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Freedom City, New Jersey

Wednesday, February 14, 2024, 5:25 PM


After the decision had been made to move to the ruins of Kingston to await the arrival of the Boran Dovox, also known as Sovereign, the heroes that had delt with the minor rampage of Explodo the Great moved to a location not far from the Doomforge. Paradigm and Star Khan flew to the new location, to ensure that Dovox's assault transport would detect them and not start searching for the Star Khan. Fleur provided transportation for the other heroes.


Paradigm and Star Khan stood out in a ruined parking lot, a few burned out husks of cars scattered about and half destroyed buildings nearby. Neither seemed particularly nervous as Paradigm was scanning the sky. "I see the transport." She stated after a few moments. "It appears to be headed directly for us."


Star Khan had been alternating between scanning the sky as well and looking over at Paradigm. When she indicated she had spotted the transport, he looked back to the sky before looking about the barren landscape around them for a moment.


It was not long after that the transport came roaring into view, flying down low towards the ruins of Kingston. As it approached the area where Star Khan stood beside Paradigm, it veered to the right and started to circle the area. As it passed to the right, a large, circular object dropped out, rockets slowing its descent as it landed a short distance away. A large, nearly eight foot tall mech dropped down next to the circular object, which opened up to reveal dozens of armed aliens in armor that began to move out away from the drop pod. With them were three large reptilian aliens with red scales and tusks, and two normal sized aliens dressed in black body suits.


The transport continued to circle around, another drop pod dropping down to the left of where Star Khan and Paradigm were standing, along with another mech. A group of similar forces deployed from the second pod as well.


The transport then flew over to the area out in front of Paradigm and Star Khan, almost landing as five figures jumped out of the back and the transport lifted back up into the sky.


Leading the group was another of the red skinned reptilian aliens, standing well over seven feet tall. He was dressed in ornate armor and held a large, glaive like weapon in one hand.


Walking just behind him, on either side were two tall figures dressed in black, teal and white armor, which had a small white eight pointed starburst in the center of the chest plate. The armor had a black and teal hood, and a full armored face mask with black visor. Each carried a long pike, the tip of which crackled with energy. Fleur recognized the armor from Freedom League briefs about Khanate Justicars.


Just behind them were two more of the large tusked aliens, each carrying large swords.


Star Khan looked from side to side a moment before looking back at the group approaching from the front. "Hunters, hounds and traitors." He stated simply as he looked at the two armored figures. "Justicar Wryy, Justicar Har’al, you would do well to set down your weapons and surrender, I may be willing to forgive you."


"Kinarr Khan! I am Prince Dovox, the Sovereign!" The large tusked alien in the front of the group called out loudly as he came to halt. "You are not worthy to lead the Stellar Khanate, so I am here to take your head, and your throne!" He added, pointing his glaive at the young Star Khan. He then turned to look at Paradigm.

"Praetorian, you have no business here, step aside." He snarled. "Neither do the Terrans." He added, glancing about at the others.


"That is where you are wrong Dovox." Paradigm stated simply. "The new Star Khan has extended an offer of peace to the Republic and Coalition, so his safety is of great concern to the Praetorians."


"But additionally, I have a personal interest here. Kinarr also made a proposal of marriage to me in the council chambers. So, until such time as I either accept or decline, he is my prospective intended."


Dovox simply snarled as he gripped his glaive with both hands. "Then you can die together, makes no difference to me."

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Fleur watched as the new aliens landed and spread out, her lips pursed flat as the newest arrival postured and gestured. "Spread out," she told the young heroes who had come with her, "but stay within shouting distance. Space politics is tricky and we can't necessarily help with that, but we also don't want any of these guys getting bored and going exploring. Call out if you see anybody heading into the city." For her own part, Fleur lowered the hood of her cowl and stepped towards the knot of powerful Khanians. "I am Fleur de Joie of the Freedom League," she called out, letting plants and vines break free of the ruined ground and form a carpet beneath her as she walked. "This world and its peace are the business of the League, and this Praetorian has been an ally to us. I would advise you to tread lightly in this place."

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As Fleur tried to interject, the newly arrived aliens seemed little interested in listening to her warning, with Dovox having already expressed his intent to try to kill both the new Star Khan and Paradigm. Just as Fleur spoke, one of the two Justicars with Dovox flew up into the air, leveling his power staff at the young Star Khan.


