newfound fame and wealth change him, time will tell if a he will succeed or not. Greatly dedicated to his younger brother James, Marcus first started boxing to support his studies, and still uses a sizeable amount of his wealth to take care of his brother, letting him pursue his dreams. Powers & Tactics: Marcus is a boxer at heart. His initial solution to most problems are to try to punch them, usually to great effect, given his powers. Given his near indestructible body, he will usually try to protect others, placing himself between them and blows, pushing them out of the way, or simply trying to take down an opponent before they can reach others. While often a bit of a showman, and known for showboating, Cheval will drop all pretense and fight without any showmanship, should the situation call for it. Power Descriptions: Marcus' powers come from being Ogoun's cheval, being ridden, or possessed, by the loa God of Iron and Fire. To have Ogoun's power enter his body, Cheval must be able to speak the phrase "I am iron, I am covered in iron", upon which he rapidly grows in height and mass, his skin becoming divine, living iron. In this form, Cheval is impervious to most forms of damage, gains incredible strength, and his fighting skills are enhanced by Ogoun, allowing Cherval to fight at far greater skill than what he would normally posses. Cheval can channel Ogoun's power into a number of different strikes, which he had dubbed the Break Strike, Drain Strike and Flame Strike, allowing him to break through defences, drain foes to heal himself or create a burst of fire. Through the divine power of Ogoun, Cheval's iron body is even able to touch and strike ghosts and spirits. Ogoun's power has left its mark on Marcus, even when not being ridden by the loa. Even when in his normal mortal form, Marcus is able to see and communicate with spirits. Complications: Famous: Before gaining his powers, Marcus was well known boxer in Weston, with many believing he could be a contender, many still recognizing him from that time. Now, as Cheval, he has become known throughout Viboray Bay, both as Cheval and Marcus Dumont, which, while it offers benefits, can come with its own trouble. Hero of the People: Ogoun drives Cheval to be a hero, a warrior and a protector. He cares deeply for the well being of the man on the street, focusing on keeping them safe above all else. Cheval can be distracted by putting someone in danger. Iron Horse: Though Ogoun leaves Cheval in control when he rides him, the God of Iron will sometimes take full control, if his objectives differ from Marcus'. Knight of Shining Armor: When Cheval is powered up, his mass and weight increases drastically to more than a ton, which can cause drastic issues if he is somewhere that cannot support his increased mass. Rogues Gallery: Cheval has faced his share of foes, already starting to build an impressive array of foes. He has so far managed to earn the scorn of the Mayombe, Maitre Carrefour and the loa Mademoiselle Charlotte and Dinclinsin. Showboating: Cheval's tendency to showboat can put him at an disadvantage in a fight, giving enemies chances to prepare, avoid blows that could have taken them out or the like. You Know My Name: While he usually goes by Cheval, Marcus' identity was outed during the incident where he gained his powers, leaving him little choice in whether he wanted to keep a secret identity or not. Abilities: 8 + 8 + 8 + 0 + 6 + 6 = 36PP Strength: 18 (+4) / [God of Iron] 34 (+12) Dexterity: 18 (+4) Constitution: 18 (+4) / [God of Iron] 36 (+13) Intelligence: 10 (+0) Wisdom: 16 (+3) Charisma: 16 (+3) Combat: 8 + 6 = 14PP Initiative: +8 (+4 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative) Attack: +4 Base / [God of Iron] +12 Melee (+4 Base, +8 Attack Focus [Melee]) Defense: +4 (+3 Base, +1 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed / [God of Iron] +7 (+3 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Grapple: +8 (+4 Base Attack, +4 Strength) / [God of Iron] +27 (+4 Base Attack, +8 Attack Focus [Melee], +12 Strength, +1 Super-Strength, +2 Super-Strength from Density) / +33 (+4 Base Attack, +8 Attack Focus [Melee], +12 Strength, +1 Super-Strength, +2 Super-Strength from Density, +6 Super-Strength) Knockback: -2 Toughness / [God of Iron] -16 (-12 Impervious Toughness, -2 Toughness, -2 Immovable from Density) Saving Throws: 0 + 0 + 9 = 9PP Toughness: +4 (+4 Con) / [God of Iron] +17 (+13 Con, +4 Density) Fortitude: +4 (+4 Con, +0) / [God of Iron] +13 (+13 Con, +0) Reflex: +4 (+4 Dex, +0) / [God of Iron] +6 (+4 Dex, +0, +2 Enhanced Reflex Save) Will: +12 (+3 Wis, +9) Skills: 44R = 11PP Climb 0 (+4) / [God of Iron] (+12) Diplomacy 7 (+10) Gather Information 4 (+7) Intimidate 7 (+10) Knowledge [Arcane] 5 (+5) Knowledge [Popular Culture] 1 (+5) Languages 2 (English [Native], French, Haitian Creole) Notice 7 (+10) Sense Motive 7 (+10) Swim 0 (+4) / [God of Iron] (+12) Feats: 17PP Accurate Attack All-Out Attack Benefit 1 [Fame] Benefit 1 [Wealth] Dodge Focus 1 Improved Initiative 1 Improved Throw Interpose Luck 4 Move-by Action Paralyzing Attack Power Attack Attack Ultimate Effort [Toughness Save] Enhanced Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2 [On Unarmed] Attack Focus [Melee] 8 Dodge Focus 3 Improved Critical [Unarmed] 2 Powers: (25 + 18 + 2 + 2 + 11 + 9 + 7 + 3 + 27 + 3 + 4) + 2 + 1 = 114PP Has Divine and Iron descriptors except where noted Alternate Form 22.6 ("God of Iron"; 111PP Alternate Form) [113PP] Density 8 (Extras: Duration [Continuous]; Flaws: Permanent; Feats: Buoyant) (Strength +16, Toughness +4, Impervious Toughness +4, Immovable 2, Super-Strength 2, Mass x8) [25PP] Enhanced Constitution 18 [18PP] (Prowess) Enhanced Traits 2 ("Cold Iron"; Add to Unarmed: Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2) [2PP] Enhanced Traits 2 (Reflex Save +2) [2PP] (Prowess, no Iron descriptor) Enhanced Traits 11 (Attack Focus [Melee] 8, Dodge Focus 3) [11PP] (Prowess, No Iron descriptor) Immovable 2 (Extras: Unstoppable; Flaws: Limited [Only while moving]) [2PP] Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9PP] Impervious Toughness 8 (Drawbacks: Noticeable [Iron Skin]) (+4 ranks from Density 8: Total rank 12) [7PP] Leaping 3 (Leap distance x10: Running 220 ft.) [3PP] (Prowess, No Iron descriptor) Power of Ogoun Array 12 (24PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3) [27PP] (Prowess, No Iron descriptor) BP: ("Might of Ogoun") Super-Strength 6 (+2 ranks from Density 8, +1 rank from Super-Strength 1: Total rank 9) (Total: +45 STR carry. Heavy load 716.8 tons) [12PP] + Add (Feats: Knockback 12) to Unarmed [12PP] {24/24PP} AP: ("Break Strike") Add (Extras: Autofire, Penetrating 3; Feats: Knockback 7) to Unarmed [22PP] + Enhanced Trait (Improved Critical [Unarmed] 2) [2PP] {24/24} AP: ("Drain Strike") Add (Extras: Vampiric) to Unarmed [12PP] + Drain Toughness 12 (Extras: Linked to Unarmed) [12PP] {24/24} AP: Damage 12 ("Flame Strike"; Extras: General Area [Cone]) (Area: 120 ft. cone) {24/24} (Fire) Speed 3 (50mph, 440 ft./round) [3PP] (Prowess, No Iron descriptor) Super-Strength 1 (Feats: Groundstrike, Thunderclap) (+2 ranks from Density 8: Total rank 3) (Total: +15 STR carry. Heavy load 11.2 tons) [4PP] (Prowess) Comprehend 1 (Comprehend Spirits) [2PP] (No Iron descriptor) Super-Senses 1 (Spirit Awareness, Descriptor Frequency: Uncommon, Sense Type: Visual [Default Extras: Accurate, Acute, Ranged]) [1PP] (No Iron descriptor) Drawbacks: (-3) = -3PP Normal Identity ("Must recite: 'I am iron, I am covered with iron' to active God of Iron alternate form"; Frequency: Uncommon; Intensity: Major]) [-3PP] DC Block Name Range Save Effect Attack bonus Unarmed Touch DC19 Tou (staged) Damage +4 Unarmed - Might of Ogoun Touch DC27 Tou (staged) Damage +12, Affects Insubstantial 2, Knockback+12 Unarmed - Break Strike Touch DC27 (staged) Damage +12, Affects Insubstantial 2, Autofire, Penetrating 3, Knockback+7, Crit 18-20 Unarmed - Drain Strike Touch DC27 Tou (staged) Damage +12, Affects Insubstantial 2, Vampiric DC27 Fort (staged) Drain Toughness Linked to Drain Strike Damage effect Flame Strike Area, 120 ft. cone DC22 Ref (staged) Reduce Damage effect to DC21 Area DC27 Tou (staged) Damage Groundstrike Area, 120 ft. radius DC22 Ref (staged) Halve Trip effect Area Trip roll vs. Strength Check Tripped Thunderclap Area, 60 ft. radius DC22 Ref (staged) Halve Auditory Dazzle effect to DC16 Area DC22 Ref (staged) -> DC22 Fort (staged) Auditory Dazzle Totals: Abilities (36) + Combat (14) + Saving Throws (9) + Skills (11) + Feats (17) + Powers (116) - Drawbacks (3) = 197/203 Power Points
  2. For this character's background and original statistics, see Freedom's Most Wanted, page 75, and Freedom City 3rd Edition, page 245. Character: Goanna Power Level: 12 Tradeoffs: -4 Attack / +4 Damage (Bite/Claws), -4 Defense / +4 Toughness Power Points: 259 Alternate Identity: Doctor Cooper Seidel Identity: Public Legal Status: USA citizen and fugitive Base of Operations: Freedom City, New Jersey Residence: Mobile Occupation: Former: Geneticist, Herpetologist; Current: Criminal Affiliations: Doctor Sophia Marks (former fiancée); ASTRO Labs (former employer) DESCRIPTION Gender: Male Height: 9' as Goanna, 5'10" as Seidel Weight: 750 lbs. as Goanna, 155 lbs. as Seidel Hair: None as Goanna, Brown as Seidel Eyes: Red as Goanna, Brown as Seidel UPDATES The immortal Daedalus still holds out hope for a cure to Doctor Cooper Seidel's condition. Doctor Sophia Marks has cancelled her engagement to Doctor Seidel and moved on with her life. The "Cooper Seidel" and "Goanna" personalities have meshed back together. The arrogant, entitled petulance which represented the "dark side" of Doctor Seidel's personality and had metastasized into Goanna are now the dominant forces in his psyche at all times. Goanna, while still prone to violent rage, is no longer controlled by it. The change between Seidel and Goanna is almost completely physical now, with almost no psychological changes. Doctor Seidel no longer sees his condition as something which needs to be cured, only stabilized and enhanced. He has refined his mutagenetic antivenom serum multiple times, which has granted him greater control over his transformations. He can now willingly transform from Seidel into Goanna or vice versa, and Goanna is larger and stronger than before. He retains his human form mostly for utility and convenience; he is no longer repulsed by his reptilian form. He still transforms into Goanna involuntarily sometimes, when angered or hurt. Exposure to the image or voice of Doctor Marks will sometimes still transform him back from Goanna into Seidel. Doctor Seidel refuses to face the reality that Doctor Marks has left him. Instead, he embraces the delusion that she belongs to him and they are fated to reunite. Once he thinks he's perfected his serum, he plans to kidnap and infect her. He thinks that she will love him again when he turns her into a creature like the one he's