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Red Team: Jeopardy In The Jungle (OOC)

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alright, everyone can take a chance to get a post of them doing some sort of survival thing; that way Neko can hunt her Pterodactyl, or someone can pet a Triceratops if they're very careful! Or just gather water, or help build a nice little treehouse camp!

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whichever you think is more fun! You could even send them with each other PC if you want and do a little back and forth between each other if you all three wanna do that and Thev and AA are cool with it

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Once AA tells his ghost story and Thev can also get one more post in if they want, I'm going to move the thread to the next day, but I just can't help but want to hear one of Neko's ghost stories!

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Any character with a Technological power gets 1HP for free here as they get the 'Unreliable' complication while being in the mist.


Every character can roll Notice checks to see what they can figure out.


The Gas is not specifically poisonous to people, at least in small doses.

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Excellent, thank you all. Open all DCs you hit.



DC: 10



You can notice while escaping there is absolutely no movement in the area covered in the mist; all the dinosaurs from the day before are all asleep in the mist, as if it's keeping them unconcious


DC: 15



You hear a gunshot from off in the jungle, but it's not directed towards you at this moment; someone else is fighting in this mist


DC: 18



You are being tracked. A small drone; a little too big to be hand-held, but not much bigger, is following you, a mono eye camera on a silent running engine. 


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Kazra Initiative Results 1d20+7: 26 [1d20=19]


Kazra Stealth Results 1d20+15: 34 [1d20=19]


Esquire Initiative Results 1d20+9: 21 [1d20=12]


Esquire Notice Results 1d20+14: 32 [1d20=18]


Drones Initiative Results 1d20+5: 13 [1d20=8]


Drones Notice Roll: Results 1d20+8: 12 [1d20=4]


So Esquire spots everyone except Kazra, while Neko, Daniel, and Lawrence are all hidden from the Drones for now.


Neko: 28, 1HP

Kazra: 26, Staggered, 2x Bruised, 2x Injured

Timeout: 21, 4HP

Esquire: 21

Drones: 13, 6 of them

Iris: 4 2HP

Daniel: 4


@Avenger Assembled it is Neko's turn. You have a rough idea of where Esquire is since he isn't exactly hiding himself, and the Drones aren't hiding either.


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