A bright yellow blast of energy fired from the end of the staff, but Kinarr dodged to one side, and the blast struck the pavement, blasting a crater into the ground and sending bits of concrete flying in several directions. The Justicar continued to hover in the air, his weapon aimed down at Kinarr and Paradigm.

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"Hey now..." Fleur raised her arms and suddenly walls of trees, vines and dense growth were springing up all around the aliens and heroes. "This is still Freedom City, even if it's the worst part. Watch yourself!" The overall effect was something like a woodsy arena; anyone Fleur didn't want getting out would have to fight their way out. Her eyes were sharp as she watched the battle beginning to unfold, but she didn't go any closer for the moment. She hadn't been lying when she said space politics were tricky, and so far the Freedom League and the Earth didn't have a dog in the fight.

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La Puma Negra


Quick reaction time meant that Puma could theoretically assess and act on a current situation fairly quickly. Now, that was in theory, as Carmen wasn't a genius when it came to things at times, simply going by a sort of innate instinct that let her do what she needed to do, much like how it was the sort of instinct to say yes to Michael earlier or finding a child in a burning building. Here it was knowing when to leap and lash out at foes before they could even know what was going on. Puma would be no stranger to aliens and fighting them, this proving no different as she put those instincts to use, pouncing forward like a wild animal and attacking with a clawed kick right in the face of one before diving off to smash a few others with further clawed strikes.


With the roar of a predatory cat beast, Puma was ready to show these aliens that their presence wasn't as appreciated by not coming in peace.

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La Puma Negra took down one of the Boran thugs and two troopers to the right of the group, but there were plenty more where that came from.

The other Justicar that had thrown his lot in with Sovereign flew forward, his power pike glowing with energy as he stabbed at Kinarr. But the young Star Khan took the blow, which deflected harmlessly off his power armor.



Paradigm shot forward towards Sovereign as she delivered a powerful right hook.



The large Boran's head was knocked backward as he went flying back twenty-five feet to land in the rubble, clearly dazed. Paradigm hovered in place, waiting for him to get back up or another enemy to try to engage her.


After taking the hit from Justicar Har'al, Kinarr delivered a quick counter attack into the armored figure that sent the Justicar sprawling onto the broken and grass covered pavement of the abandoned parking lot. The young Star Khan similarly braced himself for more attacks as he looked about at the other forces Sovereign had brought with him.

One of those forces, another Boran toward the left of the group, started to rush forward, firing a large energy weapon as he did. The powerful beam was aimed at Predator, who was able to dodge aside, the beam flying off to hit a ruined wall as sort distance away.


Meanwhile, another large Boran rushed toward La Puma, lifting up a large axe to swing it at her. Suddenly Star Khan was between her and the attack, deflecting the axe away as it smashed into the pavement, sending chunks flying lose.

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Predator stood a silent figure beside Fleur as they watched the vessel circle over the ruined parking lot. As it released the first drop pod and mecha she did not believe this would end without conflict. If the second pod didn’t cement the fact, then the figures that disembarked from the transport surely secured that impression.


The fingers of her gauntlets were already retracting and the blasters were ready. At Fleur’s suggestion Predator moved opposite of the two younger heroes. The league hero gave her warning but the new arrivals show no interest in heeding them.

One of the aliens standing with Dovox took to the air and fired on the Khan. The new space lord dodged effortlessly but it had been the catalyst for what would come next.


Even as everything seemed to happen at once, Predator maintained her focus, watching it all with an analytical mind.

Vegetation erupted into an arena around the battlefield - her flora control was well documented.

The feline hero leapt upon the attackers with ferocity, laying down 3 off them - obviously possessed of considerable speed and strength.

A second attack from the other Justicar glanced off Star Khan’s armor as Paradigm crossed the distance to deliver a blow to their leader - they were both well trained in combat.

Would he be willing to supply a sample of the material his armor was made of?

She missed what happened next herself as she dodged a shot from one of the aliens, but watching the recordings from her suit later she saw Kahn’s counter attack before he easily interposed himself to block an attack on La Puma.

His speed and strength seemed on par with Paradigm as far as she could tell so far. 


