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Reputations In Freedom City (And Beyond!)


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THREAD LOCKED:  Please Move you Rep information to a related guidebook post for your character when you wish to update or add information.



This thread is a compendium of tables which show what level of information a Gather Information or Knowledge check would reveal about our active characters. They should be in the same style as the skill check tables included in the more recent M&M setting books, such as Freedom's Most Wanted and Paragons.


Post your tables in this thread, and the Rednames will edit this table of contents with a link to it. Be sure to edit your post as your character's reputation grows and develops. And be sure to exclude any information that you don't want another player to gain access to with a simple Knowledge or Gather Information check. 


Active Player Characters

Ace Danger

Argonaut (Yves Zermeño)

Arrowhawk (John Fraser)

Blodeuwedd (Cerys Pefr)

Bonfire (Cassidy Bauer)

The Blue Fox ("Le Renarde Rogue," Eve Martel)

Blue Jay (Tona Baudin)

Blue Stinger (Danny Randall)

Bombshell (Tayla Browning)

Cannonade (Joe Macayle)

Cobalt Templar (Corbin Hughes)

Comrade Frost (Doctor Dimitri Peshkov)

Corona (Anya Corazon, Aya K'zan)

Doctor Deoxy (Nathaniel Adams)

Doctor Warp (Erasmus Bolt)

Dragonfly (Mara Hallomen)

Fast-Forward (Richard Cline)

Fleur de Joie (Stesha Madison)

Flintlock (Annabelle Flint)

Foreshadow (Erick Sloane)

Frostbyte (Cathy Clouston)

Gabriel (Carson Keefe)

The Gaian Knight (Tarrant McLeod)

Geckoman (Chris Kenzie)

Ghost Girl (Kimber Storm)

The Glamazon (Thaelia)

Grimalkin (Lynn Epstein)

Harrier (Caradoc, Steve Murdock)

Jack of All Blades (Erik Espadas)

Leviathan (Doctor Tristan Delacroix)

Lord Steam (Lucien Lockwood)

Methereal (Jerry Cornwell)

Midnight (Trevor Hunter)

Miras (Asli Saddik, DJ Eclectic)

Ms. Brittania (Agnes Stone)

Miss Americana (Gina Evans)

Miss Grue (Daphne Celeste)

Moon-Moth (Myothizar Alira)

Nevermore (Aleksander Nakani)

Nick Cimitiere (Eric LaCroix)

Nighthawk (Robin Chevalier)

Ouroboros (Jack Huang Faretti)

Phalanx (Michael Harris)

Phantom (Taylor Chun)

Psyche (Alexandra Albright)

Queenie (Maybelle McQueen)

The Requiem (Carter Corvin)

Revenant (Lucy Harker)

Riff (Warren Wilder)

Roulette (Stahnze Turk)

Sandman (Ellis Sanford)


Starlight (Samantha Lawrence)

Terrifica (Samantha Carson)

Temperance (Eliza Oxum)

Thoughtspeed (William Cline)

Velocity (Megan Howell)

Wail (Keith LaMarr)

Wander (Erin White)

Warlock (Kyle Reed)



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Erin White- Wander


Gather Info- Erin White

DC 10: Erin White attends Washington State University in Pullman, WA, where she is a senior majoring in Sports Medicine and minoring in Kinesiology.

DC 15: Erin White holds a valid Washington driver's license with no citations, and has a home address in Seattle. She is engaged to Erik Buhari, also of Seattle, and is an active chatter on Facebook.

DC 20: Erin White has a cousin, Keeley Erin White, who looks startlingly similar to her and resides in Freedom City. K. Erin White has a New Jersey driver's license with one paid-off speeding ticket and an address in the oldest part of North Bay, where she lives with her boyfriend Trevor Hunter. She works as director of security at Halloman Advanced Experts.

DC 25: The K. Erin White of Freedom City is an alternate universe double of Erin White from Seattle. She was sponsored by the Freedom League to come to Earth Prime, but details of her home universe are strictly sealed by the League. Her records on Earth Prime only extend back five or six years, but she attended the Claremont Academy and graduated with highest honors in 2011.

DC 30: Erin White arrived on Earth Prime in October of 2008, thanks to an interface between the Dr. Atom of her world and the Dr. Atom of Earth Prime. She was held in strict quarantine for three months before being allowed conditional outside access, lived with the duplicates of her family for three months, and was then enrolled at Claremont. She has superhuman strength and invulnerability, resistance to disease and poison, and a bat that augments her already considerable skills.

DC 35: Erin White is the only known survivor of a doomed timeline that was once very close to Earth Prime. An unknown disease swept the entire planet in early 2007, wiping out the population and destroying humans and superhumans alike.

DC 40: The disease that decimated Erin White's Earth was only part of the problem, a vaccine partially developed and championed by the Freedom League and Dr. Atom was responsible for widespread "zombiefication" of the vaccinated population worldwide. Erin is an accomplished and instinctual killer, thanks to prolonged time spent fighting for her life in a population of otherwise unstoppable zombies. Her specialized bat, along with thousands of hours of training, have modulated that instinct into effective superhero tactics.

Gather Info: Wander

DC 10: Wander is a superhero in Freedom City who's been around the past five years or so. She's on the Liberty League with Edge and Midnight, her old teammates from Young Freedom, and Cannonade.

DC 15: Judging by how long she's been active, Wander is in her early to mid twenties, and is an accomplished melee combatant. She can't fly, but she can jump very high and very long. She appears to have incredible resilience against most kinds of physical damage.

DC 25: Wander has a past that she doesn't like to talk about, one that seems to involve some major tragedy. She has a special hatred against the undead. Her fighting skills are so extremely well-honed that she may well be among the best hand to hand fighters in the world.

DC 30: Wander is not a native of Earth Prime. She came from another dimension with the assistance of the Freedom League, and is now a permanent resident.

Hero Community Reputation

Minimal Heroic Contacts: Wander is a member of the Liberty League, along with Midnight II, who she has been involved with for years. She's a melee fighter and a leaper, and runs fast enough to go up walls and over water. She's been active for more than five years and has worked with many of Freedom City's heroes.

Few Heroic Contacts:: Wander's name is Erin, and she graduated from Claremont Academy in 2011, with highest distinction along with the other members of her former team Young Freedom. She had a reputation at school for being dangerous, but nobody can say that she ever actually hurt a fellow student. Her first known outing was as part of Young Freedom, when they stopped a supervillain assault on a baseball game.

Some Heroic Contacts:: Wander and her teammates are trouble magnets, they have been involved in a lot of very dangerous stuff over the years and have come out on top. They've been to Erde and Anti-Earth, and rumor has it they even faced off with Omega and lived to tell the tale. Wander was one of the abducted heroes during the Day of Wrath; her robotic duplicate attempted to kill Jonathan Grant.

Many Heroic Contacts:: Wander is not a native of Earth Prime, she comes from a world that is much less nice than Earth Prime, but she doesn't like to talk about it. Details are classified by the Freedom League, which is unusual and probably means there is something about her world that is dangerous or even potentially deadly to Earth Prime. Wander also has a dimensional double called Singularity who is in Project Freedom.

