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  1. 1d20+17: 33 http://orokos.com/roll/598820 Here's the Intimidate attempt!
  2. Lobisomem didn't notice the immediate danger at first, taking a second to note that something very, very big was looking up at her. Reptilian, an alligator, cause of course. She didn't speak out, as close as they were, she did not need her glowing horns giving away their position. She wasn't quite at the point of throwing away her hard earned progress like that! Instead, her eyes snapped open, along with her mouth, and she bared her terrible fangs at the beast. She made no sound, she could only hope her appearance was enough to chase away any thoughts of attacking.
  3. Are we going to continue soon? Who needs to post?
  4. http://orokos.com/roll/595472 1d20+12: 31 Notice check! And stealth! http://orokos.com/roll/595474 1d20+13: 29
  5. Lobisomem crawls up wall to try and trick traps, and uses Camoflouge to stealth her way toward the doctor. Infravision is being used as she goes.
  6. Lobisomem had almost started falling behind before she noticed the group slowing, and Vermin's voice slithering through the air. She froze mid-step and narrowed her eyes, ears rotating outwards before her voice soundlessly breached the air. "Traps? Trivial. As I am big, I am certain I would trip any traps first, thus, for you, I will proceed first. Follow if you must, but do not disturb me." She could take it, despite her exhaustion she knew her reflexes were still animalistically quick and her scales were strong. She'd survive...though she hoped she could avoid the traps. In a single movement, she was clinging to the walls and proceeding to the ceiling, holding her breath briefly before her horns faded their light and she started to blend. Her eyes roved over the tunnel, blinking into a type of vision that would hopefully spot anything heat related...and then she moved, slowly creeping and not even scraping the ceiling with her scales. Just. Not. A. Sound.
  7. "Trust me, I look foward to that hour too." She felt a tightness in her jaws that she heavily disliked. She hated, hated how their agreement had led to more Many-Mind dead. That was not the agreement, her agreements ended the way they were supposed to, not a twisting of words! Yet the demon was necessary, for now at least. She hoped Marcus didn't try to stop her or anything when her time came, he seemed honest... A sigh escaped her throat, and she trunged after Vermin with narrowed eyes, clearly walking a bit slower than she had started.
  8. Lobisomem's head jerked to the side, shocked squawking noise escaping her stiff neck. "Vermin!" She nearly shrieked, black eyes somehow flashing with noticeable fury. A rat was dead, there was no way they were forgiving such a betrayal. "Traitor! Liar! Bastard!" Her mind continued to create insults, even as she turned her eyes toward the Many-Mind and attempted to reach a sort of calm. It was...very difficult. But somehow she managed to direct toward the Many-Mind. "Stay your fangs!" Her voice still reeked with anger, and she spoke harshly to Filth for a moment: "Shut up!" before returning to the conversation, "Don't strike! Leave, you can still disperse, I swear that this being will get its comeuppance!" Her argument was weak, and she knew it, but she had to try.
  9. Lobisomem, as told by Garrett Baker, 22, General Lowlife. I swear I saw it! Don't make fun of me, I saw it! That...that thing! No, I wasn't high! I didn' take anything that night, saw clear as day, I did! Felt it too, thought I'd die that night... Ya guys know what I was gonna do that day. Easy come easy go. Stunk to high heaven, it did, but it was usable. Would get us a good buck, you know, if it succeeded. But no! It just had to be one of those days! We didn't hear anything for a while, everything was going well, our customers would arrive soon...and they did! It was great, they paid, most didn't take it...guess they wanted to be at home...and then they tried to leave...now that I think about it, that's when things got a little bit strange. I mean, I didn't even hear their footsteps once they got outside, thought nothing of it...then I heard somebody scream. Not those little ladies with their purses, walking round at night, but a scream. Like you were being murdered. We...I guess we froze, nobody wanted to be the one to check, not with that type of scream, and then brave old Bart went to take a look. I think it was quiet for maybe a minute. Thought that maybe it'd be a big dog, scary, but we could shoot it! And then he screamed, shot, and kept screaming. I wanted to help, I really did, and now that I think about it, it wouldn't have helped anyway. Bart was thrown through the door, he didn't scream no more, but he was alive. The door was empty, I thought at least. Could have been a ghost that threw him! At least till I saw something move, it was invisible, I swear. And it was fast. Two seconds, and my biddies were being hoisted through the air by this monster, big enough to hold two of them with one claw! Now I moved, and I shot at it, yeah I did, and I hit it too! And guess what, it barely budged, it just turned around like I scratched its back or something. Good God was it big! Like a snake with legs, lots of legs! It threw my buddies down, and then it vanished, right before my eyes. I-I admit, I just started shooting everywhere, but what would you do like that!? Only problem was, I ran out of bullets fast, and I hit nothing, that was for sure. I heard nothing, and maybe I thought I scared it away...and then it was in my face. I don't even know how I missed those horrible eyes, pitch black. And then it ate me... ...what? Ok, fine, it bit me. But I thought it was gonna eat me so I may have...y'know...fainted. And here I am. In jail. It's crazy, but I think I heard it talk, something weird like Lobisomem or something like that. Crazy. I just never want to see it again...
  10. Lobisomem froze as the memories and thoughts of the rats poured through her skull, ears flattening tightly against her head. Perhaps it was her separation from her pack in her youth, but she had never become aware that such a melding between mind and memory could even happen, even among fellow telepathic creatures. Her clenched jaws softened slightly, so they were a pack too? Only good together...her chest ached, she didn't want these memories, not like this. Out of the corner of her eyes, she blinked as Filth suddenly pressed his gun to his own head. Instinctively, likely because of the memories swirling in her head, she wasn't surprised when the Many-Mind took credit. They would kill the man. What she was surprised by was the many other rats gathering, he was a demon, to summon so many, and her scales rippled with nervous energy. She was too tired to fight off a swarm if it ended up dissolving into a fight. So she stood still and watched, not even attempting to dispel the rat memories from her mind. The beast, Marcus, made a good negotiator. She was almost impressed. And now came to a decision. "I'd rather not fight, my only task is to find the doctor. You will go free...if you don't hurt Filth, at all. Vermin, you will let them go, or I will devour you. You both have my word."
  11. Uh, sure, ok, I guess let's do that.
  12. Will use a HP for that Inspiration. Attacking with Slashing Claws, fatigued, so -1. http://orokos.com/roll/591342 1d20+9: 13
  13. Lobisomem panted and shook her head blearingly, her muscles burned even as a tang of blood filled her mouth. Was this...was this too much? Given she had fought an ant, traversed the sewers, nearly stopped a train, and fallen down with the train, maybe this was a little much. Her lips twitched as a slightly artificial taste came to her tongue, and her mind started to...tickle? What was that? Her eyes met with the Many-Mind, and the tickle in her head vanished (though not forgotten), replaced with a terrible block on her mind, urging her to take their side...as if. Lobisomem let loose a series of snarls, "A rat is a rat. No more, I tire of this all." Her muscles screamed and fought, but she still hobbled forward and swung her claws down once more.
  14. http://orokos.com/roll/591320 1d20+9: 20 No mind control! Will reply soon
  15. Two attacks against the pipes the Many-Mind is in. Slashing claw attack: http://orokos.com/roll/591151 1d20+10: 11 Piercing teeth attack: http://orokos.com/roll/591152 1d20+10: 28
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