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Found 26 results

  1. Ms. Britannia Player Name: Tiffany Korta Power Level: 11/12 (182/199 PP) Trade-Offs: none Unspent PP: 17 In Brief: The merger of a young woman and the Spirit of Justice. Alternate Identity: Agnus Stone (real name), Annice Avebury / Annice Stone (stage names), Young Britannia Identity: Secret Birthplace: Glastonbury, Somerset, England, United Kingdom Occupation: Businesswoman, Pop Star Affiliations: Vanguard aka Team UK Family: Geri Stone (Mother), Winston Stone (Father) Description: Age: 24 (DoB: July 24th 1991) Gender: Female Ethnicity: Mixed (Caucasian / Afro-Caribbean) Height: 6'0" Weight: 165 lbs Eyes: Brown Hair: Brown Agnes is the type of person who tends to stick in the memory whether it's from large hair, her strong North London accent or her general friendly confident demeanour. She also a naturally cheerful person and her face is almost always lit up by one of her smiles Agnes is cursed, as she would put it, with a natural ability to look good in just about anything. When not in stage clothes, or doing business, she tends to dress in comfortable, practical clothes without much make-up. Since the full merging between herself and the Spirit she has also grown dramatically in height (she was originally 5'3") instead of downplaying this fact she tends to over emphasise the fact with large heeled shoes, normal platforms. Ms. Britannia is an extenuation of Agnes's natural charms. Lit up with an inner light she takes on a timeless quality she carries herself with a more regal bearing, whilst her voice is more commanding with a musical sing song tone. This could easy come across as superior and condescending, but Agnus's natural cheery demeanour softens this into a much friendlier attitude. Ms. Britannia's costume is a simple jumpsuit in blue emblazoned with the Union Jack. One bar of the cross runs down the middle whilst the other wraps around her waist. Her face is partially covered by an open mask similar to Britannia's. Power Descriptions: When in her Ms. Britannia form Agnes is bathed in an aura of bright white light, which tends to expand or contract depending on both her moods and the effort required for a task. When she using one of her light based abilities the energies tend to concentrate around that body part, so her hand when she's throwing blast or her around her legs when in flight. History: Unlike most Genius Loci the point when the so called Spirit of Justice came into existence can be pinpointed to a specific moment the 15th of June 1215, the day the Magna Carta was signed. Within this document were the principles of justice for all people regardless of status and social class. Apart from time of countrywide crisis when the she has been subsumed into Britannia, the spirit has empowered women down the ages to ensure that justice is served. Agnes Stone knew none of this; since she was young she'd always wanted to be a singer and she finally got her chance as a contestant on a talent show. At the tender age of eighteen she won the chance to launch a pop career. With a genuine powerful singing voice and a great stage presence she was marked for great things. And with a string of number one hit, in the UK, Annice seemed to be destined for a long and promising career. But the pressure of the career began to get the young star and her behaviour became more and more demanding just as her popularity began to fade. Hearing that she had been dropped by her label rather than just give up Agnes decided to make a direct appeal to the woman who had help discover her the pop guru Simmone Kowal. As she was about to pitch her plans for revitalizing her career another failed star took more direct approach bursting into the office with a loaded gun. Without a concern for her own safety she attempted to protect Simone and wrestle the gun from the assailant. In the struggle the gun went off grievously wounding Agnes. Whilst in a coma fighting for her life she was visited by a Spirit of Justice who gave her another chance at life, but that second chance would come with a price. She would have to serve the Spirit of Justice as her host, and whilst her body healed itself the Spirit would be in control of the body. Already feeling guilty over her actions of the last year, and wanting to make amends, Agnes agreed to the offer. Later that day a remarkably recovered Annice checked herself out of hospital and disappeared. For the next year reports came in from all over the United Kingdom of a strange woman who would turn up out of the blue to help people before disappearing again. Whilst descriptions of the woman and her costume always seemed to vary she always seemed to wear a combination of the colors of the Union Jack. One of the UK tabloids coined the name Young Britannia(s) to describe these women, and title which was rapidly adopted. After this year a much humbler and wiser Agnes returned home to try a rekindle her musical career, whilst beginning her hero career as the newly named Young Britannia. Her career got a boost when a hot young Freedom City producer not only offered her a chance to sing on one of his track but to also buy into his struggling Zenith Studio. Not only did their track do well, opening up new market for her music, she also proved a capable business woman as the studio begun to flourish. Regally commuting from the UK to Freedom City Agnes soon discovered that her transformation wasn't quite complete. The year spent under the Spirits control was conceived by her a ritual that allowed the two to combined in way that had rarely happened before. Not only did it allow her finer control of her power it also transformed her until her regular build was the same as that taken on as Young Britannia. The only downside was that prolonged absence from the United Kingdom seemed to sap her powers. Things look rosy for once with Young Britannia finding her place in both the United Kingdom and Freedom City, whilst Agnes has become a successful business woman on the verge of a new music career. But the shadow of what Annice had become before her fall still hangs over her like a Sword of Damocles. Personality & Motivation: Agnes has a cheerful upbeat personality, but also possesses a quick wit and a wicked sense of humour. She's also fairly laid back; it takes a lot to upset Agnes and she quick to forgive those who do harm against her. Her only true flaw is a tendency to speak her mind even when it would be better to keep her opinion to herself. At heart Agnes is a good person who whilst she can come over as a little condescending, wants to do what she can to help people. Part of her is afraid that if she loses sight of this she tip back into the selfish self-centred self from her worst excessive of her Annice days. Powers & Tactics: Not known as a tactical generous Young Britannia tends to go for simple dependable tactics. If possible she'll first blind an opponent before attacking them with bolt of light. All if possible from a distance. She can however adapt rapidly to differing situation and can at time quite creative with her power pushing them to do things they've never done before. Complications: Almost Famous: Whilst Annice was never a big star in the US there are a few who are aware of her song and could recognize her face. This is especially true in Freedom City where the success of her studio has attracted media attention. For Queen and Country: The Spirit of Justice has strong ties to Britannia and the United Kingdom as a whole. Whilst Agnes can travel freely around the world, if she stays away from the UK for too long her powers begin to fade. In the United States and other Commonwealth counties this is much as six months, whilst in countries hostile to the UK it can be a little as a few days. Secret identity: Despite the drastic change in height Agnes has still managed to keep her two identities separate. Abilities: 0 + 2 + 0 + 0 + 4 + 6 = 12PP Strength: 32/10 (+11/+0) Dexterity: 12 (+1) Constitution: 32/10 (+11/+0) Intelligence: 10 (+0) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 16 (+3) Combat: 10 + 10 = 20PP Initiative: +1 Attack: +5 Base, +11 Burst of Light, +11 Unarmed (Past Lives) Grapple: +18 up to +22 with Dynamic Super-Strength Defense: +11 (+5 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed Knockback: -10/-0 Saving Throws: 0 + 6 + 5 = 11PP Toughness: +11/+0 (+10 Con) Fortitude: +11 (+11 Con, +0) Reflex: +7 (+1 Dex, +6) Will: +7 (+2 Wis, +5) Skills: 29R = 8PP Bluff 3 (+6) Diplomacy 3 (+6) Notice 8 (+10) Perform, (Dance) 3 (+6) Perform (Singing) 10 (+13) Sense Motive 4 (+6) Feats: 8PP Benefit 1 (Wealth 1) Fearless Interpose Leadership Luck 2 Quick Change Takedown Attack 1 Powers: 13+ 22 + 22 + 7 + 2 + 10 + 10 + 29 + 7 = 122PP Aura of Light Array 5 (10PP; Feats: Alternate Power, Dynamic Power 2) [13PP] Base Power (Dynamic): Flight 5 (Rank 6 Total, 500MPH / 4,400' per Move Action) [12PP] Alternate Power (Dynamic): Super-Strength 5 (Lifting