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  1. "So... why are we glorifying them?" Corinne asked, without a hint of an ulterior motive. This world still didn't make sense. Even close to graduation and her transition to her 'dream', and living this going on almost three years, and she was just as confused as before. The things they accepted eluded her. Her attention drifted from the display to the Jhett who was... just ignoring things. So she looked to the rest of the teens, hoping for an answer from there. She stood there, in her black and teal Japanese style satin bomber jacket, embroidered with koi, goldfish and water patterns on the back. It made her eyes seem bluer. Or maybe it was the genuine questioning expression. She lifted a hand and gestured the holos, "Like, you all want to be like them, right? This keeps happening... I mean, the world almost ended last summer. Again."
  2. "Envy," she said softly, her hands sliding down off of her hips, and flopping her arms against her sides, but only for a moment. Corinne looked away and she lifted a hand to brush back her hair from her face and over her ear. "That... didn't come out right, sorry was correcting..." She stumbled a bit herself, and if one was a student of her father, one might conclude that the stumble was planned. A hitch to show her not being quite so perfect. But that might be too deep of a reading into the behavior of a newly turned eighteen year old young woman, still coping with her having powers. She inhaled deeply, and let it out in a long, slow sigh, as she turned her head to survey something. Anything else. Then she drew in a deep breath and pulled up the big girl pants as she turned back to her, her brows knitted together and she looked at her with a quizzical expression. "What's wrong with you, though?"
  3. She wasn't imposing, at least not in the normal way. Sure the height, and the perfect that just dripped off her was intimidating, but in the way that she might reflect against the other people's self-image. And for the blithe way she navigated around those people. Corinne shoulders her backpack carefully, as she looked at Monica. "So... did I piss in your Wheaties?" She might nominally beat around the bush regarding this, but she didn't understand some people's reactions to her, Monica's was one. Other people's make sense. "I don't remember doing anything, unless I did it as... her, but I remember most of that..." She trailed off, her eyes seeking out Monica's with an earnestness.
  4. Claremont Quad-ish, 3:20PM, April 22nd. This was not planned, but with graduation coming for her she felt a need of closure. Some people she wasn't really possessed of an impetus to correct, insert obvious examples here, obviously. So as she left her class of the day, and seeing Monica on the quad she decided it might as well be now. So she pushed open the door, shoulders her backpack, and leaped out. She hated her powers, the implications of them. What she did, could do, if control slipped. But as they were an option, she took them. They were there, so close to the surface, so easy after all. She soared in a grace leap, as if she could do any other at this point due to muscle memory. She landed on the air, and kept up the jogged, going to circumvent the other teen's path, before she descended enough to drop down in a sudden rush of air, in a crouch. Brushing back that asymmetrical swoop of her hair,, she rose to standing in front of her, and offered a slightly uneasy smile, "So... can we talk?"
  5. Zenith. OR FOR SHENANIGANS: Teenage Asad. Fun Fact: He likely has a beard then.
  6. "Generally not people, well myself. I guess. Stuff mostly." She trailed off, letting everyone else get their dig and commentary. She was on her outro after all, and it was not leading the same path as the rest of everyone. She munched on whatever she had grabbed, given the fact she ate for a half-dozen people. Or at least that was the joke. She bantered a little bit with other people about classes, and such, and tried to bait Ash into a high five. Then as LeRoy guided them together she started to list back humming to herself, and singing softly, barely audible. Until came the screech of Nicole. The pointed ignoring of everyone else. Like, seriously, Nicole, how the hell can you be that way? Whatever... whatever. "Davyd, this is Nicole. Be careful she might want to get a sample." Her tone was jovial, and not really teasing, but she inwardly winced, expecting vitriol from the tetchy, touchy teen.
  7. Clarification of Deathly Aura: Your touch is inimical to simple forms of life: small plants wither and die when you touch them, or even just walk over them, and small insects perish upon touching you. Although an inconvenience at times (and good for a Complication), this is a net Feature, good for, amongst other things, a circumstance bonus to Intimidate checks. -Power Profiles, 3E, page 36
  8. She looked to the side, watched Monica leave. "No. I control stuff. Physical stuff. Matter." Not myself. She turned her head back to Davyd, smiling, and showing genuine warmth. "I get not being able to control the powers. Visualization helps me." She caught Ash moving, and the protective sister thing. Well what she thought was the case. The smile didn't waver, but the eyes that looked at Ash for a moment didn't have that smile either. Perhaps a bit too much clarity her expression as she regarded the surly big sister. She had the performer mask, like Judy. She could get it to her eyes, she was better at hiding. But her intuition told her that Ash was flanking. Corinne put a hand on his shoulder, "Hey, how about I cover something to nosh on while we wander over towards the library?" The blonde smoothed over, "And everyone can talk about their powers. If they want."
