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Found 3 results

  1. March 21, 2020 DuTemps Castle "Kimber!" called Eira from the guest bedroom the Claremont girls were using to change. "I need your advice!" Technically the members of Orange Squad (along with her room-mate and her friend Pan) were here for diplomatic and professional purposes. True North, Canada's super-team, had recently teamed up with the British super-team Vanguard to battle the forces of the Fenian Liberation Army - the fight had been long, been hard, and it was all very interesting if you cared about the history of cross-Atlantic imperialism and the lasting legacy of American and British imperialism. But what was relevant right now was that in the aftermath of the battle in upstate New York, the teams had come to a neutral spot to celebrate, reconnect, and enjoy the hospitality of one of their richest American partners. It was a great opportunity to meet adult heroes from all over Europe and Canada, use the DuTemps pool - the big one, that the Deep One who lived here typically avoided because of its chlorination, get acquainted with the Claremont alums who lived in the castle, get out from under Claremont discipline under the watchful eye of adult heroes, and maybe hit the sound system and eat snacks while they were at it.
  2. January 2016 "So why didn't you bring your robot body?" asked Eira Katastroff as she walked alongside Sharl Tulink, the blonde girl now substantially taller than she had been just a few days earlier. At twelve years old, the young full-body cyborg had long since mentally outgrown the body she'd been uploaded into in 2011, but a Christmas visit to America and the Archetech labs (along with a chastened Uncle Magnus) had gotten her installed in a brand new body more suitable for a girl of twelve. She was over five feet tall now, a young woman who came up to Sharl's shoulder, her long blonde hair in a braid that went almost all the way down her back. (Eira had been a big fan of the Hunger Games) "Because I want people to be looking at you, not at me in a giant robot body," commented Sharl with a big brother's grin at his sister...well, not by blood, but as close as it could come out here in the 'real world.' "We wouldn't be able to get anything done out here." He was projected today, a miniaturized holo-emitter actually something included in Eira's physical 'body', the magnetic enhancers she used to get around with peak human strength and dexterity easily able to power the matrix that produced his own unique energy matrix. It meant he had to stick close, at least until they got into the DuTemps Building and he could directly interface with its systems, but that was okay - why would he not stick with his not-so-little friend? "So tell me more about your girlfriend," teased Eira, which he had to admit was the other reason he was planning to integrate with the DuTemps systems once they were up in the castle proper. Sharl used a security code Eliza had given him to get in one of the staff elevators, and the two of them were whisked upstairs towards the castle. "She's very nice," said Sharl, "and I think you'll like her. You can tell her what you were telling me about the vatnavættir, I think she'll like that." He hmmed. "But maybe in a different way." Come to think of it, Eliza would probably be pretty put off by stories about how Sweden's national superteam was endeavouring to clear psychic debris from the oceans surrounding the high-latititude nation. "Eliza's views are very different than mine, or yours, but I still respect them." Eira was pretty sure that was because Sharl and Eliza were having sex, a prospect that managed to be disgusting and hilarious at the same time, but said nothing to that effect as she and Sharl talked more about the friends who lived in the DuTemps Building, some of whom Sharl had known since she'd been first been uploaded almost five years earlier now. Calling upstairs as their elevator reached the security barrier of the castle, Sharl reached the castle's AI, who patched him through to Kimber. "Hey Kimber, it's me!" he said to the air, transmitting at the same time up to Bluebird. "Let us up, I've got a visitor who wants to meet my favorite Canadian." "
  3. Mægtig Liga - 2030 The Nordic superteam of the future! Doavttir Ihttin [Casting Note: Lance Henriksen, circa The Right Stuff] Ole Thomasson, a tall, green-eyed man with brown hair, has a complicated relationship with his people. Born to a traditional Sami family living in the extreme north of Norway, he grew up resenting the way his people (as he saw it) had clung to ancient traditions at the expense of modernity. Determined to escape the confines of superstitution and embarassed by "prostituting our heritage to tourists," he worked his way through technical school and college before a successful patent of a portable electromagnetic energy source made him one of the wealthiest men in Norway. When the Midgard Crisis of '27 hit, he was Doctor Impossible, host of a popular Scandanavian popular science show - and a major target for the anti-technology extra-dimensional invasion. Wielding body armor, jet boots, and a multiphasic laser gun of his own creation, Thomasson used his scientific