STR 55 [Heavy Load: 30 tons]) [12PP] Enhanced Constitution 22 [22PP] Enhanced Strength 22 [22PP] Enhanced Feats 7 (Beginner's Luck, Dodge Focus 6) [7PP] Flight 1 (10MPH / 100' per Move Action) [2PP] Immunity 10 (Life Support, Starvation & Thirst) [10PP] Impervious Toughness 10 [10PP] Light Control Array 12.5 (25PP, Feats: Alternate Power 4) [29PP] Base Power: Blast 11 (110 ft Range; Feats: Accurate 3) [25PP] (Burst of Light) Alternate Power: Dazzle 6 (Visual Senses, 60 ft Range, 60 ft Burst Radius; Extra: Area [General, Burst], Selective, Feats: Progression [Area] 1) [25PP] (Blinding Light) Alternate Power: Healing 12 (Feats: Regrowth) [25PP] Alternate Power: Light Control 11 (110 ft Range; Feat: Slow Fade 2 (5 minutes)) [24PP] Alternate Power: Teleport 10 (200,000 miles as full action, up to 1,000 lbs; Extra: Accurate, Feats: Change Direction, Change Velocity, Progression Mass 3 Flaw: Long-Range) [25PP] Past Lives Array 3 (6PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power) [7PP] Base Power: Comprehend 3 (Languages 3 [speak, Understand and Read All]) [6PP] Alternate Power: Enhanced Feats 6 (Attack Specialization [unarmed] 3, Eidetic Memory, Jack of all Trades, Well Informed) [6PP] DC Block: ATTACK ATT RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed +11 Touch DC 26 Toughness Damage (Physical) Burst of Light +11 Ranged DC 26 Toughness Damage (Light) Blinding Light -- Area DC 16 Ref/Fort Blinding Dazzle (Light) Totals: Abilities (12) + Combat (20) + Saving Throws (11) + Skills (8) + Feats (8) + Powers (122) - Drawbacks (0) = 182/199 Power Points
  2. Supercape

    Sgt Shark

    Sergeant Shark Power Level: 11 (220/230 PP) Unspent Power Points: 10 Trade-Offs: +1 Attack / -1 DC, and +1 Defence / -1 Toughness In Brief: Special Forces Soldier turned into Shark-man Catchphrase: “Fortune Favours the Bold” Theme: Derrr dum.... Alternate Identity: Victor Tiberius Finn Birthplace: Dover, England Residence: London Base of Operations: London Occupation: Marine "Consultant" Affiliations: Vanguard, Unison Family: Lisa Drake (Surgeon, Sister) Description: Age: 37 Apparent Age: 37 Gender: Male Ethnicity: [Previously] Caucasian Height: 6’1” Weight: 120 Kgs Eyes: Black Hair: None Victor has transformed into a hairless marine hybrid, with blue-grey skin, black eyes, and sharp claws and teeth. He usually wears little but shorts (to keep it all PG rated). His feet have webbed, splayed toes. History: Victor came from a military family with a somewhat spartan upbringing. He joined the secretive British elite special forces, the Special Boat Service, and was an effective soldier specialising in tactics. An expert in diving, Victor and his team were called to dismantle a sunken experimental submarine. Unfortunately, the reactor had leaked radiation, and it was driving the marine life wild. Victors team were killed by a maddened radioactive shark. Victor though he was dead, being chomped and bitten. He did not, however. He was transformed into a hybrid shark – man, giving him remarkable amphibious abilities, super senses, and incredible strength. Personality & Motivation: Victor has a determined, almost cold, dedication to getting the job done. He is a soldier at heart, although he has other interests such as marine biology and ecology. He has become something of an "eco-warrior" in recent times, seeing the damage done to the worlds oceans. Outside of the "mission", he is still a disciplined man, not drinking or smoking. He has a fondness for the theatre and opera, liking the play of drama, although he has no particular artistic bent himself. He lets very few people into his psyche (Arguably, not even himself), but has a number of more superficial friends, including military comrades (although he is has now retired from military service). Powers & Tactics: Victor is incredibly strong and resilient, and will fight clean and effectively in hand to hand combat. He has immense tactical experience and will always wish to engage with the benefit of surprise, and on his terms. His preferred environment is the open sea / ocean where he is especially effective. As a peculiar effect of his transformation, Victor can communicate with Sharks. Aside from his powers, Victor is a highly trained soldier and has degrees in oceanology and marine biology. Complications: Blood lust: Victor’s brain has some shark like qualities. The smell of blood will make him increasingly aggressive, distracted, and hungry. In any case, he has a taste for raw fish which may give rise to unpleasant social situations. Dry Skin: Victor’s skin needs to be exposed to water twice a day or it will become dry, irritable, and painful, again distracting him or making him lose focus. Protracted periods will cause worse problems. He usually swims twice a day to compensate, but a shower would also do. Yes Sir!: Victor has a tendency to believe and trust (without thinking) senior military officers and obey orders. This tendency is also applies to a lesser degree to rank and file military men / women. Masters of psychology, deception, or disguise might easily manipulate Victor. Colour Blind: Victors eyes are almost all rod cells, allowing him to see in very low light. But this also means he has very poor or absent colour vision. Fighter Not A Lover: Victor looks pretty ferocious and not human. Whilst he is known hero with a solid reputation, he still looks scary, and initial reactions might be startled or uncomfortable. Abilities: 20 + 6 + 20 + 4 + 2 + 4 = 56 STR: 30 (+10) DEX: 16 (+3) CON: 30 (+20) INT: 14 (+2) WIS: 12 (+1) CHA: 14 (+2) Combat: 24 + 24 = 48 Initiative: +15 Attack: +12 Defense: +12 (+6 Flat Footed) Grapple: +25 Knockback: -5 Saving Throws: 2 + 7 + 7 = 16 Toughness: +10 (+10 Con) Fortitude: +12 (+10 Con, +2) Reflex: +10 (+3 Dex, +7) Will: +8 (+1 Wis, +7) Skills: 120 Ranks = 30 PP Bluff 4 (+6) Climb 6(+16) SM Drive 4 (+7) SM Intimidate 16 (+18) Knowledge [Earth Sciences] 8 (+10) Knowledge [Life Sciences] 8 (+10) Knowledge [Tactics] 16 (+18) Language 2 (Arabic, English [Native], French] Medicine 4 (+5) SM Notice 12 (+13) Pilot 4 (+6) SM Sense Motive 4 (+5) Stealth 16 (+19) Survival 4 (+5) Swim 12 (+22) Feats: 37PP Accurate Attack All Out Attack Benefit: Vanguard Member Benefit: Wealth Benefit 2: Use Knowledge [Tactics] for Master Plan and to avoid Ambush/Feint Blind-Fight Chokehold Critical Strike Distract (Intimidate) Elusive Target Environmental Adaptation [underwater] Evasion 2 Favoured Environment [underwater] Favoured Opponent [marine life] Fearless Improved Aim Improved Grab Improved Initiative 3 Improved Pin Instant Up Jack of All Trades Leadership Master Plan Move-by Action Power Attack Prone Fighting Setup Skill Master (Climb, Drive, Medicine, Pilot) Startle Takedown Attack 2 Uncanny Dodge (Olfactory) Powers 3 + 1 + 1 + 4 + 1 + 2 + 10 + 6 + 5 = 33 All powers have mutation and shark descriptor Strength Bonus (Applies to Unarmed: Improved Critical 2, Variable Descriptor 1 [Unarmed, Claw, Teeth]) [3 PP] Comprehend 2 (Speak to, Understand, Limited: Sharks) [1 PP] Feature (Iron Stomach) [1 PP] Immunity 4 (Cold, High Pressure, Radiation, Suffocation [Drowning]) [4 PP] Leaping 1 (x2 Distance: Running 40’, Standing 20’, High Jump 10’) [1 PP] Speed 2 (25 Mph) [2 PP] Super Senses 10 (Accurate [Olfactory], Acute [Olfactory], Direction Sense, Extended 1 [Vision], Extended 1 [Olfactory], Low Light Vision, Tracking 3 [All out movement, Olfactory]) [10 PP] Super Strength 3 (+15 STR to effective strength) [6 PP] Swimming 5 (50 mph) [5 PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 25 Toughness Damage Abilities 56 + Combat 48 + Saves 16 + Skills 30 + Feat 37 + Powers 33 = 220/230 Power Points
  3. GM Ironclad Charity Luncheon Liverpool, EnglandMonday July 17, 2017 2:00 PM Joseph Walker's Ironclad Charity had the sort of inspirational story that was begging to be turned into an inevitable "based on true events" movie. Dockworker's and other "toughs" of Liverpool banded together with the sole purpose of giving a voice to the voiceless. A true support organization with a dedicated focus to helping victims of abuse. The head of the organization, the aforementioned Joseph Walker, was to perform an incredible feat of strength for the whole crowd. The luncheon wasn't completely a high society affair. With the various rugged members of the charity scattered about providing a contrast from the wealthy Of course some people were there just to rub elbows with the wealthy, or to even propose business opportunities. At the end of the day a majority of the guests were still there with the intention of giving back to a worthy cause. Erick Sloane and Agnus Stone, however, weren't there simply to give back to a good cause. For years, the Vanguard has been waging a battle against the distribution of the Darwin X supervirus. Their latest lead for a distribution route was in Liverpool. With Dawn Farrignton's research going so far as to suggest that their charitable host could be at the center of the distribution.
