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Alright before I get to posting in places today.  And I definitely still have some places I need to catch up on  I figured I'd start some new threads.  So here's what I'm offering to GM.  If you're interested in your characters taking part in any of these plot hooks just drop a line in this thread.  The Ideal PL Range, and number of players isn't a hard and fast guideline.  I just thought it would make it easier in the deciding which PC to submit part for some! 


What I need from you:  If I take over 30 hours to respond.  Just nudge me in Chat.  I'm trying to pick the pace up on my posting.  Also if you want to take the reigns over and instead GM one of the threads in the half I include my own characters.  That'd be cool too.  But, not wholly necessary!  Seriously though poke me in Chat!


Interim Thread Name:  Entrance of the Gladiators

Plot Hook:  Your hero has been captured with no recollection of who nabbed them.  Now they find themselves having to navigate a booby trap amusement park full of death traps and enemies at every turn.  That's right it's a Murderworld thread!

Ideal Number of Players: 3-4

Ideal PL Range:  10-12


Interim Thread Name:  Highway Robbery

Plot Hook:  A local gang has managed to steal a series of top of the line armored vehicles from the STAR Squad.  Now the FCPD are at their wits ends trying to prevent robberies from occurring throughout the city using their own tools. 

Ideal  Number of Players:  1-3 (Presumably at least 1 has a cool car)

Ideal PL Range: 7-10

Note:  I might use the pursuit rules here.


Interim Thread Name:  Superior Firepower

Plot Hook:  Ever since they broke off from Mastermind, the Power Corps has been amongst the most sought out Mercenary groups in the world.  Their employers have ranged from corporations to supervillains to even world governments.  Suffice to say the number of connections has made it difficult to keep them incarcerated.  But, the times have changed.  Rumors say that the Power Corps armor is no longer considered top of the line when compared to the number of active heroes flying around in a battlesuit.  Seeking to prove their worth the Power Corps begins targeting armored heroes. 

Ideal Number of Players:  3-4 (AEGIS affiliated or power armored only)

Ideal PL Range: 10-12

Character I'm Hitching along for the Ride:  Argonaut

Note:  If only armored heroes show up.  It might be good idea to open up with multiple solo threads in which the Power Corps end up ambushing and probably beating them separately (it would be 8 on 1 after all).


Interim Thread Name:  Purple Haze

Plot Hook:  A new narcotic has found its way onto the streets Stockholm going by the name of purple haze, a thick, viscous liquid that grants seemingly random powers moments after it is consumed. It is thought to be a derivative of Zoom and Max, which are found predominantly in Freedom City.  Its real origins are slightly more complex.

Ideal Number of Players:  1-2

Ideal PL Range:  7-10

Note:  I was planning on running this thread a year ago.  And just never got around to starting it up.  So you can imagine, I definitely have a lot of interest in it.


Interim Thread Name:  What Should Not Be Unearthed

Plot Hook:  A society of assassins devoted to the spread of evil and chaos, the Coils of Apep worship the Egyptian serpent god of chaos, Apep. In recent years, the cult has come under the influence of the Serpent People and the Brotherhood of the Yellow Sign, who have convinced the bulk of the cult that they are the “chosen of Apep." There might be some truth to this, as some believe Apep is simply one incarnation of the Unspeakable One, the dark god of the Brotherhood. That's all well and good, but what will happen when the Coils begins to return Apep to this world?

Ideal Number of Players: 3

Character I'm Hitching Along for the Ride: Glamazon

Ideal PL Range: 7-12

Note:  A majority of this thread will take place in Egypt.  And yes, while Apep has appeared before, as has a cult worshiping him, and a villain empowered by him. I don't expect this thread will have much if any overlap.



Interim Thread Name: A Hill of Beans

Plot Hook:   As part of a variety of social and political reforms under the current ruler, King Mohammed VI, Morocco offers a “conditional neutrality” to various superhumans seeking temporary asylum. Under this agreement, superhumans possessing a special visa issued by Morocco can operate within the borders of the nation sans government interference, even if they are wanted by the authorities of other nations with which Morocco usually has extradition treaties. These visas are of a very limited length and can be withdrawn at the discretion of the crown.  Unfortunately, the public begins to question the safety of such visas when three very public crimes occur due to visiting supervillains.

