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  1. I am very sorry that I have been away. I hope to change this very soon. My husband is between jobs and I am working far too many hours at the moment to cover. So my free time has gone to nothing. He has irons in the fire and I hope that this changes soon as I'm going kind of crazy with the hours. I am really really sorry and if I'm holding anyone up, please move on without me for the moment.
  2. Right... we are back in time to get some initiative! Roll them up! You get a surprise round where they are flat footed.
  3. GM Inside, the shack was actually decently decked out. The walls were covered with cheap paneling in an attempt to make the moderately sized space look more like a club, which it surprisingly did. There was enough space for two tables and a makeshift bar area which sported a small counter and a decent stock of hard liquor stacked on the back wall. Some shelves adorned the far wall and everything from laptops and cell phones to jewelry was haphazardly stacked in piles in a scheme that made no immediate sense to the heroes. Eight different people were scattered around the t
  4. GM It didn't take a whole lot of sleuthing to hear multiple voices from the shack. They were laughing and joking with each other, sounding like perhaps they were dicing for something. "Dude, it's not your roll, you already took one!" "Yeah?" replied someone different, "I was the one that got this crap, so I get an extra. I ain't going out on snake eyes." "Shove it, the rules are the rules. We's all Mammoths and just 'cause you brought it all here, don't mean that you roll 'till you get what you want!" The crowd of shoppers had grown to
  5. That would be some diplomacy! Charm the pants off her: 1d20+6=24 Woo hoo! Spy's are charming!
  6. SFX Well... there was another first for her. She realized, surprised that for a change, she was not the one looking awkwardly at someone else. She wondered if she looked like that when she got flustered and concluded that she probably did. While she was talking, she was actually impressed by the feedback her nanites were giving on the small aerodynamic weapon that Tony seemed very fixated on. If he had designed it, he knew what he was doing. The pitch and angle of the blades were as optimal as they were going to get and weighting was practically sublime. "Hey, relax, it
  7. SFX Zhu gave a nervous laugh, "active nanintes... um... that's probably not a false reading. Um... so there's not... um... a regulation against them is there?" She shook Sitara's hand trying to appear more confident than she suddenly felt. "I mean... it's very nice to meet you Ma'am... and um... I might be reason for your reading. But they're really pretty harmless. Well not harmless, but they're under my control. It was an invention that I came up with." She hoped that the woman wasn't mad at her, because she sensed a kindred spirit as she took in her jumpsuit and the o
  8. SFX Alexa looked at the coffee embarrassed, she had gotten more than a little ahead of herself. But she really did get exited when she talked about her videos and with how busy things had started to become at school, she missed the time she had been able to spend on it in China. Taking a deep breath, she forced herself to sit back down, "we can wait here while you finish. Really, nothing is going to go anywhere while you finish your coffee. I get... excited. Probably far too often and I love showing off. Well, showing off my props and things like that. I'm a little more shy when it
  9. SFX "Oh, well I didn't just mean Earth... I mean, I'm very grateful if you did... but more that you'd offer up your life and service to help people in general. That's really wonderful and it makes me think about how I want to be in my life," she replied to Seresk before she was introduced to Sitara. It did take her more than a moment to respond as she looked at the impressive ship and all of the cool looking machines there. She could feel them, at the edge of her conscious and she was reasonably sure that she could work them. The issue was that it was similar to speaking another langu
  10. Joule Joule looked behind her at the commotion, then shrugged trying to feign indifference, "da. Food is being better than watching stupid boys being fighted by superheros. Am sure there will be other fights when not being hungry." She pulled out a few crumpled dollars as she leaned up against the food truck and unceremoniously tossed them on the counter, "will be having fried cheese bits and burger very please." Hearing the commotion behind her, she really really wanted to turn around, but she forced herself to wait hoping Doris would begin making the food, "so.
  11. SFX Zhu gave Moira a sly smile, "well... it's a bit of a trade secret." Then she paused and shrugged, "I mean, I can show you, but you have to promise not to disclose it. I really want to do this professionally and I can't let all my secrets out just yet!" She finished her hot Chocolate, obviously excitied by the prospect of telling someone about how she did her work. In fact, she was practially bubbling over with her desire to show the elegant woman in front of her how they would go about making all of the scenes become reality. Giving her a shy look, s
  12. SFX Sometimes fate had a way of working things out. The problem with poking a bear was when the bear decided that it didn't like being poked. While it had felt really good to toss back an insult at the jerk in front of her, when he looked like he was abut to hit her, she knew she was in trouble. The whole point of this mission was to not be noticed and find things out. It would be pretty obvious if she let her nanites protect her that she didn't belong here. Thankfully, something was going on and he ignored her turning to the weapons along with several others around her.
  13. SFX That was humbling. Everything they knew was long gone to the ashes of history, yet they still served and offered their protection willingly. It was a lesson that was very eye opening. She walked in silence for a moment, the looked up at the giant Lizard warrior. "Thank you," she said sincerely and quietly, "I guess few of us on Earth even know the things you're doing to keep us safe. It sounds both lonely and dangerous, what you do, that is." While they were walking she was taking samples of the wireless spectrums, while she couldn't understand any of it, a
  14. \o/ complications for the win! Also, so fitting. Full Action: Create Object 9. Using that to seal as many of the weapons to the wall as possible. I don't care that the object is visible, I just imagine the wall warping out and enveloping as many weapons as she can get. Free Action: None Move Action: None
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