become. ABILITIES 16PP Strength: 35/10 (+12/+0), 60/10 Lifting (Heavy Load: 50 tons / 100 lbs.) Dexterity: 18/10 (+4/+0) Constitution: 34/10 (+12/+0) Intelligence: 20 (+5) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 12 (+1) COMBAT 36PP Initiative: +4 Attack: +8 (+9 Base, -1 Size), +12 Venom Damage +12 Unarmed/Thrown, +16 Claws, +12 Venom Grapple: +30 (+10 Melee Attack, +12 Strength, +4 Size, +4 Super-Strength) Defense: +8 (+9 Base, -1 Size), +4 Flat-Footed Knockback Resistance: 16 ATTACK RANGE SAVING THROW EFFECT Unarmed Touch +5ft* DC27 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical) Bite/Claws Touch +5ft* DC31 Toughness (Staged) Damage (Physical, Lethal) Venom Bite Touch +5ft* DC22 Fortitude (Staged) Slowed/Paralyzed Venom Spit Touch +30ft* DC22 Reflex Dazzle Visual DC22 Fortitude Recover *Touch-range at Size Large is 10ft. SAVING THROWS 14PP Toughness: +16 (Impervious 8, +12 Con, +4 Protection) Fortitude: +12 (+12 Con, +0PP) Reflex: +8 (+4 Dex, +4PP) Will: +12 (+2 Wis, +10PP) SKILLS 132R = 33PP Computers 10 (+15) Craft (Chemical) 15 (+20) Handle Animal 9 (+10) Intimidation 12 (+13, +15 Size) Knowledge (Life Sciences) 15 (+20) Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 15 (+20) Knowledge (Technology) 5 (+10) Medicine 13 (+15) Notice 10 (+12) Search 7 (+12) Survival 13 (+15) Swim 8 (+20)Swimming FEATS 10PP All-Out Attack Animal Empathy Chokehold Environmental Adaptation (Underwater) Grapple Finesse Improved Grapple Improved Pin Improved Trip Power Attack Startle POWERS 161PP Additional Limbs 1 (+1 Limb) [1PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Tail) Concealment 4 (All Visual-type senses, Flaws: Blending, Passive) [2PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Shapeshifting) Enhanced Constitution 19 [19PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Regeneration, Super-Toughness) Enhanced Dexterity 8 [8PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Super-Agility, Super-Reflexes) Enhanced Strength 15 [15PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Super-Strength) Growth 5 (Size: Large, Extras: Duration [Continuous], Flaws: Permanent, Feats: Innate) [16PP] (Descriptors: Mutation) Immunity 4 (Environmental 2 [Cold, Pressure], Poison, Suffocation [Underwater]) [4PP] (Descriptors: Mutation) Impervious Toughness 8 [8PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Regeneration, Scales, Super-Toughness) Leaping 4 (x25, Running Long Jump: 550ft) [4PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Super-Strength) Protection 4 [4PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Scales, Super-Toughness) Regeneration 11 (Recovery Rate: Bruised 3 [No rest], Injured 6 [No rest], Disabled 2 [1 hour], Feats: Regrowth) [12PP] (Descriptors: Mutation) Reptile Power 20 (40PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 2) [42PP] (Descriptors: Mutation) Base Power: [7PP] Damage 4 (Feats: Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Mighty, Variable Descriptor [Claws and/or Bite, Piercing and/or Slashing], Drawbacks: Lethal) [7PP] (Descriptors: Bite, Claws, Mutation) Alternate Power: [20PP] Dazzle 12 (Sense Types: Visual, Flaws: Range [Touch], Feats: Accurate 2 [+4 Attack], Extended Reach 4 [25ft], Improved Critical 2 [18-20]) [20PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Venomous Spit) Alternate Power: [40PP] Paralyze 12 (Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude], Secondary Effect, Feats: Accurate 2 [+4 Attack], Improved Critical 2 [18-20]) [40PP] (Descriptors: Mutation, Venomous Bite) Speed 2 (25MPH / 250ft per Move Action) [2PP] (Descriptors: Mutation) Super-Movement 3 (Slithering, Wall-Crawling 2) [6PP] (Descriptors: Mutation) Super-Senses 6 (Acute Tracking Smell/Taste, Danger Sense [Sense Types: Olfactory], Infra-Vision, Low-Light Vision, Uncanny Dodge [Sense Types: Olfactory]) [6PP] (Descriptors: Mutation) Super-Strength 4 (Lifting Strength: 60, Heavy Load: 50 tons) [8PP] (Descriptors: Mutation) Swimming 4 (25MPH / 250ft per Move Action, Can Take 10 on Swimming checks) [4PP] (Descriptors: Mutation) DRAWBACKS -11PP Involuntary Transformation (From Cooper Seidel into Goanna, triggered by anger or pain, Frequency: Very Common, Intensity: Moderate [DC10 to resist change]) [-4PP] Involuntary Transformation (From Goanna into Cooper Seidel, triggered by Doctor Sophia Marks, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Minor [DC5 to resist change]) [-1PP] Normal Identity (Frequency: Common [Full Action], Intensity: Major) [-6PP] Abilities (16) + Combat (36) + Saving Throws (14) + Skills (33) + Feats (10) + Powers (161) - Drawbacks (11) = 259 Power Points
  3. Dust Devil II Power Level: 12 (185/188PP) Unspent Power Points: 3 Trade-Offs: -5 Defense / +5 Toughness In Brief: The successor of the Dust Devil legacy, expanding his protectorate beyond just Magic Mesa. Theme: Shakedown - The Score Alternate Identity: Cassidy Collins (Secret) Birthplace: Southside, Freedom City Residence: Southside, Freedom City Base of Operations: Freedom City & Magic Mesa Occupation: Grocery store stocker Affiliations: Magic Mesa Family: John Collins (father, grocery store manager), Pearl Collins (née Hart, mother, dance studio teacher), William 'Billy' Collins (16 years younger brother, student), Benjamin "Uncle Ben" Collins (paternal uncle, unemployed) Description: Age: 26 (DoB: June 5th, 1992) Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 5'10'' Weight: 175 lbs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Black Cassidy stands at 5'10'' with an athletic build. He has short black hair and a full beard. He is average looking, never tending to stand out in crowds. He usually dresses casually in jeans and t-shirts, wearing a denim jacket if necessary. He tends to wear dark red or grey colors. As the Dust Devil II, Cassidy wears grey pants and black shoes. He wears a dark grey shirts with white patterns across the torso and lower arms, as seen in the picture below, wearing black gloves on his hands. He wears a grey bandana as a mask that hides his upper face. History: Cassidy Collins grew up as an average boy from Freedom City's Southside district. A slacker at heart, he never amounted to much, rarely having any motion or drive beyond just getting through the day so he could read comics, play games or hang out with his friends. He didn't excel at school, he only did a little sports if it was a game with friends or something that he had to do, and his parents John and Pearl grew to accept that he would most likely never amount to much. He was trusting of everyone, to the point of being naïve, which would often get him into trouble. Cassidy's parents blamed the influence of his beloved uncle Benjamin Collins, a conman that moved in and out of the prison system. At least some of it changed when Cassidy's brother William was born a few months after Cassidy turned 16. Immediately taking a shine to his baby brother, Cassidy would spend hours playing with and doting on his brother. Graduating from high school, Cassidy even went through a series of jobs to help support his somewhat struggling family, though he would never be able to hold a job for long. He just didn't show the interest in the work or he would be caught slacking off. Still, Cassidy's uncle Ben would show up to help him from time to time, whether it was finding him a new job or offer moral support. Eventually, Cassidy moved into his own place, a tiny one room apartment in Southside, though he would still make frequent visits to his family. Cassidy's life would change drastically when he lost his latest job. Declining his father's offer to come work in the grocery store that he managed, Cassidy instead accepted to come work with uncle Ben. Unfortunately, uncle Ben was an even worse influence than Pearl and John had feared. A short while later, they went on a road trip to meet with one of uncle Ben's clients in the American South West. Cassidy believed that he was simple coming along to keep his uncle company and occasionally carry heavy cases of equipment. Cassidy thought it was strange that they had to drive all the way out in the desert to do the trade, but uncle Ben would have to know best. After all, he was his uncle, and Cassidy had never had a reason not to trust him. Out in the desert, Cassidy accidentally opened one of the cases and discovered its contents: Alien weaponry, stolen wreckage from the 2018 Terminus invasion. Cassidy panicked, alerting uncle Ben's buyers to his presence. With a single "Sorry" and explanation that it was simply business, uncle Ben shot Cassidy three times in the chest. As Cassidy fell over, his uncle Ben returned to his buyers. Hours later, Cassidy opened his eyes. It was a miracle that he still lived. Only, he didn't. He could no longer feel his heart beating. Uncle Ben and his buyers had disappeared, and vultures were circling overhead. He knew that he was now in the Magic Mesa, and he knew that it had brought him back to become its new guardian, as the newest Dust Devil. Cassidy had little choice in the matter, and at first, he simply wanted to give up. He had been betrayed and killed. Even with the new powers he instinctively knew he possessed, he was the wrong man for the job. Then he realized that uncle Ben might come from the rest of his family. Reacting by instinct, Cassidy travelled through the sand for the first time, returning to Southside. Shocked at his newfound abilities, he accepted his charge. While he returned to his parents, he kept the details of the falling out with uncle Ben to himself, instead simply saying that he was dangerous and they should stay away from them, while he also accepted a job as stocker in his father's grocery store. Now, Cassidy finds himself driven to fight evil where he finds it. He feels a passion and drive unlike any before, as he steps into the role of the Dust Devil, not just to protect the Magic Mesa and his family, but to make sure what happened to him happens to no one else. Personality & Motivation: Before his transformation into the Dust Devil, Cassidy was a slacker. He made his way through school without much effort or accomplishment, which informed his attitude to most of everything in his life. Cassidy were trusting of others, often being called naïve. Never really getting excited about anything or trying to get involved, Cassidy just followed along with what others told him. The only exception were his family. Caring deeply for his much younger brother, Cassidy would do anything for him and his parents. He secretly felt ashamed of his lack of drive and initiative, but never shared it with anyone. After becoming the Dust Devil, Cassidy has become a much more driven individual. While he has lost much of his unconditional trust in others, Cassidy has leaned into the role of a hero, now being more than willing to put himself in harm's way to save others, and actively seeking out injustice to fight and wrongs to right. He rarely speaks much, letting his actions speak for him