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So long, folks...


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So many of you will know that I have been seriously considering leaving the site for several months (or even a year). 


This seems as good a time as any to say toodle pip and farewell. I knew in my heart, a month ago, that I would leave, and although I gave it one last shot, it didn't suit me. 


I wish the site, and you all, the best. I believe it is its autumn years, and I don't see a way out of that. I am sure as a site it will endure, but it is fading, and it no longer gives me what I want out of a RPG. 


It is with much fondness, and a little sadness, I say goodbye to you all. I may pop into chat (but equally I may not). In any case, I hold on to some fond memories. 


This is Supercape, Signing out!

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Gonna miss you Cape, but remember you expressing the possibility of this decision.


As such, shall simply wish you the best and thanks for the memories.


Hope you do pop into Chat every now and again. But, if not, you were a great GM and hope you find somewhere that does give you what you want out of rping if you searching anew.

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Awww.SC..... I wish you the best. I really enjoyed the threads we had together and the ideas you helped plant the seed for. You helped me get my feet under me with two of my characters and I greatly appreciate it. I am only sad that we will not get to create more together. Plus, I'm gonna miss Vince. If you don't mind I might keep him around.

I wish you the best. Stop in and say hi every once in a while :-)

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Plus, I'm gonna miss Vince. If you don't mind I might keep him around.


Anyone I have played with: You are more than welcome to take over any NPCs (or even my PCs). If you want details of back story even in basic crunch, pm me (although its your character and your story now!). Ill loiter for the next week or so just to wrap up any small things like this. And I hope you enjoy! :)

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I'm sorry to hear you leave, Cape. I hope that one day, you may recover the spark for more great stories in FCPBP. But whether you do or don't, know that I'll always fondly remember our threads together with fondness, as I'm sure most everyone else does. May you have my best wishes!


I Salute you.

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