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  1. Chromium's voice was filled with the smile he couldn't make,"A wise choice, Joey, the question is what do you know about Screwtop Igglioni? What are the rumors doing the rounds on the street and have you seen him?"
  2. Two was enough. As soon as Joey and mustache's doors closed there was a snapping sound as the doors locked, followed by a hard rev of the engine to scare off the other boys and then it was off to the races, Chromium tore out of there, leaving behind a layer of rubber as he headed for the freeway as fast as he could make it. He knew the boys would panic, and as soon as they were done screaming his voice came over the radio,"Co-operate and I'll let you get out...but for now I have some questions, let me know when you're done getting upset and I'll start asking, what do you say, Joey?"
  3. If Chromium had a face at that moment he would have smiled, instead the beautiful, gleaming, silver porsche didn't all that happened was the locks popped up when the first kid put his hand on the door handle and Chromium waited. With any luck at least one of them could climb in, and then the questioning portion of his search could start. Perhaps these guys could tell him more about his dad's disappearance, or at least give him a lay of the land around this area.
  4. Fair enough, was just trying to type something more than one sentence but I'll get on it!
  5. @RocketLord if I pop the locks will the little gangsters climb in? Or are they going to get spooked? I don't want to assume I capture them if they won't get in
  6. Chromium had many options, most of them didn't involve his family and he preferred to keep it that way, they thought he had just run away he kept in contact with his mom via email when he had the chance but he didn't talk to them much at all. That all changed once he realized that his dad, Tony "Screwtop" was missing. So it was that he was driving around Greely Point in the shape of a Porsche, looking for anything that might lead him to his father. First off he wanted to see who, and by who he meant organized crime, was operating in the area. Normal people didn't just mess with the Mafia, but if someone was tangling with the Scarpias then it was someone with some oomph. There was much less concern about getting caught doing illegal things in Bedlam, and the Mafia's iron fist was not shy to come out if someone messed with them. Little did the force that had taken his dad know, there was a silver fist too...it just didn't work for the Mafia. Racing tires grabbed on the street as the silver Porsche drove around looking for clues.
  7. Chromium would be happy to pitch in with this, Bedlam is area!
  8. Black Mamba Kingmaker Opening Move Kingmaker: Benelux Delta Better Thinking in the Lost World
  9. Black Mamba Kingmaker Opening Move Delta Better Thinking in the Lost World
  10. Delta let the man rant, only once he was done did Delta raise his hand slowly, showing the scientist his cyber arm, with a thought it morphed from a fist into the barrel of a massive cannon, and from there into a bladed weapon and then back to a hand,"No...no, Lord Uplift, it is not vanity. My 'gifts' were forced upon me by someone not unlike you. Someone who thought he could improve upon my original genetic lottery, one who thought it was fine to adjust me to make me what he thought was right without my permission, without my consent and in so doing he thought it would be fun to add a little bit of mind control, erase my memories and make me nothing more than his smart tool. I have all my intelligence, hell it's even enhanced, but it is not me...it is not what I was born to be." Bug eyes focused on Lord Uplift, whinging as they adjusted for the distance, diodes flashing on his metallic skull as the only flesh part of his face, his mouth, formed a frown,"Take it from me, your experiments may not appreciate your 'gifts' do you really want to follow down the journey of my creators hubris?"
  11. Delta had been processing all that the strange man had said and he had formulated a question,"So if the plan is to remove the inequity of the random genetic lottery as to who is intelligent and who is not where do you draw the line? Do you make all the animals smarter? What about insects? Fish?" A moment later a diode flashed on his skull and he made a humph noise,"And isn't that unfair to the plants, or do you plan on making them intelligent? And what do they eat? If you make the herbivores intelligent isn't it worse to eat them? Does everyone become a vegetarian? Or is it then Darwin again? The strongest and quickest eat the others, even if they all start with intelligence. In the end you're going to end up with someone on top taking advantage of the others, except now they'll be smart enough to know...is that better?"
  12. And my understanding is there is a few hours of time difference between the two arrivals? I don't want to arrive immediatly if you guys are expecting my in a little bit of time... I'll be flying above you in the stealth jet if I'm needed all of a sudden. Just trying to make it play out like planned!
  13. So quick question, just so I'm clear, is Black Mamba flying on his jet and getting there later?
  14. Delta remained quiet for now, it meant likely one of two things were going to happen, either the Lord Uplift would agree and they'd be off to a new planet and the massive task of relocating or they'd be forcefully relocating and that would get messy.
  15. The black and gold battlesuited tilted it's head at Connor's words,"Well, I'm not...good news is it doesn't belong to me but someone who does own it will fly it for us if we behave on board." The grim one eyed mask turned towards Fast-Forward,"Although it sounds like there maybe more than one way to get there, you can carry all of us?"
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