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  1. Once Jonah was further into the courtyard, taking in the sights while orientating himself, before he settled on a group of students, and he over to the. With an easy long legged gait, those four big bags held readily. "Hallo," he spoke in an unsteady baritone, that along with the size of him and how there were only hints of him starting to fill out indicated the recent growth spurt, and the breadth of his shoulders said more would be coming. "I'm Jonah," he smiled at them, conscious of his new height and he easily shifted the bags around to one hand, freeing his right that he stretched out towards them. In doing that, he relaxed, and let the magic, or whatever that was holding his 'normal' appearance go, and his features became harsher, as the color fled his from his face and hair. Slowly his skin settled on that glacial blue, with his hair shock white.
  2. "Yes, moeder, I have everything," Jonah said to his mother as he hoisted the bags of what he would be bringing as he arrived at Claremont, looking at her as he stood there with a docile expression. He wore a sleeveless hoodie with a mountain logo in neon pink against a dark grey, a loose pair of board shorts, and running shoes. He kept up the old more more human appearance. There were four bags of his various clothes and other things, though most was still packed up at his mother's new place (she'd moved with him to here, which he understood). His mother, a frizzy haired blonde somewhere in her forties peered owlishly over her towering boy, as he was, as per normal lacking any sense of urgency. She rolled her eyes behind her glasses and shook her head, "Jonah, well good, call me later, yes? When you are free tonight and let me know. I have meetings the rest of the day about my new job. I love you sweetie, and please be careful," his mother, Tess spoke with a slightly exasperated tone in a light Dutch accent. Jonah nodded at her, "Yeah, of course, text me later when you're done. I love you, moeder, and talk to you soon!" And as blithely as he was, he turned and strode carrying the bags over his broad shoulders, even if he did have the build of a scarecrow, crossing past the entrance and into the main yard as he looked around. Soon he stopped, and shifted his load around to hold up the map and figure out things. He knitted his brows together as he glanced from it, and sweeping his gaze around as he worked out where he was in relation to things.
  3. Made adjustments per convo with EP. Though the carry weight is a little undercut, but over thirty it is a bit odd if not dividable by 5.
  4. TheAbsurdist


    Jotünn Power Level: 8 (on PL 12 Points, 180/180) Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: None. In Brief: Progeny of an ice bound villain. Catchphrase: “Chill’s coming.” Theme: “Miami Showdown,” Digitalism Alternate Identity: Jonah Janse Birthplace: Delft, Netherlands Residence: Claremont School, Freedom City, New Jersey; formerly Denver, Colorado. Base of Operations: Claremont Occupation: Student, Adventurer Affiliations: Claremont, Dutch and US citizen. Family: Mother – Tess Hoffman, Father – Glacier, no real contact with Maternal family due to strained Description: DoB: January 1st, 2006 Apparent Age: Teens Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6’6 Weight: 209 Eyes: Dark blue. Hair: White, formerly brown. Jonah had a recent growth spurt, stretching his body towards the lean and rangy, though not very large , in the process his skin had turned paler with a blue cast to it. His hair now frost white. He has sharp features, though still soft from his age as he is filling out after the growth spurt. He prefers to wear a hoodie with battle patches, and wears a mask over his lower face. Normally has sharp features since he changed, though has the ability change his face to his prior human