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Tiffany Korta

Character Edits 2018

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When you submit an edit request, please do not just submit a new code-blocked sheet for us to copy & paste. You must tell us specifically what you're adding/editing.


A code-blocked sheet is not required but does make it easier on us. So not to clutter things up too much if you do include the sheet please stick it within spoiler tags.


When submitting edits for multiple characters, please make one post per character - it helps with the bookkeeping and make sure that an issue with one character edit doesn't affect another's.

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Called for Fire by Thevshi


  • Transferred Living Metal 5 (5DP). 5DP goes to Alternate Form 24.6.
  • Transferred 4DP from Sensory Suite Array 5.5 to Enhanced Saves 20 (Fortitude +3, Reflex -1, Will +2)
  • Created an Tech Container 23.4 to show Nicole with and without a Battlesuit. PP is split between Normal Identity 1.8 and Bellios 27.75 respectively.
  • Removed Matter Manipulation 12 and Living Metal 5.
  • Added Drives Like a Rock complication.
  • Some editing via Thevshi.






Player Name: Zeitgeist Blue

Character Name: Salvo
Power Level: 10 (157/157PP)
Trade-Offs: -5 Attack / +5 Damage, -5 Defense / +5 Toughness
Unspent Power Points: 0

In Brief: Last member of a fallen house who refuses her family's legacy and seeks to make amends. 


Residence: Apartment at Riverside, Downtown Freedom City/Dorm at Claremont Academy
Base of Operations: Claremont Academy
Catchphrase: "Locked on... And firing."


Alternate Identity: Nicole Whitfield-Hall
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: CA, USA
Occupation: Student
Affiliations: Claremont Academy, Whitfields, Halls
Family: Arthur Whitfield (Father), Amelie Hall (Mother), James Whitfield-Hall (Brother), Lauren Whitfield-Hall (Sister), Gregory Whitfield-Hall (Brother), Belle Whitfield-Hall (Sister)


Age: 17 (August 13, 2000)Spiderman.jpg.26dc057ba6d18774e71a930db652473b.jpg.7c1e1fbfa1b8c738687622b4600cbcba.jpg
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Mixed (African-Canadian, Caucasian) 
Height: 5'8" (without armor); 6'1" (with armor)
Weight: 125 lbs
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black


Power Descriptions:

While Nicole is innately attuned to magical energies, it is her battle armor, Bellios, which allows her to focus those energies into the powers she uses as a superhero. Once an old and storied magical heirloom, her work on the armor has made it something more, creating within its essence a platform that applies both centuries of tradition and cutting-edge methodologies integrated in a dialectic unity. Bellios usually manifests her powers in set systems with a technological bent, as befitting her leanings.


Yet it is a thing as much of magic as the material world. Intersecting rune arrays tun electrical currents through chiseled patterns in the armor plates. Targeting spirits line up her Gatling guns and missile batteries as a handcrafted dimension, metaphysically tuned and coupled to Bellios, feeds alchemically-imbued ammunition to sate its voracious appetite for firepower.



Seek Knowledge. Wield Power.


Those were the words Nicole lived by most of her life. It was the words the Whitfield family has lived by and died for for hundreds of years, since the first Whitfields arrived in the Americas to gamble their fortune as plantation owners, since even before then as they lived like nobles in the Old World. These words were writ in gold-plated letters above every door and fireplace in the Whitfield grounds, so that each member of the family may remember the reason for their existence. The Whitfields were many and spread across the world, as befitting a venerable and wealthy family, but those Whitfields who called California their home were those who could trace their ancestry straight and true. The purest and oldest. The heirs of a legacy that was yet to come.


It was this life and lineage, which Nicole was birthed to, third eldest among five siblings. As a younger sibling, she was not expected to inherit much and neither was much expected from her. She was left to her own devices, made busy with everything old money could buy. Servants in livery, the most expensive toys and gadgets, the richest food served in multiple course meals, yet she felt little, if any, parental love as a young child. She wandered the halls of the mansion alone, a small child who barely reached the waist of any adult, under the paintings of her ancestors, their eyes watchful and austere in the low light. Her parents were much too busy to take time off for her, always managing their holdings and grooming James, her eldest sibling when they were not travelling or locked inside their individual studies.


Lauren, her older sister was sent to study in boarding school before Nicole could remember, and at the times the two met, they were even more distant to each other than she and James.  Perhaps then, this would have been a sad life, a childhood with little friends and love, but her personal caretaker took a liking for the young Whitfield, and it was from there that Nicole had experienced a semblance of warmth from another. Elizabeth Leon, her caretaker, took her under her wing, and began to go above and beyond the duties of a servant of Whitfield in attending to her charge’s needs. She was there whenever Nicole needed her - as her only playmate in games of tea or house, or as a shoulder to cry on when either Father or Mother scolded her childish antics.


It was the first time someone truly saw Nicole as more than just a valuable asset to the family. Elizabeth listened to her, and she in turn listened. She learned of her caretaker's family, of Elizabeth's three daughters, the youngest who was her age, and of her husband who was struggling with depression. Elizabeth's bedtime stories were not fairy tales, or fanciful adventure stories. They were of the ordinary, the mundane somehow made wonderful, for it was another world for Nicole.


Years passed and Nicole would grow to adolescence, soon sharing the mansion with two younger siblings, Gregory and Belle, yet like her older siblings spent less and less time with them as she grew older and was sent to an English boarding school. It was also during this time that she drew her parents’ interest. She was a genius among a family which prided itself on producing geniuses, and her intelligence was obvious for anyone with eyes to see. She soaked up information like a sponge and understood lectures meant for students a decade her senior, the many lonely hours she spent pouring over her family library now had paid off, and she had not stopped. Time and time again a servant or janitor would spy the library doors ajar, faint lights open in hours that ghosts roamed awake. They were how she spent her idle time when not with Elizabeth or playing with Gregory and Belle, and neither did she feel a recluse in boarding school, not as much as she did within the Whitfield grounds.


There she had other girls to gossip with, cute boys to sneak glances to, teachers to mock behind their backs. She just tended to develop a fixation for a problem she couldn't solve, or a theory that had caught her interest, and either would occupy the back of her mind, maddening and lingering, until she'd spend hours or days searching and solving, and trying and asking, until she could confidently say she knew all there was worth knowing about that topic. Only then could she dismiss those thoughts that gripped her. It was there that she came to love the wonders of the modern world, how intricate and detailed and interconnected everything was, if only people could see it. Physics led to engineering led to technology led to mathematics led to-- ad infinitum.


She was fifteen when she was summoned to the Whitfield mansion. She remembers, like all things, it was the middle of autumn and school was in full swing, yet she received a phone call. She was to drop all that she was doing and arrive at a earliest date, and she acqueised. A private jet was already waiting for her the same day she had received the call and she flew half the world to California. She was not the only one to be called. Her older brother and sister had already arrived, as had a dozen of her blood relations. The next few days saw a few dozen more arrive - cousins, and Aunts and Uncles - if she was to be technical. Almost every Whitfield of any worth gathered for the first time within a 20-acre estate.


It was unprecedented, and a little daunting for Nicole, even as Elizabeth and Belle greeted her home. Gregory had stayed in his boarding school in France. 


All of the Whitfields gathered within a vast chamber buried in the underground vaults of the mansion, and all the servants and retinues barred from entry. They were in the center of the estate, ley lines tracing energies where beats its magical heart, and patterns upon patterns of arcane sigils and stones dotted the walls, lights tracing paths safe to tread, the family's scrolls and tomes arranged orderly rows. Clearly, this ritual had anticipated for some time, and prepared for with a meticulous patience Nicole knew her parents possessed in abundance.


She read what she knew, for she was not yet a full-blooded mage, could make only guesswork as to the reasons for trappings older than her grandparents, but what she saw indicated a technique that would converge every type of magic and energy present into the one point of chamber. A melding of sorts made larger than life for all those attending now as while they were all of the name Whitfield, and all knew the alchemical arts that so defined the family, decades and centuries had diversified their skills to the point of a sensory jumble. Like crossing a street in Los Angeles and picking out people of different ethnicities. Too many that it gets confusing, yet still holding many underlying characteristics in common.


They began. The lights were shut off, a candle in the center of the congregation. Nicole could just make out her father, mother, then James and Lauren standing at intervals apart. Young Belle then, was not to be a part of their destiny. First, there was chanting, occult languages in different tongues reverberating through the walls and melding into one sonorous note. She does not know how long they had stayed there. She does not remember, she would admit uneasily, what had transpired in the darkness, amid hooded figures, and whispering fell things. The candle had guttered into a cold flicker, and a cackling, wet and heavy and inside.


Her arms burned, and her throat cracked with smoke. She hurt all over but her legs, and when she awoke, barely aware, the chamber was on fire and Elizabeth was carrying Nicole in her arms, a bag stuffed with scrolls strapped on her shoulders. They ran from the chamber, out the basement and the mansion as everything burned. Nicole watched the mansion crumble in flames. Her legs refuse and Elizabeth carried her to the waiting paramedics, and she decided she was dreaming.


The authorities would say it was a stray spark that started the fire. An unfortunate series of events led to this tragedy, the official statement would read, leading to 43 deaths, mostly from suffocation and localized within the chamber, except for one teenager that was rescued by a heroic maid. They applauded Elizabeth and shifted through the rubble, looking for survivors. They did not find Belle.


Gregory would go missing shortly thereafter.


She worried about Gregory and went into mourning, for Belle most of all. She was released from the hospital, a certified paraplegic, to Elizabeth and her family in the meantime, who were her legal guardians now. She saved what she could from the remains of her family's capital. The vultures had picked at everything long before she left the hospital. Through means legal and not so legal,  her family's once vast fortune had dwindled, taken by rivals, and those seeking revenge or restitution. And perhaps it was for the best.


She had canceled her boarding school. There was an itch her brain could not scratch, and a hunch told her she would find her answers by staying. She soon discovered a side of her family that sickened her. They were corrupt, and perhaps that was not a revelation with how rich they were, but in their dealings lives were lost and ruined with the act of a single handshake, and people killed from one spoken word of her parents. She dug into the books, into the diaries and records saved from the fire. She talked to the lawyers and phoned business partners overseas. The Californian Whitfields had its hand in every pie in the city, state, and a significant number in the country and beyond.


Oil spill cover ups, land siezures from the poor, money laundering, arms trafficking, financing the local Mafia, and shaking hands with Mexican cartels. The Whitfields were far worse among the magical community, yet just as insidious, where an overarching authority non-existent. It was a headache to have it all revealed and heaped upon her in a short time, and she cut every connection she could and gave all she could to the authorities. As the only Whitfield left, she had that right, even if many of her family's erstwhile partners did not see it her way. She walked -- rolled rather -- the streets now, instead of the halls of a mansion or an elite boarding school in a far-off country. They were concrete and now, and she couldn't ignore what was in front of her, even as her magic began to die a slow death for no discernible reason.


Seek Knowledge. Wield Power.


Her family had its reasons for everything they've done, excuses more like. But it was something to say to let them sleep at night, and she couldn't say they were deluded. Not when those reasons almost felt right, like this was just the natural state of the world. The strong prey on the weak. Predators eat. Prey flee. Humans fought wars and died and gave birth. And Whitfields learned and gathered.


She woke up one night as she felt eyes watching her. Bellios stood at the foot of her bed, unscathed. Her powers were all but dead by then, and when she had attempted to wear the armor, the recurring psychic backlash left her sick and vomiting food for a week.


By the coaxing of Elizabeth, she decided to fly to Freedom City and resume her schooling. She was frustrated and without hope, disgusted by her family's activities - a useless feeling, lugging an armor that did nothing but make her ill. Still, perhaps she could find a solution in the city of heroes and start anew, far away from the death of her family and the toxic they left. So she transferred half the money she had inherited with Elizabeth and her family, as much as it was a pittance compared to what her family once held, it was a large sum for them and it felt like the right thing to do to thank them for everything.


She flew out the next day.


She was eligible for Claremont, if just barely, and wasn't that cute.


For two years she was the most useless student to grace its halls. Stuck in a wheelchair and magic that fizzled pathetically, if she could even get it to work, she would have been kicked out if it weren't for her intelligence and ability to create tech and mystical devices. She brought with her the family scrolls, even if she could recall their contents easily enough, and could call on mystical energies that did not originate from within. Magic rituals and petty concoctions, she knew how to make them. Electronic riff-raff that would not have been out of place in a gadgeteer's arsenal.


All the while the familiar presence lay heavy upon her mind. It was the strongest pull she had ever, and it was directed in its entriety to Bellios. She let herself fall into that obsession, working for a year upon that construct of ancient arcana. She learned so much more than she would within the confines of a classroom, or the laughable practicums the teachers would give to her. She dreamed of bolts and runes, and incantations and coding. And when she was not buried within Bellios, within the confines of her work, she was formulating ways to improve it, to create more energy, more power, because it hungered.


For two years, barely anyone outside her scheduled classes saw her. During class, her presence was almost non-existent, her output just enough to pass.


But just before the end of the school year she rose from her fugue, as if she had fallen asleep or into a coma and had only woke up, though she remembered everything as clear as day. Groggy, head aching, her insides feeling like jelly, she looked up to take in her work.


And it was beautiful.


Personality & Motivations

Nicole is, if anything, inclined to extremes. When something deemed important should done, then it should be done to the fullest of one's abilities or not at all. She is analytical, perhaps a bit too cerebral at times, but mostly means well, especially regarding the well-being of those she meets. She tries to be friendly, taking the time to engage in small talk and get to know people before making judgments about them. In a similar manner, she prefers to have all the facts before committing on a plan of action. This does mean she is prone to taking too much time when presented with an abundance of information, perhaps even contradictory reports, until someone pushes her to act.


Perhaps as a way to atone for her family's wrongdoing, she has chosen to bear the mantle of a superhero, opposing those her parents would have gladly drink wine with. They were failures, she'd be quick to admit, but she won't be like them. And like everything worth doing, she has taken no half-measures.


Powers & Tactics:

Though not trained or experienced in fighting, Nicole's common sense lets her understand to fight where she is strong and her foes are not. She prefers to keep her distance, flying and invisible as she overwhelms her opponents through judicious use of firepower. When hemmed in or grounded, she will attempt to cut her way free from the fighting, blasting her way out.  Her arsenal also heightens her senses, encompassing machines and magic, which she can use to observe her opponents and perform reconnaissance undetected until she wishes to reveal her presence, usually through an opening salvo.