  4. Power Level: 12 (210/223) Unspent Power Points: 13 Trade-Offs: -5 Attack / +5 Damage; -5 Defense / +5 Toughness In Brief: A nigh-invulnerable juggernaut seeking reconciliation. Catchphrase: Theme: Playlist Alternate Identity: Joseph Walker (Public) Birthplace: Liverpool, England Residence: Liverpool, England Base of Operations: United Kingdom & Continental Europe Occupation: Shipwright Affiliations: Vanguard, UNISON Family: Step-Brother: Peter Walker Description: Age: 21 (DoB: 1996 August 2nd) Apparent Age: 20's Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 9’5" Weight: 1,900lbs Eyes: Dark Brown Hair: Black History: Joseph Was born into poverty, With a neglectful father and absent Mother, Joseph was no stranger to violence and was often subject to his father's drunken rages, often finding himself locked in confined places for hours on end. It was however not to last, Worried about the tired and quiet youngster constantly turning up to school late and with myriad injuries social services soon intervened and moved the young man into protective custody and eventually into a foster home with the Walker family and though he had a loving and healthy relationship with his foster parents, his would-be brother harboured resentment for the much larger and stronger boy and the bond he shared with his father. It all came to a head one evening when, in London for a holiday the family were exposed to the Darwin X Virus, Killing both the walkers and leaving him and his brother catatonic in hospital beds. Awakening to find his adoptive parents dead and his step-brother missing without a trace, Joseph had all but resigned himself to a life of quiet solitude, returning to his job in the shipyards when his powers emerged, vastly increasing not only his mass and stature but bestowing an unearthly might and unfathomable durability upon him. Now with his great power, he seeks his last remaining relatives, the father who abused him and the missing step-brother who vanished without a trace. Personality & Motivation: Joseph is a mirthful man who enjoys beautiful women, good company and fine food and drink, though his heart is troubled with the loss of his adoptive parents and the disappearance of his step-brother he tries not to let the past control him but is prone to distraction. Powers & Tactics: As the Indestructible Dreadnought, Josephs tactics are fairly simple, he seeks to rush in and engage the biggest threat he can identify, hoping to subdue them quickly or failing that allow his allies to maneuver unhindered so they can bring themselves to bear as effectively as possible. Power Descriptions: Dreadnoughts powers are fairly subtle, save for the woosh of air betraying his incredible weight and speed when he moves he is capable of drawing on an extradimensional source of mass to add unto his own, though rather than increasing his size it adds onto his strength and allows him to perform various other tricks. Complications: Tempus Fudged it: For reasons unknown to Dreadnought he is prone to occasionally falling through time; this can remove him from play at inopportune times sometimes trapping him in the past and leading to him having to simply wait through time to the modern day and all that it entails. This is because Unbeknownst to him the strain of Darwin X he contracted is, in fact, a highly mutated one that developed trans-temporal properties from a mass outbreak in the distant future. Claustrophobia: Due to the traumatic events in his early life, Dreadnought is extremely claustrophobic, leading him to become agitated, aggressive and fearful of confined places, he may refuse to enter such places or be driven into a wild and violent panic if entrapped in such a place, lashing out with his not inconsiderable might indiscriminately. Temper: Joseph has an unhealthy level of repressed anger that he is for the most part unaware of; Abusive fathers, Neglectful mothers, Bullies and others who would abuse their position of authority or power rouse an incredible, biblical anger from Joseph Driving him into a wild rage, causing him to have psychogenic paralysis and lapses in self-control. Ready and Abel: Joseph would like very much to find and reconcile with his missing half-brother to the point of his search can distract him from more immediate problems and cause him to lose sight of other things; He is also unaware that his brother is now a powerful and villainous telepath subtly antagonizing him through unknowing agents and victims both directly and through subtle manipulations. Unfine Manipulation: Due in part to his increased bulk and strength dreadnought has all but lost the fine control of his fingers rendering him unable to write or type, use of handheld devices is all but impossible and he may drop, break or crush things he is attempting to grab if his concentration slips even slightly. Noisey: Above and beyond his vast weight and incredible might dreadnoughts mutation has made him very noisy, his booming footsteps can be heard from miles away and even normally silent actions produce a loud rumbling that can be felt blocks away. Responsibility: Joseph is the founder and main benefactor of the Ironclad charity for abused children Dreadnought is often called upon to make public appearances and represent the organization, often performing feats with his superhuman strength to raise funds for them, he also has a deep connection with his co-workers at the drydocks and the local street gangs, any one of these groups may draw the ire of his enemies or be dragged into his personal conflicts or vice versa. Easily Manipulated: Due to his fragile Psychological state, Dreadnought is easily manipulated by those with the skill in behavioural sciences, with access to his medical records there is very little that a skilled psychologist couldn't convince him of. Distrust: Due in part to his previous experiences with large organizations Joseph is distrusting of them and their representatives, feeling that they have little to no interest in the welfare of people outside of themselves or anything that doesn't fit their agenda, this can and does extend to the government and its various institutions. Codus Immortus: Having been approached my Mr. Murke in london during the victorian era about the foundation of the Codus Immortus dreadnought was rather taken with the idea and has signed on and is as such bound by the terms of the contract, affording him access to the clubs resources and the wisdom of other, older immortals it also binds him to come to those same immortals aids should the need arise, in many cases he wishes to help the clubs, patrons, though he is as bound to aid beings he would otherwise regard as enemies. Once and Future Dreadnought: In the basement of the Club immortus in soho london a large number of temporally displaced dreadnoughts slumber as they wait to return to their own eras, needless to say, a small army of nigh invulnerable juggernauts make for tempting targets for those with the means to bend them to their will, it is in part thanks to the clubs protections legal and physical as well as the secrecy and privacy it grants him, that have kept such an event from occurring, and the wise council of Mr. Murk and the other older immortals that has stayed his hands from waking future iterations of himself to attempt to