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  1. Lord Uplift? Delta thought this sounded suspicious at best, but he had found in his interdimensional adventures this far, that if no one was trying to kill you it was likely not to bad and more answers could be had by cooperating for a little before the fighting started. His black and red metallic body parts seemed to absorb the light as they walked, he was sure this would end in a way that would require him to shoot his way through the rifle slinging simians, but for now he was happy to let the Doctor take the lead and charm his way in as deep as they could get before the blasters came out again.
  2. Chromium stood to his feet, his silver form reflecting the crashing waves, the moonlight and the visage of his foe as he walked towards him spiked mace in hand. Chromium glanced towards the white faced Lady Key, eager to make sure she did not escape but a whirling spiked mace commanded a certain amount of attention from even the bravest of fighters and Chromium certainly qualified. Frowning in concentration he focused on his right arm and lo it did change shape! A mighty sword, crackling with electrical energy took the place of his hand and Chromium smiled at his opponent,"Are you sure this is what you want to do? I'd hate to cut you down in battle but I will if I must....it would be better for you if you just gave in and let me take you to the police...or stockade." The crackling power surging along the length of his hand-blade reflected on his body bathing the beach in a shimmering light as he circled his opponent, ready for the inevitable clash.
  3. The silver Porsche drove directly into the fireball that was the flash bang, swerving much to late to avoid the impact from the blast but it had little effect on his metallic flesh and the parts of the car that allowed Chromium to see and he came tearing out of the fireball totally intact and driving at an insane speed for a normal car on the beach sand and drove directly towards the wheels of the bike the pair were driving on. Chromium had never done what he planned to do right now, but he had thought about it many times and it was more than a little risky. He was going to drive right into the wheels of the bike, and then at the moment of impact change into his human form, his hand hopefully clasping the rear tire of Sir Prizes bike and then..... Surprise! He should be too heavy for the bike to move and would halt it's forward momentum, he knew enough about car accidents to know that if all went according to his very heroic mental image both Sir Prize and Lady Key would be flying through the air with the greatest of ease, like they were on the flying trapeze but without a net only cold hard beach to meet their surprised faces! At least that was the plan....
  4. Failed Initial Reflex of 16: 14 No Dazzle for me: 19 Toughness DC 21: 28 Just a reminder, I have Impervious 7, so if it's damage is less than 7 I ignore it....metal skin for the win! Ram the bike (Accurate attack -3, attempt to grapple with improved grab and stop it dead): 28
  5. "We are agents of WEST, a organization who is sent to investigate strange planer events...like this portal, do you know much about it?", the question was no sooner out of his mouth than they started talking about big science, tasty suppering and then asked about pink two leg flesh,"I wouldn't suggest it if I was you, you might find your appetite outweighs your abilities....no who is Lord Urghrghu? Who is Gruuur? Most importantly where does this portal go?"
  6. Black Mamba The Red will Rise Chromium Fight them on the Beaches Delta Better thinking in the Lost World
  7. Beach sand spewed out from beneath the metal mans tires as they chewed up the distance, his engines whined as he flew along the ground faster and faster. He gave everything he had to go as fast as possible, he would catch this Sir Prize if it was the last thing he did!
  8. Obviously he's the same speed as me so I'm going all out move, once again it's an inherent speed do I need a drive check?
  9. If Delta had an eyebrow it would be raised at all the goings on, particularly the indication that this group was not made up of your typical Freedom City person....which made sense considering what they were trying to accomplish,"Is there any other Terminus Signatures on the planet?" If there were any others, including perhaps his battle brothers, it could prove problematic for him but he knew recovering the artifact was paramount,"I have encountered some Terminus Energy powered villains from a similar world....so we will need to be careful, some people are less concerend with the well being of the worlds and more with gathering power at any cost."
  10. Delta's hand folded back, his blaster cannon raised to shoot down the Dr Archville, an angry red glow starting to build in the barrel when suddenly monkeys with carbines arrived and he hesitated. Just for a moment, he had met many things on his last Journey through the planes and learned that not everything wanted to kill him..at least not at first. Turning towards the monkey, keeping his cannon pointed away from them he frowned,"Hold! We are here to investigate the portal! Who are you and what are you doing here? Did you come through the portal?" Well he certainly hoped they spoke English!
  11. And I'm back, if a little slower, going to try and talk this out to start!
  12. Apologies @Supercape @TheAbsurdist I managed to fracture my sternum a couple days ago. Once I've got things a little more together I'll throw up some posts, sorry about the delay.
  13. Wow, Dice Roller hates me today: 17
  14. The heat was oppressive, but if you are made of enough metal and have a heat sink to disperse it then it becomes tolerable, as he looked around at the jungle various graphs appeared in front of his eyes in various images and he frowned,"This heat is well above the mean for this area...something is affecting the temperature. It might be an excessive energy output by the portal." More information streamed in front of his eyes as his databases provided him with what he needed before he looked at Henry and nodded, stepping next to him and moving steadily but cautiously forward keeping his eyes out for the snakes Henry had mentioned.
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