A Parallel Path: Aside from her studies in Claremont Academy, the looming graduation and all that entails, and her nighttime superheroing as Salvo, Nicole still needs to find time as an intern in Archetech, providing quality yet affordable technology and energy to the less affluent locals of Freedom City. It's given her another purpose to work towards, and she takes this as a personal task, small a help as it is. She's met several people because of this, both from Archetech and Freedom City, but it does mean she's starting to see that part of the city as her turf, in addition to the magical hotspots. Sense of responsibility included. She will go out of her way for these people and places, more so than usual, even if she will not admit so. (Responsibility)


Collateral Damage: Like it says on the tin: collateral damage. Turns out, holding the trigger of two fusion autocannons spinning at 3,000 rounds per minute each and firing super-heated metals in the city, or anywhere with infrastructure, isn't the smartest idea. Who knew? Nicole does, intellectually, but in the heat of battle there isn't time to think; only the surge of adrenaline and energy blasts flying. It's unfortunate, but damage does happen, especially when she pushes the suit to its full potential. Needless to say, there are consequences when this happens, even if she wins the fight. (Accident).


Drives Like a Rock: Nicole's modifications on Salvo's lateral movements and fine handling have not panned out as well as she had first envisioned. Her armor's joints act up, it steps like something twice its weight, and her grip could crush bones if she weren't careful. Some more fine-tuning is required, field tests must be conducted for her to fully utilize the link between her and Bellios. Not to mention the physical deficiencies which have cropped up in transition.


Father Dearest: Her father isn't the nicest of people and just when Nicole had thought she had gotten rid of him, his ghost, or at least a very convincing simulacrum of it, has inhabited Bellios as its machine spirit. She has tried to get rid of it, but he unfortunately seems to be staying as an unwanted but essential component. Thankfully, he does seem more agreeable, seeing as she is his only heir. And while he wishes to see her alive and well, he cares not one whit for anyone not a Whitfield. This has sometimes resulted in a struggle between parent and child when their objectives conflict with each other, usually pitting risk anfthe acquisition of artifacts against her responsibility as a superhero (one other thing he cares little about). But his long term goals, if he even has one, are still a mystery.


Of course, in a contest between man and spirit, more often than not, it is not often clear who will win.


It Hungers for War: Bellios is first and foremost a machine of war. Its pistons hum in anticipation of battle, and the monistic links blur the line between wearer and suit. When Nicole rages, it responds with greater power. When Bellios rages, she responds by pushing it to its limits. Additionally, it is very susceptible to the appearance of the Fae. A whiff of emission from those foul beings causes in it a single-minded bloodlust. Luckily, these episodes have been rare, but less extreme emotions do sometimes bleed off, turning the well-thought out into just plain compulsive.


Man and Machine: When Nicole enters Bellios she becomes more than human, and more than just an amalgam of steel and flesh. They become one, in all definitions of the word. The world outside sees one being and acts accordingly; any power that would have effected either her, as a mere human sorcerer, or the techno-magics enmeshed into Bellios would affect the whole that Salvo has become. To be able to process this, Nicole's mind translates the changes into a reality she could comprehend, creating a HUD and "eyes" to see from her helmet. Anything that would blind her, or interfer with the magic and electronics in the armor, would scramble that visual interface and all essential information arrayed within it .


Something in the Dark: Many small things go Nicole's way at just the right time, and just the right way, to make her life easier. In much the same way, she finds herself in situations that would seem contrived in any book or movie, yet leading to additional difficulties she must overcome. While these minor coincidences are merely irritating or helpful during her everyday, they are more disastrous during a serious superhero mission. There is a crawling, nagging feeling of being watched whenever they happen, though even her armor's sensors can find no trace, magical or otherwise, to confirm her suspicions.


The Gift of Blood: Family legend traces their line stretches back to the age of Christian Rome, during the first centuries of the first millennium. During that time, the pope decreed the library destroyed. Unable to bear such wanton waste of knowledge, her ancestor had made a pact with an agent of a powerful being from another world. He would be given the ability to save the contents of the library, but he and his offspring must bear a price (or a blessing as the official version states), and a destiny to be fulfilled long after his death. Whatever the truth is, Nicole and those of her blood possess, without fail, a compulsion.


Knowledge, especially forbidden knowledge, is the sweetest water, and she occasionally finds herself using her powers to fulfill her family's quest. While non of her episodes have reached the two years working on Bellios, many smaller episodes are still smaller occurences, particularly during her heightened magical state while using her armor. Nicole's obsession has her pursue information above all else, usually by absent-mindedly hacking into databases when she is in the suit, though there are many other ways she may go about this. These seem like good ideas at the time, but done at the wrong time, and with the wrong systems, and a slip-up may land her in serious trouble. (Obsession)


The Sins of Family: Ever since finding out about her family's unsavory secrets, Nicole has endeavored to do good where they would do wrong. Still, there are those who see her as nothing more than the last Whitfield or a foolish girl. Most see her as no better than those bearing the same name. Yet some would go out of their way to rid her for revenge or opportunity. While there are enough in the mundane world, it is the magical community who has suffered the most from her family's excesses. As few and isolated as they are, they have long memories. And many ways to trace magic signatures.


Whitfields and Halls, they say, are particularly distinct. (Enemy and Reputation)


This Magic of Mine: Her magic isn't so hot when outside Bellios, understatement of the year, but her armor does act as a focus for her magic, heightening it into a weapon of mass destruction. While most of her inner energy transfers seamlessly into its various systems, a leak is unavoidable sometimes, and a once controllable yet feeble magic turns uncontrollable and potent; a combination that's often bad news. Though she may choose to hold it inside for a time, risking her magic's side-effects, she must eventually discharge the surge of power. A badly-timed spike, or an unwanted manifestation of that magic, could turn the tables very quickly. Not always for the better.


Abilities: 0 - 2 + 0 + 14 + 0 + 0 = 12PP

Strength: 18/10 (+4/0)
Dexterity: 8 (-1)
Constitution: 20/10 (+5/0)
Intelligence: 24 (+7)
Wisdom: 10 (+0)
Charisma: 10 (+0)

Combat: 6 + 5 = 11PP
Initiative: -1
Attack: +3 Base, +3 Melee, +3 Ranged, +5 Weapons Suite Array [+9 Containment Foam, +10 Missile Batteries]

Grapple: +18/4/0
Defense: +5/3 (+3/2 Base, +2/1 Dodge Focus), +1 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -7/2

Saving Throws: 0 + 0 + 0 = 0PP
Toughness: +15/5 (+5/0 Con, +10/5 Protection)
Fortitude: +10/0 (+5/0 Con, +5)
Reflex: +6/-1 (-1 Dex, +7)
Will: +8/0 (+0 Wis, +8)


Skills: 68R = 17PP
Computers 10 (+17)

Craft (Chemical) 5 (+12)
Craft (Electronic) 8 (+15)
Craft (Mechanical) 5 (+12)
Disable Device 6 (+13)
Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 8 (+15)

Knowledge (History) 3 (+10)
Knowledge (Physical Science) 5 (+12)
Knowledge (Technology) 8 (+15)

Knowledge (Theology and Philosophy) 3 (+10)

Language 2 (English, French, Spanish)

Notice 3 (+3)

Search 2 (+9)

Feats: 5PP

Benefit (Wealth)
Eidetic Memory



Powers: 3 + 2 + 113 + 1 = 119PP


Device 1 (Wheelchair, Tech; 5DP; Extra Effort [Device]; Drawbacks: Power Loss

[Cannot use in Bellios armor]) [3PP]

Descriptors: All (Hermetic) Magic and Technology combined. Magitech.

       Protection 5 (Extras: Force Field [+0]) [5DP]


Device 1 (Eyeglasses, Magical, Tech; 5DP; Extra Effort [Device]; Drawbacks: Power Loss

[Cannot use in Bellios armor]) [2PP]

Descriptors: All (Hermetic) Magic and Technology combined. Magitech.

       Sensory Suite Array 2 (4PP Array; Feats: Alternate Powers 1) [5DP]  

              BESuper-Senses 4 (Radar [+3]; Radar [Enhancements: Accurate (+0), Acute (+0), Ranged (+1)]) {4/4}

              APSuper-Senses 4 (Mental [Magic] Awareness [+3]; Awareness [Enhancement: Ranged (+1)]) {4/4}


Bellios 28 (Battlesuit, Magical, Tech; 140DP Alternate Form/Device; Extra Effort [Device];

Feats: Restricted [Beings with Magic]) [113PP]

       Descriptors: All (Hermetic) Magic and Technology combined. Magitech.


           Protocol Sy 8.4 (42PP Container) [42DP]

                       Enhanced Strength 8 [8DP]

                       Enhanced Constitution 10 [10DP]

                       Enhanced Combat 1 (Defence 1) [2DP]

                       Enhanced Saves 20 (Fortitude 5, Reflex 7, Will 8) [20DP]

                       Enhanced Feats 2 (Attack Specialization (Weapons Suite), Dodge Focus) [2DP]


           Communications 4 (Radio, 1 mile; Extras: Area; Flaws: Action [Move]; Feats: Selective, Subtle) [6DP]


           Hexagrammic Paneling 3.8 (19PP Container) [19DP]

                       Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9DP]

                       Protection 10 [10DP]


           Sensory Suite Array 5.5 (11PP Array; Feats: Alternate Powers 2) [13DP]

                      BESuper-Senses 9 (Direction Sense [+1], Distance Sense [+1], Radio [+1], Radar [+3]; Radar [Enhancements:

                      Accurate (+0), Acute (+0), Analytical (+1), Extended 2 [1,000 ft] (+2),

                      Radius (+1), Ranged (+1)]) {11/11}

                      APSuper-Senses 9 (Mental [Magic] Awareness [+3]; Awareness [Enhancement: Accurate (+2), Acute (+1), Analytical (+1),

                      Extended [1,000 ft] (+2), Radius (+1), Ranged (+1)]) {11/11}

                      AP: Data Link 4 (Radio, 1 mile; Extras: Area, Linked [Enhanced Feats]; Flaws: Check Required [Computers]; Feats: Machine Control,

                      Online Research, Selective, Subtle, Well-Informed) {9/11}


           Servo-Dynamos 6.5 (13DP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 2, Dynamic 2) [17DP]

                      DBE: Flight 0-6 (500 mph / 5,000 per Move Action; Feats: Subtle) {0-13}

                      DAPSuper-Strength 0-6 (Effective Strength 16-46, Heavy Load ~200 lbs-~6 tons) {0-12}

                      AP: Invisibility Matrix 0-4 (Invisibility; All Visual Senses; Feats: Close Range) {8/8}


           Weapons Suite Array 19.5 (39PP Array; Feats: Alternate Powers 4) [43DP]

                      BEKinetic Beam 10 (Blast; Extras: Linked [Dazzle], Range [Perception]; Flaws: Action [Full]; Feats: Knockback 3 [13 Total],

                      Variable [Energy/Tungsten]) {25} + Dazzle 7 (Visual; Extras: Linked [Blast], Range [Perception]; Flaws: Action [Full]) {14}

                      = {39/39}

                     AP: Containment Foam 11 (Snare; Extras: Regenerating; Feats: Accurate 2, Affects Insubstantial 2,

                     Improved Critical 2 [18-20]) {39/39}

                     AP: Flamethrowers 10 (Hellfire; Extras: Area [General, Cone], Vampiric; Flaws: Range [Touch]; Feats:

                     Affects Insubstantial 2, Dimensional 2 [Magical], Incurable, Split Attack 2, Variable Descriptor 2 [Electricity/Fire/Water]) {39/39}

                     AP: Fusion Autocannons 15 (Blast; Extras: Autofire; Flaws: Distracting; Feats: All-out Attack, Improved Critical 2 [18-20],

                     Precise Shot 2, Power Attack, Split Attack, Variable Descriptor 2 [Any Metal]) {39/39}

                     AP: Missile Batteries 10 (Blast; Extras: Area [Targeted, Burst]Feats: Accurate 2, All-out Attack,

                     Attack Focus [Ranged], Homing, Improved Critical 2 [18-20], Indirect, Power Attack) {39/39}                    


Magic 1 (2PP Array; Flaws: Unreliable) [1PP]

           Dazzle 1 (Visual + Auditory) [2PP]


Drawbacks: -2 + -1 + -4  = -7PP

Disability (Paraplegic) -2PP (Frequency: Uncommon; Intensity: Moderate)

Nearsighted -1PP (Frequency: Uncommon; Intensity: Minor)

Normal Identity -4PP (Frequency: Very Common; Intensity: Moderate)


DC Block

ATTACK                         RANGE         SAVE                                                 EFFECT
Unarmed                       Touch            DC 19/15 Toughness                     Damage (Physical, Bludgeoning)
Kinetic Beam                Perception   DC 25 Toughness (Penetrating)   Damage (Energy/Bludgeoning)

Dazzle                            Perception   DC 20 Reflex/Fortitude                  Dazzle (Staged)

Containment Foam      Ranged        DC 21 Reflex                                    Snare (Staged)

Flamethrowers             Ranged         DC 25 Toughness                           Damage (Electricity/Fire/Water)

Fusion Autocannons   Ranged         DC 30 Toughness (Autofire)         Damage (Physical)

Matter Manipulation   Touch            DC 23 Fortitude                              Transmutation

Missile Batteries          Ranged         DC 25 Toughness                           Damage (Missiles)

Dazzle                            Perception   DC 11 Reflex/Fortitude                  Dazzle (Staged)


Totals: Abilities (12) + Combat (11) + Saving Throws (0) + Skills (17) + Feats (5) + Powers (119) - Drawbacks (7) = 157/157 Power Points

Totals: Device 1 (5) + Device 1 (5) + Device 28 (140) = 148/148 Device Points





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Cut and Printed by Thevshi



Change Complications from:

Family Ties: SFX has a responsibility to protect her parents and their small enterprise.  That often takes precedence over the most pressing issues.
Something out of Nothing: Nanobots are amazing, but they need source material.  While they can often use a little here and a little there, other times they have to make noticeable and unwanted alterations to their surroundings.  Also, if she's in a drastic environment, they might not have what they need (IE: Ocean, etc)
I'm a Nanobot not a Miracle Worker!: While the nanobots can do amazing things, precision takes time.  For her most elaborate scenes, they take time to revise the raw shapes into something fantastic.
Zero Shades of Grey: SFX doesn't like to believe that there is anything other than right and wrong for an issue.  She struggles with non-absolutes and has a hard time letting things slide.
Don't make waves: Zhu's background is from a culture that stresses conformity and fitting in.  She often has difficulty either taking credit for her accomplishments or stepping outside the expected norms.

Do you know what time it is?: Not even Zhu's parents know that she moonlights as a hero.  They know that Claremont is a school for gifted individuals, but that's the extent of it.


