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  1. Hammer Hardware Hoodlum Heist Once First Shot
  2. MBCE

    [IC] One First Shot

    Hammer lifted his head slightly so that he could get a better view of the other members of the Haymakers. Bourbon, feeling the movement, loosed his grip slightly on the headlock to ensure that Hammer didn't suffer any real damage from the awkward position. Okay, looks like everyone's in position. The crowd's eating up the show. Now all I have to do is reverse the hold and launch Bourbon towards the ropes. Hammer tapped Bourbon's arm, the signal that he was ready to break free. Again, the experienced wrestler shifted his position to give Kwame just enough room to break the hold in a spectacular fashion. The other members of the Haymakers, upon noting Hammer's changed position, shifted in anticipation of the show's closing display.
  3. Hammer took a brief moment to look over at Chrome. The sight of the lite stick of dynamite filled him with concern. Dynamite?!? Who uses dynamite these days? Hammer ducked under a barrage of flying bullets even as he remember his talk with Sakurako. If we let that dynamite blow up in the bank, would we be held responsible? How are we supposed to disarm a stick of dynamite? Hammer called back to Chrome. "Don't let that dynamite go off in here! Try to put it out."
  4. GM Plans were made for the dinner for later in the day at one of the steak houses found in the city center. The Ultimates were good to their word and managed to pony up just enough money to keep everyone happy with the meal. Contact information was exchanged and promises to meet again in the future. Overall, it truly was a a worthwhile Friendly Game of football. ~Fin~
  5. Hammer is going ot attempt to grapple the gun the robot is using to fire at him. Hopefully, he'll be able to get it out of his hands. Grapple upon the gun held by the robber: 1d20+8 16 1d20+27 35
  6. Hammer looked around the room, trying to get an idea on the positions of the bank robbers. Through the bullets plowing into his body, he knew of at least one. I had better put him down before he hits one of the hostages. Hammer moved in on the robot and attempted to grab the weapon away from him.
  7. It's the only plan we've got. Distract the robots long enough for Warp to get the hostages out. Hammer watched as Chrome moved off towards the side door. It wasn't until the young hero had already turned the corner that he remembered a signal wasn't set. Well, he'll figure it out. Once bullets start flying everywhere, it shouldn't be a problem for him to realize it was time. Hammer took one more look at Warp. "Here goes nothing. Get those people out of there. Don't worry about anything else until that's finished. Chrome and I shouldn't have a problem holding them off till then." Hammer jogged to the front door of the bank and took one last deep breath. Here we go. Time to step into the ring, Hammer. Draw their attention just long enough for Warp to save the day. He raised his leg and kicked the door in. "Did anyone order some butt kicking?"
  8. The Ultimates nodded their heads in unison at Dol-Durth's words. Zima added, "Yeah, we keep our promises. Besides, it was fun. It's nice to get out and have some fun with some real heroes from time to time. Thanks for putting this together, Hammer. We'll have to do it again sometime. Next time, we'll win!" Kwame gave a short chuckle. "You can keep dreaming, Zima. But, yeah, I'll have to do another one of these again." He turned to Dol-Durth and said, "Of course, Dol-Durth. I would have it no other way. It's hard to argue with someone like you." When Dol-Durth turned Jann, Kwame covered his mouth to keep the laughter from escaping. His eyes however conveied his sorrow at Jann for being asked for the interview. Kwame had gone through the same process before everyone had arrived to play. Miracle Girl's steady stream of questions and overall thrill of having played began doing it's magic upon Kwame. He smiled broadly at her ideas easily agreeing to look into those options once his schedule had opened up. "I expect I'll be pretty busy in the coming months. I still ahve to debut with the Ultimate Wrestling League, so gatherings like this will have to wait until after that gets started. But, yeah, I'll let you know. All of you." When the young hero mentions Sakurako, his eyes light up. "I know her. She helped me send out the invites for this get together. Let her know I said hello."
  9. Yup. I remember her. Hammer ended up getting a lot of good advice from Sakurako in this thread.
  10. Are there any templates of aliens for the galaxy? I'll trying to make up a space faring character and wanted to know if there were any alien templates to look at.
  11. Last post I put up in the main thread was seeing if everyone was in agreement with the plan. Once we get agreement there, we can move one I think.
  12. MBCE