learn the future and the possible ramifications of such actions have not yet been felt on the time lines, Burned to the bone: Due to being the host for a spirit of fire in the Neolithic era dreadnought now reacts to effects of the fire descriptor more strongly, his skin blackening with even the smallest brush with flames, though it doesn't necessarily cause him any more hindrance than it normally would it is unsettling to look at and in extreme cases cause him to feel psychosomatic pain and fear. rendering him frozen when confronted with sufficiently large and hot fires and rendering him dazed with pain as well as making social interactions more difficult. Abilities: 4+4+6+4=18pp STR: 30/44 (+10/17)) DEX: 14 (+2) CON: 20/36 (+5/13), INT: 10 (+0) WIS: 14 (+2) CHA: 10 (+0) Saves: 0+4+8 = 12pp Toughness: +17 (+13 Con +2 Protection +2 Density; Impervious: 10) Fortitude: Immune, Reflex: +6 (+2 Dex, + 4) Will: +10 (+2 Wis + Combat:: 6+6 = 12 Attack Bonus -Ranged: +2, (+3 Base, -1 Size) -Melee: +7 (+3 Base, +5 Attack Focus Melee, -1 Size) Defense: +7 (3 Base + 5 Dodge focus, -1 Size) -Flat-footed:: +1 Grapple: +29/35/40 Knockback Resistance: -17 Initiative: +2 Skills: 9pp (36 ranks) Intimidate 14 (+16) Knowledge (current events) 4 (+4) Knowledge (streetwise) 4 (+4), Language 2 (Base: English, French, German), Notice 6 (+8) Sense Motive 6 (+8) Feats: 19pp All-Out Attack, Attack Focus (melee) 5 Challenge (Fast Startle) Dodge Focus 5 Improved Crit 2 (unarmed) Move-by Action Power Attack Startle Takedown Attack 2 Powers: 11+ 14 + 16 +14 + 13 +30 + 20 + 10 + 3 + 10 + 1 = 142pp Array 5("Mass Manipulation"; 10pp array, PF: Alternate power 1)[11pp] BE: Super Strength 5 ("Muscle Mass!" +25 str: 104 effective strength, Heavy Load: 22.9 Ktons) AE: Trip 10 ("Instant gravity well" Flaws: Range (touch), Distracting Extras: Knockback, Reversed (Pulls towards Dreadnought rather than away (+0) Density 4 (+8 STR, +2 Toughness, Weight Multiplier: x2, Adds: Immovable 1, Super-Strength 1; Permanent; Innate)(14pp) Immovable 1 (Resist Movement: +4, Resist Knockback: -1; Unstoppable) Super-Strength 1 (+5 STR carry capacity, heavy load: 716.8 tons; +1 STR to some checks) Enhanced Constitution 16 (+16 CON)(16pp) Enhanced Strength 14 (+14 STR)(14pp) Growth 4 (+8 STR, +4 CON, +1 size category; Permanent; Innate)(13pp) Immunity 30 (fortitude saves) (30pp) Immunity 40 (lethal energy damage, lethal physical damage; Limited (Changes to Non-Lethal))(20pp) Protection 2 (+2 Toughness; Impervious (10pp) Speed 3 ("Massive Momentum" 50mph; 500ft a round) [3pp] Super-Strength 5 (+25 STR carry capacity, Effective Strength: 79, heavy load: 716.8 tons; +5 STR to some checks)(10pp) Temporal Inertia (Features 1: Unaffected by changes to the time-line, Remembers original course of events.) (1pp) Drawbacks: (-3pp) Vulnerable, very common, minor Magic (-3) DC Block Name Range DC Effect Unarmed Touch DC32 toughness Damage Instant grav Well 50ft burst DC20 Reflex Trip Totals: Abilities 18 + Saves 12 + Combat 12 + Skills 9 (36 ranks) + Feats 19 + Powers 142 - Drawbacks -3 = 210/223pp
  5. Extra Curriculars 20Q HellQ Reputation Origin Story Threads
  6. London, England Thursday April 28, 2016 1:42 PM local time The Ministry of Powers Foreshadow and Ms. Britannia sat in the conference room with Dame Pennington, the current head of the Ministry and one of her analysts. A hologram of Synapse filled one of the conference room chairs, as Synapse was teleconferencing in from the Haven, where she had been in the middle of some projects with VERA. A large screen on one wall of the conference room showed video images from six different incidents over the previous six days, mostly from different parts of the world. "As you can see, there have been multiple incidents in the past six days, all related to the biblical plagues that God is supposed to have visited on Egypt when Moses was freeing the Israelites. Twice in Freedom City, one in Rhodes Island, Washington DC, northern Mexico, and Palermo, Sicily." Dame Pennington stated as the security camera or news footage showed the scenes of the various plagues and the assorted superheroes that appeared to deal with them. "While each of the attacks are clearly connected given their themes, no one has yet been able to determine how the particular locations were chosen as targets. If whomever is behind this continues to follow the theme set out in Exodus, then there could be four more plagues to come. The only question is where they will strike." Department for International Development, 22 Whitehall London Prince Tau Abioye-Imari made his way out of one of the large conferences rooms in the Department for International Development in downtown London, chatting with ministers from Kenya and Tanzania. The meeting had been to discuss some of the DfiD's current projects in some of the poorer countries along the African Horn, projects that involved support by several of the more stable nations in the region. "Will you be returning home to Bangallan soon Prince Tau?" Asked the Kenyan minister as the three made their way down the hallway toward the elevators. Taj 51 Buckingham Gate Hotel, Westminster A butler led Mark Lucas through the lavish entryway of the Cinema Suite of the expensive London hotel. Inspired by the era of the 40's and 50's, the suite was a blend of elements inspired by both Hollywood and Indian cinema. Just off the entry was a large study, filled with priceless antique furniture and other collectibles. Seated on one of the sofas, was Thane al-Darsah, one of Nina's exiled older brothers. Trafalgar Square Jennifer Owens emerged from the Charing Cross Underground Station right to the edge of Trafalgar Square. The young woman had spent the morning at a business meeting at 30 St. Mary Axe or the Gherkin, in the City of London. With that done, she had the afternoon to spend some time taking in some of the city's many sights.
  7. GM UNISON Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland September 4, 2015 10:24 AM local time It had been several months since the members of Vanguard had been at the headquarters for UNISON, when they had joined several other heroes, and even villains, in protecting the base from the Communion until the Uni-Storm space fighters had been able to launch as part of a counteroffensive against the Incursion. The damage the buildings and surrounding town had suffered in that battle had all been repaired, one would not even have known that the battle had taken place now looking about. While the headquarters building was bustling with activity, it was not as hectic and desperate as it had been during that last visit. UNISON personnel were busy going about the daily routine of helping run and coordinate the international agency. Although the members of Vanguard had received a few stares as they had been led through the building toward an upper level conference room, they had been mostly brief. After all, the agency had a great deal of contact with superheroes, including having a number as agents. Today the four members of Vanguard had been led into a conference room with a long rectangular table capable of sitting over a dozen people. The UNISON staff member that had guided them to the room had provided water or other refreshments, then left them alone, stating that Colonel Ellis would be with them shortly.
