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  1. angrydurf Empyrean 2 posts = 1pp Kensei 3 posts + Ref Point = 2pp Cubismo Arrow IV 3 posts = 1pp Ultra Girl 3 posts = 1pp Dr Acheville Artificer 1 post = 1pp Horrorshow 1 post = 1pp Protectron 0 posts , +1 from Dead Head = 1 post = 1pp, + Ref point = 2pp Exaccus Facsimile 3 Posts = 1pp Fox Eclipse 1 rollover post = 1 pp Gremlin 1 rollover post = 1pp Grim 1 post = 1pp Masque 1 Post = 1 pp Nocturne 7 + 11 rollover posts = 2 pp Gizmo Jack of all Blades (Maxed) Vign
  2. Listen, he is just Larry Birding them. He is going to explain what he is going to do to them, and then do it.
  3. It was then that the Bouncer's stance changed, his arms dropping, hands leaving line of sight, but he already had an open boxing stance as it was, squared off in a way that people didn't immediately assume a fight. "I mean, that is one way to do this yeah, but hey, you saw me right?" Half turning his head, and lifting an arm to pantomime his movement from the roof to the pole, and then pointing at his feet, before he looked at the talker in a way that almost beggared disbelief. "Let 'im go, man. Or, I'mma tell ya how this goes, if ya like?" He spread his hands wide and shrugged his shoulder
  4. Benny patrolled too, he know he wasn't s'posed to, but was patrolling with Hepcat before this, so it wasn't a huge a thing to him, and this felt more something he could accomplish than just normal. He landed on a roof, his fancy dress shoes skidding along the rooftop, as he shifted his weight and slid down the slop, spying the altercation forming, before he leaped forward, into a neat roll to set himself into a coiled crouch and he exploded up into the air, aiming for the nearest lamp catching himself with gloved hand and swinging about as he slid down to the ground, into his squared off fight
  5. Notating that changes were made to the Metamorph form due to conversation between me and Kaede.
  6. Benny nodded his head on that thick neck as he looked at Elena, and the others, "Oh, I mean I ain't bragging, just learned to box, y'know." That smile on his face was big, broad, and friendly. He slipped the little pamphlet into the pocket of the tux. as he didn't really jump in to what they were saying. "But yeah, I'm happy ta spar, or whatever with youse guys. Just lemme know, I'm usually in the gym by like 4 AM, if I can help it." A sage nod, as he moved away from them, lifting a hand to kind of wave a good bye.
  7. Benny had shifted his bulk to a wall and leaned against it, reading a little slim book he had pulled out of a pocket of his tuxedo, stuff for CPR certification. A frown was on his face as he thumbed through the pages. Eventually though, the noise was such it was hard to focus and he heard the magical words that summoned him, and he shuffled over to Astrid and El, closing the book and holding in his hands. "Youse gals talkin' 'bout fightin'?" It was this or let the inveterate bon vivant dilettante of Pan convince him to sing, which invariably meant Bobby Darin. An' the kids didn't look to
  8. Benny watched everyone go do their thing, and he frowned a little, but laughing a little bit to himself. He didn't start moving until Kendra skittering away and flopping over herself, as he half expected that to happen, and didn't want to give her cookies she'd have sent sailing everywhere. Humming to himself, he picked up some cookies, keeping one for himself, as he made his way over after her lazily. Proffering the plate out to her, "Youse cookies madame." He waited for her to grab then, his expression mild, but there was humor in his eyes as he watched the shenanigans.
  9. Benny snorted at her comment, waving to Hero when he got there, but Danica intercepted him like the bundle of happy she was, "Naw, I mean yeah, but everyone here is weird, c'mon-" And then there was the flash of blue light and Kendra was there. His ability to take things in stride was because he was the oldest teenager here, on a technicality. Or just because he was way better adapted than he ought to be. "See whaddai mean?" He laughed and gestures towards Kendra, "Hey there Kendra." That big grin on his loutish face opened it up like clouds parting for the sun. "Youse ladies, and Hero, wa
  10. Benny was pretty much not bored, like he fidgeted, because he did things. He didn't mind people, even if he punched them in the face a lot. So he had his horse devors and drink, when El came up to him to loom before an awkward meeting. Quickly he finished chewing and gestured for her to wait. "Ya, sorry 'bout dat. Nah, ain't lonely non, ain't much ta tawk 'bout really." He rolled those broad shoulders as he laughed a little, "Don't really hang out with the others here, ya know? I go to class, do my thing, eat, bing bang boom, go ta bed." And then there was a pause as realization dawned on h
  11. Benny watched everyone settle in, and he moved over to the drinks table getting himself a cup and sipping at it as he moved to settle against a wall. He was here because the Padre thought it was wise for him to show up to these sorts of things, and he didn't have it in him to argue. He'd rather be taking apart an old tube radio, reading, or hitting the speed bag. They were mostly nice and all, but he didn't fit in with them. He didn't really discuss his tragic backstory with them, not that he held it against them, or nuffin', it was just not a thing he discussed with them. Though he'd proba
  12. It was rare, if impossible to see Benny in something that was new, or not related to mechanics, or fighting. His nervous tick of wrapping his hands during lectures helped that. Tonight, even if going stag, he decided to do different. A red tuxedo jacket, with a black vest, pants, a crisp white shirt, and a black bowtie, complete with glossy black dress shoes. He even shaved and got his hair cleaned up to complete the transition away from sloppy bruiser to... well positively sharp, or at least enough for him to feel such. He glanced over at others, realizing he never really got c
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