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Downtown Freedom

The central area of Freedom City features ultra-modern buildings, many of them created by Dr. Metropolis, a member of the Freedom League. These particular buildings are advanced even beyond modern construction methods. The remaining buildings use the finest modern construction methods and materials, making downtown Freedom one of the greatest North American metropolises.


  1. The Waterfront

    The city's waterfront is located along the southern tip of the peninsula, line with piers that handle Freedom City's shipping traffic, along with warehouses that store goods being shipped in and out of the city.

  2. Riverside

    Riverside features small parks, tree-lined streets, and brickwork buildings. There are vegetarian restaurants and bistros, craft boutiques, pagan, New Age, and gay and lesbian bookshops, comic book stores, game stores, and so forth.

  3. Wading Way

    Wading Way is the center of Freedom's business district. It is flanked by brokerage houses, banks, investment companies, and other businesses.

  4. City Center

    The heart of the downtown area rises around Centennial Circle, a traffic circle where the city's diagonal roads converge. The city center is home to the Federal Plaza and governmental buildings including the towering Federal Building. It is also home to City Hall and Freedom Hall, the headquarters of the Freedom League. City Center's most recent architectural feature is the towering DuTemps Building, famous worldwide for the full-size 14th-century castle that sits atop it. 

  5. Midtown

    Midtown is the largest downtown residential area and features a number of high-rise apartment buildings and condominiums. Midtown is also home to shopping with the massive Millennium Mall, along with numerous other stores.

  6. The North End

    The North End lies north of Liberty Park and the monorail line. Freedom City University is the center of the North End, along with high-tech companies like ASTRO Labs.

  7. Parkside

    Parkside is home to a number of high-rise apartments and condominiums overlooking Liberty Park.

  8. The Theatre District

    The Theatre District is a neighborhood of small apartment buildings clustered around a number of local theatres and clubs featuring some of the finest nightlife in Freedom City.

  9. The Fens

    The Fens are home to sleazy porn theatres and adult bookstores, a large number of waterfront bars, and relatively cheap housing.

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