She supposed it was time to focus on her own opponents. A quick glance at her side of the field and a subtle eye movement called up an overlay appeared on her screen.A plate on the wrist of her gauntlet snapped into place and a subtle hum began. Predator launched herself across the short distance between her and the lieutenant that had fired on her, closing it in a flash. She thrust her plated fist forward and the charge exploded outward in a cone of explosive force.

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Predator's attack slams into the red skinned reptilian alien that had attacked her, causing it to grunt in pain, but it remained on its feet and otherwise unaffected. Behind it, the blast stuck the two aliens in black body suits, knocking them both backward and to the ground, one clearly unconscious, the other just dazed. Five of the troopers were also caught in the blast, four of them blasted off their feet and unconscious, while the fifth was just at the edge of the blast and emerged unscathed.


Over where he had been knocked to the ground, Dovox shook his head and glared at Paradigm as he snarled. "You are as strong as they say." He commented as he climbed back to his feet. But then what appeared to be a smile came to his face. "But I have learned of the weakness the Delaztri included to ensure control over those like you." He continued as his free hand reached into a pouch on his belt and pulled out a small gleaming crystal.


As it came out, Paradigm recoiled slightly, a pained look on her face.


"They are not easy to find, but those that do not wish to see the whelp remain on the throne knew where this one was located." Dovox added as he gave a nod to the two Borans that had been near him.


The two large aliens charged at Paradigm, one swinging an axe at her, but the Praetorian managed to dodge the attack. But even as she moved, she went right into the path of the other Boran’s large club, which slammed into her upper back, causing her to twist slightly in pain, but otherwise remain in place.


Two more of the large red skinned aliens started rushing towards Predator, while the last one still on its feet moved over to try to attack La Puma. But suddenly Golden Star was in front of her, taking the hit from a large club that had been intended for her.


As La Puma dodged away from where Golden Star and Star Khan had both intercepted attacks meant for her, this put her in the open as four of the nearby troopers opened fire. Two of them managed to hit the nimble cat-girl with their blasters. One of the black clad aliens near La Puma sent a telekinetic blast at her, but she was able to dodge that attack.


Four other troopers opened fire on Predator, but all four missed the armored figure.


On the side La Puma had moved toward, the last of the black clad aliens sent a blast of psychic energy at Kinarr. The young Star Khan took a step back as the mental attack hit him, causing him to snarl but otherwise seem uninjured by the attack.

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Michael had been waiting for the proper moment, watching the fight unfold with a surprisingly tactical eye. Or maybe it wasn't that surprising given his background; he had years of experience watching battles unfold, the way defensive lines and offensive lines twisted and curled, how indvidiuals broke around them. He was thinking around those aspects when he realized the giant, club wielding guys were advancing on Carmen.


"Ah, hey!" he yelled before flying in the way. He dodged around the space elf blocking one to take the other club across the back. He wasn't strong right then, but he braced himself as it struck him. Gritting his teeth, he grabbed the club under his right arm and pulled, his whole body lighting up like the sun as he pulled the creature down. With a thunderous blow, as the creature's face came down, his left elbow came around and impacted it's head, splintering one of it's tusks and knocking it out in a single blow as he dropped the club with the unconcious creature.


"Leave her alone." he said sternly, but they continued shooting at her anyway, so he prepared to focus his attention on them next.

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From either side, the two mecha started moving forward towards where the melee was taking place with the heroes. One of the mecha leveled its heavy blaster at Predator, firing a shot that went wide, flashing across the battlefield and past some of the others, before blasting a hole in a wall of a ruined building in the distance. The other mecha fired at Fleur, hitting the ground to the side of her and sending chunks of pavement flying into the air.


Hoving in the air, the other Khanate Justicar came flying down towards Paradigm, ready to stab her with his weapon. But Kinarr moved over to place himself in front of the Praetorian, taking the hit intended for her, which scrapped off his shoulder pauldron with seemingly no other effect.

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Fleur ignored the Justicar firing at her and walked forward resolutely, into the thick of the battle. A wave of her hand had the vines nearest to La Puma Negra rising up, barely making contact but enough to press healing magic into the quickly-mending wounds on the young heroine. "Stop this now," she called sternly to Dovox. "Your fight is damaging out city, the territory of Earth, and your people are attacking students! Stand down now or you risk making yourself an enemy of the heroes of Earth." Her hands were empty, loose at her sides, but the ground around her writhed with living green.

