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Alternate Versions of Michael Adon

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Earth A-2-Future-17


Michael Adon skipped work on the day that Sampson’s Sodas was attacked by the Powerhouse.


The next day, the Manaka Root project was shuttered and Sampson’s was shut down, leaving Michael and Sam without a Job. This didn’t affect them too much, but it was a little annoying. They went back to FDR high and back to being regular high school students.


Michael Adon graduated Highschool and attended FCU on a Football Scholarship, studying politics and history. He never met a Superhero, never knew many of his teachers were members of the Freedom League. While he got saved and protected from supervillain attacks, his desire to be a Superhero faded ever further from his mind as he flourished as a top prospect for the NFL and continued his education. But he had other plans than professional sports, and went to law school after graduation, becoming a city appointed defense attorney after finishing law school.


After years defending the poorest citizens in both Freedom City and New Jersey as a whole, Michael ran for Mayor of America’s city of the future, promising reforms of metahuman treatment and a fair shake to the poorest of the city’s residents. This included his ‘Safe Exit’ program; a program that offered retirement pensions to both Superheroes and Supervillains, so long as they agreed to never costume up again unless it was a dire emergency. The idea behind this program was to offer Supervillains a way to ‘get out of the game’, to make them no longer feel forced to continue crimes due to their inability to hold down regular jobs or interact with normal people, while also allowing those who sacrificed their lives being Superheroes to have meaningful retirement once their best days were over, all with the highest levels of secrecy. 


Part of Michael’s campaign included the support of former mayor and former president Michael O’Connor, Jr., and he even officially announced his candidacy at a fundraiser hosted at the former president’s lavish home. While there, however, Michael accidentally stumbled across the legacy of the original Michael O’Connor; the Freedom Eagle costume, preserved in a secret room in the mansion. In that moment, 30 years of repressed feelings of desire to be a Superhero was once more reignited in the chest of the Mayoral Candidate. The following day was a frank discussion with the aging, but still respected, former head of state. It would continue for weeks; Michael discussing the history of the costume that Jr never wore, Jr being very resistant to the idea that it was a good idea to bring it back; to let sleeping dogs lie. The younger Michael eventually offered a compromise; if he could make his own suit, and O’Connor approved of it, then maybe, maybe, he could take the legacy back. But only if he won the election, and the suit had to be ready before the Election.


This was a sure bet for O’Connor; even the most dedicated of people had to sleep, and how could Adon run a mayoral campaign and become a master of engineering in just a year? 


This was a failure to understand that across every universe, no matter where he ends up, Michael Adon is always the kind of person who has the drive to push himself three times harder than anyone else.


By a week before Election Day, Michael Adon had a working prototype, and by the time the final votes had been tallied and he had won, Michael O’Connor was forced to admit that the younger Michael had the heart to succeed at this, and gave him his full support.


On the day he was sworn in, Michael Adon arrived in a battlesuit of Gold, Red, White, and Blue, flying on jet wings. He promised that as the new Freedom Eagle, and as the new Mayor, he was going to protect the citizens from those that would harm them, but that he would also be striving to make himself obsolete. 


Michael continues to strive for and push his ‘Safe Exit’ program, including offering support for Supervillain lackeys trying to get out of the business. He is often criticized for being ‘soft’ on crime because he favors rehabilitation, he fights for broad access to support services and works to make sure Freedom City always has some sort of activity for kids and families on almost every weekend, supporting grassroots festivals and projects. He is often stymied by the Council, who try to make sure that any reforms are slow and effective, as Michael himself can be prone to moving far too fast for others. But he is an excellent speaker, a fun person to be around, and a model citizen of his own policies.


Freedom Eagle is a little different. His intelligence can’t be denied, and his battle suit is powerful, but without Claremont and years of working with other Heroes, he’s never mastered the idea of being a battlefield leader or even supporter. He’s a solo guy, through and through, and at times can come off as arrogant or determined to be the ‘Star’. His lack of Claremont education also means he has no extended history with the heroes his age; they weren’t his classmates and they weren’t his friends, which means his interactions with them can often be awkward or frosty. They may have saved him before and throughout his life, and Michael still loves Superheroes, but Freedom Eagle doesn’t know these people, and they don’t really know him. He isn’t aggressive or angry to others, but he does think that, in some ways, Freedom City is ‘his’, and can get frustrated at people thinking they’re better than he is.


It’s easy to blame Michael for why these Supervillains keep getting put back on the street after they commit crimes, both by civilians and superheroes, and those that would favor a more permanent solution, or more thorough incarceration, can easily lay the blame at the feet of the Mayor. That he also gets to stop those same villains and receive credit for it is something that’s thrown at him by his political opposition and by Superheroes that don’t like him, and it’s an awkward and thorny subject that even Michael, master of political rhetoric that he is, doesn’t often engage in debate about it. His best argument is that by putting on the suit and going after these people, he’s just trying to shoulder the burden that he’s putting on the city by trying to rehabilitate those who would do harm.