instead. He is troubled about his ressurection and what it means for him, and just what he has become. Cassidy is not fully sure what the Magic Mesa wants with him, and wonders what will happen if there is ever a conflict between himself and the Magic Mesa. Powers & Tactics: Cassidy's power was granted by the Magic Mesa, making them magical in nature. He prefers to get up close and personal, where his strength can be used to effectively disable his opponents. He trusts in his great durability to protect him against most attacks, leading to him often trying to protect others. Not above dirty tricks, he will turn to sand to seemingly disappear and strike at his opponent without them knowing what hit them. Power Descriptions: All of Cassidy's powers come from the magic of the Magic Mesa. Appointed as the Mesa' newest Dust Devil, Cassidy has become a being of living sand. Like the previous Dust Devil, Cassidy cannot be killed and he requires no rest or sustenance, and while he has yet to see the signs, he has stopped aging. He is incredibly resilient to damage, being able to shrug off most attacks and being unaffected by most kinds of poison and diseases. He posses incredible strength, only just learning the limits to his power. He can sense magic around him, just getting a feeling that there is something weird going on, though he has yet to explore this ability. While Cassidy's body normally appears fully human, he is able to to reshape it in various ways. He can become a cloud of sand, allowing himself to move freely through small cracks and become immune to most types of physical damage, or he can merge with sand around him, using it as a medium for travelling great distances. This is even possible if the sand at his location and destination is not directly connected. By manipulating the sand in his body, Cassidy is able to fly at roughly 25 mph. With Cassidy's mastery of his new body and abilities having grown, the disconnect that let to him creating weapons out of sand has disappeared, and he is now able to directly reshape his body into various weapons and extending his reach, or directly shoot sand out of his body in various forms, whether as quick blasts of hardened sand or longer storm effects that can push enemies back, without the need for creating fake weapons out of sand to do the work for him. Starting to tap into the mystic side of his abilities, he can create wide ranging sandstorms around him that only affects those that he wants, and can use the temporal abilities of the Magic Mesa to rapidly dehydrate enemies around them, making them easier to hurt. *All of Cassidy's powers has the Magic and Sand descriptors, with some having additional descriptors as noted. Complications: Dead Like Me: Cassidy died. Then he came back. The experience was traumatic, and he has yet to deal with all his feelings on the matter. The experience has changed him greatly, even as he tries to put on a brave face for his family. Guardian of Magic Mesa: Cassidy's powers come with a price. While not as strictly bound as the first Dust Devil, he must protect the Magic Mesa if needed, forcefully being drawn to its protection. This can both mean direct threats at the Magic Mesa, as well as more indirect threats, such as those whose actions could simply threaten the gateways between worlds. This can lead to Cassidy becoming involved in situations and battles he would rather have avoided, or being forced to abruptly leave his current location. Dust Devil Legacy: The Dust Devil is an almost mythic figure. The protector of Magic Mesa, he is a ruthless guardian. Those that know of the first Dust Devil can be predisposed towards Cassidy, for good or bad. Whatever Happened to the Dust Devil: The old Dust Devil is gone, and Cassidy has taken his place as guardian of Magic Mesa. He doesn't know whether the first Dust Devil moved on, died or was otherwise rendered unable to fulfill his duties. Betrayed: Cassidy was betrayed and killed by his own uncle. He understandably has some trouble fully trusting others. Man of Sand: While he is able to become human, Cassidy is essentially a being of living sand. He is starting to grasp the implications of just what his powers mean, and he fears that he is no longer considered human. He might react badly if confronted with this fact. Dutiful Brother & Son: Cassidy cares deeply for his parents and younger brother. They're both a strength and a weakness. Desperado: Cassidy tries to keep his identity as the Dust Devil a secret. Not even his parents and brother know his secret, which is starting to create some friction. Abilities: 8 + 4 + 14 + 0 + 4 + 0 = 30PP Strength: 18 (+4) / 34 (+12) Dexterity: 14 (+2) Constitution: 24 (+7) Intelligence: 10 (+0) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 10 (+0) Combat: 16 + 14 = 30 PP Initiative: +10 (+2 Dex, +8 Improved Initiative 2) Attack: +8 Base, +12 Unarmed (+8 Base, +4 Attack Specialization [Unarmed]) / +12 Sand Weapon (+8 Base, +4 Accurate Attack) / +12 Sand Blast (+8 Base, +4 Accurate Attack) Defense: +7 (+7 Base), +4 Flat-Footed Grapple: +12 (+8 Attack, +4 Strength) / +13 (+8 Attack, +4 Strength, +1 Super-Strength) / +17 (+8 Attack, +4 Strength, +5 Super-Strength) / +18 (+8 Attack, +4 Strength, +6 Super-Strength) / +20 (+8 Attack, +12 Strength) / +21 (+8 Attack, +12 Strength, +1 Super-Strength) / +25 (+8 Attack, +12 Strength, +5 Super-Strength) / +26 (+8 Attack, +12 Strength, +6 Super-Strength) Knockback: -8 / -20 (Impervious Toughness -12, Toughness -17/2) Saving Throws: 4 + 6 + 9 = 19PP Toughness: +17 (+7 Con, +10 [Protection]) Fortitude: +11 (+7 Con, +4) Reflex: +8 (+2 Dex, +6) Will: +11 (+2 Wis, +9) Skills: 68R = 17PP Concentration 8 (+10) Gather Information 8 (+8) Intimidate 4 (+4) Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 8Skill Mastery (+8) Notice 8Skill Mastery (+10) Sense Motive 12Skill Mastery (+14) Stealth 12Skill Mastery (+14) Survival 8 (+10) Feats: 13PP All-Out Attack Attack Specialization [Unarmed Attack] 2 Favoured Environment [Desert] Hide in Plain Sight Improved Initiative 2 Interpose Luck 2 Move-by Action Skill Mastery Takedown Attack Enhanced Feats Accurate Attack Improved Critical 2 [Unarmed Attack] Instant Up Power Attack Powers: 33 + 12 + 10 + 2 + 14 + 5 = 76 All have the Magic and Sand descriptor unless otherwise noted. Magic Mesa Guardian Array 14 (28PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 5) [33PP] BP: Guardian's Strength (Linked) {28/28} Enhanced Strength 16 [16PP] (Rock) Enhanced Trait 2 (Improved Critical 2 [Unarmed Attack]) [2PP] Super-Strength 5 (Effective Strength 59, heavy load 44.8 tons) [10PP] (Rock) AP: Blast 12 ("Devil's Storm"; Extras: Area [Cone]; Flaws: Action [Full]; Feats: Knockback 4) {28/28} (Impact Damage type) AP: Blast 12 ("Sand Blast"; Feats: Accurate 2, Incurable, Precise) {28/28} (Impact Damage type) AP: Damage 12 ("Sand Weapon"; Extras: Penetrating 5; Feats: Accurate Attack 2, Variable Descriptor 1 [Bludgeoning, Impact, Piercing and Slashing damage type]) [20PP] + Enhanced Trait 2 (Accurate Attack, Power Attack) [2PP] + Elongation 6 [6PP] {28/28} AP: Drain Toughness 12 ("Dehydration"; Extras: Area [Burst], Selective; Flaws: Limited (Only affects living); Feats: Incurable, Progression 2 [Area], Reversible) {28/28} (Temporal) AP: Environmental Control 6 ("Sandstorm"; Distract DC5, Hinder Movement ½, Visibility -4; Extras: Selective, Duration [Continuous]; Flaws: Range [Touch]; Feats: Progression 4 [Area]) {28/28} (Radius: 250-6250 ft.) Immunity 12 (Aging, Life Support, Sleep, Starvation & Thirst) [12PP] Protection 10 [10PP] Regeneration 2 (Resurrection 1/day) [2PP] Walking Desert Array 6 (12PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 2) [14PP] BP: Impervious Toughness 12 ("Solid Rock Form") {12/12} (Rock) AP: Insubstantial 2 ("Whirling Sand Form"; Gaseous Form; Feats: Selective) [11PP] + Enhanced Trait 1 [Instant Up]) [1PP] {12/12} AP: Teleport 12 ("Travel through sand"; Extras: Accurate; Flaws: Long-Range, Medium [Sand]) {12/12} (Range: 20 million miles) (Dimensional, Temporal) Whirling Sand Array 2 (4PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 1) [5PP] BP: Flight 2 (Flight Speed 25 mph, 220 ft./rnd) {4/4} AP: Super Strength 1 (Effective Strength 23/64, heavy load 600 lbs./89.6 tons. Feats: Shockwave, Super-Breath) {4/4} DC Block Name Range Save Effect Attack bonus/Other Unarmed Touch DC19/27 Tou (staged) Damage +12, Crit 18-20 Sand Blast 120 ft. DC27 Tou (staged) Damage, Incurable, +12, Precise Sand Weapons Touch (10 ft.) DC27 Tou (staged) Damage, Penetrating 9 +12 Devil’s Storm Cone Area 120 ft. DC27 Ref Reduce Damage effect to DC21 Tou Area DC27 Tou (staged) Damage, Knockback 4 Dehydration Area 120 ft. radius DC22 Ref Reduce Drain effect to DC16 Fort Area DC22 Fort (staged) Toughness Drain Shockwave Cone Area 40/120 ft. DC14/22 Ref Reduce Damage effect to DC16/21 Tou Area DC19/27 Tou (staged) Damage Super-Breath Cone Area 40/120 ft. DC14/22 Ref Reduce trip effect to +2/+6 Area Opposed Trip save vs. +4/+12 Trip Totals: Abilities (30) + Combat (30) + Saving Throws (19) + Skills (17) + Feats (13) + Powers (76) - Drawbacks (0) = 185/188
  4. Forever Boy Power Level: 12 (216/227PP) Unspent Power Points: 11 Trade-Offs: (The Forever Blade) -5 Attack / +5 DC, (Fireworks) +4 Attack / - 4 DC, +5 Defense / -5 Toughness, (The Forever Weapon) -4 Attack / +4 DC, +5 Defense / -5 Toughness In Brief: Super powered trickster from Neverworld, a world of adventure and action. Catchphrase: "Let's go straight on 'til morning!" Theme: Storytime - Nightwish / Fly - Blind Guardian Alternate Identity: Pan (Secret), Pan Barrie (Secret, Earth identity) Birthplace: Neverworld. Residence: Claremont Academy, Freedom City. Base of Operations: Claremont Academy, Freedom City. Occupation: Student at Claremont Academy. Affiliations: Claremont Academy. Family: None known. Description: Age: Unknown. Claims to be 16. (DoB: Unknown, legally listed as 2002 on Earth) Apparant age: 16 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Alien, from Neverworld. Appears Caucasian. Height: 5’10’’ Weight: 170 lbs. Eyes: Green. Hair: Dark red. Pan is an attractive young man with dark red hair and green eyes. He has an athletic build, which he doesn’t mind showing with mostly form fitting clothing. Pan prefers green and red clothing, rarely wearing any dark colors. He almost always seem to be smiling.Pan wears a form fitting green uniform with white piping details on his elbows, the end of his sleeves, three lines on each shoulder and the bottom of his shirt, over his green pants. He wears green boots in the same color as his shirt and pants, with a white line just above his ankles and thicker white line where the boot ends. At Pan's chest, the green shirt is open in an elongated square shape, with one corner just below his solar plexus, and two at his chest. Under the green shirt, he wears a red shirt with a white heart interconnected with an infinity symbol. He wears a green domino mask. History: In