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  1. Chromium followed alongside, his eyes flickering from side to side as he tried to figure out where he was, and how he could get out, but there wasn't much to see. He watched the two guards, turned his head to glare at Irons before stepping into the room, his heart beating fast as he hoped they had kept his father alive. They certainly hadn't seemed like they took that to be a priority early. "Dad?"
  2. Delta's head turned, diodes flashing across his head as he nodded,"Yes, Àjàṣorò, I will remember that." He watched as she walked around him, his eyes swiveling a little to keep sight of her a smile curving up the small part of his face that was still humanoid and he nodded,"I didn't get a lot but people are poaching animals and forcing them across the Dakanai border. The rangers don't dare follow because the borders are not open, the poacher is either someone of Dakani descent and thinks they will be fine, or someone who is very, very brave and risking the wrath of the protectors of the Dakani border." There was a low buzz as he calculated something,"Or someone strong enough they think they can take on the Dakani protections without risk." None of those were really very attractive options,"What is your countries opinion on what they want done with the poachers?"
  3. Black Mamba Kingmaker: Checkmate Chromium Screwtop Delta Lioness of Dakana
  4. The humming stopped and for a moment, just a moment Chromium thought about breaking free and making a run for it, but he knew that he was no match for Irons as he was right now. So instead he dropped his arms and offered them to the soldier, slowly and with out anything that would make the solider panic. Once the cuffs were in place, he shrugged,"Right, show me, Irons." He walked calmly, peacefully as he could manage with cuffs on, but he couldn't hide his anxiety and concern about his dad. His heart, such as it was, would have been pounding in his chest if organs were a thing he had but instead he just felt the worry eating away at him.
  5. Mamba had been the one that Àjàṣorò had asked for, but he was off on a trip to the moon of all places! And so they Auxiliary had contacted someone from WEST who had put them in touch with Delta, and so it was that an emergency airdrop from a few thousand feet up resulted in Delta dropping down towards the Kenyan/Dakani border. The half man, half robot hurtled towards the ground, no signs of a parachute only the slow glow of the circular heat diffuser on his back burning a lovely cherry red. Several hundred feet above the ground his green and brown camouflage armor contrasting with the black and red of his implants and then he started to shift. One moment he was hurtling towards the ground the next he tapped his belt and in a flash of light he was standing there next to the pair, his insect like cybernetic eyes irising open as they took in the guard and the ranger,"Greetings. I am Delta, the Auxiliary has asked me to step in for someone called Black Mamba, he is currently on assignment to the moon...strange....but I am here and ready to assist. You are the White Lioness?"
  6. Black Mamba looked at the girl, if he could have raised an eyebrow on his armor he would have but it didn't work, with a slow nod he chuckled,"Yes, yes it's power armor and yes I'll go in front. I can even walk if it's necessary." Akhona smirked and nodded,"Finest grade armor money could buy, he can literally take a tank shell to the chest and keep right on trucking...so don't let his surly attitude sour you, he'll go in front and he can take the shots if needed." A sigh echoed over Black Mamba's speakers as he shrugged his metal shoulders,"So yes, I'll go in front and get hit...if that's the plan, but yeah, we might want a plan for if one of the tough people in the front gets taken over....also, do you all have some way of communicating if we get separated, I doubt we have cell signal on the moon."
  7. Chromium listened, snorted and shook his head,"There's a lot of words to say nothing, you know. You let me out, you show me my dad is alive and well. He may be criminal but that doesn't stop him from being my dad, and I'm not sure if you've met the police in this lovely town, they ain't that much better than the criminals who sponsor them." With a roll of his eyes he sighed again,"So that's the deal, show me my dad's okay and I won't give you one iota of problems...." Of course it didn't need to be said that if his dad wasn't he was going to rest till Commander Irons was nothing but a silver smear on the deck of the ship, no matter the cost.
  8. Chromium was concerned about the fact that they seemed to be experienced when dealing with him, in fact it started to lead to him thinking that perhaps Commander Irons wasn't here voluntarily, or at least not to start, and that meant they had broken him and that was perhaps more problematic than Chromium would like to have thought about. Fortunately, or not his reverie was disturbed by the sound of stomping feet and the voice of the man he was considering. The words made him snort, shaking his head,"Oh, now we want to be friends...sure, give me my dad back unharmed and we can talk about it...or is he already swimming with the fishes?" Damn, and he had really been planning on cooperating,"My country doesn't beat men up and use them as bait to lure their kids after them, at least not the part of my country that needs heroes." Snorting again he shook his head,"But please, feel free to explain who you represent and how come they meant well and it was my fault you threatened to kill me dad?"
  9. Chromium snorted, interested that the room move with very little work on his part, his weight it seemed was enough to move the room. And he raised a silver eyebrow, and who said he wanted to be on the good side of the bastard who had him trapped? He thought for a moment about his options, he could make it as hard as possible or he could try and lull them into a false sense of security. That was what he had planned till they threatened to kills his dad....dad..... He closed his eyes, another long slow, totally unnecessary breath, his eyes opened and he sighed again. Slumping against his bonds he decided that he'd lull them into a false sense of security, he was going to kick their asses...all of them, especially if they had done something to Screwtop! For now, he would learn all he could and bide his time, soon, soon the time of ass kicking would arrive!