Ideal Number of Players: 3-4

Ideal PL Range: 10-12

Character I'm hitching along for the ride:  Argonaut

Note:  I'm gonna cut to the chase.  And reveal a twist ahead of time.  There's some Terminus relatedness going on here.


Interim Thread Name: Rex Quondam, Rexque Futurus

Plot Hook:  Archaeological artifacts smuggled out of England to Morocco find the characters wrapped up in the plot of an international terrorist weapons engineer.  But, not before an exhibit at the Morocco Heritage Museum is attacked all while the characters are attending the grand unveiling.

Ideal Number of Players: 1-2

Ideal PL Range: 10-12

Character I'm hitching along for the ride: Foreshadow

Note:  Might make this a Vanguard thread.  If the other Vanguard players are interested.  Which doesn't overrule the interest in 1-2 more players.


Interim Thread Name: Age of Unitron

Plot Hook:  Talos latest creation has proven himself far from patient.  Immediately and publicly setting about attacking various robotics facilities to gather parts while declaring the end of the age of Organics.  The heroes find defeating Unitron more difficult than expected when the machine rebuilds himself faster and stronger at every turn.  Eventually growing cocky enough to try and even usurp his own father.  Catching the heroes in the middle of a robotic Civil War.

Number of Players: 3-5

Ideal PL Range: PL12-15

Interim Thread Name:  Extinction Agenda

Plot Hook:  Cerebrus Rex needs to secure control over Earth in order to begin making it a suitable home for the survivors of his own
race.  Unluckily for us, part of making it suitable is getting rid of a massive amount of the "ape primitives" infesting this world. Re-creating Foundry tech, the Saurian invader sets about attacking the city with his army of Robosaurs.

Number of Players: 3-4

Ideal PL Range: 7-12


Interim Thread Name:  Race to the Top

Plot Hook:  A Speedster approaches the record for number of bank robberies committed in a single day as she speeds through the state robbing banks.  Spurring the attention seeking Faster Pussycat to join in on the action.  Can the heroes catch these high speed crimes before they finish?

Number of Players:  2-3

Ideal PL Range:  10-12

Note:  You'd think I would've changed Faster Pussycat's name from the Threat report.  Because it's awful.  But, nope just changing her appearance. 


Interim Thread Name:  Grue Today, Gone Tomorrow

Plot Hook:  Even in the tumultous polical climate that the Khanate now finds itself, the interim government needs to find a way to care for its people.  As such the Khanate has requested the assistance from the heroes in capturing band of grue bandits raiding villages on a small planet on the rim of Khanate space.  But, it doesn't take long for the Grue to be the least of the heroes worries.

Number of Players:  2-3

Ideal PL Range:  10-12


Interim Thread Name:  From Beneath You, It Devours

Plot Hook:  The Atlantean Royal family's proposition to move the embassy closer to the port.  With direct access to an undersea villa that will act both as a residence for princess Thaelia as well as a tourist destination for Freedom City.  Strangely, the king's public announcement was more confrontational than intended and he instead declares war on the surface.

Number of Players: 3-4

Ideal PL Range:  10-12

Character I'm Hitching along for the ride:  Glamazon



Interim Thread Name:  Age of Aquarian

Plot Hook:  Although the Sea-King is gifted with supreme military, executive, and judicial authority thoughout the kingdom of Atlantis.  The fact remains that each Atlantean colony has its own king to take care of the city's affairs (not to mention each colony has its own representatives in the royal assembly).  King Omor the Aquarian is one such king.  The ruler of Amphitritis (a colony near Australia) has often petitioned Sea King and the rulers of other Atlantean colonies to declare fullscale war on the surface.  But until now his demands have failed to move the other leaders.  Times have changed and Australia finds itself under attack.

