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Reputations In Freedom City (And Beyond!)

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Katharine Shade—Warp


Katharine Lilly Shade

Gather Info

DC 10: Lilly is a freshmen attending Emerald City university, major undeclared. She is an intern at the local ASTRO labs.

DC 15: She used to live in Illinois, then Freedom City at some sort of prep school, and now here. Her internship job seems to be mostly working as a lab monkey, test subject and assistant to researchers with special needs.  

DC 20: Her actual roll in the lab appears to be more complicated. The financial aid that they provide her is entirely out of line with her internship as described. After a mysterious incident in her hometown, she was moved to a private high school in Freedom, where she continued to live until graduation.

DC 25: As a teenager, on the day of a play she was meant to star in, Katharine went missing. She was discovered far away in Chicago on the day of the play in her bedclothes, terrified. Police suspected kidnapping but the investigation was dropped. Details are classified. After this, she almost immediately moved to Claremont Academy.
DC 30: Katharine Lilly Shade is a registered metahuman.





Gather Information

DC 10: A young woman clad in red and black calling herself Warp is active nationally. Her powers appear to be entropic in nature . . . But is no newcomer to the hero community, and some seem to regard her as hazard. 

DC 15: Previously active as a teenage superhero around the time of the Day of Wrath, she seems to have a history of trouble keeping her powers stable. Warp is a known teleporter, able to appear and disappear from sight as well as fire entropic bolts and cause enormous objects to vanish into thin air. She operates across the country, particularly in Freedom and Emerald City.

DC 20: When active as a teenage superhero, there was an instance where her powers seemed to go out of control, causing no small amount of property damage. She seemed to have retired then, but has now returned.

Knowledge: Life Sciences

Gaining this information requires an examination and analysis of Warp and her powers.

DC 10: Warp's powers generate energy signatures that appear to be entropic in nature.

DC 20: Warp has a significant t-count, usually present in 'T-babies.' As such, she is a mutant whose powers spring from the Terminus.

DC 25: Warp's body produces energy with her mutant heart. It reacts to Warp's will, waxing and waning at her command and according to her instinct. Its properties can be especially corrosive to the space-time fabric and anything in it, allowing Warp to teleport from place to place or muster corrosive, entropic energy in her attacks.

DC 30: She's still mutating! Her body is rapidly learning to make use of Warp's latent energy, changing, pushing still further away from the baseline that most consider 'human.' This growth happens faster than Warp can adjust, causing her powers to be somewhat temperamental.





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Placeholder for Hammer - Kwame Harris Reputation



Gather Information

DC 10 Hammer's real name is Kwame Harris.  He was once a TNA wrestler.

DC 15  His powers seem to be purely strength based.  He is extremely resistance to damage.  He tends to use wrestling moves when fighting crime.

DC 20 He recently gained powers and has joined the Ultimate Wrestling League.


Knowledge Current Events

DC 10  Hammer's real name is Kwame Harris.  He was once a TNA wrestler.

DC 15  He started his career at the age of 25 with the Pro Championship Wrestling organization in Chicago.

DC 20 Hammer has started working as a hero in Freedom city.


Knowledge Streetwise

DC 25 Hammer had some dealings with a known drug pusher, Gently Cross, a few years ago.

DC 30 Hammer received his powers by taking a number of drugs.

DC 40 The chemicals that Hammer had taken to gain his power was a mixture of the Power-House formula and the DNAscent process.


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Gather Information (this is common knowledge - almost everyone should know this!): 

DC 10

Mark Lucas, aka Edge, is one of the most famous 'unmasked' heroes in the world. A humanitarian who works for the United Nations, he travels the world from hot spot to hot spot, making food, shelter, and other necessities with a wave of his hand. He's only in his mid-twenties but is already widely considered one of the most broadly powerful super-beings on Earth. 


Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 

DC 25 

The things Mark Lucas does with his powers, which seem to be magical in origin, should not be possible for a being native to this realm - but there he is! 


Knowledge (Cosmology) 

DC 30 

Mark Lucas took part in the Dethroning of Omega, the Knight of Entropy, some years ago - this has given him powerful friends and terrible enemies. 




Gather Information 

DC 25 

Monsoon, Edge's armored, hydrokinetic partner in adventuring and romance (based on the pictures some have taken) is Nina al-Darsah, daughter of Typhoon, the terrible monarch of Socotra. 


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Deep Ones: 

Gather Info 

DC 10 

Deep Ones are some kinda crazy fish people from under the sea - they invaded a few years ago and did some very bad things - but the heroes of Freedom took them down! 

DC 25 

Deep Ones are a loose assortment of undersea kingdoms and tribes hostile both to Atlantis and to life on the Surface. Worshiping strange gods and commanding dark magics, they are not to be trifled with. 


Aquaria Innsmouth: 

Gather Info

DC 15 

Aquaria Innsmouth is a registered meta-offender living in the DuTemps Building. 

DC 25

Aquaria Innsmouth is a Deep One - the only one living on the Surface. 


Sea Devil 

Gather Info 

DC 15 

Sea Devil is an armored hero - her armor vaguely resembles Star Knight armor. She's usually found in the company of the powerhouse Singularity 

DC 20 

There is something _weird_ about Sea Devil - her voice, posture, and manner of speaking do not seem like a human being 

DC 25 

Sea Devil is Aquaria Innsmouth. 



Gather Info 

DC 20 

Keeley White, aka Singularity, is a registered meta-offender living in the DuTemps Building

DC 30 

Singularity is a multiversal clone of the heroine Wander.


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Mister Strix


Gather Information

DC10: Rumor has it a “man in white” has been haunting Bedlam City at night. He may not be human. He might be a ghost or a demon.