Comprehensive Heroic Contacts (and/or access to some protected Freedom League files): Wander's world is called Earth Z-Omega-1(extinct), which means inimical to human life and overrun by the Terminus, with all or most life eradicated. Wander reported the dimension destroyed in 2011, but details are very sketchy in the files. Wander attempted to join the Freedom League in 2011 when she graduated from Claremont Academy, but was rejected over questions of her emotional stability and suitability for a role as a high-visibility hero.

Superlative Heroic Contacts (and/or access to highly protected Freedom League files) Wander's timeline was destroyed by a combination of Terminus attack and human error. Physician Friendly released an extremely deadly virus that looked likely to cut the world population in half, but then the world's remaining heroes and super-scientists, helmed by Dr. Atom, developed a flawed vaccine that turned much of the remaining population into ravenous zombies that killed off the uninfected and unvaccinated. The destruction of the timeline, per Wander's report, occurred as a result of a battle between Young Freedom and Omega, in which Omega was discorporealized and Rick Lucas carried the entire dimension into the Zero Zone to keep it from being a stepping stone between the Terminus and Earth Prime. The League treats this story as having little validity, despite Wander's possession of a breastplate very like Omega's with a fist-sized hole through the chest.


Knowledge: Cosmology

DC 15: Wander, called The Brave by the Furions and their allies, is one of the Dethroners of Omega. She and her allies defeated the Madrigal Martinet and her Hounds in direct combat, and are among the mightiest heroes of the multiverse.


Knowledge: Galactic Lore

DC 25: Wander is a Terran who assisted in fighting off the Communion. Like most Terrans, she is combat-minded and a little insane, but extremely powerful.

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Captain Knievel (Taylor Rogers)

Gather Information

DC10: Captain Knievel's face has been all over the news in freedom city as of late. Ask anyone with a TV and the man's various nefarious deeds become apparent.

DC15: Captain Knievel is responsible for the Injury of certain Freedom City Heroes. Both Arrowhawk and Twilight Griffon have lost fights to the man. Property damage was extensive in both events.

DC20: Captain Knievel has received aid from the Super Villain Malice on multiple occasions. It is possible that the two share some sort of alliance.

DC25: Captain Knievel has not been seen since he broke out of custody on the day of his public trial. Rumor has it that he is laying low somewhere on the west side of Freedom City.

Knowledge (Streetwise)

DC10: The Hero community isn't the only one that fears Captain Knievel. Certain members of the villain community are also victims of his violence. Mattheus is included in this, as well as a group of villains that frequent an underground fighting ring.

DC15: Captain Knievel is no friend to Freedom City's finest. He has been known to attack any Freedom City police officer he sees. Law enforcement agencies are reminded to be aware!

DC20: Captain Knievel is a known meta-human hater. He has been known to attack meta humans on sight.

Knowledge (Pop Culture)

DC10: Taylor Rogers is a prominent figure in the professional weight-lifting, and body-building circuit.

DC15: Taylor Rogers was a wealthy man but he was bound to do almost nothing that was not part of his professional career by a laundry list of contracts that are a mile long.

DC20: Taylor Rogers is no longer a member of the professional weight-lifting, and body-building circuit. He has been absent since he was revealed to be none other than the Super Villain Captain Knievel

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Jack of all Blades

Gather Information

DC 10: Over the past three years, an increasing number of muggings and armed robberies in the West End have been foiled by what the frustrated criminals have described as, 'a loudmouthed super.' The vigilante, reportedly going by the name 'Jack of all Blades', is a skilled swordsman with the ability to create blades made of solid flame.

DC 15: Jack of all Blades is known to work with Grimalkin, Colt and others as part of the lesser known team called The Interceptors.

DC 20: In addition to fire, Jack of all Blades is able to create swords made from a variety of energies, including those generated by other superhumans. His costumed identity seems to be thematically patterned after the Jack of Swords playing card, precursor to the modern Jack of Spades.

DC 25: Additional superhumans have been sighted patterned after the remaining three suits: Cups, Coins and Staves. The trio are antagonistic towards Jack of all Blades as well as each other. They have made numerous references to being part of a 'tournament'.

Knowledge: Streetwise

DC 10: A masked vigilante who first appeared a few years ago, Jack of all Blades has made his presence known in Freedom City's West End.

DC 15: A superhuman with the ability to create swords from effectively-solid energy, Jack of all Blades is known to banter almost incessantly, and is purported to be a shameless flirt. As such he is considered by local criminals not only to be a significant threat to their operations but extremely obnoxious as well.

DC 20: Most often responding to armed robberies and muggings, Jack of all Blades seems to hold a vehement distaste for firearms of all types. Threatening violence against innocent bystanders, particularly women, is a sure way to provoke an immediate and decisive response from the hero.

Knowledge: Arcane Lore

DC 20: Jack of all Blades has been quietly making inquiries amongst Freedom City's most established mystic heroes regarding a playing card in his possession.

DC 25: The card, a Jack of Swords, appears to be entirely unremarkable, but the young hero seems convinced that it has come connection to his superhuman abilities. The arcane experts he has consulted with have found no proof of this beyond conjecture.

DC 30: Various rare texts hold scattered references to four playing card suits (Cups, Coins, Staves and Swords) which seem to describe them as noble houses of considerable power. Given the names of the face cards, however, these are generally accepted to be imperfectly translated metaphors.

Knowledge: Popular Culture

DC 10: Jack of all Blades tends to avoid appearing on camera, but when he does he demonstrates a knack for crowd pleasing showmanship and shameless flirting. In knock-down, drag-out fight with the Crime League at the Liberty Dome last summer which was broadcast nationally, he personally defeated Wildcard, Downtime and Orion.

DC 15: Jack managed to literally run circles around his teammate Grimalkin at a charity boxing match - while blindfolded! He also once took out the Meta-Grue with assistance from teen hero Geckoman in a brutally one-sided fight.

DC 20: Any native West Ender will proudly tell you that Jack is one of their own. Anyone who messes with the 'End has to deal with Jack, and vice versa.

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Gather Information

DC 10: Malice is an active villain that dons power armor in the colors of the American Flag. He has an affinity for heavy weapons. Malice only has his left arm, his right having been lost in a battle.

DC 15: Malice's real name is Eric Micheals, a former weapons developer. He is infamous for his assault at the Trial of Captain Knievel and for the Massive Explosion in Riverside. Both events occurred within the same week.

DC 20: Malice lost his arm at the Massive Explosion, which was caused by his underground HQ blowing up. It was located in a formerly quiet suburb in Riverside. Eric Micheals was formerly the head researcher at Darts Inc, and also the majority shareholder.

DC 25: Malice's father was killed in the cross-fire in a meta brawl, which lead him to the conclusion that all meta humans are inherently evil and must be destroyed.

DC 30: Malice actually believes that meta humans are holding humanity back. If we didn't depend on them so much, we would be much more apt to fend for ourselves.

Knowledge: Technology

DC 10: Most of Malice's weaponry would actually fall under the category of "conventional". They are merely superior versions to weaponry that is commonly available.

DC 15: Darts has a reputation for building sleek and powerful weapons. They always had a keen eye for making everything fit together in as small a space as possible.