  8. Player Name: Exaccus Character Name:Ulysses Power Level: 11 160/164PP Trade Offs: -1 attack/+1 damage And -2 Defense/+2 toughness Unspent Power Points: 4 In Brief A Jovial man whom draws power from the spirit of Industrial progress manifesting in the theme of locomotives; seeks the middle ground between mans progress and natures preservation Alternate Identity Alexander Cross Identity:Secret Birth Place: London England Occupation: Museum of Science and industry Night Guard Affiliations: N/A yet Family: Description Age:83 Apparent Age: 50 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6'3 Weight: 180lbs Eyes:Dark Brown Hair:Graying Black A tall man of a trim Formerly-Athletic build, Alexander has aged gracefully and some would say "well" with only the slight graying of his hair and wrinkling of his forehead and the corners of his mouth to show his true age, though the latter is mostly covered by his prominent mustache. He prefers a snug but comfortable suit, reflected in his choice of costume; a slightly doctored old-style conductors uniform and cap with a engineers neckerchief remade into a cowl to protect his identity Power Description Ulysses will begin billow thin whisps of steam after prolonged Activity. he will produce much more profuse steam when using his obscure effect History Born to a Middle class family in the 1930's Alexander Cross spent his earlier years fascinated with trains and the impressive feats the titanic machines accomplished hauling materials and connecting distant places bringing the Light and hope of civilization to the most distant and wildest Corners of the earth, taking a apprenticeship to a engineer as soon as he was old enough. In retrospect it should have been apparent to him even then for when he first stepped into the engines cab he was Intoxicated, the scalding heat of the furnace, the visceral smell of Blazing carbon and boiling Oils was for all its intensity comfortable, the lurching thunder of the pistons as it pulled away from the station felt more like the confident stride of a giant than the clumsy Juddering and rattling of a mere contraption coming to life. He Spent 30 years of his life; quiet and content in that cab and others like it as he travelled across Europe and when his Railway was closed down he made the move to America, ever eager to ride boldly into the wilderness; to tame the wild places and connect the world, all in the name of progress; following (quite literally) in the tracks of the pioneers who first lay the path till finally at age 60 he was forced to retire; simply not as quick or as sharp minded as he had been he found himself often narrowly avoiding what could've been catastrophic accidents and for all his love of locomotives Alexander cross was not so selfish as to risk the lives of others for his own Happiness. It was in this crucible of frustration and Obsession that awakened His long dormant powers as a totem of Industrial progress and through a subconscious use of his aspect that hurled him nearly 20 years into the future to see what lay ahead for his beloved machines. After a brief period as a night guard for freedom cities museum of science and industry Ulysses found himself shunted into the dimension known as Earth-Victoria along with Synapse a member of the united kingdoms premier super-team, the vanguard; finding himself drawn into the schemes of and eventually, temporarily under the direct thrall of the spirit that empowers him, upon fulfilling the spirits demands in a happy compromise he was returned to earth prime. After sometime had passed he received a formal invitation to return to his home country and join the vanguard which he promptly accepted. Personality & Motivation Alexander; Is a calm friendly presence; slow to anger and quick to forgive; it takes someone truly cruel or wicked to rouse his Ire and fighting spirit; Though he tries not too he often underestimates those who are younger than himself and interferes when he should perhaps not. Due to the nature of his abilities Alexander is now convinced that the way forward is through the advancement of technology and industry and that it is his job as an incarnation of these ideals to strike the correct balance with those whom are nature made manifest to prevent the devastation of the Environment and the stagnation or recession of human culture and industry. Powers & Tactics Alexander is a somewhat two-fisted character and will happily charge in and trade blows and attempt to grapple foes,Though when clearly at a disadvantage he will use his obscure effect and Attempt to regroup Complications Industrial Revolution: Ulysses plays semi-willing host to the spirit of industry, the spirit is amoral and alien and has the power to usurp Ulysses control of himself from simply imposing an imperative (which case i will play the character as taking the fastest and easiest route to its completion.) or assuming direct control (in which case i invite the gm to dictate my actions or if they're uncomfortable with such, picking my targets and destinations for my own actions.) The spirit is not immune to reason but has very different values from a human and is generally uninterested in things outside of its portfolio. Man out of time: Alex was Born and Raised in a By-gone era and whilst he possess a Optimistic and open mind he sometimes finds himself at odds with the modern world in opinion and is slow to adapt. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Abilities: 12 + 0 + 8 + 0 + 4 + 4= 28PP Strength:34[22] (+12/+6) Dexterity:10 (+0) Constitution 30[18] (+10/+4) Intelligence:10 (+0) Wisdom:14 (+2) Charisma:14 (+2) Combat: 12 + 12 = 24pp Initiative:+0 Attack: +6 Base / +10 Melee Grapple: +16(base)/+29(w/Locomotive Might power) Defense: +10 (+6 Base +4 dodge focus) +3 flat footed Knockback: -15/-11 without Express line Saving Throws:0 + 5 + 6 = 11PP Toughness:+12 (+10 con +2 protection; Impervious 10) Fortitude:+10 (+10 con) Reflex:+5 (+0 dex +5) Will:+8 (+2 Wis +6) Skills: 40R = 10PP Drive 4: +4 Intimidate 8: +10 Investigation 4: +4 Knowledge (civics) 6:+6 Knowledge (history) 6: +6 Languages 2: +2 (English Native, German and Spanish) Notice 4:+6 Sense Motive 6:+8 Feats:15PP Attack Focus: Melee 4 Dodge Focus 4 Improved Grapple Improved Grab Improved Pin Interpose Move-by-action Startle Takedown Attack Powers: 28+12+18+1+11+2 = 72PP Array 14 ("Pneumatic Might") {28PP} Enhanced STR 12 Linked with Super strength 7 (PF: Super Breath, Countering Punch. Effective STR 64; Heavy Load: 90 tons) (Descriptors: Fire, Water, Ideas) {28P} Enhanced Constitution 12 ("Endurance of an Iron horse" Descriptors: Ideas, Fire, Water, Metal.) {12PP} Express Line (Descriptors: Fire, Water, Ideas) {18PP}'] Immovable 4 ( Resist movement +16, Resist Knockback +4 Extras: Unstoppable) [8PP] Speed 4 (100 MPH, 880ft a round) [4PP] Super movement 3 (wall crawling 2 [Full speed] Sure Footed 1 (25% penalty Reduction) [6pp] Immunity 1 ("A Timeless classic",Descriptor:Ideas, Fire, Water: Immunity to ageing) {1PP} Impervious Toughness 11 ("Immense Durability" Descriptors: Ideas, Metal) {11PP} Protection 2 ("Ironsides" Descriptors: Metal, Ideas) [2PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC27 Damage (Physical) Obscure 100ft DC20 Obscure (visual Senses) Totals: Abilities (28) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (11) + Skills (10) + Feats (15) + Powers (72) - Drawbacks (0) = 160/164 Power Points
  9. HGM

    Flight of the Osprey

    GM Medical Examiner's Office London Borough of Hackney, Greater London, England Wednesday, April, 1st, 2015 4:15 PM There was an old expression. "Why does the Regents Canal run through Hackney? To avoid getting shot." Known as one of the most crime-ridden areas of London, Hackney's reputation was not entirely ill earned. Drug dens and shootings weren't entirely uncommon. Arsons were for their part far rarer outside of riots. After the fifth in a recurring series of fires resulted in the death of four people in the borough, the London Fire Brigade reached out to the Ministry of Powers for assistance. Sending Foreshadow and Ulysses as representatives of Vanguard to the local medical examiner's office. The building was clearly understaffed with dated technology. The ME in charge of the case, Dr Benjamin Martins, a balding man in his mid forties. His face showing signs of aging in a rough stress filled career. His assistants were actually a set of twin women in their mid twenties. Red haired with Scottish accents they were hard at work sterilizing the equipment. "This body is a most curious affair." Medina Family Manor Bristol, England Wednesday, April, 1st, 2015 6:00 PM About three hours away (four taking into account London traffic) in reputable bristol were Dee Farrington and Agnus Stone. The Ministry of Powers had received word that the Medina Family, a prominent Spanish family who earned their fortune through cattle ranching, had smuggled computronium through the black market. As they couldn't just outright accuse a reputable family of explicit dealings. A matter of tact was needed. Using Dee's familial connections the pair was able to swing invitations to a big bash the Medinas were throwing in their Bristol manor. Currently sitting in the back of a limo making its way to the steps of the estate. Dee an Agnus were moments from making their grand entrance. Their driver was the only backup that the ministry could afford to provide the ladies. Not that they needed any. Adrian Jobert, a former UNISON agent. He was a muscular black man of French descent. Possibly from Guadaloupe, they weren't sure. in fact Dee and Agnus had seen him around the Ministry once or twice, but their familiarity with the man was limited at best. However, with the ongoing restructuring it meant that the dame afforded him a level of trust. "Mademoiselle Farrington et Mademoiselle Stone. The Ministry has seen fit to outfit the vehicle with all the amenities. The ear bud communicators are of limited range, but if you need my assistance simply ring."
