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  1. It was still almost impossible for Delta to accept that the hulking Omegadrone sitting at the back seat was not going to attack him, and more so that an expert on Terminus technology who wasn't insane wasn't actually a trap by the 'good' Doctor. He raised one of his black mechanical hands and opened the door before sliding in next to Harrier, seldom had there been so much death enclosed in such a small space an Omegadrone and one of the attempts to improve on them sitting in the back seat of a self driving car the irony was lost on Delta as the door closed. The diodes on the side of his head flashed green and then read as he processed the question,"They are going well, currently processing millions of things called...memes, they are not what I thought they were originally and provide much insight into the human construct of humor." He understood very few of them, because they all seemed to be connected to movies and tv shows that he had to download and process....he was making inroad on Netflix but still had the looming specter of Hulu and Amazon Prime to defeat as well....so much time and effort spent on entertainment, how had the Terminus not won?
  2. Chromium sighed at the sarcasm that Rev levelled at Dom, and then frowned, was it sarcasm? Shaking his head he ran a silver palm across his face before looking around,"What ever, if he comes with at least we are there to try and help him. I'd like to check out the pits where she normally hangs out first, if that fails we can try a fake race or whatever. Did any of you manage to scan her or anything super hero like to learn anything more about her when she vanished?" He glanced over at Raven and frowned,"And you seem to know a lot about her, anything else she is capable of? Vanishing, shooting a bow accurately enough to hit a car driving at high speeds?"
  3. The accent gave Delta pause, his processors whirring as they determined where it was from but his eyes returned to the fist he had seen glowing just a few moments ago,"Sneaking? Not quiet, I'm working....and I don't have glowing fists so I'm going to assume you are working too? I thought you were a homeless person getting in the way. Seems like that is not the case? That's a really solid disguise." She really was well disguised, even up close with his search program highlighting things that she was carrying and scanning her it was still categorizing her as homeless,"I am Delta. I'm here to investigate the strange things going on in here.....who are you?"
  4. Oh good, angsty teenage answers, just the kind of thing that Chromium needed in his life, because he was so much more simple and easy to understand. He listened to her warning about the Hammer of Justice and nodded,"I hear you....no playing with the Hammer of Justice. Gotcha." To be honest he wasn't really interested in getting into superhero fights if he could avoid it, he preferred the fights slanted very much in his favor,"I promise I'll run away as fast as I can...didn't realize you cared that much." Ahh teenage bonding at it's finest, shaking his head at his own sarcasm he did his best at apologize, if it could even be called that,"You can probably ignore about half the stuff I say, it's mostly me trying to keep people at arms length. Apparently that's normal for people my age...."
  5. He nodded,"The college, ha, my dad would be so proud I actually made it into a college...even if it is through the roof." There was more than a hint of bitterness both in the mention of his father and the mention of getting into college. Snickering he shook his head at her,"You can keep the chemical toilets to yourself. I don't do the normal thing anymore. I just add mass, and more mass, and more mass." Moving to a window or something similar he looked down at the ground below and shrugged,"I can climb down walls if I need to, as long as they can support my weight." Tilting his head he chuckled,"I'm the fat kid of the group, I'll eat everything and weigh more than all of you combined." Snickering again he looked back at Wadjet and let out a slow sigh,"Well, suppose we couldn't be rich and comfortable superheros in Bedlam, only the criminals get that kind of luxury. So what brought you into the superhero gig?"
  6. The black long sleeved hoodie he was wearing, covering his bulbous eyes and the diodes that flashed on his head, was working well only the strong chin with it's darker skin really showing. As long as he kept his hands in his pockets and didn't pull any of his tricks out of his belt he was likely to be fine but as the time wore on he knew that more and more people would start paying attention to the guy who never removed the hood, even in the darkest of exhibits no matter what the internal temperature. His irritation and general surliness increased as his wariness grew, he was a soldier, although the honor implied in that name was stained somewhat by his past service, but the patience of grueling hours waiting for a target to arrive and the sudden action after had left him well prepared even if his 'trigger' got a little twitchy as more and more people crowded in. Then the rumors started to flow and people started to be ushered out, a small smile creasing his lips. Was this it? Was this the moment his contact was waiting for? Perhaps it was, perhaps they were hiding in the now closed exhibit it's one surefire way to ensure privacy? Enforced by the police themselves. Sighing he slipped back into the shadows of an exhibit and as soon as he was out of sight of the majority of people he reached to his belt and activated his cloaking device. Soon that corner was home to nothing but a black, long sleeved hoodie neatly folded. Delta, under the cover of his cloaking device slipped through the throngs heading towards the closed off section in search of his contact....or anything else that would be suspicious.
  7. Chromium chuckled slightly and nodded,"They have a big silver guy in Egypt?" He listened to the rules and smirked slightly,"So we're kind of Robin Hooding it here? I've lived in Bedlam most of my life...I know how it works." He frowned and shrugged his shoulders as he thought about it more,"And is this like 'Fight Club' we don't talk about it or tell people about it? What is this building by the way?"
  8. Chromium grinned at Wadjet's words,"Well you know I brought the house down the last time we met?" Her tone had given her away and he was a little surprised she was a girl, not that it mattered but she certainly didn't show in her costume. He snickered at her territorial comments and nodded,"I'll mind my P's and Q's don't you worry!" He looked at her with a raised eyebrow as she went over where everything was and then frowned again and pointed in the direction Nicole went,"Was that Nightingale? Or is that another girl?" He considered what her words meant about Lady Horus and Nightingale and chuckled, clearly not bothered by that idea. Scratching his chin he looked around the bare bones room and chuckled,"Well, it's about as good as what I've had so far." Dumping his back pack, and the coat he frowned,"So what exactly am I joining? A cult? A team? Or something else?"
  9. Black Mamba sighed and nodded to her,"I'll cover, just make it quick." He kept his sensors tuned making sure he was still paying attention to what was going on. He was still not pleased, there was something going on and he wasn't hapy about this kind of thing. Guard duty didn't suit him at all, he was an action man. In the mean time Akhona was scanning the various frequencies available to her and the rat copter as she scanned for any kind of trouble.
  10. In that case I'm happy with Delta/Mamba in the monster game as well if that works.
  11. Sounds good, sign Delta up He can be following a lead about the Terminus Technology that is apparently being sold around town...totally stealing from a thread I'm in with Tiffany. This can be a precursor LOL
  12. I have the same problem as EP, my PL 7 is Bedlam bound....and while a trip to the Aquarium would be cool for Black Mamba he's in enough right now. You think we might be able to figure out a reason that Delta would be at the Aquarium? suspiciously investigating things? Or maybe just throwing a sulk?
  13. Mamba froze as the woman spoke, his battle senses hummed something was up, or maybe it was too long in this old tin can waiting. With a raised eyebrow she couldn't see Black Mamba's scanner slid over her as he used the eye that the fates had left him to look her over, something was up and he was fairly sure there wasn't anyone in this messed up building that he would actually trust. Crossing his black and gold metal arms he asked,"Really? A security guard who needs to pee? And there are no restrooms close to your station and you don't have a partner? They cutting back on costs for security in this building they seemed pretty set on beefing up security not cutting back?" Over the connection to Akhona he broadcast silently++Something up, I got a guard who suddenly needs to pee...seems a little off. Distraction? Bad infiltration attempt?++
  14. And going to do a bit of suspcious staring in a moment at the red head Sense Motive 30...a natural 20, lol Notice 15...my helmet on a bit tight?