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  1. nice, nice 1d20+8=21 ooof, well, thats better, i think that just bruises and dazes her.
  2. lets see if I remember how a Toughness roll is done! with a Toughness rating of 8, i assume i get a +8 1d20+8=14 Ouch. um, question, do i still have a hero point? i thought i spent it on a stunt last fight. i might want to reroll this but iunno if i can.
  3. Part of her thought it would have been best to wait until whoever the dot was got here. Maybe she'd been mistaken and this was someone else that was being hunted? But when she saw the hunter closing, her fear tipped the scales and she tossed the thought aside. Aurora raised her palm again, gathering power until her sigil throbbed on the edge of pain, and then let loose a searing bolt of violet starlight in the direction of the hunter.
  4. Aurora is going to try to open with a full power attack withher starbolt! 1d20+5=17 Prob gon miss, but itll be an impressive miss at least.
  5. Init: 1d20+16: 29 Beat that, armored jerk!!
  6. This was a mistake... Reina's face drained of color as Nicole kept talking, ending with an echo of Reina's own fears. She was an important hero, an experienced hero, and Reina was wasting her time. She could say she changed her mind, she could go back to her room amd hide in her laptop until the feelings went away, or even retreatvto the crash to give herself a little solitude. It would be better, surely, for both of them, to end this here and now. But she wanted to be a hero. And maybe it was selfish, but she wanted to see what she could learn, even if it wasn't much. She took a deep breath. "...Okay, please teach me..."
  7. Aurora She gave Pan a bright little smile. "Thank you...sorry it turned out like this..." It might be smarter to run to better cover, or hide somehow, but Reina was scared and tired of being scared, so instead she just flew up hovering over the roof of the museum, tail lashing angrily above her head. She turned in the direction of the dot speeding rapidly toward her and watched Freedom's horizon.
  8. Aurora Oh no...She'd been rude... Reina stared into her lap, trying to hide the mortified look on her face. The moment she'd seen the look on Nicole's face she knew she'd misstepped. She couldn't interpret that look as anything but disapproving, and it made her want to run out of the room. But then the hand was pulled back and she was looking away and it was too late, too late. She was sure that there were words to say that would make things better and smooth things over but her mind was racing too fast and she couldn't pick anything sensible out of the rush. She tried to take deep breaths to settle her heart. Fighting was scary, but talking was scarier... She was thinking of retreating from the puzzle entirely and slipping away before she could embarrass herself further when her ears tickled at the mention of a 'trip.' "...Haven't heard of a trip, did I miss something... important?" A note of panic managed to crawl into her voice. Reina didn't want to be out of touch, what if it was something important? What if she'd missed more things? The teachers would be so disappointed... It took a moment before she realized that someone was talking to her. Her eyes swung toward Corrine. Oh god, if she waited she'd make an ass out of herself again! Reina reached out a faltering hand and gave Corrine an uncertain handshake, never quite meeting the other girls' eyes. "...Reina...Sophomore..."
  9. Aurora Reina hadn't been entirely sure what to expect from Dio, but writing on a dragon wasn't quite what she'd imagined. Wasn't it, like, rude to use a dragon as a table?! While Pan and Leeroy seemed to jump into this like it was nothing, she stayed standing, dressed in a purple hoodie dress, school bag slung half over her shoulder eyes darting between Dio and her fellow students like an alarmed cat staring at a vacuum cleaner. "...Um...Hi..." She scratched a hand behind her neck and looked away. "...I'm Reina..." It felt like she she follow up with some kind of title, but she didn't have anything. Mr. Perry might have said they were all special, but it was hard to see it that way. "...You're both from other worlds..." Reina shook her head torn between insecurity and awe. They didn't even know how to start to think 'normal.' "...Was going to pick, um..." She fiddled with her bag's strap. "...A-an ordinary schoolgirl? Maybe its too similar..."
