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Found 7 results

  1. GM 5:30 PM, December 7th, 2020 Riverside, not too far from Riverside Park The Never-Ending Story was an interesting place to be. It was a small bookstore in Riverside, one that was known to be just the place to go to find rare books. Before his passing, Adrian Eldrich himself had been a common visitor. The book store was rarely busy, but it did well enough. The owner Andrew Orlando let his cats roam free among his book, while the portly gentleman puttered about. It was a peaceful place to be, it was a happy place to be, especially during Christmas time
  2. The OOC. Make whatever rolls you feel are appropriate here.
  3. Little Mermaid II Gather Information (All lowered by 5 for Scandinavian characters) DC 10: Little Mermaid II is the second hero to call herself the Little Mermaid. She is a Danish hero, primarily operating in Denmark and Europe. She has been active since Christmas 2017. DC 15: Denmark has only a few super heroes, with the Little Mermaid II being one of the most prominent and effective. She is a beloved heroine in her home country. DC 20: Little Mermaid II seems to posses the exact same powers as he predecessor, and she has mentioned that they were passed on to her before.
  4. 20Q Reputation Table Denmark & Danish Super Humans Guidebook Vignettes Origin Vignette: Once upon a time... Magical Fairytale Soldier Little Mermaid
  5. Danish Super Humans The number of known Danish super humans are low, even given the country's size. The small size has led to a a relatively close knit community, but with little in the way of way of the traditions of the North American super humanity. While the country has produced relatively few super villains, the Danish super heroes are still kept busy, dealing with attacks from foreign super villains that try to stake their claim in Denmark or threats from their country's mythology. History Denmark's heroic history stretches into the past, to the time of the vikings
  6. Little Mermaid II Power Level: 13 Effective Power Level: 12 Power Points: 203/204PP Unspent Power Points: 1PP Trade-Offs: (Unarmed) ATK-4/DC+4, No defensive In Brief: The second Danish hero to bear the mantle of the Little Mermaid, empowered by H. C. Andersen's hidden true fairy tale. Catchphrase: "Let's make a splash!" Theme: Under The Sea - Jonathan Young Alternate Identity: Mette Madsen (Secret) Birthplace: Copenhagen, Denmark Residence: Copenhagen, Denmark Occupation: Adventurer, Swimming Coach Affiliations: Vanguard Family:
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