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Found 45 results

  1. Theater District, Freedom City, New Jersey Tuesday, November 11, 2019 10:16 PM A cold mist hung in the air of the Theater District in downtown Freedom City as moon rose up into the night sky. Despite the cold, there were still a number of people out on the streets, making their way to some local or another. But the scene quickly changed, as people began to exit the grand Beaudrie Opera House. A few at first, then small groups, and finally a large crowd, as an evening show of Hamilton had come to an end. Megan Howell-Harrow and Lulu Beaumont were part of the crowd of people exiting the show, stepping out onto the sidewalk and into the cold air. It did not take too long for the crowd to disperse, as people began to scatter in all directions. As they walked in the direction of where they had parked, Megan looked over at the teenager with a small smile. "So, did you enjoy the show?"
  2. alderwitch

    A New Era

    Location: Freedom Hall, Freedom City Date: Thursday, July 25, 2019: 1:37 PM FREEDOM LEAGUE TO ANNOUNCE NEW LINE UP AND ANSWER QUESTIONS: 2:00 PM Outside of the shining walls of Freedom Hall, a small crowd of interested onlookers formed up behind press. Staff were making sure that any random bystanders were finding a place in the crowd, overseen by Cynthia. For once, the lobby and reception area were closed to the public while everything was set up. It had been a gradual transition, in many ways, as the vanguard of the League retired and handed off their duties one by one to the former Auxiliary members. It was known, really, that these heroes had become the New Freedom League, but this would be the first official press conference, confirming the retirement of many of Freedom's best and most beloved and the rise of their new League. A lot of work went into those preparations, most of it by staff but the heroes were busy themselves. After all, there were speeches to be made, questions that would have to be answered and not all the press invited was all that friendly. There were bound to be hostile reporters looking for gossip or tidbits to make their headlines pop. Plus, after the press conference, there was to be a reception open to any who might visit Freedom Hall and their old-but-new heroes. Of course, planning a party for 'any who might show up' would have been enough to keep staff busy. Leilani slipped between two harried staff members to offer Dimitri the notecards that were supposed to be his script. No doubt, he'd find some place new to discard them. She wasn't in costume as Leilani was here to join the crowd with the other interested on-lookers although she'd probably end up drafted by staff to help set tables and other minutuae when the League went out to talk. Raising her voice so that it would be heard, Leilani offered, "Cynthia says its ten minutes to showtime."
  3. The English Countryside Thursday December 20, 2018 12:13 PM, local time The Harrows' Land Rover turned onto a narrow country road, having passed through a small little town in the English countryside. The four occupants of the vehicle were currently quite, all prior conversations having wound down over the last few hours now since leaving London. Lulu had flow into England with her foster family on Saturday, the family spending the first five days of their holiday trip taking in a few of the sites, festivities and shopping of the city. But after the hustle and bustle of the city, they were now on their way to the more subdued setting of Robert’s family estate in the countryside. The weather outside was about what one might expect for England this time of year. Overcast and cold (but a bit warmer than Freedom City had been when they have left). So far there had been no rain today, but how long that might last was uncertain. The country road they were driving along was lined with tall hedges, but beyond could be seen a small orchard on one side and a lightly forested field on the other. After a couple of hundred meters, the hedges gave way and they came upon a towering old country estate. The main section of the home stood some four stories tall, while the wings were about half that height, and looked to be at least two hundred years old. As Robert pulled the Land Rover up in front of the main entrance to the estate, a well-dressed older gentleman appeared through the door, wasting no time in making his way down toward the vehicle as it came to a halt.
  4. Millennium nightclub. Saturday, October 13th, 2018. 8:05 pm The night was cold and dark, which fit the way Lynn Epstein felt today; it had been thirteen days since Gretchen moved the last of her stuff out, other than one drawer in the bedroom on the off chance she visited and wanted to spend the night, which had happened exactly twice. Of course, with but a moment's thought she could reach out across two thousand plus miles, and tell the girl she loved how she felt, and she did from time to time. But Gretchen didn't always respond, and that felt worse than dying... So here she was! Millenium was one of Lynn's favorite clubs to work back when she was scamming guys in the 2000s; it's location near the major banks and trading houses meant lots of well-dressed, Gordon Gecko-wannabes with lots of cash. The nice ones she threw back into the sea after a pleasant night of drinks and dancing, but she took the real douchebags for all she could. The place looked pretty much the same, all polished chrome and recessed lighting, and the pulse of techno thumped down from the dance floors upstairs. Lynn was seated at the bar, nursing a Long Island ice tea as she tapped one foot to the beat; it took a lot of effort to get out of the store, and even more to be in a place this loud and public, but she knew she needed a change. She was thankful that Megan was free to come out and cheer her up, which she desperately needed tonight. God, when was the last time she'd hit a nightclub? It had to be decades ago, or at least since she'd been in one like this; back on Bill's world, they were all saloons. To get into the the mood for dancing, the changeling spent a lot of time on her look for the evening, conjuring up a bright red strapy dress that showed of a lot of leg, back and shoulder, and a pair of black low-heeled shoes that were a nice balance between sexy and comfortable. Her hair was much shorter than it had been for some time, 'cut' just past her jawline, and it was straight with a bit of wave and a lot of bounce. Overall, combined with her 'makeup' and a few other aesthetic refinements, Lynn looked almost ten years younger than when she'd left the store this afternoon; she was heading back out into it, and determined to make a splash.
  5. Thevshi

