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Reputations In Freedom City (And Beyond!)

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Asli Saffiyah Sadik


Gather Information

DC 10: Asli Saddik is DJ Eclectic. She’s produced stuff under the Stone Soup record label.

DC 15: Asli’s albums are listed as hip-hop by Stone Soup, but Amazon and iTunes list them as World music or Fusion or even Miscellaneous.

A lot of Asli’s music is about her life experiences, including her drug addiction when she was younger and her experiences as a Muslim woman.
Hey, DJ Eclectic’s going to be at this club tonight!

DC 20: Along with her music career, Asli is a freelance musician who produces work and remixes for commercials and short films.

DC 25: Hey, I know someone who can get us tickets to DJ Eclectic tonight!

Asli also volunteers with Narc-Anon.


Knowledge (Art)

DC 10: DJ Eclectic is a rap artist based out of Freedom City. She does a lot of remixes and overlays.

DC 15: DJ Eclectic’s stuff is on Amazon and iTunes under “World” or “Fusion” or “Miscellaneous.”
DJ Eclectic’s real name is Asli Sadik.
A lot of her songs are about her drug addiction or about being a Muslim woman in America.

DC 20: DJ Eclectic works in almost every musical genre. Sometimes she’ll be rapping over Gospel hymns or traditional ballads, other songs will be remixes of Shakespearean sonnets, and some make use of competing rhyme schemes sung in Arabic or Turkish.

Eclectic hates being labeled a rap artist; she calls herself a hip-hop artist, and will talk trash for days about gangsta rap.


Knowledge (Theology & Philosophy)

DC 20: Some of DJ Eclectic’s songs are specifically about Islam. She offers a very liberal view of the religion’s tenets.



Gather Information
DC 15: Miras is a superhero who is usually seen around Greenbank. She seems to do some kind of magic or psychic stuff.

DC 20: Miras really hates drug dealers.

DC 25: No, she REALLY hates them. Remember that one time, with the guy and the thing that -- yeah, that thing! That was her, man. Yeah, nobody should do that to another person with a pizza box.

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Daniel Randall

Gather Info:

DC10- Daniel Randall is an Engineering student at Freedom College.

DC15- Danny works at Sparrow's Cafe in Southside, and has been known to help out with Sparrow's social relief projects.

DC20- Danny Randall moved to Freedom City a couple years ago, after his parents both died in a sudden car accident.

DC25- Danny's father was a reporter who, shortly before his death, was looking into the local offices of SpectraCorp, a company alleged to have connection to organized crime.

Blue Stinger

Gather Info/Knowledge (Streetwise):

DC10- A hero in blue armor has een stopping muggings in the Southside area.

DC15- His name is the Blue Stinger. He is a younger hero known for motorcycle stunts and a wisecracking demeanor.

DC20- He appeared shortly after a large dockside explosion in the Harbor district. Authorities and AEGIS agents cordoned off the area around the same time.

Knowledge (History):

DC15- The Blue Stinger's armor resembles that of a Golden-Age villain named Red Scorpion, who specialized in robotics.

DC20- Near the end of the war, Red Scorpion was rumored to have been working on plans for a cyborg soldier with powers similar to Blue Stinger.

DC30- Red Scorpion Defected to the United States, presumably taking his research with him. SHADOW was rumored to be searching for the remnants of this research.

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Learning about Oracle

Gather Information:

DC 10 Who? There's been more than a few using that name, right?

DC 15: yeah, there was an area around Southside that the grue couldn't get into, they just went around it. Those that tried got depressed, wandering back out muttering "The Oracle speaks..."

DC 20: Some new kid with mental powers working Southside and both banks of the South River. Doesn't even wear a mask! Zephyr Calder, I think. Long black hair, pale, kinda creepy.

DC 25: There was another one, back in the 30's too. Similar costumes, powers - dunno if there's a relationship.

DC 30: Word was the old 'Oracle' couldn't see the future without her magic ring. I don't know if that's true or not...


DC 10: What? Who?