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La Puma Negra


La Puma Negra was something of a mini terror, using her speed and ferocity after taking out of her targets to go now towards the ones that had just shot at her. It had been only in critical tactical disadvantage that she had made herself an easier target for these alien troopers. If it wasn't for someone interposing on her behalf to draw fire then she likely would have had far worse to deal with, feeling the pain of a shot striking her thigh as she moved to dodge. It was a new pain, one that she didn't like, but had to ignore it as she moved quickly. It wouldn't be a worry for too long however as Fleur's powers came to her aid, healing her leg with a simple touch of a luscious green vine.


Puma jumped right into a grouping of the soldiers and immediately began getting some payback as she used her clawed feet and hands to deliver knockout style strikes with pronounced agility, "You should listen and leave while you got the chance," she says, taking out two of the troops assembled there. Like a mini tornado, always dashing in towards fray of a fight.

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When Fleur called out to Sovereign, the Boran snarled at her. "If the felineoid had not attacked first, my men would not have responded in kind."


Paradigm still felt the crystal sapping her strength and durability, but focused on one of the Borans that was attacking her. The Naram swung her right hand with as much strength as she could currently muster under the effects of the crystal to backhand the much larger Boran. The blow still hit with enough force to knock the Boran unconscious, and send it flying backward about a hundred feet to land at the edge of the abandoned parking lot.


Star Khan looked over at Sovereign from where he was still between Paradigm and the Justicar that had tried to attack her before looking back at the Praetorian. "I will get the crystal from Dovox!" He stated, before flying over towards the large Boran. The young Zultasian reached out to try to grab the crystal from Sovereign’s grasp, but the Boran turned his body, moving the hand holding the crystal out of reach, while pushing the Star Khan to one side with the shaft of his glaive-like weapon.

"Looking for a means of controlling your would-be bride?" Sovereign asked with a snarl.


Meanwhile, the Boran that had been moving towards Predator closed with her, pulling out a large sword as he did so. Bringing the blade around in a powerful swing, the alien managed to connect with the armored hero.

On the other side of where the heroes had all started, Golden Star found himself alone against the large Boran who’s attack on La Puma Star Khan had blocked. Bearing its tusks at the teen, the Boran swung his axe at the hero, landing a powerful blow.

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It was the big one leading the charge that Predator focused on. He had managed to shrug through her Knuckle Duster. Two others had escaped its full effect, but she disregarded them for now.


The alien drew his weapon and swung. Several archs appeared on her screen as he started the swing, one flashing brighter as he followed through.

Her opponent was larger and had reach on her, but she seemed to be quicker and more agile.

Strength though? Now would be an opportune moment to determine.


Predator brought her arm up to meet the sword blow. She gritted her teeth behind the helmet as she felt the jolt, even through the armor. She simply added it to the list of bruises she would be tending afterwards.


The armored helm looked up to regard the Boran Lt with cold, blank indifference. With a snap-click, forearm length blades extend from the ‘wrists’ of both armored gauntlets.

Predator shifts and spins in place, pushing aside her attacker’s weapon and slashing across the alien’s torso with both blades with enough force to knock the larger being off his feet. 


With the larger of the threats taken care of for now, the armored hero dismisses the two smaller troops and turns her attention on the mecha that had taken a shot at her. 

The armored hero launches herself towards the hulking metal construct. It was the largest threat now. Besides, if they still felt like fighting she would deal with them in order of threat value.

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Dovox stepped back before swinging his glaive-like weapon at the young Star Khan. However, Kinarr managed to sidestep the attack, the glaive slamming into the pavement, tearing a massive gash in it and sending debris flying in various directions.


One of the Boran that had been with the troops on the side Predator was facing finished closing the distance with the armored heroine. As he drew close, the Boran swung a large club at her, but the hero ducked under the attack. Meanwhile, the other Boran on that side went past the small melee involving Predator and crossed most of the distance towards La Puma Negra.