DC 20: Darts was also known for their Miscellaneous Division (which was supervised by Eric Micheals) which would put out any invention any of its employees came up with. It was a highly creative environment.

DC 25: Several, now scrapped, designs were actually early versions of Malice's weaponry which Eric would give to his design staff bit by bit.

Knowledge: Business

DC 10: Darts Inc is a weapons manufacturer that operates primarily out of Freedom City. They have a bent towards filling smaller custom orders.

DC 15: Though small, the company has lots of powerful connections. Doctor Archeville is a consultant, they were bought out by Ares Macrotech after Benjiro Fujisama himself paid a visit to the company, and their head researcher, Eric Micheals is no slouch himself.

DC 20: Eric Micheals, aside from being the head researcher is also the majority shareholder at Darts. This gives him a lot of power to throw around in the organization, a fact he seems quite fond to throw in the faces of the board.

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Breakdown (Eddie Ozan)

Gather Information

DC10: A super powered kid of teenage years has been frequenting Center City, The Fens, and The Boardwalk.

DC15: The aformentioned teen displays talents and powers that seem to be musically inclined. He has been known to string dance moves into his fighting style.

DC20: "Breakdown" As the teen has been dubbed has appeared on television during an event at the Freedom City Ballpark.

DC25: Breakdown is often times seen with other members of the teen super group "Young Freedom". He is believed to be a member.

Knowledge (Pop Culture) (Breakdown)

DC10: Breakdown has been known to project music of all types whenever he is seen in action.

DC15: The only type of music Breakdown has not been known to display is country music.

DC20: It is a reliable fact that the lack of country music played by Breakdown is due to his hatred for this genre of music.

Knowledge (Pop Culture) (Eddie)

DC10: Eddie Ozan is the Wednesday night DJ at the Millennium club in Center City Freedom. He is an employee at the club despite being under age because of his sheer talent as a DJ.

DC15: After a small interview with Eddie on a private TV station, it became apparent that the boy has no love for Country music.

DC20: Eddie Ozan has begun to put together a band. The band is in it's early stages, and is not yet finished recruiting members.

DC25: Eddie Ozan has been known to perform his DJ shows entirely without the aid of speakers or other sound producing equipment. It is a mystery as to how he manages this. This was the secret behind his employment at the Millennium Club. The owners are still trying to figure out his methods so as to use them for themselves.

Knowledge (Streetwise)

DC10: Breakdown rarely gets involved in crime fighting on his own. He is usually seen with other super heroes.

DC15: When Breakdown is seen patrolling Center City, it is often the area around the club Millennium. Although this seems to be Breakdown's turf, there is no Known connection between him and the Club.

DC20: Breakdown has been seen in and around Club Millennium on at least one occasion.

Knowledge (Physical Sciences)

Gaining this information requires an analysis of Eddie and his powers.

DC15: Eddie's physiology is perfectly normal for a teenager for his age. He does not seem to possess any abnormal genes or mutations.

DC20: The nature of Eddie's ability to project music that he listens to is based on an unconscious ability to vibrate his body. He is able to synchronize these vibrations with the music that he listens to and reproduce whatever music he hears.

DC25: The only explanation for Eddie's unconscious control over the vibrations of his body is a simple matter of inspiration. His sonic control abilities are directly related to how music makes him feel.

DC30: Eddie's Sonic Control isn't entirely unconscious. There is at least some degree of the power that is controlled by his conscious will. This allows him to shape the effects of these vibrations and fine tune them. This conscious fine tuning is aided by listening to extremely specific sub-genres of music in order to induce particular feelings. As an example, Metal is different than Speed Metal, etc.

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Michael Harris (AKA Phalanx)



Gather Information

DC 10: 22 year old life long freedom resident, Recently revealed as a superhuman when as a rookie FCPD officer he stepped in front of a barrage of gunfire to cover the escape of bystanders.  The event was caught on tape and replayed throughout the news cycle as the media tried to trace his identity.  Details were not given but given his abilities he was no longer able to serve in the FCPD

DC 15: Graduated Claremont Academy class of 2011 along with well known Terminus Baby advocate Alexandra Albright

DC 20: Did not join the FCPD under his real name perhaps to protect his identity should he be revealed as he was.

DC 25: Michael Harris is one of the children in utero at the time of the terminous invasion his mother was exposed to energy from a rift and her unborn child was changed by these energies. He severly injured a boy at age 6 and was inducted into a top secret government program to study the effects of the terminus energies on in utero children. Given the Codename Phalanx reports detail extreme strength and durability as well as flight. Projections include continued growth of these properties possibly to levels rivaling the Centurion as well as likely development of aditional properties (enhanced senses and possibly energy control or projection among them) possibly in concert with Project Psyche with whom he shares a psychic bond. 

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Ace Danger

Gather Information

DC 0: Ace Danger is the First born Child of the famed Johnny Danger founder of the jungle patrol. He appears to be in his mid twenties despite his long career in the public spotlight starting with his widely adapted adventures from age 8 to 14 the subject of a long running cartoon series and several feature length films.

DC 10: Ace is something of a black sheep in his family having been involved with numerous scandals over the years.

DC 15: Ace is almost certainly immortal he has been reported dead on several occasions and has none the less recovered in short order

DC 20: Ace served in the Air Force as well as in the fledgling OSS before the formation of Aegis which he was an active agent of for many years. He was granted an honorable discharge in his late 20s though worked on and off for Aegis and the CIA for many years afterwards.

DC 25: Ace was under court-marshal investigation for "Behavior Unbecoming an Officer involving a lieutenant under his command both parties were named in the inquest but the investigation was closed by a general who served with Johnny Danger previously and both parties were granted Honorable Discharge.

Knowledge Pop Culture

DC 10: Ace Danger from the old cartoons is alive and well and an active member of the Freedom City social elite.

DC 15: Ace Danger has been romantically connected with numerous starlets though no serious relationship has been forthcoming.

DC 20: Ace has been seen on the arm of well known homosexual hero and LGBT activist Gatekeeper as well as other well known members of Freedom Citys Queer community and is widely speculated to be bi-sexual though some say it is an act to garner publicity.

DC 25: Nearly all the childhood adventures of the Ace Danger cartoon show are 100% true though some names and the dialog was fabricated the central plot of nearly every episode was based on first person accounts of Ace himself as well as the other members of the Jungle Patrol.

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Psyche/Alexandra Albright


Gather Information

DC 5: Alexandra Albright is the CEO and founder of the AEON Foundation. She is publicly out as a T-Baby with metahuman powers as of a rather well known television broadcast.

DC 10: Alex's code name when she was/is active as a superhero is Psyche and she emerged on the scene when she was still a teenager. Her metahuman powers take the form of some sort of psychic ability. She retired from active super-hero work when she announced her mutation on television and opened AEON to those looking for help with their own metahuman issues.

DC 15: From the age of five to fifteen, she was in a government think tank program. She has classified records on file with the government. Alexandra's file gives the details of her psychic potential and intellectual abilities. She was one of several infants in utero during the Terminus Invasion. Her project was code-named the Psyche project and its likely from this that she's taken the super hero name.

