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  1. Well, that was what she though, as he hopped, and switched stance like she was trying to trap him on the ropes, and he swung that hook from his now leading left. Though she was ducking at the time, and he saw the point she was trying to make, and he snorted a bit, and just let it happen. Enough for him to grunt with the impact, and her to feel fact that she got him, and despite a slight widening of eyes, he didn't sell the blow. Benny projected his voice, over a slight huff, from the continued exertion, though right now it was easy in his routine. "Y''see toots, I was learnin' ta box before I got powers. Here's th' thing, y'fight someone who knows what they're doin' why'd'ya think droppin' the rules is gonna hurt them?" He put emphasis on the word. And then he chased her, weaving and bobbing, and closing the distance with aggressive movement, "An' once the bloods'a'pumpin', a dirty blow ain't gonna stop him enough from hurtin' ya." Then he surged, the speed he moved could only be described as sudden. Closing as he presented shifting target that wasn't really giving her a clear spot, before he threw another punch, only for it to be a feint, and he twisted about, and threw an overhead type hook, where his hand got a good hold of her hair, before he moved and brought his other hand to his face, and pulled back at the last second to brush fingertips on the point of her chin, "They can fight dirty too, Ashley."
  2. Leap to Church and recconoiter on the way, looking for the leader. If he spots tankless Nazis attacking Civvie's then Elbow-drop, and beatings. Notice [1d20+6] = 1+6 = 7 Yeaaaah, HP that. Notice [1d20+6] = 6+6 = 12 +10 for an HP reroll being under 10, and that's a 22.
  3. It was also, normal stuff. Corinne flashed her friend a smile, and released her hand. She wanted her to know it was okay. That was more important than anything, yes she was concerned about what would happen, or being outed, but she didn't view herself as a freak. Not like things Judy had voice. There were no supervillains, or really anything that was odd. Well, the music was maybe sub-par, but what could you do for a five dollar youth concert at a community center. It was fast, and had enough of a melody to move to. Eventually she leaned in to signal the sisters after a set was finished. "I'm going to get water..." She let it dangle as she looked at the sisters, asking without asking if they wanted anything, or if they wanted to come. She pulled a handkerchief from nowhere, and mopped at her brow, and offered some of them as well.
  4. Benny set his jaw and rested his hands on his hips as he looked at the birds, posing without intending. "Uh... well at least they ain't psychic flyin' squids, or sumthin'." He was not trusting it, but he tried to look on the bright of side of things. Though he wasn't all clear on the star stuff, yet. But he was picking it up. "So... I gotta ask though, we've been findin' trash? What is up with that?" His face scrunched as he looked at the birds, lifting a hand up to his face, and scratching at his upper lip. "Cause... if we've been packin' stuff up, then is someone else usin' this place for somethin'? Like smugglin', or sumthin'?"
  5. He had a more squared off stance as he clapped his hands together, then he stared to move, shifting his weight, and bouncing on his feet, moving like a featherweight, despite his bulk. And he leaned back, showing off practiced head movement and bobbing and weaving, as he was ducking under the punch, and offline, as he stepped in to her, breaking sharply into an open southpaw stance off line to the side of punching hand, almost flanking her in a smooth motion, with his lead foot shuffling on it, to interrupt her movement. "Y'see drills sista." He grinned cheekily, as he flicked two jabs at her, though he wasn't making fists, he was doing precisely what he said, touch sparring. Though they were clearly more to force her to shell up versus anything further. "Yeah, bad English is my first. Padre and the English teach wants me ta get better, but I mean, I'm from Joisey. Unlike the rest'a'ya." Benny was unambiguous regarding his own stance on these sorts of things, he didn't push any of the other kids, he took pretty much what they said at face value, not that he was hiding his own origin, per say, he just never made it a topic.
  6. Knowledge History [1d20+1] = 18+1 = 19 Also I think this should invoke the Complication, Let’s Go, Pal So he's gotta Fight 'em if they're sieging a village.
  7. "Ain't ever had to do that. I learned to not parry wit my face." He said it simply, and he grinned, as he moved into the ring, stepping through the middle the rope as he moved in close, holding out a hand to touch gloves. "Ya spoke up, an' youse arms are bigger'n'Claude's ovah there. But he's next." When she drew in close, he leaned in to say somethin' softly. Stepping back from her addressed everyone. "Everyone 'cept Ben gets to do whatever they want, I'm just gonna touch spar, with just what I was teaching." And he lifted his hands as he resumed his stance. He wasn't a show boat, there was no slap'n'giggle to this, he was taking her seriously. Apart from training in groups, or in a situation like, he didn't brag. Hell if he had ducked out when he wanted to he'd have avoided this.
