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  1. Children of the Corn Maze

    Blodeuwedd slinked back a little, not fully into the shadows but away from the metaphorical limelight. It was kind of her default anyhow that she tended to adopt even when not really thinking about it. Normally this was for stalking or avoiding enemies, but here the only opponents would be made from straw if she understood all this right! Not really knowing exactly what was being planned she was really waiting to be given instruction on how to help make the magic happen, she might be good at improvising but she was just as good at following orders.
  2. (IC) Pop Quiz: That Long Tongue Liar

    Cathy put them gently on the roof the warehouse and stepped cautiously on the roof of the building, there was a good chance of a skylight that they could use to get a good look inside the building. "I know I don't have to say this, but I have a really bad feeling about this! We should be cautious with Auld Reekie." With the confidence, only a teenager could possess Cathy didn't feel that they needed help, more that he might make thing a little more difficult for them. Though even then she wished they'd gotten help from the rest of their classmates, even one of Madison or her little gang.
  3. (IC) Pop Quiz: That Long Tongue Liar

    Cathy thought about their options for a few moment about their next step, she knew enough not to underestimate an opponent like Auld Reekie. "Let's do a circuit of the place and see if we can work out where he's hiding out." she formed an ice slide in front of herself and stepped on "I don't think we should split up so hop on up!" she gave a wicked little smile "There's not much room so we'll have to be really close!" Trying to be as normal as possible Cathy tended to downplay her inferred vision, tending to ignore the heat auras that surrounded people and things. But in a dark mostly empty place like this is was a perfect tool to look for people.
  4. (IC) Pop Quiz: That Long Tongue Liar

    Auld Reekie had never come as far north as her home, in fact, she'd never had to face a true supervillain before coming to Freedom City, but she had seen some of his antics on television and she was more than happy to help put him away. Plus as sappy as it sounded it was always nice to have some time alone with Phae. "We should probably come up with some sort of plan for how we should deal with him?" after Christmas at home her accent was again pretty thick In her ice form, she gently glinted in the artificial lights of the city.
  5. Business, Grant

    GM Post Grant Conglomerate Headquarters, 1 Curie Street, Freedom City 15th October 2017 It had been news throughout the business world for many months since taking over the position of CEO Sarah Grant had been trying to clean house, first internally and then association with companies with dubious connections. Since taking over she had managed to survive many attempts to oust her from the company, and with a business acumen, she must have inherited from her father the company was beginning to recover and thrive. But they still needed to make new allies to make up for those they had cut loose over the last year or so, especially with feud happening over in Emerald City. In fact, it was a surprise that she had arranged to meet Asad already to arrange a new alliance between Grant Congroments and Summit Transnational.
  6. Business, Grant

    GM Post Freedom Ledger, Business pages GRANT CEO RETIRES by Dancia Devons The business world was surprised today by the announcement of the retirement of Grant Conglomerate CEO Jonathan Grant (57). Even more surprising was the announcement of the appointed of his daughter Sarah Grant (28) to the position. Ms. Grant has been a champion of metahuman and alien right and averment critic of her own father. FEUD WITH MARSTECH DEEPENS by Dancia Devons The Grant Conglomerate has pulled out of a co-project with MARSTECH to develop the new Spartoi Powered Armor for the US Army, citing severe mismanagement of the project.
  7. A Peculiar Proposition (Open)

    Lucy gave a little wave to Nick and was making her way over to talk to him when she came within the olfactory range of Aquaria. She stopped and looked at the young woman with a friendly smile, she wasn't bothered in the slightest about such questions. "You have a very sensitive nose young lady, most people don't even notice, I must say I slightly jealous as I have almost no sense of smell myself. It's because I'm dead, well more correctly un-dead, I hope it's not too unpleasant a smell." She was genuinely concerned that she wasn’t causing too much distress to Aquaria.
  8. Children of the Corn Maze

    Blodeuwedd pulled her goggles up to the top of her head, as useful as they were they didn't really help in circumstances like these. Besides, she doubted anyone actually knew exactly who she was. "We don't have anything like this back in Wales, we celebrate Samhain in a very different way." Samhain was when the pact between the Order and the Tylwyth Teg that hide there home was renewed. After a rather solemn official ceremony, the rest of the night was a rambunctious party. The next day at church tended to be rather muted because of this. "But tell what you need and I’ll see what I can do."
  9. Children of the Corn Maze

    From the shadows of the barn came a chuckle and two green eyes blazed out of the darkness. "I guess I'm in the right place then." the voice had a trace of an accent From the shadows stepped a cloaked figure who threw back her hood to reveal a young woman, she gave a tight smile at Grim before adding "I was in town and I thought it'd be nice to catch up when there wasn't some kind of crisis brewing. Some very rude woman at you places said you'd be here so here I am. Sorry about all that I just did it's kind of a force of habit." She turned to the other and looked them over, knowing some for the Orders well-maintained files and others from just watching the news. "I'm Blodeuwedd and it's a pleasure to meet you all. I guess I'm here to help set all this up."
  10. Tiff's Cornor

  11. Active Threads for September 2017

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  12. 10th Anniversary Vignette: 10 Years