Neverworld, adventure and action rule. Swashbuckling heroes chase heinous villains across the seas in flying airships, pixies guide adventures in search of treasures haunted by ghosts in the machine. The Lost Heroes chase the being known only as the Crocodile across the endless ocean, hoping that it will one day fulfil its destiny and defeat The Hooked Man for good. Pan was born into this world. Raised by pixies, he never knew his parents. Always believing they abandoned him, Pan quickly came to resent most adults. Aided by the pixies, he performed daring heists into the bustling cities of Neverworld to gather food or just play pranks, and Pan became something of a myth: A never aging trickster that would disappear into the night. Eventually, the Lost Heroes happened upon the city that Pan had decided to visit. Hearing the rumors of the mysterious Forever Boy, they set a trap, and managed to capture him. Feeling pity for the boy, they took him in, and through time and effort, Pan came to trust them, joining them in the quest for the Crocodile. Pan spent long travelling with the Lost Heroes, until they met the Hooked Man. A man of monstrous power, the Hooked Man defeated the Lost Heroes one by one, until he finally stood before Pan. With the strike of his blade, the Forever Boy severed the Hooked Man’s hand, which hurled into the waters below. As the Hooked Man prepared to kill Pan in retaliation, the Crocodile rose from the depths. Pan blacked out, and the next thing he knew, he woke up in Freedom City. With no way home, Pan wasted little time in exploring this strange new world. While living on the street and surviving through petty theft, he was eventually discovered while stopping a robbery with several future classmates from the Claremont Academy. Offered the choice of joining the Claremont Academy, Pan eventually accepted, given the identity Pan Barrie. If he could not find a way home to Neverworld, he could at least try to find a new adventure. Personality & Motivation: Pan is a trickster, preferring to solve problems through trickery rather than brute force. He enjoys playing tricks on others, whether they are practical jokes or something more. Pan is utterly fearless, aside from one thing: The fear that he will never return home. He hides this fear behind bravado and a smile, while trying to find anyone to become his friend, rather than remain alone in this strange, new world. Despite his fears, Pan is determined to enjoy Freedom City as his newest adventure, and to aid his new home however he can, at least until he can find a way back to Neverworld. Powers & Tactics: Pan’s powers are either an innate part of his alien nature, or a use of Pixie Dust taught to him by the pixies of Neverworld. True to his nature as a trickster, Pan prefers to disable his opponents through his various tricks, rendering them unable to fight back against him and his allies, sowing chaos and confusion on his way. While he will taunt and provoke his enemies, he prefers to fight at range. Power Descriptions: Pan's powers come from one of two sources: His alien genetics as a resident of Neverworld, or his usage of Pixie Dust, gifted to him by the Pixies of Neverworld. Any powers with the Pixie Dust descriptor, save for those explicitly told otherwise, tend to have a golden glow and leave behind golden glitter that disappear after a few seconds. Pixie Dust are is a form of magical technology used by the Pixies of Neverworld. Anyone is able to be empowered by Pixie Dust, if it is given as a gift by the Pixies, though it might cause different effects. The only standard effect for everyone seem to be the ability to fly. For Pan, it has also resulted in his lack of aging, seemingly being stuck at the age of 16 forever. He is also able to summon his uniform at will. Unless Pan decides to use his Pixie Dust for creating life-like image or outright illusions that can fool all senses, it seems to increase his natural charisma greatly. He can also use it to create a sort of mist that can fool both the visual and auditory senses of the ones caught within the mist, and not just their eyes. Pan is able to direct the mists away from allies, preventing them from being affected. Pan can use the Pixie Dust in a number of offensive ways, most notably by creating just about any weapon he can think of, all of which seem to glow with the light of the Pixie Dust, even if his prefered use is to create swords. He can channel the dust in a Pixie-shaped blast of light that homes in on his enemies, or an explosion of light that blinds his targets. Finally, he is able to create glowing golden bands from seemingly out of nowhere, which quickly converge to trap his foes. Pan's alien heritage as a Neverworlder leaves him tougher than a regular human, along with greatly enhanced hearing and a sixth, mental danger sense that warns him of danger moments before it happens. His mind is sharp, even for a Neverworlder, letting him complete mental tasks at incredible speeds, and he is able to understand any written or spoken language. He has always been exceptionally lucky, from being found by the Pixies to ending up in a place as interesting as Earth-Prime. Complications: Never is an awfully long time: While usually fearless, Pan has just one fear: That he will never be able to return to Neverworld. If Pan is affected by a Fear effect targeting his fear of never returning to Neverworld, his Fearless feat will not apply. Alternatively, if faced with a situation where he might be able to return home, it might cause him to hesitate or otherwise make the current situation worse.  Oh, the cleverness of me: Pan is a trickster, and he has trouble not taunting and otherwise aggravating his enemies. This can lead to escalation of conflict if Pan manages to aggravate the enemy enough, or Pan being attacked where he was previously ignored, making the situation worse for him. To live will be an awfully big adventure: To Pan, a life without adventure would be worse than death. He searches for adventure in any form, always having trouble sitting still, be it during classes, stakeouts or strategy meetings. This can apply in many ways, such as picking up a strange idol, pressing the tempting button with "Do not press" or flying after something the glowing light in the sky, having trouble staying focused during planning on learning, which can cause problems later on, if Pan forgets crucial information or just didn't pay attention in the first place. I'll hold you in my heart, until I can hold you in my arms: Pan is quick to find friends, and quick to trust them. He is willing to do just about anything for his friends, even if he shouldn't. Hurt his friends, and his revenge will be swift, even if it shouldn't be. If Pan's friends are hurt or in situations where they will be seriously hurt or worse if Pan or someone else doesn't help them, Pan will be spurred into action, even if the situation places Pan himself in great danger. All you need is faith, trust and a little bit of pixie dust: Pan has to actually believe in himself and his abilities for his powers to work effectively. If his faith in himself is shaken, for instance by being met with an overwhelming foe or otherwise being worn down, any of his powers with the Pixie Dust descriptor might fail when he try to use them. All children, except one, grow up: Pan has a soft spot for children, and they tend to like him in turn. While he might not outright believe everything a child will say or do, knowing all too well how mischievous a child can be, he will always believe in children, prioritizing their protection and well being. It may have been quixotic, but it was magnificent: Pan's uncanny luck tends to have strange consequences. If probability is pushed far enough in one direction, it might just decide to push back, causing improbable things to happen, like the password to a computer suddenly changing, or a piano suddenly falling from the sky. Abilities: 4 + 10 + 6 + 4 + 2 + 10 = 36PPStrength: 14 (+2)Dexterity: 20 (+5)Constitution: 16 (+3)Intelligence: 14 (+2)Wisdom: 12 (+1)Charisma: 20 (+5) / 44 (+17) w. Forever Charismatic Combat: 12 + 14 = 26PPInitiative: +9 (+5 Dex, +4 Improved Initiative)Attack: +6 Base, +6 Melee, +6 Ranged, see Power attack bonuses in DC BlockDefense: +17 (+7 Base, +10 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-FootedGrapple: +8 (+6 Base Attack, +2 Strength)Knockback: -2 / -3 (with Defensive Roll) Saving Throws: 5 + 7 + 8 = 20PP Toughness: +7 (+3 Con, +2 Protection, +2 Defensive Roll) Fortitude: +8 (+3 Con, +5) Reflex: +12 (+5 Dex, +7) Will: +9 (+1 Wis, +8) Skills: 48R = 12PP Acrobatics 2 (+7) Bluff 17Skill Mastery (+22) / (+31 w. Forever Charismatic) Notice 13Skill Mastery (+14) Sense Motive 11Skill Mastery (+12) Sleight of Hand 2 (+7) Stealth 3Skill Mastery (+8) Feats: 31PP Challenge [Fast Feint] Defensive Roll 1 Distract Dodge Focus 10 Evasion 2 Fearless Improved Initiative 1 Inspire 4 Jack-of-All-Trades Leadership Luck 3 Move-by Action Skill Mastery (Bluff, Notice, Sense Motive, Stealth) Taunt Uncanny Dodge 2 [Visual, Auditory] Powers: 6 + 1 + 11 + 27 + 1 + 5 + 3 + 2 + 2 + 32 + 3 = 93PP Comprehend Rank 3 ("Universal Understanding"; Understand, speak and read all languages) [6PP] (Alien, Genetic) Enhanced Feat 1 ("Forever Uniform") (Quick Change) [1PP] (Pixie Dust) Flight 5 ("Fairy Flight"; Feats: Alternate Power 1) 250 MPH / 2500 ft./rnd) [11PP] (Magic, Pixie Dust) AP: Flight 2 ("Happy Thoughts"; Extras: Affects Others, Area [General Burst], Feats: Progression [Area] 1, Selective) (50 ft. radius) (25 MPH / 200 ft./rnd) {10/10} Trickster Array 12 (24 PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3) [27PP] (Magic, Pixie Dust, Training) BP: Enhanced Charisma 24 ("Forever Charismatic") {24/24} AP: Illusion 10 ("Endless Forms"; Affects: Visual; Feats: Progression [Area] 4) (Area: 100 ft.) {24/24} AP: Illusion 5 ("Endless Forms Most Beautiful"; Affects: All Senses; Extras: Duration 1 [Sustained]; Flaws: Action [Full Round]; Feats: Progression [Area] 4) (Duration: Sustained, Area: 100 ft.) {24/24} AP: Obscure 6 ("Hide & Seek"; Affects: Visual, Auditory; Extras: Independent [+0], Selective Attack, Total Fade; Flaws: Action [Full Round]) (Duration: Independent [24 rounds], Radius: 250 ft.) {24/24} Immunity 1 ("The Forever Boy"; Immunity: Aging) [1PP] (Alien, Pixie Dust) Immunity 5 ("Forever Free"; Entrapment Effects [Snare, Grappling, Bonds]) [5PP] (Magic, Pixie Dust) Luck Control 1 ("Forever Lucky"; Option: Force Rerolls) [3PP] (Alien, Genetic) Protection 2 ("Tough") [2PP] (Alien, Genetic) Quickness 4 ("Cleverness of Me"; Flaws: One type [Mental]) (Able to perform mental tasks at x25 normal speed) [2PP] (Alien, Genetic) Tricks Array 14.5 (29 PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3) [32PP] (Magic, Pixie Dust, Training. Additional descriptors on each power) BP: Damage 14 ("The Forever Weapon"; Feats: Accurate, Extended Reach 2 [10 ft.], Improved Critical 2, incurable, Mighty, Precise, Stunning Attack, Variable Descriptor 1 [Bludgeoning, Piercing, Slashing]; Extras: Penetrating 5) {29/29} (Light, Slashing Damage Type) AP: Blast 12 ("Pixie Blast"; Feats: Accurate 3, Homing, Precise) {29/29} (Light, Impact Damage Type) AP: Dazzle 12 ("Fireworks"; Affects visual senses; Feats: Accurate 3, Incurable, Reversible) {29/29} (Light, Sound) AP: Snare 12("Binding Bands"; Feats: Accurate 3, Indirect 2) {29/29} (Solid, Light) Super-Senses 3 ("Never Senses"; Danger Sense [Sense Types: Hearing], Audio [Sense Type: Audio, Default Extras: Acute, Radius, Ranged, Extras: Accurate]) [3PP] (Alien, Genetic) Drawbacks: -2PP Vulnerable (Emotion effects; Minor Intensity: +1 to saving throw DC) [-2PP] DC Block Name Range Save Effect Attack bonus Unarmed Touch DC17 Tou (staged) Damage +6 Binding Bands 120 ft. DC22 Ref (staged) Entangled/Bound +12, Indirect 2 Fireworks 120 ft. DC22 Ref (Staged) Visual Senses Useless +12, Incurable Pixie Blast 120 ft. DC27 Tou (staged) Damage +12, Homing (1 attempt), Precise The Forever Weapon Touch (Up to 10 ft.) DC31 Tou (staged) / DC 26 Fort (staged) Damage / (Dazed/Stunned/Unconscious) +8, Crit 18-20, Incurable, Precise Endless Forms Perception DC20 Will (staged) Tricked if disbelieving illusion N/A Endless Forms Most Beautiful Perception DC15 Will (staged) Tricked if disbelieving illusion N/A Totals: Abilities (36) + Combat (26) + Saving Throws (20) + Skills (12) + Feats (31) + Powers (93) - Drawbacks (2) = 216/227 Power Points