  8. Benny stopped, and he looked at them. His face inscrutable for a moment before he slide the target pads off of his hands, and he rolled his his head on his neck, before stretching to the side. He was wordless as he gestured towards the gloves to the side. "Put 'em on. Put 'em up. These protect youse hands more 'en their face, and if ya ain't used ta it, this will make it easier ta punch." Then he stepped back and lifted his hands in a slightly bladed stance, his right hand leading, it was more squared off than what he has showed earlier, but if they knew the business that was expected, he straight up said what style he tended to use. "Watchdog youse first. If ya can shoot the Raven, I should be a cake walk." He was light on his feet, already, moving. Though he looked like a stalking panther, and less the brash kid from the Fens with a stereotypical Joisey accent. One might have heard the ring of the bell.
  9. "Right! Remember, loadin' a punch from the same hand is hard to make sure that it connects with power. Haveta pull the arm back, and bring your body back to push it out. But, most fellas ain't gonna see it. A sucker punch ain't blindsiding them, it's the punch ya shoulda seen comin' but takes you out, 'cause yer a sucka! We gonna keep bladed up, present as little a target as possible, use your shoulder, your under arm and a lotta head movement to keep a punch from landing. Keep up the combo, I'll show youself, called the Philly Shell!" And he did just that, adopting a similar stance as then, it deep put his lead arm out, but he just went about dodging the blows they were throw, instead of having them hit the pads. Focusing on demonstrating how to slip. As he shifted himself on his feet, and moved his shoulder and head to deflect, avoid or let the punch just slide along his arm. When other Ben was up for it, he nodded curtly, and in the middle of doing his defense against the blows, he suddenly pivoted, and did the combo against OctoBen. Though he still had on the pads, and he wasn't trying to make contact, but he was proving the point of how he throw that combo from anywhere, even in the middle of avoiding an attack. "Hold up Ben," he moved his leading left hand up towards the other teens face. "See when ya got a fist in yer face, youse gonna flinch. Gonna put your defenses up. And when that's the case ya can't see, and ya rhythm is broken. Rhythm broken means ya can't push forward. That's why we do the two jabs. Then ya pull away, and they open up to go against youse, and then you get them dat hook." He nodded a little bit, as he grinned at them. "So let's change this up. Leading flicker jab." And he threw the bunch, "Now yer gonna follow this, and step off-line again, moving around...to the back side of their leading hand, and yer gonna do a low hook under their arms. But I want ya to keep youse hand up towards their face, make 'em try to deal with it... but also youse can slip down to hook their lead hand, but it's like this." And he demoed it slow, a fast jab, stepping in after it, then stepping to the side, keeping his hand up around head level and ready to tangle up with the shadow opponent's lead hand, and then he dropped his left hand and aimed right around where the floating rib might be. It was a deceptively simple seeming effort, but it wasn't. Just straight forward, if advanced thing. And it got them moving in the other direction, which was more the goal to help encourage not just standing still and trading blows.
  10. Benny wasn't too perturbed by the events till now, he sat back, and let things happen. He wasn't really good He sighed softly, "Youse guys stick together, sorry I'mma disappoint ya teach, but I can't let someone just go off on their own. Even if he is probably chasing some sorta spirit bear thing that sounds like a helpless traveler to lure in prey." He sounded appropriately contrite, weary, and already resolved to his action , before he just lunged forward, into a steady run, after the pixie dust. "HEY PAN SLOW DOWN! I HATE FIGHTIN' SOUL SUCKIN' DEMON BEARS IN CAVES!" He sprang, hitting a wall, and ricocheting off of it at a perfect angle to chase after Pan, grousing to himself along the way, "Swear ta gahd, if this is second to the right and straight on to the morning I am feedin' Pan to a tickin' croc..."