The remaining Boran engaged with Paradigm tried to hit the Praetorian again, however the experienced fighter was able to catch its wrist and push the Boran off balance, causing the attack to miss.


Meanwhile, the regular troopers had continued spreading out so they were not grouped up. Several of them took the opportunity to open fire on either targets not engaged in melee, or those that were higher priority.


Five troopers fired on Fleur de Joie, with two actually hitting the League member, but to no noticeable effect. Another five tried to fire on Paradigm, despite her being in melee, but all missed the Praetorian.


Another five took aim at La Puma Negra, opening fire on the agile heroine. Golden Star moved into the path of one of the blasts, taking the hit. La Puma twisted and turned, trying to make herself a harder target for the other attacks. For the most part it worked, but one energy blast still managed to strike her.


As she dodged about, one of the figures in black reached out with telekinesis, trying to grab ahold of La Puma, but she managed to dodge away before the alien mentalist could get a grip on her.


Meanwhile the two alien telepaths both sent out mental blasts, each at a different target. One struck the young Star Khan, who winced slightly at the psychic assault, but otherwise seemed unharmed. The other struck Fleur de Joie…

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The axe bit into Michael's shoulder, and through his suit, with surprising force. The suit was almost as tough as Michael himself- it would have to be to survive all the punishment he put it through-, and he was pretty tough himself, so when his knees buckled under the force of the axe and he had to struggle to remain standing, he realized this was going bad fast, and that it was his fault for not being strong enough. He pushed the axe off of him and far enough away that he could intercept another blast of energy targeting Carmen, but it hurt too, leaving a burnt patch on his suit and the flesh under it. He really was outclassed. He had to stop and think about all this for a second, which he usually wouldn't have, but he had the brain power to compute this, right? He didn't really have a good grasp on the powers of most of these people, he had only gotten a little bit of information about who and how they were. He looked out across the battlefield, and saw it like a sports game; offense and defense, players on opposing sides. How would he motivate players? He pondered this for a little bit.


It didn't take that long outside of Star's enhanced mental capacities; he took a laser blast, paused for a second, then spoke. 


"Miss Fleur, can you help with either the big ones or all these guys with laser guns? Mr. Star-Khan! If you don't grab that crystal, we're in a lot of trouble! Miss Paradigm....I don't really know what to ask you for help with, but I heard you're like the strongest person in the universe and I'd really like to be trained by you after I finish school! Miss Predator...keep doing what you're doing honestly you're doing great! Puma, can you beat the crap out of these people like you did the magical girls in January? You're way better than all these losers!"

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The nearly eight foot tall mecha that Predator had moved over towards turned towards the armored hero and away from Fleur de Joie. The mecha's right arm went out to its side, as a plasma blade extended from the primary weapons arm.

With impressive speed, the mecha swung the plasma blade at Predator, managing to score a hit across her torso. But the dimensionally displaced heroine’s armor managed to withstand the blow, glowing slightly from the heat of the attack, but otherwise barely showing any sign of damage.


Meanwhile, the other mecha finished closing with Fleur de Joie, similarly igniting its plasma blade, which it swung down to strike the Freedom League member.


The Khanate Justicar that was facing Paradigm stabbed his power pike at the weakened Praetorian, the blade glowing with energy. However, Paradigm managed to sidestep the attack with ease, leaving the Justicar to scramble to regain his balance from the failed attack.

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  • 2 weeks later...

La Puma Negra


Was moving as fast and deftly as she possibly could, weaving her body to and fro, using her claws to strike hard and quick against these alien soldiers. Even then, that wasn't enough for the barrage of projectiles that shoot through the air, one scoring a hit now across her bare shoulder, grazing her as she twisted and turned through mid air. It was painful no doubt, but that wouldn't stop her now as she now looked over to Michael whom seemed in trouble, "Get away from him!" she'd shout out, moving on all fours again away from the group of soldiers towards where Michael was fighting the axe wielding alien. 


Between them however was a different large alien that seemed hellbent on attack her. Puma wasn't going to allow that to happen so instead she attacked first, leaping towards them in a quick and agile feint before delivering a solid series of furious swipes, "Rawrr!!" she'd let out, trying with all her might to do damage to them, but it didn't seem like it did much except make them need likely a tailor to repair their uniform, much to her disappointment, "Take this!!"

