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  1. Searching the area with ESP, with rapid x10000 it doesn't take me long to take 20 on a search. Let me know if you need anything from me
  2. Tarrakhash

    Zip Zap

    Delta frowned at the humans comments,"We are working on it, but we can only work with the hand we are being dealt so far." "Zip, you build, I'll send out some drones to keep watch...", reaching to his belt he hit the button and six black and red drones shot out, flying up to his face they sent a beam of light out into the iris of Delta's complex cyber eyes, linking to the computer and then shimmered out of view before flying off to search the jungle around them to make sure nothing crept up them. Slipping through the foilage the drones provided him with an all around view, Delta slid to his knees on the ground, looking like he was meditating as Zip worked on the repairs,"I'm going to search the area around us for a mile, should take me a couple of minutes. By then I want you to have a plan, Zip!"
  3. Akhona was happy to stay above the building, between the rat copters abilities and her own abilities she planned on trying to figure out what was going on inside. If there was someway she could hack a computer, or phone in the building and listen in to what they were saying she would do so. Whatever it took to find out what these people were planning next would help them stop them. She also paused long enough to send her coordinates to Black Mamba, that way if something happened to her he'd have a place to start searching.
  4. Delta nodded at Steve's words,"I've noticed there seems to be a bond that grows between these people. The harder they struggle the closer they get, despite their differeneces....although there are exceptions when they don't have a strong foe to unite against." This was the third or fourth time Steve had brought up concealing who he was, and for now Delta ignored it, he didn't have the capabilities as of the moment and for now would focus on surviving and making sure he didn't full under the sway of the various agents of the Terminus on Earth-prime. He forced a smile at Miss Americana's chuckle, it was a most perfect chuckle he had to admit, but his mind was elsewhere as she scanned him further and then asked questions and there was some that were easier than others,"The safety, and the lack of mind controlling mad scientists near me..." "I have been to the aquarium...that didn't go as well as I had planned. Music, I've listened to just about everything I can get hold of on the internet. Food wise, I've eaten what they've provided at Freedom City's League headquarters. I can't just go into your typical restaurant, not without causing some issues. That said I did get some of the other people in the HQ to order in Chinese. I rather enjoyed Crispy Beef and Crab Rangoon, so there is that."
  5. Tarrakhash

    Zip Zap

    Delta shook his head,"That's not terminus energy...I'm not sure what it is." Looking around he frowned again, there was not a lot of good that had happened so far,"And we have a crazed, Terminus energy fueled villain on the loose." He moved over to the Brit machine, dropping to one knee and started sorting through the parts,"Let's see if we can salvage some parts from the Brit Machine to fix the Dimensional Hopper....otherwise we have to hope that the Cavemen are not the only society, or their Shaman's are a lot more powerful than the typical caveman."
  6. Ahh, out of combat? Great, I thought I was about to get attacked by an invisible person!
  7. There was a lot to take in for the young super...person? And a lot of it resolved around his 'mentor' speaking very, very rapidly and he titled his head at the introduction clearly mouthing the one name 'Sekhmet' and then she turned into a lion, if anything that got his attention more, but the red head spoke and he tore his eyes away from the lioness sniffing the turkey he still had a large claim on and focused on her and then flickered back to the lioness just to have it turn back into a rather delightfully clad human. There was a number of feelings flashing through Chromium's head but in a very short amount of time, for a slightly smitten 18 year old, his cerebral functions started back up again and parts started to flow together as he mumbled to himself,"Lady Horus...Set....Sekhmet....." He moved back to his seat, his silver body causing it to strain a little under his mass, reaching up he scratched his chin thoughtfully before looking at Sekhmet with much more focus and clarity,"So are you super....people too?" He remembered in time that Anna never refered to herself as a super hero if she could avoid it, and something about the way the red head and the lion girl interacted made him think they didn't either,"And did I miss the Egyptian theme party or what? We got Horus, Set, Sekhmet and Wadjet...is it compulsory for us to pick a myth to name ourselves after?"
  8. Tarrakhash