DC15: The “man in white,” whatever he is, is real. He calls himself “Mister Strix.” He attacks both cops and criminals. He might be a vigilante, or he might be working for one of the gangs, but none of them will admit to it.

DC20: Mister Strix is a vigilante who seems to concentrate on human trafficking and smuggling more than other types of crime.

DC25: Mister Strix is a vigilante, and he isn't in anyone’s pocket. He doesn't work for any of the gangs. He doesn't work for the cops, or with them. He doesn't have any partners. He’s a wild card, and everyone wants him dead.

DC40: At this level, a character may be able to piece together that Mister Strix is Brian Brubaker, and/or that he is a survivor of the DNAscent process.


Knowledge (Arcane)

DC25: The fighting style Mister Strix uses is the original martial art of Atlantis, from which all others are descended. He must have trained in Shambala Vale, the only place on Earth where it is still taught.


Knowledge (Life Sciences)

DC15: “Strix” is a genus of owls, part of the “Strigidae” or “True Owl” family.


Knowledge (Streetwise)

DC10: Rumor has it a “man in white” has been haunting Bedlam City at night. He may not be human. He might be a ghost or a demon.

DC15: The “man in white,” whatever he is, is real. He calls himself “Mister Strix.” He attacks both cops and criminals. He might be a vigilante, or he might be working for one of the gangs, but none of them will admit to it.

DC20: Mister Strix is a vigilante, and he isn't in anyone’s pocket. He doesn't work for any of the gangs. He doesn't work for the cops, or with them. He doesn't have any partners. He’s a wild card, and everyone wants him dead.

DC25: Mister Strix seems to hit human trafficking and smuggling operations more often than any other types of crime.


Knowledge (Theology/Philosophy)

DC15: Owls appear in the mythology of dozens of cultures around the world. They are almost always bad omens, and they are often monsters.

DC20: The strix was a blood-sucking owl monster in Greco-Roman mythology.

DC25: In the oldest vampire myths, instead of transforming into bats, vampires turned into owls.


Brian Brubaker


Gather Information

DC15: Brian Brubaker is a blind artist living in Bedlam City. His sculptures are shown in galleries around the world.

DC20: Brian Brubaker is the son of Frank Brubaker, the founder and C.E.O. of Brubaker Imports. He was born in Bedlam City, like his parents before him, but he spent several years abroad.  His sculptures are creepy.

DC25: Brian Brubaker was blinded by a car bomb when he was 19. The same bomb killed his mother, Ann Miller-Brubaker, his younger brother, Wade Brubaker, and their driver. Police believe that his father, Frank Brubaker, was the intended target. Frank Brubaker was not injured.

DC40: At this level, a character may be able to piece together that Brian Brubaker is Mister Strix, and/or that he is a survivor of the DNAscent process.


Knowledge (Art)

DC20: Brian Brubaker is a reclusive artist in the mold of J.D. Salinger. He’s famous as much for being blind as he is for his sculptures, which are universally macabre. His preferred medium is metal, and his subject matter is human bodies in various states of dismemberment and mutation. His work has been compared to that of H.R. Giger and Guillermo Del Toro.

DC25: Brian Brubaker burst onto the European art scene out of nowhere. He spent a few months building a following there before moving back home to America. He hardly ever shows up to galleries in-person, but his showings usually sell out.


Knowledge (Business)

DC20: Brian Brubaker is the son of Frank Brubaker, the founder and C.E.O. of Brubaker Imports.


Knowledge (Civics)

DC20: Brian Brubaker was blinded by a car bomb when he was 19. The same bomb killed his mother, Ann Miller-Brubaker, his younger brother, Wade Brubaker, and their driver. Police believe that his father, Frank Brubaker, was the intended target. Frank Brubaker was not injured. The case remains unsolved.


Brubaker Imports


Gather Information

DC10: Brubaker Imports is a bulk shipping company, which moves freight by land and sea all over the world.

DC15: Brubaker Imports was founded by Frank Brubaker, a Bedlam City native son. He grew up poor and worked his way up from nothing to found one of the most successful shipping companies in the country.

DC20: Brubaker Imports is a subsidiary of Delphic Industries, which is based in Freedom City. Contrary to his public image as a legitimate businessman, Frank Brubaker is a gangster. He rose up through one of the Irish crime syndicates absorbed by the Scarpia Mafia family.

DC25: Brubaker Imports is a front for smuggling and human trafficking, with ties to the Scarpia family. The Justice Department has investigated them several times, but no charges have ever been filed.

DC40: At this level, a character may be able to connect Brubaker Imports directly to The Labyrinth.


Knowledge (Business)

DC10: Brubaker Imports is a bulk shipping company, which moves freight by land and sea all over the world.

DC15: Brubaker Imports was founded by Frank Brubaker, a Bedlam City native son. He grew up poor and worked his way up from nothing to found one of the most successful shipping companies in the country.

DC20: Brubaker Imports is a subsidiary of Delphic Industries, which is based in Freedom City.

DC25: Brubaker Imports has been investigated by the Justice Department several times. No charges have ever been filed.


Knowledge (Civics)

DC20: Brubaker Imports has been investigated by the Justice Department several times. No charges have ever been filed.

DC25: Brubaker Imports is one of many subsidiaries of Delphic Industries which has come under repeated federal investigation.


Knowledge (Streetwise)

DC20: Frank Brubaker is a gangster. He rose up through the ranks of one of the Irish crime syndicates that was swallowed by the Scarpia Mafia family.

DC25: Brubaker Imports is a front for smuggling and human trafficking. They pay a big cut of their profits to the Scarpias.


