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Stone Soup Music Group


Stone Soup Music Group is a company headquartered in Freedom City, with offices in the Theater District. Stone Soup records, produces, and advertises music around the world; their albums are available on iTunes, Soundcloud, Amazon, and wherever fine music is sold.




The Stone Soup label started in Miami, Florida, with a man named Hector Castillo in 1992. Castillo was a connoisseur of street and club music, and produced a number of recordings of his band and his friends. He found there wasn’t a label willing to purchase his recordings, though; Hector’s music was a mix of socially conscious hip-hop, Latin dance beats, and electric guitar riffs, and record executives decided it would be too hard to label and advertise. Frustrated, Hector went looking for a loan and partnered up with Nathan Graves, an investment banker working out of Orlando. It was Graves who suggested the name and in the fall of ‘92 Stone Soup and started pressing records. The music they were producing often ended up in World or Fusion or even Miscellaneous categories in the record stores, but Stone Soup quickly gained a dedicated following and started hiring on other artists.


Castillo and Graves were careful to pick artists who synthesized a wide blend of styles in their music, and even today many of Stone Soup’s artists cross over to work with each other on different albums. Today your favorite death metal guitarist may be thrashing on a punk album, tomorrow he might be shredding on a country-western song. Stone Soup promotes a wide blend of tastes under its label and encourages fans to check out artists they might otherwise never have considered.


In 2009, Stone Soup relocated its main offices from Miami to Freedom City, New Jersey. Stone Soup now inhabits two solid floors of the MacLaughlin Office Block in Midtown, Freedom City. That includes one floor of offices and a floor above that for recording, sound mixing, and practice sessions. Those studios are usually engaged most of the business day.


===Notable Artists===


Notable artists that are signed on to the Stone Soup label include Billy Wu, the Boatyards, DJ Eclectic, DJ Graveyard, and Slizzard.

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