  10. GM UNISON Headquarters Geneva, Switzerland December 25, 2014 10:50 PM local time Just a few hours ago, UNISON headquarters in Geneva, Switzerland had been practically deserted, only a minimal security detail and a few technicians had been on duty, the rest home with their families for Christmas. That was until Colonel Ellis had been contacted by the Freedom League about an approaching threat from space. In the intervening time, scores of UNISON personnel had been called in, the headquarters now abuzz with activity as UNISON personnel were reaching out to contacts in governments and militaries around the world, as well as preparing itself for the possible arrival of a hostile alien force. Over a decade ago, UNISON had shocked many world leaders, when it had fielded a small fleet of space capable heavy fighters, the Uni-Storm, during the Grue invasion of 2003. Since that time, Colonel Ellis had managed to hold off efforts to decommission the Uni-Storm, which mean that UNISON had under its control a majority of Earth's space capable combat aircraft. The pilots for the fighters were still being brought it, and gearing up and receiving briefings for possible sorties. The mechanics that had been brought in were working as fast as they could to get all the fighters ready should they be needed, with more arriving all the time. Things were much further along than if there had been no warning, but they still needed a bit more time before they could get all the Uni-Storm into the air. During the past few hours, a number of even more unusual individuals had arrived at UNISON’s headquarters, as a group of superheroes from across Europe and the United States had arrived to offer what assistance they could. With Colonel Ellis' former connections with the Ministry of Powers in the UK, it was only natural that the current members of the Vanguard were present. Also present were two national heroes from countries in southern Europe, Professor Chiron from Greece, and Stella d'Argento (the Silver Star) from Italy. A pair of heroes had also transported to Geneva from the United States, sent by the Freedom League to assist as well. Currently the gathered heroes were with Colonel Ellis in a large command center in the center of the headquarters, where UNISON technicians were tracking activity all over the world as various militaries began the process of preparing themselves for the possibility of an attack, and keeping an eye on the telemetry coming in from numerous satellites and radio tracking stations on Earth that were scanning the heavens for signs of approaching ships. "So as of right now, we need about another half an hour to have all the planes ready to go into combat if needed." Ellis stated to the gathered heroes. "We can probably have half of them up in about twelve minutes, perhaps a bit sooner. As for the military units around the rest of the world…well, they are trying to mobilize as quick as they can, but this is probably about one of the worst times for such an attack in terms of the number of personnel away from base with friends and family."
  11. So, we need to start to work on putting together the Haven as a headquarters for the new Vanguard, and possibly building VERA as well. What are some of the things we would want for the headquarters and for VERA? And, how many points do people plan to contribute? I have 9 unspent points for equipment/minion-sidekicks that I can contribute to the efforts.
  12. Ulysses Alexander cross, Train engineer and Host to the spirit of industry; Rolling thunder on the road to tomorrow. History Born in 1950 in a small house in London, Alexander cross, son of Julia and Gordon Cross, Lived a fairly uneventful childhood, It was not until he was a young man that he first discovered the great love of his life, the Mighty Iron horses of the rails and applied for work as a driver and engineer; a task he happily dedicated most of his adult life too, even moving to america and the famed freedom city to pursue america's famed routes and follow a rapidly dwindling career to its last bastion; It was here that he would become engineer upon a pacific bigboy affectionately nicknamed "Ulysses" for its long route was rather less affectionately referred to as "the odyssey." It was on the eve of his eventual (and forced) retirement that his powers manifested, sending him hurtling forwards in time, disorientated and confused by the world beyond the now ruined rail yard he was initially reluctant to leave the confines of his place of work until he was driven by a powerful urge (that he would later learn was his mysterious benefactor, the spirit of industry.) to press on with his life, securing himself a job as a night guard in the museum of science and industry, modest accommodations and in general began to take back his life. as fate would have it however it was not to last, finding himself consumed with great wanderlust and enormous amounts of time on his hands he did what came naturally and travelled. at first within the state, then to nearby states and eventually other countries, occasionally managing to prevent some disaster or defeat some villain in the process, it was quite a suprise for him then when he made his first involuntary hop across the dimensions and found himself (and others) stranded in what he would later learn as Earth-Victoria and became involved with the ministry of powers back in his homeland once more making the journey across the Atlantic to chase his destiny. Powers Ulysses powers are based upon industry, mostly manifesting as enhanced strength, speed and toughness, though he has been known to issue forth scalding steam from his mouth and travel through time and dimensions (albeit involuntarily so far.) the spirit of industry itself has far vaster options and readily uses more exotic (and less humane) options. Allies Ulysses is a member of the United kingdom superhero team "The Vanguard." and is affiliated with its other members, the ministry of powers itself and by extension the United kingdoms national government.
  13. Tiffany Korta

    Dining Out

    Braddock’s Restaurant, London, United Kingdom Braddock’s was one of the most exclusive restaurant in London there was a two year waiting list and still then you could be turned down for not being of the right caliber. So an invite to attend a diner on the fly was a surprise in the very least. As they arrived they were show to a table where there sat an old woman she only appeared in her 60 but she was actually much older. Dame Pennington, Britannia during the war, was not a woman to be trifled with despite her advancing years.
  14. GM "So that's it" said Cruxberry. "The best lead we have. And I can't say I'm surprised that it was Lucy Diamond that showed up first. She never was very circumspect at the best of times". Cruxberry sat, whilst the impassive, muscular agent Smith stood with his usual jet black glasses, crisp black suit, and huge black briefcase, not moving a muscle. He didn't say a word. Smith never said a word, unless he needed too. It was in rural Wales, apparently. Some locals had seen sights. Of course, masses of people had seen sights. Champion flying overhead, Y Derwen planting himself in their back garden, on a glittering display of lights that could only be Lucy Diamond. But this was a lot more persuasive than the others. The descriptions were accurate. And actually frightening. A band of travellers, a wandering woman matching Lucy Diamond, and a wholescale panic. The whole travelling community went, for want of a better word, banana's. Attacking each other, arson, self injury. Two dead, seventeen severely injured. Utter mayhem. The file on Lucy Diamond spoke for itself. "Lucy was always powerful, but a loose cannon" explained Cruxberry. "Anyone touching her was infected with some kind of madness. And she was quite short of marbles herself. Combined that with the ability to turn into a form of organic diamond..." he whistled. "Osprey and Dr Benoit...I can see their potential but they haven't earned their stripes yet. Also, I need them for another matter" he explained to Young Brittania and Synapse. "So I would like you two to look into the sightings. Lucy Diamond is not a threat, at least not directly. We just want to find answers...." he drummed his fingers and looked at Synapse. "And there is a problem" he explained. "Lucy was completely immune to psionic effects. At least as far as Headcase was concerned. Somehow she shuts them down. Probably why Headcase was so paranoid about her. Although as you know, he was pretty paranoid about everything" he conceded. "Maybe you can get through to her, maybe you can't. But you can at least try to find out what happened, see if there is any truth to the stories. See if you cant stop anybody else going crazy with that splendid head of yours" he said to Synapse, passing her the file on Lucy.
  15. OOC for The Haven is being trawled through and repaired, and is half back on line. Feel free to explore or make rolls to use it if you wish (it is quite safe now!) Social posts for a bit, with Eileen now in the mix, and Blackpool all ready for some ear bashing from Jasmine. We shall then move to examining the Osprey and looking to catch the Tyullian.