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Justicar Har'al climbed back to his feet and quickly looked over the battlefield. The Zultasian then flew over to where Paradigm was facing off with the other Justicar and one of the Borans, ready to join in trying to take down the Praetorian leader.


Even in the middle of the intense melee, Paradigm heard Michael call out to try and encourage the gathered heroes. The Naram could not help but have a faint smile at the young man's courage and determination, similar to what she had seen from other Claremont students she had met before. While she might well be one of the strongest beings in the universe, the presence of the Delaztri crystal had sapped much of that. But that did not mean she was helpless or otherwise could not do more to turn the tide of this battle.


Focusing on the Justicar in front of her, Paradigm launched a right hook, putting all she could muster behind the attack. WHAM the blow struck the Justicar with tremendous force, knocking him off his feet and a short distance away, injured and dazed for the moment.


A little way from Paradigm, Star Khan also heard Michael's words and knew that they were true, as long as Dovox had the Delzatri crystal, Paradigm was not at full strength and was slowly dying. The young Zultasian snarled at Dovox, lunging once more towards the larger Boran. This time he managed to grab the hand holding the crystal. Although Dovox tried to maintain his grasp on the crystal, Star Khan managed to wrench it free from him.


Taking a step back from the Boran, Kinarr looked over at him. "You misinterpret my intentions. I am not looking for a mere consort. I want someone who will rule alongside me, someone in every way my equal or more, who will make me always strive to be better." And with that, the young Star Khan crushed the crystal in his armored gauntlet.


To one side of the abandoned parking lot, the Boran that had been attacking Michael moved after the teen, swinging its large axe as it closed with him. However this time, the Claremont student was just able to shift to one side, causing the weapon to miss as it struck the pavement, sending pieces flying in several directions.


Over a short distance from Predator, the other Boran managed to regain his senses, as he looked over to the armored heroine with a snarl. 

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Predator had ducked a clumsy swing by one of the alien soldiers. She ignored the attempted attack in favor of her intended target. She could reengage with them afterwards of needed.


As she entered melee range with the mechanized unit it turned its attention on her and produced melee weapons of its own. The blades radiated intense heat according to her sensors, most probably some form of plasma. She continued to close the distance.


The machine was faster then she had given it credit for. As she moved to avoid one plasma blade, she felt the impact of the second. A few warning lights flashed on her screens, but she didn’t feel the heat inside. Something about the angle of the strike seemed to react with the resonance of the armor’s trans-dimensional workings and it managed to shunt the worst of the blade’s effect.


Even as the glow was fading from Predator’s chest plate, she retaliated. The armored hero lunged forward with both blades, and found a weak spot. Her own blades tore through metal and electronics, creating a shower of sparks as the mecha stumbled under the attack before crumbling into an inactive heap.


Predator turned to face the alien troops that had managed to find their feet again. The last of the glow fading from her armor, she stands, as if daring the next attacker to step forward.

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Dovox's eyes went wide for a moment as Kinarr crushed the crystal that had been weakening Paradigm. The Boran then gripped his glaive tightly as he stepped towards the young Star Khan, rising it above his head. "Then you are weaker than I thought, time to kill you and be done with this."

But as the self-styled Sovereign brought his weapon down with all his might, there was a WOOSH of air as Paradigm put herself between Kinarr and Dovox.


Dovox's glaive came down, striking Paradigm's left forearm, which she had raised up above her head to intercept the weapon. Despite the powerful impact, Paradigm's arm did not budge, the weapon glancing off harmlessly.

"Not today."


Sovereign took a couple steps back as he brought his weapon back up in front of him in a defensive stance.


A short distance away, the Boran that had been attacking Paradigm moved over to where Fleur was engaged with the remaining Hunter mech. Swinging its large melee weapon, the League member was able to duck under neath the awkward attack.


The Boran that had been fighting Predator chassed after the armored heroine as she moved over and took out one of the Hunter mechs. But he his attack also missed its target.


Over near Golden Star, the Boran that had shrugged off La Puma's attack raised a large club and brought it down toward the Claremont student. However, she was easily able to dodge aside, the club slamming hard into the worn pavement. But even as La Puma dodged aside, she felt a jarring sensation in her mind as one of the alien telepaths launched a mental attack on her.


