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  1. Delta had been processing all that the strange man had said and he had formulated a question,"So if the plan is to remove the inequity of the random genetic lottery as to who is intelligent and who is not where do you draw the line? Do you make all the animals smarter? What about insects? Fish?" A moment later a diode flashed on his skull and he made a humph noise,"And isn't that unfair to the plants, or do you plan on making them intelligent? And what do they eat? If you make the herbivores intelligent isn't it worse to eat them? Does everyone become a vegetarian? Or is it then Darwin again? The strongest and quickest eat the others, even if they all start with intelligence. In the end you're going to end up with someone on top taking advantage of the others, except now they'll be smart enough to know...is that better?"
  2. And my understanding is there is a few hours of time difference between the two arrivals? I don't want to arrive immediatly if you guys are expecting my in a little bit of time... I'll be flying above you in the stealth jet if I'm needed all of a sudden. Just trying to make it play out like planned!
  3. So quick question, just so I'm clear, is Black Mamba flying on his jet and getting there later?
  4. Delta remained quiet for now, it meant likely one of two things were going to happen, either the Lord Uplift would agree and they'd be off to a new planet and the massive task of relocating or they'd be forcefully relocating and that would get messy.
  5. The black and gold battlesuited tilted it's head at Connor's words,"Well, I'm not...good news is it doesn't belong to me but someone who does own it will fly it for us if we behave on board." The grim one eyed mask turned towards Fast-Forward,"Although it sounds like there maybe more than one way to get there, you can carry all of us?"
  6. Delta didn't reply to the message he got from the Doctor, better to keep signals to a minimum till they knew more about their new 'friend'. "I think a meal would be very interesting, the food as well as the conversation. I'd be more than happy to try something new on this planet. There is always something interesting when it comes to food....have you attempted to uplift any of the dinosaurs or are they being kept free of your gifts for now? After all even a monkey has to eat something."
  7. Black Mamba had been sitting quietly until they started discussing Rachel's powers and those of Adrian, uncrossing his gold and black arms he let out a low chuckle distorted slightly by the speakers it sounded spookier than it should,"One I'm happy going to Belgium, I'd rather not take my battlesuit up against someone who can mess with Tech, and two....yes...I have a stealth jet stashed away just overhead actually....and yes, it is supersonic, capable of speeds just over Mach 3. I'll be happy to take any who wish to go with to Belgium with me to tackle finding out more about Adrian."
  8. Busy catching up, should be back to normal posting soon. Knowledge Roll (Editic Memory): 16 +4 if she is remembering something, so 20 then.
  9. Black Mamba had felt more and more uncomfortable as the people appeared in all shapes, sizes and powers but his comfort was put aside at Corona's story, before he could even reply Akhona radioed across their closed connection, clearly eavesdropping++Sounds a lot like your story....except she didn't have a choice to be that way.++ Mamba pulled a face, glad that no one could see it under his helmet but he spoke slowly and determinedly,"We've all made mistakes, young one, and yours sound like they were 'assisted' by a villain. Not all of us have clean ledgers, some of us owe a lot and helping you would help us clear some of what we owe off." Shrugging, an impressive feat in a battle suit and a testament to Akhona's building abilities,"I'll fight with you against this Wu."
  10. Above the bar a cloaked plane flew in circles, Akhona at the helm, she was waiting for John to take off. He pulled the helmet down, waited for it to seal and then asked,"Don't suppose you've figured out a way for me to eat with this thing on, right? I hear that bar has some pretty good food." Akhona rolled her pretty brown eyes and sighed,"No, John, you don't need to eat in the suit, it has supplies for weeks at a time...." "Supplies that taste like crap...", grunted the Black Mamba before he leapt out of the back of the plane, golden energy humming from his feet as he seemed to appear in the air and rocketed down to the ground a contrail of golden rings staining the sky for a moment before he hovered to a stop outside the door. He pushed it open with a gold and black gauntlet before walking in, his targeting system labeling people as he walked in and Akhona's programs identified those they could, even if it was just by their superhero tags if nothing else was known. "Greetings, I am Black Mamba, here to assist as requested."
