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  1. Asad exuded confidence, even dressed like someone who had their business meeting interrupted, which was true. Even if the information placed him as a rich twit who seemed to be able to take hits better than most Freedom Leaguers, and that was it. Pulling out a hip flask, he twisted it open and took a knock back, before he offered it up to the others, while walking to transport. "It's some of the best in the world, I recommend a swallow. It's no as if we're facing the end of the world, or anything." His expression blithe, as if the possibility of his failure here didn''t occur. Which, really, it all boiled down to either they succeeded, or it would be suddenly not their problem.
  2. There was some discussion prior regarding indirect and some of her powers. Though it is being kept for thematic elements. As such approved.
  3. Shellshocked was the word she'd used to describe herself over this. She was processing, she was not ready. But that didn't matter did it? It's like John Lennon said. She couldn't be back home with dad and mom, and her father was a stranger that she couldn't get to. Physically. She didn't know where Hanna was, and she here because... well there was no reason. She was seventeen. This was all insane, and growing more and more insane as time passed out. Yes, some untrained, and untested kids were going to be able to handle this with anything other than luck. "... yeah, sure. Let's do it."
  4. There were times that he wish he could get drunk. This was one of them. Well he could. For five seconds, at roughly the cost of of the annual GDP of Santa Fe, New Mexico. He had been here for business things, trying to setup an office within the country that complied within the rules they set. Which were anti-capitalist and moderately xenophobic. But given all the recent events leading up to this, well, Rome wasn't build in a day. His attention was elsewhere, his holdings back in Freedom City. His daughter. But he had to have faith. He had to... Not think about that. He hadn't packed his 'costume' so his arrival was, okay, it was filled with nervous energy, as he soared in and landed heavily. Having taken off his suit coat, leaving himself in his slacks, vest, and a shirt and tie was that undone a little, and unbuttoned. Amir had managed to leave his watch and various things back with his assistant before coming here. At this point, the Dakana people could stow whatever insular and protective behavior they wanted, but at this point he wasn't of the mind to listen to any rules or restrictions they had. A potential apocalypse put him in a mood. Like undead pirates. Or thieves. Fortunately, it was like he was coincidentally here to deal with a large scale energy problem that cropped up in the middle of paperwork. His expression was severe, his eyebrows pushed down, looking a little fearsome what with that and beard. Somehow he had kept sunglasses on during his mad-dash of a self-powered flight here. "Start thanking Allah if you're of the mind. Otherwise, I recommend a neat scotch."
  5. IC https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10646-world’s-on-fire/ OOC https://www.freedomplaybypost.com/topic/10647-worlds-on-fire/
  6. OOC for here. Straight forward, there is a movement to Lonely Point and base, where this boogie woogie is going down. If you like to take a Bruise for an HP you may as this at the end of the cycle. There is some small resistance, but at this point any scraps/fighting with Drones on the way is incidental. Taarvon and Shivan are at PL14 caps. Shivan is +1 Dam/ -1 Attack; +1 Tou/-1 Def Taarvon is has no offensive tradeoffs, and is +4 Tou/ -4 Def There are no-trade-off PL11 minions as well once you arrive. So post travel interaction/working out plan, and then I can set scene for arrival.
  7. July 13th, 6ish PM, Riverside. The end of the world’s arrival looked to be on a Friday, Eastern Standard Time. This was in stark contrast to the expectation from many office workers, and comic strip cats, that it would be on a Monday. Though it was in part towing the line of the firm the belief of those who lived in Northeast United States that the world revolved around them. It was only fitting, then, that the apocalypse would start in one of the most important cities there. Self-fulfilling prophecies being what they are. In a parallel with other historical events, this particular phase was set off with the delivery of a message: “Taarvon is here, he is fighting Shivan Steelgrave. At the peninsula of Loneliness” This was news, good or bad it was hard to suss out, or know that what the impact had. But it came from the lips of a Furion, young as they went, battered, bruised, and bloodied. Though, he had succeeded in getting to the some of the Earth heroes, and relaying the information, before he collapsed in a heap. There wasn't many there, but it was a number that wasn't zero, and the three that he had found were some of the luminaries in the dark times that were crashing around them, the city, and humanity itself. But it wasn't just a swarm of Omegadrones, of course. Though the relief on the young Furion's face spoke volumes that they were the ones he had been after. Especially the recognition in his eyes on seeing Gaian Knight, before the rush of words came out before he dropped down. A look to the Eastern horizon showed the sky alight with flames against the dwindling day.
  8. I like the mechanics and tone, especially for Bedlam. First Approved for ya here.
  9. TheAbsurdist

    Masque - Fox

    It's not commonly used as the sole descriptor for things like Dazzle or Blast, and what is listed in the Powers Descriptions section makes it seem like she has effectively a variable descriptor tucked away into both. I'm only poking at this point because there is points to burn for each in their slot on the array.
  10. TheAbsurdist

    Masque - Fox

    So does the Blast power deal damage as magic, or is it a sort of 'whatever's at hand?' type effect?