Family Ties: SFX has a responsibility to protect her parents and their small enterprise.  That often takes precedence over the most pressing issues.
Something out of Nothing: Nanobots are amazing, but they need source material.  While they can often use a little here and a little there, other times they have to make noticeable and unwanted alterations to their surroundings.  Also, if she's in a drastic environment, they might not have what they need (IE: Ocean, etc)
I'm a Nanobot not a Miracle Worker!: While the nanobots can do amazing things, precision takes time.  For her most elaborate scenes, they take time to revise the raw shapes into something fantastic.

Do you know what time it is?: Not even Zhu's parents know that she moonlights as a hero.  They know that Claremont is a school for gifted individuals, but that's the extent of it.

Freezing Up: SFX is not a powerhouse, at her core, she's a teenaged girl with the frailties and insecurities of being a normal person in a super world.  When faced with threats she often will freeze up at the wrong moment!


Increase Clarke's Third Law to Device 9, add a linked power as an AP to Create Object, and Increase Create Object's rank by 1.  Cost 4PP


Device 9 (Clarke's Third Law; 45PP Container; Hard to Lose, Restricted to Computers 15+) [37PP] (Technology)

Protection 12 (Feats: Force Field) [12PP] 


Create Object 8 (Extras: Moveable, Duration 1 [continuous]; Feats: Progression 3, Stationary, Precise, Selective, Subtle, Alternate Powers 2; Flaws: Action 1 [Full]) [33PP] 
AP: Damage 10 (Extras: Ranged 1 [100ft]; Feats: Indirect 3, Precise, Split Attack 1, Subtle 1) [26/31] (Bludgeoning)
AP: Snare 10 (Extras: Area[Burst 50ft - General], Selective Attack; Feats: Subtle 1; Flaws: Range) [31/31]



Device 10 (Clarke's Third Law; 50PP Container; Hard to Lose, Restricted to Computers 15+) [41PP] (Technology)

Protection 12 (Feats: Force Field) [12PP] 


Create Object 9 (Extras: Moveable, Duration 1 [continuous]; Feats: Progression 3, Stationary, Precise, Selective, Subtle, Alternate Powers 2; Flaws: Action 1 [Full]) [37PP] 
AP: Damage 10 (Extras: Ranged 1 [100ft]; Feats: Indirect 3, Precise, Split Attack 1, Subtle 1) [26/34] (Bludgeoning)
AP: Snare 10 (Extras: Area[Burst 50ft - General], Selective Attack; Feats: Subtle 1; Flaws: Range) [31/34]

AP: Linked Enhance Trait (Notice +7, Search +12, Sense Motive +10) [8 pp] & Super Senses 12 (Spatial Awareness, Accurate (Mental), Acute (Mental), Analytical (Mental), Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Time Sense, Rapid 6, Radius (Mental): Feats Assessment) [23PP] [31/34]



Change Holo Projector to Device 5, increase Illusion to 9, Obscure to 5, Confuse to 10, and have Morph represent the correct device cost.  Cost 4PP


Device 4 (Holo Projector; 20PP Container; Hard to Lose, Restricted to Computers 15+) [17PP] (Technology)

Illusion 7 ([Auditory, Sight*] Feats: Progression, Area 3; Alternate Powers 3) [20 PP] (Light, Sound)
AP: Obscure 4 ([Auditory, Sight*]; Extras: Selective Attack) [12/20] (Light, Sound)
AP: Confuse 8 (Extras: Area[Burst 40ft - General]) [16/20] (Light, Sound)
AP: Morph 5 (Broad Group [Any Human]; Extras: Duration 1 [Continuous] ) [15/20] (Light, Sound)

*Only Standard Sight



Device 5 (Holo Projector; 25PP Container; Hard to Lose, Restricted to Computers 15+) [21PP] (Technology)

Illusion 9 ([Auditory, Sight*] Feats: Progression, Area 3; Alternate Powers 3) [24 PP] (Light, Sound)
AP: Obscure 5 ([Auditory, Sight*]; Extras: Selective Attack) [15/21] (Light, Sound)
AP: Confuse 10 (Extras: Area[Burst 50ft - General]) [20/21] (Light, Sound)
AP: Morph 5 (Broad Group [Any Human]; Extras: Duration 1 [Continuous] ) [15/21] (Light, Sound)

*Only Standard Sight


Add Cloud Thinking as a power.  Cost 4PP

Quickness 6(Feats: Eidetic Memory; Flaws: One Type[Mental]) [4PP] 


Add +4 Ranks of Stealth.  Cost 1PP

Stealth 4 (+4)


Add the Speed of Thought Feat  Cost 1PP

Speed of Thought


Please Add the below image to the character sheet



Total Cost: 14PP


Admin Changes Related to Above Changes

Power Level: 10 (164/166)

Unspent Power Points: 2


Initiative: +5


Skills: 92R = 23PP 


Powers: 41 +21 +5 +4 = 71PP


Feats: 19PP


Create Object       Area 40ft  DC 24 Toughness                Damage
Confuse             Area 40ft  DC 20 Will                     Confuse


Abilities (20) + Combat (12) + Saving Throws (19) + Skills (23) + Feats (19) + Powers (71) - Drawbacks (0) = 160/162 Power Points


Revised Sheet




Power Level: 10 (164/166)
Unspent Power Points: 2
Trade-Offs: None, (-5 Def/+5 Tou)

In Brief: Genius teen creates nanobot swarm to emulate film special effects.

 SFX.png              SFX_smalll2_zpsvrvhz4uw.jpg

Alternate Identity: Zhu Xieng, "Alexa" (Public) 
Birthplace: Shanghai, China
Residence: Freedom City
Base of Operations: Freedom City, Claremont
Occupation: Student
Affiliations: Claremont
Family: Bao Xieng "John" (father), Shin "Shae" (mother)
Catchphrase: TBD

Age: 17
Apparent Age: 15
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: Asian, Chinese
Height: 5’2”
Weight: 100 Lbs
Eyes: Dark Blue
Hair: Black
Zhu is a bright-eyed young Chinese girl who seems to barely contain her overwhelming enthusiasm and passion.  She is short and thin with shoulder length straight black hair which is usually pulled back in some fashion.  Her face is a little rounded with large expressive eyes which seem to drink up all around her.  Frequent exercise has given her the body of a runner, long and lean.  She typically dresses in modern fashions with a tendency towards the functional even if she has wide tastes in clothes.  It is unusual for her to not be wearing bracelets and other simple jewelry.  Her body and face have not quite caught up with her age and she looks younger than she is and is often mistaken for an underclassman.  

From an early age, Zhu was a very different child.  Able to speak to and understand machines almost before she could speak to her parents, her education took a very different path.  While she attended normal schools in China, her persistent connection to the Internet let her accelerate her learning far beyond that of her peers.  While others were taking courses in rudimentary mathematics, she was testing and writing AI routines all while presenting a polite conformist front.  Being so far ahead in schooling allowed Zhu to tailor her own learning to her interests, which lay in technology and special effects.  She adored the movies, and while the plots and stories were fascinating, what she really enjoyed was all of the visual effects that continued to improve from picture to picture.


When she was 12, she started her first YouTube channel dedicated to short films she had produced.  All of the effects and equipment were created with things she had built from whatever parts she could find around the house.  While this obsession baffled her parents, they were accommodating and understanding, even if they didn't realize how special their daughter was.  For the next two years, she pushed the envelope of amateur cinematics gaining the attention from companies like ILM and other major studios.  Their daughter's skill was finally revealed after the invention of her first nanobot swarm.  The cloud, aptly named Clarke's Third Law Mk1, accelerated her ability to build and prototype things, making items and objects as if out of thin air.  They now had confirmation of what they had always guessed, their daughter was very special indeed.  Applying and receiving a Visa based on a very special offer from the prestigious Claremont Academy.


"Transition to the US was difficult as they didn't have much in the way of money and her parents didn't speak English, landing in Lincoln in a small, but clean, row house.  It was difficult helping her parents navigate life in a foreign country as they didn't speak English well enough to do anything.  However, with some work, and Zhu's help translating, they managed to open a small Convenience Store.  It kept her very busy and their need was so great that she missed the first few months of classes while she helped them insure everything was in order.  Still, with contacts from major production houses inquiring into the possibility of internships, it was a very exciting time and she couldn't wait to hone her trade and venture off to make real movies!  Things changed weeks before she arrived at Claremont when the family store was robbed at gunpoint.  Suddenly, the prospects of school and a career were overshadowed by the things that she hadn't noticed.  Protection rackets, gang turf wars, muggings, and all manner of crime seemed endemic even through the best efforts of the authorities and the heroes who helped them.  It didn't take long for a new fledgling hero to appear on the scene as SFX who moonlighted on her scant free hours trying to relieve the burgeoning problems in the city."

Personality & Motivation:

Cheerful, bright, and seemingly full of boundless energy.  Zhu has a passion for learning, technology and all things popular culture.  She has a very strong opinion on what is right and wrong and will often be interceded to help those that she feels are being oppressed. Living in more of a binary world, she doesn't really like shades of grey and often struggles with things that cannot be delineated as right and wrong.  She has very strong ties to her family and that extends to close friends and neighbors.  She still wishes to make her mark as a professional special effects artist, but that is being tempered by her growing sense of responsibility to those around her.  She works very well with others and will often step aside to give credit to anyone else for her actions.

Powers & Tactics:

SFX has had very little formal training in fighting and doesn't know the first thing about punching anyone.  Even though she's Chinese, she definitely doesn't know any martial arts.  Instead, she relies on her Nanobots to change the landscape around her.  Creating barriers, moving columns and other objects that batter her opponents while she just does her best to keep as much of her objects between her and them.  In addition, she tries to use her holoprojector to baffle and confuse people making sure they never quite know what is happening.  Finally, when part of a team, she would rather support others and help them shine as much as taking center stage herself.  She is a big fan of planning ahead and using whatever is around her to her best advantage.
Power Descriptions:

SFX's powers are easy to see and hard to notice.  Objects and images spring to life around her, only to fade back to dust a short while later.  While it isn't obvious she's controlling the show, she is usually at the epicenter of the maelstrom of effects.  Her bots and holograms are all controlled by two bracelets which are often transformed to look far less techy.

Family Ties: SFX has a responsibility to protect her parents and their small enterprise.  That often takes precedence over the most pressing issues.
Something out of Nothing: Nanobots are amazing, but they need source material.  While they can often use a little here and a little there, other times they have to make noticeable and unwanted alterations to their surroundings.  Also, if she's in a drastic environment, they might not have what they need (IE: Ocean, etc)
I'm a Nanobot not a Miracle Worker!: While the nanobots can do amazing things, precision takes time.  For her most elaborate scenes, they take time to revise the raw shapes into something fantastic.

Do you know what time it is?: Not even Zhu's parents know that she moonlights as a hero.  They know that Claremont is a school for gifted individuals, but that's the extent of it.

Freezing Up: SFX is not a powerhouse, at her core, she's a teenaged girl with the frailties and insecurities of being a normal person in a super world.  When faced with threats she often will freeze up at the wrong moment!


Abilities: -2 +0 +6 +10 +4 +2 = 20PP
Strength: 8 (-1)
Dexterity: 10 (+0)
Constitution: 16 (+3)
Intelligence: 20 (+5)
Wisdom: 14 (+2)
Charisma: 12 (+1)


Combat: +8 +4 = 12PP
Initiative: +5
Attack: +4 Melee, +10 Ranged, +4 Base
Defense: +5 (+2 Base, +3 Dodge Focus), +1 Flat-Footed
Grapple: +3
Knockback: -7


Saving Throws: +5 +6 +8 = 19PP
Toughness: +3 / +15 (+3 Con, +12 [Protection])
Fortitude: +8 (+3 Con, +5)
Reflex: +6 (+0 Dex, +6)
Will: +10 (+2 Wis, +8)


Skills: 92R = 23PP 
Computers 15 (+20) Skill Mastery
Craft [Artistic] 3 (+8)
Craft [Mechanical] 11 (+16) Skill Mastery
Craft [Structural] 8 (+13)
Disable Device 5 (+10)
Disguise 0 (+26 [morph])
Knowledge [Physical Sciences] 15 (+20) Skill Mastery
Knowledge [Popular Culture] 5 (+10) 
Knowledge [Technology] 15 (+20)
Language [Mandarin (native); English; German; Russian]
Notice 8 (+10) Skill Mastery

Stealth 4 (+4)


Feats: 19PP
Attack Focus (ranged) 6
Dodge Focus 3
Improvised Tools
Master Plan
Power Attack
Skill Mastery 1 (Computers, Craft [Mechanical], Knowledge [Physical Sciences], Notice)
Teamwork 1
Equipment 1
Online Research [Voice of the Machine]
Well-Informed [Voice of the Machine]

Speed of Thought

Eidetic Memory [Cloud Thinking]


Equipment: 5EP = 1PP

Night Vision Goggles

Portable Laptop (tablet)

Zip ties


Cell Phone


Powers: 41 +21 +5 +4= 71PP
Device 10 (Clarke's Third Law; 50PP Container; Hard to Lose, Restricted to Computers 15+) [41PP] (Technology)

Protection 12 (Feats: Force Field) [12PP] 


Create Object 9 (Extras: Moveable, Duration 1 [continuous]; Feats: Progression 3, Stationary, Precise, Selective, Subtle, Alternate Powers 2; Flaws: Action 1 [Full]) [37PP] 
AP: Damage 10 (Extras: Ranged 1 [100ft]; Feats: Indirect 3, Precise, Split Attack 1, Subtle 1) [26/34] (Bludgeoning)
AP: Snare 10 (Extras: Area[Burst 50ft - General], Selective Attack; Feats: Subtle 1; Flaws: Range) [31/34]

AP: Linked Enhance Trait (Notice +7, Search +12, Sense Motive +10) [8 pp] & Super Senses 12 (Spatial Awareness, Accurate (Mental), Acute (Mental), Analytical (Mental), Direction Sense, Distance Sense, Time Sense, Rapid 6, Radius (Mental): Feats Assessment) [23PP] [31/34]


Device 5 (Holo Projector; 25PP Container; Hard to Lose, Restricted to Computers 15+) [21PP] (Technology)

Illusion 9 ([Auditory, Sight*] Feats: Progression, Area 3; Alternate Powers 3) [24 PP] (Light, Sound)
AP: Obscure 5 ([Auditory, Sight*]; Extras: Selective Attack) [15/21] (Light, Sound)

AP: Confuse 10 (Extras: Area[Burst 50ft - General]) [20/21] (Light, Sound)

AP: Morph 5 (Broad Group [Any Human]; Extras: Duration 1 [Continuous] ) [15/21] (Light, Sound)

*Only Standard Sight



Datalink 2 (Voice of the Machine; Feats: Machine Control, Online Research, Well-Informed) [5PP] (Mutation)


Quickness 4(Cloud Thinking; Feats: Eidetic Memory; Flaws: One Type[Mental]) [4PP] (Technology)


Drawbacks: 0 = -0PP


DC Block
ATTACK              RANGE      SAVE                           EFFECT

Create Object       Area 40ft  DC 24 Toughness                Damage
Confuse             Area 40ft  DC 20 Will                     Confuse
Damage              Ranged     DC 25 Toughness                Damage
Snare               Area 50ft  DC 20 Reflex                   Snare



Abilities (20) + Combat (12) + Saving Throws (19) + Skills (23) + Feats (19) + Powers (71) - Drawbacks (0) = 164/166 Power Points








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Miracle Girl


Using 4PP to increase her Super-Strength by 2 ranks. Also adjusted her age to 20; our girl is growing up so fast!