DC 20: Yeah, the brat with the mental powers? Hangs out at the townhouses over there.

DC 30: even i'm scared of her. look, she can see the future! she stopped my boys and me from breaking in to the credit union building there. Just showed up and told us details about our plan and why it would fail. Man, we were so depressed, we just sat on the stairs...didn't break outta that funk until I was in the squad car.

Any sort of history skills will likely turn up several characters using 'Oracle'  but only a couple with mental powers. One would be Abigail Stevens (Served with the WAC in WW II, Married to US Army Sargent Joe Coulter in 1950) medical or birth records link this Oracle as Zephyr's great-grandmother, who passed away in 1995. Likewise, Zephyr is on record living in Southside, in a row house that backs on to the South River. School zoning records will show that somehow, Zephyr isn't listed in the regular school system, but attended Nicholson and now Claremont - which should explain a LOT...



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Gather Information
DC 15:
News papers in Northern and Sourthern America have mentioned a man dressed in black feathers that fights crime.

DC 20: The media refers to him as Stormcrow, because of the black feathers he wears and he has elemental powers often associated storms. Such as lightning, hail, and thunder.

DC 25: Stormcrow has been operating for the past three years. His "powers" actually originate from a gun-like weapon he uses. Matters of supernatural significance tend to draw his attention.

Theology and Philosophy
DC 10:
Stormbrow wears a hooded duster covered in crow or raven feathers. In many cultures these birds are seen as tricksters, culture heroes, omen bearers or symbols of war and death. 

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Gather Information

DC 10: Nighthawk is a 'superhero' that is not all that well known outside of the Fens.

DC 15: Nighthawk appears to be something of a throwback to the eighties. She's definitely a street-level hero that rides the line between vigilante and hero. She patrols a beat in the worst of the Fens and leaves beaten up muggers and thugs in front of the police stations.

DC 20: Some of the thugs she's tangled with have said she seems to be searching for something, or someone perhaps, with a single minded sort of determination.


Robin Chevalier

Gather Information

DC 15:  There's an old and not terribly expansive news story that mentions a couple killed in the Fens in what appeared to be some sort of robbery of a David and Helen Chevalier that resulted in their deaths, six years ago in the Fens.

DC 20: Robin Chevalier is a runaway from a Freedom City foster home. She hasn't been 'home' in two years. 

DC 25: Robin Chevalier is currently attending Claremont Academy. 

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Elis Sanford

Gather information

10 Doctor at Freedom Medical Center

15 Wife was killed about a year ago murdered in their home

20 No culprit was ever found nor evidence of who or what might have killed her

Knowledge (Life Sciences)

20 Dr. Sanford is credited on several minor studies in deep sedation for therapeutic purposes.


Gather information

10 A cowled hero in blue and white seems to show up in areas of strange occurrences

15 He's been known to stop some crimes here and there but his focus seems to be elsewhere those thugs who have faced him have found themselves bound in chains of sand as if by magic.

20 His costume is reminiscent of a Monster hunting hero from recent memory though she was not known to use magic.


15 Sandman is not a practitioner of traditional magic though is powers seem magical in origin.

20 Sandmans powers are tied to the magics of the dream realms

25 Sandman appears to be the inheritor of the Dream Guardians Legacy granted power by the Sands of Sleep that have infused his being, however he doesn't seem to use his powers in that legacies traditions.


20 Sandman is the Guardian of hte Vale of Sleep an ancient protector of the dreams of sentient beings and the dream realms from incursions by the forces of nightmare.

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Gather Information
DC 5: Bombshell is some sort of super hero that rappels around Freedom City. There's no real turf she's carved out and she doesn't really seem to work with other super heroes although she never seems to mind posing for a picture upon request. 
DC 10: Bombshell was also the name of a thief during the 1960s that seemed to clash the most with the Scarab. She went to jail right before he died.
DC 15: Bombshell is also the name of a WWII member of the Allies of Freedom who was a British agent. She fought Nazis! Maybe its some weird British legacy hero thing? Her name was Natalya Browning.
DC 20: It's all the same person. 