  5. Okay going to start the design process for The Aviatrix, I'm going to be making a starting post and for now I am going to use this as a scratchpad. Once I'm done with the writing, I will change the following sentence to "Okay, open for advice/ideas." PLEASE WAIT TO RESPOND, UNDER CONSTRUCTION The Aviatrix Power Level: Built to PL 7 Caps with PL 10 Points (150/150PP) Unspent Power Points: Trade-Offs: None In Brief: High Flying Costumed Detective equally at home in the grimier alleys of Emerald City. Catchphrase: "The skies of the future belong to the bold!" Theme: Alternate Identity: Annie Rose Mistral (Secret) Birthplace: Emerald City, USA Residence: Emerald City, USA Base of Operations: (Might have an HQ... still working on things) Occupation: Aerobatic Pilot Affiliations: AEGIS (On call) Family: Description: Age: 25 (DoB: July 24th, 1990, 8:36 am) Apparent Age: 25 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Caucasian (Scottish/French American) Height: 5 feet, 8 inches / 172.72 cm Weight: 150 pounds / 68.04 kg Eyes: Green Hair: Red History: Personality & Motivation: Powers & Tactics: Power Descriptions: Annie has a High-Tech pilot suit that she uses for a costume, Complications: Famous Aerobat: As Annie, The Aviatrix is well known for her Aerobatic skill, and is highly popular among aviation enthusiasts. On Call for AEGIS: At any time, AEGIS might call The Aviatrix up to assist either on Pilot duty or to help in an investigation. Abilities: 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 10 (+0) Constitution: 10 (+0) Intelligence: 10 (+0) Wisdom: 10 (+0) Charisma: 10 (+0) Combat: 0 + 0 = 0PP Initiative: +0 Attack: +0 Melee, +0 Ranged Defense: +0 (+0 Base, +0 Dodge Focus), +0 Flat-Footed Grapple: +0 Knockback: -0 Saving Throws: 0 + 0 + 0 = 0PP Toughness: +0 (+0 Con, +0 [Example: Protection, Defensive Roll]) Fortitude: +0 (+0 Con, +0) Reflex: +0 (+0 Dex, +0) Will: +0 (+0 Wis, +0) Skills: 0R = 0PP Feats: 0PP Equipment: 0PP = 0EP Powers: 0 + 0 + 0 = 0PP Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Totals: Abilities (0) + Combat (0) + Saving Throws (0) + Skills (0) + Feats (0) + Powers (0) - Drawbacks (0) = PLEASE WAIT TO RESPOND, UNDER CONSTRUCTION
  6. Midnight II Placeholder Text History Placeholder Text Costume and Appearance Placeholder Text Powers Placeholder Text Allies Placeholder Text Sidekick, HQ, Etc Placeholder Text Timeline 2010 Spring The Clock Strikes Twelve: Trevor Hunter transfers to Claremont Academy to finish the school year and is greeted by Mark Lucas and his friends. The taciturn teen is happy to let his new classmates do most of the talking and finds that his inherited codename comes with some cachet even if his powers pale next to those of his peers. Midnight Meeting: In the dormitory common room late at night, Trevor meets Erin White, also known as Wander. She shows him the Academy's Doom Room, a holographic combat simulator, and suggests he might be a good fit for Young Freedom. Trevor is impressed by her abilities but suspects his admiration may go a bit beyond strictly professional. The Wolf and The Night: Midnight encounters the werewolf Lukos while hunting criminals and after a brief skirmish the pair agree to work together toward their common goal. New Sound: Trevor meets another new student at Claremont, Warren Wilder, known at the time as Rift and latter simply Riff. Midnight Express: Erin accompanies Trevor of a nighttime patrol and he shows off a bit by talking them over the cables of the Pramas Bridge on the Night Cycle. They foil some minor crime and talk over diner food with Trevor working up the nerve to causally invite her to a charity gala he'll be attending. Japanese Import: Trevor is among the students to greet Karakuri Aiko on her first day at Claremont Academy. What is Essential: Eve Martel, a telepath and transfer student, arrives at Claremont Academy and Trevor helps her find the administrative office. House of L: Trevor, Erin and several others arrive at the Lucas residence just in time to see a booby trapped Steelgrave robot explose and slay Mark. Stunned by the loss they accompany their friend's family to the hospital where Rick Lucas has a breakdown, unleashing previous dormant reality warping powers that wash over the city... House of L: Wake-Up Call: In the new reality crafted by Rick Lucas everyone seems to have gotten what they most wanted; the original Midnight is still vital and active with Trevor acting as his sidekick, Kid Midnight. But standing over his parents' grave site with two sets of conflicting memories, Trevor is compelled to track down his friends and try to discover what is or isn't real. House of L: Bringing Down the House: The teens find that Mark has been revived in this new world but is imprisoned in a twisted version of his family home to keep him out of harm's way. Trevor infiltrates the house and breaks Mark free so that he can join the others in confronting his father. House of L: The End: Rick restores the world to its rightful state, saving his son's life in the process. Victory is not without cost, though, as Rick is forced to leave that reality and his family behind and each of the young heroes must contend with the secret wishes they've denied themselves in the process. House of L: Eve of Midnight: Trevor confronts Eve, who is bitter over losing the use of her voice a second time in the wake of House of L. Thanking her for helping to restore a world where his parents still live, Trevor strikes up a friendship with the petite Frenchwoman, who is similarly stubborn and driven. Monsters in the Streets! - Southside: Massive monsters run rampant through the streets of Freedom! Midnight teams up with Arrowhawk, Freedom Angel and others to take down some of the mysterious titans. Life's Parade of Fashion: Trevor brings Erin to meet his family's tailor, the incomparable Frank Jr. Frank sets to work designing a formal dress for Erin and shares some stories about the age of mystery men, letting slip that Trevor has a history as a competitive swing dancer. Summer "...And I'm a Mutant.": The country watches as Alex Albright comes out as a metahuman by birth on national television. Trevor questions the wisdom of stepping into the light. Could've Danced All Night: Trevor and Erin attend the charity gala and make a bit of a splash. Trevor runs into an old acquaintance, Meaghan Mercer, but their relationship is clearly anything but friendly. Even so after some nervousness the night goes well and Erin invites Trevor to the junior prom Alex has been planning. Jail Break: A massive riot at Blackgate Prison brings a laundry list of heroes out to stop the worst Freedom City has to offer from breaking free and causing chaos! Save Tonight: The off-campus prom promised to be the event of the season but when secrets come out in the worst way possible the fun turns to heartbreak and violence. Trevor joins in the damage control but friendships are left ruined. In the fallout he and Erin manage to share one quiet dance, listening to music through his earbuds. Midnight Bloom: A mystery chemical agent is killing plant life and Fleur de Joie seeks the help of renowned chemist Travis Hunter to discover its source. Trevor joins Fleur as Midnight to stop the dastardly defoliation! At the Mountains: Mark brings Young Freedom along to check on the Centurion's Sanctum, a duty inherited from his father. They find Dr. Stratos and Medea intent on freeing Superior from the Zero Zone. When Medea uses her magic to control Erin's mind Trevor and James have to work together to stop her long enough to break the spell. Lights at His Back, Stars in His Eyes: Greeting another new student to Claremont, Trevor finds that his eyes are increasingly light-sensitive and worries what that might mean about his developing metahuman powers. The Other Guys: Still in possession of the spaceship from Rick Lucas' alternate version of history, James raises the idea of proactively taking the fight to dimensions in need of saving to Trevor, Erin and Eve. Just Another Class Trip: Mr. Lumins, better known as Dark Star, takes a class of Claremont Students to an alien world for a field trip. When the planet comes under attack and Dark Star must deal with a fleet in orbit, Trevor and Erin work to lead their less experienced classmates against the invaders' ground forces. Temple of the Sun: Generations meet as Midnight attends a Lifetime Achievement ceremony for El Feugo alongside Edge, Ace Danger and Bombshell. Rose Tinted Glasses: A secondary leaves Trevor with onyx black sclera and blood red irises, horrifying him. Thanks to the support of Erin and their friends - and a timely shove from Eve - he begins to adapt to his new situation. Midnight Oil: Erin meets Trevor in the garage while he's working on the Night Cycle to tell him about James' confession of love. They agree that while they want to take things slowly they also want to continue deepening their relationship. She kisses him and he kisses her back. Fall A Trip Between Two Worlds: Trevor, Erin and Mark end up temporarily stranded on Earth-XX, a parallel world almost identical to Earth-Prime save that everyone's gender is reversed! Trevor gets along well enough with Tricia Hunter, encouraging her to pursue her feelings for the temperamental Arron White. A perfectly good pair of pants are ruined by glitter. Shadow in the Night: Midnight steps in to foil a mugging and ends up getting struck in the neck with a pipe by Carrie Wendle, after which she asks for his autograph.
