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  1. Active Threads for July 2017

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  2. And All the Devils Here [OOC]

    Rosa will examine the patient for Earthly issues Medicine: 1d20+10 19 and for anything more occult in nature Knowledge (Arcane Lore): 1d20+18 26
  3. And All the Devils Here [IC]

    Doctor Thorne took a moment to take in the entire room whilst suppressing a completely inappropriate smile, this was the kind of thing she thrived on having studied very hard to achieve useful knowledge on such things. "The blood is most likely ectoplasmic in nature so completely unsuitable for those who survive on a hemovore diet, same for the sigil I assume. Though it's a subject I'd be interested in discussing at a more opportune moment." she carefully made her way to the poor soul in bound to the bed. "It appears to be a possession of some type but what type in particular?" she mused to herself before asking "Have they show any form of Glossolalia, levitation or other psychokinetic behavior?" Without touching the sleeping form she examined them for any signs of medical harm. Though she'd never gained any form of official certification she'd learned all she could about medicine to better help those in these situations.
  4. The Doctor Is OUT [OOC]

    Right now I'm falling towards skipping Owen, or just covering it briefly. But I'm also happy to follow alone if others want to do it as well.
  5. Mysterious Circumstances (OOC)

    Blodeuwedd's Attack Roll: 1d20+12 20, DC 27 Toughness if it hits.
  6. Mysterious Circumstances

    Blodeuwedd took a moment to assess the situation watching the gentle undulations of the serpent as it moved around, most of her training had been to fight humanoid but they'd had covered reptiles even though wyverns were pretty rare and dragons normally the Orders allies. The trick was making sure the bit she struck was the bits the serpent needed badly for it's continued existence. When the opportunity struck she leapt forward to strike, the sword leaving a trail of Eldrich fire in its wake. “It already feels like we've already spent to much time fighting this beasts, let's deal with it with some haste.“
  7. June/July Vignette - Patrimony

    Every Clone has a Daddy... Miss Grue No one would have believed that the Earth was being watched keenly and closely by intelligence's greater than humanity's and yet as mortal as his own. DO YOU HEAR THAT? In an inner chamber deep in the depths of Grue Prime dwelt the newly reformed Meta-Mind, planning its evil schemes. SO THAT'S WHAT YOU HAVE IN MIND, SHOW YOURSELF. In front of the massive brain of the Meta-Mind formed the psychic image of a Grue, but unlike all other Grue here they had a mass of hair piled on their head. They also wore silk pajamas filled with the image of Marvin. "Hello Dad, or is it Step-Dad after all you are new? I am Daphne Celeste of Earth, cause #11172013 is a bit of a mouthful." "YOU KNOW THAT THE META-MIND PERSISTS BETWEEN FORMS, I AM AS I HAVE ALWAYS BEEN THE META-MIND. WHY ARE YOU HERE DEVIANT ONE? Daphne for a few moments just smiled not at all phased by the massive quivering brain, aware that it must be attempting to dominate her over the distance. "Ah straight to the point I'm here to negotiate about the fate of the Free Grue. And please stop trying to control me, it tickles." The Meta-Mind just chuckled "AND WHAT DO YOU HAVE TO OFFER ME DEVIANT?" "My genetic structure, we both know that a depowered Grue reverts to his Grueness, but when I do that I retain certain features my hair for one." She gently touched the mess of hair piled on her head. "Just think what you could do with that, you infiltrators could pass almost undetected anywhere they want. And all I ask is that you leave the Free Grue alone for the time being." "AND HOW DO YOU KNOW I WILL KEEP MY WORD ON THIS?" "Kill switch in the code obviously, I am Grue after all!" If a brain could smile and sound proud then the Meta-Mind did when he spoke again. "THEN WE HAVE A DEAL YOU MAY TRANSMIT THE DATA WHEN YOU ARE READY." "Okie Dokie MOther Unit you may start transmitting. And see you later Dad!" Back on Earth Daphne came back to her senses and looked over at one of the most powerful psychics she knew or at least the one that didn't dress as a giant bug. "Was that a wise decision?" she asked having been her support during the entire discussion. "Oh, I might have left a surprise of my own in the genetic code." Daphne gave a little smile "So I got the idea from this show where the lead tricked the baddies to use the opposite factor from the one that they wanted, and it just happens they're going to become a lady as well. So I got some help to encode the descendant's genetics so that there expressed genders is tied into their abilities." "Every Grue has a Dad I just thought it'd be nice if they started having a Mom as well!"
  8. Vanguard: Holding Out For a Hero