Knowledge: History
DC 10: Bombshell was a spy for the British during WWII that worked for most of the war in occupied territory. There are a fair number of old news articles and propaganda from Britain that have heavily redacted versions of her escapades. There are also several news articles from the 1960s about a string of high profile thefts from a thief by the same name twenty years later. 
DC15: Bombshell was the codename for a spy that worked with the SOE. She was imbued with some sort of magical energy early in the War and spent the rest of it putting her powers to defend queen and country. 


Natalya Browning

 Gather Information
DC 10: Natalya Browning has a criminal record. She's a felon with time served and a British ex-patriot. She's a citizen of Great Britain. Natalya Browning is the alter ego of Bombshell, the hero turned thief turned hero again. 
DC 15: Natalya was born during the first World War and was awarded several accolades by the crown for her years of military service. She's been living in the US since the mid 1950s and in prison from 1971 to 2009.

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Rahman the Undying


Arcane Lore

DC 10: There are rare references to a Rahman in books about Necromancy, usually in sections referring to old masters.

DC 15: Rahman is referred to as a cautionary tale about messing with dark magic - he was imprisoned after casting some sort of extremely dangerous spell.

DC 20: Rahman's dark spell was that to turn him into a lich.



DC 10: A man named Rahman the Undying attacked the countryside of Europe in the late Middle Ages.

DC 15: Rahman disappeared rather quickly, being gone within a few months, as far as numbers can tell.

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The Freedom Cross Institute:

Gather Information or Knowledge (Business)

DC15: The FCI produces a variety of pharmaceutical products and medical innovations. 

DC20: Although a publicly traded corporation, most of the shares (and thus control) rest in the hands of the three Delacroix brothers, heirs to the family that built FCI in past generations.

DC25: The FCI’s lead scientist and developer is the youngest of the Delacroix brothers, Tristan.  He has no interest in management, however, and so he allows his older brothers to direct the voting power of his shares.  Of the two, Alexander is the more powerful (physically and socially), but the middle brother Delvin dabbles in science and medicine, which makes him a vital link between Alex and the ground floor. 

DC30: Numbers from sales and reported revenue don’t add up.  Most likely, the FCI has contracts with other organizations that bring in significant wealth on top of their own manufacturing.  Since those contracts aren’t revealed to the shareholders, much less the public, those clients are probably from various government and military factions—or perhaps shadier groups.



Gather Information or Knowledge (Life Sciences):

DC15: A child prodigy who attended multiple Ivy League universities at a young age and now works for the Freedom Cross Institute.

DC20: Tristan is occasionally asked to consult with the police on matters of biological warfare, diseases, or mutations in Freedom City.  Some people have noted that he perks up and shows greater interest when heroes also became involved in such situations. 



Gather Information or Knowledge (Streetwise):

DC5: Leviathan is the last of an alien species that crashed here in ages past.  We know this not because he's particularly famous, but because a fair bit of information about him has been posted in an online blog managed by the hero Bonfire.  These two seem to work together quite a bit.

DC5: The blog mentions Leviathan's primary abilities: he's incredibly tough, strong, and can regenerate at fantastic speeds.

DC5: This giant lizard operates out of the ship in which his ancestors crashed; it is now buried somewhere at the bottom of the Great Bay.  Bonfire's blog even has a lot of hazy pictures taken of the interior. 

DC20: Overall, the information provided online is fairly solid, but lacks independent verification.  If these aliens have been around for thousands of years now, then only for the past few years has anyone actually seen one.  That seems like one hell of a conspiracy. 

DC20: Leviathan comes off as gruff and stern, but he’s yet to refuse a conversation.  Whenever someone works up the courage to ask him questions, he stops and answers.  He talks a lot for a monster who pretends not to care, and sometimes, when he gets excited, he speaks like a different person. 