    Checking In

    Timothy's Bistro Midtown, Freedom City, New Jersey Wednesday October 3, 2018, 5:10 PM Megan Howell-Harrow led Lulu Beaumont up to the entrance to Timothy's Bistro for their dinner reservation. Megan had arranged to schedule bi-weekly time to meet with Lulu over either coffee or for dinner. Given that Lulu was living on campus at Claremont while classes were in session, it provided a good way for Megan to check in with how Lulu was doing and see if there were things that she needed help with. It also helped to continue building a relationship with Lulu, which was going to be important for the next several years while the teenager was at Claremont. Due to Lulu focusing on getting into the rhythm of her new school and other things, tonight was actually the first chance they had for such a meeting since the start of classes. But Megan was determined to ensure that they made this time on a regular basis going forward. She had picked up Lulu from campus over half an hour ago, but they had faced rush hour traffic in getting to the well-known restaurant. "Next time we will pick someplace closer to the school, or plan for a different time to better avoid rush hour." Megan said with a smile as they made their way inside. Giving her name to the hostess, there was another brief wait as they ensured the pair’s table was ready. "So, how have things been going so far?" Megan asked with a small smile as she looked over to Lulu as they waited to be seated.
  6. Midtown, Freedom City, New Jersey Saturday, September 1, 2018 10:05 AM The Labor Day weekend had begun, and for malls such as Millennium Mall, that meant sales designed for those going back to school. That was why Megan Howell-Harrow was at the shopping center this morning, although not all that long ago she would hardly have needed an excuse to be at the mall. The last few years had seen her out getting school clothes for her son Lawrence as he began a new year at school, though this year he had really pushed to just stay home, as shopping was far from his favorite pastime. But that was hardly the biggest change this year from previous. Toward the beginning of the summer, Megan had been contacted by Callie Summers about a new student coming to Claremont that had been removed from her family in Alabama due to criminal activity by some of her family members and who needed a foster home while attending Claremont. Megan had never really thought about being a foster parent before, but after reading over the girl's file she realized there was likely a lot she could do to help the teenager find herself a new path as she started over at Claremont. So, she and Robert talked things over with Lawrence and the decision was made to bring Louise "Lulu" Beaumont into their home. Megan turned back to look up behind her on the escalator from the parking garage at the redheaded sixteen year older standing behind her. Lulu had only just arrived in Freedom City the day before, so Megan figured that this outing would give her and the teen a bit of time to get to know one another away from Robert and Lawrence. "So Lulu, do you have any particular places you want to look at first for clothes?" She asked with a warm smile.
  7. March 9th, Evening Warp had been wondering for a while how she would get back in contact with Velocity. The last time she had spoken with the speedster was before her meltdown after the Day of Wrath. She had called Velocity for a pep-talk, to try to get herself back into a healthy mindset, to help the gnawing at her mind. It hadn't worked, but Warp had appreciated the attempt. She wasn't sure what Velocity thought of her. A corner of her mind spat that surely Velocity hated her. Another insisted that was likely paranoia. The rest of her remained unsure. And so she had spent close to four months after being active staring at the new phone she'd gotten her hands on for Warp, wondering if Velocity even still used the same number. Apparently she still did. Joy. Ever living for drama, Warp suggested a meeting in the same place they had the first time, on the roof of the building in the Theatre district that Warp had asked Velocity for help on years ago as a gangly, awkward and desperate teenager. The landscape had changed since then A few of the community theaters had been torn down, or remodeled, or stayed stubbornly the same and, in their pride, highlighted how much the district had changed in half a decade. Warp had changed, too. She was a little taller, more comfortable. She looked about college aged. And also her eyes and hands glowed with a deep red, with crack-like patterns extending up her arms and across her body. She was sitting on the top of a metal vent on the Barbary's roof, drumming her fingers loudly against the metal, breathing deep and trying to think in circles.