DC 25: Psyche has been involved with her Young Freedom teammate Phalanx, Michael Harris, since they were teenagers. Digging into their background will show that their parents are still neighbors. 



Knowledge (Pop Culture)

DC 10: Alexandra Albright is the CEO of AEON and is a T-Baby. She's crazy-rich and only in her early twenties. This, of course, makes her of interest to various magazine speculation that might have come up with any number of stories of dubious veracity. 

DC 20: Alex isn't quite a recluse - she's shown up at various functions over the years, although she has a marked preference, and reputation, for staying at work. When she does show up, however, she's either in the company of a small group or shows up alone. 


Knowledge (Any Science)

DC 5: The AEON Foundation, which Alex runs, is dedicated towards the 'ethical research of the meta-human phenomena', whatever that might mean. 

DC 15: Alexandra Albright, in addition to her psychic talents, is a certified genius who has, in addition to running her company, collected a handful of degrees over the years. She occasionally lectures at schools of various stripes. 


AEON Foundation 


Gather Information

DC 5: The AEON Foundation claims to be devoted to 'the ethical research of the meta-human phenomena'... whatever that means. They do have a few commercials talking about their willingness to help meta-humans struggling with their powers. There are kiosks in the AEON lobby that promise discretion. 

DC 10: The AEON Foundation has been one of the fastest rising corporations in the last five years, moving from a start-up to being worth billions with several different departments. It has drawn some muttering about just HOW that feat's been accomplished but thus far any grumbling has been a low murmur and generally disreputable rumors. 

DC 15: AEON employees come from all different backgrounds, there are many science and technology divisions but there are also physicians and therapists on the payroll as well as the staff. Their largest department is genetic and biological research but there are several secondary divisions that have been spun out as need demanded as well as the requisite administrative staff to keep it running smoothly. 

DC 25: It is nearly impossible to dig up any dirt on AEON, as far as anyone can tell, there are only the typical disgruntled employees and no substance to any rumors of more nefarious actions behind closed doors. AEON makes its money by selling their various discoveries in their commercial sector and having a robust investment portfolio. 


Knowledge (Any Science)

DC 10: AEON is often trying to hire the best and brightest across multiple fields, although they are most often hiring those in the biological, genetic or medical background but they have any number of other fields on their roster. One never knows what's going to be needed in the field of metahuman research. The pay is good and the benefits are rock solid. They are more amenable than most employers to an... alternative schedule.

DC 15: AEON's well known especially in the medical field for the quality of the medications and tech that is developed. Research into that particular field has yielded a great deal of other fringe discoveries that the Foundation holds the patent for. 

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The Ghost

Gather Information

DC 10 "The Ghost? I've heard of him. Supposed to be some kind of specialist at getting hard to reach items."

DC 15 "He's pretty good at what he does. Police can't seem to track him down, though they haven't really tried."

DC 20 "I heard that strange things keep happening around him. It's one of the reason he's never been caught."

DC 25 "He keeps a low profile. That heist back in March 2007 at the Natural History Museum was supposed to be his handiwork."


DC 10 "If you're looking for someone to break into a high security location, the Ghost is the guy for the job."

DC 15 "You're looking for The Ghost? I heard he hangs out in The Boardwalk area when he's not working."

DC 20 "If you want to hire The Ghost, you' best bet is to get in touch with Lenny. He passes messages on to The Ghost, I hear.

DC 40 "I heard form a friend of my cousin's friend that he tried to rob the Golden Calf Casino with a group of super villains. Not sure what happened though. Nobody's talking like the place was robbed or nothing. Actually, come to think about it, I ain't heard from my cousin in a long while. I wonder what happened to him?" (Gaining this information can be hazardous to one's health. Powerful people are keeping the incident very quiet.)

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Dark Star

Gather Information

DC10: Dark Star is a hero known to spend sporadic but significant time in Freedom City. He came from space and landed at the SCC in February 09. He has since been involved in some fairly significant events in the city.

DC 15: Dark Star is very polite and tends to wait for the police to show in almost all situations. He has confirmed he is a founding member of the relatively new super group “Knights of Freedom†and has confirmed his trust and affirmation of those members. He is one of the only Knights who does stay to answer questions from the police and, while waiting, occasionally the press. Dark Star comes across as a true hero and ‘do gooder’ despite his seemly detached nature.

DC 20: Dark Star possess unknown but apparently significant levels of cosmic power including control of gravity, radiation and is also an insubstantial energy being. He has shown to be loathe to use destructive forces at any level, even going so far as to heal those he has injured in battle. He seldom engages in a battle unless no other choice is available. In fact, he tends to ask for all parties to desist and/or surrender before taking any action.

DC 25: Recent events occurring at the Massive Explosion caused some doubt as to his nature and allegiance with the Knights. He exonerated Malice of the explosion itself, but not the man’s other crimes, before flying off. Since then, he has not been willing to answer any questions about the Knights though he still confirms his belief in his fellow heroes.

DC 30: Dark Star has been overheard on occasion referencing the fact that he used to be human, though it was apparently many years ago.

Knowledge (Pop Culture)

DC10: Since his arrival on Earth in February 09, Dark Star has been very active on Earth and in Freedom City despite flying off into space on a regular basis. While not completely public, he is not a vigilante by any means. He works with police and other officials regularly and willingly. He has made numerous statements to the press/reporters after apprehending criminals of one variety or another while waiting for the authorities to arrive. Despite this, he does not grandstand and seems oddly detached from people but passionate in his beliefs about the good and potential of all people.

DC 15: Dark Star is rumoured to work with the SCC on a regular basis, helping the organization prepare and learn about the galaxy outside of Earth’s space. He’s even been rumoured to be instructing them on alien races, technology and tactics for preparation in case another invasion should be undertaken.

Dark Star has also shown strong ties and worked repeatedly with the Knights of Freedom (of which he has affirmed that he is a founding member in more than one statement to the press), in particular Scarab and the dark figure called Avenger. While the Knights as a whole seem somewhat dark and gritty and unwilling to make a lot of statements to the press or authorities, Dark Star seems to be almost on the opposite end of the spectrum. Despite his black form, he apparently strives to be a shining example for people and seems most earnest in his honourable and upstanding behaviour.

DC 20: Dark Star is in fact working with the SCC but it is more focused to helping them gain knowledge of the galaxy and helping with their research. He is teaching them the Lor and Grue languages when time permits as well as delivering and retrieving deep space probes for them.

DC 25: To date, he has turned down offers for publicity, money, fame. Despite his affirming of little need for material possessions, he has confirmed working for the SCC. This means he must be getting a paycheck in some fashion or another, though sorting through the web of funding, research money and government bureaucracy and security for the SCC to find out more would be nigh impossible and a feat of herculean proportions.

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James Prophet - Hellion

Gather Information

DC0: James Prophet is a member of the Legacy family, the Prophets. Known for turning out various powered, intelligent and heroic individuals, it has wealth and power as well as impressive advances in technology due to some of its gifted members. A family of famous, wealthy and popular individuals, they have been an influential family in Freedom City since it’s foundation.

Teresa Prophet, his mother, died in childbirth from unknown complications. James’ father is unknown.