DC30: Leviathan is about as stealthy as a brick taped to an air horn, and yet no one’s been able to successfully track him back to his lair.  He invariably ducks into a lightly occupied building at night, something like an apartment complex or the loading docks of a large store, and never comes out again.  Maybe the creature can teleport, or walk through walls, or some other strange ability, but then why doesn’t he ever use it in combat?   

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Gather Information

DC10 Queenie is an adult hero who’s been appearing all over the city. She appears to have an affinity for showing up right when she’s needed. However, she doesn’t like to hang around afterward and is visibly uncomfortable with being praised for her heroics.

DC15 She appears to have the powers of flight, telekinesis, constructs, and energy blasts.

DC25 Her powers are not her own. They come from the ring on her right middle finger.


Knowledge (arcane lore) (going past DC20 requires sensing Queenie’s powers in action)

DC20 Queenie’s powers don’t mix well with magic.

DC30 In fact, they are a form of anti-magic energy.

DC40 This energy is named after its discoverer, Aura. Wait, how do I know that name?


Knowledge (history)

DC25 Queenie is not the first person to have powers like hers. They have been several heroes throughout pre-WWII history wielding the exact same powers she does.

DC30 They have been appearing off and on since the beginning of recorded history, perhaps even longer.

DC40 They each had a ring like she wears on her right middle finger. They were created by a woman named Aura, so that heroism would never die. Wait, how do I know that name?


Knowledge (technology) (requires seeing Queenie’s powers in action)

DC30 Queenie’s powers come from the ring on her right middle finger, but darned if anyone knows how.

DC35 The ring’s tech is far beyond anything producible today. Doing anything to it would be like a caveman pounding on a microchip.

DC40 This is far future tech, pioneered by a genius named Aura. Wait, how do I know that name?


Maybelle McQueen


Gather Information

DC10 Maybelle McQueen is the head chef at the Southern Queen. She is one of the world’s finest chefs, and her fame is spreading across the city.

DC15 Maybelle McQueen is the superhero Queenie. She does hero work between cooking meals. She’s a really nice lady. You should go say hello and order a meal. You won’t regret it.

DC20 Maybelle is from Charleston, South Carolina. She does not ever speak of family or friends.

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Knowledge (Pop Culture):

DC15: “Freedom’s HOTTEST Newcomer”, Bonfire is a Freedom City based Hero, best known for his social media presence, where he talks about the everyday life of a superhero. He has amassed quite the fan base, both in FC itself and outside. Also notable is the fact that he recently opened a PR agency, to help other heroes increase their media presence – Beacon LLC.

DC20: In between day-to-day posts, Bonfire also gives a fair amount of detail on his crime fighting. His fighting style seems to rely on deceit and using combat only when necessary.

DC25: With how detailed the blog talks about some things, it feels like either Bonfire is lying occasionally, or he really trusts his fan base.


Knowledge (Current Events):

DC15: Outside of his online presence, Bonfire is best known for his attack on Neutron Industries in late April 2016. The aftermath of said attack was the complete breakdown of the east coast’s nuclear power grid for over a day. The event had been captured on video, catapulting Bonfire onto (inter)national headlines. There never was a full official response, much to the disgust of various political figures, even if Bonfire claims that multiple bounty hunters were sent after him.

DC20: Bonfire calls himself a full-time hero, and judging by how often he appears, there is at least some truth in that. He seems to go solo quite often, as there are not much records of him working together with other heroes.

DC25: Bonfire loves interviews. There are many of them, and he seems to be pretty adept at handling them. Perhaps part of it is also stalling for time, which would explain some things about him hardly ever working with others.


Gather Information:

DC10: Bonfire is a hero who has been operating all across Freedom City for about a year. In this time, he has risen both to some fame, but also some notoriety. He has gathered a large fan base through his online activity, where he writes posts detailing the life of a superhero.

DC15: Bonfire is also known for causing a large-scale power breakdown during April 2016, when he attacked a company working on nuclear science. The exact details of this event are hotly debated, to this day, but Bonfire has claimed responsibility, earning him praise by environmentalists and other political groups, but also a lot of negativity and threats from other political and societal circles. There never was an official response by the government, but most people agree that AEGIS probably was involved, and use it to explain a lack of communication from Bonfire for some time afterwards.