  7. Wander Keeley Erin White (formerly Erin Keeley White), is the civilian alter-ego of the superheroine called Wander. Born November 11, 1992, in an alternate timeline (Freedom League Designation Earth Z-Omega-1(extinct)), Erin White arrived on Earth Prime October 17, 2008. Her legal name was changed shortly thereafter, to avoid confusion with her native double. She graduated from the Claremont Academy in Freedom City in the spring of 2011. She currently works as Chief of Security at HAX, a supertech company owned by Mara Halloman. In Erin's superhero identity as Wander, she is currently a member of the Liberty League. She's a former founding member of Young Freedom and keeps in touch with most of her old teammates. Wander's powers include superhuman agility, speed and strength, as well as an enhanced constitution that protects her from disease, poison, and most physical injury. She also has the ability to heal extremely quickly from injuries. She is a seasoned fighter and an experienced hero alone or in team-ups. Timeline 2009 Spring Touching Down: Erin arrives in Freedom City from Seattle with all her worldly possessions in a duffle bag. She is met by Alex Albright (Psyche) and Mike Harris (Phalanx) who are also starting school at Claremont Academy. The trio bonds over being the same age and uncertainty about the new school, and Alex offers to tutor Erin to help her catch up before the new school year. (Un)Familiar Faces: Erin, Alex and Mike arrive at Claremont Academy and get the ten-cent tour from Mrs. Harcourt. Alex and Erin are assigned as roommates for the summer. Going Walkabout Erin explores the school grounds on her own, but finds it difficult to let go of the habits and outlook she learned in her old life. Coping Strategies: Dr. Marquez, the school psychologist, assigns Erin to the Interdimensional Student Support Group, for kids from alternate realities. She meets several other students, including her classmates Quark and Agent H, but is quickly depressed by the stories of alternate realities and frustrated by the seemingly asinine response from the psychologist. She walks out of the group and does not attend again. Notes from Therapy: Wander Erin continues in private sessions with Dr. Marquez, but is less than communicative. As a compromise, he asks her to write stories to convey her feelings about all she has been through. Summer The Sweet Science Erin and Mike help Coach Jones test some new gym equipment, and prepare for their upcoming placement tests. Placement Test: Wander: Mr. Archer, the gym teacher, gives Erin her combat assessment in the Doom Room holosimulator. After priming her adrenaline response with physical challenges and perceived threats to life and limb, he tells her to fight four simulated opponents using her normal fighting style. She frightens off one opponent, kills the next two messily, and nearly knocks herself unconscious fighting the last one before Mr. Archer ends the test. Both of them are badly shaken by the testing and what it reveals about Erin's readiness to fight for the side of good. What Dreams May Come Rattled by the combat assessment, Erin falls asleep and has a nightmare, inadvertently pulling her psychic roommate Alex along for the ride. Alex gets a look at the horrors of Erin's past and does her best to help, bringing the pair closer together. The Delicate Art of Thunder Erin goes with Mr. Archer to have specialized training from a powerhouse heroine called Thunderstanding. They get off to a rocky start when Erin finds it difficult to curb the reflexes that make her fight to kill, but eventually begins working on a number of drills to eventually make her safe for hero work. Making Schemes Erin strikes up a tentative friendship with Hope (Agent H), another dimensional refugee from a world overrun by Nazis. Making Friends Erin, Alex and Mike make the acquaintance of Eddie (Breakdown), a brash new student who is not sure whether he wants to be a hero or a famous DJ. That same afternoon they meet another student, Mark Lucas (Edge) a heroic legacy who already has a year at Claremont under his belt. They explore the library and meet Zaranna and her micro-raptor Squeaker, who once bit Mark during a sensitive moment while he and Zaranna were dating. Darian and Erin: Erin gets tutoring from Darian (Quark), who tries to teach her history with the use of a time-travel device. In the process she meets Dr. Tomorrow, gets a bit of her memory erased, and begins to wonder if Quark's fantastic devices might hold the key to going back and saving her world before it died. Darian opens a portal to her home on EZO1, but when she sees a moving humanoid shadow, she has a panic attack and makes him shut it down without going through. Out Tonight Mark wins tickets to a concert and invites his friends along, including upperclassman Chris Kenzie (Geckoman), partially due to his having a vehicle. They arrive at the concert to find Eddie already there, line-jumping and schmoozing. Chris winds up flirting with two supervillainesses, who try to put the whammy on him before Erin picks him up bodily and carries him out of danger, much to his chagrin. And Hell Came Knocking: Erin meets new classmate James Prophet (Hellion), scion of a prominent local family and possessor of an interesting set of hellfire-related powers. They arrange to play videogames together some night, as he is also of the rarely-sleeping persuasion. Take Me Out to the Ball Game: On a school outing to a Comets game, the gang arrive late due to some very unlucky traffic patterns and a wrong turn. By the time they arrive, the stadium has been taken hostage by villains Tech Kid and Mystic Force. The students work together to stop the villains and free the civilians, though once again Erin finds it extremely difficult to control her powers in the midst of a fight. At the end of the battle, Mark coins a team name, Young Freedom. Up All Night: Erin and James bond over a night of video games, two very guarded people letting their walls down just a little bit. Sweet Sixteen: Alex's sixteenth birthday party is all fun in the sun with Young Freedom until they uncover a map that leads to her mom's abandoned underground base. It's the perfect new HQ for a new team! Growing Up Claremont: Alex and Erin sign up for Driver's Ed and gossip about their male teammates. Erin asks Alex about Darian's time-travel suggestion, but Alex gently breaks the news that while going back in time might create a new and better timeline for a divergent Erin and her family, it will not bring back the family Erin lost. Erin is crushed but tries to hide it, and decides that now would be a good time to try sparring with Mike. Schoolyard Brawl Erin and Mike's sparring session leads to anger and hurt feelings when they tell each other uncomfortable truths that neither are ready to face. Alex steps in to try and smooth the ragged edges, but has a few unresolved issues of her own to deal with. The Other Goods Alex needs a dress for her first date with Mark, so she and Erin hit the mall. Erin manages to brave the crowds long enough to act like a normal teenager and is very proud of herself. Those Who Fight Monsters Erin comes across James sleeping in the library and, after nearly getting stabbed, learns about his nightly visits to hell courtesy of his demon-lord father. She tries to share with him a little about her world, but can't handle it and runs away. They reconcile later over Mario Kart and things go back to normal. Postgame Analysis After Alex returns from her date with Mark, she and Erin discuss how it went and what she ought to do next, then play a game of Life using house rules based on themselves and their teammates. Wandering Edge Erin and Mark work together in the simulator and learn that they make a formidable team. Erin manages to not botch a diplomatic situation, and Mark gets taken for a ride. Birthday at the Park: James treats all his friends to a day at Ocean Heights Amusement Park for his birthday, including food, rides and prepaid gift cards for the stores. Erin uses her card to augment her severely limited wardrobe and enjoys rides with her friends. At the end of the day, they fight some cultists and the emotion-controlling demon they summoned. A Three-Hour Tour: Erin tries to help recruit her friend Hope onto Young Freedom, but the effort is pretty much derailed by student shenanigans and a surprise trip to Erde. Morning in America: Erin, Mike, Mark and Chris wind up in Freedom City on Erde, while Alex, James, Eddie and Hope are sent to Erde's Kaiju Island. The foursome destroy a Nazi facility, where Erin scores a decisive victory against a small army of Nazi robots and disable a device that the Nazis had been using to contact other dimensions. They scavenge the pieces they need to repair the Resistance's teleporter, then head off to find their friends. Reunited and it Feels So Good: The students are teleported home from Erde, whereupon Eddie immediately says something dumb and insensitive about Nazis to Hope. Erin skips the debriefing to take her friend somewhere she can cool off. The Visit: Erin gives Dr. Haviland (Gossamer), the new chemistry teacher, a tour of the school grounds. She is mildly freaked out by the new teacher's impressive hair-based powers. Creative Destruction: Mike and Erin end up together in the Doom Room again, but this time on the same side. They patch up their differences, break the simulator, defeat a couple of villains, and cook up a plan to try simulator softball one of these days. Car Shopping: James takes Erin and Alex car shopping, theoretically for a vehicle for Young Freedom, then winds up sneakily buying Erin the blue pickup truck she's fallen in love with. Fall Training Maneuvers: Erin goes through another painful combat assessment from Mr. Archer in the Doom Room. This time she avoids killing any of her opponents, but begins to respond with lethal force to a powerful opponent. Mr. Archer gives her a real-life version of the padded bat she's been training with in the simulator. Sunny Afternoon Erin tries out her socializing ability by welcoming an uncertain new student to the school. The End of the World: Mike and Alex take Erin and Mark to the library as part of a convoluted scheme by Eddie and Chris for Mike to ask Erin on a date. Before anything can happen, Erin notices Mystic Force from the baseball stadium doing something nefarious with the library computers. It escalates into a standoff on the steps outside, one that is broken when Zoe Harris (Zephyr) comes hurtling back into the past from 30 years in the future to help her parents and their friends. Zoe spins a convoluted story to explain where she comes from, but eventually tells the truth to Erin and Headmaster Summers, asking them both to keep her secrets. Guitar Heroes: After Zoe's revelations, Erin assures her she will keep the secret, but advises Zoe that Alex will find out one way or another. She is surprised by the fact that she apparently lives another thirty years in Zoe's timeline, then clears out of the way so Zoe can go meet Eddie to join his band. Mysteries and Gossip: Back in their room, Erin and Alex discuss the day, including Mike's odd behavior and Zoe's appearance. Erin isn't exactly swept off her feet by the idea that Mike considers her “safe” to ask on a date, but doesn't rule out the possibility. She does her best to keep Alex from prying into Zoe's background, but is not terribly successful. Cool Air: Mike takes the advice of his friends and asks Erin out on a practice date, which she agrees to with some reluctance. They play simulator baseball, have a simulated brawl, share a milkshake, and fly over the lights of Freedom City at night. Erin feels awkward, but it's oddly nice. Some Girls: Despite Erin's best efforts to dissuade her, Alex runs a DNA profile on Zoe and discovers the truth about her parentage. Daisy (Student Body) overhears Alex's tearful discussion with Erin about how she isn't ready to be a mother, and gleefully spreads a mistaken conclusion all over school. Mike very nearly beats Mark to a pulp before Alex intervenes, and everyone starts to figure out what's actually going on. Alex and Mark break up, and Mike's experiment with practice girlfriends is finished. Beautiful City: Erin and Alex work together in the Doom Room for the first time, where Alex acquits herself well despite Erin's overprotective instincts. They are rewarded by additional homework from Mr. Archer. Memory: Mike stops by Erin's room for a chat on the awkward topic of breaking up a relationship that may or may not have existed. Erin insists that one outing as friends didn't mean anything