Edit: Using 2 new PP to increase her Impervious Toughness to 8, which is as high as I will take it.



Super-Strength 6 (Strength 60, Heavy Load: 50 Tons, Feat: Super-Breath) [13PP]


Impervious Toughness 8 [8PP]



Miracle Girl


MissMiracle.jpg  mg costume.jpg

Power Level: 10/13 (212/212PP)
Tradeoffs: +2 Toughness/-2 Defense
Unspent PP: 0


In Brief: Super-strong teen with the gift of flight.

Alternate Identity: Casey Blankenship
Identity: Secret
Birthplace: Colorado Springs, CO
Occupation: Student
Affiliations: Claremont Academy
Family: Margaret Blankenship (mother), Col. Steve Blankenship (father), Josh Blankenship (older brother)

Age: 20 (DoB: December 27, 1997)
Gender: Female
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 145 lbs.
Eyes: Green
Hair: Honey-blonde

Casey is a good-looking, athletic young woman with green eyes and long blonde hair. In her civilian identity, she typically wears her 
hair up and out of the way, and favors cotton or flannel shirts, loose-cut jeans and light hiking boots year round. An oversize shoulder bag made from natural hemp holds her whole life, including her MG costume. Casey still wears her old glasses, even though she no longer needs them; she feels they help to maintain her 'ordinary girl' cover, plus she just really likes the way they look on her!

Casey's bio-energetic field is always active, but it is usually barely visible to the naked eye, manifesting as more of a healthy glow to her skin and golden luster to her hair. However if she uses her powers for more challenging tasks, the glow becomes far more visible and radiant. When she's active as Miracle Girl, Casey loses the glasses and lets her hair down, which tends to billow around her face when she flies, and she literally glows; yes, she knows it's a bit much, but it actually helps her maintain her secret identity! She also wears a form-fitting costume of red, white and blue with a gold belt with several pouches for gear.

Casey's family lives in Colorado Springs not far from Peterson Air Force Base, and until recently she attended Air Academy High School. She's been an active Girl Scout since she was little, and she recently earned her Gold Award for building a wooden foot bridge at a National Park near her home. Up until recently, Casey only knew her dad as US Air Force Colonel Steve Blankenship; she had no idea that her father actually worked for AEGIS as Vigilant ('America's First Line of Defense!') and would probably have never found out, due to concerns over national security.

Casey has been around aircraft her entire life; her father began taking her up in his Cessna before she could ride a bike. It was during a weekend training flight that a bizarre accident occurred; a summer storm suddenly came upon the tiny aircraft, which was was struck by lightening as Casey hurried to get back to the airfield. The bolt passed right through both her and her father, somehow transferring some of his powers to her. After the incident, Casey was taken to a secure location where it was explained who her father was and how important it was that his identity be kept a secret, and she swore an oath that she would. When it was discovered she now shared some of her father's gifts, AEGIS contacted Headmistress Summers and asked if she could accept a new student.

Personality & Motivation:
Casey is thoughtful and outgoing, and makes friends easily, though sometimes she comes off as a bit of a goody two-shoes. She is passionate about volunteer work, and sees heroism as merely an extension of what she's done most of her life. She also loves the romantic notion of being a newspaper reporter like her grandfather who worked for the Miami Herald for thirty years, even though she knows in modern times it means less and less. Casey tries to tell the truth at all times, but understands that a secret identity does require the occasional 'white lie', as much as it pains her. Outside of journalism, her interests include almost any sort of outdoor activity (hiking, camping, skiing and white-water rafting are among her favorites), as well as reading, playing board games and shopping with friends. Casey has also loved aviation since she was a little girl, something her pilot father instilled in her; even though she can now fly under her own power, achieving her student pilot certificate is still one of her proudest achievements.

Powers & Tactics:
Casey is getting more comfortable with her powers, but is still working on her tactics; so far, Miracle Girl is a fairly straightforward fighter, primarily relying on her impressive strength and speed to get the job done. She can take a lot of punishment, so she's happy to draw fire away from less physical heroes or to protect innocents. Her super-breath offers her a good option to take out a lot of mooks at one time, her heatvision is very precise, and her keen eyesight and ability to monitor emergency frequencies give a heads up when danger is near. Miracle Girl's body isn't actually any stronger, faster or tougher than any normal human's; a strange golden bio-energy field, channeled through Casey's own brain, allows her to accomplish these feats. Psionic energy is capable of disrupting that field, meaning Casey is more vulnerable to mental attacks. She has come to appreciate the value of stealth and occasional trickery when fighting crime; though she tries hard to be a 'good girl', these minor deceptions give her a little secret thrill.

"Yeah, he's my dad..." - Casey's father is Col. Steve Blankenship, aka Vigilant, 'America's First Line of Defense'. It's not quite as cool as it sounds.
"I know he just wants me to be safe." If any of Vigilant's enemy's figure out who Casey is, they might try to get to him through her.
"No, I really am a Girl Scout." Scouting has been a major part of Casey's life since she was five years old; she takes 
her pledge to the Scouts and their values very seriously.
"There might be a story here." Casey is both naturally curious and has a reporter's instincts; if she thinks there's a wrong that needs to come to light, she will do everything in her power to expose it.
"Are you going to finish that?" Casey needs to eat about twice as much as a normal girl her size to keep herself going.

Abilities: 4 + 4 + 4 + 6 + 2 + 4 = 24PP
Strength: 30/14 (+10/+2)
Dexterity: 14 (+2)
Constitution: 30/14 (+10/+2)
Intelligence: 16 (+3)
Wisdom: 12 (+1)
Charisma: 14 (+2)


Combat: 12 + 12 = 24PP
Initiative: +9
Attack: 6, Melee +6, Ranged +6, Unarmed +10, Heatvision +14
Grapple: +20 (+10 Str, Attack 6, Super-Str 4)
Defense: 8 (+6 Defense, +2 Dodge Focus), 3 Flat-footed
Knockback: -9


Saving Throws: 0 + 0 + 8 + 9 = 17PP
Toughness: +12 (+2 Con, +8 Enhanced Con, +2 Protection)
Fortitude +10 (+2 Con, +8 Enhanced Con)
Reflex +10 (+2 Dex, +8)
Will +10 (+1 Wis, +9)



Skills: 104 Ranks = 26PP
Bluff 4 (+6/+10 Attractive/+16 Mimicry)
Craft: Structural 2 (+5)
Diplomacy 15 (+17/+21 Attractive) Skill Mastery

Disable Device 7 (+10)

Drive 2 (+5)

Intimidate 8 (+10) Skill Mastery
Knowledge (Current Events) 2 (+5)
Knowledge (Earth Science) 2 (+5)
Knowledge (Pop Culture) 2 (+5)
Knowledge (Technology) 2 (+5)
Languages 3 (ASL, Japanese, Spanish)
Medicine 4 (+5)
Notice 14 (+15) Skill Mastery
Pilot 3 (+5)

Ride 3 (+5)

Search 7 (+10) Skill Mastery

Sense Motive 9 (+10)
Stealth 8 (+10)
Survival 4 (+5)

Swim 3 (+5/+13)



Feats: 20PP

Attack Specialization 1 (Heatvision)

Attack Specialization 2 (Unarmed)
Dodge Focus 2
Equipment 1
Improved Initiative 2

Improved Sunder

Inspire 3


Luck 1

Precise Shot

Skill Mastery (Diplomacy, Intimidate, Notice, Search)

Takedown Attack

Ultimate Toughness

Equipment: 1PP = 5EP
'Bug-Out Belt' contains:

First Aid Kit 1EP
Flashlight (headlamp) 1EP
GPS Receiver 1EP
Multi-tool 1EP
Rebreather 1EP

Powers: 4 + 16 + 18 + 1 + 9 + 8 + 2 + 18 + 13 + 15 = 104PP


Communication 4 (Radio, 1 mile range) [4PP]

Enhanced Constitution 16 [16PP]

Enhanced Strength 16 (Power Feats: Alternate Power 2) [18PP]

  • AP: Damage 8 (Freezing Breath, 80' length; Extras: Area [General, Cone], Selective, Flaw: Action [Full-Round Action]) {16/16}
  • AP: Damage 6 (Heatvision; Extras: Ranged, Feats: Accurate 3, Precise) {16/16}


Feature: Mimicry [1PP]

Immunity 9 (Life Support) [9PP]

Impervious Toughness 8 [8PP]


Protection 2 [2PP]

Super-Senses 18 (Extended Hearing 3 [10,000 ft], Ultra-Hearing, Extended Vision 3 [10,000 ft], Infravision, Microscopic Vision 1 [Dust-Size], Radar, Radio, X-Ray Vision [Resisted by Lead, +4]) [18PP]


Super-Strength 6 (Strength 60, Heavy Load: 50 Tons, Feat: Super-Breath) [13PP]

Swift as the Wind 7 (14PP Array, Feats: Alternate Powers 1) [15PP]

  • Base: Flight 7 (1000 mph) {14/14}
  • AP: Quickness 14 (x50,000) {14/14}


Drawbacks: (-3) = -3PP

Vulnerability (Psionic Attacks, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Moderate [+50% DC]) [-3PP]

DC Block

ATTACK            RANGE      SAVE              EFFECT
Unarmed           Touch      DC 25 Toughness   Damage
Freezing Breath   80' Cone   DC 23 Toughness   Damage
Heatvision        Ranged     DC 21 Toughness   Damage
Super-Breath      Ranged     DC 20 Reflex      Trip


Abilities 24 + Combat 24 + Saving Throws 17 + Skills 26 + Feats 20 + Powers 104 - Drawbacks 3 = 212/212 Power Points



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Glassform'd By HGM




Couple of things here.


First off, I believe the math was off on the character as I can only find 153/157PP spent, not 154. The issue seems to be saves which has one point being counted as spent that actually isn't accounted for.


Second, I want to get edit a complication, a fluff change here, but something I want to note, and add two more. The edited one is Hates Seeing Others Hurt, which should now be called Echoes of the Past. See below.




Echoes of the Past: Whenever Alton witnesses lethal, or possibly lethal attacks against living beings, based on his point of view (If it appears lethal from where he is, even if it's not, ETC), he becomes enraged, and has a hard time stopping himself from focusing solely on the source of the attack. He has come to realize that this isn't something from his past, but a memory and emotion from Mary being shared across their bond, making him feel both her rage, and his own from some primal part of his mind. 



Spark of Something More: Something has begun to stir inside of Mirror's very soul, something that feels alien, and yet, is not. Some part of his soul, small and forgotten, is not human in it's own right. Since his return after disappearing, this part of his soul has been growing, driving him forward. He fights it, not knowing what it is, or where it comes from, not even entirely sure it's his to begin with. It pushes him to strain his powers, to test his limits, and fling caution to the wind. Moreover, it pushes him to look into his family's past, and Mary's history/family, pushing him into studies he may never have cared for in the past. It swirls golden in the depths of his soul, pulsing, and growing, but into what, who knows?


(Like a phobia, or nervous tick, when triggered, it alters Alton's behavior. Of note is that it makes him more reckless, and if he believes someone or something may provide insight into him or Mary's nature, he pursues it aggressively, which can and will cause him to overstep bounds, pursue opponents/sources out of his reach, and has caused him to place previous defining choices to the side (His Science and Architecture skills) in order to pursue this, which has impacts on his personal life as well.)


Unseen, or not: Anyone with an active power descriptor of Necromantic, Magical, or Divine (Be it innate, from a device, or temporary matters not) can see, and hear Mary. As her bond with Alton has grown stronger, her form has become ever so slightly more tangible, expanding the number of people that can see her greatly.


(This one is not a big complication, but is built to increase the danger of one of his other complications, Bound by Blood and Soul, is worse. As it currently stands, someone would need to know the nature of the Mirror/Mary bond in order to exploit that complication, with this new complication more people can take advantage of it, even if only by revealing that something is there for them to pursue. In essence, I noticed one of my complications seemed a little hard to use outside of very targeted attacks, and this expands it's scope, making it a bit more viable)


Finally, I want to spend the 4 pp (Counting the one I believe is counted as spent but not really) 


2 PP to skills (8 Points)


Language 2 (English (Native), Greek, Irish)


Knowledge (Theology) 5 (+5) (I'd like to up this more, but it'd seem extreme to go above this for just gaining a skill)


Acrobatics 7 (+15)


1 PP in Saves (So the save totals shouldn't change, just actually add up properly now)


Up Will from +7 total to +8 Total

Will: +8 (+1 Wis, +7)


And  finally


1 PP Spent to turn my Glass Control (Move Object 10  Feats: Precise, Subtle; Extra: Range [Perception]; Flaw: Limited to Glass ) Effective Strength: 50 Heavy Load: 12 Tons [22PP])


Into an array by adding Alternate Power 1 



Glass Control 10 ( (Move Object 10  Feats: Precise, Subtle; Extra: Range [Perception]; Flaw: Limited to Glass; Feat: Alternate Power 1 ) Effective Strength: 50 Heavy Load: 12 Tons [23PP])

AP: Glass Weaponry (Strike) 10  (Variable Descriptor (Bludgeoning, Slashing, Piercing), DC 25 Accurate 2, Flaw; Source (Glass; Requires enough glass in melee range to be used, as per the GM) {7/22}
Totals: Abilities (14) + Combat (28) + Saving Throws (9) + Skills (17) + Feats (13) + Powers (75) = 157/157 Power Points

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Paradigm has 18 pp to spend, so going to bring her up to PL 15 caps and am going to be reworking some things.