DC10: While most Prophets do not have powers, there have been more than a few over the years that have. Teresa was rumoured to have been a serious black sheep among the family, even disappearing for several years shortly before her death. James seems to be following in those footsteps, being something of a black sheep as well. There have been rumours of minor scandals and crimes involving a delinquent James but nothing substantial.

DC 15: James is a pyrokinetic, showing impressive control of fire and it’s applications. He is also known to be extraordinarily smooth and charming for a young man as well as a gifted musician. Recently, he gave up the ‘home schooling’ and ‘private tutors’ at the Family Estate and moved out, enrolling in the Claremont Academy where he is currently a senior at the high school level.

DC 20: James is not on the best of terms with the rest of Prophet family. He seldom associates with them though there is some communication going on. With his own substantial assets, he seldom trades on/uses the Family name. He doesn’t exactly avoid the spotlight and the press, but he doesn’t pander to them either. He is something of a party goer and has also been known to skirt the boundaries of legality in his pursuit of fun.

DC 25: He was recently seen on television after a battle at the Ballpark and stood with the others when the group “Young Freedom†was formed. It was his first known occurrence of doing anything ‘hero’ related.

DC 30: James is far from being a simple pyrokinetic. He has shown and rumoured to have other abilities, including super strength to an unknown degree and teleportation of an unknown strength. Other possibilities exist but are unknown for certain. The origin of his powers is also unknown.

Knowledge (Arcane)

DC 15: At the battle at the Ballpark, the low level demons showed fear at a certain young man who had stood in the stands.

DC 20: The same young man had also thrown fire, blasting and dispersing several of those demons which is unusual since demons are immune to fire damage.

DC 25: The young man was actually throwing around large amounts of Hellfire with ease and precision. Also, he spoke fluent Hellspeak (the language of hell and demons and the like) to the demons, causing all the remaining ones to throw off their summoner’s control and flee back to hell.

DC 35: James is rumoured to figure prominently in certain prophecies among the residents of the infernal planes. Though specifics are sparse, Demons and Demonologists believe him to be key in bringing about 'Hell on Earth'.

Knowledge (Pop Culture)

DC10: Despite being underage, James Prophet has been known to frequent and is a popular guest at première and happening clubs (and more than a few raves) throughout the city.

James has shown skill with a guitar that far surpasses his age. He plays for fun… and sometimes to help woo the ladies.

DC 15: James has been connected to a string of young and famous starlets as well as less well known lovely ladies but nothing has ever been long term. Despite the string of short term girlfriends, there seem to be remarkably few angry/bitter ex-girlfriends.

James has played guitar with more than a few of the more well known musicians out there.

DC 20: He has been offered multiple times to join bands, some quite well known, due to his skill. He has never accepted though will occasionally jam with some, just for fun. Nothing is ever a long term deal though.

DC 25: He was recently seen on television after a battle at the Ballpark and stood with the others when the group “Young Freedom†was formed. It was his first known occurrence of doing anything ‘hero’ related.

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Learning About Doktor Archeville

Gather Information

DC 10: Herr Doktor Viktor Archeville is a German scientist who shows a dizzying amount of knowledge in a huge number of fields. He's also quite attractive.

DC 15: He's worked as a "science hero" in and around western Europe (primarily his homeland of Germany) for nearly a decade. He's mostly worked solo, but has worked with a few small teams there. In addition to his showy heroics, he's also done more "mundane" things, such as help in rebuilding structures destroyed in super-battles. Most respect and admire him for his works, but a few cannot see past the fact his grandfather worked loyally for the Nazis.

About a year and a half ago he came back to Freedom City -- he had been here earlier as a college student, and earned his first doctorate at HIT -- and has been working with the city's numerous heroes ever since. He lives in Hanover, almost in the exact midway point between HIT and the Albright Institute; those who have been in his home say it is far, far bigger on the inside than the outside dimensions indicate it should be possible. While in Freedom, he has made alliances with numerous companies and organizations, including Darts, Inc. and the Rhodes Foundation.

DC 20: His lab coat is nearly bulletproof, and his belt enables him to fly and teleport, and can generate one of the most potent force fields on the planet. His most versatile tool is his "Electromagnetic Screwdriver," which can use energies from the entire EM spectrum for any number of effects, but he would be quick to point out that his most potent tool is his mind. There is some truth to that: he once stripped down a television set and turned it into a potent energy blaster in about a minute, and once turned an old automobile into a suit of powered armor in about five minutes.

DC 25: Archeville has been seen associating with Elena Guerrero of the Rhodes Foundation (one of his primary financial backers), as well as Ace Danger (another rumored backer), Dark Star, Psyche, and Twilight Gryphon. He has earned special enmity from Captain Knievel, due to his role in apprehending him.

The source of Doktor Archeville's incredible mind is a matter of some debate. He usually claims he is simply very gifted in and very dedicated to learning (like Daedalus or Doc Otaku), but on a very few occasions has hinted that he may be a Metahuman whose powers revolve around mental enhancements (similar to the Psions). He has submitted to testing, but the records show he does not test positive for any active Metahuman genes.

Knowledge (Arcane Lore)

DC 10: The Archeville line has long been tainted with madness and some sort of subtle magic.

DC 15: This magic has been passed down for thirteen generations, from father to son, for the past 600 years. Longevity and a strong resistance to disease and poisons seem to be the main benefit from these magics, but others in the family line have exhibited other abilities, though usually these are enhancements to existing abilities and not wholly new abilities. Doktor Viktor Archeville is the latest recipient of these gifts.

DC 20: One of the Archevilles, the extremely bipolar but medically gifted Venn Helmuth Archeville, served under Swiss clockmaker Hans Locarno -- aka Master Mage Lord Deosil -- for 45 years. Deosil tried to help Archeville which his madness, but it was linked inextricably with the magic of his bloodline, and the best Deosil could do was suppress for periods of time, not remove it completely.

DC 30: The magic is the taint of alien gods from outside reality, pseudonatural beings of cosmic power and unknowable intentions. Archeville must be watched carefully, especially if any of his inventions have a chance of breaking dimensional or temporal barriers.

Knowledge (Behavioral Sciences)

DC 10: Doktor Archeville appears to be a stereotypical "Mad Scientist": obsessing over some given project to the exclusion of all others, only to flip abruptly and completely to some other topic.

DC 15: This "abrupt flipping" applies not only to his work but also to his personal interactions. Archeville has been reported, on numerous occasions, to "flip" his own personality and take on radically different personae. His "baseline" persona is that of the Obsessed Scientist, showing a superhuman intelligence, an above-average strength of will, but a poor-to-average interpersonal skill. Over the past year or so, a second personae has manifest, the Suave Charmer, with an above-average intelligence and strength of will but a near-superhuman force of personality. Over the past few months, a third persona has manifest, the Serene Observer, showing near-superhuman intelligence, a quiet and overlooked personality, but a keen insight into both human nature and his surroundings, and a nigh-indomitable strength of will.

DC 20: In addition, there are some reports that Archeville has some manner of "Split Personality," that his eccentricities and obsessions can be grouped into two broad categories, an Evil (Id dominant) side and a Good (Superego dominant) side. The "Good" side is dominant far more often than not, the "Evil" side only coming out in times of extreme stress.