DC20: Bonfire currently is the founder, head and only employee of Beacon LLC, a PR company. He founded it early 2017, “For any hero that wants some help with their PR.” He seems to have quite a few clients all across the English-speaking world. His blog entries do not further mention this, apart from occasionally giving links to his clients’ sites, but he has become slightly less active as a hero ever since.

DC25: Bonfire calls himself a full-time hero. According to him, his main income are donations from his fans and ad money. His blog gets a fair amount of readers, and quite a few make monthly donations, to help keep their favourite hero active. Ever since founding Beacon LLC, he does not mention his monetary situation as much anymore, even if donations keep at a fairly stable level.

DC30: Some digging reveals that Bonfire does not know the source of his powers. He mentioned this a few times when starting out as a hero, but has not brought it up for the better part of a year.


Cassidy Bauer:

Knowledge (Arts) or Gather Knowledge:

DC10: A quick search brings up a website belonging to Cassidy Bauer, Freelance Photographer. Judging by his portfolio, he is not specialized in one subject. He mentions that he “will take just about any job”.

DC15: His qualifications are rather unspectacular, with only a FreeSA course he graduated with slightly below-average grades in late 2015. He doesn’t have a whole lot of previous work listed on his page, even if his images show that he has the knowledge.

DC20: The website also includes full contact information, even if it takes a bit of time to find it.

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Reputation: The Black Flag (and crew).

Knowledge [History]

DC 15 The Black Flag was a famous pirate ship. Her captain was named Captain Flintlock.

DC 20 The Black Flag was sunk in the Caribbean, location unknown, by the nefarious pirate Captain Blood.

DC 25 There have been rumours and sightings of the Black Flag ever since, apparently manned by the undead and Captain Flintlock herself. The wreckage of the Black Flag has never been found. The Black Flag is registered in several historical documents, particularly the English and French who were looking to sink it. The names of some of the crew are found in these documents (DC 30 to recall the crew names without reference to said documents).


Knowledge [Arcane]: Captain Flintlock

DC 20 Flintlock is a Sorceress knowledgeable about the Elder and outer things, the cult of the Yellow Sign.

DC 25 Flintlock was trained by a mad wizard cultist of the Yellow Sign.

DC 30 The Black Flag has docked in several magical realms, and is known to traverse strange tides between these planes. Flintlock herself works her magic by summoning horrors and spirits beyond our universe.


Knowledge [Art]

DC 25: The Pirate Princess is a famous portrait of the Swashbuckling Sorcerer from 1717, and resides in Freedom City Kirby Museum of Fine Arts. There is a short poem that accompanies it, mentioning her silver tongued charms and love of gold and rum.

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Gather Information

10 Frostbyte is a Cyrokinetic who from her accent is apparently not from Freedom City.

20 She’s a local hero on her home on the Shetland Isles, part of Scotland in the UK.


+5 if character is from the UK, +10 if in/from the Shetland Isles


Knowledge (Arcane Lore)

20 There’s stories of the existence of Ice Maidens that married mortal from what would

become the Shetland islands.

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Warlock (Kyle Reed)


Gather Information (Kyle Reed)

DC15: Kyle is a junior at Claremont Academy. Before the summer of 2015, he lived in Atlanta, GA.

DC:25: Kyle worked for Adrian Eldrich the summer of 2015 as an assistant groundskeeper. Eldrich recommended him to Claremont Academy.


Gather Information (Warlock)

DC15: A metahuman matching the description is said to have unleashed a horde of demons on Washington D.C. in July of 2015. There is no other mention of the unknown metahuman before or since then.


Gather Information for Claremont Academy students:

DC 10: Kyle started at the school at the beginning of the 2015-16 year as a junior, but for the first semester, hardly anyone has seen him outside of class.

