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  1. Attack the one shooting. 24 https://orokos.com/roll/1006845 Tou rolled 20: https://orokos.com/roll/1006844
  2. Jonah arrived like the big guy he was, slouching, and hiding his face in a hoodie and a ball cap for the national parks service, wearing a pair of heavy cargo pants, and he glanced about at everyone else. He wanted to get out and be supporting for the classmate, he liked Bernie, if just because she was game for adventure. He hadn't really interacted with her boyfriend, but he had to be cool too, right? Now, he kept his appearance more human, given... well they had to get here, and he didn't want to fly (listen it felt weird to do it) or wander around all blue skinned up. He moved up to the classmates he recognized, as the chanting started up, a little uncertainly as he glanced behind him to make sure he wasn't like blocking anyone. Nodding to the other people he saw, the twins were easy to find before he tucked his hands into his hoodie's pockets. He started to say hello, but the chanting started and he felt a bit awkward, and sort of joined in.
  3. Jotunn He blinked, at what the heck he was seeing, having followed after everyone in the rear, being taller, and it was easy for him to... It was hard to process everything, as despite powers and everything he wasn't the confident warrior some of his other classmates were. And whatever the heck that thing was that was happening was distracting him as he took aim. That with all the information was making this a little delicate. He surged forward, his right hand low, before he brought it up, as the air was filling with frost crystals, and he brought it up to aim at one the drones. Blue-white light lanced out, arcing that trail of that shimmering frost in the air, before it hit one of the drones square on, a sheen of ice around him. "Okay! So... we're in the middle of a bad day. Right. Got it, I will pay attention in history class." He rolled his eyes as the joke hidden in the fever dream Kaiju, but wasn't going to say it. Later yes, now, facing the end of the world, so more important things were to be considered.
  4. And a pop culture check for Neko's shenanigans. 1d20+6: 19 [1d20=13]
  5. Fimbulvtr blast. 1d20+8: 25 [1d20=17] So that should hit, with damage and paralyze
  6. Will save: 1d20+6: 18 [1d20=12]
  7. "There are some cliffs just to the north of estate, might be on someone's property, but I think we'll be fine." Jonah said with grinning confidence at the twins. "I do have chalk for people's hands, but, if if you're not feeling comfortable with what we're doing, I'll find the easiest. Don't need to earn my Eagle scout this way." He laughed a bit, his voice deep and sonorous in a way that a mountain's might be. Of course, he thought it would be easy, given he was a guy who practiced on great than 90 degree cliffs his scale might be off, but he figured he could help everyone there without tapping the primordial might he could draw on.
  8. Jonah hoisted up his bag, "I have gear, not enough, so, we wont get going too hard at it, as I don't want anyone hurt." He nodded a little, as he looked at everyone. "Don't worry, I am pretty good at this, and have done retreats and teaching with people who've not done as much as me." He looked at them, radiant a relaxed sort of confidence. "Besides I am a boy scout. So, yanno have some faith." He looked at everyone, and he waived towards cliffs. "Are any of you outdoors people?"
  9. Jonah surged towards them his reaction wasn't just quick, it was bordering on sudden. Hoarfrost erupting around him as he did so. He drew on old things, deep and primeval elements, and silvery frost hung in the air and spreading across from his foot falls that became heavy, thunderous. It wasn't just ice he was drawing on, it was The Mountain. In the middle of his charge, he did a quick change of his weight, and pushed off his lead foot like it was a normal step, and he leaped one of the Naginata wielding kenku, and drop his fist right into the face of it with a Centurion Punch, using the momentum, and the growing strength carrying him through. He tried to pivot and swing on the next, but his kick went wide.
  10. I am, and I will use Takedown Attack if anyone is within range. If Minions then will keep going until can't. Takedown Attack, roll 10. Nope!
  11. Attacks one of the ones with Naginatas. Melee attack. 20
  12. Jonah knew he was tough, so he growled out an, "Everyone move I'll bring up the rear." He could turn into mist, so he could get away, period. And everyone else was his concern. Plus he was big, so he could always block the path as well, not that he was intending to get away. He was also keeping pace behind the rest as they were fleeing the scene of the crime. Yeah, he thought, think I need to do some reading up on stuff.
  13. Yes, he has to fly and then switch to an AP. If he can't do it, it's fine! If that's the case he's got other powers.
  14. Nah. I couldn't remember the name myself.
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