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  1. Signal in the Darkness

    With the visual clarification, Sitara was able to piece together all of the strange data that she'd been gathering so far. The data she was seeing on her display was something amazing. "If I'm reading this right that craft has sat here since the asteroid formed, in fact, that the asteroid might have formed around the craft." her data also showed what Ditra's senses also told her "It looks like the craft still has power even after all that time..."
  2. Signal in the Darkness

    GM Post The blue light illuminated a large cavern that seemed to be the entire centre of the asteroid, and at the centre of the cavern was what must be the source of the signal a spacecraft of some type. The front of the craft was shield like protrusion that had two protrusions that came off down the side of the craft. Behind the shield like front, there was a segmented main body ending in two engines that seemed to match up with the caves they were currently standing within. The closest analogy to the nearby Lor-Val like planet was the extinct trilobite.
  3. Signal in the Darkness

    Sitara examined one of the entrances to the caves below, it was strange how regular in size and shape they were, she didn't know quite what was going on but it was interesting nevertheless. "I'm not sure but I think it's a little more complex than a von Neumann hive. But it looks that all the answers are inside the asteroid." She put took off of her belt her two blasters and joined them together into her powerpike, though she didn't expect there to be any real trouble inside. Just a mystery to be solved. "Let's go take a look shall we?" she gestured for the other to enter the cave system.
  4. Signal in the Darkness

    GM Post The silent beauty of space was breathtaking even for those who had experienced such things before, and even more with the gentle rotation of the other asteroids many kilometres away. All of them was fairly skilled so the spacewalk wasn't that difficult and it didn't take long before they touched down upon the asteroid, the sudden 1G underneath then was unexpected even if the sensors had told them about such things. The lights of there suits didn't go far though it went far enough to show that there was a cave system beyond the entrance.
  5. [IC] Diaspora: The Gathering Storm

    Whilst she could be diplomatic when she wanted, she wasn't a diplomat so Sitara allowed the other to take the lead. And whilst she hadn't deployed her armour she had her hands near her blasters just in case. She'd been in a similar situation several times before, once or twice she was one of the refuges, and she knew that desperate people could with the right circumstance do just about anything. Rather than sitting down she took a position behind the two diplomats, playing the part of the bodyguard to the hilt. Sometimes it was advantages to allowing others to misjudge just what you capable of.
  6. Signal in the Darkness

    With a mere thought, Sitara's armour deployed over her body in seconds, encasing her the beautifully crafted white shell. "Akasavani keep the ship at the same position, and if we don't report back in an hour inform CoVic of the situation." she gave her instructions to the ships AI as she made her way to the bridge's airlock "We'll meet you down by the cave Solar Sentinel, shouldn't take us more than a few minutes." With a nod to Ditra, she cycled the airlock to expose them to the stark beauty of space.
  7. Good Company and Good Cheer [Open]

    The one advantage of being a good head and shoulder above everyone else was that she was a good rallying point. She gave a friendly wave to the newcomers to bring them over to the gathered heroes. Luckily she had deep pockets, or the ministry did at least, so she could provide refreshments to everyone who entered the bar. "Really don't do that accent! It's a bloody terrible London accent." after many decades in the UK her accent was near flawless
  8. Soup of Human Kindness [Open]

    Scarab III, Temporary Soup Kitchen, Liberty Park "Yes I'm the third to take up the title in the modern age, it seemed the most appropriate title to assume." it was almost a stock answer, Kamala had expected it to be asked a lot when the press finally got a chance to interview her. Actually watching the younger hero work she was impressed with how organized she was, Kamala wondered if in her non-superhero life she was part of some organisation maybe even a business rival. With her bracelet on she could have easily found out by reading her mind, but that didn't really feel like the right thing to do. "I'm working on polymer fibres to boost the suits strength, but for now I can adjust the gravitational field around the suit to make lifting easier. But it seems you have things well in hand!"
  9. Business, Grant

    Whilst the robots were obviously well made they were no match for Asad and they were quickly reduced to so much junk. The last one wouldn't be much trouble for Asad but as he prepared to attack the robot jerked as what appeared to be a letter opener shot through its head at high speed. Stood at the window with her arms cross was Dancia exuding confidence and seeming nothing like the quiet young reporter from even a few minutes before. "I think we need to talk! We'll only have a few minutes before security and the FCPD turn up to the scene, and I'm sure you have questions."
  10. Spider on the Roof [OPEN]

    Whilst her eyes were still covered Peri had uncovered her lips, it was a losing battle to try and eat noodles under a face mask. This helped right now as she gave Warp and friendly smile, and looking a little embarrassed she knew she was technically the first modern hero in Emerald City but she definitely didn't feel like a role model. "Please take a seat and help yourself to food, I'm sure the restaurant thought I was feeding a Spider family. And we're all equals here so don't be afraid to speak your mind." She briefly pauses, for a quick mouthful of noodles, before addressing Salmon again. "Look I understand if you need the money but why work for him if you know he's not on the level? Why not work over there?" she gestured to the parts of Emerald on the other side of the river "I know Citizen, well as well as you can with him really, maybe we could swing you a job with Archetech?"
  11. Signal in the Darkness

    Slightly taller than the average person, you'll going to have to do this via an EVA.
  12. Signal in the Darkness

    For rolls and rules for this.
  13. Good Company and Good Cheer [Open]

    "I have raised three girls, trust me I have had many dealing with such things." Klara laughed at Lynns's comment as she gave her friendly hug "I will take a seat if it will make everyone more comfortable, everyone should be happy at this time of year. Talking off..." Klara turned to the bar and added to order, the Embassy might have a little surprise when they got the bill for her generosity. "Two drink for these fine ladies and two for the young lovebirds over there..." she gestured to Robin and Riley "Such things should always be celebrated." she even gestured to the stranger in the white suit, she was in a good mood and planned to share it with everyone!
  14. Soup of Human Kindness [Open]

    Kamala had done her homework and tried to learn about as many of the active heroes as she could, not an easy job when if seemed that every month a new hero or two would make their debut. Though the citizen of Freedom City never seemed bored of them, even if most didn't more than glance when on flew over there head. Still, it was handy to be introduced to one even if she did know her name. "Very pleased to meet you." she replied in her soft New Jersey accent, scooting back a little to give Miracle Girl room "I'm The Scarab if you didn't know." She paused wondering which of the fairly standard questions the other hero would as her.
  15. Signal in the Darkness

    GM Post Flying around the object Solar Sentinel could feel the gravity of the asteroid, that familiar gravitational tug of home. To explore the object didn't take long, it was only about a kilometer long and half as wide, and the surface was fairly unremarkable, apparently untouched in all the millennia it has floated out in the belt, apart from two large roughly oval craters that sat next to each other and seemed to mirror each other. It seemed like it was the best way to get inside the object.