  8. Lynn Epstein's Apartment. Saturday, June 18th, 2016. 2pm. It was a very mild and pleasant late spring day; there was no need to run the AC, so instead Lynn and Gretchen had just opened all the windows and turned on all the ceiling fans, so that cool breezes and succulent cooking smells wafted through every room. The weekend before, Gretch had offically moved in, and at her insistence the apartment now possessed real live, actual furniture; some of them were ancient hand-me-down pieces that once bellonged to her late grandmother back in Maine, all dark, massive and brooding. Others were recent additions from the Ikea out in Ashton, which they had bought together, because that's what couples do. It took a while to get used to, but Lynn was starting to enjoy the smell of history on the old stuff pleasantly mixing with the new stuff that smelled of dorm rooms and promise. What was a bit harder to get used to were Gretchen's ferrets, Otto and Bosco; they tore around the apatment like they were rats on crack, their long, loping bodies wriggling into every corner imaginable, terrifying Lynn's three cats DB, Mafia and Plaque Attack, who currently spent most of their time hiding out in the bedroom. The ferret cage stood in one corner of the living room, a symbol of the end of the Era of Feline Domination. Out on the rear deck was the Weber grill that Gretchen had also insisted on, which was having its trial run this weekend; it hadn't been fired up just yet, because Lynn wanted everyone to have a little time to have a drink and kibbitz. As for the couple themselves, each was representing their unique stylistic tastes. Lynn wore sandals, a short denim skirt and a creamy, sleeveless cotton blouse; her hair was up and out of the way, indicating that she was both hard at work and comfortable enough with the guests to reveal her pointed ears. Meanwhile, Gretchen wore boots, loose cut jeans and a black vintage Lou Reed t-shirt; surprisingly, her hair was also up, showing a rare glimpse of her graceful neck. The two women worked together smoothly like a well-oiled machine, a machine that frequently stopped to smile or affectionatly touch a shoulder. Their guests would be here soon.
  9. Not sure if we'll really need this, but a better place for stuff than just doing PMs. For the record, I am a very bad chess player, so I don't think we should get very detailed about Gretchen and Lawrence's game
  10. Tuesday April 26, 2016 3PM Palermo Time - 9AM Freedom City time There's an English-language newscrew in Palermo this afternoon, the BBC crew's report on Italian tourism having been transformed into a worldwide spectacle by means of the Internet. "Some sort of hideous monster moving its way through the city-" A hazy image of a warped parody of a man, some eight or nine feet tall and nearly nude, dressed only in rags and covered in hideous, pustulating boils. "seemingly emerged from the bay and is now making its way through the heart of this beachside community-" It becomes abundantly clear as it, he, passes, that whatever he is is infectious - a wave of that giant fist, and a barricade of the city's Carabinieri, military police posted here for anti-Mafia duty, are on the ground, screaming and writhing as boils erupt from their own flesh. "rampaging through this historic city like nothing we've ever seen before-" He doesn't even bother to knock down the house at the end of the seaside street, instead simply powering through it as he heads into the older, more built-up, more populated parts of this city over half a million. It's abundantly clear that there is no power on Earth - or at least no power in Palermo, that can stop him. "With the current Papal crisis occupying Italy's defenders, we may be alone. This is-" The newscaster screams, his handsome face writhing in agony as the boils erupts from his flesh, and the camerawoman drops her camera and screams as well, catching one last image of the monster leering at them as he passes by. - This is the fourth day of the crisis. By the time the Freedom League arrives in Palermo, everyone knows what they're dealing with. This is Shkhin - this is the Plague of Boils.
  11. Fourth of March, 2016, The Gateway, Goodman Building, Freedom City On its dais in the middle of the stark, open room, the circular Gate pulsed and rippled from the distortion of energy from an open channel to another world. For once, the Gateway was crowded, both with people and luggage, crates and moving equipment, Tesla and Maximus at their control stations the only people with much room to maneuver. Chase and Victoria were mingling with the swell of twenty-odd chatting, nervous scientists wearing A.S.T.R.O. Labs insignia on their jackets and hats, while Cosmo was darting about the room in excitement. The Moon Monkey had to get his hands on anything and everything new or strange, which with a crowd of strangers really was anything. His gleeful shrieking and intrusively curious hands sometimes got him a stern psychic warning, and by now he was much less hyperactive than a quarter of an hour ago. After the media circus outside, it was a pleasant and calming change of pace. The news that the famously secretive Atom Family and endlessly innovative Lab were making a joint ventire into a mysterious new universe had hardly been enough for the news agents and shouting reporters, but the fact that three superheroes were joining them, along with Freedom Cross biologist Tristan Delacroix and journalist Daphne Celeste, had packed the street outside the Goodman Building as fans and well-wishers screamed over each other to their idols. More cynical heads had shouted accusingly that the list of supers was blatantly calculated for news-worthiness rather than "true" value to the expedition. Where, for example, was Daedalus? Dragonfly? Miss Americana or any of the other technically-able or routine dimensional travelers? That had been the point. "People are easily frightened by the unknown, by choosing you" Chase had gestured simply to Terrifica, Velocity and Valerie Cain "we disassociate this expedition with the ideas people have that everywhere we go, there are our enemies." The Gateway glared with red light. It would soon be ready for passage into the Infraverse. For the moment, there was little to do.
  12. Out of character thread for this, where some people go to another world to learn more about it
  13. Thevshi

