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  1. "You're right, should have left you to die, right? That's what we do in this family, hang people out to dry?", Chromium was pissed, and he wasn't bothering to hide it, even more so once he found out that his dad was simply bait and he had just gone straight in and taken it hook, line and sinker! He snorted at the guy,"I'll cooperate but you might find it harder to hurt me than you think....I didn't get Shiny like this because of my natural genetics." For now he would cooperate, he knew that at some point he'd figure out a way to get both him and Screwtop out of this. If his dad let him, stubborn old man.
  2. Chromium pulled his dad up, trying to ignore the way his dads reaction made him feel, and that was all the distraction needed before red little dots danced over his beat up old man. With a long slow, totally unnecessary breath the silver man considered his options, silver energy crackling over his fists for a moment and then fading. He considered throwing his Dad into the water, but he wasn't sure Screwtop could keep himself afloat for very long, he was in pretty bad shape, and worse...this was exactly what his Dad, and Aegis had told him, he needed to stop and plan not just rush into things. Growling in his throat he slowly raised his hands in surrender, it was one thing to take Chromium hostage, it was quiet another to keep him captive....he just had to have time to think.
  3. Chromium just glared at his dad,"Stubborn old man...you're in danger if I hang around. You know how they are about superheros here?" Moving as fast as he could he grabbed one of the cars, chucking at the door, nothing like thousands of pounds of steel in front of a door to stop anyone from getting in. Grabbing his dad he smirked,"I hope you like heights?" And with that he assumed liquid form, sliding up the wall, a tendril of silver goop wrapped around his father as she slithered along the wall up to the opening in the roof and out into the open, hoping they weren't expecting him and he could get his dad into cover before the shooting started.
  4. "You can try dad, I'm a lot different than I was....and I stole your car, in the back was some goop...made me like this.", shaking his head he looked around,"Now we don't have time for a family reunion....although it is good to see you, don't tell mom." Gesturing to the nearest wall he said,"I can cut a hole through the walls or the floor, but there is only water behind us and people up top shooting at us if we get in the water....any suggestions?" He looked around, gesturing at the cars,"I doubt any of these can survive driving through these walls either."
  5. Frowning Chromium looked up at the blaring sirens and the flashing lights,"Damn.....I had hoped to swim away from under the ship, but I just realized you can't stay under water for ever.....come on...let's get out of here." Grabbing his dad's arm he dragged him towards the door he had come in,"They have to have life boats on this thing, maybe we can use one of those to get away....unless you have a better idea?"
  6. Still covered by his camouflage Chromium looked carefully over the arms and legs of the captive, looking for any tell tale tattoo's or scars that he'd recognize his dad by...he was a mobster by trade and there had to be at least a couple that Chromium could pick out before he made his next move. Either way a gag and a blindfold? This was too much, and Chromium had little patience, looking up at the cameras again he made a choice. Lifting the chair and it's occupant up just enough it didn't touch the ground he moved the pair off behind one of the cars and out of the line of sight of the cameras before starting to cut him lose, it was time to see if this was the person he was looking for?
  7. The Gold and Black battlesuit paused, looking at the situation John realised there was a time for this to de-escalate. So rather than smashing Liteshow into a new crater he shifted moving forward securing the villain with another green energy constrictor to make sure he couldn't escape before speaking over his speakers,"Can we talk about this? Or do I need to smash you into cooperation? It looks like you have all been manipulated by Wu....."
  8. So is Liteshow still tied up? Because I'm we can talk to her as is or I can grapple and basically choke them into submission....what fits your ideas best?
  9. Chromium sighed, this was beyond his ability, but he had been training with Lady Horus and she had shown him that he could use the machines that made up his body for many, many things even if some of them were less obvious and more difficult for him to get right. Furrowing his silver brow he focused his mind on his body and slowly a crackle of electricity slid over him and he faded from sight. Smirking he looked down at himself, obviously not seeing anything, he chuckled and slid into the bay! Slowly, slowly he moved his way to the prisoner at the end of the bay, breathing deeply he tried to deepen his voice so his dad wouldn't recognize it,"Screwtop, is that you?" Then it was just a matter of getting out of here....
  10. Alright, time to spend a hero point on my Cybernetics array to get a chameleon field! Concealment 4 (Cloaking Field; All Visual; Feats: Close Range, Selective) [10PP] Sneaking time!
  11. Chromium had to restrain himself, he almost just burst into the room and straight towards the person he thought was his dad, then he spotted the cameras and he frowned. Looking up at sides of the room he tried to determine if he could ooze his way up the wall without getting spotted, then he looked down at the floor to see if he could get under the floor. Before he went in there he had to have a plan, once they knew he was in there he was likely going to be spotted and all hell would break loose....worse he wasn't even sure if it was his dad. He glanced over to the vehicles, perhaps he could sneak from car to car in his liquid form without being spotted, one slender thread of silver liquid at a time. He waited a little longer as he weighed up his options.
  12. Carrying the mans weapon Chromium sighed, great clearly they had experience with superheros of various stripes if they were already crying morph. In the meant time he was wasting time listening to them jabber, with no real way to figure out which way was the best Chromium headed towards the left door. He figured he wanted to go deeper into the ship to find his dad, if he was a bad guy he'd have the brig in the very bottom of the ship...and that was what Chromium planned on looking for.
  13. Chromium frowned down at the groaning man and made a choice, with a sigh he searched the man seeing if he had a radio or any other equipment that would help him move around undetected. Then he looked for a place to hide him, a smirk curling his face as he opened the door to the anchor room. That would be the best place, then he took the clothing off of the guy, tying him up if he could and put his clothing and weapons on....even if he had a silver face it might give him just enough time to react before they did. Once he was dressed he headed out in search of the brig....and hopefully his father.
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