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South Freedom

South Freedom lies on the other side of the South River from the downtown area and it is the area that may face the greatest challenges in Freedom's future. Parts of it are affluent or middle class, but other parts of South Freedom are stricken with poverty and plagued by crime, particularly the influence of organized crime.


  1. The Boardwalk

    The boardwalk is lined with hotels and casinos. It runs along the shore of the South River between the Wallace Expressway and Route 4.

  2. Southside

    South of the Boardwalk is the Southside district, bounded by Route 4 and Route 6. Southside is mostly middle and lower-middle class, but growing pockets of poverty and crime have been eating away at the community for years.

  3. Lincoln

    West of Southside, Lincoln was built up in the 50s and 60s,. It is predominantly an African American community, with pockets of Hispanic and other ethnic groups. Many people who live here work along the Boardwalk and nearby places.

  4. Bayview

    East of Southside is Bayview. Bayview is a more affluent community than Southside; it goes from waterfront property with a spectacular view of the Centery Narrows and Riverside towards the higher ground near South Bay Road, known as the Bayview Heights. Home of the Claremont Academy.


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  5. Port Regal

    Similar in many respects to North Bay, Port Regal is somewhat less affluent, many of its older homes and mansions turned into bed-and-breakfast inns. Port Regal clusters around Lake MacKenzie and the peninsulas jutting out into the bay.

  6. Lonely Point

    The most isolated point of land in Freedom, Lonely Point is named for its rocky and desolate terrain. There are sandbars and scrub plants, but little else along the narrow peninsula. It is home to the Lonely Point Naval Base, Blackstone Federal Penitentiary, and Star Island Space Control Center.

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