  11. Benny moved his hands effortlessly to set up the blows. "Sloppy jalopy Claude. I said strong jab, fast jab, hook. That's two flicker jabs. Yer heavy on youse feet, and yer body ain't in the hook, it's wide, no hip and lot on ya shoulder. Yer stance is wide, so ya need more head movement or youse gonna eat a sucka punch. Change targets, jabs to the right, cross to the left." And he went through it again. In the middle of the second punch he barked out a, "Duck after this, then throw the cross, an' step to your strong hand's side." As soon as the jab connected, he threw his own punch aimed for Claude's jaw, it was slower than what he could do, but it was setting up a target to avoid, before he was immediately in place to catch the cross with the pad. Then he broke away from Claude, and he addressed the rest. "Youse guys all gonna do the sequence." He then did it, strong, fast, duck, cross, then moved to his right. His steps light, bouncy, except when the punches were thrown. They planted, and he exploded off of his stance, but the moment he didn't need them, they were moving. "Judy in front everyone line up, and jog in place, step up, throw 'em, move and go to the back of the line. This stuff is simple, but ya can't ever mess up on the simple stuff. I trow dis combo a hundred times a day even now. Ya ain't gonna be fightin' none them ninjas, or Dr. Sin's kung fu goons everytime. Ya fall down to the purse swipes because ya get cocky and think youse can just haymaker them, or trow a twirly flyin' roundhouse because it'll shows up in da papers." The pads were up and he was waiting for them. It was clear he didn't abide cocky, or what he took as such.
  12. Benny moved to Judy, going to stand behind her, and he reached out and gently pushed her elbows in towards her body more. "Keep 'em close. If they are wide then they see 'em coming. And ya don't wanna throw haymakers and farmer punches, unless ya making a movie." He moved to stand beside her and going her through the motion, a strong lead jab, a faster jab, before he brought the hard right. Despite his bulk, Benny's hand's didn't seem heavy. His movements sharp and precise. "Give it a go from here, we're shadow boxing, we ain't hittin' no one right now, just loosenin' up, yeah?" His tone changed when he was talking to Judy, it softened. He looked back to Ash, and he started to talk to say somethin', before Claude's sulking caught his attention. "Naw. Elbows in. Ya throwin' like a drunk sailor." Was he really? No, but it seemed exaggeration was how Benny underscored his points. Then his eyes rolled back to Ash. "I'm 'bout two sixty, so I am a heavyweight, I can't cut to one eighty, unless I wanna look like a corpse. The current champs stand 'bout six five, at least, and are that weight." His tone was matter of fact as he stepped towards the bench to pick up his target pads, and slipped them on. "Now, ya wanna go against someone like me, then ya still need the fundamentals. Sure, ya got a puncher's chance, but then, might as well bet all ya money in Atlantic City for that does ya. But, if we wanna get fancy, ya be an aggressive counter puncher, get in, slip and roll on a tight guard, and hit hard. Break up their rhythm, either ya wait for the mistake, or make them do it. Footwork and positioning. This is like how Dempsey, Patterson, or Tyson did it. Well, part." He moved back to Claude then with the pads on and he held up his hands with the pads. "Words, words, words. Two jabs, like I said, like ya mean it, to my right, then move to youse right to go off line, and then throw the hook to my right hand, got it? Good."
  13. Benny didn't give Ben much time, "Yo! Zip it Ben!" He boomed to Octolad, "This is teachin' time, you wanna jack-jaw ya can do it after I'm done. Ya want in, you can be in, but we're doin' drills. Progressive ones. So we'll start with a sequence and add more, and change it up. This is about learning to walk, then we run. If youse wanna question it, well that can happen later. We gonna start with shadow boxing, then we worry 'bout hittin' targets, capice?" He stepped back, having finished his hand wraps on everyone, confident they were tight, because it was something he practiced on, and fidgeted with a lot. Benny surveyed the rest, oozing easy confidence from someone who knew what he was talking about. "First thing, put 'em up." He stood, legs a shoulder's width apart and holding his hands up hovering near his shoulders. "Then ya blade up, that means to move to present smallest target. Ya want yer offhand in front, and yer main hand in back. Do it now, and give each other space. We're gonna do a simple jab, jab, and cross combo. This is a bread an' butter." And with that, he switched into an orthodox righthand stance, his left leading. He made a show of the movements, his elbows in tight, with no waste movement. His left snapped out quick, with a strong right to follow, the display showed the push off of his feet, the movement of his hips and shoulders. "First jab has some oomph, because it's to get their attention, maybe get 'em to brush back, second one's quicker, ya want speed to set up the cross. A good cross to the jaw is a trip to dreamland." Benny moved, changing where he was standing to show off the technique to others as he repeated it, though slower. "And if youse lucky, that first hard jab might send 'em sprawlin'. But ya keep youse hands up, got it?"
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