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Knowledge: Pop Culture 
DC 10: There's a new speedster in Freedom City. He goes by the name of Hyperactive. 

DC 15: Hyperactive is a speedster who not only works in Freedom City, but is a founding member of a group called the Waco Warriors. His parents are the Chicago heroes Mr. October and Sunset Speedster. 

DC 20: Hyperactive used to be Summer Son II. The legacy to the Chicago pyrokinetic Summer Son. After becoming Hyperactive, he quickly moved to Freedom. 

DC 25: Summer Son II was not a well respected hero. The press saw him, even as Hyperactive, as a rambunctious sidekick. 

Gather information
DC 5: He's a speedster who covers a pretty significant amount of territory. 

DC 10: This guy lives in Freedom City. He also fights in Waco. He was in Chicago at one point. 

DC 15: His web presence lists his name as Ikaika Akala. There is some presence for this person, but under real scrutiny it falls apart. This person doesn't exist.

DC 20: Tyson Masters uses Ikaika Akala as a false name. Both of these are legal personas, and Hyperactive is registered as a hero in the state of Illinois.

DC 25: Tyson Masters is related to a long line of Hawaiian super humans and mystics. 

Waco Warriors

Knowledge Pop Culture
DC 5: There's a Super team in Waco, Texas? Wait where is Waco?

DC 10: There's a Super team in Waco, Texas. The Waco Warriors. They are a young group of heroes. The team has both a core and reserve.

DC 15: The reserve members tend to be more renowned beyond Waco. (Someone from Freedom will know Hyperactive, the Windy City Warrior. Someone from Emerald City might know the Colorado Angels Michael and Gabrielle. Someone from Bedlam may know either of these). 

DC 20: The core Warriors are:
Doctor Orion: a Cosmic Paragon 
Druid: an elven defender of nature
Alan Alchemy: a genius chemist crime fighter.

The reserve
Hyperactive: The Windy City Warrior, a speedster who works in Freedom City. A founding member of the Warriors and head of the reserves.
The Colorado Angels: A team of two angels called Michael and Gabrielle. They both work in Waco, Emerald City, and Denver.
Mystery Master: a Mystical hero who works across the state of Texas, battling the occult and demonic alike.
Vagabond: A dead shot with a rifle who employs numerous trick bullets. She stalks Waco and the surrounding county. 
Black Hornet: a morally grey jet pack and twin uzi wielding terror of the night. He watches over Waco. 

DC 25: The core receives a significant advantage in that they can call upon the reserve to protect  Waco or central Texas, but are not obligated to go the other way. Hyperactive has expressed concern about this to the press.

DC 30: The Warriors are all Students at Baylor in Waco. There is concern post graduation that most will not remain to protect Waco. 

Clan Akala and Clan Ku'Mana

Knowledge Arcane Lore or History
DC 10: Two decently powerful groups of metahumans have been around since the golden age. Clan Akala and Clan Ku'Mana. Akala has produced heroes since the golden age with the most recent being Sunset Speedster and Hyperactive.

DC 15: The Akala and Ku'Mana have been at war for at least three millennia. Heroes and villains have been produced by both sides. They both gained powers via divine heritage and manipulation. 

DC 20: Clan Akala has found powers related to time and mass. They can trace the line directly back to the Demigod Maui. The Ku'Mana are accursed of two powerful Hawaiian gods: Ku and Kahoali. The Akala are the ones the Hawaiian pantheon call upon to intervene on their behalf, especially against Clan Ku'Mana. 

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Gather Information
DC10: A young man with a golden aura and enhanced abilities has been reportedly sighted around Freedom City.
DC15: The young man calls himself Gallant, and according to scattered witnesses acts as if he is a bombastic fantasy hero.
DC20: Gallant seems to generally move about at night, though he has also been seen at odd times within the twilight of a day.
DC25: Gallant does not seem to have a boss, or any major goals aside from general heroics. He has assisted the police, but also gone outside the law to do good.


Knowledge (Arcane)
DC25: Gallant seems adverse to Wrought Iron, a weakness shared by the mythological Fay.
Knowledge (Streetwise)
DC10: A young man with a golden aura and enhanced abilities has been reportedly sighted around Freedom City.
DC15: Gallant seems strangely shy about media attention. At least one witness reports seeing him outright flee from a local news crew.
DC20: Gallant does not seem to have a boss, or any major goals aside from general heroics. He has assisted the police, but also gone outside the law to do good.
Leon Angles
Gather Information
DC15: Leon Angles is an unremarkable high school graduate who recently moved to Freedom City. His sisters Giselle and Guinevere are minor success stories in the stock-market and track and field community, respectively.
DC20: Angles is currently employed at Silberman's Bookstore.
DC25: Angels was a victim and witness involved in the Saint Angels Alliance case. He was reportedly unconscious for most of the encounter on Helen Island, and therefore had little to give to the police in his testimony.
Helen Island
Gather Information
DC10: Helen Island is a small island off the coast of Freedom City.
DC15: Helen Island was recently brought to media attention as the location of the Saint Angels Alliance case.
DC20: For many years, Helen Island was a source of rumors surrounding it's apparent housing of a treasure trove of illegal weaponry, purportedly placed by famed mob boss Cyrus Graves.
Knowledge (Arcane)
DC15: Helen Island was, for many years, known for discharging minor amounts of mystical energy at an irregular pace. These pulses have recently ceased altogether.
DC20: According to scattered old texts, Helen Island was once one of the standard meeting places of the mystical fay.
Cyrus Graves


Gather Information
DC15: Cyrus Graves was once a high-level mob boss operating out of Freedom City circa 1970. On his death bed, he claimed to have hidden contraband on Helen Island.
DC25: Graves was notable for his borderline obsession with the mystical. This obsession became more pronounced the closer to death he was.
Knowledge (Arcane)
DC20: Graves seemed to have many connections to the mystical underground of his time.
DC25: Based on scattered reports and articles, it can be assumed that late in his life Graves became capable of minor magical feats.

