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West Freedom

The area of the city west of the Wallace Expressway comprises West Freedom. It is a contrast between old and new, progress and old-fashioned ways of going things. It includes some of the older intact neighborhoods of Freedom City, as well as newly developed areas that expanded the outskirts of the city. The scars of the invasion of 2018 run deep here, particularly in the suburb of Ashton. 


  1. Grenville and Ashton

    The bedroom community of Grenville is fairly new, having grown up over the past twenty years. It's a clean, modern suburban community only barely keeping up with the demand for new homes - its sister community Ashton isn't nearly so lucky.


    Burned nearly to the ground during the invasion of 2018, Ashton was rebuilt by a coalition of Freedom City's heroes - but the scars of the invasion run deep. In this once-happy suburb, therapy is the latest growth industry for the survivors that now make up the bulk of its population - and so is mutation. 

  2. Greenbank

    Greenbank is a fairly depressed area, filled with mostly abandoned rail yards and old warehouses. It is a haven for criminals and organized crime.

  3. Lantern Hill

    The north side of the peninsula along the Wading River rises to a hill that is the site of some of the oldest settlements in the Freedom area. Now it is home to a number of historical locales, including Lantern Hill Cemetery and St. Stephen's Church.

  4. West End

    Flowing down from Lantern Hill toward Greenbank is the West End. Over the years a number of small ethnic communities have blended together to form this boisterous, mostly lower middle-class area. Row houses and ethnically oriented places of worship like St. Sebastian's church and Temple Ben David along with Ashton Mall and Trinity Hospital form the backbone of this community. The Interceptors are the West End's native superhero team. 

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