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  1. Her eyes wide, as she stared at... She didn't recall doing anything that would cause that, no drugs, no supervillains, or weird lessons from one of the teachers. But here was Santa. She lifted the hand holding phone to pull the earbud out. "What?" She was expected it to be a crazy person, or someone higher than a kite, she didn't see any spray paint on his face. So, maybe not? Her other hand holding at her avocado smoothie, and she just stared. "What did you say?" However, in her heart of hearts she knew that it wasn't some crazy person in a Santa Suit rambling at her. It was something else. Something more, possessing at least perceived importance by the dude in front of her. Which she was uncertain over, by a great a margin.
  2. I would say you wouldn't really need it.
  3. You have 23 points of feats instead of the 22 listed.
  4. Skill Modifiers are off for Charisma based skills. Also Charisma 20 is a +5 Mod. also you do not list your Attractive bonus, which should be listed on the relevant skills.
  5. So for descriptors you will generally need a minimum of 2 per power. If all are Psychic/Psionic based, you can cite it for all powers. However, each specific power tends to have another. Like Telepathy, or Telekinesis, or similar.
  6. So... there is a Psyche character in play.
  7. So the big armored guy? He is hit. Yes she would, Tou: 1d20+12 28 So looks like no damage. But he still is blind.
  8. Suited guy fails Ref. Staff wielder does not. Reflex: 1d20+6 16 1d20+9 21 I am going to say Suited Guy fails this roll The Staff wielder was rolling against half effect. So succeeds Fort: 1d20+8 15 1d20+9 19 Who is she targeting for the attack?
  9. I'd make a joke about about Errant needing to be in another harem comedy, but I also like the possibility of Zenith joining a club like this WITHOUT Corinne knowing.
  10. Hello there Avner, as the sheet is currently unfinished, as such I have moved it to Character Building forum, which the location intended for getting feedback and polishing the sheet. The Hero Back is intended for the 'final' draft version. There are several filler notes from the template left there, as well as some sections unfilled. That has to be attended to first.
  11. I'd argue these feats are powers, less training: Challenge (Combat Diplomacy) Second Chance (Concentration Checks To Maintain Powers) Ultimate Check 2 (Diplomacy, Toughness)
  12. So, as part of my ongoing crusade: What are the descriptors regarding her powers? Assuming standard Source/origin and the effect/function. Also I removed the drawback section as that is not currently in use.