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  1. Readying Interpose, at this point, just assume it's there.
  2. Initative 29 White Lioness 1 HP 24 Ren Bruised 20 Red Death 14 SixShooter 13 Black Mamba 1 HP 12 Lady Liberty 2HP 11 Salvo 4 HP 8 Ahkona 7 Ms. Thursday 2HP Has Corinne Field Affects: Visual/Olfactory Obscure. Edit: because this has come up: Baddies are PL10 Red and Ren have no Trade Offs. Six has +2 Def, and -2 Tou Back to start, which means White Lion and @Tiff
  3. Go ahead then, and just snatch Corinne out.
  4. Releasing the cable, he stopped the siphon. It was energy. Just energy. Whether it was the solar winds dancing across the exosphere, or those fission chips that as he held that physicist that had fallen from the righteous path, it was the same. When this started after the Gorgon's attack, he was a sponge, now he was a furnace. Those same chips glowed in his skin, pulsing in sync with his heart beat. His power forming ice over his body as he drew in ambient heat around him, those his movements shed off the thin layers of the stuff. He put some distance between him and the cable, moving in proximity to the others, as he murmured into communicator, "Let me get into position, I can take the hit. If they decide gunboat politics then you guys charge." Then, louder, "I am sorry we had to get your attention this way, but listen to her, we want to talk, we'd rather talk."
  5. That's a hit, and there will be a Grapple check. Grapple: 1d20+15 25
  6. I AM STUFFING A CORK IN IT. Specifically, the basket. Trying to cut off the cold, and the elves.
  7. It's not Concealment, it's obscure. The Baddie holding her was tripped before the smoke cloud happened, and wasn't far enough for really lose track. So it's just a DC12 Int check to make sure she knew where they went. Fail that and it's a coin flip for this round.
  8. Corinne sashayed up towards the counter, one hand holding up the big skirts so she could move freely to it, "Largest Carne Asada nachos you have, with everything, with extra jalepeños, and your homemade hot suace." She said, all batting the eyes, and smiles, despite the fact that she very much in her Zenith form and decidedly alien to a degree, what with the glowing eyes, otherworldly voice, her hair, and the scattering light that tended to follow her about, "And... six Jarritos, two tamarind, two piñas, and two lime. And two horchatas." She moved in front of the counter, twisting on the balls of her feet, as she kicked her hips out to a rhythm she was keenly aware. Bopping, and shimmying along. She pulled out the money, and flashed them a grin, "Thank you! And keep the change." The man behind the counter, in his orange polo shirt, and a NY Mets cap accepted the money from her, and the behavior of the glowing girl with a level gaze that could only be described as Freedom City fastfood worker. And that likely he might see even weirder as the night wore on. Though he acknowledged with a small smile the tip she left.
  9. The laughing died down, eventually, and she shook those that tumultuous, iridescent, and incandescent riot of hair, it fell around her shoulders as she was still in her deep violet dress. Her breath coming out in puffs, as the night chilled. Pan could feel the warmth of her due to her hand, and her proximity to him. She did let go, and she leaned towards him, pressing her shoulder against him, laughing still in glee, as her hands rested against her thighs. Eventually she managed to rein in her reaction, and slowly she straightened then. "Mm, now... now nachos." She stepped towards the door to the restaurant, and then and opened in, before her other hand produced a purse from seemingly nowhere. "I like spicy, so if you can't hang, then you can have a separate plate." She flashed a smile at him, as she held the door for him to step on inside.
  10. She offered up the carton of veggie tempura, and the dipping sauce, before she picked up her smoothie and took a sip of the heavenly nectar that was avocado smoothie. After the slurp, she peeled off her leather jacket, and tossed it on the back of the chair she was at. She adjusted the straps over her shoulders of her tops, including a battered AC/DC tank. "It's from a new vegan cart that parks like, 4 blocks away in that parking lot?" She flashed an easy smile to her squadmate, and she fidgeted. Corinne was actually fairly touchy feelie, but she didn't like intruding into people barriers. Not me! Came the intrusive bubbling. So she looked back to Ash, the urge to mess with her strong, but she gave a pointed sweep of her bright blues (stunning some might say they were) toward Judy, Micah, and Leroy. Not that she disliked any of them, but she didn't have enough time in the day to really play at that. Maybe if I made time that might work... No. No.
  11. GM Point to Zenith. Asad Defenders of the Deep 4 posts Zenith Falling Upward 5 Posts Krampus 2 3 Posts
  12. @Cubismo Orange Team Go!
  13. It will the holder is 20. Added it to the initiative.
  14. There was a sly smile on her face as she looked at him, and she took his hand, lacing fingers together, "It's relative Pan. Get ready for a showstopper!" And her other hand was thrown upwards, banishing her creation like mist under the noonday sun, though with a shimmering cascade of light. She held him up as she stood on air for a moment, and then dove with him down from several thousand feet above the river. Her free hand outstretched and made a circular movement, and before them tore open a hole in space, showing a scene of a sidewalk on a busy street. As they fell through, they were skidding in front of a the big front window of a tacqueria, with Zenith able to keep her balance on her feet adroitly. "Voila!" And then she was laughing, doubling over a bit as peals of delight left her mouth.
  15. Sorry about that RL: Drain Energy 15 (All Energy; PF: Slow Fade 3, Flaws: Distracting) should be about 30PP, or within the frame of his Array. So up to you if he would get a notice check, if so: Notice: 1d20+8 19