    Favored Son

    Midtown, Freedom City, New Jersey Tuesday February 23, 2016 7:15 PM The lights of Midtown seemed almost to blur past as Jason Draco drove through the busy streets near Liberty Park. Although it was late evening, there was still plenty of traffic in this part of the city, and at least some of it was on account of the event to which Jason was making his way. Up ahead, just across 52nd Avenue from Liberty Park stood the mansion of the Midnight Society, an old stone building with several towers and peaked roofs. The massive building was set back from the street, its large grounds separated from the sidewalk by stone walls. A wide iron gate provided a path through the section of stone wall along 52nd Avenue and into the circular driveway which led to the front of the mansion. As Jason drove through, he joined a small line of cars which were delivering their passengers to the event being hosted by the Society this evening. Several uniformed valets could be seen moving about, opening doors for those inside the stopped cars ahead. Jason had of course been to many events here while he was growing up, his parents having been members of the Midnight Society. But this would be the first real time he had attended an event on his own, the invitation having been sent directly to him.
  14. Centennial Station City Center, Freedom City, New JerseySaturday November 14th, 2015 10:04 AM When you have a legitimate claim to the title of fastest woman in the world, your casual jogs tend to be anything but. Zipping through the city at a leisurely pace Velocity weaved, leapt, and above all ran past any obstacles in her way. Appearing and disappearing before anyone could even turn their head to appreciate the blur moving past them. At least until the sound of gunfire filled the air. It didn't take long for Velocity to narrow down the source of the commotion to the Centennial Station in the heart of the City Center. A panicked mob screamed out for help as they flooded out of Freedom City's oldest station. Screaming about a crazed gunman. The sound of police sirens fired up in the distance. Apparently no time was wasted in informing the FCPD. But, they were too far away and far too slow...
  15. OOC for this thread in which Velocity puts her legs to work.
  16. GM High Earth Orbit The Lighthouse December 25 th, 2014 9:40 PM Greenwich Mean Time (4:40 PM Freedom City) The last nearly two months had been busy ones aboard the orbital headquarters of the Freedom League. With so many of the senior league members off in space trying to help against the Communion, the work load for the remaining League members had increased, the team feeling rather stretched at times. The information sent back by the League members in space had done little to easy the stress of those remaining behind. As shocking as it had been to learn of the destruction of Lor-Van, what the Communion had done with the planets and peoples they did not just outright obliterate was perhaps even more horrific. But there had been little time to fully dwell on things, as there had been crises around the world and coordination with heroes across the world to try to be ready should the Communion turn towards the Earth. And then a few hours ago, the League members in space had sent a message back to the Lighthouse, stating that they had located the Communion’s world killer spacecraft, and it was heading towards Earth. The remaining League members on Earth had moved into action, contacting the various heroes they had spent the last two months connecting with and getting people moving to various parts of the world to prepare should the Communion make it past the League members in space. Freedom Hall had served as a launch point for many, teleporting them up to the Lighthouse, and then back down to Earth to the various League teleport locations that had been set up over the years. For a time, everyone had been so busy organizing things, there was little time for anything else. But once they had coordinated setting things in motion, there was little to do but wait for news from the League members in space, of for the Communion to just arrive if there was no one left to hear from.
  17. HGM

