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  1. Glow's a PL9 at the moment (because I'm lazy and haven't done updates to make her PL10 in waaaaay too long), so probably a little higher than the range you're looking for... but I figured I'd toss her name in the ring seeing as nobody else has stepped forward yet!
  2. Not here to laugh at you, no. Kristin thought as she watched Stratos rant on about Blackstar. You've definitely lost the plot, but that's hardly a surprise after what you've been through. It was almost enough to make her feel sorry for the man - at least until she remembered the attempted mass murder at the bank. Hopefully we can get him the help that he needs AND make sure that he's not a danger to anyone else. Kristin raised an eyebrow and straightened up from her unobtrusive position leaning on the interrogation room door. "Oh don't stop talking on my account Doctor Stratos," She assured the suddenly apologetic villain. "I'm older than I look, I get that a lot because I'm small and all that but I'm no 'little kid' so there's no need to watch what you say around me at all." After a short pause she shot the man a cheeky grin. "And I can assure you that I'm totally clear on what guys might want to do with Star Knight!" It couldn't hurt to get the crazy man a little more relaxed after all - It might loosen his tongue further for the important questions.
  3. Glow thought about the strange scene at the bank while she listened to Thunder and Cobalt Templar discussed the options, and while she wasn't nearly as experienced as the older Claremont Alum she also wasn't the type to keep her opinions to herself. "I don't think we're going to find a lot unusual here," she said as she looked around the bank. "I might have missed the start, and Stratos looked pretty excited about it all, but this Medea looked like she had places she'd rather be. If there was anything special about the bank she wouldn't have looked quite so bored, right? I really think that Stratos really just wanted to rob a bank, strange as that sounds." With a shrug the diminutive telekinetic looked up at Captain Thunder and raised an eyebrow. "I wouldn't mind hearing what he's got to say for himself," she said with a nod. "Can't help but be a learning experience at the very least."
  4. Glow >A deck built for two >Swan Fever >Towers Powers
  5. Glow nodded her agreement with Cobalt Templar as he explained the entire incident to Captain Thunder, then added her own input. "Stratos seemed pretty unstable," she commented. "This place would be one heck of a mess if we hadn't managed to stop that nova-blast he tried. Someone with that kind of power losing the plot with so many civilians around..." The teenager shivered slightly, and then looked up at Thunder again. "The one playing Hera tried to mind control me," she noted. "And she was pretty powerful. I've worked with a couple of telepaths and this was pressure like I haven't felt before. She tried to force me to believe she was my god and to make me blast Starchaser here. I only just shook it off too - I don't think her heart was really in this whole bank-job thing, but she wasn't some minor league villain at all." Despite that assessment of "Hera's" power, Glow seemed quite up-beat. Helping save a whole bunch of people had clearly done a lot to sort out her confidence-issues.
  6. A bit bemused by people's willingness to approach so close to Stratos - even a well-pinned-down Stratos - so soon after his attempt at mass-murder, Glow did her best to usher people a little further away as they crowded around. It seemed to be a losing battle however, and the young heroine was very on-edge as she answered questions and shook hands with the bank manager and several reporters. At least Jack Jackson didn't manage to be here.. Grinning at that thought Glow fended off several more questions. "Yes I'm back on duty.", "Yes I'm fully recovered, thank you." and "No I'm not answering questions about Nephilim." covered off the more common enquiries, and then politely disentangled herself from the crowd to head over to Starchaser. "Nice job with the tackle!" she told the mighty paragon. "And welcome aboard I guess. I'm Glow, and I just wanted to say thanks. This would have been really nasty if you hadn't been here to reinforce that barrier I threw up. I don't know if I would have stopped that blast by myself."
  7. As Cobalt Templar smashed another mighty blow into Stratos, Glow let the remaining wisps of her telekinetic box fade away. A moment later a wall shimmered into existence behind her, flush with the roof and the walls, effectively sealing Stratos and the three heroes off from the rest of the bank. With the civilians out of harms way and her confidence rapidly returning she flashed a grin at Starchaser. "Hit him hard!" she told the powerful paragon, then kicked into action and dashed away from her newly created wall. Stratos was of course well out of her weight class and with her telekinesis walling off the fight from the world she had little in the way of attacks that could even hope to take the man down, but what she did have was a set of decidedly eye-catching gymnastic maneuvers. "Hey Doc!" she yelled at the villain as she dove into a tumble. "Pick on someone your own size!" A moment later the tiny Australian cartwheeled back to her feet, her telekinetic barriers flaring bright as she braced for an attack.
