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  1. Math checks out. On to narrative questions: How do you see this character fitting in within the world? How long has he been under the effects of the mutation? And were you completely sold on having him in Freedom City?
  2. @Zeitgeist Blue So, it will be Wisdom, as that's the stat for Medicine. So just the base of 19. Lemme post Spoiler results for that:
  3. If the rest wants to do medicine go head, I'll give you a Synergy bonus of +2 if you have Knowledge: Chemical.
  4. "Oh..." A surprised expression cross her face, her eyed widening, and it quickly turned to one of delight. She defined herself as a dancer, and by her skill in that, it was what she had pursued the majority of her life. And she was good. And in the air, the pain lessened, and it let her push through. Push further. And the fact that he was leading, which given how often she was given male roles due to her size. She liked it, and she responded to the songs that were changing. Of course as she grew more enraptured in what she was doing her powers started to build and swell. The energetic music didn't help, and neither did the non structure dancing. Her eyes started to glow, along with the euphoric rise of her power, until it erupted in a scattering of white light, her hair exploding out into a riotous variegated crown. Now, now she was going to try, and Pan could tell that this was a different. "Oh, I like you."
  5. GM The woman catching Corinne dipped under the weight, and cried out, "Someone! Someone call 911 now, the girl fainted!" Her severe features in a look of shock, even as she sank down to her knees. Immediately some of the other people were pulling out their phones, presumably to make the call. A harried looking security came jogging up, with whatever museum official that was responsible for the event in tow, both seeming more friendly than strong figures of authority. Worry writ large on their faces.
  6. Anyone who passed the Notice check gets what's in the spoiler in the IC
  7. The pull of her... nature meant that it was a fight to not look at the art. It was so beautiful, and to her it was more. There were aspects she couldn't articulate. Corinne was entranced, even as the woman was edging closer and and trying to talk to her. The words were there, but when Corinne managed to look to her, expressive eyebrows form a perfectly lost and quizzical expression. "Mmm?" She asked, by way of a sound and less an articulated response. She slumped abruptly, Corinne collapsed against the woman, who caught the tall blonde teen.
  8. So basically, if his powers get disable, or nullified, then would Fearsome Presence remain? If so, then it's a normal Feat, if it goes when his powers/appearance goes, then you should shift it to an Enhanced Feat power.
  9. With the provisos mentioned in discord, and going over the sheet, I am applying an approval here. APPROVED
  10. I am putting this here, I do want to stress that Growth is a problematic power. It messes with numbers, and will have impact outside of that. I know this is part of your character design, so I wont nay say, but I wanted to put this on record. In the Ability and Toughness make sure to notate in the stat line the impact from Growth. Ex: Con 26 (+8) | 30 (10) w/Growth
  11. What the White Lioness Sees:
  12. Tiff, you get a Gather Info check.
  13. Mechanical concerns: You will need two descriptors where possible a source (in this case Mutation for all of them), and then one for the effect. So strike would carry Claws or Natural Weaponry. Also, you will need to list his leaping distances. However, my greater concern is Fearsome Presence as a non-enhanced Feat, given the background and motivations of the character, it seems incongruous with his personality would seem dependent on his form rather than anything. Suggestion to shave points would be to reduce the Base Attack Mod, and add an Attack Specialty in Unarmed, which is 1 PP for +2 in the relevant. Of course if you intend to have him do range attacks then keeping as is is worthwhile.