    What’s in a Name? Triakosia The Sanctum, Mount Thor, Baffin Island, Canada June 17th, 2017 When Dancia had the time and needed to think she often came here to the Sanctum to wander among the trophies he'd gathered during his long career. She wondered if he ever struggled with his image? She'd done nothing wrong but she still worried about gaining the respect of the public after everything her evil duplicate had done, most of it might not have happened in Freedom City but it still mattered, even if she'd continued doing what she could to be a hero. She stopped in front of a glass case containing a blue and white costume that Centurion had worn for a little while, Centurion Blue the historian called that time. Maybe she should go for a change of image or even a change of name to reflect a new start? A low humming noise, well below a human's normal hearing, began to come from a strange shield like portal at the end of the room. That and a strange shimmering suggested it was active and from what she remembered it was his dimensional portal. She had traveled between worlds a few times, meeting alternate versions of herself, so its existence wasn't a bother though of cause she wondered why it started up now. It couldn't be a coincidence and she only paused for the merest of moments, the active portal probably meant someone was in trouble. So she stepped through the portal. June 17th, 2007 The giant screen at one end of the room showed the date was ten years from where she had left, different dimensions she knew went at different rates of speed. The screen itself showed a massive creature, a mix of humanoid, squid, and parts that made her eyes hurt even watching it through a monitor screen, attacking of cause Freedom City. Two tiny looking shapes appeared to be flying around the creature in blue and gold trying to fight the massive beast. Watching it all was a little girl, around ten or so Dancia would have guessed, who when she saw Dancia came over and gave her a massive hug. "Mommy you are okay, I was so worried about you and daddy!" Trying to hide her shock Dancia knelt in front of the young girl, that face bore a strong resemblance to her own. The mess of blonde hair she must have got from her father, it would have explained the two fighting on the screen. "I'm not your mom honey, I'm just a visitor from another Earth. Do you understand?" the little girl just nodded in hopefully understanding "My names Dancia, what's yours?" "Well I'm not supposed to talk to strangers... but if you another mom then I guess you, not a stranger." the girl smiled at her own logic "I'm Melitta, one day I'm going to be a hero like my mom..." she paused before adding "And my daddy too I guess. Mommy says I can have her superhero name as well." As the Melitta spoke another creature bigger than the first arrived out of the water. Even with the smattering of extra heroes fighting alongside it was going to be a tough fight. She wanted to try and help but she didn't want to worry poor little Melitta "I bet you already have a costume right? I'd really like to see you wearing it, maybe we can take a picture as a surprise for mommy?" The little girl beamed with excitement before running off to show her new not mom, the crisis on the screen briefly forgotten for the moment. The voice on the other end of the commlink sounded to her ears a little older, a little more experienced, but it was definitely her own voice. For a second she didn't know what to say, but she had to gather her thoughts lives were at stake here. "Hello I'm another you from another Earth, I'm at the Sanctum with your daughter..." "Is she there now, please tell me that she's not watching?" there was a fear in her voice, this did not bear well "No I sent her out of the room, she won't be gone long." "Good now listen I know you want to come and help, but it's far too late for any of us. Promise me you'll take my little Melitta away from this world?" Dancia normally knew exactly what to say, but for once she wasn't quite sure what to say. It was such a big responsibility to take on, but how could she refuse if things were that bad? "But... but what do I tell her, about what happened?" she knew that she couldn't refuse this offer, but it was still so much to take in right now "Tell her the truth when she's old enough. Tell her..." They both heard it the slight woosh of a very small person flying back into the room. "Mommy?" little Melitta was obviously worried, but not overly so, luckily for Melitta her hearing must not be that far beyond normal. Luckily the footage from the screen had cut off, she wouldn't get to see how bad things really were. "Mommy loves you very much, but I need you to go with Dancia here. Be brave remember one day you'll be..." Freedom City Hall June 17th, 2027 “...Centuria!” The little crowd gathered around the steps broke into applause and the young woman in her blue and gold uniform stepped up to the podium. Standing proudly in the crowd was Dancia, her hair in a severe style to hide the fact that she hadn’t really aged a day since arriving on this Earth. They'd discussed this moment a lot before this day, something to mirror when Dancia had reintroduced herself as a hero for Freedom City, inspired once again thanks to all that Melitta's mother who'd given so much to try and save her Earth. What more could she have done but be a real hero again, and help train another generation of hero. She might not have bore her but she couldn't help but feel proud of her as if she had, to all extent they were mother and daughter. She didn't know what the future had in store, but they were ready to take it all on together, she wasn't going to hang up her cape up anytime soon...
  13. Karaoke Night at Morley's Pub

    The first thing they told you when you went to Journalism school, well after where to go and when and what the teacher's name was, was that you should never get involved in the story. But right now it was very tempting to get involved in the fun, and as Triakosia she had gotten involved in the story more times than she would like to admit. But as she was playing the part of a mild-mannered reporter it felt a little unfair to just barge up there and start singing her heart out. Besides she only sung in front of Centurion the Cat and he didn't seem to like her singing, then again he never seemed to like anything except if food was required. "Does anyone mind I do a song? I mean I know I'm not wearing a costume..." It was as of that moment a true statement.
  14. A Peculiar Proposition (Open)

    "Hello everyone I'm Lucy Harker, some might know me as Revenant." as she spoke Lucy gave a bright friendly smile, before raising her hands slightly and adding "Now pay me not heed I just thought I'd pop in and say hello, some of you are from around my neighborhood after all." With her tiny frame and very pale complexion, Lucy didn't really look like much of a threat at all. Unless you knew about just what she could do, especially vampires who didn't treat their food source with the proper respect.
  15. The Doctor Is OUT [IC]

    Almost invisible to most people, unless you really looked, Miss Gure floated above the whole scene. With her eyes closed and her face serene, it was difficult to tell the mental concentration that was going on behind her alien visage. The speedster is inbound, we only have a few seconds before she arrives. She tried her best to let everyone know where they could expect her to arrive from, though obviously, it was difficult to predict someone traveling so fast. Still, Daphne wasn't worried she was sure that everyone here working as a team could deal with any problem they came up against.