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  1. Chromium saw stars, his own lance shattering with the weight of his blow but certainly he had acquitted himself well. Shaking his head again he realized the buzzing in his ears was not from the lance hit but the result of the explosions near by. His opponent dashed off and Chromium cursed and gunned his own bike, darting off after the part-time foe as he headed towards the scene of the explosions. First aid was not his strength but getting people out of the rubble, and finding out what had caused the explosion certainly was. "Yeah, nobody really knows about Lady Key. Or where she comes from. Just that she is a wizard with explosives and fireworks! Should be a show tonight when the contest is won. By me!" 4 Was this the work of Lady Key? The Wizard with explosives? There was only one way to find out, but first he had to save the people he could.
  2. The engine on his borrowed bike howled in anger as Chromium revved the engine, he didn't know who the other driver was and under his mail and clothing he was pretty sure the other driver didn't know who he was. Still this was fun! With a squeal of tires he started towards his foe, but planning on taking advantage of his unique physique he brought the bike to a halt with a screech of tires. Planting his feet on the ground as he grabbed the lance with both hands slamming it forward in the hopes his sudden maneuver would allow him to both surprise his foe and prove too much to get him knocked off of his bike.
  3. So the plan is to rev forward and then stop short putting my feet on the ground to make use of my immovable ranks when he hits me. Drive Check: 25 Hit with Lance: 23
  4. Chromium struck a pose, flexing his arms at the crowd even though he knew they couldn't see his very impressive physique. With that done he lifted his bike from the ground, grinning as he did so with one hand, grabbing his lance and climbing aboard. He knew he'd gotten lucky the last time, this was not something he was any good at, and it seemed the other guy had done this before..or something. Driving carefully to the other end of the lists he put his foot down and revved the bike engine....smirking a little as a plan formed in his head. There were certain things that were very, very helpful about being a being made of super dense metal and perhaps he could put that to use this time. He lifted his lance to the crowd, giving the engine one more rev as he waited for the signal to go.
  5. Chromium drew the longsword at his waist, giving it a few swings to get the feel of it, his sheer strength setting it whistling through the air as he approached his opponent. With silver teeth bared, under his helmet, he charged forward. The heavy mace of his opponent swung towards him and he ducked under it just in time, almost as surprised as his foe that he had managed to duck but using his momentum he swung his sword at the midsection at the mail clad knight the aim simply to get him in close. Chromium had learned many things since been infected with the Macrophage virus, but some of his oldest tricks were learned on the wrestling mats of his expensive private school where he had done rather well at that and all he was trying to do was get close enough to wrap this mail clad moron in a bear hug and squeeze him into submission.
  6. Swings Sword: 1d20+9 - Accurate attack -5 because it's a setup to use Improved Grab to get the guy into a chokehold and pin him
  7. The dice are not in my favor today Drive: 12
  8. Chromium grabbed the gear offered, vanished into a change room to get into his armor, no wanting to expose his silvery skin and grabbed a lance once his helmet was firmly on. Leaping on to the bike he gave it a few revs, trying to position himself to handle the bike and the lance at the same time. It was not as easy as the other guy had made it look. Still Chromium was one to give everything his best shot and was soon flying along the ground with the lance gripped firmly in one hand and his tongue sticking out of his mouth in concentration....sadly hidden under his helmet as it would have been a most comical sight. Now that he had the hang of it he headed off to the joust, and for now was doing his best just to hit the guy coming towards him and stay upright...it was likely he would get to do both.
  9. Drive: 21 Attack: 12 (Accurate Attack -5 so DC 20)
  10. So If I put any of that stuff on, I'm breaking the Toughness PL levels for me? I'm not sure about the lance, I'd have to check and see, but yes that would also break the PL caps for me... I'd be at +15 Toughness/+2 Defence and +4 attack DC 25 Damage....is that okay?
  11. Chromium wondered around, admiring their enthusiasm and their excitement. Sadly he had no bike to play with, so was relegated to spectator, and if he was lucky he might take part in the haggis throwing. He snickered at that, he had thought they meant the caber toss, but haggis throwing was even more amusing. Tossing a sheep's stomach across the beach would be most amusing. He was making use of all his ill spent time watching Monty Python and the Holy Grail to say random medieval things and try and fit in with the anarchists...although period accurate they were not. Of course should he find a motorcycle some one would lend to him, well he would leap at the chance to charge into action....so to speak.
  12. Excellent, I'm happy with you saying how many rounds I'm gone 'rescuing' Akhona...and AR Industries will pay for the Skylight of course.
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