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Knowledge (streetwise)

10 - Moira co-owns a pub with her father in the West End.

10 - Scion patrols around the West End, dealing with criminals.

15 - Moira is Scion.


Knowledge (popular culture)

15 - During the late 00s, Moira was the hero Divine. It was a secret insomuch as she didn't care to keep it.

15 - Moira disappeared off the radar in late 2011. She reappeared in early 2017... changed.

20 - Moira was part of the short-lived Knights of Freedom.

20 - Moira has had several dalliances with well-known heroes and villains.


Knowledge (theology and philosophy)

15 - Moira is an ordained Hellenistic priestess.

20 - Moira's golden bracer is powered by the Olympian gods. (also can be found out by [arcane lore])

20 - Moira is of Olympian blood.

30 - Moira is a former Olympian goddess named Edone.

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Nicole Whitfield-Hall



DC 25 + Opposed Check: An area in Riverside, Freedom City is the source of certain electronic spying signatures that can be found around the United States, as far as The Emerald Cities and several other cities and states.


Gather Information

DC 15: Nicole is a graduate from Claremont Academy, a prestigious and exclusive high school located in the Bayview area of Freedom City.

DC 20: Nicole is a member of the Whitfield clan, a wealthy but eccentric family who has investments in many businesses and fields, especially those in centered in washington and Oregon.

DC 25: Her immediate family and many of her relatives died when her family's mansion burned down during a family gathering. This unfortunate tragedy has also been the cause of her paraplegia. Her foster family are now the Leons. The mother was Nicole's caretaker.


Knowledge (Arcane Lore)

DC 25: The magic Nicole is most familiar with is an joined communion of two specific branches of study, the Whitfields' and Halls'. The Whitfields, while still capable sorcerers, are best known for the quality and creativity of their magical artifacts and runes, and claim their influence to the first Anglo-Saxon clans. The Halls are a younger family, yet hold just as much pedigree in the art of energy manipulation as the Whitfields do in their own fields.

DC 30: Her family, both the Whitfields and Halls, have been an invisible scourge upon the magical community in their spheres of influence, committing atrocities and violating basic human decency. To keep from the prying eyes of the Master Mage and The Order of Light, they conduct their operations subtly, worming their way to influence both mundane and magical in the Northwest United States and Quebec.


Knowledge (Streetwise)

DC 25: Nicole Whitfield is intimately connected to the bust of multiple criminal enterprises in The Emerald Cities. Through a series of anonymous tips she was able to provide information to the local authorities. The ensuing series of arrests were widely known and the various law enforcement agencies publicly lauded.

DC 30: Wherever they are the Whitfields and the Halls have their handprint in organized crime, and Nicole Whitfield's immediate family had roots in Oregon for more than a hundred years. More than enough time to establish itself as a major, if subtle, investor of the Northwest's underworld.






Gather Information

DC 15: Salvo is a hero active in Freedom City. Her flight allows her to patrol and respond in any district in the tri-state area, though she seems to favor certain areas.


Knowledge (Technology) + Access to Bellios

DC 30: Whatever Salvo is using to keep her armor running is nothing known to modern Earth science. While there are many backup reactors, ammunition stores, and comprehensive software to create a dizzying series of links and sources. But at the end of it all, it just doesn't make sense.


Knowledge (Arcane Lore) + Access to Bellios

DC 30: Unlike the Whitfield's claims to old and historied pedigree, Bellios is an undoubtedly ancient and magically puzzling artifact. The trace of Order is ever-present, needing to hold everything together, but there is also Chaos, the Infernal and Divine swap regularly with each other, and  a layer of Technomancy was added only recently.



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Gather Information


DC 10: Miracle Girl has been active in Freedom City for about three years. Her photogenic appearance, positive attitude and tireless commitment to helping people have made her a popular heroine. She flies and is very strong.


DC 15: Miracle Girl frequently helps out with disaster relief and other crises, though she does still fight crime. In addition to her strength, she can also accomplish tasks very quickly, and shoot some sort of 'lasers' out of her eyes.


DC 20: Miracle Girl seems to be very interested in environmental causes, and likes to help out in these areas.


Knowledge (Popular Culture)


DC 10: Miracle Girl has been a regular feature in the Freedom City media for about three years.


DC 15: Miracle Girl is rather popular among young people, with a number of fan websites in existence. She's also popular with first responders, and frequently visits them in the hospital if they're injured.


Knowledge (Streetwise)


DC 10: Miracle Girl is a powerful superheroine based out of Freedom City. She's been operating there for about three years.


DC 20: Miracle Girl has on occasionally worked with the supergenius crimefighter Terrifica. She has been known to treat criminals with an unusual amount of respect.


DC 30: Terrifica appears to be training Miracle Girl as her protégé.

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Ronin / Curtis Crane


Gather Info [Access to Military Record will achieve all of the below]

DC 15

Curtis Crane was a member of the US Army, who served two tours in the middle east and then left the armed forces.

DC 25

Curtis Crane was born and raised on Nancy Street, Bedlam. He worked as a Bomb Disposal Expert whilst in the army.

DC 35

Curtis Crane was injured by an improvised explosive device last year. Whilst he did not receive serious injuries he left service soon after. He was a highly decorated officer, expert in military engineering and explosives, as well as a crack shot. He was being considered for special forces work and thought of as an exceptionally able and brave solider.


