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  1. ooc

    Yeah it's just fluff for the Diplomacy.
  2. ic

    To the person they were here to talk to Miss Grue did nothing just floating slightly above the ground with her arms crossed. But it was mostly an act, Daphne knew how these scenes tended to go and were trying to unnerve them into revealing something important. She was also helping the others find out if what the prisoner was saying was the full truth. I'm just going to feed you her emotional state, so you can see if she's telling the truth. I won't be reading anyone's minds I promise. If you need me for anything else just think it and I'll pick the thoughts up. It wasn't true mind reading, she'd found that humans found such things... unsettling, more a gathering of surface thoughts and emotions that she gathered. To help Aquaria process it all she projected the words around the prisoner, like that British detective show she'd watched.
  3. ooc

    In that case Miss Grue's Diplomacy Aid: 1d20+10 23 ! Mutual aid obviously!
  4. ic

    "I apologize if I was too forthright in my opinions, as you can tell it's something that is very dear to my heart. And it is the way of my people to speak the truth when they see it, and my forthrightness in such things have led me to trouble many times before." Klara left unsaid some of the details that were an old bone of contention between herself and Dimitri on such matters, now was not the time to open any more old wounds. "And Dimitri is of cause right in that it's completely up to you what you do. But I would just add that it is also something that you should consider sooner rather than later."
  5. ic

    Klara took the baby with some care and gently rocked Emily, whilst singing to her quietly in her own tongue. As she did her brow was slightly furrowed as if she was carefully considering something. Then carefully transferring the infant to one arm, she got out a picture and showed it to Erik. The pictured showed a family carefully arranged around Klara, three young women and someone who looked like their Gran, who Klara was holding rather tenderly. "This is Tracy." she pointed to the older woman "Who I fell completely in love with when I first met her in 1961, as she did with me, and we've been together every since until today. When I first met her we looked almost the same age, and whilst were lucky enough that she got treatments from my own people, she now looks old enough to be my own mother. Soon I will look younger than my own children who I spent the last few decades looking after." She paused for a few seconds and rocked the baby, obviously affected by what she was saying. "Neither of us want to talk about it but we're both aware that we might not have that many more years together."
  6. ooc

    Kamala's Knowledge (Business): 1d20+20 30 she has Skill Mastery on Knowledge (Technology) for ironically 30 as well.
  7. ic

    "Well duh, they're a school after all!" Agnus did a passable valley girl impression "It's a pretty good school for such things, I've been there a couple of times to help out." she wondered if the teen had an inkling of who she was behind the mask "It's up to you to break away from things and do you own thing, that's what teen rebellion is all about. It's also a good idea to find out ways to enjoy your powers somehow. Do you fly?" Agnus really hoped that she was saying something helpful, or at least allowing Corinne to blow off some steam.
  8. ic

    Agnus could understand exactly where Corinne was right now, she was pretty sure many supers went through the same thing she knew that she had. "You a dancer right. So you practice and perform and it probably takes up a lot of you time. But you not defined by you dancing, yes you want to be the best dancer you can but you also can spend time happily doing other things. Like having a good meal with that crazy woman!" She grinned, a paused she hoped was enough for the facts to sink in. "Same with you power they might be a part of you, but that doesn't mean they have to define who you are!"
  9. ic

    “You’d love to meet my parent’s they only not true hippies because they were born too late.” she grinned at the younger woman “Truth be told you need to own it, whatever that it may be. Still, you have a while to get comfortable in your own skill.” Agnus had gotten to the point that she was comfortable with the mantle that she’d been given, but she was well aware that it wasn’t a lifestyle for everyone, and one day it might leave even her. “For some, like me, it is but it doesn’t have to be. If you want to do something else then more power to you, I don’t have the right to decide your future for you. But you need to learn how to control those powers so you don’t hurt anyone, after that you can happily leave them alone to dance your heart away.”
  10. ooc

    Shall try and throw one of the cars at the giant spiders Attack Roll: 1d20+8 13, try might be the optimum word!
  11. ic

    With a quick test it was quite obvious that the cars were quite a bit lighter than Klara would expect, not that a fully loaded car would be much of a problem with her. She hefted the nearest car up above her head. “I guess that rules out talking them out of attacking then, I guess it counts out Spider spirits they tend to be at least a little more amenable. Oh well then let’s get these them out of the way then.” She then proceeded to throw the car towards the nearest spider, she’d still hadn’t compensated properly for the vehicles reduced weight as it didn’t fly as well as it could have.
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    Klara caught herself before she made a disparaging remark about Dimitri, this was a time for friendly discourse, not a blazing argument and the breaking of furniture. Besides, it wasn’t Dimitri that she had the problem with, it was the state that he represented and what they thought of her and her lifestyle. “It is always good to keep the happy memories of times past and tell tales of what has gone before. But for now I will happily toast to tea and adorable babies.” she raised her cup before taking a sip of the lovely tea.
  13. ic

    “I come from an Earth where the Roman Empire never feel, before the coming of the forces of the Terminus. Of my Legion I was picked to travel to another world and get help, though thanks to a miscalculation I arrive long after my world had fallen. In honour of those I fought beside I use the number of my Legion, Triakosia.” She paused for a few moment to allow the information to sink in, truth be told the newly recovered memories of her past were still a raw wound to her even now. “As for the object the main thing is that it seems to work on the optical nerves, we should be okay if you can’t see the object. We might be able to use a camera or I can guide you from here in short burst. We need something to keep it in once we have it though.”
  14. ic

    “And I’m Sitara, some call me The Traveller.” she gave the others a friendly nod “I remembered seeing some of the Xobron's early work, they seemed to show really artistic potential back then. I hope that this isn’t the only thing they’re spending their time one.” She gestured down towards the vampire robot at there feet, wondering briefly what she’d missed off the Xobron over the last thousand years, she’d not had a chance to catch up on every race she’d met over the many centuries. The Nameless was something she did know a little about, she’d like to frequent various bars in the less savory parts of the station, and a race that she’d never heard of before. “Right now they’re being blamed for a lot, but such is the nature of when you get newcomers anywhere. I might know a few place down there where we can pick up a few rumors about all this.”
  15. ooc

    Okay I'm thinking of what she's doing is just a fluff of her force field, just in case Reflex Roll: 1d20+9 25. I'd like to make sure the guard is completely safe, with a suitable HP expenditure if needed.