DC 15: Kyle was responsible for unleashing a horde of demons on Washington DC the summer before the school year started. He was under a strict regimen of private coaching the first semester.

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Doctor Warp




Knowledge (Physical Sciences)


DC 15: Doctor Warp is an famous expert in Engineering and theoretical physics.


DC 20: Doctor Warp has post graduate academic qualifications in particle physics, chemistry, astronomy, and electronic engineering.


DC 25: Doctor Warp is most famous for his work on quantum dimensional lensing, and his research lead to an accident which changed his body permanently, increasing its density.


DC 30: Doctor Warps body has been the subject of some very esoteric theoretical papers, which (if one can understand them) indicate his body is super-dimensional as well as dense, and causes possibly dangerous distortions in higher dimensions.


Knowledge (Business)


DC 10: Warp Technologies is the business run by Doctor Warp and is a multi-million dollar venture.


DC 20: Warp Technologies hold multiple practical patents for household devices.


DC 30: There have been a number of litigations, some successful, against Doctor Warps devices. Whilst highly ingenious, they are somewhat “bleeding edge”, in that they are often rushed before solid safety testing.


Gather Information


DC 15: Doctor Warp owns Warp Technologies, and is a multi-millionaire.


DC 25: Doctor Warps brother is a famous Judge, specialising in criminal insanity. His sister is a famous astronaut. His wife is an neurologist, an expert in epilepsy (and whilst very competent, not a genius!)


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Doctor Deoxy


Gather Information

DC 10:  Relatively new and Strange Humanoid hero clad in what seems to be high tech armour

DC 15: His Suit seems to be a techno-organic symbiote with an impervium Micro-chitinous Carapace with more mundane machined armor layered ontop.

DC 20: He is regarded as something of an oddity among the local heroes as he seems more interested in seeing what his foes can do and testing what they can take more that subduing them as swiftly as he can though he has often Escalated when others have been placed in direct danger.

DC 25: He seems to be entirely colour blind, readily confusing colors for each-other.


Dr. Nathaniel Anderson


Gather Information

DC 10: Something of a Eccentric in the academic community, he's got a rather mixed reputation amongst his peers and very distinctive eyes due to a minor mutation.

DC 15: Gives lectures on genetics at several universities as a expert in his field when he is not off pursuing his own interests in his various hothouses and other sealed environments

DC 20: Once owned land in Romania that he sold once he discovered it was rich in uranium, though there is some speculation about why he purchased it in the first place;  Whispered rumors of an alien crash and other anecdotal theories abound.

DC 30: Sever Germaphobe with extreme Reactions to dirt, grime and the harmful microbes within.

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Carter Corvin

Gather Info:

DC10- Carter Corvin owns the Throttle Hog bar and garage in southside

DC15- Carter bought the bar a little over a year ago and just recently opened the garage next door. He is also seen attending random funerals held in the Southside area.

DC20- Carter is the son of rocker Eddie Corvin who died tragically along with Carter’s mother when he was just a boy.

DC25- Carter was adopted by a Journalist named Hal Owens, who was the sole heir of the wealthy Owens’ family fortune.

The Requiem

Gather Info/Knowledge (Streetwise):

DC10- A vigilante Hero in black and green armor has been seen beating down criminals in Southside.

DC15- He calls himself “Requiem” and is known to be quite brutal in dealing with criminals, often laughing maniacally and beating people within an inch of their life.

DC20- He appeared shortly after a large dockside explosion in the Harbor district. Authorities and AEGIS agents cordoned off the area around the same time.

Knowledge (History):

DC15- Requiem shares a name with two other heroes from the past, a Golden Age hero and a Bronze Age hero. Both of which were known for avenging the spirits of the dead.

DC20- The Original Requiem was a detective in the 30’s and 40’s, the second Requiem operated off and on in the late 70’s to early 2000’s and was an anti-hero who killed villains instead of arresting them.

DC30- The Original Requiem fought in WWII and was said to have been captured and experimented on by a secret organization known as SHADOW before developing the super suit contained within the belt.


