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  1. Cassandra Alkaev Puppet Day (3) Coming to America (1)
  2. Cassandra eyes the illusions warily and nods as the heroes that introduce themselves. "I am Cassandra Alkaev. I hit things," she says by way of introduction. "I do not know much about babies, but am good at protecting peoples." She keeps a careful eye on Edge, noting that the others seem to be in awe of him and listens intently when Monsoon speaks. She eagerly accepts the offered cloak and does her best to cover herself with it. "Thank you. Will try not to break it. Clothes are so.. flimsy." She takes the stuffed toy that Bonfire offers from the bin and gives it to Baby. "Nonsense. Is good to make scary things into toy. Is how you learn not to be afraid."
  3. Cassandra plucked at her new skirt and shifted her open top. She removes her new tiara and collar. "Is nice. Maybe is too... small? Am being afraid to breathe too much in this." She pulls on the cuffs of her gloves and flexes her fingers, "But these are very nice!" "I am more comfortable with man who does not want to sell baby being in charge. But you are right, baby should be let play," she nods as she responds to Punchline.
  4. Cassandra follows the other heroes lead until Quirk withdraws. She didn't know who he was but she picked up on the wariness of the others around her. "Why I need new clothes to watch baby?" she mumbled. She leaned over and peaked at the infant after hearing the others talk about her. "Is baby god? Is small for god... Who is eBay and why he want her?" Cassandra then took a moment to look around for any baby related supplies,
  5. Cassandra set her container down as the first worker turned into felt. Despite the yelling, he did not appear to be hurt. She circled above the docks to see if the event created any dangerous situations. Satisfied that her home and her friends were safe, she left her comfort zone and headed into the city. She passed the support groups and crisis centers, they seemed to have the situation well in hand, a certain side effect of living in Freedom City. Finding the new street wasn't terribly difficult, people were either gawking at it or avoiding it entirely. The new doorway was equally obvious as several costumed heroes steeled themselves and stepped inside. Cassandra took one more pass over the street before landing in front of the strange doorway. She paused for a moment to consider its odd appearance, then pushed the door open and stepped inside. She stopped just inside the door to consider the scene before her. She normally wasn't too concerned with her appearance, but the costumed group in front of her made very conscious of her worn BDU pants and dirty tanktop. The group did not seem to be paying much attention to her as they were distracted by the young man with a baby. She spoke quietly to the costumed folks standing near her, "Is very strange, yes? He is young to be father."
  6. Cassandra considers her new friend for another moment. "Can tell you think is important. You tell me where to go, I go. Now my turn for question. What make you care? People different here. Can tell most are good when you give them a chance. But you care about a stranger. Just meet me and can tell you want to help. Even good people not care like that. So what make you care?"
  7. Cassandra chuckles, "Where is private?" She gestures around the bar, "Anyone can find me. Am done hiding. Have jobs, have place to sleep. Someone want to take that away, they can find me. Someone wants to hurt these people who help me, they can try. They maybe not like what they find." She shakes her heard, then looks back to Dancia. "Am always wanting to listen to help. I think you are person who likes to help people. If you say these people can help, I listen."
  8. Cassandra Alkaev: 7 posts Coming to America
  9. Cassandra nods, then focuses on Dancia's questions. She stares straight ahead as she answers. "Can tell you what I know. I come from Vladivostok. My life start by the docks there three year ago. Was confused. Scared. I only understand Russian, no English. No clothes. Have to fight many people who try hurt me. Was like... animal." She takes a deep breath, then a swallow of her whiskey and continues. "Not everyone bad. I find people that need help. I help them and they teach me things about the world. But I was selfish. Not really helping them. Was saving myself. Vladivostok is hard place. I take work when I find it there. Is not always good work. Sometimes fight for money. Sometimes hurt people just to collect monies. So I leave. " She pauses again, then looks directly at Dancia, "Things very different here. They tell me am ILL-EAGLE immigrant. But do not send me to prison. Just tell me not make trouble. Am criminal now, yes? But still have better life here than in Russia. Have jobs to be proud of. Have people to care of. Responsibilities. But you did not ask about that. You ask about family. If I had family before, I do not know them. Do not remember anyone. I have only what I make now."
  10. Cassandra shakes her head, "Is strange. People very different here. Sometime so different..." She looks lost for a moment, peering into her drink. "But this good different. Is better way to be, I think." Her nostrils flare briefly at Dancia's next statement, "No one uses me. Never." She smiles, "No apologies. Is not just in-ter-view. Is talking with friends and drinks. Friends have no secrets. Ask your questions."
  11. Cassandra frowns as she mulls over what Dancia said. "I do not understand. But I not understand many things here. I think you are honest person. If you think that is best, I think on it." Cassandra drains the rest of her whiskey and signals to Josie for another. From her nearby eavesdropping distance, the mother hen quickly refills it and looks inquisitively at Dancia with the bottle poised to pour. "But I not have family. When I wake up, is just me. No one knows me. No records." She raises her glass to Josie, "I have make friends here. So not all bad."
  12. Cassandra gave Dancia a grateful look for letting the comment pass. Her expression became much more serious with the next question. She nodded, "Names important. When I first wake up, they call me 31." She tugs the strap of her tanktop down slightly so that Dancia can clearly see the tattoo under her collarbone. "31A" in plain, block script. "Was long time before I knew they were using this mark to tell me who I was. Then I pick my own name: Cassandra Alkaev. Is good name. I don't need another."
  13. I'd love to throw Cassandra into Entrance of the Gladiators or What Should Not Be Unearthed. If you are still up for running these, they sound fun.
  14. "Cats always grumpy. Er, but I'm sure yours is very nice." Cassandra had the good grace to look embarrassed as she realized she just insulted her new friend's pet. She changed the subject quickly. "I do not know these words. But I never had chance to punch monster before... You have questions for me?"
  15. All good so far. More folks are always welcome though. I started it off, but there's really not a GM yet to throw in ninjas, pirate, zombie nazis, etc.
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