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North Freedom

North of the Wading River, Freedom City is strongly influenced by the image of "the city of the future" combined with an appreciation for the structures of the past. North Freedom is made up of communities involved in education and high technology along with some of the wealthiest and most influential areas of the city. The scars of the invasion of 2018 are obvious here - especially the squat, cyclopean bulk of the doomforge looming over Kingston.


  1. Hanover

    The largest area in North Freedom, it covers nearly as much area as downtown. Much of Hanover is focused on small high-tech business, particularly internet "e-business". Hanover Institute of Technology is located here, and is one of the nation's most prestigious schools for technical education.

  2. Kingston

    Tucked between Route 4 and the Garden State Parkway, Kingston used to be a neighborhood of upper-class suburbs and million-dollar homes - until the invasion of 2018. Now this once-suburban neighborhood is a ghost town of ruined buildings in the shadow of the squat, cyclopean doomforge erected during the invasion - those who live in "the valley of the shadow of the death" all have special reason for doing so. 

  3. North Bay

    A posh district of expensive waterfront homes and historic mansions owned by some of Freedom City's wealthiest families. North Bay features exclusive yacht clubs and beachfront property, with few stretches of public beach. North Bay's most recent architectural innovation is the Elder Sign, a building-sized arcane symbol etched into the landscape that's become popular, albeit technically restricted, gathering place for the mystically-curious. 

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