Ronin / Curtis Crane [Current]


Knowledge (Streetwise) or Gather Info

DC 15

DC 25

Ronin is wanted by the police, but for nothing serious. In fact, many police think he is an asset. He has a reputation as tough and hard going, but has always been firm about not using lethal force.



Nancy Street


Knowledge [Streetwise]

DC 10

Nancy Street is a notorious, crime infested street off Ashford with plenty of street gangs trying to hustle their way up to big time organised crime status.

DC 20

Nancy Street has, over the past ten years, deteriorated from low status to trash status. It is too run down for organised crime to even bother with, although they do try to recruit more promising street thugs. The police are widely known to either ignore the street or take a cut of the criminal activity.


Ronin operates primarily out of Nancy Street, Bedlam. The local gangs fear him, the locals admire him.

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Cynthia Wright

Gather Information

DC 10: Works at ASTRO Labs.

DC 15: Works at ASTRO Labs as a researcher specializing in robotics and AI development. Her co-workers say she mostly keeps to her yourself. 

DC 20: Has made several inquiries about Dr. Wayland Wright, a rising star in AI development who disappeared under mysterious circumstances.

DC 30: There is no trace of Cynthia Wright existing before 2010. Her identity is entirely manufactured. 



Gather Information

DC 10: Another new hero running around Freedom City. Mostly patrols North Freedom and Downtown. Uses martial arts.

DC 15: Has enhanced strength and agility beyond normal human ability. She’s also a techopath capable of controlling electronic devices and machines. 

DC 20: Replica isn’t human. She doesn’t feel pain or fear and will not stop until the bad guys are given to the police! 

DC 25: Replica looks incredibly similar to an ASTRO Lab scientist by the name of Cynthia Wright who arrived in Freedom City just around the same time as Replica.


Knowledge: Technology

DC 20: Replica is an android. 

DC 30: Replica is an android vulnerable to powerful magnetic forces and high-voltage electrical attacks.

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Rev / Lexa Venn


Knowledge (Streetwise) (-5 if new to Freedom City, +5 if long time resident)

DC 20: Rev used to belong in a street racer gang.

DC 25: Called the Junkin’ Donuts; a bunch of teenagers and twenty somethings who stole cars and took them on joy rides.

DC 30: The Junkin’ Donuts also repaired and modified cars. They were reknowned for doing ‘Donuts with cars. In 2017, Rev was involved in a major crash in a street race that was apparently cleaned up by AEGIS.


Gather Information (+10 if has access to police records)

DC 20: Rev has a criminal record.

DC 25: This includes car theft, illegal car modification, and various driving offences.


On viewing Rev with limbs “on display” (+5 if able to closely examine, +10 if closely examining with tools and devices)

Knowledge (Technology)

DC 20: Rev’s limbs have jet ports and appear able to extend / telescope.

DC 30: The limbs are powered by high density fuel (not standard), and electricity. The jets are able to fire plasma, thrust, or fire. A good guess at effective strength.

DC 40: The cybernetic attachments appear to be an infection with metallic origin bacteria. Fully understands the nature of her powers.

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Emerald Spider


Gather Information

5 Emerald Spider is one of Emerald City first and best-known of the modern heroes.

10 There’s lots of footage of ES performing heroic actions, normally with some sort of quip.

15 Lots of speculation among fans but more think her powers are technological in nature.


Peri Pyeng


Gather Information

10 Brilliant up and coming Engineer a few years ago, blackballed overnight over some incident.

15 Was working on a project at D-Concepts Technology, before the company building burnt down in mysterious circumstances.

20 Though never charged Peri is strongly implied to have started the fire, hence her blackballing in the industry.

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Gather Info - Zhu Xieng



DC 10 - Zhu is a Chinese National who emigrated to Freedom City with her parents in June of 2017
DC 15 - Zhu goes by the American name 'Alexa' and is attending Claremont high as a Junior.  Her family has a small Convienience Mart in Lincoln called Yin and Yang
DC 20 - The hero SFX has intervened several times to protect her family's store.  Zhu had incredible test scores and transcripts from her Shanghai school.
DC 25 - Zhu has been contacted by several major film studios to either intern, or take a position with their special effects teams.  She has turned down all of them.
DC 30 - Zhu Xieng is studying at Claremont with amazing powers to create things




Gather Info - SFX



DC 10 - SFX is a new hero and has little history before showing up in Freedom City.
DC 15 - SFX tends to operate primarily around Lincoln and Bayview.  She seems to target street level and organized crime.  It's unclear if she uses magic or not.
DC 20 - Accounts of what she looks like are varried and it seems that while she has a similar costume each time, no one can agree what her face looks like.  SFX seems to be able to bend reality around her and confuses her foes with sophisticated tricks.
DC 30 - SFX and Zhu Xieng are the same person.




Knowledge: Popular Culture



DC 10 - Zhu Xieng is a Chinese National who had a very popular YouTube channel.  Her handle is Xiàoguǒ16.  It featured a wide variety of very well done short films.
DC 15 - Zhu took the American name 'Alexa' and is attending Claremont high as a Junior.

DC 20 - Zhu's videos have recently been filmed and sent from addresses in Freedom City

DC 25 - A few film studios have reached out to her via her YouTube channel.





Knowledge: Physical Sciences


DC 15 - Zhu Xieng is a frequent contributor to lifehacker and the maker forums

DC 20 - Zhu Xieng has written several articles on AI and robotics under pseudonames.  
DC 25 - Zhu Xieng is an proponent to nanomachinery


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Mr Murk


Knowledge [History]
DC 35 Researching carefully, the master historian will find oblique references to “Mr Murk” or variants (in various languages) throughout human history, as a prophet, seer, or mystic of various forms. 
DC 40 The true master will also realise that even ancient cave man paintings found throughout the world might indicate his presence. 


