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      Introducing Guides   08/24/2016

      You may have noticed in the past week that some of your fellow players' names are now rendered in verdant green! These are the first recruits to a new experimental team headed up by Electra with a focus on developing and populating the Guidebook and otherwise handling questions that pertain more to setting and flavour rather than mechanical rules.   Who is on the Guide team? The initial team is led by Electra and includes alderwitch, Ari, Kaige, KnightDisciple, olopi and Quinn. This gives us a mix of players new and old with a variety of styles but all of whom have shown prolific world building skills! Huzzah! You can think of the Guide role as being in a sort of 'beta' stage, so the size and composition of the team may change.   If I'm not a Guide can I still contribute to the Guidebook? Yes! In the same way that Referees aren't the only players who can GM threads or offer rules advice, any player can - and is encouraged to - contribute to the Guidebook. Guides simply have a specific focus on that area of the site and will be better coordinated to handle larger, more complicated projects.   Do Guides have the same authority as Referees? No. Ref duties haven't changed and the Ref team still handles character approvals, NPC permissions, site policy and so on. Guides do serve as authorities on the setting, though and will be great resources for developing character ideas and maintaining continuity. Guides will also be involved in the planning and execution of larger 'events' alongside the Ref team.   Can I be a Guide? For the time being the Guide team will remain limited to our 'beta testers'. Once we have a better idea of what the role and its workload will look like in practice we may revisit recruitment. In the meantime, stay active in-character and continue doing good work building the setting!   Any other questions about Guides? Let us know! In the meantime congratulations and thanks to our initial team!


  1. Welcome to Freedom City

    1. Campaign Discussion

      Discuss implementation of the Freedom City setting as it relates to this PbP game.

    2. Character Building

      Have a question on how to build that ultimate hero or villain? Not sure which feats to choose? Having a hard time figuring out those power arrays? Ask one of our Judges here. Please refer to this forum for questions before submitting to the Character Bank.

    3. Character Bank

      This is the forum where characters are submitted for approval by Referees.

    4. Freedom City News

      The latest news and notes of superheroic and villainous activities taking place in Freedom City.

  2. The City of Freedom

    1. Downtown Freedom

      The central area of Freedom City features ultra-modern buildings, many of them created by Dr. Metropolis, a member of the Freedom League. These particular buildings are advanced even beyond modern construction methods. The remaining buildings use the finest modern construction methods and materials, making downtown Freedom one of the greatest North American metropolises.

    2. North Freedom

      North of the Wading River, Freedom City is strongly influenced by the image of "the city of the future" combined with an appreciation for the structures of the past. North Freedom is made up of communities involved in education and high technology along with some of the wealthiest and most influential areas of the city.

    3. South Freedom

      South Freedom lies on the other side of the South River from the downtown area and it is the area that may face the greatest challenges in Freedom's future. Parts of it are affluent or middle class, but other parts of South Freedom are stricken with poverty and plagued by crime, particularly the influence of organized crime.

    4. West Freedom

      The area of the city west of the Wallace Expressway comprises West Freedom. It is a contrast between old and new, progress and old-fashioned ways of going things. It includes some of the older intact neighborhoods of Freedom City, as well as newly developed areas that expanded the outskirts of the city.

    5. Other Areas Around Freedom

      All areas outside of Freedom City, from the skies above to the subways and sewers below, to the oceans and rivers flowing through the city.

  3. The World of Freedom

    1. The Lands Beyond

      Occasionally the heroic endeavors of Freedom's finest take them beyond the city's boundaries into other cities, such as Bedlam City or the Emerald Cities, or other countries.
      Threads taking place on other planets go in The Worlds Beyond; threads in other dimensions go in The Realms Beyond.

    2. The Worlds Beyond

      Why wait for the aliens to come to Earth? Go out there and meet them!

    3. The Realms Beyond

      The known universe is designated as Earth Prime. The known dimensions of the omniverse fall into essentially one of three major types, although the exact lines between these categories are sometimes blurry. The scientific community focuses more on parallel dimensions, while the occult community deals primarily with mystic dimensions. Interstitial/Transitory dimensions bridge two or more universes.

    4. Non-Canon Tales

      A forum for all out of continuity, non-canonical stuff that's too cool NOT to do. It's like Las Vegas: whatever happens here, stays here.

  4. Out of Character Discussion

    1. Off-Panel

      The place for discussion not relating to the Freedom City PbP. Games, movies, books, TV, sports, etc. Please, no politics or religion!

    2. Archives

      Place for finished games, characters, and other information that's not needed any longer.