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Sebastian Black (Historical)

Knowledge (Streetwise) or Gather Information

DC 20: Sebastian Black was a con man and gambler, who ran into trouble with many a crook and plutocrat. He was busted by Foreshadow II a year back (2015)

DC 30: Sebastian black stole something from a Russian Scientist, and got fried by it.

DC 40: That something was a quantum field gun, very unstable and dangerous. Turned him into the Handyman.


The Handyman

Knowledge (Current Events)

DC 15: The Handyman is a super powered AEGIS agent.

DC 20: The Handyman can teleport himself, or grab things by teleportation. He is known to be a furiously loyal and obedient AEGIS agent.

DC 30: But he has had a few hush-hush incidents of stealing things, brushed over by the law.


Knowledge (Technology)

DC 30: On year ago, an experimental Russian weapon, the Quantum Field Gun, was stolen. It is believed to be essentially useless due to its unreliable effects.


Knowledge (Behaviour Sciences)

DC 25: The Handyman shows all the signs of some kind of psychological programming.

DC 45: A detailed understanding of his likely programming, and how to manipulate / use this (essentially, commanding him).


Gather Information

DC 20: The Handyman is a super powered and highly loyal AEGIS agent with teleportation powers.

DC 30: He has had several brushes with the law, which have been overlooked due to his usefulness. For example, pick pocketing. AEGIS have had to work hard to compensate people.

DC 35: The Handyman used to be Sebastian Black, but underwent AEGIS training after his accident, including psychological conditioning.

DC 45: Access to the Handymans psychological profiling (potentially, with suitable social or behavioural sciences skills, allowing manipulation of him).

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Gather Information or Knowledge (Civics):

DC15: “Adept” is the codename of Agent James Warne, relatively new to AEGIS but already doing fairly well in the organization thanks to his detective skills.  He’s known for a complete lack of sympathy toward criminals, and isn’t much kinder to his allies (although he shows proper respect to superior officers). 

DC20: Despite his hatred for lawbreakers, Warne is known to cut deals.  Never for confessions—he leaves convictions to the courts.  If you can give him information on a worse criminal, however, then he may go easy on you in return.

DC25: Warne doesn’t carry a gun; most people who meet him will notice this.  What they probably won’t realize is that he’s a powerful telekinetic, and thus very, very dangerous to the average thug.  He tries to keep this talent under his hat unless he really needs it.


Knowledge (Streetwise):

DC15: This Warne guy is a real bastard who’ll make trouble for anybody who’s just trying to get a little money on the side, you know?  But if you’re a rat who can point out somebody higher up the chain, then he’ll usually let you walk…so long as he’s not specifically after you, in which case, get on a plane today.

DC20: He’s not just some black-tie-agent—this guy’s a cape.  He can throw stuff around with his mind.  Sometimes he flies too, and when the air looks all weird around him, bullets just bounce off.  [GMs may want to reduce this to DC15 for characters or NPCs who’ve recently gone to prison, on the grounds that they may’ve met someone Adept captured.  Among his former targets, his telekinesis is less of a secret, obviously.]


Knowledge (Arcane):

DC20: Agent James Warne, or “Adept,” is a strong but focused psychic.  Impressive as his telekinesis is, he has none of the other traditional abilities, like mindreading.  He’s well-trained in sniffing out falsehoods and motives, so he may claim to know your thoughts, but that’s just a lie to assist with his interrogations.


Knowledge (Tactics):

DC20: Agent Warne likes to use his environment to his advantage, but at the same time, he abhors collateral damage; he won’t shed tears over destroying a criminal’s property in the course of bringing them in, but he’s much less likely to damage anything owned by a nearby civilian or the government, even if it’ll make his job easier. 

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Gather Information

DC 10: A young adult with the power to mimic the properties of objects he touches

DC 15: He readily copies the properties of solids and liquids with minimal effort though it seems energy forms are beyond him.

DC 20: Energy forms are possible but difficult for facsimile to assume and maintain.