    First Contact

    GM The Island of Valaxa Indian Ocean Saturday, August 16, 2014 4:27 PM Thirty years ago the island of Valaxa was discovered by an Indian fishing ship. Since then researchers have made various attempts at attempting to bridge a relationship with the local population to no avail. The presence of outsiders has been met with violent resistance. The Valaxans have even managed to sink entire ships to make their message clear. With ritualistic dancing and whooping afterwards in open celebration. Earlier this morning to avoid an incoming storm a commercial plane took an alternate route flying over the island. A local Valaxan actually flew off the island and smashed a wing wholesale. Sending the plane crashing down below. It wasn't long before local air authority lost contact with the plane. And an emergency scramble quickly took place. When a local expedition team was led to try and recover the plane they too were met with resistance. The timely arrival of the heroine known as Triakosia prevented the second plane from being shot down. In the process she managed to capture a Valaxan and both parties were able to reach a consensus and arrange a sit down meeting. Shortly afterwards the Freedom League was contacted and agreed to send in two representatives to help smooth things over all the easier. Currently, the trio of Gabriel, Triakosia, and Velocity were on a Freedom League Pegasus jet with a group of sociologists who had been preparing them for their upcoming meeting. All waiting for the signal that it was okay for outsiders to land on the island for the first time in its known history.
  18. OOC for >this thread.
  19. The Lighthouse November 10, 2014 The transportation platform of the Lighthouse flashed, as an incoming transport arrived from Earth. Velocity materialized on the platform, fully dressed in her costume, although she was still feeling the lingering effects of sleep. The alert that had come over her League communicator had awoken her well before her alarm was set for. But she had wasted little time in getting up and responding, getting over to Freedom Hall and then beaming up to the Lighthouse. Standing near the pad, awaiting her arrival was the cloaked form of Dr. Metropolis. "Good morning Velocity." The enigmatic figure stated in his deep, rumbling voice. "The others have already started to gather in the main meeting room." "Morning, Doctor." Velocity stated with a small smile. "Thanks. I'll get right over there, but first will want to make a small stop for some coffee." The speedster was then off in a blur of yellow, heading towards the space station's galley. A few moments later, she had coffee mug filed with the hot liquid and then made her way to the main meeting room. As Dr. Metropolis had indicated, there were already some League members gathered. Captain Thunder was there, looking a bit tired and worn and seated at the center seat of the large table that was at the center of the meeting room. Johnny Rocket was also sitting along one side of the table, doing his best to patiently wait for everyone to arrive. Standing off to one side were Daedalus and Star Knight talking. Maria had her helmet off at the moment, and looked rather upset. "Good morning Velocity." Captain Thunder said in greeting. "Please have a seat, hopefully the others will not be too long."
  20. Supercape

    Double Dutch

    OOC post for featiring Grimalkin and Velocity. Presuming Grim is at the shop. THevshi, feel free to drop Velocity and co in whenever.!
  21. Supercape