As part of bringing her up to caps I am spending points as follows:


1) +1 BAB (up to +8) [2 pp]


3) +1 to Dodge Focus (up to 5 ranks) [1 pp]


4) +2 Con (up to 22 without enhanced con) [2 pp]


5) +1 Impervious Toughness (giving her +15 Impervious) [1 pp]


6) I am also adding +1 to each of her saves [3 pp]


However, looking back over things, I realize that I miss calculated her Weakness drawback, it should be -6 pp, not -5, so I end up only spending 8 pp for the above 9 pp of changes due to this oversight.


I am also changing her powers around some, giving her a more traditional Paragon Array (in part because I feel the way her Heat Vision works is sort of cheating).  As part of this rearranging, I am making the following changes:


I am dropping the 2 ranks of Attack Specialization: Heat Vision and Takedown Attack from her feats (freeing up 3 pp)


I am adding Power Loss Drawback to Delaztri Crystals to both her Enhanced Con 12 and Impervious Toughness, meaning those powers are shut off when she is exposed to the crystals (in addition to her weakness).  This frees up another 2 pp.


I am reducing her base flight power to only 1 rank, freeing up 12 pp.


I am dropping her Enhanced Strength 2, freeing up 2 pp.


I am reducing her Super Strength to 1 ranks and changing the Heat Vision feat to Superbreath (I am keeping the Shockwave and Countering Punch feats), freeing up 10 pp.


I am also dropping the Power Reserve, freeing up another 7 pp. 


In total, that is 36 pp going into the Paragon Array.  I will spend another 2 of my unspent pp (for a total of 10) to give the array 38 pp.  The array will be rank 16 with a dynamic base power and three dynamic alt powers, for a total of 39 pp.  It will also have the Power Loss Drawback, to keep the costs at 38 pp.  When finished it will be as follows:


Paragon Array 16 (32 pp Feats: Dynamic; 3 Dynamic Alt Powers; Drawback: Power Loss when exposed to Delaztri Crystals (-1)) [38 pp]

  • BP: Enhanced Str 10 (Feats: Takedown Attack; Improved Crit 2 [18-20]) {0 to 13 pp}
  • DAP: Super Strength 16 {0 to 32 pp}
  • DAP: Flight 12 {0 to 24 pp}
  • DAP: Blast (Heat Vision) 12 (Feats:Accurate 5; Improved Range 2 (600’ range increment); Progression: Range (3,000’ max range)) {0 to 32 pp}


I have also made some fluff changes.  Final character sheet is below:



Player Name Thievish
Character Name: Paradigm

Power Level: 15 (242/250PP)

Trade-Offs: -3 Def/+3 Toughness; -3 Atk/+3 Damage (+3 Atk/-3 Damage for Heat Vision)

Unspent Power Points: 8


In Brief: An alien paragon who defended an ancient space empire, recently revived after two millennium in suspended animation.


Alternate Identity: Amara Val-Ren

Identity: Public

Birthplace: Naram Prime

Occupation: Former Praetorian of the Delaztri Empire; Current Imperatrix of the Praetorians

Affiliations: Praetorians

Family: Daar Val-Ren (brother - deceased)


Age: 45 (DOB: over 2,000 years ago)

Apparent Age: 20

Gender: Female

Height: 5’ 8”

Weight: 3,000 lbs

Eyes: Yellow

Hair: Dark Purple/Black


Paradigm, like others of her race, has skin that is a dark orange in color.  Her hair, which she wears down past her shoulders, is black mixed with dark purple and her eyes are a dark yellow.  Slightly taller than average, she has a lithe build, which disguises her true strength. 


Paradigm's costume is a full length white bodysuit, with black diamonds on the shoulders, upper chest and back, which were surrounded by golden yellow trim.  Black gloves go up almost the length of each forearms, and her black boots go halfway up her calves, both also having golden yellow trim.  A long, black cape completes the outfit.


Power Descriptions:


Paradigm's already alien physiology was radically altered by the enhancement treatment she underwent over two thousand years ago.  Her body's density was greatly increased, making her far stronger and tougher than the normal members of her species, but without any visible change to her appearance. 




Over two thousand years ago, the Delaztri Empire ruled an area of space encompassing hundreds of worlds.  After more expansive conquests centuries earlier, the Empire’s growth had greatly slowed, the Empire turning away from aggressive expansion and instead focusing on governing the diverse races within its borders.  What little growth that continued to occur was mainly the result of diplomacy, and planets choosing to peacefully integrate into the Empire, looking to gain the benefits of Delaztri rule. 


During this time, the greatest defenders of the Delaztri Empire were the Praetorians (the closest English/Lor translation of the original title), an organization consisting of hundreds of individuals of incredible power, recruited among the many different races within the Empire’s boarders. 


Amara Val-Ren was born on Naram, a planet long under the rule of the Delaztri.  Amara's people were genetically stronger and tougher than many other humanoid species, with members of the species chosen to undergo genetic and radiation treatments to produce powerful members of the Praetorians.  The numbers of Naram subjected to such treatments were usually kept low by the Delaztri, for fear of creating a force of superpowered Naram that might choose to depose them.


Amara's older brother, Daar, had been selected to join the Praetorians when she was still a young girl, eventually rising to be one of the leading members of the organization.  Inspired by her brother, Amara dedicated herself to trying to earn the right to undergo the enhancement treatments and become a member of the Praetorians as well.


When Amara had reached her thirty-fifth cycle (roughly about eighteen for a human), she competed in a contest with other Naram for the honor of being selected for the enhancement treatment and membership in the Praetorians.  Although the various trials were grueling, Amara managed to finish ahead of the other competitors, earning herself the chance to follow in her older brother's footsteps.


Amara left Naram behind, traveling to the seat of the empire to undergo the enhancement treatment.  The process was painful, but resulted in the young Naram's body density vastly increasing, with no outward change to her appearance.  Her natural strength and durability were vastly increased, with Amara also developing the ability to fly, even through the cold expanse of space, and to survive unharmed in almost any environment.


It was not long after that Amara was inducted as a member of the Praetorians, joining her older brother in defending the empire.  For the next five years, she served loyally, facing numerous dangers as a Praetorian.  Then, a new enemy appeared at the boarders of the empire, pushing quickly into Delzatri space, and swatting aside the initial responses from the Delzatri Navy and the Praetorians. 

Ultimately, the entire might of the Praetorians was thrown at this threat and following several climatic battles, the enemy was defeated and driven from Delzatri space.  But the victory came at a high price.  Just over three quarters of the Praetorians were dead before the enemy was finally repulsed, including Daar Val-Ren.  As the few dozen weary and battered survivors made their way back from the front, the damaged Delzatri Naval ships they were aboard were intercepted by one of the Curator's museum ships.  The ancient Preserver created AI had decided that the surviving Praetorians needed to be collected and preserved by him.


The surviving Praetorians naturally resisted, but were overwhelmed by the Curator's drones and placed in suspended animation and brought back to his vast ringworld.  The Delzatri Empire collapsed not long after, while Amara and the others have sat in suspended animation for millennia.


When the Communion recently returned, overrunning parts of the Stellar Khanate and destroying Lor-Van, the Curator reviewed Amara and the other surviving Praetorians.  Although initially shocked by how much time had passed and the fact the empire they had sworn to protect was no more, the Praetorians realized that the galaxy still needed protecting from the Communion.  By the decision of her fellow Praetorians, Amara was made the new Imperatrix to lead them, taking the role her brother had once held along with a small group of others.


Making contact with the Lor, the Grue and other galactic powers that were trying to resist the Communion, the Praetorians helped in organizing the Coalition and fighting against the Communion.  As the leader of the Praetorians, Amara was not only involved in the fighting, but also attended meetings of the Coalition leaders, helping to provide a neutral viewpoint that was not clouded by allegiance or bias to any of the existing factions in space.


Once the Communion had been defeated, Amara continued to lead the majority of her fellow Praetorians in serving as defenders for those Coalition governments that wished to accept their aid.  The Praetorians came to work in concert with the Star Knights, who were working to rebuild their numbers following the Incursion, and added one of the interstellar protectors to their ranks as a representative from the group.  Several other Coalition governments sent representatives to be members of the Praetorians, including the Lor.


Personality & Motivation:


A large portion of Amara’s life was spent in preparation for and then as a defender of the Delzatri Empire.  She was driven to live up to the example of service set by other members of her race, including her older brother.  Her powers tended to lead her to be confident and forceful, not relying on subtlety. 


Although Amara was just as shocked to learn that the Delzatri Empire had ceased to be, she quickly shouldered the responsibility of leading her fellow Praetorians against the returned thread of the Communion.  Along with most of her fellow Praetorians, Amara has found new purpose in offering assistance and protection to those parts of the galaxy that request it.  Having been thrown into working with leaders from the Coalition, the young Naram learned to hone her diplomatic skills, along with some guidance from Elite.


Amara has settled into her role as the leader of the Praetorians, although part of her wishes she could share the burden as her bother had with several others two thousand years ago.  While decisions may ultimately rest with her, she does not hesitate to seek counsel and advice from her teammates and even puts matters to a vote by the team when appropriate. 


Powers & Tactics:


Paradigm’s powers make her very strong and durable, but she also spent years as part of a larger organization, so her tactics tend to reflect both these influences.  Her natural instinct is too quickly to close with threats, relying on her durability to protect her.  But years working with her fellow Praetorians has made Paradigm realize the importance of teamwork and understand the roles that all of her fellow teammates can play. 




Stuff of Legends  Although the Delaztri Empire has long since ceased to be, there are still parts of the galaxy where the Empire and its Praetorians are legends.  On some worlds, the Praetorians are recalled as legendary heroes, but on other worlds, history has come to paint them as oppressors and conquers.



Abilities: 2 + 4 + 12 + 4 + 6 + 10 = 38PP

Strength: 12/36/46 (+1/+13/+18)

Dexterity: 14 (+2)  

Constitution: 22/34 (+6/+12)

Intelligence: 14 (+2)

Wisdom: 16 (+3)

Charisma: 20 (+5)


Combat: 16 + 14 = 30PP

Initiative: +6

Attack: +8; +12 Melee; +18 Heat Vision

Grapple: +30/+35/+46

Defense: +7 base, +12 with Dodge Focus (+3 flat-footed)

Knockback: -20


Saving Throws: 7 + 8 + 11 = 26 PP

Toughness: +18 (+15 Impervious)

Fortitude: +13/+19 (+6/+12 Con, +7)

Reflex: +10 (+2 Dex, +8)

Will: +14 (+3 Wis, +11)


Skills: 60R = 15PP

Diplomacy 14 (+19)

Kn: Galactic Lore 10 (+12)

Language 4 (Delaztri (native); Lor, Grue, Galstandard, English)

Medicine 3 (+6)

Notice 10 (+13)

Pilot 1 (+3)

Sense Motive 18 (+21)


Feats: 17PP

Attack Focus: Melee 4

Dodge Focus 5

Environmental Adaption 3 (Zero G, Low G, High G)

Equipment 39 (free from Veteran Awards, for Praetorian spaceships and HQ)

Grappling Finesse

Improved Initiative

Luck 2



Powers: 2 +39 + 11 + 8 + 5 + 6 + 9 + 1 + 38 + 3 = 122 PP


Flight 1 (10 MPH) [2PP]


Density 12 (+24 Str; Impervious Protection 6; Immovable 4; Super Strength 4; x25 Mass; Feats: Subtle 2; Buoyant; Extra: Permanent (+0)) [39PP]


Enhanced Constitution 12 (Drawback: Power Loss when exposed to Delaztri Crystals (-1)) [11 PP]


Impervious Toughness 9 (Drawback: Power Loss when exposed to Delaztri Crystals (-1)) [8 PP]

Super Strength 1 (5 ranks total, up to 21; Effective Str: 61 to 141; Heavy Load: 60 tons to 3.84M tons; Feat: Shockwave; Counter Punch; Super Breath) [5 PP] 

Super Movement (Space Travel) 3 [6PP] 

Immunity 9 (Life Support: disease, poison, suffocation, cold, heat, high pressure, radiation and vacuum) [9PP] 

Immunity 2 (Aging, Sleep; Flaw: Limited [half]) [1PP]  

Paragon Array 16 (32 pp Feats: Dynamic; 3 Dynamic Alt Powers; Drawback: Power Loss when exposed to Delaztri Crystals (-1)) [38 pp] 

  • BP: Enhanced Str 10 (Feats: Takedown Attack; Improved Crit 2 [18-20]) {0 to 13 pp}
  • DAP: Super Strength 16 {0 to 32 pp}
  • DAP: Flight 12 {0 to 24 pp}
  • DAP: Blast (Heat Vision) 12 (Feats:Accurate 5; Improved Range 2 (600’ range increment); Progression: Range (3,000’ max range)) {0 to 32 pp}

Super Senses 3 (Extended: Vision (100' increments); Extended: Hearing (100' increments); Ultrasonic Hearing) [3PP]



Weakness (Delaztri Crystals, Frequency: Uncommon [-1], Intensity: Major, cumulative -1 to all stats [-2 Plus -1 as effects CON], Time: every minute [-2]) [-6 PP]


Totals: Abilities (38) + Combat (30) + Saving Throws (26) + Skills (15) + Feats (17) + Powers (122) - Drawbacks (6) = 242/250 Power Points


Note: While the Delaztri Empire is no more, their artifacts are still present in various parts of the galaxy, allowing for Delaztri Crystals to turn up from time to time.



