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  1. GM Post Finally out of sight of the other the stranger finally revealed their true form, shifting into that of a Grue, but there was something vaguely familiar about their form, even though by their nature were all the same. “I’m D’ph’ne and I’m sorry if I cause any harm humans, this is all very new to me.” Nervously tucked their hair behind their ear, this was really looking familiar to Casey but from where? “I’ve been trying to familiarise myself with you culture to be able to fit into in flawlessly, have I done something wrong here?”
  2. Triakosia Pasties was always a good way to start a conversation, and she happily tried a turnover, she was happily that her superhuman constitution that she didn’t have to worry about her diet. “Thank’s these are pretty good, and please call me Dancia.” At the complement of her costume, she gave a rather embarrassed shrug. She wasn’t embarrassed by the costume itself, she was proud of what it represented both her and the Earth that she’d have come from so many years ago. “Truth be told this is just the uniform from the unit I originally served with, and obviously the same sources as the big guy we’re hovering above!”
  3. Ms Bright Agnes rolled her eyes at his comments, she’d heard the same rhetoric from many people that seemed to think they could help save the homeless just by some sort of faith. “It helps that I’ve had to live among the hopeless, I doubt you’ve spent any time down here to see how they suffer, and do what you can to help them rebuild their lives.” She clenched her fist once more, but then relaxed them again, she might be prepared to fight when needed but there was a time and place for other options. “How exactly are you help these people? Have you been saving these people by kidnapping them, if so where do they go?”
  4. Emerald Spider Emerald Spider was always one to keep in motion, taking the momentum from escaping the explosion to roll up, before rolling and jumping up to stick against the closest lamp post. “You’ve got to try harder to hit this itsy bitsy spider!” Spinning towards the opponent she made the relevant hand gestures to send out a stream of entwining supersting webs towards the enemy. She went for bluntforce rather than entangling for now, she wanted all his attention on her whilst she allowed Justice a chance to recover.
  5. Rosa doesn't do the sneakin' so she'll change to Liam and let him strut his stuff! Sneak: 1d20+20 33
  6. Doctor Thorne As she watched Judex clambered up the fire escape she brief had an inner conversation with Liam, as much as she hated to admit it right now he was probably best able to help in the situation. “Oh go on then, have your fun!” Liam Conner With his bulk he quickly made his way down the fire escape, but he’d also had enough grace to do it without making any real noise. He’d done similar things during his time in the forces. Likewise he was light on his feet allowing him to move pass the crowd without being seen, until he was besides Judex again.
  7. Bee Melissa smiled up at the professor, she always knew that Professor Xiu was her favorite. Whilst she might be the newest of the heroes here she felt she was just the right one of them to answer. “Thanks for your help Professor, well take it from here.” She took to the air on her tiny bee like wings and flew to the door, stopping to hover at the door and talk to the other heroes. She should have felt nervous at talking to these older heroes, but instead she felt excited at the chance to solve this mystery. “Shall we go take a look then?”
  8. Dr Thorne has Nullify 8 so she should be able to help!
  9. Triakosia “Hello EmmGee good to see you again, though I don’t think I’ve had the pleasure of meeting you before Fulcrum.” Dancia’s eyes snapped open and she gave the other two paragons a broad smile. “Well that's not quite what I was expecting, you look smaller in the picture, still never kick a gift pastie in the mouth I always say!” She floats over the pair but stopped a little distance away looking a little sheepish. “Where are my manners? My name is Triakosia, and I’m very pleased to meet you!”
  10. Utando wa Buibui, Dakana The Buibui Waridi, the Rose Spiders were a small clan that specialized in micro-engineering and nanotechnology, making medical scanners and other surgery equipment using Daka crystals in almost artistic ways. Recently there had been a few disturbing rumors that a few of their supplies of Daka crystal had been disappearing across the border. Such rumors had reached the ear of the Palace, though none had yet taken a look. There home town, Utando wa Buibui, was also on the way the lakeside Summer palace of the White Lions, where the two teenage children of the King were taking friends to enjoy the natural springs and (mostly) crocodile and hippo free waters for a few days of summer. How could they not take a few hours just to take a quick look into things, they had the entire summer to enjoy the lake after all...
  11. Triakosia It had been a long day, a couple of villains to stop,a few bank robberies and an apartment fire. She needed a moment or two to gather her wits about herself before returning to everyday life. She liked to sometimes float in orbit and just watch the world float by, but she didn’t have the time so for now she choose somewhere a little more local. The statue was a good a place as any, as she felt a companionship with her “cousin” from the same earth as herself. Floating cross legged a few meters above the head of the statue Triakosia was meditating, but she wasn’t completely unaware as her senses took in everything going on around her. “If you're looking for a fight I have to warn you it’s been a very long day!”
  12. Bee Melissa was quite impressed with all the heroes here she recognized many of them, here uncle had told her many tales about them, and she was sure the others were pretty good as well. She wasn’t the most experienced of the heroes here, but she was sure she could assist in her own special way. “Hang on a minute, shouldn’t we gather more information first? Mz Terrifca, ma’am! If we can determine why the students were picked that would help right, it might be a grudge or there after a certain type of brain chemistry like the proteins that help form memories or some such?” Feeling a little self conscious after speaking up in front of the more experienced heroes, and looked down and shuffled her feet a little. “At least if that makes sense?”
  13. Miss Grue “Those grey’s are big meanies and I’d never do anything like them! Though to be honest I’ve never met any of them, so I’m not sure if they're really a thing or not!” Daphne thought things for a few moments before getting out a mat black cube about the size of an old rubix cube, holding it her hand with some reverence. “I’d like to introduce you to somebody who’s close to me, this is Mother Unit.” <Very pleased to meet you Davyd Palahniuk.> the “voice” was polite and well mannered as well as being in his native Ukrainian <I look forwards to meeting you more in future.>
  14. Bee Melissa had like the old Maggie, in her mind she spent way more time partying than studying, this was after she’d pulled an all nighter on a potentially improvement to her formula. But her stories were always fun, from what she overheard when she surfaced to finally eat something, Melissa wasn’t cool enough to ever be invited to the same parties as Maggie. She’d heard stories about the other cases but had initially paid them no heed, students burned out all the time after all, but this was enough to get her interest. And it didn’t take much digging, including shrinking down and sneaking into the Universities records (who kept paper records these days?), until Melissa had found all she could. Helpfully it seems Professor Xiu, one of her favorites, was already looking for help so she’d snuck into the office to see who else would turn up. But the opportunity to make an entrance was just too good to pass up, so the 3 inch Bee wandered to the middle of the desk and wave up at the to. “Well some of us are already here! Hi I’m Bee and I’m here to help.”
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