Number of Players: 3-4

Ideal PL Range:  10-12

Note:  This thread takes place in pretty much the same time frame as the previous one.



Interim Thread Name:  Blank Space

Plot Hook:   Damantha DeMaurier, the head of AEGIS Special Projects Division, has gone missing.  The heroes have been task with tracking down the missing Dame.  But, traversing the Gerber House for clues may be easier said than done.  The Gerber House lies on a magical nexus and can be more than a little difficult to traverse

Number of Players:  1-2

Ideal PL Range:  7-10


Interim Thread Name:  The Klaw of Benidiction

Plot Hook:   A visiting foreign dignitary is murdered.  His limo very publicly blowing up in front of the embassy.  For the sake of international relations, this case has to be solved with a matter of expediency.

Number of Players: 1

Ideal PL Range:  7-10


Interim Thread Name:  Thank God, It's Thursday

Plot Hook:  A radio dj is fired for his dated gimmick, and undertakes the persona of the villainous Doctor Disco.  Unfortunately for the city, Doctor Disco's initial crime spree is a little over his weight class.  With what should otherwise be a pretty ineffectual villain proceeding to attempt to summon the "god of Disco".

Number of Players: 1-2

Ideal PL Range:  7-10


Interim Thread Name:  Cinco por Cinco

Plot Hook:  A series of murders has added to the already controversial plans for the Olympics in Rio.  The heroes have either been called in or volunteered to put a stop to these senseless murders.  A shadow of the Carnivale Catastrophe from years ago still ringing through the city.

Number of Players:  1-2

Ideal PL Range:  10-12

Character I'm Hitching along for the ride:  Foreshadow


Interim Thread Name:  Dreadful Dares

Plot Hook:  An mystery novelist is kidnapped and crimes related to the plots of his books are being re-enacted.  To make matters worse the hero is not the only one interested in uncovering the crimes.  Mobsters are also after the missing author and getting in the way tearing up crime scenes looking for said author.  As well as a pesky agent who keeps getting himself in over his head.

Number of Players:  1-2

Ideal PL Range:  10-12



Interim Thread Name:  Elvis Isn't Dead

Plot Hook:  A group of greasers, yes greasers, steal technology from police evidence as well as experimental technology from ASTRO Labs.  The end result?  The King is brought back from the dead.  Only the experiment went a little ary.  And a numerous different Elvis hard light holograms were brought forth from the slapdash machine.  Some a little more questionable than others.  Including but not limited to:  Zombie Elvis, Vampire Elivs, and even Attack of the 50' Elvis.  Can the heroes fend of Elvis?

Number of Players:  1-2

Ideal PL Range:  7-10


Interim Thread Name:  Pirates of the Sulu Sea: On Rojo Tides

Plot Hook:  A filipino pirate crew has sent out an SOS from the very vessel they were trying to board.  The message was garbled.  But, it was clear that the pirates need help.  Not to mention the state that the crew itself must find itself in as this particular pirate crew has a reputation.  Dozens of vessels have been robbed without a single shot fired by the crew.

Number of Players: 1-2

Ideal PL Range:  10-12

Character I'm Hitching along for the ride:  Foreshadow



Also as an aside.  Since I don't know what's going on with this as far as Shoji and Heri are concerned.  @Tiffany Korta and @Raveled how about I just start that thread with Corona and Sitara.  Unless someone else wants to throw their hat in for a character joining it.


Also HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all you mothers.  So...Alder, E, and Thev I believe.

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If they fit and you feel they have a good story. 


Highway Robbery or The Klaw of Benidiction: Lord Steam (depending on if you fancy chase or detective work)

Thank God its Thursday: Red Rat (because I love 70s Disco theme, and the Red Rat is old school bond). 

What Should not be Unearthed: Flintlock


Of all of those, the best fit I can see is Flintlock, as it sounds pretty much like a Cthullhu / Unspeakable one thread. Flintlock would almost certainly be proactive in anything to do with Unspeakable one / Serpent people / etc. 