feature, though he is still built like an amateur rock climber, and the growth spurt has him stretched thing. History: Jonah is the son of the villain Glacier, his mother being a former cohort who had gotten involved, but left the ‘scene’ once she got pregnant. He is aware of his past, and his father, and had shown no outward signs of any of Glacier’s abilities until an accident where during January 2022, the vehicle he was in lost control and plunged into an icy lake. This triggered his abilities, and his growth spurt, but allowed him to save the other people in the car. While there was some struggling with the fact of what was happening, he hadn’t really wanted his father’s abilities, he also didn’t have a plan. Given the lack of abilities by his mother, the move to Claremont made sense, though she did come along as well, and is local to him. While not possessed of any Scandinavian heritage, he found it fit him the most given his new size. He is Jewish, though it is not something he’s really engaged with. Personality & Motivation: An affable guy, he is a jock who favored rock climbing and wintersports, so he loved living in Colorado. Though played as many sports as possible He definitely views his powers as ‘cool,’ but worries a little about hurting others with them, as he feels the best person to teach him is not someone he has interest in learning from. Powers & Tactics: Realistically he is making this up as he goes along, and is still learning what he can do. He’d prefer not to get up toe to toe in a fight, but he is big enough that it’s probably going to happen. His powers are not generally subtle though has most enhancements that allow him a great bit of lattitude His Fimbulvetr power allows him to manifest a veritable hale storm of icy objects to throw at someone, to blast them with an intense cold that can hamper them, or just simply free objects sufficiently to make them brittle or break. The Arctic form expresses his powers through his body, and he can channel it out to enhance his strength even further, which results in cold bleeding off of him, chilling the area around him. His mist form is is such that the chill of him generates more mist. Power Descriptions: He possesses an inherited, magical based ability to manipulate cold and ice. It does, admittedly, seem to not be limited to there being ambient water, as he is drawing on a primeval cold. He also seems to be able to channel his powers through his body and make changes to himself. Complications: Secret ID: The public doesn’t know who he really is. I hate that song: He is blue, and while he can hide it, he is still self conscious about it. Just Vibes, man: He is easy going, and despite his intimidating appearance, would prefer not to fight. Power Level: 8 (180 PP) Abilities: 10 + 8 + 10 + 4 + 8 + 4 = 44 PP Strength 20 (+5) / 28 (+8) Dexterity 18 (+4) Constitution 20 (+5) Intelligence 14 (+2) Wisdom 18 (+4) Charisma 14 (+2) Combat: 8 + 8 = 16 PP Attack: +8 (+4 Base, +8 unarmed, +8 with Fimbulvetr) Defense: +8 (+4 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Initiative: +8 (Dex +4, Improved Initiative +4) Grapple: +9/+12/+13 (+4 Base Attack, +5/+8 Strength, +0/+1 Super-Strength) Knockback: -4/-2 Saving Throws: 1 + 2 + 2 = 5 PP Toughness: +8/+5 (+5 CON, +3 Protection) Fortitude: +6 (+5 CON, +1) Reflex: +6 (+4 DEX, +2) Will: +6 (+4 WIS, +2) Skills: 48r = 12 PP Acrobatics 4 (+8) Climb 8 (+13/+16 w/ Enhanced Strength) Diplomacy 4 (+8) Intimidate 4 (+6) Investigate 2 (+6) Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 2 (+4) Knowledge (Physical Science) 2 (+4) Knowledge (Pop Culture) 4 (+6) Languages 2 (Dutch, German, English [Base]) Notice 8 (+12) Sense Motive 2 (+6) Stealth 2 (+6) Survival 4 (+8) Feats: 9 PP Attack Focus (Unarmed) 2 Dodge Focus 2 Improved Initiative Luck 2 Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) Powers: 51 + 43 = 94 PP *All powers carry Magic and Primeval. Ice Magics 10.4 (Container) [51 PP] Fimbulvetr 24 (Array, all Cold Descriptor; PFs: Alternate Powers 1, Accurate 2) {51PP} BE: Damage 8 (Cold; 800’ ft range; Extras: Alternate Save Fort.