DC 25: He assumes the flaws as readily as the strengths of the materials and energy he assimilates. such as a vulnerability to water when he's mimicking fire or electricity and reacts readily with catalysts for the substance.

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Savant  (Xavier Steadman)



Gather Information  

DC 10 Recently a new Masked Vigilante has begun operating in Bedlam.  Most sightings are concentrated in Wolverton, Hardwick Park, and the Country Club.  He's reported to borrow from the mystery men of old with a simple mask, fedora, and long coat motif.  No one is certain where the name Savant came from as he does not seem to use it himself.

DC 15 Despite operating in the poorest neighborhoods the vigilante rarely targets the gangs, dealers, and assorted street criminals that dominate the area, instead his targets seem focused on shady landlords, charity cons, and corrupt minor officials.

DC 20 Savant is black.  His mask, gloves, and suit all are designed to conceal his ethnicity.

DC 35 Savant is the name of a darkly top secret project in intellectual enhancement performed by a now defunct subsidiary of a biotech company that shares ties with Wolfram Aerospace.


Xavier Steadman  

Gather Information

DC 5 Xavier is the owner, and sole employee of Excelsior Investigations, a Private investigation firm out of Wolverton.

DC 15 Xavier in addition to the usual mass of insurance fraud investigations and proof of infidelity takes on pro bono work for impoverished clients fighting eviction, criminal charges, or seeking proof of renters rights violations and similar cases.

DC 25 Xavier Steadman is a high quality false identity.  While it possesses quality forgeries and backdated records of residence, education, and employment history no one has known him for more than a year or two and his records are too perfectly average and mundane.

DC 30 Even with prints, biometrics, or similarly advanced mechanisms no record of the person known as Xavier Steadman can be found.  

DC 40 The person known as Xavier Steadman is an escaped project by the labyrinth criminal empire known in internal documentations only as Subject 24005 (Prints/biometrics and Security clearance with labyrinth would all but be required to discover this information.


Savant Process  

Knowledge Behavioral Sciences

DC 15 Dr. Erick Eisenhardt published a paper in 1965 detailing a proposed process of hypnotism and 'deep learning' to expand human mental faculties.

DC 20 Dr. Eisenhardt fled the country after his initial experiments in 1967 resulted in the death or permanent disability of all participants.  All records were sealed to protect the university and the victims.

DC 25 Dr. Eisenhardt spent the late sixties attempting and failing to perfect his process on younger and younger subjects while evading international authorities.

DC 30 Dr. Eisenhardt was reported killed by the father of one of his young subjects in retaliation for the boys regression to an infantile state.  This is a cover as the doctors experiments continued with new and powerful patronage.

DC 35 The Savant project was a top secret criminal endeavor that never proved entirely successful.  Though a few minor successes were reported most had severe personality or developmental disorders and the project was shuttered with the most 'successful' subjects spread throughout the wider organization.

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Gather Information

DC10: Dreadnought holds down a steady job at the liverpool royal shipyard and is good friends with many of the workers there.

DC15: Dreadnoughts real name is Joseph walker, he joined vanguard not too long ago.

DC20: Hey, theres a really huge guy at the Nag's Head, no like literally huge! (Sufficient enough to learn where he might be and what he's doing on a given day of the week on his regular schedual.)

DC25: Joseph walker has something of a understanding with the local street gangs, so long as they stay away from violent crime and narcotics he largely turns a blind eye to their graffiti and hoodlum behaviour;


Knowledge: Behavioural Science

DC10: Dreadnought is prone to quiet moments of introspection when he thinks nobody is paying attention.

DC15:Dreadnoughts need to protect people and have a good time are almost compulsive

DC25:Dreadnought suffers from multiple Mental issues stemming from his abusive birth father, the death of his adoptive and loving parents and the animosity of his brother as well as sever claustraphobia and Anger Issues.

DC:30: Sufficient Enough knowledge to flawlessly trick or manipulate dreadnought into a course of action so long as it doesn't violate his core principles.

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