  16. GM Meanwhile...below the Thames...in the Haven... The Haven was being tidied, swept, and cleaned. A small horde of tech staff, security forces, and agents were searching it with careful detail. Amongst them, Professor Blackpool, Osprey, and Dr Jasmine Benoit, otherwise known as Catalyst. And a new face, Captain Eileen Rose. She was a woman of average height, with short cropped blonde hair and a handsome face, marred by a scar down one side of her face. She had the body of a muscular snake, all coiled and energetic. Her military fatigues were littered with striped and awards. Captain Rose was simply one of the best the Military had. That was before the Osprey formula had been tried on her. Admittedly at much much lower doses. The only visible sign was the eyes. Black, black and wide. Avian eyes. Not much escaped those eyes, sharp as an eagles. Professor Blackpool had taken them to the Haven's medical laboratories. "This place is a gold mine" he explained. "The Haven had access to all of the Ministries research, including the Osprey formula. But here, here they did so much more! The Osprey formula is only the beginning! You see, its highly unstable..very risky...it can cause..." Captain Rose gave a glare at him with her inhuman eyes. "...yes, well. Its unstable. In essence, it can reset DNA, you see. Stabilise any mutations or deteriorations. Those poor souls that the Haven reactivated? those cyborgs? guess what...they had been stuffed full of the Osprey formula! With the Haven back on line, we may be able to perfect it!"
  17. OOC for thread, as we start pulling the team and relationship map together, and may see the beginnings of conflict and investigation!
  18. GM September 1st The Ministry of Powers, London There were, of course, a number of government agents. Armed ones, too. And a number of bustling, virtually faceless civil servants. But the only two men with any gravity in the plush office, decorated in oak, with lined leather volumes gilding every wall were the Minister for Powers, the Rt Hon. Cecil Booth, and Sir Cruxberry, who actually ran the agency. Cecil Booth was middle aged, slightly rounding, and moderately intelligent. A career politician, he had never been particularly successful and had never really failed. He had slowly risen the ranks, never destined to be a star, but never destined to take a fall. "Good old dependable Booth" was the genial comment that accompanied his name, when it was mentioned. He was even respected by the opposition parties, which of course only served to further dampen his career prospects. He had never wanted the portfolio for the Ministry of Powers, but once he had it, he had applied himself to it. Sir Cruxberry was older, ex army, and a veteran of war and spying. He wore a patch over one eye and walked with a noticible limp, but his solitary blue eye shone bright. His form was lean and his hair was white and clipped like his moustache. Somehow, one was left with the feeling that ones boots were not quite polished enough when one talked to him. Or that he could kill you in some ingenious but terribly effective way without breaking a sweat. "Thank's for popping over" said Booth, offering Young Brittania a cup of tea, of which he had already drunk several cups and was quietly trying to hold on to his bursting bladder. He was quite excited to have the heroine in the room. "For Queen and country and all that" he continued, with encouragement. "Look, I expect you know what this is all about. The Vanguard, they vanished without a trace a few months ago. Quite the mystery. Left us defenceless, and beside that, we would rather like to know what the devil happened..." he said with a helpless shrug, backed up by the precise gaze of Cruxberry who spoke no words but communicated his iron agreement.
  19. GM Deptford Docks, London August 31st, Near Midnight... The sky was not as dark as a costumed nocturnal crime fighter would have likes. The stars, and moon, where out in force. The summer heat was ablated somewhat but the Thames, swirling dark through London. The air was dry, and for many it would be a night of music and love. But not for Osprey. Smuggling in London was controlled by one man. The middleman. Who he was, nobody knew. Few even knew of his existence. But he had his finger in every pie. The gangs of London knew exactly who they had to go through to get 'product' in. Or, in some cases, out. And a major haul of drugs was coming in. The superdrug Max, by all accounts. On a small freighter docked in the pier, being unloaded by a gang of heavies. As Osprey looked on, he saw the five men being approached by two policemen, who started asking questions...
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  21. Supercape

    Hospital Visit

    GM Wiltmoor hospital Just outside London September 1st "Just a second ma'am..ill buzz you through" said the nurse. He was dressed cleanly and causally, middle aged but fit, with a pleasant smile. "Your father is here already..." he explained kindly as he lead Lady Dawn Farrington through the clinical and friendly corridors of Wiltmoor hospital. It was expensive, to say the least. But it was money that showed in the high level of staffing, expertise of said staff, and architectural beauty and function of the building. It was actually fairly secure for a hospital, but it hid it well. The grounds were expansive, and green, and the fencing discrete. "Susan..she is doing ok, you know. She still has some days where she is bad, but on the whole, she is making progress. She is learning to talk about and cope with her problems" he smiled, encouragingly. Further into the bowels of the hospital, outside the ward Susan was in, stood her Father, in consultation with Doctor Felicity Green, her psychiatrist, and a tall, bulky man wearing regulation agency suit and carrying an enormous briefcase that carried God knows what inside. A weapon? a bomb? "AH there you ah, m'dear" said Lord Farrington, stiffly, trying to contain his irritation at his daughter's appearance behind a stiff upper lip. "This man, Mr. Smith.." he said indicating the suit "...has come from the Ministry. They ah...were just checking up on your Sister. And you, I understand..."
  22. The Vanguard were the united kingdoms major superteam in the late twentieth century, forming slowly between 1970 and 1980. Much is known about them, from press cuttings and interviews. Of course, some information is more classified, and known only to those with access to the Ministry of Powers files on these exceptional individuals. What is not known is how and why they disappeared overnight...
  23. Synapse Player Name Thevshi Power Level: 12/15 (217/250PP) Trade-Offs: -2 Def/+2 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 33 In Brief: Rebellious genius Englishwoman with mental powers. Alternate Identity: "Dee" Farrington; Lady Dawn Farrington Identity: Secret Birthplace: Bournemouth, England Occupation: Activist Affiliations: Ministry of Powers (not by choice), Vanguard Family: Lord Erasums Farrington (11th Earl Farrington (father)); Lady Margret Farrington (mother); Lady Susan Farrington (twin sister); Edward Farrington (Viscount Farrington (brother)) Age: 25 (DOB: 5/18/1990) Gender: Female Height: 5' 7" Weight: 120 lbs Eyes: Blue Hair: Black, with green stripes (naturally blonde) Dee is slightly taller than average, with a slim build. Though an attractive young woman, that attractiveness is somewhat diminished by her generally irritable disposition. Her shoulder length hair is black, with a few colored streaks (the color of which varies from time to time between green, blue, magenta, purple and orange), though her natural hair color is blonde. Dee typically dresses in dark jeans, with T-shirts (typically with a band logo or some political statement on them) and a black leather jacket. Dee has a number of piercings in each ear, as well as tongue and bellybutton piercings. She also has gotten a few tattoos over the years. One is a grouping of Chinese characters on her left shoulder blade. The other is of a black circle made of twisted thorn branches on her lower back. Power Descriptions: Synapse's Telekinesis, Forcefield, Mental Blast and Paralyze attack all involve a manifestation of red psychic energy that are readily visible. Her Mind Control and Telepathy, are considerably more subtle in nature, making them somewhat more difficult to detect by either the target or others with mental awareness super-senses. History: Dawn was born into an aristocratic family in the United Kingdom. Much of her early life was spent in either London, where her father serves on the House of Lords, or at her family's estate in Dorset, most often in the care of nannies hired by her parents to help raise her and her siblings. The family's head butler, Arthur Winston-Smythe was also a prominent figure in caring for the Farrington children, traveling between London and Dorset with the family. Growing up, Dawn and her twin sister Susan were inseparable, as one would expect of twins. Their older brother, Edward, was somewhat distant, but it did not matter much as they had each other, particularly when their parents began to send them off to expensive boarding schools. In his position in the House of Lords, Dawn's