more than that, but admits that maybe, if things were different, she might have liked there to be more. The Morning Of James and Erin play video games in the early morning hours of October 31. James mentions he's been having odd power spikes, and cagily mentions he has to deal with family business that evening. Erin shares that she's been confined to quarters for the evening to prevent accidents with partygoers. As he says goodbye, James tosses Erin the keys to his car, saying he won't be needing them. Erin misses the ominous overtone, too excited about the chance to go driving. Speak of the Devil: Halloween night, Erin begins to worry about James and goes to look for him. She finds a farewell note in his room and calls for her friends to help track him down before he does anything stupid. After a consultation with Phantom, the team heads out for a rescue mission. Another One Bites the Dust: Erin, Mark, Mike and Alex find James in an old cemetery, making his last stand against a small army of demons. There is a pitched battle, in which Alex and Mike both manage previously untouched levels of power, but it is not enough to keep James from being dragged off into hell. Fallen Friends: In the week after Halloween, Erin and Alex do research to try and find a way to reach and rescue James. They come up totally empty, and Erin begins to crack under the strain. Invasion:Riverside Gate: Young Freedom is called to fight a demonic Hellion and close the gate that is releasing a demon army on Freedom City. The fight seems hopeless, with far more demons than can be fought, until Psyche weaponizes the power of friendship and Erin controls her fighting instincts long enough to reach out to her lost friend. James comes back to himself and shuts the gate on his father, returning the city to pre-invasion calm. Rapproachment: Days after the end of the demonic invasion, James finds Erin exercising after dark and comes over to apologize to her. They mend fences over all that was said and unsaid, and Erin finally gets a chance to drive James' car with him in it. Giving Thanks: Acting with the very best of intentions, Mark invites Erin to his home for an awkward Thanksgiving dinner with his family. Erin appreciates the gesture and does her best, but is still drowning in grief for her own lost family. Her one saving grace is the mangy orange cat who seems to have adopted her, and who makes her feel better when she pets him. Beyond the Veil: Erin and Oliver turn out to support Mark when he learns the truth of his origins: his father is actually the son of Jimmy Lucas' genie pal rather than Jimmy Lucas himself, making Mark one-quarter djinn himself. Erin also has her first meeting with Phantom, a rather tense one until Phantom assures her that she won't be throwing Erin off Earth Prime. 2010 Winter Money for Nothing: Over Christmas Break, Alex cooks up a plan to play the stock market and build up a college fund for Zoe. She hires Erin to keep an eye on the stocks at night, and helps her out by making her a stock-owning employee of the new company and dumping a basic course in the stock market into her head. Erin is not sure about any of this working, but needs money for cat food and wants to help out anyway. It's a Jungle Out There: Young Freedom goes on their first international adventure, traveling to Dakana to fight a clone of Shadivan Steelgrave. They defeat him and save his captured proles from firey volcanic death, but during the standoff, Erin learns that the Terminus was responsible for the virus that began the apocalypse in her home dimension. Fatherly Advice: Rick Lucas makes an unusual evening visit to Erin's dorm room to say that Mark will recover from his experience in Dakana and to warn her about the perfidious evil of Shadivan Steelgrave. Gazing Into the Abyss: Erin seeks out the dimensional guardian Phantom for more information about the Terminus and the man Steelgrave called Friendly. Phantom tells her about Physician Friendly and his horrible hospital on Nihilor, and confirms that he could well have killed Erin's world, but warns her that he is too well-defended for Erin to try and fight with any hope of success. Battle of the Sexes: Erin, Alex, Mike and Mark square off in a silly girls-versus-boys match to test their new simulator. The girls defeat the boys using an amusing human-size hamster ball and flee the scene to savor their victory. It Is Well With My Soul: Erin and James hear a rumor about a real honest-to-god (so to speak) angel in Freedom City. Since they both have a bone to pick with religion, they go seek out Heyzel, who does seem to be the real deal. No productive conversation ensues, but everyone gets something to think about. Title of Show: Young Freedom's training game of Capture the Flag on campus is interrupted when Erin and Mike nearly collide at high speeds with new student Faith. Mark executes a daring last-minute save and proceeds to unleash every romantic cliche he can think of to impress the pretty new girl. Everyone else proceeds to tease Mark, who totally ignores them in favor of his new and very impressed conquest. From the Shore to the Water: Alex and Erin go swimsuit shopping after being invited to James' mid-winter pool party extravaganza. They discuss strategies for Alex's ongoing seduction of Mike, as Erin attempts to find a swimsuit that doesn't make her look like a bodybuilder. Erin is not certain whether she'll have fun at James' kind of party, but promises to at least make an appearance. Beach Party in Winter James throws a temperature-controlled beach party for all his friends, and Erin goes with some trepidation. She has fun for awhile, then is roped into an uncomfortable conversation about the inevitable implosion between Mark and his girlfriend Faith. Beyond the Door: Erin goes back to St. Stephen's for another theological discussion with Freedom Angel, this time without taking James along. She keeps her temper a little better this time, long enough to ask about how Heaven works, even if she doesn't understand the answers. Freedom Angel admits that God has not spoken to his angels in nearly 1500 years, which is sobering to them both. Spring I Don't Know Kung-Fu: Erin attempts to teach her teammate Geckoman how to fight hand-to-hand after he loses his zappers in a fight against his supervillain girlfriend. They make some progress, but are hampered by fundamental differences in approaches to combat. A Day Without Powers: Some of the kids from Young Freedom agree to wear power suppressors for a day for a school project. Erin feels weak and clumsy, but is much less affected by the suppressors than some of her more powerful classmates. Midnight Meeting: While spending yet another late night in the common room, Erin meets new student Trevor Hunter, Midnight II, who is also a night owl. She offers to show him the Doom Room, and they run through a training scenario together and are reasonably impressed by each others' abilities. Erin offers to put in a good word for him with Young Freedom if he wants a team. Enter the Squid: Erin gives new student Blake, Kid Cthulhu, a quick tour of the school after Oliver gives him the cold shoulder upon his arrival. Monsters in the Streets:Bayview: With monsters attacking all over the city, Young Freedom is called to save the Pramas bridge from a trio of giant monsters set on shaking it to bits, civilians and all! New Sound: Oliver introduces Erin to another new student. Warren, called Rift, is a sound controller who is eager to meet people and get started at Claremont. Midnight Express: Erin and Trevor meet up on another late night. He takes her for a thrilling ride on his motorcycle, including a cable jump of the Pramas Bridge. They fight a little crime and have a surprisingly easy chat over coffee and cocoa, then Trevor invites Erin to a fancy dress party in a few weeks time. House of L: A sudden alert on Memorial Day draws Erin, Trevor and some of her teammates and friends to Mark's home, where he's just fought off another Steelgrave robot. They arrive just in time for the booby-trapped chassis to explode, impaling Mark with a metal shard and killing him instantly. At the hospital, Rick Lucas has a complete meltdown in a roomful of grieving heroes, lashing out at his old comrades and vanishing most of the Freedom League before making a wish that everything would be how it was supposed to be again. House of L: Wakeup Call: Erin finds herself falling onto the lawn of Freedom Hall, where she is immediately chased across town by a doppelganger who calls her “Rednaw.” Her friends have all been dropped into new, Rick Lucas-approved lives, but Erin is a wild card for some reason. They quickly discover that not following the script can lead to people being deleted or hurt, as happens to Chris when he throws a punch at his gone-evil girlfriend. They regroup aboard James' brand new spaceship (aliens being more Lucas-approved than demons) and try to make a plan to set things right. House of L: Bringing Down the House: Now reunited, Erin and her friends set off to look for Mark, and find him trapped in a warped version of his own home, apparently for safekeeping. They break him out and go to confront Rick Lucas in Freedom Hall, trying to convince him to fix the world. Erin reminds him that he is not the only one who is desperate to change the past, but this is not the way. Eventually Rick breaks down and uses his power again, dissolving the world. House of L: The End: When the world reforms itself again, Erin and her friends are standing on Mark's lawn, along with Mark's parents and Mark himself, still alive. Rick then tells his family he can't stay, that two reality warpers of his caliber would damage the world, and tells them he loves them before vanishing. A grieving Mark asks to be left alone with his mom, so his friends slowly dispersed, having won a victory that seems somehow a little hollow. No More Good Days: Mark reaches out to Alex and Erin for help dealing with his many emotions surrounding his father's disappearance and his own temporary death. Fisticuffs 2: Opening Credits: Erin attends a citywide sparring match for superheroes, looking to meet some heroes and pick up some pointers. Instead she encounters Dead Head for the first time, which results in an embarrassing loss of composure for her and an inconvenient loss of head for him. Consolations and Remembrances: After fleeing her confrontation with Dead Head, Erin comes back to campus, where James finds her crying against a tree. She pours out the story of her powers and her dead world to him, and he does his best to comfort her, for all he has to admit that she probably didn't kill Dead Head. James promises things will get better, and she tries hard to believe him. Life Lessons: Erin meets up again with Dynamo, a speedster she met at the sparring match, when he comes to Claremont for powers testing. His intrusive questions fluster her and make her question the place she's tried so hard to achieve among her fellow students. So the Drama: Alex and Erin discuss recent events in Erin's life, especially her argument with Dynamo and the upcoming fancy-dress date with Trevor. Alex floats an idea for a junior prom, despite their concerns that some of the members of Next Gen will try to make trouble. Life's Parade of Fashion: Trevor takes Erin to meet his family tailor, an elderly but spry man named Frank who designs uniforms and formalwear for superheroes and mystery men. He decides to design Erin a red dress that she is slightly unsure about, and tells them stories of the good old days. A Simple Plan: Mike asks Erin for advice on whether he should propose to Alex even though they are still in high school, and how he should do it. She is diffident, but advises him to go ahead if he thinks he is truly ready. She also recommends keeping things very simple, no flashy stuff. He thinks this is a good call. Now What Did You Learn Dynamo brings Erin flowers and apologizes for his rude behavior on their last meeting. She accepts the apology and shows him how to use a tennis ball cannon for training. Walk Softly and Carry a Collapsible Stick: Erin meets Eve, a new student who is a mute telepathic gymnast. They work out together and have a very brief sparring session, then chat about the school. Cold Case: While out on patrol, Erin happens upon a misunderstanding-fight between Dead Head and Lady Winter. She drops in and subdues Dead Head's skeleton minions, threatens the zombie for a few minutes, then takes Lady Winter back to base so Psyche can help her find a place to live in Freedom City. Just Like Old Times: James' increasingly hectic schedule