Meanwhile the other telepath attacked Fleur with a psychic blast once again…

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Well, his confident calls had done some good things! The Crystal was gone, a couple of the aliens had been taken out, that was about as good as someone could do, really! So now Michael had to focus on taking out targets he could take out, in order to support the heavy hitters.


Watching fighting unfold, he quickly focused in on the telepathic aliens; they were disrupting the area and the heroes immensely, making it difficult to focus. That was the power of mental brain powers, he supposed. If he knew any telepaths he'd have to be sure to become friends with them, they could clearly help turn the tide of any dangerous battles.


So with that in his mind, but his focus not split, he turned to the creature that seemed to be antagonizing Carmen, though he couldn't really tell, and charged at it.


The Telepath didn't even know what hit them, as a bolt of sunlight crashed directly into the alien's chest and sent them flying, unconscious, as Michael floated in the air in the area where the alien had just been. He got the idea now; he needed to take these guys out so that everyone else could focus on more dangerous people.

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While Golden Star managed to deal with one of the telepaths that had been harassing the heroes, that meant that he was suddenly not near any enemies and close to several of the troopers. Six of them turned their weapons on the teen hero and opened fire. However, only one managed to actually score a hit on the teen.


Over near La Puma, the towering Khanate mecha raised its plasma blade once again and brought it down toward Fleur de Joie. This time the green-haired heroine dodged to one side, the blade slashing a wide gouge in the cracked pavement of the ruined parking lot.

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  • 2 weeks later...

La Puma Negra


The young werecat slashed at the strong-armed alien, claws clashing with the large creature and doing very little against it. This fella would be a lot tougher than some of the other people and creatures she had fought, and she was already pushing herself to the outright limit of what her body could. She had already been hit twice before by gunfire in this battle and now she was making sure whatever weapon this alien had on them wasn't going to hit her, deftly dodging out of the way when took a swing at her. She could feel the breeze created from such a blow pass by her, deftly dodging out of the way like it was nothing to her.


That same agility would be put to the test as she moved to and fro, her footwork a part of a larger feint she was trying to do on the big guy, just as she felt the pain of something trying to burrow into her mind by force. However, it wasn't strong enough to tame her animalistic nature, forcing it out as she made motions as if to sweep the leg from the tough alien she was now fighting to set up what was another slashing claw attack hitting extra hard across the chest.

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La Puma's attack slashed across the large alien’s chest, causing it to stagger backward before dropping momentarily to its knees and the falling forward to the ground unconscious.

Not far away, one of the Justicar’s climbed back to his feet, raising up his weapon and aiming it at La Puma Negra. A blast of energy lanced out towards the teen, but suddenly Star Khan was between her and the attack the blast striking the chest plate of his armor and glancing harmless off.


Over where she was still facing off with Sovereign, Paradigm looked up at the larger alien. "You have escaped justice for far too long. Like the old Star Khan, you should have learned from the cooperation that allowed for the defeat of the Communion, instead you went back to trying to take what you wanted by force alone. That stops today."


The Praetorian swung a left hook at the large alien.


The blow struck Dovox solidly, twisting his head to the side as he was sent flying backward. But Paradigm flew right after him, her right fist coming down to strike Dovox once again.


A second powerful blow slammed the self-styled Sovereign down into the pavement, smashing a small crater and sending bits of concrete flying in all directions. Paradigm hovered over the small carter, where Dovox lay unconscious.


Over where he had just intercepted the blast intended for La Puma Negra, the young Star Khan scowled at the traitor Justicar. Bringing up one of his armored gauntlets, Star Khan fired a powerful energy blast at the Justicar. The attack slammed squarely into the Justicar’s chest, knocking him from his feet as he dropped his force pike and he landed a short distance away, also unconscious.


Not far from Predator, the large Boran that she had knocked down managed to climb back up to its feet, although it seemed rather unsteady as it stood back up right, raising its sword.


Meanwhile, the Boran that had been fighting Golden Star moved after the teen, raising its large axe over its head. 'AAARRGGHH!" The alien yelled as it brought down the axe at the teen.


But then suddenly Paradigm was between him and the alien, easily catching the blade of the axe on her left hand and stopping it mid-swing with ease.

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