  8. I'm up! I'm inclined to have Glow not attack our friendly neighbourhood big-bad this round. Instead she's going to see to the evacuation of any remaining civilians. She can probably do that by keeping her TK array on create object and using it to wall off the section of the bank that has fighting from the section of the bank that has civilians. Is that reasonable? If she can do that and also have her move action she can use her fast acrobatic bluff feat to feint the bad-guy at the same time, right? She can make that a DC25 sense motive or acrobatics check by taking 10 with skill mastery, and if that wins she could then use set-up to make Stratos flat footed for Starchaser to blast away at.
  9. Glow's eyes snapped towards Hera as she shoved the mental compulsion aside with sheer determination. Green light gathered around around the young telekinetic's fists as she took a single step towards the 'goddess'. "Get. Out. Of. My..." she started in a low tone that could only be described as a furious snarl, then stopped cold and wheeled towards Stratos and Cobalt Templar as the villain began to gather an enormous electrical blast. "Oh hell no..." she whispered almost inaudibly as she realised what was about to happen, gripped with a sudden cold dread. "Everybody down! NOW!" she screamed at the crowd of civilians as Cobalt Templar engulfed Stratos in what amounted to an enormous bearhug, and a box of blue flames sprung up around the pair. Green light flared as the heroine squared her shoulders, thrust both hands towards the impending disaster and turned everything she had loose in a terrific flood of un-shaped telekinetic energy. for a heartbeat she stood amidst a maelstrom of twisting turning power that plucked at her suit, splayed out her short red hair, and made a miniature tornado of dust and grit, then with gritted teeth she reached out and took hold of it all through sheer force of will. Fighting down the strain she shaped it, solidified it, and slammed it into place around Cobalt Templar's blue flames. Layer upon layer of energy wrapped tightly over each other until the pair were encased in an enormous fluorescent green box that shone so brightly it couldn't even really be called a glow any more. Narrowing her eyes at the glare she'd created Glow set herself to hold it in place. It was everything she had, and all she could do was hope it was enough.
  10. Glow will do exactly the same, 20pp on her main array for create object 10. And also spend the HP to avoid the fatigue because being tired is bad when you're the lightweight in the room!
  11. Glow has to stunt for create object, but when she does she can make a pretty tough one. Is create object restricted by PL even if it's not an attack? Because if not she can throw create object 15 straight up from her main array or up to absurd levels like create object 30 with a drawback like distracting. If she needs even more than that she can double stunt and throw the pp from her force field into the mix as well, but that's probably pretty much just asking for Hera to knock her into next week when her toughness is something like +2. If she is restricted to PL then create object 10 probably helps stuff the worst of the lightning at least. I'm game for the box-CT-in play or just throwing a wall between team bad-guy and the civilians.
  12. Will save: 23! No mind control for you!
  13. Glow found herself still badly off-balance as the situation quickly got out of hand. The rattled teenager watched on is shock as Hera arrived and Zeus took a shot at Cobalt Templar. Once again she found herself faced with a self-proclaimed god - two in fact - and for a moment she hesitated, so far out of her depth that she didn't know what to do. And yet something just wasn't right. Zeus didn't look right. He didn't talk right. Hera looked flat-out annoyed at even being in the bank. They were robbing a bank! Gods don't rob banks. Cobalt Templar's thunderous reply got the green-clad heroine in motion at least. She knew in the back of her mind that she should hammer 'Hera' hard before she joined the battle, but she couldn't pull the trigger, and instead stepped to the side to place herself squarely between the developing combat and the largest group of civilians. Rattled though she was, instinct still drove her to protect those who couldn't protect themselves.
  14. No action for Glow this round while her brain goes "Whaaaaaaaa why do all the old gods want to punch meeeeeee?" She will interpose for any civilians who end up in the firing line accidentally or on purpose, but that's it.
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