DC 25: Word is Archeville is both self-medicating and seeing the Scarab, a world-class telepath, for help in dealing with his mental issues.

Knowledge (Business or Civics)

DC 10: Archeville is often in search of resources, both in terms of finances and raw materials.

DC 15: This is not because he's bad with money -- on the contrary, his knowledge of the market rivals that of most Wall Street graybeards -- but because of his frequent personality clashes and "eccentricities".

DC 20: Rumor is he's looking to start up his own company, an international chain of research laboratories, unconnected to any one government or business interest. This is another reason he's always looking for backers -- to buy up land, renovate or set up infrastructures, set up licenses and permits, and so on.

DC 25: Rumor is he's looking to use personnel & resources from Darts, Inc. -- the company which formerly employed Eric "Malice" Micheals -- for his own company.

Knowledge (Current Events or Popular Culture)

DC 10: the King of Science!, and the secret (or not so secret) crush of tech-heads everywhere.

DC 15: Unlike most "Mad Scientists," Archeville does take time to care for his appearance and to enjoy fine foods.

He lives in a small community in Hanover, mostly inhabited by HIT students. He is often at the top of the guest lists for block parties, partly because he always brings top-notch alcohol.

DC 20: He's also attended every Oktoberfest festival in Munich since 1999, and tends to make several "hook ups" while there.

DC 25: Rumors of any children he may have sired during these Oktoberfest trysts have all been proven untrue.

Knowledge (History)

DC 10: The Archeville name is well-known throughout Germany, though is met with roughly equal parts reverence and revulsion in the Black Forest. His grandfather, Verrill Herman Archeville, was loyal to both the German Empire in World War I and the German Nazi party in World War II, as a soldier in the former and, inspired by the use of chemical weaponry on the battlefield, as a ‘mad scientist’ in the latter (specializing in size-alteration, clockwork automata, and time manipulation). Reportedly died 1965 in an accident in his Brazilian laboratory.

DC 15: Archeville's father, Varick Heinrich, was a supremely skilled computer technician. Varick's grandfather (Viktor's great-grandfather), Victor Hobart Archeville, was a highly skilled glass-blower and silversmith, and moderately skilled clockmaker. He had a (very) minor role in reuniting the Austrian-held sections of the southern German states and the Prussian North German Federation into the German Empire in 1871, by providing replacements for cracked mirrors in the galerie des glaces (the Hall of Mirrors) of the Palace of Versailles, where Prussian King William I was declared German emperor.

DC 20: Doktor Archeville's father, Varick, has been in an insane asylum since 1990.

At least three of Viktor Archeville's ancestors -- his great-great-great-grandfather, Vitto Hilliard Archeville, his father Virgil Hartwig Archeville, and his father Vid Hackett Archeville -- were all mighty warriors. Vid was a berserker who kept to the Black Forest, Virgil a mercenary who worked for the highest bidder (and shared some of Vid's berserk fury), and Vitto was a borderline-psychopath who fought against Napoleon's forces largely out of a hatred of the French. Curiously, Vitto's son Varian Hodffman Archeville was a genteel courtier, and had a small hand in the transformation of the Confederation of the Rhine -- Napoleon's organization of the German states -- into the German Confederation in 1815, but he later tried playing both Austrian and Prussian forces against one another in an attempt to gain more power, which was one contributing factor to the Austrio-Prussian War of 1866.

DC 25: An ancestor, Valdemar Heller Archeville, attended the relatively new Albert-Ludwigs-Universitat Freiburg (Albert Ludwigs University of Freiburg, one of the oldest universities in Germany) in the late 1400s, first as a student and then as a teacher of Natural Sciences. His son, Valter Herbert Archeville, also attended, studying Humanities. Valter's son, Ven Helmuth Archeville, grew to become a skilled doctor and surgeon.

Knowledge (Physical Sciences or Technology)

DC 10: Herr Doktor Viktor Archeville is a German scientist who shows a dizzying amount of knowledge in a huge number of fields.

DC 15: His lab coat is nearly bulletproof, and his belt enables him to fly and teleport, and can generate one of the most potent force fields on the planet. His most versatile tool is his "Electromagnetic Screwdriver," which can use energies from the entire EM spectrum for any number of effects, but he would be quick to point out that his most potent tool is his mind. There is some truth to that: he once stripped down a television set and turned it into a potent energy blaster in about a minute, and once turned an old automobile into a suit of powered armor in about five minutes.

DC 20: Archeville's Belt generates and manipulates gravity. His recent upgrades allow him to fly in space at light speed unaided, and to create a cloaking field that hides him from most all forms of detection. Earlier reports of his teleportation may have been a combination of flight and an early cloaking field.

DC 25: No one has any idea how his Electromagnetic Screwdriver works, because he's never allowed anyone a chance to study it. There are scores of theories, but none account for everything it's been seen to do.

New Hotness Rep

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Gather Information

DC 10: Atlas is the monicur taken by a red giant that endulges in terrorizing criminals and other scoundrels by utilizing his massive strength. He speaks with a Russian accent, and rarely in complex sentences.

DC 15: The broken speach thing is an act. He is perfectly able to speak like a normal person, and occasionally uses longer words while "in character".

DC 20: Atlas' real name is Samael Natorvich, a Russian immigrant. He uses his super powered side mostly to clean up his area in the Fens.

DC 25: Samael can only stay in Atlas form for a limited time, and after that time expires he has to wait a while to use it again.

DC 30: Samael has a degree of super human ability even when not in full Atlas form.

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Emperor (Mervyl Masters)

Gather Information

DC 20: An old Orphanage (now destroyed due to weak foundations), has a record of receiving an infant at their door step. This boy was obviously different, as he had no eye pupils. MAny at the orphanage believed that this may be another case of mutant child abandonment.

DC 25: Years ago, An Orphanage near Lantern Hill was destroyed. Officials say that it was due to poor foundations, yet further investigation revealed that some of the aged foundations had 'twists' and 'tears' to them, as if some beast tore them apart. Some former employees of the Orphanage claims that this was a work of a 'demonic child' who had the eyes of satan himself. The boy cried and next thing they knew, the building collapsed. The boy, and later the witnesses, were never seen again.

Knowledge: Streetwise

DC 10: Recently, a minor blackout has erupted in a small neighborhood near Westside. When officials went to investigate, the saw light posts ripped out, cars overturned, and windows shattered. One witness, a homeless man who was trapped under an over turned car, reported that this was the result of a meta human conflict (duh). One of the combatants was described as 'having eyes like death itself'.

DC 15: A huge battle has took place recently near a mall on the westside. Amidst the raging battle, people made note of an unidentified teenager, who had weird eyes and no hair, at the scene.

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Learning About Avenger

Gather Information

DC 10: Avenger is a mysterious hockey-masked wearing vigilante active in the Fens and other depressed neighborhoods of Freedom City.

DC 15: Avenger is very mysterious. In particularly, there are almost no pictures of him.

DC 20: Avenger is on the knife-edge of brutality for acceptable conduct in Freedom City's superheroes, famous for leaving opponents broken and bloodied rather than simply tied up. He hasn't killed anyone...yet. He's a member of the Midnighters, a team that deals primarily with supernatural threats.