[+1], Ranged) {24} + Paralyze 8 (800ft; Extras: Alternate Save Fort.[+0], Ranged) {24} {24 + 24 = 48/49} ‘Sapping Cold’ AP: Drain TOU 8 (Cold; 800’ ft range; Extras: Affects Objects, Ranged; Flaws: Limited to Objects) {16} + Damage 8 (800’ ft range; Extras: Ranged; Flaws: Limited to Objects) {8} {16 + 8 = 24/48} ‘cold snap’ Primeval Physicality (Container) [43 PP] Artic Form 10.5 (Array, PFs: Alternate Power 1) {22 PP} BE: Super Strength 1 (+5 Strength, STR 31, Heavy Load: 1,600 pounds; PFs: Bracing, Countering Punch, Groundstrike, Shockwave, Super-Breath, Thunderclap {8} + Environmental Control 4 (Intense Cold, 50ft. Radius; Extras: Aura [+1], Independent [+0], PFs: Slow Fade [1 Minute]) {13} {8+13 = 21} ‘Boreal Might’ AP: Flight 1 (10 MPH/100’ round) {2} + Insubstantial 2 (Icy mist form; Cold){10} + Obscure 3 (Cold, Weather; 25 ft’ diameter, All Visual; Extras: Action [+1, Move], Area [+1, cloud]; Flaw: Range [-1, touch]) {9} {4 + 10 + 9 = 21/21} ‘icy fog’ Enhanced Strength 6 (Prowess, to STR 26/+8) {6PP} Immunity 11 (Cold, Immunity to Cold descriptor, environmental heat) {11 PP} Protection 3 (Prowess) {3PP} Morph 2 (Transformation, changes to look normal human, +10 Disguise; Drawback: Negated when Fimbulvetr or Arctic Form are used) {1 PP} Abilities 44 + Combat 16 + Saving Throws 5 + Skill 13 + Feats 8 + Powers 94 = 180 PP
  5. Jotunn Current build, looks like PL8, on PL 12 budget. Abilities: 10 + 6 + 10 + 4 + 4 + 4 = 38 PP Strength 20 (+5) Dexterity 16 (+3) Constitution 20 (+5) Intelligence 14 (+2) Wisdom 14 (+2) Charisma 14 (+2) Combat: 8 + 8 = 24 PP Attack: +4 (+8 w/unarmed, +8 w/Fimbulvetr) Defense: +8 (+4 Base, +2 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Initiative: +3 Grapple: +13, +16 w/ Enhanced Strength, +17 w/Boreal Might Knockback: -2, -4 w/Protection Saving Throws: 2 + 2 + 3 = 7 PP Toughness: +8/+5 (+5 CON, +3 Protection) Fortitude: +7 (+5 CON, +2) Reflex: +5 (+3 DEX, +2) Will: +5 (+2 WIS, +3) Skills: 44r = 11 PP Acrobatics 4 (+7) Climb 8 (+13/+16 w/ Enhanced Strength, +17 w/ Enhanced Strength + Super Strength) Diplomacy 4 (+6) Intimidate 4 (+6) Investigate 4 (+6) Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 2 (+4) Knowledge (Physical Science) 2 (+4) Knowledge (Pop Culture) 4 (+6) Knowledge (Streetwise) 2 (+4) Languages 2 (Dutch, German, English [Base]) Notice 4 (+6) Stealth 4 (+7) Feats: 5 PP Attack Focus (Unarmed) 2 Dodge Focus 2 Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) Powers: 53 + 22 + 8 + 3 + 7 + 1 = 94 PP Fimbulvetr 24.5 (PFs: Alternate Powers 2, Accurate 2) [53 PP] BE: Damage 8 (icy barrage, 800’ ft range, Extras: Autofire, Penetrating, Ranged; PFs: Variable Descriptor [slashing/bludgeoning/piercing]) {49/49} AP: Damage 8 (800’ft range; Extras: Alternate Save Fort.[+1], Ranged) {24} + Paralyze 8 (800ft; Extras: Alternate Save Fort.[+0], Ranged) {24} [24 + 24 = 48/49} AP: Drain TOU 8 (800’ ft range; Extras: Affects Objects, Ranged) {16} + Damage 8 (800’ ft range; Extras: Affects Objects[+0], Ranged) {16} {16 + 16= 32} The Boreal Form 10.5 (PF: Alternate Power 1) [22 PP] BE: Super Strength 1 (+5 Strength, STR 33, Heavy Load: 2,400 pounds; PFs: Bracing, Countering Punch, Groundstrike, Shockwave, Super-Breath, Thunderclap {8} + Environmental Control 4 (Intense Cold, 50ft. Radius; Extras: Aura [+1], Independent [+0], PF: Slow Fade [1 Minute]) {13} {8+13 = 21} ‘Boreal Might’ AP: Flight 1 (10 MPH/100’ round) {2} + Insubstantial 2 (icy mist form){10} + b (icy mist, 25 ft’ diameter, All Visual; Extras: Action [+1, Move], Area [+1, cloud]; Flaw: Range [-1, touch]) {9} {4 + 10 + 9 = 21/21} Enhanced Strength 8 (to STR 26/+8) [8PP] Immunity 7 (cold damage, environmental cold, heat) [7PP] Protection 3 [3PP] Super-Senses 1 (Infravision) [1PP] Abilities 38 + Combat 16 + Skills 11 + Feats 5 + Powers 94 = 164