Mayor Michael Adon is a handsome man in his mid to late 30s, but he’s going gray around the edges of his brown hair. He has a carefully trimmed beard and mustache. He still keeps himself in excellent physical condition, and mentally he’s as sharp as can be. He dresses well, both inside and outside the suit, and exudes confidence and charisma from his tall, muscular frame. He’s married and lives with his husband in the governor’s mansion, but he has a penthouse residence in the city as well. He’s not quite reached extremely high levels of wealth, since he spent most of his law career working for the government as a Defense Attorney, but his fortunes have been slowly on the upswing. He gives a lot of money to charity, mostly because he can’t donate his time as freely as he used to, and has at times guest lectured at FCU. He has aims on the presidency, eventually, but is currently happy with being Mayor of his home town.


Freedom Eagle is a battlesuit wearing Hero. The armor is decorated in red, white, and blue as a base layer, but the places where the armor is increased in thickness or added on to- such as the chest piece, the claws and weapon arrays in its arms, and the jet wings on it’s back, to give a few examples-, are golden instead, often with an Eagle motif. It is still powered by Daka Crystals, which a greater understanding of have allowed the suit to access several of the functions of the Crystals that the original Freedom Eagle suit did not have. It is not capable of unassisted spaceflight, and it can not reach the speeds required for being a true national superhero under its own power. However, collaborations with A.E.G.I.S. technicians and Michael’s own work have created a variety of ‘F.E.A.T.H.E.R.S.’; Function Expanding Auxiliary Tactical Heightened Engagement Response Systems. These are extra attachments that allow Michael to access new capabilities. These have limited operational time and require repair after use, meaning they are not used all the time, but with these Michael can fly much faster, explore the ocean depths, confront much more powerful foes, or more.




6 + 6 + 6 + 14 + 10 + 14 = 56PP


Strength: 16 (+3) / 38 (+14)
Dexterity: 16 (+3) 
Constitution: 16 (+3) 
Intelligence: 24 (+7) 
Wisdom: 20 (+5) 
Charisma: 24 (+7) 




12 + 12  = 24PP

Initiative: +7 (+7 Int, Speed of Thought)
Attack: +6 Base, +10 in Armor
Defense: +10 (+6 Base, +4 from Shield in Armor), +3 Flat-Footed
Grapple: +9/ +24 (+6, +18 in Strength Array) / +29 (+6 + 18 from Strength Array + 5 from Super Strength)
Knockback: -1 (TOU/2)/ -10 (in Armor: -7 Impervious Toughness, -3 from half of remaining Toughness)




5 + 7 + 7 = 19PP


Toughness: +14 (+3 Con, +11 Protection), Impervious 7

Fortitude: +8 (+3 Con, +5)

Reflex: +10 (+3 Dex, +7)

Will: +12 (+5 Wis, +7)




84R = 21PP


Computers 6 (+13)

Craft [Mechanical] 8 (+15), Skill Mastery

Craft [Electrical] 8 (+15)

Diplomacy 14 (+21), Skill Mastery

Investigate 4 (+11)

Knowledge [Civics] 4 (+11)

Knowledge [Business] 4 (+11)

Knowledge [Current Events] 4 (+11)

Knowledge [Technology] 4 (+11)

Notice 7 (+12), Skill Mastery

Profession (Politician) 6 (+11)

Search 3 (+10)

Sense Motive 12 (+17), Skill Mastery





Eidetic Memory


Speed of Thought



Skill Mastery

Benefit 2 (Mayor of Freedom City, Wealth 1)

Online Research

Quick Change

Move by Action




 95 = 95pp

All powers have the Technology descriptor, and are powered by Daka Crystals


Device 19 (95DP Array; Hard to Remove, Feats: Restricted 2) [74PP] (Descriptors: Freedom Eagle II Armor)

Array 15 (30pp Weapons Array, Feats; Accurate 2, 2 Alternate Powers) [34pp]
Power 1: Enhanced Strength 22 (to 38/+14) + Super-Strength 4 (Total Maximum Strength: 83) [30pp]
Power 2: Blast 14 (Feats; Precise, Variable 1; Slashing or Energy weapon) (Feather blades and Beams) [30pp]
Power 3: Snare 14 (Feats; Reversible, Tether) (Extending Claw Gauntlet) [30pp]
Protection 11 (To +14, Extras; Impervious 7)[18PP] 
Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9PP]
Shield 4 (To Defense +10) [4PP]
Flight 5 (250 MPH, 2,500 feet/move action Feats; Alternate Power) (Wings of the Eagle) [11pp]
Alternate Power: Super-Strength 5
Super Senses 11 (Extended Sight 2, Infravision, Microscopic Vision 2, Radar, Ultrahearing, Ultravision) [11pp]
Comprehend 3 (Understand and read all languages, speak one at a time) [6pp]
Enhanced Feat: Move By Action [1pp]
Feature: Internet Connection [1pp]




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