  11. Black Mamba and Delta would both be up for this, that said only fair to warn you I'm offline from 1st to the 8th of August
  12. Delta sighed it was always the same...precautions became an arms race and eventually led to conflict,"Personally, I understand the need to take precautions, but you are correct we are not here to simply open fire. We are here to learn more of what you do, how you do it and what you plan to do with the resources at your disposal." Delta didn't want to say threat assessment, but he had plenty of time and wanted to make sure they understood what they were getting into, and then there was the patron behind Uplift,"Also, we'd like to learn more about the person who assisted you and got you started. While we will not agree with everything you say, I'm sure, we are here to gather information. We are scientists like yourself, gathering data if you will."
  13. Delta's eyebrow rose at the mention of no one getting to choose their DNA and he chuckled,"So because they didn't get a choice, you decided not to give them a choice either....wow that's not hypocritical at all!" He stilled as Doctor Archville went through his mini-rant and Delta shrugged somewhat,"It does look an awful lot like you are building an army...the question is what do you plan no doing with that army?"
  14. Black Mamba would be up for this, particularly if there is anything in Africa (Wakanda in particular)...Delta can be sent off anywhere the Terminus is involved and well, Chromium is a porsche, he could be anywhere.
  15. Delta Better Thinking In The Lost World Black Mamba Kingmaker Opening Move
  16. Delta listened and nodded at the Doctor's words, tilting his head and frowning,"Yeah, I knew someone who was all about progress and improving others...that's how I got all my improvements." He looked over at the apes, examining them more carefully for the first time,"Do you think they are happier than they were when they were just left alone?" Delta was certainly not convinced that giving them human level intelligence meant they were happier, they had a lot more things to worry about, with greater intelligence came greater responsibilities and worries, depression and mental illnesses that the monkey psyche was not evolved enough to cope with.
  17. SWAT Del, as he had been labelled remained silent for now, looking around at the things around him as well as the man who claimed to be Lord Uplift. He scanned the room around him and then Lord Uplift himself, not a stranger to those who 'improved' themselves he tried to work out what the man had done to make himself 'better' as he seemed to think he had, tilting his metallic head his bulbous mechanical eyes whirring as he examined the man his lips curled slightly and he asked,"You make it sound like you've made some improvements to yourself...and the creatures around you...what have you done? No stranger to people who improve those around them as you can see."
  18. Black Mamba and Akhona can fly to wherever they need to be...advantage of a big flying plane and a battlesuit!
  19. My only low PL character is in Bedlam, but either Black Mamba or Delta would love to be involved in this. I'd prefer Black Mamba just because he needs some more game time. Let me know what I can do to get in!
  20. Delta was patient waiting and watching and when he saw the doors slide open he was very happy to step into the building itself, intent on scanning the inside once he was within the barriers walls themselves. He suspected he would be able to see what was inside once he was in there, unless the entire building was charged with the static that seemed to keep the dirt, and bugs, off the walls. Not quiet so eager to speak he followed closely letting Dr Archville do the talking for now while he did the scanning and recon.
  21. Delta switched back to his communicator, sending Dr Archeville the image he had scanned++It would appear to be some kind of base, sealed and without any visible defences...which is more worrying to me.++ For now Delta was content to go along and see what this evil doer had in mind.
  22. "Less worried about devices and more worried about people who use Terminus energy as well but if there is only one Signature that is at least something.", Delta ignored for now the fact that there was obviously some issue with...well...eating on the ship trying to focus on the problem at hand,"When do we leave?"
  23. Using my Radio scanner to Notice: 22 Radio Scanner; Radio, Enhancements: Accurate [+2], Extended 2 [10 000ft, Notice], Danger Sense [Radio], Uncanny Dodge[Radio] Counters Concealment 2 [Radio]
  24. Oh....this didn't sound good. Super Scientist, granting a modicum of intelligence to a group of animals and weapons of course teaching them absolute loyalty and doctrine of 'Fair is Fair' which sounded like it could be easily converted to aggression towards those who were naturally intelligent. And then there was a super base, oh great! He'd prefer to launch his scout drones but he knew that would make him slow down, so with a couple of diodes flickering on his metallic skull he switched from full processing to the radio scanner which started to scan ahead of him trying to figure out what was coming, what they were up against and more importantly what they were taking the much more vulnerable humans into.
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