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  1. Bliss hissed and chittered a little as she folded her arms across her chest. A booming idiot, a Praetorian, and some Star Knights walk into a bar. She hadn't intended to be embroiled in such things, but then her intent never seemed to matter. "Praetorian, if it isn't official, then you aren't press ganging me. You know my prices. And conditions. How much latitude are you going to let me have before you get squeamish?" She almost barked at Sitara, though it was more a raspy burr of a voice. Rough. Sharp. Grating. She hadn't answered a call, her luck was like the droppings of a ch't'akta, greasy, messy, and impossible to wash away. Bliss was damn sure not going to be hampered by their idiotic idealism.
  2. Xuli'pans were not terribly imposing looking, standing in the average height and build. Bliss was a little bigger than most of them, but nothing exceptional. She was, however, an intimidating stone b**** most of the time. So the descriptions by clients and people who put up wanted notices always said she was a far larger. And she always got a seat on a transport, or little shuttles in the cities public transport. She was here, because it was a place to be, no real design, ever since her stint as a gladiator was ruined. So wandering merc who had a small rep was on this backwater, looking for something, what she wasn't sure. A job, and some cash. Bliss wasn't hurting for funds, but she needed more to get some space between her and whatever was out there.
  3. He's going to hit the two near him, and then move towards Watchdog
  4. "Noooooooot the point. Jesus wept all yous guys..." He sighed a little bit, frustrated, before he sucked in air through his teeth. "Ya crawl, then walk, then run an' jump guys. I beat someone, then it's entirely because I don't screw up my foundations, not because I am comparin' myself to anyone. An' I said all youse guys can do whatever ya want to try and get me." He moved to stand beside Claude and pressed his thicker arm to his, "I ain't got longer arms'n'youse." Stepping away Benny put his hands on his hips. "It's like learning how ta write an' paint good, ya gotta do it, and do it, and do it. Norm Rockwell wasn't doing his best at the start, ya? Just watch? Okay? All youse guys watch." He threw the two jab and hook combo, "Here is the base. So now what? Now we do like Coltrane, or Mile Davis..." He threw the combo again, but he stepped forward and around his perceived target, the hook dropping to do right at the floating rib area. "Improvise!" The next was a jab, with a fast stance switch that was slicker than butter that led to the new leading hand jabbing, and then throwing a hook with that hand. Lifting his hands he stepped back, "But, ya don't get there until ya don't just know how to throw a punch, ya get there when ya gut guides it. If ya thinkin' it out, it wont end well. So..." He moved back to the corner and leaned against it dramatically, as he looked back to Claude, "If they turtle up, and are in an advantageous position what do ya do Baked Beans?"
  5. Corinne's bright eyes held a flat expression for a moment, as she side eyed Ashley. "Oh, fuck off. You're as weird as the rest of us. Like, you-" She cut herself off as she looked at the others, "Mid-30s, not paying attention to the music, looking at people, but aren't looking for someone, or something. So not kidnappers, but probably are bodyguards... You guys forget I've been to awards shows in Hollywood, and my father is filthy rich. Well... other people do. You don't." She drank at her water as she glanced about, "But..." Then she pressed her lips tightly, as if she was thinking better of what she was about to say.
  6. Attack! [1d20+15] = 8+15 = 23 Attack! [1d20+15] = 10+15 = 25 Attack! [1d20+15] = 11+15 = 26 Attack! [1d20+15] = 14+15 = 29 Attack! [1d20+15] = 5+15 = 20
  7. "Nah." Benny was dismissive, as he watched his point sail over Claude, and out of the ring, hitting past Heroditus' shoulder. With that he smirked widely, as Claude in with his damned style, and he laughed. "Oh, oh, oooooooooooooh, Boston Bean ova here wanna thrown down with hows I do things!" He rolled his head back, and around, with a kind of easy style that he might have picked up from that famous exchange Ali had done before, rolling his hips forward, and then circling them back. Claude had already telegraphed the liver shot, and without throwing a punch Benny went defensive, just full defensive. Not occupying the space where Claude was throwing his hand at. Though he batted at Claude after the liver shot was thrown out, just seeking contact against him, but he kept his hand up in Claude's face. "Claudey-boy, it's a counter punch style, I said it's what I do. See, ya shoulda done..." He pulled his hand back, and threw two hard jabs that were going right were he wanted them to, which was close, but off line enough to not connect to his face, before he was stepping in, and closing the distance to the smaller guy, getting right up with him, before pivoting on his lead foot, and and turning to Claude's non-dominant hand side, and he brought that jabbing hand down and did two quick, sharp uppercutting hooks that he pulled up short on. One to the square middle, and the other to the floating ribs. But Benny wasn't trying to hit Claude, he was moving and positioning him, and after this he stepped in and did a cling, putting those big arms over the outside of the other guys as he addressed the assembled teens. "Listen, listen! Shadow boxin' is a good practice, and throwin' wit each other is just showin' off day one. We gots practice pads, and ya can practice drills with each'other, taking turns who's swingin'. An' a whole buncha other stuff. Because I swear ta Gawd Almight Hisself, there ain't no shortcuts, just repetition an' hard work."
  8. "Yeah but ya don't..." Benny started to say as Pan was raging, and then rushing off, and Adam was going all in. Followed by Legatus. And he saw what was happening. His jaw set slowly as he then twisted his head sharply to pop to his neck. "Sorry ladies. It's Nazis, we ain't being coherent." And he took two quick steps, and threw himself at the ground, and hit it hard. This was a few steps up on his normal tactical abilities, he knew it. But there were tanks and people, and crap. He didn't spy anyone looking more important than anyone else, so he kind of aimed for the middle of them, aiming right for the jaw of one poor sucker. "Hello boys! Greetin's from ol' Uncle Sam!"
  9. Okay, so if there is no discernable hierarchy, then he is going to crash into the unarmored soldiers and such with Take Down Attack 2.
  10. Benny snorted a little bit, not showing a hint at the wink Ash gave him, but then he was facing others, but there was a little smirk as he straightened, a flash of knowing when he straightened up. "This ain't 'bout fair. An' I ain't 'bout to take youse down because it wont teach nuffin'. Certainly wont give me a satisfaction, but y'throwin' sass while askin' for me to teach you, then youse gonna learn. You wanna roll hard, we roll." He touched gloves, and he seemed to be reacting at the moment of Claude's muscle twitch, and he bladed up orthodox style so the liver shot was the skidding across his stomach, his movement led him dancing backwards into the corner. Once there Benny his arms across the top ropes. "I got to watch youse all show off in the Tech club, and do a pissin' contest. Buuuuuuut this is my house, and ya ain't respectin' that. And that means ya gotta learn." Then he lifted a hand to beckon Claude. "Liver shot's too early, Claude, an callin' me Goliath tells me y'lookin' to knock me out wif a stone."
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