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  1. ic

    “Well I'm used to the performer's area, you should try it sometime." she rolled her eyes as the two of them tried to out-pedant each other. It was easy to forget that Amir had just met his son for the first time, she reeled herself back in and tried to focus it back on the family stuff. “I'm sorry to interrupt. Me and you father, as you might know from the tabloids, have known each other for a little while. It's easy for us to fall into idle banter. Please carry on telling us all about you family. I'll just stand over here and enjoy the free drinks."
  2. ic

    Things looked a little grim on the evidence front, she might have been able to read something if she was at height, she could have even do it from orbit if necessary, but right now she wasn't in a position to do that. But there was a bit of luck with one of the neighbors that offered an opportunity to maybe find something out with bending the law. "Look's like one of the neighbors are in" she pointed to the apartment, with a helpful open window "They may know something about their neighbour and if we're really lucky they might even have a spare key."
  3. ic

    "Well, this looks interesting, obviously not been anyone here for a boy. Do you know if it's rented or owned? I assume you know something about who went missing." How they were going to deal with this was something that Dancia had been worried about as well, she wasn't adverse to breaking in if it necessary. But she'd like to avoid it if necessary, and helpful she had a few extra tools that might help them. "Hang on a second let me think about this, maybe we'll get lucky." With a little concentration, she opened her senses, listening for any sounds inside the building whilst her x-ray vision allowed her to look through the walls into the place. She was honestly a little nervous if this would work, she was a little out of practice.
  4. ic

    Whilst this might be old hat to Citizen this was all still new to Emerald Spider and voices in her head, those from outside at least, very the latest surprise for her to add to the list. "I'll skip on the horrible threats of torture, for now, how about a nice coffee and a chat instead?” She wasn't waiting around however as she talked she made her way to the vent she'd spotted, working out in her head the perfect moment to dart inside and enter the corporate building. Now they'd find out if their impromptu comms would work inside the building.
  5. ooc

    Okay Stun Attack on our Kidnapper Attack Roll: 1d20+10 19, if that hits a DC 26 Toughness save.
  6. ic

    Sitara was just out for a quiet night of drinking and intel gathering not dealing with a rather blatant kidnapping. So without much thought or effort, she grabbed one of her cylinder like blasters and fired off a shot from the hip. <"Please don't make this more complicated than it should be."> Galstandard seemed the best option for now, her tone should convey everything that needed to be said And she had to admit yeah perhaps this was just as fun as a night drinking, time would tell like always.
  7. ic

    It was slightly... irksome, that as this was on spec job she really couldn't claim anything yet on expenses. And boy did she not need to spend any real money right now, it didn't help that she had spent so long on hiatus. She settled on a reasonably priced pastry and a coffee and settled down to wait for a little. "Well with prices like this I hope that the story is really worth it." a smile suggested she wasn't completely serious "Next time I get to choose the meeting place, I know a number of dives suitable for meetings.”
  8. ic

    GM Post "Wadda you want, Fireworks?" Zee sounded slightly miffed at their underwhelming reaction to the lifts arrival "If it helps very complicated metaphysical things are happening underneath this all." Merge, or a Merge the first time she'd done that here, gently led Zee to one side promising to listen to her explanations. The fact that she'd been so quiet whilst at the Hotel suggested how much of a strain this must be. "This is our stop, we can't take the elevator back down to Earth. And remember we're half a world away from them so it might be worth arranging something for when they arrive."
  9. ooc

    Klara's Notice: 1d20+10 27
  10. ic

    With so many trips to and from Freedom City, all thanks to the Ministry, she was pretty used to the experience of teleportation. And that wasn't the only time in her long life that used teleportation of various types. So whilst she wasn't expecting the sudden blue flash Klara wasn't completely disorientated by the sudden arrival in City, though it's empty condition was fairly irksome. “Well, this is an unusual way to start the day. Let's go see if we can find someone." She looked to the skyline to try and figure out where she was in the city, aiming to find even the Embassy or the League building, both good places to try and find out any useful information.
  11. ic

    Technically Dancia had connections to AEGIS due to the League, but she wasn't sure if the channels were still open after what had happened. Not that she'd expect them to tell her anything, they tended to play things close to their chests. That really left investigative journalism, which was luckily something she had a few skills at hand. "You really need to see the hoops that we have to jump through to keep things on the level to get printed, maybe if this story is pans out we'll see what we can do!" she always enjoyed helping other heroes out however she can. She thought through the options that they could follow before adding. "Let's go take a look at the place, but no B&E unless absolutely necessary, you'd be surprised how good an eye I have for such things."
  12. ic

    It wasn't that Cathy didn't get fashion, they had entertainment even in the wilds of the Shetland Islands, it was just that practically tended to win out over looking fashionable. So Raina over the top reaction to Fred's potential fashion disaster made her smile, though she mostly managed to hide it behind a convenient cushion she was holding. And Fred was, rightly so, taking up all the attention right now. "Aye very well indeed. So apart from trying to give Raina a heart attack why have you chosen to visit us?"
  13. Now you've got me wondering which of our impromptu A-Team is which But yeah Miss Grue is always a joy for me to write, so I'm down for this!
  14. recruitment

    I'd like to put forward the teeny, tiny giant lady that will be Voin Zhenshchina.
  15. I'm kind of spoilt for choice but I'd like to volunteer Miss Grue, Merge Trois or if you willing to stretch to PL 12 Triakosia.