Knowledge [Civics or Business]
DC 20 Fiddle and Murk was a law company in London, mid 19th Century, run by Mr Ebeneezer Fiddle and Mr Erasmus Murk (His pupil). 
DC 30 Fiddle and Murk has run ever since from offices in London, although progressively smaller in scope until they virtually vanish in WW2. They are still technically active, however. 
DC 40 Mr Murk appears to retain ownership of Fiddle and Murk, and the offices are based in Soho, at the “Club Immortus”

(With regards to the Murk Dimension) Knowledge [Arcane]
DC 25 There are various rare occult and eldritch texts referring to a shadowy dimension called by names such as “The gloom”, “The shade”, “The murk” and so on. 
DC 30 This dimension feeds (mindlessly) on the soul and few can survive there. Rats and Flies seem to live their quite comfortably, however. 


On seeing Mr. Murks true form…Knowledge [Life Sciences]
DC 10 He ain’t human!
DC 15 (also possible with Medicine DC 15) Mr Murk is clinically albino. 
DC 20 Mr Murk is a Homo Nandethalensis

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Knowledge (Streetwise):


DC 10: A creature had surfaced in Freedom City, periodically wandering around and occasionally launching an attack on a building.


DC 15: These buildings tend to be buildings that house criminal organizations. The creature also strikes against obscure villains and gangs.


DC 20: This creature only attacks at night and, despite the ferocity of its attacks, doesn't kill its enemies.


Gather Information:


DC 5: This creature lives in North Freedom, in a house like a normal person. It is sentient.


DC 10: This creature goes by two names, Kaida Adachi, and Lobisomem, and have been seen rescuing people in various disasters. There is talk of it being a new hero.


DC 15: "Kaida" lives with Goho Adachi, a man who calls the creature his daughter, despite this clearly being impossible. Also, Kaida talks through telepathy, as anything she tells has to be written down for recording.


DC 20: Goho Adachi was a scientist that worked in discovering parallel dimensions of Earth. He was good, he found a few before abuptly stopping.


DC 25: Kaida appeared around the time when his work stopped around dimensional matters.


Knowledge (Cosmology)


DC 15: This creature is clearly not from this reality.


DC 20: This creature is from a parallel Earth, one of strange creatures like herself, but should be thought of as sentient and capable of communication.


DC 25: This world have not been accessed for quite some time and, despite not being of this world, this creature have not attempted to return for years.


DC 30: Years back, this dimension was accessed, and two creatures have escaped that reality. This creature, and one unknown creature unlike this one.


Knowledge (Arcane):


DC 20: Despite its fantastical appearance and abilities, this creature is not magical in origin.


Knowledge (Life Sciences):


DC 15: This creature is reptilian in biological nature, and it built for low to no light conditions.


DC 20: Near all this creature's abilities are biological in nature, magic doesn't seem to factor into it.


DC 25: This creature's horns allow it communication, and it is sentient.


DC 30: This creature's make-up and biology should not be possible, at least in this reality.

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Zombo! / Luther LeGrasse

Knowledge [Art]

DC 15: Zombo’s stage show is well designed, and indicates a great deal of skill in entertainment and direction.

DC 25: Zombo’s stage show integrates African music and percussion with New Orleans Jazz rhythms. The make up is superb, darling.


Knowledge [Arcane] or [Theology and Philosophy]

DC 15: Zombo’s shows seem to have some connection to New Orleans Voodoo type rituals.

DC 20: ….But are not authentic. They are essentially a Sham, made to look like what people expect to believe, rather than actually the real deal. They are based on the New Orleans style.


Knowledge [Pop. Culture]

DC 15: Zombo is a famous stage magician, who pretends to be a “genuine” Voodoo Sorcerer. His real names is Luther LeGrasse.

DC 25: He has done shows around the world. Six months ago, he did a run in Las Vegas and the reviews were awful. There was rumour of some voodoo curse; at least three audience members attempted suicide after seeing his show.


Gather Information

DC 15: Zombo is Luther LeGrasse, a stage magician who grew up in New Orleans.

DC 25: Luther LeGrasse is a Jazz fan and amateur musician, and still frequents the streets of New Orleans. His family still live there, his sisters are a local council politician and a Jazz singer, respectively. Luther LeGrasse has epilepsy.


Knowledge [Behaviour Sciences]

DC 20: Zombo/LeGrasse shows signs of non-malignant narcissism. He seems to crave validation by applause and recognition, perhaps due to an unstable ego or sense of self. He would thus be expected to be flamboyant and attention seeking in order to validate himself.



Gather Information

DC 20: Lament is an alleged master of the mystic arts of sorcery. There is no evidence, however, of any sorcery in his activities. He operates in Freedom City and the South East Coastal Regions of the States, including the Bahamas.

DC 30: Everyone who knows or has witnessed Lament notes there is no evidence of sorcery. The speculation is of psychic powers which depress mental and physiological functioning. However, Lament clearly uses the “mystique” of Voodoo powers to impress people.


Knowledge [Theology and Philosophy]

DC 20: Whilst Lament does a good approximation of a Voodoo sorcerer, it is not accurate.


Knowledge [Behaviour Sciences]

DC 15: Laments Victims show signs of transient clinical depression.

DC 20: The history of this does not fit well with the history or progression of actual depression, but rather of an acute onset catatonic depression which is extremely rare. This points to some psychic or other force eliciting this clinical picture (or things like drug use, or complex partial seizure activity).