    Double Dutch

    GM Monday, August 19th, mid morning... A little book store in the West End... "Good morning. May I have some service please?" The man was only a few inches over five foot, and had a considerable belly. He was dressed in a fine quality suit, and had a hat that somehow seemed to be outrageous and conservative at the same time. His cheeks were red, as were his jowls, and he sported a pair of sideburns that looked like they belonged on a safari hunter from centuries ago. "I am looking for the owner, and have handsome money!" he declared without shame. His voice was neither high, nor low, but rumbled. It was hard to say how old he was, somewhere middle aged, but young and old too, all jammed into one squat body. His hair was flecked with grey and flowed long. Beside him stood a man almost two feet taller, and considerably broader. In his case, it was with muscle rather than fat. He wore a suit and dark glasses, and had blonde hair tied back in a ponytail. If ever there was a bodyguard, this man was it.
  22. June 5, 2014 Namibia   The private hunting reserve had been hidden carefully by the Crime League - or rather, by Orion, the League's huntsman. For a substantial cash infusion, or a 'favor to be named later', League members, supervillains, criminals, or simply the unscrupulous rich (which often fell into the earlier categories, depending on how you felt about it) could come to southwest Africa and hunt creatures as they saw fit. This could mean endangered animals like gorillas and elephants, exotic alien animals taken from far-away planets by the Crime League's stellar allies, or even extinct animals reconstructed in laboratories like the dodo or the Tasmanian Tiger. But a foolhardy guest had actually gone so far as to post pictures to the Deep Web, pictures which wound up falling into the hands of science heroes who had first tracked its location, then alerted the Freedom League, who had closed in with all the force they could muster. Orion had been defeated by Bowman in a daring bow-against-rifle duel, Blackstar had been beaten by Captain Thunder, and the day was saved...   But what to do with all the animals? The League was on the case, but the story had gone beyond the League. It had become an international story in the last few days, one that had attracted significant media attention. UNISON had sent a team whose members included one of UNISON's most famous employees; Edge, the American superhero-turned-humanitarian, while the Discovery Channel (taking advantage of their connections with the League) had sent a documenary crew including Paige Cline, part of a dynamic duo of super-hosts that was unfortunately seperated today by something as mundane as a parent-teacher conference and the need to chaperone a field trip to Cleveland.   The compound, located in the high desert, was built like an old-style English manor house (albeit with all the latest amenities) - the animals were in emergency housing in the shade thrown together by the League and especially by the UNISON team (thanks to Mark Lucas' special abilities), and an unusually pensive Edge was still there as the others went about their work. Mark had never really had pets growing up, and even though he knew this menagerie was made up of wild animals (some of whom would probably need to be put down), he was trying to fight the urge to take them all home with him. Instead he contended himself with volunteering, and so was currently in a rocking chair, nursing a baby wild boar that had mostly fallen asleep with its little mouth around the bottle.
  23. Thevshi


    GM Freedom Hall, City Center Freedom City, New Jersey Wednesday August 6, 2014; 5: 35 PM The late afternoon was a rather typical weekday in Freedom City, although the rush hour traffic was a touch lighter than normal, as vacations had helped cut back on the numbers of office workers starting their way home after a long day. The heat of the day was passed, but the air was still heavy with the humidity so common at this time of the summer. In the heart of the City Center, just a few blocks west of Centennial Circle, traffic made its way slowly past the slightly pyramid shaped form of Freedom Hall. Set off from the sidewalk and behind a seven foot walls, the headquarters of the Freedom League was a familiar sight to those that lived and worked in this part of the city, to the point that most hardly noted it as they made their way past. Today found the interior of Freedom Hall more deserted than typical. Of course, "Cynthia," the League's robotic receptionist, was present in the lobby, as was always the case. The only other two occupants were in very different parts of the building. Comrade Frost was up on the rooftop landing pad of the building, lying back in a deck chair with a sun tanning reflector, enjoying the last bit of sunshine before the sun passed too far to the west. Gabriel was in the Hall's monitor room, keeping an eye on the mostly quiet communications while he worked on the lesson plan for the class he would be teaching in the fall. However, his concentration was interrupted as a voice came over the AEGIS/US Government frequency. "This is Major Ellis, United States Army, with a priority alert. We are in need of the League's assistance, please respond."
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