DC 25: There are stories about Avenger, that he's a Max addict or something. They say he took a gangbanger's bullet to the chest and laughed it off, punched a burly thug through a steel wall, and walks through locked doors like they're not there. Of course, they tell stories like that about Raven and Foreshadow too.

DC 35 Avenger is a vampire.

Knowledge (Streetwise)

DC 10: Oh, jeez, it's that psycho in the hockey mask! Run!

DC 15: Avenger doesn't just put guys in jail; he puts them in hospital beds. He doesn't screw around, either; he beats on you till he's done.

DC 20: I heard he ripped off Jimmy the Neck's head and nailed it to the wall! And he took Tommy Johnson's baby and chucked it out a window! They say the cops don't get him because even they're scared of him.

DC 25: No, man, that's just BS doped-up gangers tell. Avenger doesn't kill guys. He just makes them wish they were dead, till they do exactly what he wants.

Learning About Jack Faretti

Knowledge (Business)

DC 25 Jack Faretti owns a lot of holding companies with boring names that just happen to have investments all over Freedom City and beyond.

Knowledge (Streetwise)

DC 25 Yeah, he took over after she left. You know who I mean. I heard he's trying to keep it together, but he's bleeding out left and right. Funny thing is, though, he's selling off some of the best stuff they've got!

Gather Information

DC 20: Jack Faretti is a rich young businessman.

DC 25: With some pretty shady ties and a mysterious manner.

DC 35 Someone named Jack Faretti died four years ago of a massive drug overdose.

DC 40 It's the same guy

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Taylor Chun



Gather Information

DC 15: Taylor Chun is an FCU graduate. She holds a Bachelors in Linguistics and a Masters in Translation. She has freelanced before as a translator and has a slightly outdated website about those services. 

DC 20: The youngest of five children. Both parents and one older brother are doctors at Freedom City hospitals. There is a marriage license for her at the Freedom City County Records to a John Farretti from late 2009.

DC 25: Taylor's presence in the city stopped in 2013, almost abruptly and there's no correlation, or real explanation behind a very vague 'working abroad'. Just as without warning or explanation, she resumed life in Freedom City in 2015.

DC 30: Taylor has children enrolled at both an elementary and a highschool although the latter is an impossibility as she's only turning twenty-eight this year. Perhaps he's adopted? Taylor's great uncle is the real life inspiration for 'Hong Kong Harry' on the Jungle Patrol, one Huang Chun. He's a renowned archeologist who's surprisingly spry for a centenarian. 






Gather Information

DC 15: Phantom appeared on the streets of Freedom City in roughly winter of 08-09. A mystic of no small power, she seems to pursue her own agenda rather than patrol any particular territory. 

DC 20: She appears to have been an occasional member of the former super-hero group, the Knights of Freedom and a regular with the monsters-turned-superheroes, the Midnighters. Phantom has shown up at several mystical and dimensional antics of varying severity as well as showing up without warning in the lives of superheroes of a trans-dimensional variety. She is not always well liked because of that habit. 

DC 25: Phantom is known as the Chosen of Heshem, one aspect of the same three-fold deity that empowers the Master Magus, Eldritch. Her bailiwick is largely keeping the dimensional boundaries but she's expanded to also take on more typical superhero work. She typically works alone. 


Knowledge: Streetwise

DC 10: Dunno, man. Shes's like a ghost or somethin'. Bullets go right through her.

DC 15: Ghost, witch. Don't know. All I know is she's a magicker.


Knowledge: Arcane

DC 10: Phantom is neither a ghost, nor a witch although her powers are magical in nature.

DC 15: Phantom acts as some sort of guardian of the dimensions. She freely moves between them and returns things (and people) to their rightful places.

DC 20: Phantom's powers actually come from the void, another dimension, and she may or may still be considered native to Prime as an entity. Phantom is chosen by Heshem, one of the trinity of gods that empower the Master Magus. She enforces The Pact as well as making sure that the dimensional barriers are never strained.

DC 25: When she began working, she was much more uncompromising but these days, Heshem's Chosen seems to accept that situations are not always as black or white as she might prefer. Her concern seems to focus on Prime but she's been known to pop up in all sorts of dimensions and all kinds.

DC 30: Phantom is unique in all of the multiverse. She has no counterpart although some references to the power she uses make reference to an equal and opposite power.



The Eye of Heshem



Knowledge: History

DC 15: The amulet known as the Eye of Heshem is very old, although it lacks the hallmarks of any distinctive era or place in history.

DC 30: The Eye is Atlantean in origin. It is priceless.


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The Ember Paw

Gather Information

DC10: The Villain called Ember Paw appears to be some kind of Humanoid Fox?

DC 15: Although he’s been in the City for over a year, Ember has only been implicated in a few crimes. He leave’s a Smouldering paw print as a marker.

DC 20: Ember appears to have some form of Fire control. Some Magically Inclined individuals say his Fire has traces of Natural Magic.

DC 25: Ember is a thief and werefox. He uses Natural Fire Magic but He doesn’t appear to be that powerful. Which may be an explanation as to his lack of activity.

Knowledge (Arcane)

DC 10: Ember Appears to be some kind of Human/Fox hybrid, of Magical origin.

DC 15: Natural Magic appears to be how he can summon his Fire abilities. He may have something to do with the Increase of Druidic activity in Freedom.

DC 20: Many facts about Ember and his magic resemble that of the Asian myth of the Kitsune, A Fox Trickster Spirit.

DC 25: Ember has strange Fur markings covering his back and shoulders. They appear Celtic in nature, and could be a source of his power?

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Colt - Billy Renolds - This list will develop and expand as I play the character more.

Gather Information

DC10: A man dressed like a cowboy crash landed a flying motorcycle in center city freedom. He has been helping to defend the city against crime ever since with a revolver and a rifle.

DC15: Freedom City's newest Cowboy claims to be from another world. Though it is unclear where that world is.

DC20: The Cowboy that crash landed in Freedom city goes by the name of Colt. His aliases include Billy the Kid, Rapid Fire Renolds, Quickshot, and Trickfire.

DC25: The other world that Colt discusses coming from is actually an alternate reality version of Earth.

DC30: Colt's alternate reality is a future version of Earth, with a culture that is paradoxically similar to our earth's mid-19th century. They have greatly advanced technology, however the items that existed in our 19th century are still used, and greatly enhanced. Also, Colt's real name is Billy Renolds.

DC35: Time flows faster in Colt's home dimension. The conversion rate is roughly three months in our world equals fifteen years in his world.

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Learning About Dead Head

Gather Information

DC 10: Many know of Lantern Jack, the mysterious restless spirit who guards Lantern Hill. But since early October 2009, there's been something else seen patrolling the cemetery. Something just as mysterious, but corporeal.

DC 15: It's some sort of revenant, a non-mindless zombie. It's surprisingly personable and talkative, and it claims to have been active all up and down the east coast for about a decade. It likes to be called "Dead Head."