  9. @Tarrakhash Apologies, up and running again. Go.
  10. The Red Death just lifted her gas gun at Aja, and pulled the trigger. "You rich little b####! Her father is a evil, upper class scum who has you all fooled!" It missed Aja, and it was clear that things were turning very, very badly for her, and her team and it was getting to her, as she sprayed the noxious fumes wildly, her expression wild, even as she is clawed across one of her arms. While this happened the inert partner rolled onto her back and then kicked up and lunged with a kick at Ms. Thursday, only to miss her as well. As this happened the villain with the multiple gun arms was blasting at the bonds that had formed on him intent on getting out of what was holding him.
  11. Corinne's head canted to the side, her blue eyes starting to glow with an inner light that was almost hard to make contact with. "Shhhh, shhh, shhhh." She demurred in a hushed tone, even as it turned unearthly. She stepped towards him, and lifted her right hand, as she moved it upwards, and closer to his face. Rocking onto one foot, the other leg lifted almost into an arabesque stance. As she did so, it was like an aura was radiating off of her, pushing away the changes from him. Until her ring and middle finger gently pressed to his forehead, and he smoothed out, his form reverting back to well... him, while she was poised in the position like she was giving a benediction in a dance. "Breathe. Breathe. The shape is yourself, you know you. Relax," her tone still gentle, though the final word sounded normal, as her eyes faded back to normal. She blink, and shifted back from him. Her hand pulling back and she brushed back her symmetrical locks.
  12. She marched ahead, thrusting hands into the pockets of her leather jacket. "The performing arts stuff is so-so. But this is a big city, so it's easy to get into a program, well... the programs are available." She turned to face the rest as she backpedaled effortlessly. Corinne had that hatable 'everything comes so damned easy to her' sort of vibe, and being tall, nay statuesque, and Pretty. Yes it was capitalized. Hell she came from Hollywood. "It's kinda hard to have extra curricular activities plotted when we're expected to be able to save the world at the drop of a hat. Or at least, the city, or block. Even though, we're tech- er, nevermind the rest of that. No one really believes me anyway. But, yeah, still have regular classes, in addition to Matter Reformation by Thought 101. I mean, I do stuff, it just means I probably don't sleep enough." Another elegant roll of her shoulders, and a laugh.
  13. She did release Davyd's hand as she stepped back, and others surged in. And then the weirdness of Claremont settled in. Corinne rocked back, and placed her hands on her hips. "Nice to meet you Davyd. I can translate for Ashley, 'It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance, even as I shoot daggers at Corinne. Metaphorically.' Did I get that right Ash?" That smile still plastered to her face and going crooked as she looked back to Ash. Her tone, and her mannerisms challenging, though playful. Whether she liked it or not, she made a great ambassador, because she was 'normal,' or at least was able to hide away most of her issues. Probably. "Food, food is good, I already did a quarter marathon today. I need food. Come, let us show him the grounds, towards the Cafeteria. Maybe later there are dinosaurs, and lasers."
  14. Should note it is Selective in favor of the teens, their efforts can pass through without harming it. The villains gotta break it.
  15. Corinne sighed, her eyes observing the reactions everyone had. Nicole did Nicole, whatever. Corinne gave in, as she stepped away from the others, and back towards the entrance, she needed a sense of things. Or rather Zenith did. The change happened as she rolled her shoulders back, and straightened, before the iridescent crown of dawn colored hair exploded back behind her, and now bared arms rose, the limbs disappearing in her lambent power. If there was snark for her to give, it didn't happened, and the glowing eyed alter ego of the Julliard bound teenager willed things into changing, and her creation exploded from the ground. The air crystallizing into a hexagonally faceted dome of covering enveloping building. It was her biggest creation thus far, and at the apex of it's creation her hands balled into fists and light filled in, become solid matter. A strange, semi-translucent substance that when it caught the light right look identical to basalt for a briefest moment. It enclosed the Danger International building in the span of a couple heartbeats.
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