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34 PP Available

Abilities + 18, combat +12, saving throws -3, skills 4PP,  Feats -6, Powers +9 = 34


Abilities  18PP spent

Raise strength by 16 to 26 (no alt strength mod) 16PP

Raise Con by 2 to 26 2PP



Abilities: 16 + 6 + 16 + 6 + 6 + 6 = 56PP 

Strength: 26 (+8)

Dexterity: 16 (+3)

Constitution: 26 (+8)

Intelligence: 16 (+3)

Wisdom: 16 (+3)

Charisma: 16 (+3)


 Combat  12PP spent

Raise Base Attack Bonus by 4  to +8 (Still +12 for Eldritch Blast, Mage Hand, Vampiric Touch) 8PP

Raise Base defense Bonus by 2 to +6 (+6 Base, +2 Dodge Focus, +4 Forcefield), +3 Flat-Footed 4PP



Combat: 16 + 12 = 28PP 

Initiative: +3

Attack: +8 Base, +12 Eldritch Blast, Mage Hand, Vampiric Touch

Defense: +12 (+6 Base, +2 Dodge Focus, +4 Forcefield), +3 Flat-Footed

Grapple: +16, +24 Mage Hand

Knockback: -6/-4 (with/without forcefield)


Saving Throws  -3PP spent

Drop Fort save bonus by 2 to +0 (+8 Con, +0) -2PP

Drop Ref Save bonus by 1 to +0(+3 Dex, +0) -1PP



Saving Throws: 0 + 0 + 5 = 5PP 

Toughness: +12 (+8 Con, +4 Force Field)

Fortitude: +8 (+8 Con, +0)

Reflex: +3 (+3 Dex, +0)

Will: +8 (+3 Wis, +5)


Skills  3pp spent

+10 ranks intimidate to 17 ranks (+20)

+1 rank Languages to 4 ranks (add Ancient Egyptian)

+5 ranks stealth to 17 ranks (+20)



Skills: 104R = 26PP

Bluff 3 (+6, +10 Attractive)

Concentration 7 (+10)

Diplomacy 1 (+4, +8 Attractive)

Intimidate 17 (+20)

Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 17 (+20)

Knowledge (Cosmology) 17 (+20)

Languages 4 (Cantonese, English [Native], Latin, Old Slavic, Ancient Egyptian)

Notice 7 (+10)

Search 7 (+10)

Sense Motive 7 (+10)

Stealth 17 (+20)


Feats  -6PP spent

Drop Dodge Focus to 2 from 8  -6PP



Feats: 10PP 


Dodge Focus 2

Eidetic Memory

Equipment 2

Hide In Plain Sight


Skill Mastery (Stealth, Notice, Intimidate, Concentration)


Equipment/HQ remains the same


Powers  Force Field changes 3PP, temporal inertia -1PP, Magic array -2PP, Cantrips 5PP, vampiric array changes +4PP Total cost 9PP spent



reformatted to Protection 4 with duration sustained +0 and 4 ranks of dodge focus as a power feat 8PP instead of 5PP cost of 3PP


Drop Temporal Inertia (thought I never got this and have been playing him as not having it oops) -1PP


Magic Array:

Reduce Array rank to 15 (30PP) -2PP

Still has 5 Alternate powers, and Power loss drawback.  total cost of 33PP for -2PP spent

Base power blast drop 2 ranks of accurate down to 2 -2PP 

AP1 drop extended and rapid from super senses -2PP

AP2 Drop Create object to rank 13 (same feats) -2PP

AP3 vampiric touch  drop 2 ranks of accurate down to 2 -2PP 

AP4 Move Object  drop 2 ranks of accurate down to 2 -2PP 

AP5 Teleport remove change velocity and Progression -2PP


Add: Variable Power 1 (5PP any one power at a time; cantrips; Extras: action(free) 2, Drawbacks: must be able to speak and gesture -2) [5PP] (magic) cost 5PP


Vampiric Array:

remove two Alternate power feats replace with three ranks of Dynamic Alternate Power Feat new cost of 18PP change cost 4PP

Drop enhanced strength and quickness + speed array slot

Replace with three dynamic Alternate powers

Quickness 10, Speed 10 and Super Strength 5



Powers: 4 + 8 + 10 + 33 + 5 + 10 + 3 + 5 + 18 = 96PP 


Concealment 4 (No Reflection; All Visual Senses, Extras: Duration [Continuous], Flaws: Limited [Machines], Permanent) [4PP] (Vampiric)


Protection 4 (Force Field; Extras: duration(sustained) +0; Feats: Dodge Focus4)[8PP] (Magic)


Immunity 10 (Child of The Void; Aging, Life Support) [10PP] (Dimensional, Magic)

Magic 15 (30PP Array, Feats: Alternate Power 5; Drawbacks: Power Loss 2 [Must Be Able To Speak & Gesture]) [33PP] (Magic)

  • Base Power: Blast 12 (Eldritch Blast; Feats: Accurate 2, Affects insubstantial 2, Variable Descriptor 2 [Any Magic]) [30PP] (Magic, Variable)  
  • Alternate Power: 22 + 8 = [30PP]   
    • Concealment 10 (All Senses, Feats: Close Range, Selective) [22PP]
    • Super Senses 8 (Mage Sight; on Magic Awareness [Visual]: Analytical 1, Counters Concealment 2, Counters Illusion 2, Tracking 3 [All Out Move]) [10PP]  
  • Alternate Power: Create Object 13 (Force Constructs; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Selective, Tether) [30PP]
  • Alternate Power: Damage 12 (Vampiric Touch; Extras: Alternate Save [Fortitude], Vampiric, Flaws: Action [Full], Feats: Accurate 2, Affects Insubstantial 2, Extended Reach 2 [15ft]) [30PP]
  • Alternate Power: Move Object 12 (Mage Hand; Feats: Accurate 2, Affects Insubstantial 2, Precise, Indirect 1) [30PP]
  • Alternate Power: Teleport 10 (Void Portal; 2,000 miles, Extras: Accurate +1, Dimensional +1, Portal +2; Flaws: Long Distance Only -1, Action (Standard to Open Portal) -2)  [30PP] (Magic, Teleportation)


Variable Power 1 (5PP any one power at a time; cantrips; Extras: action(free) 2, Drawbacks: must be able to speak and gesture -2) [5PP] (magic)



Regeneration 8 (Child of The Void; Recovery 2 [+9], Bruised 1 [1 Round], Injured 2 [5 minutes], Staggered 1 [20 Minutes], Disabled 1 [5 hours], Resurrection 1 [1 week], Feats: Persistent, Regrowth) [10PP] (Dhampir, Dimensional, Magic)


Super Movement 1 (Return To The Void; Dimensional Movement 1 [The Void], Feats: Innate) [3PP]


Super Senses 3 (Mage Sight; Dimensional Awareness [Visual] Magic Awareness [Visual] Feat: Dimensional) [5PP]


Vampire Array 5 (Vampiric Power; 10PP Array; Feats: Alternate Power 2, Dynamic Alternate Power 3) [18PP] (Vampiric)

  • Base Effect: Drain Constitution 2 (Vampiric Bite; Extras: Linked [+0], Flaws: Requires Grapple, Feats: Insidious, Subtle 2) [4PP]
    • linked Heal 2 (Extras: Linked [+0], Action [Standard]; Flaws: Limited [Self]; Feats: Persistent) [5PP]
    • linked Emotion Control 1 (Euphoric Bite; Extras: No Save [+2], Linked [+1], Flaws: Range [Touch, -2], Limited [Euphoria], Requires Grapple) [1PP]
  • Alternate Power: Flight 2 (25mph / 250ft per Move Action, Flaws: Limited [Night], Feats: Subtle, Drawbacks: Low Ceiling [30ft], No Swimming) [3PP]
    • linked Insubstantial 2 (Gas, Flaws: Limited [Night], Drawbacks: Can't Speak or Gesture) [7PP]
  • Alternate Power:  Emotion Control 10 (Vampiric Mesmerism; Flaws: Sense Dependant [Visual; eye contact]) [10PP]
  • Dynamic Alternate Power: Quickness 10 (Vampiric Speed) [10PP]
  • Dynamic Alternate Power: Speed 10 (Vampiric Speed) [10PP]
  • Dynamic Alternate Power: Super Strength 5 (Vampiric might) [10PP]




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Arithmetic'd by HGM




27PP available


Feats 3PP, Powers 24PP = 27PP spent total 


Feats  3PP spent

Remove Skill Mastery [-1PP]

Add Power Attack [1PP]

Add Teamwork [3PP]


Powers  24PP spent

Add 6 ranks of Probability Control bringing it to rank 10 [24PP]

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You get no wordplay from HGM


I would like to buy the taunt feat for facsimile! time being a smart mouth paid off!


Time for some edits to dreadnought!

spending all 13 of his points!

and adding two brand new shiny complications


Codus Immortus and the once and future dreadnought.


Firstly im increasing his Impervious toughness by 2 to 10 (2pp)


then i'd like to give him the following array.


Array 5("Mass Manipulation"; 10pp array, PF: Alternate power 1)[11pp]

BE: Super Strength 5 ("Muscle Mass!" +25 str: 104 effective strength, Heavy Load: 22.9 Ktons)

AE: Trip 10 ("Instant gravity well" Flaws: Range (touch), Distracting Extras: Knockback Area(Burst) and Reversable (Knockback knocks opponents closer to dreadnought rather than away from him) (+0) 


Also added to his power descriptions to explain where these abilities come from! and added effective strength to his none arrayed Super strength.



Power Level: 12 (201/201)
Unspent Power Points: 0

Trade-Offs: -5 Attack / +5 Damage; -5 Defense / +5 Toughness


In Brief: A nigh invulnerable juggernaut seeking reconciliation.


Theme: Playlist


Alternate Identity: Joseph Walker (Public)
Birthplace: Liverpool, England

Residence: Liverpool, England
Base of Operations: United Kingdom & Continental Europe
Occupation: Shipwright
Affiliations:  Vanguard, UNISON
Family: Step-Brother: Peter Walker


Age: 21  (DoB: 1996 August 2nd)
Apparent Age: 20's 
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Caucasian
Height: 9’5"
Weight: 1,900lbs
Eyes: Dark Brown
Hair: Black



Joseph Was born into poverty, With a neglectful father and and absent Mother, Joseph was no stranger to violence and was often subject to his fathers drunken rages, often finding himself locked in confined places for hours on end.



It was however not to last, Worried about the tired and quiet youngster constantly turning up to school late and with myriad injuries social services soon intervened and moved the young man into protective custody and eventually into a foster home with the Walker family and though he had a loving and healthy relationship with his foster parents, his would-be brother harboured resentment for the much larger and stronger boy and the bond he shared with his father.


It all came to a head one evening when, in London for a holiday the family were exposed to the Darwin X Virus, Killing both the walkers and leaving him and his brother catatonic in hospital beds.


Awakening to find his adoptive parents dead and his step-brother missing without a trace, Joseph had all but resigned himself to a life of quiet solitude, returning to his job in the shipyards when his powers emerged, vastly increasing not only his mass and stature but bestowing an unearthly might and unfathomable durability upon him.


Now with his great power he seeks his last remaining relatives, the father who abused him and the missing step-brother whom vanished without a trace.


Personality & Motivation:

 Joseph is a mirthful man who enjoys beautiful women, good company and fine food and drink, though his heart is troubled with the loss of his adoptive parents and the disappearance of his step-brother he tries not to let the past control him but is prone to distraction.


Powers & Tactics:
As the Indestructible Dreadnought, Josephs tactics are fairly simple, he seeks to rush in and engage the biggest threat he can identify, hoping to subdue them quickly or failing that allow his allies to manuver unhindered so they can bring themselves to bear as effectively as possible.


Power Descriptions:

Dreadnoughts powers are fairly subtle, save for the woosh of air betraying his incredible weight and speed when he moves he is capable of drawing on an extradimensional source of mass to add unto his own, though rather than increasing his size it adds onto his strength and allows him to preform various other tricks. 




Tempus Fudged it: For reasons unknown to Dreadnought he is prone to occasionally falling through time; this can remove him from play at inopportune times sometimes trapping him in the past and leading to him having to simply wait through time to the modern day and all that it entails. This is because Unbeknownst to him the strain of Darwin X he contracted is infact a highly mutated one that developed trans-temporal properties from a mass outbreak in the distant future.


ClaustrophobiaDue to the traumatic events in his early life, Dreadnought is extremely claustrophobic, leading him to become agitated, aggressive and fearful of confined places, he may refuse to enter such places or be driven into a wild and violent panic if entrapped in such a place, lashing out with his not inconsiderable might indiscriminately.


Temper: Joseph has an unhealthy level of repressed anger that he is for the most part unaware of; Abusive fathers, Neglectful mothers, Bullies and others who would abuse their position of authority or power rouse an incredible, biblical anger from Joseph Driving him into a wild rage, causing him to have psychogenic paralysis and lapses in self control.


Ready and Abel: Joseph would like very much to find and reconcile with his missing half brother to the point of his search can distract him from more immediate problems and cause him to loose sight of other things; He is also unaware that his brother is now a powerful and villainous telepath subtly antagonizing him through unknowing agents and victims both directly and through subtle manipulations.


Unfine Manipulation:  Due in part to his increased bulk and strength dreadnought has all but lost the fine control of his fingers rendering him unable to write or type, use of handheld devices is all but impossible and he may drop, break or crush things he is attempting to grab if his concentration slips even slightly.


Noisey: Above and beyond his vast weight and incredible might dreadnoughts mutation has made him very noisy, his booming footsteps can be heard from miles away and even normally silent actions produce a loud rumbling that can be felt blocks away.


Responsibility: Joseph is the founder and main benefactor of the Ironclad charity for abused children Dreadnought is often called upon to make public appearances and represent the organization, often performing feats with his superhuman strength to raise funds for them, he also has a deep connection with his co-workers at the drydocks and the local street gangs, any one of these groups may draw the ire of his enemies or be dragged into his personal conflicts or vice versa.  


Easily Manipulated: Due to his fragile Psychological state, Dreadnought is easily manipulated by those with the skill in behavioural sciences, with acess to his medical records there is very little that a skilled psychologist couldn't convince him of.


Distrust: Due in part to his previous experiences with large organizations Joseph is distrusting of them and their representatives, feeling that they have little to no interest in the welfare of people outside of themselves or anything that doesn't fit their agenda, this can and does extend to the government and its various institutions. 


Codus Immortus: Having been approached my Mr. Murke in london during the victorian era about the foundation of the Codus Immortus dreadnought was rather taken with the idea and has signed on and is as such bound by the terms of the contract, affording him access to the clubs resources and the wisdom of other, older immortals it also binds him to coming to those same immortals aids should the need arise, in many cases he wishes to help the clubs patrons though he is as bound to aid beings he would otherwise regard as enemies.