DC 20: It's tough -- monstrously tough -- but not in the "blades don't pierce its flesh" the of way. It appears to be as easily damaged as any average, normal person, but damage done to it is repaired at an astonishing rate. It can also separate parts of itself and control them across any distance, contort/dislocate itself so as to fit through most any space, and animate the dead as simple mindless skeletons and zombies.

DC 25: Dead Head is surprisingly friendly now, but rumor is he used to be more grim and brooding than even Avenger!

Dead Head's been active for about a decade. His first confirmed sighting puts him in the coastal plain of eastern North Carolina in January of 2000. On January 1st of that year, there was a terrible and mysterious fire that killed several dozen college students who were partying at a beach house; part of the mystery to it is that none of the doors to the building were locked, and there was no sign of excessive alcohol or drug use (no moreso than any other average college party), so why didn't they flee as the flames engulfed the house?

DC 30: Dead Head can bring others truly back to life, but he rarely does so, because the people he resurrects often come back "wrong".

Knowledge (Arcane Lore)

DC 10: Zombies are a very basic form of undead, used primarily for simple and repetitive tasks, like turning mill wheels and for guarding areas. Despite what some movies say, zombies can be put down by any sufficiently strong force, not just damage to their brain.

DC 15: A revenant is a more advanced form of zombie, one possessing most if not all of its mental faculties. Revenants are created for one specific, complex task or series or tasks, but some revenants arise spontaneously to complete some intensely personal mission left unfinished in life.

DC 20: Dead Head sometimes acts like the former, but seems to be the latter. The conditional "seems to be" is because the unfinished business that should be driving him isn't clearly identifiable. Dead Head claims to be "fighting for those who cannot fight for themselves," but such altruistic motives are not the sort that give rise to an undead.

DC 25: Dead Head's been active since January 2000. Unknown to the world at large, on New Year's Eve of 1999/2000, Baron Samedi and Malador the Mystic worked on a ritual together, fueled by the heightened anxieties of the populace who feared something horrible was going to happen, to summon some manner of pseudonatural entity into the world. They were stopped by Adrian Eldrich (and by Samedi betraying Malador at a crucial point), but the energies gathered were not completely dispersed, and some made their way south... to where Dead Head was first seen.

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Learning about All-Star

Gather Information

DC 10: All-Star is a brash young hero who is new to Freedom City. He seems very personable and doesn’t mind hanging around to talk to the press.

DC 15: Reports show that All-Star is a “Paragon†class super, which means has enhanced physical abilities as well as flight and possibly energy projection.

DC 20: It seems that All-Star is a young man who goes to FC University named Marcus Hines. He doesn’t make much about hiding his identity as it seems he considers himself a super first. He comes from Arizona to play football. He gave up his scholarship when his powers developed. His parents work for a branch of Astro-Labs back in Arizona.

DC 25: Apparently the young super seems to struggle with his temper, and is being counseled by the older hero Captain Thunder, whom he seems to share a bond with. He has something of a rivalry/big brother role with Thunder’s Young son.

DC 30: Apparently young Marcus was severely injured when he came to Freedom. He was admitted to Freedom General with severe burns over 70% of his body and radiation poisoning. Some-how he made a miraculous recovery, according to the doctors though the hero Daedalus seemed to have been involved. Soon after that, he developed strange powers.

DC 40: In order to save the boy’s life Daedalus injected him with the blood of the fallen villain Praetor. This allowed his condition to stabilize, granting Marcus the ability to harness ambient radiation to feul his new powers. His temper seems unconnected to this though, as he has a record of behavior problems.

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Gather Information

DC 10: A vigilante by the name of Razorwing has been busting heads in the slums of Freedom City.

DC 15: Razorwing seems to be unpowered, relying on savage hand-to-hand combat and an array of specialized equipment to combat injustice.

DC 20: A death mark has been placed on Razorwing's head, but by whom and for what reason is unclear.

DC 25: Razorwing was trained by the world-renowned and rightly feared mercenary Ronin, and was briefly a member of the Shadow Academy before betraying them.

Knowledge (streetwise)

DC 10: A vigilante by the name of Razorwing has been busting heads in the slums of Freedom City.

DC 15: Small amounts of illicit monies have gone missing from the scene after Razorwing was involved in dispatching smalltime hoods and low-level mob enforcers.

DC 20: In the 1980's there was another vigilante roaming the streets of Freedom City that went by the name of Razorwing whose methods were similar to the new incarnation.

Kristian Gerber

Gather Information

DC 20: Kristian Gerber is the orphan son of Freedom City S.W.A.T. captain James Gerber and criminal psychologist Cynthia Schwartz-Gerber, and went missing from the St. Nicholas Orphanage in Southside nearly seven years ago.

Knowledge (behavioral sciences)

DC 15: Kristian Gerber suffers from Antisocial Personality Disorder. He is a certified introvert and sociopath with violent tendencies. Professional diagnosis suggests he needs to be on medication.

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Here is some rep stuff for Velocity (and her alterego). I might add a bit more if some more comes to me.

Learning about Velocity

Gather Information

DC 10: Velocity has been active in Freedom City for about four years. Her cheerful personality and good looks have made her popular with the media and the general public.

DC 15: Velocity joined the Freedom League a little over a year ago.

DC 20: Velocity is believed to be close to matching Johnny Rocket in terms of speed. She is able to deliver considerably powerful punches that break the sound barrier and has in the past been known created miniature sonic booms that can be quite destructive.

DC 30: Rumor is that Velocity defeated Johnny Speed (Johnny Rocket’s Tyranny Syndicate double) in a one-on-one fight.

Knowledge (Popular Culture)

DC 10: Anyone can tell you that Velocity has been a regular feature in Freedom City papers and news channels for several years now.

DC 15: Velocity is rather popular among teens and young adults, with a number of fan websites in existence.

DC 20: While Daily Herald publisher Lana Loeb generally views Velocity as a much more positive role model than Johnny Speed, the young speedster has not escaped criticism from the ultra-conservative Loeb. Ms. Loeb has accused the young heroine of being a publicity seeker and also has slightly blamed her popularity as a factor during periods of increased Zoom use among teens and young adults.

Knowledge (Streetwise)

DC 20: Most of Velocity’s activity in her first year as a costumed hero was in Hanover, Kingston and North Bay.

DC 30: Rumor is that Velocity defeated Johnny Speed (Johnny Rocket’s Tyranny Syndicate double) in a one-on-one fight.

Learning about Megan Howell

Gather Information or Knowledge (Popular Culture)

DC 10: Megan is the youngest daughter of Donald Howell, a senior partner at Hartford, Grayson & Cole, and Erin Howell, a well known philanthropist.

DC 15: Over the years Megan has been a part of Freedom City’s social elite, accompanying her parents to numerous high society events. Megan has often been known to help her mother with charity work.

DC 20: Megan attended North Bay Academy prep school and is in her second year at Yale University. Megan parents are both from “old money†families in New York (her father) and Boston (her mother).

DC 25: Over the last several years, Megan has been romantically connected with young men from some of the most prominent families in Freedom City.

DC 30: Some say that Megan seems to go through boys with alarming speed.

Knowledge (Business)

DC 25: Megan, along with her parents and siblings, has partial ownership (though her trust funds) in several art galleries in Freedom City.

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