  10. Black Mamba Kingmaker: Checkmate Chromium Screwtop Delta Lioness of Dakana
  11. Chromium struggled a little more, just using brute strength, but the magnetic pulse made him groan, he was in a situation where they knew more about him than he did, likely pretty close to where Aegis was in the knowledge of how he worked. A thought wormed into his head, there might still be a way out of this little trap, but not while he was suspended inside of a magnetic field and he frowned at the voice,"You're just going to sit and watch me all day? Boring flipping job....when do I get to come out and play?" He looked around the room, analyzing it and looking for someway out, he doubted he'd find one they had Commander Irons to work with, they knew exactly what Chromium could do...mostly. He knew he'd developed his powers on the fly, but he wondered if he could learn more about them from Commander Irons....and then he thought of his dad and he breathed in softly, he didn't need to breath, it was not something he needed, he did it out of habit or when he needed to control his emotions. With a growl he shook his fists inside the shackles again...he had to get out of here.
  12. Pain and a flare of light, that was the last things he remembered and now....now here he was, chained to a wall. His dad! Where was he? Did they kill him like they had planned? Where was he? Panic set in! Adreniline clawed at Chromium's heart, for all his bravado and powers he was still only an 18 year old boy figuring things out and now? Now what was he doing? Tugging hard at the manacles he shook his head, looking around, struggling and straining to pull his arms out of the manacles and then he laughed. He could turn into liquid, right? They couldn't stop him from escaping, nothing could! With that he focused on his body and tried to turn himself into the puddle and simply pour out of here.
  13. Akhona's fingers flickered out, hitting buttons as Rachel handed over control to her,"Thank you, Rachel, I'm at the helm we are moving." She was getting to old for this, blast off into space, fighting bad guys? That was John's thing, she just wanted to run her company and look after her children. Sighing softly she guided the plan towards their destination, tapping a button and speaking softly,"Turning off the seatbelt signs, we don't have anyone to bring you snacks so you'll have to help yourselves. Remember even superheros have to hydrate properly in long distance flights." She smirked as she turned off the speaker for now, her own eyes widening as she looked down at the Earth passing below them, space was still a forigen place to all but the most powerful hero's especially at this distance and they were going one further. To the moon! Black Mamba was much less impressed, particularly since he had managed to land the seat next to Corona who had not only filled her air sickness bag, but had just reached out and grabbed his. Shaking his head he selected to have the smell not penetrate his helmet as he let out a low sigh,"Does any one have any kind of anti-nauesea pills or something.....this girl looks like she's going to run out of bags before she runs out of stomach content." Even the hardened mercenary would have been impressed by the planet going by, if he wasn't looking around for bags for Corona to fill as they traveled towards their destination.
  14. Black Mamba Kingmaker: Checkmate Chromium Screwtop
  15. Chromium swayed on his feet, his eyes taking in the drama around him and the part of his brain that was still functioning realizing that not only had he not rescued his father he had put himself, and his father in a much, much worse situation. He struggled to make sense of Commander Irons words, he had a choice about what he had had become? How? Then all his questions were ended, at least for now, as the massive silver fist slammed into his face again and the darkness of Irons fist was matched only by the darkness that spiraled in from his peripheral vision till it took all if his sight from him as he collapsed to the floor, unconscious.
  16. *cough* sorry here is the last roll: https://orokos.com/roll/776395 And today's: Dice roller hates screwtop 15
  17. Chromium was concerned about his father and was watching as the old man took down a soldier like it was nothing, he was so surprised that he didn't see Commander Irons till his fist filled his vision and then all he saw was stars as he staggered back and forth trying to reconnect his brain to the rest of his body as he groaned,"Run dad...run......crap...."
  18. *cough* rolled 13 on the toughness save, so dazed and staggered...hit me again!
  19. Oh dear, Irons is still standing! Initative 14
  20. Chromium's silver eyebrow lifted slowly, and shook his head loose from the bigger silver guys grip glaring at him but keeping his mouth in check. That was until Commander Irons decided to threaten his dad,"NO!" His eyes turned to his father and yellow electrical energy surged over his body crackling over his entire frame as he lifted his foot and let out another yell,"Not my dad!" The foot slammed down and the deck of the ship rippled outwards, shards of metal flying everywhere as he started towards his dad, bullets he couldn't stop but if he let his dad get thrown overboard tied up it was over for Screwtop and Chromium couldn't let him die! Better to die fighting than just submit and let his dad die! His massive fists raised as he got ready to take out as many of the minions before Commander Irons could react.
  21. Black Mamba clenched his fist, metal fingers grinding together,"No one tries to endanger my family...they will be stopped and neutralized. You have nothing to worry about, Corona, we will get this done!" Akhona, her identity covered by the helmet nodded to the instructions that Rachel gave her,"I'll be fine, I can handle it. Thank you for the ship, it is amazing..we should talk afterwards. I can always use more technological geniuses." She glanced over at Mamba for a moment, she knew she wouldn't be around forever and someone would have to keep his suit running after she was gone...so she kept looking for potential people to help him out when she got too old. She moved next to the black and gold of the Black Mamba battlesuit, touching it's shoulder as she nodded to Corona,"Yes, we are in this till the end. We'll help you!"
  22. Black Mamba had taken the suit and came back with it a few minutes later, the helmet tinted and the suit filled with someone with certainly more feminine curves than he and his battlesuit could brag of,"This is our pilot, she will be making sure we get in safe and sound." Akhona, rolling her eyes behind her tinted window sighed,"If it doesn't I'm fairly sure we can rig a stealth field if need be." Black Mamba started checking both their gear, ready to get them out of here and take care of this threat to their family.
  23. Black Mamba Kingmaker: Queens Defense Kingmaker: Checkmate Chromium Screwtop
  24. Chromium turned and what he saw made his mouth fall open, he stared at what looked like a replica of him, except different, darker and a little bigger but otherwise it was looking at what he would be when he was done growing,"Wow.......Holy......." He blinked and shook his head,"I didn't know it was in the car....It was an accident." His brain processed a little and he frowned,"Did you do it on purpose to yourself?" "Who are you?"
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