  6. Zenith's attention was drawn, as one could be expected to be, towards the massive robot, and she raced after Bee(atrice, was that her name? No, but that was playing in her head complete with laugh track). "Of course our humanitarian efforts are snarled by giant robots. I hate it when he is right!" She grumbled to herself as she arrived next to Melissa, her hands up, bent at the shoulders and showing them to be empty, hoping a universal display of that wasn't aggressive to the friggin' Voltron before her. "Hey, hey, yeah we're friendly! We're just fixing the mess. I like kitties." Even as she was focusing her efforts on the wall she'd to build a wall between the Battlezord and them, or just encase it.
  7. Zenith will help being diplomatic! And initiative for if that that fails. Diplomacy! 20 Initiative! 10
  8. Zenith pirouetted with all the grace of a world class dancer, which... she was, as she turned her power to bear pulling the honey up into the air, and stuffing in into a globe of that strange white 'fire' she made, until it was enclosed in a floating, crystalline orb that just remained suspended, locked in place mid air. Then she looked to the rest trying to sort what to do, and made her way to the rest of the teens, her crown of hair moving of it's own volition somewhere being fire and a mass like that underwater, "I can move it, I, what?" She stopped and looked to the living lightning. She tilted her head to the side as she regarded what it was.
  9. "Hmmm it was cut clean," she said absently in her inhuman voice. Zenith reached down with her power to pull a bit of the honey clinging to inside the tank and drew it up to she could taste it, her left arm raising and holding about in front of her, as that arm disappeared into that distorting shimmer that twitched and glitched as a similarly appearing glow filled the tank, it looked like digitized white fire, starting from the bottom and rising up, reforming the area that was damaged. As it did the shape of the tank started to fill in, that was the easiest part, the tricky part... She looked to the bees, "Can the honey be salvaged or does it need replaced?"
  10. That said, I suppose I should have clarified that Zenith is examining the damaged tanks.
  11. Use Move Object to push away honey so she can step on the ground to look.
  12. Corinne sits very still on the back of a giant bee like this is her normal thing, cross legged, and her arms folded across her chest. She watched, and she listened before they landed, her frown deepening, as she realized what would come next, or more accurately what was coming. Slowly she pushed herself to her feet, knowing she had to reach deeper, and would have to do the thing that she had been hoping not to, but well, she had no choice. "Well, crap." A sigh as the gleeful, ecstatic sensation burbled and started to rise, and she jumped off Super Bee, and before she hit the ground the change hit her. The energy crackling around her, before she landed in the air, and there was laugh that rose joyously out of her, as Corinne stopped being Corinne and was Zenith for now. Her hair a multicolored crown that rose up into the air, as light poured from her eyes, and her median was surrounded by a crackling halo that stark white, living energy that trailed after her as she veritably danced on air down towards the honey. "Hm, well." She reached down with her power, pushing the honey away from her, before her now bare feet touched the short grass. "Not how I thought I would be spending my day."
  13. Oh, pop culture check for that earlier thing too: 15 Search check 17 once ah, it comes up. But matter manipulation means Corinne/Zenith has solutions
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