father worked closely with the Ministry of Powers and was a strong supporter of Taskforce UK. In particular, Lord Farrington was a close associate of the team's mentalist, Headcase. When the Ministry revived its Powers Project, Headcase convinced Lord Farrington to include Dawn and her twin sister Susan in the Psi Initiative, confident he could induce psychic powers in the two girls. The two girls were subjected to the process, with Headcase himself directly involved. Over the course of several weeks over the summer when the girls were eleven, they underwent the process. When it was over, both girls had gained mental powers. However, something had gone awry in Susan's case, the process causing damage to her psyche, driving the girl insane. Headcase was forced to subdue her, and drugs were used to suppress her powers. Dawn's parents had no choice but to commit Susan to a private mental hospital, where she could be provided the best around the clock care, and carefully kept be out of the public eye. In Dawn's case, the process was far more successful, as her psyche had not been harmed, at least by the psi initiative process. The fate of her sister, and her parents reaction in quietly tucking Susan away, served to create a rebellious attitude in Dawn (who began refusing to acknowledge that name, insisting on being called "Dee" instead), as she blamed her parents, and in particular her father, for what had happened to Susan. Always an extremely bright girl, Dee began to do everything she could to act out against her parents. In addition to generally being as difficult as she could, Dee began dying her hair; eventually got additional body piercings and tattoos; and otherwise generally acting as unladylike as possible. During the times she was home (either in Dorset or London), she would regularly sneak out at night, either going to concerts or nightclubs. Unbeknownst to her, during those late night outings, she was often followed by Arthur, the family's butler, who had for a time served as an agent in MI6, as he did his best to keep her from coming to harm. Her behavior carried over to the boarding schools her parents sent her off to, including incidents such as mixing together a chemical formula to generate massive amounts of smoke in chemistry class (and thus causing an evacuation of the building) to repeated violations of school curfew and other rules. Among the prestigious boarding schools she got herself kicked out of were Brighton College, Queen Ethelburga's College (York), Wycombe Abbey, and Cheltenham Ladies' College. As much as Dee hated her parents, she despised Headcase even more. Unfortunately, over the years she was required to have regular meetings with the mentalist, as he helped her learn to use and control her ever strengthening powers. Despite her rebellious behavior and expulsion from several boarding schools, Dee eventually attended Oxford University. Dee's rebelliousness subsided somewhat, in large part due to the fact that the university was far less restrictive than her boarding schools, and the fact she wanted to be there. While she still enjoyed having a good time, she had little trouble maintain excellent marks. It was early during her time at Oxford that Headcase took Dee (despite her protests) to meet the other members of Vanguard. Unlike so many others, she was not overly impressed with Champion. Certainly he was powerful, but to her, he was just a figurehead for the status quo. Y Dderwen was rather inscrutable, and the young woman did not quite know what to make of him. Lucy on the other hand, she found to be rather cool, even if the older heroine was working with the government. After finishing her degree, Dee ignored her father's attempts to steer her towards going into research work with corporations at which he had connections or for the government. Instead, the young woman joined a human rights group and left England to spend a year teaching and working on aid projects in Africa. After returning from Africa, Dee was contacted by the Ministry of Powers to be part of a new Vanguard and help search for the whereabouts of the previous team. Personality & Motivation: As a first impression, Dee generally comes off as rather irritable, though she can be generally pleasant as long as someone does not do anything to aggravate her. Unfortunately, it is not that difficult to aggravate her. For the most part, Dee is happiest when she is left alone to do what she wants. In addition to a rebellious streak, Dee is also something of a thrill seeker, one who loves racing motorcycles, or extreme snowboarding. Although there is a great deal of anger, and even hatred, directed at her parents (and to a lesser degree, her older brother), there is still a part of Dee that cares about them, though she is extremely reluctant to show it. Being a superheroine has never been anything Dee has strived for, particularly if it meant working with the Ministry of Powers. However, she reluctantly realizes that despite what she might feel about the government in general, and the Ministry of Powers in particular, choosing not to do anything could well lead to innocents being hurt. Powers & Tactics: Thus far, Dee has had little in the way of combat experience, and thus has not developed any particular tactics relating to her powers. She has learned to use her telekinesis to protect herself with a forcefield, and will almost always put up the forcefield if she gets into combat. She also has generally sought to avoid using her powers in general. However, she learned to control her powers as they grew in strength over the years, in order to avoid them accidently going out of control. Complications: Twin Sister: Susan is still perhaps the single most important thing in Dee's life and the young woman is determined to take care of Susan the rest of her life. Dee hopes that someday she might be able to find a way to repair Susan's psyche and restore her sanity. The "bad girl": A number of tabloids have carried pictures of Dee over the years (and some of her wild antics), so she has developed at least a small amount of fame (or infamy, depending on who you ask) as a result. There has to be a story here: Besides the general tabloid attention Dee occasionally gets, one investigative reporter, Billy Bunting, has heard some rumors about the Ministry of Powers having some sort of psychic powers program, and that it might be somehow connected to the Farrington family. He is determined to find out if there is anything to these rumors. Another reason to hate that guy!: For some reason, whether by accident or specific design, Headcase's tinkering with Dee's mind to induce her powers has left her particularly vulnerable to his abilities. If targeted by Headcase's powers, Dee automatically fails her saving throw for a HP. Abilities: 0 + 6 + 6 + 12 + 12 + 2 = 38PP Strength: 10 Dexterity: 16 (+3) Constitution: 16 (+3) Intelligence: 22/30 (+6/+10) Wisdom: 22/32 (+6/+11) Charisma: 12 (+1) Combat: 6 + 12 = 18PP Initiative: +10 Attack: +3 Grapple: +3 Defense: +6 base, +9 with Dodge Focus (+3 flat-footed) Knockback: -1/-6 w/Forcefield Saving Throws: 5 + 6 + 3 = 14PP Toughness: +14 (+3 Con, +11 Forcefield) Fortitude: +8 (+3 Con, +5) Reflex: +9 (+3 Dex, +6) Will: +14 (+11 Wis, +3) Skills: 124R = 31PP Bluff 6 (+7/+11 w/ Attractive) Computers 14 (+24) Concentration 4 (+15) Craft: Chemical 2 (+12) Craft: Electronics 6 (+16) Craft: Mechanical 6 (+16) Drive 10 (+13) Disable Device 15 (+25) Kn: Behavioral Science 1 (+11) Kn: History 2 (+12) Kn: Popular Culture 4 (+14) Kn: Philosophy and Religion 2 (+12) Kn: Physical Sciences 6 (+16) Kn: Technology 10 (+20) Medicine 1 (+12) Notice 4 (+15) Perform (Piano) 12 (+13) Pilot 4 (+7) Search 2 (+12) Sense Motive 9 (+20) Stealth 4 (+7) Feats: 14 PP Attractive Benefit 4 (Wealth 2; Member of British Aristocracy, Member of Vanguard) Dodge Focus 3 Eidetic Memory Improvised Tools Inventor Luck 2 Speed of Thought Powers: 4+13+8+10+12+9+35+2+8+1 = 102 PP Comprehend 2 (Understand All Languages and Speak Any One Language at a time) [4PP] Communication 4 (Mental, 1 mile radius, Extras: Affects Others, Area; Power Feats: Selective) [13PP] (Telepathic Linkup) Enhanced Intelligence 8 [8PP] Enhanced Wisdom 10 [10PP] Forcefield 11 (Feat: 1 alt) [12PP] AP: Telekinesis 5 {10/10} Power Reserve 4 (8PP reserve; Base Powers: Mental Blast [10 total], Paralyze [10 total]; Feats: Additional Power: Telekinesis [9 total]) [9PP] Psychic Powers Array (32PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 3) [35PP] BP: Paralyze 8 (Extra: Perception) {32/32} AP: Mind Control 12 (Feats: Subtle; Mental Link) {25/32} AP: Telepathy 12 (Feat: Subtle) {25/32} AP: Mental Blast 8 {32/32} Quickness 4 (X25) (Flaw: Limited to mental tasks only) [2PP] Super-senses Detect Minds (Mental Awareness) (Very Common Descriptor, Ranged, Accurate, Acute, Radius) [8PP] Super-Sense (Communications Link [mental] with Foreshadow II) [1PP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Melee 15/Tou Damage Mental Blast Perception 22/Will Damage (Psychic) Paralyze Perception 22/Fort Paralyze (Psychic) Totals: Abilities (38) + Combat (18) + Saving Throws (14) + Skills (31) + Feats (14) + Powers (102) = 217/250PP
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