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  1. Klara's Sense Motive: 1d20+15 25 and Toughness Save: 1d20+10 26
  2. Hello Dok good to have you back! I think a lot of the old skool character might want to make peace with the Dok A so you might consider a couple of social threads whilst you settle on the rebuilds, just to get your feet wet again.
  3. Zhenshchina-voin Dreadnaught was a good kid, but he was one of those punch first, then punch again types of hero. Which was fine in most situations but occasionally you needed a little bit of finesse. “I wasn’t going to force anybody to do anything...” she kept her voice calm despite the situation “...once we knew who or what we were facing we could have gotten her away, now we’re have to do it the hard way!” Something else was bothering her and considering now a good time she added. “And please call me Klara, Voin is just Russian for Warriors. To them I was Warrior Woman a miracle against the Axis, apparently Wonder was already taken...”
  4. This what you get for not listening to Klara's plan
  5. Cosmic horrorhold no fear for Klara, yet one smelly giant Intimidate Save: 1d20+15 19 So obviouslty she'llpunch them back Attack Roll: 1d20+10-2 25
  6. Zhenshchina-voin Klara would be the first to admit that the giants were imposing, a warrior learned to control but never conquer their fears, and for a few seconds, she paused at the sight of them in action. But she’d also been taught to fight through your fears and when necessary to literally fight them. “This could have gone so much smoother if someone hadn’t done something very, very stupid!” Stepping forwards she again gave the giant another smack, despite her mind suggesting caution right about now.
  7. Emerald Spider Going from rooftop to rooftop she noticed someone making their way home, well it wouldn’t hurt to give a quick warning before going home for something to eat. Jumping onto a light pole she gently lowered herself down until she was face to face with an approaching Robin. “Hi there, just your friendly local Emerald Spider! Just dropped in with a friendly warning, something weird is going on on the streets of Bethlehem Heights!” Watching someone home wasn’t the worst thing in the world, a few more minutes wouldn’t ruin her night after all!
  8. Kamala would have been trying to disable the weapons, but as I'm being crap right now let's just go for Initiative: 1d20+2 13.
  9. White Lioness The legacy of the White Lioness gave her the gift of a great cat, which included a great sense of balance. So she didn’t panic instead keeping her cool as the colossus went down, a moment before the Krampus hid the dirty she daintily lept from it’s shoulder to land gracefully in front of the monster. After only a pause she walked over to the headmistresses, looking as capable and confident as befitted her family lineage. She was sure all her ancestors would be proud. “Do we know why this creature attacked the school?”
  10. White Lioness Àjàṣorò had been little nervous returning to the Freedom League headquarters, as she’d used her fathers pass to commit a less than legal activities. It had all turned out well, but she still wasn’t sure if she’d be allowed back on the premises. Luckily he father had apparently smoothed the waters and not an eyebrow was raised as she arrived to use the teleporters. It had lightened her pensive mood to be able to finish the trip and even the desert sand didn’t bother her much, she’d stood on the sand of the Sahara after all. “This storm isn’t that impressive, but still probably best if we go inside.”
  11. The Traveller That would explain a lot about the probe's arrival, even though she’d helped build them well they tended to get into a lot of trouble. Like any good Praetorians really. “They call me Sitara, or Traveller if you really wish. I’ve never really gone with titles, even when I was an Empress, it’s a long story...” She paused in thought for a moment, she’d like to test for the degree of sentience the probe contained. As an engineer, she always insisted that they had more capacity than needed and she was sure that it was a full AI, but these kinds of things needed to be tested “And what shall we do with you 7’s? Because I’m sure Amara would welcome the help, though don’t call her that she really does dig the titles!”
  12. Zhenshchina-voin It was working, they could possibly deal with this without any fighting, all they need to do now... She swore loudly and fervently in a very unladylike manner, many years with Squaddies meant she was very good at such things. Still now was not the time to worry about what could have been. “Go that way, away from the village!” she shouted at Dreadnaught, waving in the appropriate direction, she then looked up at the giant and gave her sweetest smile “I don’t suppose we can get a do over? No I guess not!” Whilst she still had the element of surprise she shocked one of the giants as power as she could.
  13. Let's start with a simple punch Attack Roll: 1d20+10 26, DC 25 Toughness.
  14. Free Action: Shift form to Liam Standard Action: Attack Cultist 3 Attack Roll: 1d20+8 22 if that hit it's DC 23 Toughness
  15. Liam Conner For something so impressive it wasn't overly flashy, where once Rosa stood now stood Liam, for most people they wouldn't even know something was amiss. With so reluctance the pair had reach a consensus that for the moment force of arms was needed over magical skills. Whilst Liam was trained in several different forms of combat, sometimes the basics worked best so he went for a simple punch. Once they knew exactly what they could do he might consider something more fancy.
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