PS: Didnt I do a thread for Foreshadow in Rio some years back? (Cinco por Cinco)

PPS: Didnt I have something to do with Purple Haze a year back? - also, any thread set in Sweden / Stockholm has a place in my heart, but another day!


Well done for GMing. 

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You actually have more threads than I have characters to fill them :o , but that won't stop me trying :D .

To start with that Gladiators one sound very familiar, and I belive you up. Or is it to early for a gentle poke!


As for the others I would like to offer just about everyone:


Blodeuwedd : What Should Not Be Unearthed, Blank Space

Miss Grue: Thank God, It's Thursday, Dreadful Dares


Ms. Britannia: Rex Quondam, Rexque Futurus

Revenant: Elvis Isn't Dead

The Traveller: Grue Today, Gone Tomorrow

Triakosia: Age of Unitron, A Hill of Beans, Race to the Top (and Faster Pussycat is an awesome, if dumb name :) ), Pirates of the Sulu Sea's

Voin Zhenshchina: The Klaw of Benidiction, Cinco por Cinco,  Extinction Agenda


I'm also always game for more Sitara so I'm game if Rav's interested.

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Well, I really like quite a few of these hooks, but let's go for two my character could also work with, shall we?


So, that'd be

Bonfire: Elvis isn't dead, Thank God, It's Thursday


Feel free to prioritize other people, I've still got a few threads running at the moment so I'm not really in a need for new ones, I just really like those two hooks. :D

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For What Should Not Be Unearthed, Age of Unitron, Extinction Agenda and Blank Space, I'd like to offer Red Moon. Vampire powers and technical expertise!


For A Hill of Beans, Rex Quondam, Rexque Futurus, Age of Aquarian and Klaw of Benediction I'd like to offer Dol-Druth The Speaker, visiting alien dignitary and mind-sharing mentat.

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Whew boy lots of options here!


I will sort my thoughts by character, rather than idea.


Cobalt Templar (PL 13/14)

What Should Not Be Unearthed: Corbin's an archeologist, and his ring's nature makes him a good potential "counter". I do understand if he's a bit too high of a PL though.

Rex Quodanum, Rexque Futurus: Basically the same idea as with Unearthed.

Age of Unitron: He's right in the sweet spot for this one's projected range, and beatin' up the robots is always fun.

A Hill of Beans: He's a Dethroner. 'Nuff said.


Thoughtspeed (PL 10/12)

Highway Robbery: because Speed!

Race to the Top: SPEEDSTERS!

From Beneath You it Devours: Glamazon is an acquaintance, perhaps even a friend, it seems like a natural "link".

Thank God, It's Thursday: Someone has to fight the sinister forces of Disco, it might as well be Thoughtspeed.

Elvis Isn't Dead: Because Elvis. 


Nevermore (PL 10/12) [Once his edits are done]

Purple Haze: He's a cowl, and this is a plot about drug-busting and investigation.

Extinction Agenda: Not!Batman needs to get a robotic dinosaur into his Not!Batcave somehow.

Blank Space: Not huge link, but it is detective work, and he's a detective-y type.

The Klaw of Benediction: This one really seems up his alley, lots of investigation and stuff.

Cinco, Poor Cinco: Again, detective work, plus a chance for two guys who are or will take up Cowl legacies to work together.

Dreadful Dares: Again, detective work. Scary things! Mobs!


I'd like more threads for Gabe but none of these feel like a strong fit, and he's definitely at the top end of things, power-wise.

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Ace Danger

Entrance of the Gladiators - If it's going to happen to anyone it'd happen to Ace

Highway Robbery - Upper end of the PL here but he DOES have a cool car

Blank Space - As Ex-AEGIS and a bit of a specialist in the unknown Ace seems a good fit.



What Should Not Be Unearthed - Particularly as a potential ride along with Set, or trying to impress his Boy/Girlfriend from afar.