    [IC] One First Shot

    Kwame took a deep breath once he saw the match was over. It wouldn't be long before he would enter the ring and announce his joining of the UWL. The signal was given and Kwame took a step forward. "In the past that might have been true," Kwame began as he walked up the entrance ramp, microphone in hand, "but as of this moment, it ain't!" Lights quickly turned to focus on Kwame while his image was projected on the large video screen behind him. The Monarchy's theme music abruptly ended, sending the arena into deathly silence. The audience, turned to look at the newcomer, their mood balanced as if on the edge of a knife. Depending on his delivery, they could fall either way. "You see, there's a new crop joining the ranks of the UWL. We're young, hungry, and experienced. Just the right combination to take on the Monarchy and wrestle control of the UWL back to where it belongs!" With one hand, Kwame ripped off the hoodie finally exposing the green alternate version of his costume. The reactions from the crowd were a mixture of surprise and some recognition. "Hammer's come to play and I've brought some friends me." He pointed to his new teammates who stood and removed their own hoodies as Kwame called out their names. "Jesse 'The Spur' Cassidy! Sharon 'Vixen' Nelson! And Zayn Lee!" Kwame gave a slight nod, the signal to the others for their grand entrance. The manuever was a very difficult one. It called for all four leaping into the air and landing as a unit in the center of the ring. Both Jesse and Zayn were closest to the ring since they didn't have nay abilities to affect their movement. Sharon was the furthest from the ring; her ability to fly allowed her to cover the most distance quickly. Kwame leaped into the air just as he saw both Jesse and Zayn make their move. A large boom of sound exploded from the ring as all four wrestlers landed in the center of the ring. The crowd erupted in cheers as the four newcomers possed. Before the cheers lowered too much, Hammer spoke into the mic once more. "The Haymakers are here to knock you out!"
  13. That sounds about right to me. Both Hammer and Chrome are distractions. Hammer takes the front door, Chrome comes in from the side while Warp gets the hostages out. Should work out unless there's something really dangerous inside.
  14. Hammer Hardware Hoodlum Heist One First Shot A Friendly Game
  15. Beeing Schooled Hammer February Vignette "Damn it, Hammer! You've got to do better than that if you plan on making here with the UWL!" Glacier said as helped Kwame to his feet. Kwame rubbed his back slightly, not in any real pain, but in humiliation. Few things had been able to hurt him since he gained powers that gave him exceptional strength and fortitude. Kwame’s muscles had become so strong and dense that very little could penetrate his skin. Kwame looked around at the other practice rings in the Palace of Practice, the main training facility of the UWL. Three of the nearby rings were also occupied with wrestlers practicing for their upcoming bouts. Sharon “Vixen”, one of the members of Kwame’s wrestling group, was practicing against The Dancer a mere two rings over. Zayn, another member of Kwame’s wrestling group, was working out with his younger brother, Aiden. They were trying to work on their combination work for their tag team bout. The last ring presently in use held The Big Cactus, a 7 foot wrestler with very long limbs, practicing with The Grappler. Kwame knew that even though The Grappler was a jobber, a wrestler whose role was to make the stars shine, he would have been unable to defeat The Big Cactus. The Big Cactus was famous before he came into the powers that allowed him stretch his limbs. He was known as a great submission style wrestler and his newfound powers worked great with his style. “Get your head back in the game, Hammer.” Glacier said as he smacked the hero upon his head. “I could be doing other things than trying to help you improve.” Kwame shook his head and focused on his own opponent. Glacier was one of the top stars in the Ultimate Wrestling League. He had been with the company for almost all of its existence. For some reason, the higher ups had paired the living legend as a mentor with Kwame. “Sorry about that, Austin. I’ll do better on the next attempt.” “You’d better. Now, let’s see that turnbuckle leap again. And this time, make sure I’m in position before you jump.” Kwame moved into position, standing upon the top ropes. He sized up Glacier’s location and was ready to leap with a booming voice filled the gym. “All right you clowns. Stop what you’re doing. I’ve got a few announcements for you.” Headly DeShaek, more commonly known as Orang-Utan, stepped into the gym. Orang-Utan, a former wrestler of some fame in the UWL, was now responsible from storylines to lengths of matches. When he spoke, everyone regardless of standing paid attention. “It seems that our promotional bouts at Millenium Mall last month drew the attention of some of the big wigs of the city. Seems like we have some visitors interested in shadowing a few of you for a couple of days. Hammer, as one of the greenies, I’m assigning you babysitting duties. Enjoy.” Kwame was surprised once DeShaek moved aside revealing the giant bee entering the room. "Izz thizz where I learn to wrezztle, DeZZhaek?" it asked as it looked over the various wrestlers present. "Yeah, Sonny. This is the place. You're working with Hammer for the next few days. That's him over there in ring three." Sonny flapped his wings and flew over to the ring to join Hammer and Glacier. "I am Zzonny. I look forward to learning how to wrezztle." Kwame nodded his own greeting. "Nice to meet you, Sonny." If DeShaek can call him Sonny then I'm pretty sure that'll work for me. "I'm Hammer. It'll be fun working with you." The next few days tested Kwame's limits of control. Not only did Sonny's strange way of speaking start to affect him, but just getting used to the giant bee's quick movements were bringing him down. "Come on Sonny. Stop zipping all over the ring. I told you before. You'll have to engage your opponent at some point." "But it izz eazzier to let you tire yourzzelf out than to confront you," Sonny said as he quickly zipped out of Kwame's reach again. "Yes, if this was a street fight, or even a boxing match that would be true. But in the world of wrestling, it's about giving the crowd a show they can enjoy. Avoiding contact is not entertaining." Kwame gestured at the other wrestlers in the gym. "See how they work with their opponents to build an effective performance? That's what we do here. We practice so that none of us gets hurt and we can give the audience the best show ever." "You help protect the zzity, yezz? I have watched you thezze pazzt few dayzz. If you plan on protecting the zzity, you need to improve your fighting zztyle. You're more than just a wrezztler now, Hammer. Time to learn how to become a zzuperhero." Kwame blinked at Sonny's words. He saw that the giant bee had some keen insights to his new lifestyle. Even as he contempted making a change, Sonny moved into position. He quickly jumped to the top of the corner turnbuckle and perfectly performed the drop kick that Kwame was working on when Sonny first arrived. The shock at the maneuver caused Kwame to lose his footing, knocking him to the ground. Sonny stood over him and extended his hand. "Don't underezztimate your opponent, Hammer. Alwayzz be vigilant." Kwame looked up at the giant bee. I can't believe I was schooled by a bee! He took the offered hand and stood up. "I'll be sure to do that."
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