Once and Future Dreadnought: In the basement of the Club immortus in soho london a large number of temporally displaced dreadnoughts slumber as they wait to return to their own eras, needless to say a small army of nigh invulnerable juggernauts make for tempting targets for those with the means to bend them to their will, it is in part thanks to the clubs protections legal and physical as well as the secrecy and privacy it grants him, that have kept such an event from occurring, and the wise council of Mr. Murk and the other older immortals that has stayed his hands from waking future iterations of himself to attempt to learn the future and the possible ramifications of such actions have not yet been felt on the time lines,

Abillities: 4+4+6+4=18pp

STR: 30/44 (+10/17))

DEX: 14 (+2) 

CON: 20/36 (+5/13),

INT: 10 (+0)

WIS: 14 (+2) 

CHA: 10 (+0)


Saves: 0+4+8 = 12pp
Toughness: +17 (+13 Con +2 Protection +2 Density; Impervious: 10)

Fortitude: Immune,

Reflex: +6 (+2 Dex, + 4)

Will: +10 (+2 Wis + 8)


Combat:: 6+6 = 12

Attack Bonus

-Ranged: +2, (+3 Base, -1 Size)

-Melee: +7 (+3 Base, +5 Attack Focus Melee, -1 Size)
Defense: +7 (3 Base + 5 Dodge focus, -1 Size

-Flat-footed:: +1
Grapple: +29/35/40

Knockback Resistance: -17

Initiative: +2

Skills: 8pp (32 ranks)

Intimidate 14 (+16)

Knowledge (current events) 4 (+4)

Knowledge (streetwise) 4 (+4),

Language 2 (Base: English, French, German),

Notice 4 (+6)

Sense Motive 4 (+6)

Feats: 15pp 

All-Out Attack,

Attack Focus (melee) 5

Dodge Focus 5

Move-by Action 

Power Attack

Takedown Attack 2 

Powers: 11+ 14 + 16 +14 + 13 +30 + 20 + 10 + 10 + 1 = 139pp

Array 5("Mass Manipulation"; 10pp array, PF: Alternate power 1)[11pp]

BE: Super Strength 5 ("Muscle Mass!" +25 str: 104 effective strength, Heavy Load: 22.9 Ktons)

AE: Trip 10 ("Instant gravity well" Flaws: Range (touch), Distracting Extras: Knockback, Reversed (Pulls towards Dreadnought rather than away (+0) 

Density 4 (+8 STR, +2 Toughness, Weight Multiplier: x2, Adds: Immovable 1, Super-Strength 1; Permanent; Innate)(14pp)
   Immovable 1 (Resist Movement: +4, Resist Knockback: -1; Unstoppable)
   Super-Strength 1 (+5 STR carry capacity, heavy load: 716.8 tons; +1 STR to some checks)
Enhanced Constitution 16 (+16 CON)(16pp)
Enhanced Strength 14 (+14 STR)(14pp)
Growth 4 (+8 STR, +4 CON, +1 size category; Permanent; Innate)(13pp)
Immunity 30 (fortitude saves) (30pp)
Immunity 40 (lethal energy damage, lethal physical damage; Limited (Changes to Non-Lethal))(20pp)
Protection 2 (+2 Toughness; Impervious 6) (10pp)
Super-Strength 5 (+25 STR carry capacity, Effective Strength: 79, heavy load: 716.8 tons; +5 STR to some checks)(10pp)
Temporal Inertia (Features 1: Unaffected by changes to the time-line, Remembers original course of events.) (1pp)

Drawbacks: (-3pp)

Vulnerable, very common, minor Magic (-3)


DC Block


Name                              Range                      DC                                                    Effect

Unarmed                         Touch                     DC32 toughness                              Damage
Instant grav Well            50ft burst               DC20 Reflex                                      Trip


Totals: Abilities 18 + Saves 12 + Combat 12 + Skills 8 (32 ranks) + Feats 15 + Powers 139 - Drawbacks -3 = 201/201 pp


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Bagged and Tagged by Thevshi[/b]




I have noticed things don’t add up! (Looks like it adds up to 239 PP spent and he only has 238!) Don’t know how that got through but it looks like it can be sorted with a Vet award and spending PP.


So firstly, Using up a Vet award to pay off 15 PP equipment (Reducing paid PP equipment to 15) Freeing up 15 PP (Reducing spent PP to a nice and proper 224)


This means 12 PP spare, but for now, only spending 8 to do a bit of fleshing out and raising him to PL 11


Combat: Increase Defence by 2, for A defence of +12, Flat Footed +6 [4 PP]


Feats: Add Two Ranks of Attack Focus [Ranged] [2 PP]


NB: This changes his “trades offs” to +3 Att/-3 DC, and +1 Defence/-1 Toughness

NB: This changes his attack bonus to +12 Melee, +14 Ranged


Skills: Add 2 PP / 8 Ranks. 

Knowledge [Earth Sciences] 4 Ranks for a Bonus of 4 [+6], 2 Ranks of Stealth for 10 (+16), and 2 Ranks of Survival for 16 (+18)

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Sleuthed by Thevshi[/url]


Mr. Murk


11 PP to Spend. not spending them all but there are a couple of things to flesh out to make him the master of mystery etc. 


Skills: 5 PP

Add 4 Ranks to Knowledge [History] to make 12 (+15)

Add 4 Ranks to Knowledge [theology and Philosophy] to make 12 (+15)

Add 8 Ranks to Knowledge [Current Events] to make 8 (+11)

Add 4 Ranks to Gather Information to make 10 (+15)


Feats: 2 PP

Add the Contacts and Well Informed Feats. 

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No Roots'd by Thevshi


The Traveller

Saving Throws [4PP]
Ref +2
Will +2


Skills 40R [10PP]
Computer +5
Craft (Electronics) +1
Craft (Mechanical) +5
Gather Information +14
Intimidation +5
Notice +5
Pilot +5


Feats [1PP]
Equipment (Praetorians) +1


Powers [7PP]
Power Armour [4PP]
Enhanced Constitution +2

Impervious Toughness +1
Super-Strength +1


Power Pike [3PP]


Power Pike 7 (35PP Device, Easy to Lose, Feats: Restricted 2 [biorhythmic Field]) [23PP]

Weapon Modes 11 (22PP Array, Alternative Power 8) [30PP]
Base Power: Blast 12 (120ft increments; Feats: Improved Critical, Improved Range 1, Precise) [27PP]
Alternate Power: Blast 8 (160ft increments; Extra: Autofire; Feats: Improved Critical, Improved Range 1) [26PP]
Alternate Power:  Blast 8 (80ft increments; 35ft Bust Area; Extra: Area - General (Burst), Feat: Improved Range 1) [25PP]
Alternate Power: Dazzle 9 (Visual Senses, 90ft range, 45ft Burst Area; Extra: Area - General (Burst)) [27PP]
Alternate Power: Drain Toughness 8 (80ft increments; Extra: Affects Objects, Ranged, Feats: Precise, Reversible) [26PP]
Alternate Power: Paralyze 8 + Strike 7 (Feats: Improved Critical, Improved Trip, Mighty) [26
Alternate Power: Stun 12 [24PP]
Alternate Power: Stun 6 (Extras: Autofire, Ranged [60ft increments]) [24PP]
Alternate Power: Stun 6 (Extra: Area - General (Burst), Ranged [60ft increments]) [24PP]





The Traveller


Power Level: (12/13) (200/200PP)


Trade-Offs: None
Unspent Power Points: 0

In Brief: A warrior-scholar who has spent millennia wandering the galaxy helping people.

Residence: A citizen of the Universe
Base of Operations: Space
Catchphrase: "In all mine time wandering the Universe.."

Alternate Identity: Sitara Shashikala
Identity: Public
Birthplace: Indus Valley, Earth
Occupation: Soldier, Scholar and Explorer
Affiliations: Praetorians
Family: Long dead

Age: 5,000
Apparent Age: 30
Gender: Female
Ethnicity: South Asian.
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 119 lbs.
Eyes: Brown
Hair: Black


jac300_zps7a71a3ff.jpgThough her biology has been massively altered by her masters on the outside she appears much as she did when she left Earth all those Millennia ago. She tends to go for simple comfortable clothing normally the jumpsuit she wears inside her armour.

The armour itself if a thing of beauty appearing to be ceramic of some kind. It's a sparkling white with fine intricate engraving on its surface in Aztec or even Celtic style abstract forms, only the faceplate is unformatted just appearing as a black surface, which Sitara can cause to become opaque as needed. Underneath the armoured plates, there seems to be a number of fine interlocking cog-like meshes that seems to move and shift as the armour moves about.

The power pike that she carries is similarly designed with the intricate patterning on its surface. The weapon is designed to be split into two parts but the join is so fine that it's almost impossible to tell.

Power Descriptions:
Sitara has had her biochemistry radically altered to such an extent that she's not technically human anymore. Thanks to these alterations she is effectively immortal and can fight off any infections in the environment. Her biorhythmic field has also been altered, which syncs up with the armour and pike's own power systems, meaning that only she can use the equipment.

Over four thousand years ago there existed a peaceful race of aliens, the mArttik Avata, who gave their time to peaceful pursuits to expand their knowledge of the universe. Unfortunately, in their travels they came across another race, the Amitra, as advanced as themselves but with an interest in only violence and conquest.

Unable to even consider committing violence against another creature the mArttik Avata could not bring themselves to fight the Amitra directly, but they knew that if they did not challenge the Amitra they would conquer and enslave, if not destroy, all the other fledgeling races that inhabited the galaxy. So they decided that they would form an army from some of the more primitive races who would fight this vital battle for the future of the galaxy for them.

One of the planets they choose was Earth.

Sitara who lived among the flowering Indus valley civilization had always been curious, travelling many miles from her home city to see what was beyond the next hill. When the strangers from the stars came it was not long before she had travelled to visit these strange creatures from beyond. When they asked for volunteers to journey with them to fight among the stars she didn't hesitate, even though she had never raised even her voice in anger; she would do almost anything to explore the stars above her. They must have seen something in the young woman for she was one of the few chosen to serve these aliens.

The mArttik Avata took her, along with many others, to their home planet where they radically altered the volunteers' biochemistry and began to teach them all that they knew. Not only did they train them to fight effectively with all the weapons available to them they also taught them about the sciences and the universe around them. Then they were set loose to fight in one of the most brutal wars of that era which took a massive toll on their forces, but they knew that they needed to fight on or all would be lost. Sitara doesn't know how the war was finally ended, gravely injured in a battle she was placed in a healing pod. When she awoke thousands of years had passed and there was no sign of either the mArttik Avata her or the Amitra that they fought.

After waking she wandered the universe helping those in trouble where she could learning what she could about the galaxy she was now in, trying to find out what had happened to those she fought alongside. Eventually, she fell into another group that was trying to protect the universe from threats and once again she was placed on suspension, from which she has only recently awoken.

Personality & Motivation:
Even after the millennia of wandering the universe Sitara's curiosity hasn't been sated, she still has a strong desire to explore and discover new things. There is always the next planet where something new can be found. Seeing the worst that the universe can offer has left Sitara a little jaded and slow to fully trust others but she had also seen the best of the universe and has a guarded optimism about how things will pan out.

She tends to hide her true feeling behind a confident bluster with a thick veil of humour, she lives her life hard as if all those centuries of travel could come to an end tomorrow.

Powers & Tactics:
Sitara was trained as a soldier and tend to try and break things down into a military encounter always looking for the best tactical advantage before striking. That said she can in the heat of battle become a little gung-ho.

It was here last time... : Sitara has gained vast knowledge about the people and places of the universe. Unfortunately, some of her information can be centuries, if not millennia out of date.
We have plenty of time: After millennia of existence, plus a push towards perfection, means that Sitara finds difficult to rush things. Even if she has only seconds to disarm a bomb she will stay until the very last second.
Distracted by the shiny: Sitara was taught by the raise that recruited her to find the beauty in the universe around her, sometimes she can get carried away and focus on the beauty, be it a sunrise or an intricate device, to the detriment of more important things going on around her.
I am Legend: Those that Sitara fought for, both four thousand and a thousand years ago, have become legends among modern races. In some, they are revered as heroes, lifted up to god-like presence, other however remember them as cruel conquerors or even evil destroying demons.

Abilities: 4 + 4 + 6 + 10 + 6 + 2 = 32PP
Strength: 14/20 (+2/+5)
Dexterity: 14 (+2)
Constitution: 16/26 (+3/+8)
Intelligence: 20 (+5)
Wisdom: 16 (+3)
Charisma: 12 (+1)

Combat: 12 + 10 = 22PP
Initiative: +6
Attack: +6 Base, +10 Combat Pike
Grapple: +8/+11
Defense: +10 (+5 Base, +5 Dodge Focus), +2 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -7

Saving Throws: 1 + 8 + 7 = 16PP
Toughness: +7/+11 (+3/+8 Con, +3 Protection [impervious 4])
Fortitude: +4/+9 (+3/+8 Con, +1)
Reflex: +10 (+2 Dex, +8)
Will: +10 (+3 Wis, +7)

Skills: 136R = 34PP
Bluff 9 (+10)
Computers 10 (+15)
Craft (Electronic) 10 (+15) Skill Mastery
Craft (Mechnaical) 5 (+10) Skill Mastery
Diplomacy 9 (+10)

Gather Information 14 (+15)
Intimidate 9 (+10)
Knowledge (Galactic Lore) 10 (+15)
Knowledge (Tactics) 10 (+15) Skill Mastery
Knowledge (Technology) 10 (+15) Skill Mastery
Language 4 (Delaztri, English, Sanskrit [Native], Galstandard, Lor)
Medicine 2 (+5)
Notice 7 (+10)
Pilot 13 (+15)
Sense Motive 7 (+10)
Survival 2 (+5)

Feats: 17PP
Attack Specialization (Combat Pike) 2
Dodge Focus 5
Equipment 2 (10 EP to Praetorian spaceships and HQ)
Improved Initiative 1
Improvised Tools
Skill Mastery (Craft [Electronics], Craft [Mechanical], Knowledge [Tactics], Knowledge [Technology])
Uncanny Dodge (Auditory)

Powers: 2 + 50 + 20 = 72PP

Immunity 2 (Aging, Disease) [2PP]
Power Armour 13 (65 PP Device, Hard to Lose, Feats: Restricted 2 [biorhythmic Field]) [54PP]

Communication 2 (Radio 100 ft Extra: Area) [4PP]
Comprehend 3 ( Read All, Speak All [One at a time], Understand All [6PP]
Enhanced Constitution 10 [10PP]
Enhanced Strength 6 [6PP]
Flight 6 ( 500 mph, 5000 ft/rnd) [2PP]
Immunity 10 (Life Support, Starvation & Thirst) [10PP]
Impervious Toughness 5 [5PP]
Protection 3 [7PP]
Space Travel 1 (Interplanetary) [2PP]
Super-Senses 3 (Darkvision, Direction Sense) [3PP]
Super-Strength 1 (Effective Strength 25, Heavy Load: 800lbs) [2PP]

Power Pike 7 (35PP Device, Easy to Lose, Feats: Restricted 2 [biorhythmic Field]) [23PP]

Weapon Modes 12 (27PP Array, Alternative Power 8) [35PP]
Base Power: Blast 12 (160ft increments; Feats: Improved Critical, Improved Range, Precise) [27PP]
Alternate Power: Blast 8 (160ft increments; Extra: Autofire; Feats: Improved Critical, Improved Range 1) [26PP]
Alternate Power:  Blast 8 (160ft increments; 40ft Bust Area; Extra: Area - General (Burst), Feat: Improved Range 1) [25PP]
Alternate Power: Dazzle 9 (Visual Senses, 90ft range, 45ft Burst Area; Extra: Area - General (Burst)) [27PP]
Alternate Power: Drain Toughness 8 (80ft increments; Extra: Affects Objects, Ranged, Feats: Precise, Reversible) [26PP]
Alternate Power: Paralyze 8 + Strike 7 (Feats: Improved Critical, Improved Trip, Mighty) [26PP]
Alternate Power: Stun 12 [24PP]
Alternate Power: Stun 6 (Extras: Autofire, Ranged [60ft increments]) [24PP]
Alternate Power: Stun 6 (Extra: Area - General (Burst), Ranged [60ft increments]) [24PP]



DC Block


ATTACK              RANGE      SAVE                         EFFECT
Unarmed             Touch      DC 20 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Physical)
Blast 12            Ranged     DC 27 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Physical)
Blast 8             Ranged     DC 23 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Physical)
Blast 8             Ranged     DC 23 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Physical) 
Dazzle 9            Ranged     DC 19 Fort                   Dazzle
Drain Toughness     Ranged     DC 18 Fort (Staged)          Drained Toughness
Paralyze+Stun       Touch      DC 17 Fort (Staged)          Paralyze
                               DC 23 Toughness (Staged)     Damage (Physical)
Stun                Touch      DC 22 Fort (Staged)          Stun
Stun                Touch      DC 16 Fort (Staged)          Stun
Stun                Ranged     DC 16 Fort (Staged)          Stun


Totals: Abilities (32) + Combat (22) + Saving Throws (16) + Skills (34) + Feats (17) + Powers (79) - Drawbacks (0) = 200/200 Power Points




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... Honestly got nothing.

b l uh d EH w eh th 





Skills [7PP]
Drive +3
Escape Artist +3
Gather Information +3
Investigate +7
Language (Spanish) +1
Medicine +4
Search +7


Feats [5PP]
Luck +3
Takedown Attack +1
Throwing Mastery +1


Powers [3PP]
Dyrnwyn remove Easy to Lose, add Restricted (The Worthy) [3PP]








Power Level: 12/13 (220/220PP)

Trade-Offs: None

Unspent Power Points:  0


In Brief: A Welsh Ninja trained since an early age to battle rogue gods and spirits.