  10. Curious Key Aurora With Black Curtains Stargazers Essential Guide to Heroing
  11. Aurora "Puzzles are good..." She smiled, happy for the excuse to not worry so much about eye contacted and looked down, hunting for the edge pieces. "...History can be cool, but the dates on the tests are hard to remember, and the names..." Aurora preferred the story part, but when the time came for tests of rote memorization she wasn't great at studying for it. Nicole's voice made Reina stiff, her face paling and eyes darting suddenly up to find the other girl. "No, um..." Reina looked away, crossed her arms and looked back at the puzzle, wishing she could just disappear. "...Its okay..."
  12. Aurora "So..." Reina swallowed. He might be right, they could have been tracking him. He was from another earth, technically, but... "...Its probably me." Aurora had worried about something like this, eventually, but she'd always imagined it would be a villain coming after her for revenge, or something. Not someone scoping her out as prey before she'd ever ran into trouble. "Its kinda complicated, but there was something, its just..." Aurora turned over her left hand and raised it so that Pan could see it, her sigil shimmering with its own light. "...Part of me, now." "That's gotta be them, right..." She sounded resigned. "...Lets head to the roof, get more space." She zipped upward, scarf trailing behind her.
  13. Aurora Reina had a plan for a fresh new start in a new high school. Step One: Meet the other kids. Step Two: Make friends. It had taken her a couple weeks to muster the nerve after she arrived at Claremont, but Reina was finally up to step one. But step two felt like a mountain of its own. She was nestled into the corner of a couch, twiddling with her phone, surfing the net and trying to get comfortable. It was getting a little easier...Being surrounded by other heroes was intimidating in its own right, but they were just kids...Reina knew people like them back home. In the end, they were just people, like any other. Of course, people could be scary too, in their own way. "Um..." She wasn't super familiar with Sara, but she didn't seem to be talking to anyone in particular. "...I mean, Mister Skyler assigned way too much homework, but mostly okay!" Gosh, but she hoped she wasn't overstepping...
  14. Reina was feeling lightheaded. She didn't know what exactly Pan's powers were--he said he was from somewhere else. Could he be an alien? Or... Reina sighed, glad she didn't have to touch the ground, because her legs felt like so much jelly. Worst case scenario, they had a way to track Reina, and could follow her wherever. Best case scenario...Well, them being able to track Pan wasn't best case scenario either, was it? Whoever they were, they could find them both powered down. That meant he could find them anywhere. Until they knew why and how, he might be able to track them to Claremont. Even worse, they might not be the last... "...Um...Sorry if this is a weird question, but, where are you from?" Deliberately, Aurora reached over and pressed down on one of the four buttons. "...Its a long story, my powers are from...a spaceship crash? So if they're looking up something extraterrestrial..." She left the rest unsaid.
  15. Reina had heard Pan talking a little bit about Nicole on their little excursion, but it hadn't occurred to her to give it that much thought. It wasn't until the school assigned her a mentor that she really started giving it more thought than that, and she'd only heard about that yesterday afternoon. But, she was here to make friends, and connect with people, and it'd worked okay with Pan so far so maybe-- Reina sorta froze up a little when Nicole pulled out a file with her name on it. It looked real official, real important. One of the biggest reasons she was here at ll was to keep from being dogged by the name she'd left behind, had Nicole just...? Reina picked up the folder with a shaky hand and started leafing quickly through it, shoulders relaxing somewhat when the only name she saw was 'Reina.' The tide of panic started to recede, but very slowly, her head full of static. Deep breaths. Reina set the folder back down, fiddling with her fingers as she looked at Nicole's nose so that maybe she'd think she was making eye contact. "...Its, um, not super special. Got powers last winter, and always up to heroes...Tried to patrol a bit back home." She swallowed, looking down at her hands. "...Wasn't very good. Claremont found me? Somehow?" Her eyes fell down to her hands. "...Seemed like a good place to learn. Still pretty bad, though...Get scared super easy, and overwhelmed. I thought this would be a good way to try..." God, Nicole must have thought Reina was such a waste of time! "...Sorry..."
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