has been keeping him off campus, but he and Erin eventually find an evening to catch up. They talk about his new ship, brought over from Rick Lucas' world, and play Mario Kart. Summer Summer Job Listing: Erin answers an ad for a babysitter with combat skills and winds up interviewing with Phantom and Avenger for the job of babysitting their dhampir child. She impresses Avenger with her reflexes and hard right hook and gets the job. No Mercy: With Grue rampaging in the streets of Freedom City, Young Freedom and the Interceptors team up to protect the beleaguered Freedom Medical Center from an enormous Grue monster. Nockin' on Iron: Erin and James step in to assist a pair of new heroes who get in over their heads while trying to stop a drunk and disorderly villainess from tearing up a neighborhood. High Noon: Erin and Young Freedom work together to stop a deadly solar laser blast from incinerating large chunks of Freedom City, but although they see it is a manmade threat, they cannot find who might have done it. Could've Danced All Night: Erin and Trevor attend a fancy party as the representative of the Hunter family and his date. Trevor wins major points by letting her drive his classic limo on the way, and despite a little nervous awkwardness, they have fun dancing and socializing. By coincidence, James is also at the party, and realizes his feelings for Erin have shifted, though he does not make this known. At the end of the evening, Erin asks Trevor to the prom. Save Tonight: Erin and Trevor go to the prom Alex is putting on at the AEON building, only for the evening to be ruined by Daisy conspiring to out the truth of Zoe cheating on Eddie with James. Consternation turns to near-catastrophe when Eddie responds by driving a sports car into the ballroom, hoping to hit James, and Mike nearly causes mayhem on his own when he lets anger get the best of him. Eddie and Zoe break up, Eddie gets ejected from Young Freedom, and Trevor and Erin enjoy one quiet dance in a hallway, listening to Trevor's iPod. I See What You Did There: Young Freedom faces the music from the Headmaster after the prom disaster. Erin is surprised to be complimented on her handling of the situation. Strength to Strength: Duncan Summers lines up a new mentor for Erin: the heroine Fulcrum. After seeing Wander in action in Fisticuffs, Fulcrum is slightly ambivalent, and after losing her first mentor after a short period of time, Erin is ambivalent as well. They eventually go out for lunch and have a pleasant small-talk conversation. At The Mountains Mark brings his teammates with him on a trip to the Centurion's Sanctum to make sure things are still in good shape there. When they arrive, they find Medea and Dr. Stratos trying to release Superior from the Zero Zone. Medea mind-controls Erin to attack her friends, before James and Trevor working in concert manage to subdue her and get her back to fighting the bad guys again. Giant Dragon Bees: Erin and Jack of All Blades mend some fences while stopping some giant fire-breathing bees menacing Freedom City. MAWS Erin steps in to assist the heroine Fusion when she gets in over her head, so to speak, while fighting Megalodon and his army of shark mutates. A Clearer View: James invites Erin for a tour of his spaceship, where engine troubles and passive-aggressive AIs make the tour a little more fraught than fun. James finally confesses he has feelings for her that are more than friendly, leaving Erin very confused. Coincidences: Erin helps out a street-level hero named Drifter nap a fleeing crook, then has a talk with him about what it means to be a real hero. A Better World Erin meets a dimensionally-jumping version of herself from a universe where the vaccine that empowered her was distributed, rather than the zombie-causing vaccine. The other Erin's world now has two billion superheroes running around. She warns Erin to be on the lookout for Shadivan Steelgrave, who has attacked and hurt or killed a number of Erins along their shared universal axis, and mentions that there are Erins out there in even worse shape than Wander. Lights at His Back, Stars in His Eyes: Erin and Oliver meet the new carrier of the Beacon legacy, Erin rescues Mark from another ill-advised sky-high adventure, and Trevor has trouble with his increasingly light-sensitive eyes. Crypt Tonight: Erin is assigned to go talk with Dead Head as part of her cognitive behavioral therapy for zombies. They do not make friends, but she doesn't beat him up a third time, so it's a partial victory. Calimari on the Menu: Fusion invites Erin to her home for dinner as a thanks for her help with the giant sharks. Erin attends and manages to act normal the entire time, a significant accomplishment. Joan, a reporter in her civilian life, is very interested by Erin's lack of answers about her personal life. The Other Guys James invites Erin, Eve and Trevor to his ship to discuss the possibility of interdimensional adventures. Just Another Class Trip: Erin and Trevor go with Dark Star and some of their summer school classmates to an alien world tha is quickly invaded by the Stellar Khanate. Trevor and Erin work toghether to save their less-experienced classmates and the day as well. Rose-Tinted Glasses: Trevor's powers manifest in the form of a secondary mutation: black and red eyes. Erin, who has been getting steadily closer to Trevor, is thrown for a few minutes, but she and the rest of Trevor's friends quickly begin to adjust to the change. Midnight Oil: Erin works up her nerve and talks to Trevor about James' feelings for her, and why things have been slightly strained on the new team. She also tells him that she really likes him and wants to keep getting to know him, even though they both have issues that require care and time. She kisses him, he kisses her back, and they make plans to have dinner together later. We Can Be Like They Are: Erin has another nightmare about zombies, this one about all her friends and family as zombies, with a gleeful Dead Head reminding her that every zombie she's ever killed was a person once, part of somebody's family. Case of the Mondays: Erin drags a very reluctant Oliver off-campus for a visit with the city's only super vet. Fall A Trip Between Two Worlds: Erin, Trevor and Mark get pulled into an alternate dimension where everyone's gender is reversed. Mark and Marcie hit it off big time and Trevor and Tricia get along, but Erin's own insecurities and self-doubt lead to lots of friction with her double Aaron. A Doktor Who Makes House Calls?!: Erin's quiet night of babysitting is interrupted when Dr. Archeville comes by to give JJ a checkup, and then interrupted further when the doktor reads an eldritch tome that possesses him and releases a quintet of monsters into the city. * Outing: Erin goes to sit with Mark at the hospital while he watches over his sick grandmother. Rick Lucas drops in for a visit as well, his first since leaving the dimension, and warns them that trouble with the Terminus is coming. Mark asks Erin how her father died, and she tells him. Mind Games: Erin, Trevor, Mark, Blake and Warren are dropped into Anti-Earth by an evil version of Rick Lucas, swapped with their counterparts to see who survives better. Erin is horrified to learn that her double is a dimensional refugee like herself, driven mad and caged until needed as a weapon. Whistling in the Dark: A slow night in Southside results in a four villain pile-up for Erin, Gabriel, Momentum and Dyne. Gabriel gives the younger heroes the lowdown on Southside, while Erin gives Momentum a sobering look at what it really means to be a superhero. Meet the Interceptors: Erin's mentor, Mona, takes Erin to the Brownstone to meet her team, the Interceptors. Erin gets a tour of the house and a look at the simulator, but is a little thrown by the team's super-casual vibe. Midnight Run: Erin and Trevor take Erin's newly customized truck for a spin, and the words “boyfriend” and “girlfriend” are tried out for the first time. Chocolate pie, a discussion about evil ex-girlfriends and some very exciting kisses round out the evening. Midnight Confessions: Erin decides to tell Trevor exactly how she came to be on Earth Prime, just in time for zombies to attack Freedom City. Flouting the restriction that she is to stay on campus during any undead activity, Erin helps Mark get his mom to safety at Midnight Manor, then follows Trevor out to fight. Midnight in Her Eyes: Several days after the zombie uprising, Trevor goes to check on Erin, who's had a hard time settling down. They talk about what happened in the Manor, and start getting comfortable with one another again. The Quality of Mercy: Mark brings Erin some new clothes to replace what was recently ruined or given away, and to talk about his decision to heal his evil doppelganger. Erin admits that she was angry about that, given how Hex treated her own double, but that she was more unhappy because there was nothing she could do to help the luckless Singularity. Mark talks about UNISON, and Erin reveals she plans to stay in Freedom City after graduation for reasons. Settling In: Erin has a brief conversation with Corbin, a new student who Oliver found up in a tree. They have little in common, but the exchange is friendly enough. Absent But Not Forgotten: Erin and JJ go on a babysitting adventure to the park, where they are surprised to encounter JJ's often-absent mom Taylor. Erin tries to encourage Taylor to spend more time with JJ, but mostly just ends up annoying her employer a little. She does get permission to bring Trevor along on babysitting jobs. This Party's Better Than It Seems: Erin opens her birthday box from the White family in Seattle, while chatting about school and making friends with Jill O'Cure. She gets a new netbook, some sweaters, and an heirloom necklace that is half the set that was Erin Prime's inheritance from her grandmother. Kill A Man: The members of Young Freedom are invited by White Lion to visit Dakana for fun and education. On the way there, they take advantage of Dakana's lower drinking age, get tipsy via Alex's telepathy, and play Truth or Dare. Erin tells Trevor she loves him, and he returns the sentiment. At the reception, Hellion turns up for the first time in four months. Kill A Man: Boys Boys Boys: After the reception, Erin and Alex enjoy the plush furnishings of their room in the palace and discuss what Erin wants to do with and about Trevor. Inside Out, Upside Down: Erin goes with Avenger, Dead Head and a weird grown-up Jack Junior to rescue Phantom and JJ when an argument with Heshem leads to them being trapped inside the Void. Minions are beaten down, speeches are made, and eventually Taylor retakes her mantle and Erin gets a paycheck that will be the security deposit on her first apartment. Mind Over Matter: Erin visits The Lab on an assignment to assist a scientist and write a report about it. She tries helping Supercape with a quantum energy project, but is much more effective helping him fight off the Factor Four when they try to rob the place! He offers to show her any alternate dimension she likes, but she takes a raincheck, saying she's not ready to go to the world she wants to visit. House on the Hill: Erin brings Trevor with her to babysit JJ, but first he must pass Avenger's somewhat obnoxious idea of an entrance exam. Starve Free: Erin meets Harrier, a freed Omegadrone, when he comes to campus. She takes him to the Doom Room and has him sketch out everything he knows about Physician Friendly's Helpful Hospice, in the hopes of taking it down herself. All Your Bank Are Belong To Us: Erin takes Cobalt Templar out on training patrol, only for things to turn surprisingly dangerous when they find Pax trying to protect a bank from a crowd of robot robbers. Erin manages to keep either boy from being hurt and defeats the leader robot, but at the cost of several ribs. Back on campus, Jill finds her and cures her with trademark blunt snarkiness. Alternate Timelines and Characters 2009 Ghosts in the Shell Set in Earth C-Future-2, Zoe Harris' (Zephyr's) home timeline. Erin and Mark, middle aged and divorced in this world, search the rubble of Freedom City for Zoe after the disaster that killed Alex and Mike. Their daughter Clara shows up to help, but all the evidence points to Zoe using her super-speed to run straight towards an explosion she could not have survived. 2010 Mind Games Remix: While Wander and Young Freedom struggle to find a way home from Anti-Earth, Singularity gets an intoxicating taste of freedom as the Young Imperials try to chase her down.
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