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SCP 46591- Dennis Deacon of Woodbury, New Jersey (OOC)

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You can either make some rolls here or introduce yourself to each other, or both. 


I'd look for super senses either to determine mental information- brainwave scans and the like- or microscopic information to make notice checks on the corpses, but don't break the containment!

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Echohead has analytical mental senses so I guess would pick up any brain activity (INT 1+), but I rather suspect they are dead!


He has Knowledge (Life Sciences) at +7, but is going to see if he can copy any examiners brain (Mimic power) to boost that up. 


Also using Microscopic Senses 1 (Dust) to see if he can pick up anything interesting. Taking 10 to start off with on a search scan, for +17

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AE: Super-Senses 13 (Visual: Infravision, Ultravision, Analytical 2, Counters Concealment, Counters Obscure [darkness], Extended 1, Radius 2, Tracking, Microscopic 1) [13DP]

I guess Knowledge, Life Science is the most appropriate: 12

GD dice roller - -

Reroll: 26

that’s better


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Alright, here's the results:


Echohead and Predator:


While this creature has no living brain functions, being dead, a microscopic examination confirms that these beings are identical as far down as you can tell; even the threads of their clothing have the exact same wear and tear. This is beyond twins, or simple reconstruction, this is an exact copy, at least at the level you're looking at.


Predator specific:


Something is off about this copying; or maybe it's better to say something is off about the bodies. You can't tell just yet, you need higher magnification or maybe a different roll (Such as Electronics), but there's something going on with these corpses, electrically. Some sort of signature. You can maybe even track it with your scanner, if you could determine it's origin or it's unique radio-frequency.


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If Predator lets Echohead mimic the brain...


8 Points - Boosting INT to 24 (+7) - giving Echohead +4 to all INT based skills


5 Points - Copying all skills except Concentration and NOtice (which Echohead has already). That should all be the same bonuses except for Acrobatics which would be 4 (+5)


2 Point - Copying Feats: Skill Mastery, Inventor


Hopefully that will help :D

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@Spacefurry @Supercape 


I haven't heard from Pips in a week or so so I believe something has happened to him IRL, probably nothing deadly but likely something that's made him quite busy. As such, I'll be continuing this thread with just Predator and Echohead and if he comes back he can slot back in.


Here's the Knowledge: Electronics Result.



Predator can determine that the clones are producing an identical, strange electrical signal, something that seems to be interfering with regular electronics. Each signal is identical, and while it is coming from the bodies, it is not a signature that a regular human body would record. It might be possible to build or modify a tracker to track this specific signature, but if it is self-propogating across each of the clones, it would require calibration to determine the source.


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using Inventor to make a tracker device here is a valid use; it's not going to use the exact Inventing rules, instead we're just making a single Craft Electronic or Mechanical roll- which can also have Aid applied so you can work together-, and success means getting better results that will require less calibration and thus less sneaking around in a Dennis Deacon infested town/municipal area.


Obviously you could intentionally take the failure to require the maximum amount of calibration and get a HP each instead.

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