    Agnus had lost count of the number of events like this she had attended since she gained her powers, not that this was due to her powers more that it coincided with her turning her life around. Still, if it was a side effect of being a successful businesswoman she was more than happen to occasional put on a posh frock and turn up to free food and drink. Oh and help the Ministry obviously. "I only turn up for follow-up stories these days like how the sad breakup leads to disaster date, not that I'm calling you a disaster date." For tonight's "date", she'd worn another designer dress from a young designer she'd found herself, a wide band of red through the middle with white then blue either side.
  9. Creature Feature

    As stated long ago Miss Grue shall grow to giant size and stomp down on the werewolf Attack Roll: 1d20+9 29, yay! I'll take the extra damage if I could.
  10. Creature Feature

    In just a few second Miss Grue had grown to her full height, only around fifteen feet rather than fifty but the movie reference was close enough for her. She looked down at the now tiny looking werewolf and grinned beginning to enjoy her new part in this movie. "Time for the bad puppy to go sleep for a little while the adults talk." She stomped down on the creature with her giant foot, taking great care not to hurt the creature too much, just enough to put the creature out of action for a while.
  11. From Beneath You It Devours: Atlantis Attacks

    Klara was more than happy to let Volcanic take the lead, she was very pleased with how the reborn hero had quickly adapted to the 21st Century. Still, a little support would hurt so she stood behind her friend arms crossed looked displeased at the guards. "We would appreciate it if you could tell us what exactly is going on here?" he tone suggested it was more an order than a request. Towering over most people might have some disadvantages sometimes, but here and now it definitely had some advantages.
  12. Set in His Ways (OOC)

    Set will quite obviously recognize the Scarab stylings, even if he's not aware that someone else had adopted the mantle.
  13. Set in His Ways

    GM Post As Ruth swept around to gently guide Set, and as Set was well aware show him off, her bodyguard gave a little look that showed she agreed and appreciated her comments. She was still professional stoic as she fell in behind them though. "I have some people you must meet. Oh look it seems someone else has turned up to my little party!" With a crack of someone traveling at high speed, another hero came to hover above the party looking out to sea. She was a quite impressive sight in a costume of red and yellow, a pair of vambraces glinting in the Miami sun. The apparently technological hero was definitely aiming to fit in at the party the backpack she was wearing done in an Ancient Egyptian style. "They look familiar but I can't quite place who they are?"
  14. Set in His Ways

    Kamala ignored her aide and continued her pitch the assembled group, which she felt was going well. As much as she enjoyed the little heroing she'd done this was what she wanted to do to build a company that could help the world in its own way. And God willing she'd be able to achieve just that. Though today it seemed God had a different plan, as Nadiya got her attention. "Coast guards are reporting some suspicious shapes in the water moving towards South Beach, that can't be a coincidence. You really should go check it out." Kamala was going to protest, Miami must have had its own heroes and Set was right there on site, but it was her duty to help out where she could. And she couldn't fault her assistants, her friends, enthusiasm. "I think that's a good time to take a break ladies and gentlemen, let's reconvene in an hour." With a well-practiced routine she was in her costume and equipment and in the air within minutes of halting the meeting and in the same amount of time she was over the party and looking out over the sea.
  15. Well, this is Awkward

    "The one thing I wished that someone had told me back then was to just take the time to enjoy the moment." she shrugged then added "Though I was a brat back then so I hate to think what form that would take. But stay in school and work hard, that what I'm supposed to say right?" she gave another broad grin "Look I want to help, not because I'm mackin' for more time with you dad. If you that good, and I don't doubt it for a second, I will try to put you in contact with people that can help. If you put on the costume or not will always be your choice, and if you want I will support you either way."