Age of Unitron - Smashing robots is always good fun



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Age of Unitron: Hronos superior, Talosbots inferior

Extinction Agenda: So, the Dinosaur Empire is back to its old tricks, eh? Too bad that we don't have any Getter Rays. Still, Hronos could whip out a de-evolution ray handcannon, if push came to shove!



What Should not be Unearthed: Meatheral once travelled to Egypt once, alongside Set.

From Beneath You, It Devours. OR Age of Aquarian: Also, consider about adding the Umiquan Empire as well (which should be getting introduced in the next round on Casus Belli, once I get around to it :argh: )! I'd be up to helping in that respect, if you wish.


Net Fly

Superior Firepower: Though he's not the straightest example of a Power Armor, Net Fly definitely fits.

Race to the Top: Net Fly can, when running, break the sound barrier... so he'll be appropriately outrun and outmatched! Plus, more chances to team up with Triakosia.

Cinco por Cinco: Speaking of teamups, howsabout some catching up with Foreshadow!

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Obviously just about anyone could work for Entrance of the Gladiators, but Blue Jay's already been in a couple situations like that. I think Corona would be fun there, to play up her fuming at her own helplessness, or else the Stranger so he could talk to and try to psychoanalyze the mind behind it all.


Miras could do drug hunting in Purple Haze, but she'd need a reason to be in Sweden. Maybe a European tour with the rest of Stone Soup?


I would put the Stranger in for What Should Not Be Unearthed. It's fun to throw one eldritch abomination at another.


I HAVE to get Blue Jay into Age of Unitron. Robots going crazy? She'll have nightmares for weeks! Same thing with Extinction Agenda, really.


Corona's an easy choice for Grue Today, Gone Tomorrow. Grue and crime and Khanate? Talk about a target rich environment. The only concern might be her racism going into overdrive.


Blue Jay's a natural choice for Blank Space. She's worked with AEGIs and UNISON before and is simply the best tracker on the boards -- potentially the entire planet.


Miras has to get into Thank God, It's Thursday. Disco vs. Hip Hop, who can piss off old people more?

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I'd like to maintain at least a little presence here, without commiting to a ton of new threads. To that end:


Grimalkin (with or without Shrike)

Dreadful Dares

Entrance of the Gladiators


Miracle Girl

Pirates of the Sulu Sea

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Sam getting some quality time in with Tona would be great.


In Age of Unitron, she'd be a lot less useful, since she's under the power range and most of her powers require a brain, but she's been known to be in the 'power levels are bull****' camp, and she's clever.  She'd mostly be there for teamwork tests and emotional support for Tona.


Blank Space is definitely very well suited to Sam.  Extensive (and not generally positive) AEGIS connection, a sneaky skill and power set, she's the greatest thief in the world (totally true; just ask her), and her girlfriend is the greatest tracker in the world.


For Val, Elvis Isn't Dead.  Because rock star and rock legend.  And I hereby decree the plural of "Elvis" to be "Elvices."  Also, Entrance of the Gladiators.  Because she has the stage presence, and she'd be fun for it.

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On 5/8/2016 at 2:43 AM, The Sailor said:

I think Torpedo Lass is a great fit for "On Rojo Tides".


Strangely enough, "Purple Haze" might be a good place for Endeavor to show her sciency-wiency skill.


I should explain why my characters would fit in with these.


Endeavor could get in on Purple Haze as she'd be in Amsterdam for a science seminar. When she witnesses one of the victims of the drug, that gets her attention.

Torpedo Lass would, of course, pick up on the distress-signal in "On Rojo Tides" as she routinely patrols the oceans when not hanging around Freedom City. Sorta her beat, and she has the water-speed to get there.

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Alright guys sorry for the super late response here.  But, work took over.


So, @Heritage @Ari@Blue Rose@Raveled@Tiffany@angrydurf@SoullessGinger@KnightDisciple@Exaccus@The Sailor@olopi@Vahnyu


If any of y'all are still interested, I can get started as early as this week with all the threads.  Also, DC comics totally stole my Atlantean thread plans in their post Rebirth stuff :argh:

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