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Found 5 results

  1. TWENTY QUESTIONS WITH SHIFT 1. Where are you from? I began as a program developed by Alan Frasier and Sarah Rothstein in their small lab in Greenbank, a neighborhood on Freedom City's West Side. 2. How would you physically describe yourself? Is this different from how others would? In its natural state, my body is composed of trillions of nanobots in an interconnected matrix. My nanoform is humanoid and bipedal, and very dense due to the collective mass of the nanobots. I suppose some humans might describe me as 'frightening' in this
  2. Name: Crystal-Gazer Power Level: 13 (built as PL 10; 184/200PP) Tradeoffs: None Unspent PP: 16PP In Brief: Psionic teen trying to escape her criminal family. Alternate Identity: Louise 'Lulu' Beaumont Identity: Secret Birthplace: Columbia, AL Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont Academy Family: Charlene Beaumont (mother), Darryl Beaumont (father), Kyle Beaumont (older brother), Caleb Beaumont (older brother), Bobby Beaumont (older brother), Megan Howell-Harrow and Robert Harrow (foster parents) Description: DOB: February 23, 2002 Gender: Female Height: 5' 6"
  3. Ms. Thursday Power Level: 10/11 (165/181PP) Trade-Offs: -2 Attack/+2 Damage (Strike), +2 Attack/-2 Damage (Blast) Unspent Power Points: 16 In Brief: She's the bastard daughter of Thor and a rebellious punk-maiden of Asgard. Catchphrase: "Djevelen tar deg!" Theme: Enslaved - Loke Alternate Identity: Astrid "Thursday" Torsten Identity: Secret Residence: Claremont Academy Birthplace: Risør, Norway Occupation: Claremont Student, Musician Affiliations: Claremont Academy, The Aesir Family: Thor Odinson (Father), Cathrine Torsten (Mother), Numerous other Aesir gods and godd
  4. Gnomon Power Level: 10 (Built as PL 7) Power Points: 150/163PP Unspent Power Points: 13 Trade-Offs: +2 Defense / -2 Toughness In Brief: Teen inventor gets stuck in a groundhog day-esque temporal loop, escapes and is recruited by the Time Keepers. Catchphrase: None Currently Theme: Solidium - Waiting Alternate Identity: Claude “C.J.” Jergens [Public w/ Record] Birthplace: Boston, Massachusetts Residence: Centennial Apartments in Riverside [Sisters' Apartment, Freedom City] & Brooklyn Bro
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