know-how to defeat the force sent to kill him - and to help rally the nascent Mægtig Liga against the forces of tyranny! In the last few years, Thomasson has gained a more comfortable relationship with his people's heritage and will sometimes (when he and Seiðman are arguing) make a cutting remark or two about how the ancient _Sami_ deities have never threatened Scandanavia the way the ancient Norse and Finns have. He is the owner of the team's base, a small artificial island in the Øresund strait between Denmark and Sweden. Eldfjall [Casting Note: "Thor" Björnsson in a rock monster suit, playing Thor] By the standards of his own people, the ten-foot-tall, obsidian-bodied Eldfjall is a strikingly beautiful, charismatic young male who could easily make his own way in the world. But Eldfjall (Volcano) has always had a wanderlust in his heart - it was always he who dug the deepest to find new resources for his home community, and always he who climbed the highest to spy on the soft-bodied beings who lived above the roof of the world. When he came of age, he decided to head up there to seek his fortune rather than remain below - emerging from Iceland's Eyjafjallajökull volcano in the middle of the Midgard Crisis of '27! Fighting off hordes of Dark Elves laying waste to the peaceful people of Iceland, Eldfjall was acclaimed as a true hero of the people! But gradually Eldfjall began to feel uncomfortable in his adopted homeland - as happy as he'd been to learn the language and eat the food, not to mention be adopted as the favorite uncle of the nation's schoolchildren, his cheerful love of violence didn't fit in with the peaceful people of Iceland, and his efforts to find a suitable mate were unlikely to be successful in a country with such a low superhuman population. When Stålkvinna approached him about joining the Liga, he leaped at the chance - so high he left a small crater in the ground beneath. He loves his team and considers them a new family - and hopes to one day woo Stålkvinna, if he can prove himself a mighty enough warrior for her. Kryžiuotis [Casting Note: New Hope-era Mark Hamill with a buzzcut] One of the most powerful psions born in the 1920s, the tall, blonde-haired Alfred Domschiet grew up in a deeply religious Catholic family proud of their Prussian heritage despite being surrounded by Lithuanian 'invaders'. Young and impressionable, Alfred modeled himself on the Teutonic Knights of old who had brought 'civilization' to the Baltic, using his powers to weed out sinners in his neighborhood of Klaipedia and training himself to fight with a blade and armor which his powers made able to cut through steel and repel bullets, respectively. He was eighteen when Nazi Germany invaded Klaipedia - and though Hitler's gutter brutality sickened him, he gladly volunteered for the Ubersoldaten when approached by a young Wilhelm Kantor. Why not liberate all the Germans of the Soviet Union, too? Domschiet's willful blindness lasted only a few weeks on the Eastern Front. As the armored knight Ritter, he was an honorable soldier fighting in a war nothing like his youthful dreams of glory - and it was clear, from the wash of psychic horrors all around him, that his own side was not the side of heroes. When he approached Wilhelm Kantor with his reservations, his former mentor sneered and cast a spell that froze the young man in his armor. The 'statue' of Ritter wound up in museums, first in German Lithuania, then the Lithuanian SSR, then finally the Republic of Lithuania. Freed as magical shockwaves rocked the Baltic Sea during the Midgard Crisis of '27, Domschiet resisted an attempt at corruption by the invading forces of the Nine Realms to side with the new Mægtig Liga. Taking the name Crusader from the language of Lithuania, He has vowed that he win redemption for the sins of his younger, more ignorant days - and to never again be the instrument of evil. Puolustaja IV [Casting Note: Kadijah Ali as Batman] Short, stocky, with short black hair and piercing brown eyes, Finland's Puolustaja (Defender) IV is a grim, silent figure at home in the urban jungles of Scandanavia as much as she is its vast forests and mighty mountains. Her great-grandfather Puolustaja I was the first to take up the familiar sniper's suit and rifle during the Winter War of 1940 and the Continuation War of 1941-1944, where he defended his homeland from Soviet invaders before his death at the hands of the People's Heroes in 1945. Her grandfather (1965-1993) and mother (1993-2015) both later took up the legacy, both like their ancestor giving their lives in defense of their nation. Puolustaja IV, Cambara Nandor, is of mixed Somali-Finnish ancestry, her father having arrived in the country as a refugee from the Somali Civil War of the early 1990s (and met her mother while the latter was breaking up an anti-immigrant mob in Helsinki). She has a fair reputation as something of a dour fatalist, as befits someone whose legacy has so often come with death. She fights crime in a stealthy, color-changing 'snow suit' and uses a high-tech rifle. Preferring to strike from a distance, she generally stuns her targets from afar with focused electrical blasts before leaving behind her name scrawled on a nearby