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Micah Terran

Gather Information

DC 10:  Micah is a geology grad student working on a PhD at FCU.

DC 15:  She moved to Freedom City from Indiana for her undergraduate degree. She earned a nearly full-ride, and minored in biology and chemistry. She currently has her tuition and housing payed for by working as an assistant to Dr. Christopher Sallai.

DC 20:  Supposedly, during a dorm fire, Micah remained in the center of blaze for several minutes before leaping from a window 15ft above the ground, yet somehow suffered no injuries. However, whoever jumped from the window ran away before anyone could get a good look at them. In addition, Micah has claimed that she was running and errand for Dr. Sallai at the time (1:00 a.m. in the morning), not in her room, which he confirmed. Various rumors and theories have circulated as a result, but none have been proven.

DC 30:  Was involved in a lab accident a couple of days before the dorm fire. Dr. Sallai went to great lengths to cover up much about the accident, especially Micah's involvement.



Gather Information

DC 25: A strange humanoid rock creature has occasionally been sighted in Wharton State Park. It is only ever seen in areas rarely visited by the usually hikers and campers.

DC 30: Two burglars who broke into a jewelry store in the North End claim they were stopped but the same rock monster. As of yet, it has not been involved in any other activity.


Knowledge (Earth Sciences)

DC 15: Igneous is, as his name implies, composed largely of igneous rock and magma. He is practically invulnerable to fire damage.

DC 20: Igneous can be significantly weakened by rapid cooling. 


Knowledge (Life Sciences)

DC 20: Igneous' biological make-up includes living tissue as well as rock. As such, poisons and disease, or other similar agents have the potential to harm Igneous.

DC 25: Igneous is immune to burning, but not long-term exposure to high temperatures. He seems to require a low enough temperature to vent internal heat.

DC 30: Igneous has almost no biological counters to freezing, and as such, is quite vulnerable to extreme cold.


Knowledge (Arcane)

DC 15: None of Igneous' abilities are in any way magical.

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Gather Information

DC 10: Victoria Gold is an heiress to the Gold family fortune. Headlines were made in 2017 when her mother and father – Tyrone and Juliet Gold – were exposed as having used the Gold Corporation as a front for multiple criminal activities. Whilst the stock price plummeted, her personal net worth – and that of her siblings – is still estimated to be in the millions of dollars.


DC 15: Victoria spoke passionately in court against her parents and has made accusations against her siblings’ complicity in illegal activities. She has all but disappeared from the public eye since the trial. Victoria’s brother, Jacob Gold, once stated in an interview that ‘Vicky is the scary one … all the Golds hold a grudge, but Vicky will break bones’.


DC 20: Victoria’s money has been used, since January 2018, to fund various charitable projects across Freedom City – particularly a drug education and rehabilitation project called StreetSafe aimed at inner city communities.


DC 25: Victoria went traveling shortly after her parent’s incarceration in March 2017 and did not return until January 2018. She visited several locations, the last one being Tibet. Victoria’s previous projects were focused around supporting martial arts dojos and school clubs nationwide, which seemed to be a genuine passion. All funding to those projects was cut off by May 2017.


DC 30: Victoria’s martial arts projects were found to be a recruiting ground for numerous organised crime and criminal organisations who needed well-trained muscle. Victoria was briefly arrested after one of the ‘instructors’ accused her of donning a mask, breaking into his house, and beating him badly. No charges were ever filed.

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Diamondlight / Auguste Zoss


Knowledge (Business)

DC 15: The Zoss family are very wealthy. Auguste Zoss has taken the lead in recent years in managing the money and associated businesses.

DC 20: Auguste Zoss is heir to the family fortune is developing real estate, restaurants, and entertainment in Europe and America.

DC 25: Auguste Zoss is known to be a gambler and a successful one, both literally and economically. He has a very good reputation as an extremely competent business manager, and one who keeps his word and generally acts responsibly. By and large, associates and employees judge him a fair man.


Gather Information

DC 15: Auguste Zoss is a successful businessman and heir to the family fortune.

DC 20: Auguste Zoss is a high steaks gambler, although a successful one. He will usually only play games of at least partial skill (for instance poker) rather than pure luck like Roulette. He has degrees in Psychology, Economics, and Law from European Universities.

DC 25: He has made significant monies of high profile wealthy individuals, including some dangerous criminals such as the Russian Mafia, or other powerful individuals (such as middle eastern royals) – those individuals are ill disposed to him (at best).


If looking into the Zoss family; Knowledge (History)

DC 20: The Zoss family were always wealthy merchants, but after World War 2 they were noted as significantly more wealthy and successful.

DC 30: There is considerable but unproven speculation that during World War 2, the Zoss family acted in collusion with certain members of the Nazi party (although not the Nazi party themselves), in that they acted as unofficial bankers, storing “acquired” goods. Whilst minor, and arguably legal, incidents have been demonstrated, and historical evidence points towards more large scale deals, nothing more has been proven.

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Snakebite / Cassandra Crow


Knowledge (History)

DC 20: Cassandra Cane has a PhD in “History and Preshistory of South America” and is considered an expert in that area, as well as writing about ancient civilisations around the world. Some of her theories are considered outlandish.

DC 30: But those theories are actually quite correct – Atlantis, Lemuria, and so on.


Gather Information

DC 15: Cassandra Cane is an honorary curator of the British Library, and is well respected there. She has procured several famous antiquities.

DC 20: Cassandra Cane is very wealthy, thanks to family fortunes.

DC 25: Cassandra Cane specialises in South American Pre-History. She has a reputation for risky dangerous adventures.


