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The Invasion That Never Was

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I'm planning a big, site-level event which I describe this way.

It comes as an infiltration from another dimension, a subtle one this time. There are no armies waiting at the door, no hordes of Omegadrones waiting to pour in from just across a dimensional barrier. This is not an invasion. Instead it's a corruption, leaking its way into the underbelly of the city: in the illegal street drugs that people take to get superpowers, the antidotes that frightened T-babies take to hold back their own terrible abilities, (Grant Pharmaceuticals!) in the illegal super-technology that arms thugs and gangsters, and in a dozen other ways. The touch of the Terminus is spreading in Freedom City. And laughing in his cell in Blackstone, what does the clone of Shadivan Steelgrave have to say about it?

Just shout out if you're interested. This story should be able to find a role for everybody, even vignettes for those not in the main story.

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Gabriel would be interested in checking in on Mr. Steelgrave.

Cobalt Templar could use a chance to stretch his legs, maybe work with some old friends.

If I can get him rolled out, investigating odd technology happenings seems an excellent task for Fenris, and perhaps a good way to re-introduce him.

If Thoughtspee'ds in play soon, he could get involved in happenings around Claremont or with other teenagers.

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I could probably work all of my characters in, one way or another. I could easily see Revenant at the street level, what with her spending time helping the homeless. Blod the type to prowl the streets, or maybe some Claremont related thread?

Also if you think I'm up to scratch, and depending on how you've got this plan out, I could probably GM a thread or two.

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Same as TiffanyKorta, if you need a spare GM for anything I would be happy to help that way.

As for characters...well, Heraldo's a friend of Warp's, that could justify them and other Claremonters teaming up and dealing with aspects of this corruption scheme. King of Suits often deals with people dealing street drugs, so he might work that angle pretty well? EDIT: Also, seeing as he works(albeit at an extremely low level) for the Grant Conglomerate, this might be a good time for him to cut his ties to them.

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The Liberty League and Cobalt Templar deal with Grant Pharmaceuticals, whose founder has a terrible secret.

Blue Jay, Warp, Heraldo, Kit, and Blod deal with misguided T-babies who have taken to the streets in response to the scare about Terminus contamination. (You want this one, Ari?)

Harrier, Gabriel, and Rev. meet Shadivan Steelgrave's clone.

Jubatus, Bee-Keeper III, Silver Spider, and Velocity fight drugs on the street! (I can give you this one, Tiff)

The Interceptors and Dragonfly deal with the arms trade on the same!

Anyone I didn't catch, don't worry, you'll have a role.

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