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  1. Here's a Bluff check for Gallant hiding his discomfort. Feel free to subtract the Attractive Bonus as needed. Also I didn't apply a group penalty since that doesn't seem to be listed in the book, so I guess apply that as needed as well? 43
  2. Gallant leaned on his chair, smile dimming slightly as he took in the fact that a doppelganger had replaced him. The faint, soundless voices in his head chittered, in ironic bemusement, irritation, and...hunger, apparently. The thought of some stranger with his face, pretending he was as Gallant as Gallant, interacting with his dear sisters... His hold on the chair tightened slightly as he turned toward the man in white and the bodysuited man in dark. Righting his posture and nigh instantly attempting to sheathe his discomfort, he spoke. "As you both say, we should attempt peace with these fair folk first before resorting to more tried and true methods. As fun as a good brawl can be, we must make care to ensure our strength is turned onto the truly unjust!" Piece spoken, Gallant turned back toward the Empress. "I, however, would like to make a small request, Fair Madame Empress. After our briefing is completed, might I have a chance to speak with one of your noble officers a small bit before we make haste for grand adventure?"
  3. True enough, either would do as an impromptu bus. I went with Hyperactive simply because the two have already met, assuming this takes place after Empire of emerald and jade.
  4. Problem of transportation solved, per PM approval. Hyperactive can ferry Gallant over.
  5. Choosing to continue standing, for sitting still made him a mite uncomfortable, Gallant smiled at his fellow hero who's name he knew not before turning his grin to the Empress. "Right he is Madame Empress! With an adventure so important that it stretched beyond the veil of reality, how could we refuse?" He made to bow, before shufflling and making for a traditional salute, before shuffling again to press his arm against his chest, before finally halting, instead placing his arms at his back. "I'm afraid I am unaware of the customs of your fiefdom. Perhaps Madame Howard could educate me later..."
  6. I'd be happy to join the storm thread. Only problem I can find is that Gallant and Miracle Girl fulfill the same role, heck, they even both glow.
  7. First dice I ever roll here, I suppose. Hope I do it right. Using my Bluff to oppose Gabriel's Bluff sans my Attractive Bonus. 38
  8. Internally, Leon felt his temper flair a small bit as the girl in front of him (younger than he was!) condescended to him like a three year old. But she would be gone in like one minute, and besides that it just wasn't worth getting annoyed over. Let her be smarmy somewhere else. "Oh, I was just joking, Miss Wei. I don't actually think you're a, a mad scientist or anything." Outwardly, Leon chuckled sheepishly as he took the money from the girl's hand, shuffling quickly through the check out process. As the girl stated her friendship with the book's author, however, he halted and blinked. "That's, uh, really cool, Miss Wei, but the time scale seems a bit..." He gnawed on his lip and resumed placing the money in the register, hoping she hadn't noticed his muttering.
  9. "No questions here, Madame Howard. Though I will say say I'm feeling a small smattering of butterflies flitting in my chest. I've never had the pleasure of meeting royalty before!" Chuckling softly and rubbing the back of his head sheepishly, Gallant shuffled about the room, taking it all in. Intending to offer a sign of camaraderie with his companions to be, but lacking knowledge of any of the myriad folk in the building, Gallant simply flashed his most warm and charming smile at all those he passed.
  10. Gallant narrowed his eyes at the mention of his sisters, though his smile did not drop. He would have to figure that out later. "I would be delighted to help on any heroic matters, Madame Howard!" He glanced about the area, noting that the officers in question appeared to be trying to shrink into themselves. "Your friends seem cowed, for the moment. Should we go pick them up, or will you be detailing my quest right here?"
  11. Leon flinched momentarily at the way the girl appraised him, like she had judged him unworthy. He spoke up once more, voice a little quieter "I-I was aware of the request, yeah. You don't need to worry about me scrambling around back there for the book-" He thumbed over to the quickly darkening shelves to his right."-we actually have a little system in place for reserves." His breath finally caught and a small amount of his composure restored, Leon gingerly plucked the ID from the girl's hand before reaching down behind the counter, pulling open a small box marked 'Reserves'. As he shuffled inside the box for the girl's request, he spoke. "See, we have this box here that Lynn, t-that's the women you probably talked to yesterday-actually, gonna guess you don't care..." He had found the book, a ruby red affair that was in slight tatters. "Alright, one musty old alchemy tome for devious experiments, Ms.-" He took a moment to look the ID over as he pulled upward once more, eyebrows raising as he took note of where it was from. "-Third Year Claremont Student Winifred Wei." He turned to the girl as he placed he book on the counter for her to look over. "W-well, Ms. Wei, it's your lucky day. As it clearly states right here on this Post-it Note taped to my register, right under the one about firemen, 'Claremont Students get 15% discounts on all purchases, do not forget this Leon/Lance, if you make an, curse word, of yourself I will frown even harder than normal -Gretchen.' " He cleared his throat awkwardly. "Gretchen is the uh, troll that lives at the coffee counter, annddd I'm just gonna check you out now if the book is to your liking?"
  12. It had not been a good April Fool's Day for Leon. He had suffered through his sisters each pranking him first thing in the morning, had been caught on the crossfire of them pranking each other, and had carpooled to work, only to discover that Lynn and Gretchen had worked out a fantastically well-choreographed routine in which it appeared that they had switched personalities. After begging Gretchen to please stop smiling like that, he had discovered that he was in fact the subject of one last prank, this being that Lance, on the one day in which they shared a time-slot, the one day in which many heavy boxes full to the brim with new books for sorting were left out behind the shop, had called in sick. He had bitterly planned his revenge as his toothpick muscles were forced to work harder than they had in months. Perhaps he would, surprise his sisters with a dog? No, no, they'd like that. Maybe he would get a moha-yeah, never-mind that. Oh, oh, maybe he wouldn't wipe his feat when he got back to the apartment! Oh yes, he was truly an evil genius. Now, revenge planned, he had stood behind the cashier counter at the bookstore half of the building, silently catching his breath. He was the only living soul in Silberman's, Gretchen and Lynn having had to leave for a bit for 'personal business.' The twilight of the day was approaching quickly, he was feeling just a bit tired, no one was going to ask him for coffee, and...the girl who had made a reservation for that alchemy book was here. Leon smiled behind the counter, his breath still not fully caught. "Y-yes, uh, you..." He leaned over the counter, face slightly red. "...Wanted that, Tinctures book, right?"
  13. Gallant gave his best smile and sent a small wave back toward the woman, before running hand through his messy hair. Internally, he felt a bit frustrated. The fear that had shot through him had briefly compromised his rational thought, and in turn had almost led to him compromising his relations. He moved towards a nearby crowd of civilians near a marble fountain, his eyes shifting back over to the woman once more. She didn't appear to be guarding the building, as tenants easily went in and out past her, and every few seconds her eyes would move to him once more. She was here for him, then. He tapped his against his scabbard as he weighed his options, this time glancing around the crowd. He had missed it initially, but it appeared there was another suited woman nearby. This one much bigger, and though she was currently at a bench feeding birds it was clear he was her sole interest. Across the road, sitting at a nearby coffee shop was yet another suit, this one a short male, his eyes again trained on him. 'Best to get it over with, I suppose...' He smiled and waved to each of his observers in turn as he sidled up beside the blonde woman. He stood, attempting as best he could to appear casual for several seconds before leaning over to her conspiratorially. "You and your friends seem quite taken with me. Were I a more nervous sort, I'm certain my cheeks would be radiant as the sun!" He chuckled softly, his eyes behind the mask sizing the woman and her well-crafted shield. "Care to inform me what I've done to catch your interest so?"
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