The Crow Family

Knowledge (History)

DC 20: The Crow family stretch back several centuries and have amassed considerable wealth and fortune.

DC 25: The Crow family are mentioned in a few old history books as in league with the devil or witchcraft – although never persecuted as such.

DC 30: The Crow family are recorded in obscure documents as having some Eldritch pact that has given them immense wealth but a propensity to hexes and curses. The are recorded as having – in somewhat vague and variable ways, psychic visions or second sight.


Knowledge (Business)

DC 20: The Crow Family are very wealthy, but conceal their workings to some extent.

DC 25: The Crow Family have multiple real estates all over the world and seem to make money of renting land and property, as well as dealings in art and antiquities.


Knowledge (Civics)

DC 25: The Crow Family fortunes and assets are tied up in the most horrible legal documents that make it very unclear who owns what and to what extent.

DC 30 or more (Plot device: The above can be disentangled)

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Sgt Shark / Victor Finn


Knowledge (Tactics) [+5 bonus if military background, +10 if English Military Background]

DC 25: Victor Finn was / is a member of the Special Boat Service, an elite British special forces outfit.

DC 30: Victor Finn specialised in counter terrorism and amphibious small group tactics. He was considered a world expert in this field. Whilst much of this work is of course classified, his expertise has informed and refined amphibious / marine tactics.


Knowledge (Earth Sciences or Life Sciences)

DC 20: Victor Finn has degrees in marine biology and oceanology and has written papers on background radiation effects on large marine life reproduction and mutation.


Gather Information

DC 15: Victor Finn is a member of Vanguard and a superhero!

DC 20: His appearance is not deceptive; he is completely amphibian and has mutated shark DNA, able to operate at ocean depths.

DC 25: Amongst the more unusual reports of his abilities is the ability to talk to sharks. He also has enhanced senses including an exceptionally super sensitive olfactory system that allows him to detect and track scents over very long distances.

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Knowledge [Pop Culture]

DC 10: Curveball is Jasmine Jagger

DC 15: Curveball used to be a pro-baseball player until she mutated.

DC 20: Curveball has a number of oddball sponsors. She mutated, along with her brother, in Berlin where she was visiting as a tourist when there was a Darwin-X outbreak.

DC 25: Curveball is often found on the “freak” scene, sponsoring odd films and products, and appearing in obscure art house films. This DC also allows a full comprehensive list of her sponsors.


Knowledge [Life Sciences]

DC 25: Curveball’s anatomy is very effective for throwing, but there is a potential side effect in that her arms easily dislocate [a skilled martial artist might also exploit this understanding of anatomy, activating a complication]


Knowledge [Business]

DC 20: Curveball has various low grade sponsors which keep her in a degree of money, although she has little business acumen – and in fact is rather taken advantage of.

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Black Mamba Rep Table

This includes information about Black Mamba, Rooivalk, Akhona Ross, John Ross and AR Industries


Gather Information:

DC 10 Black Mamba is seen on AR Industry Commercials, usually in the background.

            John Ross is married to Akhona Ross and has two children.


DC 15 Black Mamba surfaced in Freedom City from time to time, but has never seemed to be a permanent resident till more recently. He was sighted during the Terminus Invasion and when the Blackstone Prisoners escaped.

            Akhona Ross is a Dakani woman of some political  connection.

            John Ross is South African born, and served in their military at some point.


DC 20 Black Mamba is designed to capture and incapacitate criminals.

            Akhona Ross was betrothed to a powerful political figure in Dakana before she left the country with John Ross

            John Ross and Akhona's relationship was professional before it turned romantic, some said there was even some dislike between them initially.


DC 25  Akhona Ross was a member of the Red Hyena Ukoo, a powerful member with a bright future before she threw it all away to run off with a mercenary.

            Rooivalk was a bounty hunter who specialized in capturing people and returning them to the highest bidder.

           John Ross lost an eye in the Terminus Invasion.

           The Black Mamba flying around at the time of the Terminus invasion had two eye slits and looked like it had been rushed into production.


Knowledge (Business)


DC 10 AR Industry's sponsers Black Mamba and provides him with a lot of his Technology.

            Akhona Ross owns AR Industry's a medical technology Company.


DC 15 AR industry used to be a weapon production company but has since shifted it's focus to medical cybernetics.

            John Ross works at AR Industry


DC 20 AR Industries weapons and medical technology tend to rely on Dakani Crystals

            John Ross doesn't actually seem to have a function at AR Industry's


DC 25 The weapons templates used in the Black Mamba suit are similar to those used in the Rooivalk battle suit from more than 25 years ago.


Knowledge (History)


DC 15 John Ross is a famous South African folk hero who lived with Shaka Zulu who considered him lucky because of his red hair.


DC 20 The White Lion and the Rooivalk fought at least two times in Dakana.



DC 25  A list of the people who took part in the South African super hero program includes a John Ross. He is listed as a failed applicant who finished his tour of duty as a sniper and scout. If it is the same John Ross he has aged very well. He looks 24 but this John Ross is 56 years old.


Knowledge (Streetwise)


DC 20 The Rooivalk was a bounty hunter in Africa, particularly South Africa during the Apartheid years.



DC 25 The Rooivalk's pilot was a member of the South African Super Hero's program and was rejected from it.


Knowledge (Technology)


DC 10 AR Industry's is currently doing research into replacing eyes, many believe that this is because the owners husband is missing an eye.


DC 15 AR Industry is on the leading edge of medical cybernetics that allow those with damaged spines to walk again.


DC 20 The original spinal cybernetic model used as a prototype also includes control nodes for driving something like a battlesuit or remote controlled vehicle.

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