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  1. ic

    Whilst Cathy wasn't as skilled in combat as the grown up she was still had a little ability and was pretty light on her feet. She slightly stumbled at Tayla's attack but managed to recover pretty quickly. "He seems very nice ma'am, but I don't think he's as much a distraction for myself." she was much more confident when fighting than dealing with people generally. She took full advantage of Raina's distraction to try and use her powers to freeze Tayla to the floor with her ice powers.
  2. ic

    Klara sipped the tea as she watched the little domestic scene play out, as always it made her think of her own home life. "This is lovely tea thank you." she smiled having a lot of respect for Willow, the only person here older than herself. "There are so great at this age aren't there, I think you always think of them at this age, however old they get. I'm sure my mother still does and she's older than this country." she smiled slightly wistfully as she spoke. As much as she was enjoyed this little scene Klara was aware that something serious was bubbling along under the surface. So for now she was going to enjoy all this.
  3. ic

    Liam knew just how he had to act having to deal with Bedlams finest, supernatural events left very little evidence plus the desire to actually serve the truth as well really didn't help either. Without much effort, he hefted the coach and moved it out of the way and after making sure that he'd not had anywhere where he could hide anything concealed weapon, you never gave the Bedlam PD any chance to arrest you. And that was if you were lucky. Throwing open the door he stood there hand outstretched in looked both innocent and charming. "Good day officers. What can I do for you today?"
  4. I'd suggest bundling them together and maybe giving people two months like we have been doing. More choice is always good!
  5. ooc

    I was planning on having Miss Grue go to Blackstone, but whatever works best really.
  6. ic

    Agnus gave a little sigh and massaged the bridge of her nose, this wasn't going to be easy if Connie thought it was an attempt to get back with Asad through her. As the teen talked she worked her way through her salad considering her options, there was an obvious way to get her trust but it did mean revealing her true nature to Connie. But she remembered quite well the hours of practice she uses to do as a teenager, determined to make it in the business and without the benefit of someone decent like Harry to help her get started. "Okay, so your obviously a smart cookie and can tell that I'm not quite on the level. And who would blame you for thinking it's all about Asad, he likes to think it's always about him!" she gave a smile at her own personal joke "It's not but I need to show you something to prove otherwise. And before I do I need to know that can trust you to keep a very big secret."
  7. ic

    Cathy had been so intently following the bitchy exchanged she'd not been paying Fred much attention. Most time she didn't worry at all about Fred's "inner demon", despite meeting her in the past, seeing more the calm collective teen she normally was. Still, she wasn't so oblivious that she didn't see the potential danger right now. "Of couse Fred, here we go!" To try and lighten things a little she made the ice in cute little shapes like flowers, butterflies, and bunnies or the best she could do with such small shapes.
  8. ic

    "I wasn't ready to commit, and now he had you, and you know he's not one to do things by half. But it's fine now, we handled everything like grown adults." Well maybe not completely over it, but enough that she could talk to a teenager and sound convincing. She picked at her salad as she spoke, she had to appear to be making an effort even if her powers also helped in this capacity. "I've never been big on grand speeches, just good solid advice. If you want help with you dance I can probably put in a good word, it you want you can spend time at the studio and help out a little if you want. As for the rest, well I'm a good listener."
  9. ic

    Dancia shook her head to again try and recover from the feeling of nausea. "Well apparently the effect is ocular in nature, effects anything looking at it, and it apparently appears to be an old newspaper of some kind. Though I can't be 100% sure, what with not being able to see things without wanting to show you my lunch!" She went to stand beside Bonfire and enjoy the sight of the city, though she was sure she heard much more of the sight and sound of the city. "So which do you want to do first? Do you want to try and recover the artefact or do you want to know my story first?”
  10. ic

    Cathy really didn't like the way the Raina would behave when her back was up, not that she could totally blame her after Madison's comments. But she had never been that good at the put-downs until well after the fact, something about escalators she was sure it was called. It seemed to be something that many did in combat, the one thing she was pretty good at, so she'd be practicing. Not very well right now if she was honest. Of cause unless there was a mind reader nearby no one would know any of this, as she watched the whole thing in a state of nerve. She didn't think the fact that she needed a wee right now was a good addition to the conversation.
  11. ic

    Agnus gave a laugh that was as much nerves as it was genuine mirth at the teen's comments. "Amir means well but he often hides that behind a lot of bluster. That means he's not the easiest to get useful advice from sometimes." She paused for minutes a sipped her drink, disappointed that her enhanced constitution meant she couldn't rely on any Dutch courage. She was walking a fine line on just how much she would reveal about herself. No revealing powers before a second lunch, at least, was a good plan in her books. "Look Freedom City is a crazy city, but if you can navigate its ways it's also an amazing experience. I might not live here full time but I know enough to be a half decent guide, and maybe eventually a kindly ear if needed."
  12. ic

    "You were saying about something on the desk that was causing all the nausea and pain, I thought it best that that we leave first and work it all out later. Which is why we're on the roof more or less right above where we were a minute ago." Feeling much better she stood up straight and whipped off the glasses she normally wore, the effect was almost magical in that she looked like a completely different person, and a fairly well know one at that. "I have a trick that means I can look without us having to go straight back down into the room, then we'll go for the explanations." Dancia then looked intensely at the roof as if she was trying to look straight through it into the room, which was more or less what she was doing.
  13. ic

    Liam didn’t answer straight away and seemed distracted for a second like he was considering all the angles with himself. Which wasn’t that far from the truth really. “Whilst my partner disagrees quite vehemently I agree with your assessment. Whilst my license could take a few knocks, I’m not sure it’d be a good idea for various reasons.” As he spoke he took something from his trenchcoat sitting on the stand, probably his PI license, and began to pick up the papers that he'd scattered when they'd entered "There's a way out through the back there if you need it, we occasionally have clients that to keep everything on the down-low. Feel free to take a card and call us when you need help."
  14. ic

    "I know right it was kind of a shock when I first came here and found that I couldn't buy myself a drink." Agnus sat down and ordered herself a drink before carrying on. "I know that with all the crazy going on you really don't want to deal with the crazy woman who dated the person that you've only just found out about." with so many lives she'd come across just about every version of scenario "My teenage years were pretty crazy, I assume you Googled me, so I understand how weird they can be. And I thought you'd like a friendly face that you could talk too." she paused for effect before adding "And if not we'll have a pleasant meal and then go our separate ways no harm, no foul."
  15. ic

    As it happened Agnus wasn't at the restaurant, she'd been dealing with a small crisis back in London who'd have thought all those years ago that she'd be running a superteam alongside her business venture. So she'd just thrown on something after finishing her Vanguard business, of cause even then she looked pretty good in her white tee, blue jeans and short red jacket, all set off with a pair of blue Doc Martins. It would be churlish of Agnus to compare herself to the much younger woman, even the height, especially the height difference. What a change from when she was just a respectable 5'3". "Hi, there sorry I'm late, I have a last minute problem back at the studio. I'm Agnus Stone, but please just call me Agnus." she was all smiles and natural charm "I'm sure you have many questions, but first I'm going to need a good strong drink."