    Zip Zap

    Delta growled, frustrated, kept his position in cover, looked over at Zip and frowned. That did not look healthy, if only he could heal him! The telekinetic powers of Delta were just starting to grow, and his instincts pulled inside of him, focusing his mind he reached out a golden beam - the utter reverse of Nihilus Energy flowed from his hand towards Zip intent on healing him and setting things back to the way they should be...but they were still new powers and he wasn't used to them! The tree next to Zip was caressed by the beam and sprung several new leaves, looking healthier than ever!
  9. Going to spend one of those HP on changing his tele-kinetic array into the following: Healing 10 (Extras: Range, Restoration Flaw: Others only) It is a full round action, requiring an attack to hit....And Hits AC 11...which I suspect is a miss...fortunatly I can use it again next round if I don't get attacked too badly!
  10. Chromium opened his mouth to retort, being at that age where arguing was more important than facts and actual thought when a knock sounded at the door. He shoved one last mouthful in, before looking at everyone realizing that being the 'newest' recruit did have a few disadvantages...door duty was one of them. Sighing he swallowed his food without the need for further chewing and slid his chair back rather noisily. Another exasperated sigh left his lips before he made his way to the door, grabbing the handle he made sure to turn it very slowly, Nicci would be horrified if he tore the door handle off and so he watched his hand very carefully till the door was half way open and then lifted his eyes up only too see something that literally blew his mind, not one but two ladies of more than average attractiveness one of which at least was dressed in a way that left little for his young mind to imagination. His eyes were fixated on the pentacle and the flesh beneath, his only saving grace was the fact that his eyes were solid silver and had no iris, but his solid silver mouth hung open gaping for just a moment till the shorter woman spoke and he literally tore his eyes away from the taller woman and forced a smile,"Ahhh, ummm.....hi...I suppose. Can I help you?" At least say your name idiot! Well at least his mind was kind of working,"I'm Chromium......"
  11. Chromium's silver eyebrow rose slowly at her name for him and he chuckled,"Warboy? Well, that's a new one...." His words trailed off as she let her hair loose and he spent a little time studying her features, it wasn't that she was unattractive on the contrary, it was just something was off about her. Reaching up he scratched his silver chin, looking over his shoulder at the 'dark paladin' he turned back to find her perched on the car hood, a 100 pounds? He'd eaten things that weighed more than she did, smirking at that thought he tilted his head slightly,"You like being cryptic, so I'm not even sure if asking questions will help. What's making you hunt these people? Are you being paid or are you being forced?" Yeah, subtlety was not the silver man's strong point.
  12. His face brightened as she mentioned an ability to teleport and then he chuckled,"That's fantastic, let's do something different then! On the count of three we'll teleport into the room with the artifact and the two 'bozo's with any luck we can take them down before they make a noise and simply grab the artifact and get it to safety. Sound good?"
  13. Tarrakhash

    Zip Zap

    Delta shook his head, shaking free the last of the images of what Ether had done to himself, without the mental distraction it simply allowed him to figure out what Ether could do to others! His fingers folded away, and his arm opened up into the massive cannon, he refocused it again the same way he had when he fought Zip's robot, with a shimmer he teleported behind some cover reaching around to fire at Ether, a focused blast of red Nihilus energy slashing through the sky towards Ether. "Fight fire with fire, I believe the humans say...let's see how that works out for us."
  14. Stun Save, DC 15, +1 for second round: 20...pass Assuming I can act immediately going to shoot at Ether...Power attack 3. Hits DC 26 for DC28 toughness roll And toughness drain...that's not good.
  15. "We were meant to be replacements, it's not so much conflict as sycophantic fawning, my maker was trying to make the next big thing after Omegadrones to win his way into Lord Omega's good graces....my escape hopefully stopped that.", he didn't reply to Steve's comment on his English, he had nothing but time and a high speed computer in his head and masses, and masses of you tube video's to run through, he could name more 'cat stars' than he cared to remember, but his databanks did that for him. He ignored the domestic chatter between the two of them till she asked a direct question, his large mechanical eyes irising open and shut a few times to focus on her,"I've had free will for about 3 years....but there isn't a lot of places to go when you are doing all your work along the Terminus frontlines. It was only in the chaos of the Invasion being turned back that I escaped and then they were shut out, sent back to Terminus, at least for now." Her last question made a small smile curl his lips before he focused the large bulbous, almost chameleon like eyes on her and chuckled,"I don't need them, and I doubt they would fit. My eyes can see in many spectrums, and can adjust quiet nicely to normal light changes, thank you."