wall. Indeed, she was half-thought an urban legend until the Midgard Crisis of '27, when she famously faced down the Nine Diseases of Lovitar with nothing but her great-grandfather's old service rifle. Ratatoskr [Casting Note: Jamie Alexander playing Quicksilver] During the Midgard Crisis of '27, a short, lithe young woman with a curly brown tail, sharp bone claws in her knuckles, and the power to run faster than a fighter jet made her debut saving the Prime Minister of Denmark from a bow-wielding Light Elf assasin. Fast on her feet and fast-talking to boot, the trash-talking young speedster made quite an impression on the general public and her fellow heroes - especially once they tracked her down to her home in one of Copenhagen's trendiest neighborhoods and found that she was in fact Ratatoskr, the squirrel-messenger of Norse mythology! Tired of her role in the forever war between the gods of the Nine Realms, she had traded immortality for a human existence, abandoning much of the might that had once let her gnaw at reality itself in return for the freedom to be her own person. Ratatoskr is the adrenaline junkie of the team, a devotee of extreme sports, fast living, beautiful men and women alike, and other quick-paced activities designed to push her mortal (albeit empowered) flesh to the very limit. She exasperates the very serious Puolustaja IV, who she thinks really needs to lighten up, and frustrates Seiðman with her light-hearted take on the deities he worships. But she's brave and has a good heart, and an eternity of carrying messenges between warring gods and giants has given her a strong interest in fighting for the little guy. She knows much, much more about magic and history than she admits, but prefers to project an image of the gossip-loving, party-crazy speed freak whenever possible. Seiðman [Casting Note: Adam Driver, but he smiles from time to time] Tall and beak-nosed, with thick black hair and blue eyes (he sometimes will wear an eyepatch when using his augury abilities), Odin Thorsson (aka Seiðman) is sometimes a hard man to like. Raised among Asatru neo-pagans on the island of Svalbard, at the age of eighteen Thorrson was bodily transported to Asgard where Odin and Freyja informed him that he had been chosen to teach the true way of Seidr to the people of Scandanavia! When he returned to Earth one year later, he found that he did indeed have the power to change fate by weaving strings between his fingers...but that his new gift came with a price. His parents and extended family were all believers, true, but it turned out their devotion to the ancient gods really _had_ been more about a chance to escape from modern society, live independently, and drink mead rather than a real embrace of their teachings. When he left the commune where he'd grown up for nearby Trondheim, he found himself used as a weapon by white supremacist Wotanists who nearly manipulated him into destroying an immigrant neighborhood. Realizing what they were almost too late, Seiðman fled the Wotanists (and remains their most bitter foe), joining the Mægtig Liga a few years ago during the Midgard Crisis of '27. Though he prefers to show his faith by deeds, not words, he sometimes has a strained relationship with teammates who see his gods as just more extradimensional creatures rather than divine beings in their own right. His sheltered upbringing has also led to some embarrassing moments, like his conviction that of course a Sami like Doavttir Ihttin would be close to the spirits of nature. His runic gateway spells provide mobility and mass transit for team members who cannot break the sound barrier like Stålkvinna and Ratatoskr. Stålkvinna [Casting Note: Uma Thurman, circa Mad Dog and Glory, with Elsa from Frozen's haircut] A tall platinum blonde with a build like a Viking warrior goddess, Stålkvinna (Steel Woman) is also a veteran heroine (despite her age), beloved champion of the people, and one of the most powerful people in Europe. In her civilian identity as Baroness Eira Katastroff, she's one of the most beloved members of Sweden's shrinking aristocracy, a champion of the people who has spoke up on behalf of immigrants, workers, and is a notable defender of the interests of Sweden's growing AI population. She's a cheerful, hale-fellow-well-met type as ready to lead a team into battle as she is to join a bus full of tourists in singing the Swedish national anthem. As Stålkvinna, she is instantly recognizable in her blue and yellow cape and bodysuit. The sort of hero who will talk down a suicide before zooming off to catch a plane falling out of the sky, she is one of the most popular heroes in Scandanavia despite her relative youth. The general public is well aware that Stålkvinna is a robot and her hero work has helped Sweden adopt some of the most generous pro-AI laws in the European Union - her secret having been exposed during the Midgard Crisis of '27 when Fenrir's fangs tore the simulated flesh from her face and torso during a fierce battle on the streets of Stockholm. She is physically the strongest and toughest of the team - and in fact is the strongest hero regularly active in continental Europe in 2030.
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