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  1. I apologize, RL is just crushing me right now, I'll see what I can get up tomorrow or Saturday.
  2. Okay two questions real quick: 1) Is there a lot of metal in the area that Chromium can use? I'm planning on using a hero point to stunt an effect and I need a medium to make it cheaper 2) Does the dragons wings seem actually important to flight or are they more decoration?
  3. Well that could have gone better: Reflex, rolled 9 Lol was saving itself for the next roll: Toughness DC 25: 30
  4. Jeez sorry about the wait, these only alerted me they posted today. I've literally refreshed the site the last couple of days. Should be able to post tomorrow night or Tuesday at the latest. Sorry for the long wait.
  5. Chromium was edging towards the vending carts, fully anticipating the dragon to start attacking. Instead it let the people go and his eyebrows rose but he wasn't the choice maker here and so it was when things started flying again the Silver Skinned man grabbed a vending cart and sent it hurling towards the dragon. Sadly he misjudged the structural stability of the cart and it collapsed under his strength and ended up rolling along the ground rather than actually hurling through the air....he needed something more solid to hurl!
  6. Vending Cart Toss: 9 that's a miss
  7. Chromium's silver eyebrows rose as the dragon spoke, his eyes flickering up to the woman who was very clearly expressing his worry's and he laughed,"Sounds like the wizard may have wanted you to leave whatever you were protecting before this, Dragon dude....I mean really, you're not acting like you're hear to do more than torment." He pointed up at the sky,"Just diving down all fire and brimstone and yelling at people isn't going to make anyone feel safe. Even less so when you're taking innocents hostage because we were about to beat your head in. That's just being a sore loser." Chromium was moving slowly towards a couple of vending carts, perfect missiles for him to throw at the dragons when hostilities flared up again, and he was positive they would. Dragon was likely healing himself.
  8. Chomium froze, his eyes narrowing as he stood amongst the debris of his attacks, flames still licking up around him from the asphalt that the dragons flames had caused. Big metal fists clenching he growled at the dragon,"You're threatening innocents? How does that make you anything less than a monster? No one comes in peace threatening their power....that makes you a bully and a monster." His eyes flickered out over the crowds, all he had to do was wait till the crowds had run away but he couldn't be the one responsible for the Dragon roasting the people...give them time and let them get away,"Fine......tell us all about your peaceful offer and how you'll be so much better than our masters?"
  9. Manhole Discus: Hits DC 21 for Damage DC 21
  10. Flames burst over the silver skinned man, he dived, rolling out of most of the flames and bursting out the other side charging towards the Dragon roaring and unharmed as the billowing fire curled around him melting tar and causing smoke to rise from the ground but the Silver skinned man seemed immune to such minor inconveniences like heat and roiling flame but the silver man had a target and Chromium bent to lift a man hole from the melted tar, lifting the heated metal disc he curled his arm around his body. With a spin he hurled it like a discus sending it hurtling towards the head of the large dragon,"You don't help people by attacking airshows, freaking lizard jerk!"
  11. Reflex Save DC 20: 25 Toughness DC 20: 24 Bounces off!
  12. Chromium was not running out of ammunition any time soon, the big bodied silver man grabbed things as he moved, tossing lighter things that did nothing but bounce off of the dragons scales till he found another barricade. Grunting he hurled that through the air but the difference between it's weight and the lighter things was too much and he way under threw it, the barricade slumping down just a few feet from him and he laughed at the Dragon's words. "Big scaly lizard, come on down and get your ass whipped, I got a shiny fist with your name written all over it."
  13. Throw some more stuff and miss.... Literally rolled a 1
  14. LOL, after this Chromium is going to give himself a title Chromium Dragonslayer!
  15. Chromium snorts, moving forward, his silver form coming into sight as the Dragon has the garbage can careened off it's face as he laughed,"I dare, you big scaly lizard." With out a thought he grabbed one of the iron barricades, little fences really, that separated rows of patrons from each other and sent it flying in a similar arc to that of the garbage can. The power of his silver body sending it hurtling through the air with a low whistling whine as the wire over it's body cut through the air at high speed.
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