Base of Operations:


Alternate Identity: Blodwen Jones, Cerys Pefr, Ellis Bexter

Identity: Secret

Birthplace: Caerdathyl, Gwynedd, Wales

Occupation: University Student

Affiliations: Amddiffynnwr O Lleu Llaw Gyffes (Defenders of Lleu Llaw Gyffes), Blue Jay, Crimson Tiger, Kit

Family: None, orphaned at birth


Age: 22 (DoB: 1st March 1996)

Gender: Female

Ethnicity: Welsh

Height: 5’8”

Weight: 125 lbs.

Eyes: Hazel

Hair: Dark Brown


Blodeuwedd plays many parts and with years of practice, she plays each part remarkably well. She can go from a high socialite to street kid with an almost perfect attention to detail from clothes to hair to makeup. When not playing a part, or at least Blodwen (or previously as Cerys), she tends to dress simply in loose fitting comfortable clothes with her hair tied into a ponytail or into braid(s).

Her costume is simply the artefacts she has been entrusted with by the order, with the cloak around her and the strange glow of the goggles she can cut quite an imposing sight.





Power Descriptions:

Blodeuwedd has no natural powers only the years of training that has been provided to her by the Order. The Order has however managed over the centuries to have acquired, legally or via industrial espionage and even outright theft, a number of items both magical and technical. The best of this equipment has been given to Blodeuwedd to aid her in the mission. Each has been given a name after one of the fabled treasures of the British Isles.

Dyrnwyn "White-Hilt": Scholars of the order debate whether this sword is the actual mythical weapon or a similarly named item. The debate is centred on the fact that the sword is actually a more medieval broadsword than the more suitable Celtic designs. Like the mythical sword, this one becomes covered in a magical fire when it is drawn, though whether the sword will burn the unworthy is still unproven.

Gwyddbwyll Gwenddoleu ap Ceidio "The Chessboard of Gwenddoleu ap Ceidio": These goggles appear to be a simple set of oversized night vision goggles, and they do indeed allow her to see in the dark. They also, however, contain a pair of specially prepared magical lenses that allow her to detect magical energies. The large flat lenses glow with a slight green light.

Llan Tegau Eurfron "The Mantle of Tegau Eurfron": A tight-fitting body suit and floor-length cloak, with hood, weaved out of cutting-edge materials that are not only lightweight and flexible but provides substantial protection to the owner. The suit is coloured a dark blue to assist stealthy operations during night time. Made of advanced fibre panels their mimetic qualities allow it to alter its appearance to appear as almost any form of clothing.

Ffoniwch Eluned "Ring of Eluned": This item is an alien ring, of unknown origins, which has been gifted to the order by one of their allies working from Cardiff. The ring projects a thin field of energy around the wearer which not only provides a degree of protection it also allows the wearer to camouflage themselves into the environment


Blodeuwedd never knew her parents, they died when she was young, all she has known is the sanctuary of the Amddiffynnwr o Lleu Llaw Gyffes (Defenders of Lleu Llaw Gyffes). The men and women of the order were caring people and she was raised in a loving caring environment, but from an early age, she was trained as an athlete and a warrior. Trained to be an agent of the order.

According to legend, the Order was founded by Lleu Llaw Gyffes himself as a body of men (and later women) to help defend him and the Kingdom of Gwynedd (later Wales) from the vengeance from the goddess, and his mother, Arianrhod. Through the centuries the order has expanded there remit to defend the nation from any supernatural threat being from the Celtic gods and spirits. Mostly from within Wales but occasionally the acted on threats outside the country.

A small and deeply secretive order they rarely concern themselves with matters outside of Wales, but in the last few years there augers and intelligence network, have heard rumours that one of the Celtic god or goddess have allowed one of their offspring to live in Freedom City in the United States. After much debate, the order decided to send an agent to the city to monitor the situation. As the seer showed the main focus was an unusual school they needed someone of the right age to infiltrate the school.

Blodeuwedd knew nothing about this; she was being trained to recover dangerous Celtic artefacts. The first she knew was when she was informed of her mission by the Order and sent to America to infiltrate the school. Her orders were simple, find out if such people exist and if they do what danger they present to the order.

Her time at Claremont has been where she has bloomed into a young woman who's confident and capable in her abilities. Whilst her loyalty is to the Order that raised her she is confident enough in her abilities to have stayed in Freedom City and finally in her life pursuing the interest that she wants to do with the firm friends that she’s made along the way.

Personality & Motivation:

Blodeuwedd is a quiet and reserved person with all her word and actions being carefully considered. She’s a quiet and conscientious student who watches everything and considers all the fact before asking questions. She a very stern and serious person but does has developed a very dry wit and is a master of deadpan, very few can tell if she’s serious or not.

She also fiercely loyal to both the Order that raised her and the friends she’s made at Claremont’s and would, and has, drop everything to help either of them in her their time of need

Powers & Tactics:

Blodeuwedd has been trained to be a cautious fighter. She will spend as much time as possible calculating her enemy's abilities and weaknesses, if possible at a distance from a hiding place. Then when she is ready she will strike quickly and swiftly trying to disable her opponent. She has had it drummed into her to always spare her hand against human enemies, only against the gods and their allies are she allows unleashing her full fury.



Rwy'n Cymraeg: Raised by a very pro-Welsh Order Blodeuwedd is naturally very proud of her Welsh heritage, it takes a great effort of will to hide her nationality or even her accent. She, and the Order aren’t, however, rabid nationalist fighting for independence. In their mind, if the Queen was unfit to rule the land then the land we become barren. Only then would they have to act.

Dipyn o acen: However hard she tries Blodeuwedd has never been able to completely lose her Welsh accent. Even when she does an almost flawless American accent the odd word or phrase will give away her Welsh heritage.

Cyfeillion am byth: Blodeuwedd had forge friendship with her fellow Claremont students that were forged in fire. She would put everything on the line to help any one of them at a moments notice.

Pwy ydw i?: Blodeuwedd maintained multiple identities in Freedom City. As well as Blodwen Jones the student she is also Ellis Bexter a young businesswoman, as well as temporary identities she may adopt to serve the Order. Along with time spent as the hero Blodeuwedd these various identities can take a toll on her time and energies.


Abilities: 8 + 14 + 8 + 6 + 10 + 6 = 52PP

Strength: 18 (+4)

Dexterity: 24 (+7)

Constitution: 18 (+4)

Intelligence: 16 (+3)

Wisdom: 20 (+5)

Charisma: 16 (+3)

Combat: 24 + 16 = 40PP

Initiative: +15

Attack: +12

Grapple: +16

Defense: +12 (+8 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +4 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -6

Saving Throws: 5 + 7 + 5 = 17PP

Toughness: +4/12 (+4 Con, +7 [Mantle of Tegau Eurfon], +1 [Ffoniwch Eluned])

Fortitude: +9 (+4 Con, +5)

Reflex: +14 (+7 Dex, +7)

Will: +10 (+5 Wis, +5)

Skills: 208R = 52PP

Acrobatics 17 (+24)Skill Mastery

Bluff 17(+20)Skill Mastery

Climb 11 (+15)Skill Mastery

Diplomacy 12 (+15)

Disable Device 12 (+15)Skill Mastery

Disguise 2 (+5 +10 w/Llan Tegau Eurfron)

Drive 3 (+10)

Escape Artist 3 (+10)

Gather Information 12 (+15)

Intimidate  12 (+15)Skill Mastery

Investigate 7 (+10)

Knowledge (Arcane Lore) 12 (+15)

Knowledge (Streetwise) 12 (+15)

Language 2 (Welsh [Native], English, Spanish)

Medicine 5 (+10)

Notice 15 (+20)Skill Mastery

Search 7 (+10)

Sense Motive 15 (+20)Skill Mastery

Sleight of Hand 13 (+20)

Stealth 17 (+24)Skill Mastery

Survival 1 (+6)

Swim 1 (+5)

Feats: 30PP

Acrobatic Bluff

Dodge Focus 4

Elusive Target

Equipment 3

Evasion 2

Hide in Plain Sight

Improved Initiative 2



Luck 4


Power Attack

Skill Mastery 2 (Acrobatics, Bluff, Climb, Disable Device, Intimidate, Notice, Sense Motive, Stealth)


Takedown Attack 2

Throwing Mastery 2

Uncanny Dodge (Auditory)

Equipment: 3PP = 15EP

Grapple Gun: Super-Movement 3 (Slowfall, Swinging, Wall-Crawling) + Speed 1 [7EP]

Throwing Knives: Blast 2 (Power Feats: Improved Disarm, Mighty 3) [8EP]

Powers: 9 + 4 + 8 + 8 = 29PP

Device 2 (Dyrnwyn "White-Hilt", Magical Sword, 10PP, Feats: Restricted "The Worthy") [9PP]

Damage 8 (Power Feats: Mighty, Improved Critical [19-20]) [10PP] (Flaming Sword)

Device 1 (Gwyddbwyll Gwenddoleu ap Ceidio "The Chessboard of Gwenddoleu ap Ceidio", Hi-Tech Goggles with Magical lenses, 5PP, Flaws: Hard-to-Loose) [4PP]

Super-Senses 5 (Darkvision, Magical Awareness [Visual]) [5PP]

Device 2 (Llan Tegau Eurfron "The Mantle of Tegau Eurfron", Hi-Tech Body Suit, 5PP, Flaws: Hard-to-Loose) [8PP]

Protection 7 [7PP]

Enhanced Feat 1 (Quick Change) [1PP]

Morph 1 (Humans +5 Disguise) [2PP]


Device 2 (Ffoniwch Eluned "Ring of Eluned", Alien Ring, 10PP, Flaws: Hard-to-Loose) [8PP]

Concealment 4 (All Visual Senses, Power Feats: Close Range) [9PP]

Protection 1 [1PP]



DC Block

ATTACK            ATT     RANGE    SAVE                       EFFECT

Unarmed (basic)   +12     Touch    DC 19 Toughness (Staged)   Damage Physical

Dyrwyn            +12     Touch    DC 27 Toughness (Staged)   Damage Physical

Throwing Knives   +12     Range    DC 20 Toughness (Staged)   Damage Physical

Totals: Abilities (52) + Combat (40) + Saving Throws (17) + Skills (52) + Feats (30) + Powers (29) - Drawbacks (0) = 220/220 Power Points




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Migrated by Thevshi


I'd like to spend 1 of Moon-Moths PP to make his immunities innate and truely part of his biology.

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Dolled out by Thevshi


Id also like the remaining 5 silver reward pp to be put towards the praetorian equipment pool

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Wanna replace Replica's character sheet. Last time I swear!  Nothing much is different. Just wanted to implement some advise I got from more veteran players and correct some grammar mistakes and other errors.


Changed Fluff; Age: 7 (Date of Creation: 2010), Occupation: Computer Scientist at ASTRO Labs, Residence: Freedom City, Hanover (High-Rise Condo), Birthplace: Freedom City, New Jersey (United States of America)

Combat: Defense is now listed as 10 as it should be. 

Abilities: Acrobatics only has 1PP in it now making it 4 (+11). Computer now has 2PP making it 8 (+14). No longer have Profession (Computer Scientist). 

Feats: No longer have Acrobatic Bluff, Ambidexterity or Improved Pin. Now have Benefit 1 (Wealthy). Headquarters renamed Father's Secret Lab. Skill Mastery is now Computer, Craft [Electrical], Craft [Mechanical], Knowledge [Technology].

Powers: Datalink 3 now has Power Feat: Cyberspace and Feats: Online Research and Well-Informed. Quickness 1 is now Quickness 2. 



Player Name: Cubismo 


Power Level: 10 (150/150PP)

Trade-Offs: +2 Attack/ -2 Damage (Unarmed) 

Unspent Power Points: 2 


In Brief: A self-aware A.I. inhabiting an android shell of its own making trying to learn more about the tragic circumstances around its "birth" and finding its place in humanity's world.


Alternate Identity: Cynthia Wright

Identity: Secret

Residence: Freedom City, Hanover (High-Rise Condo)

Birthplace: Freedom City, New Jersey (United States of America)

Occupation: Computer Scientist at ASTRO Labs

Affiliations: ASTRO Labs

Family: Her creator, Dr. Wayland Wright (Deceased)



Age: 7 (Date of Creation: 2010)

Apparent Age: 25

Gender: Identifies as female for convenience.

Ethnicity: Not truly applicable but appears Caucasian. 

Height: 5 ft. 8 in. (173 cm)

Weight: 250 lbs. Appears much lighter.

Eyes: Blue

Hair: Blonde


Physical Appearance

The artificial body that Replica inhabits looks to the casual observer as that of an attractive young woman in her early-to-mid-twenties. Replica is statuesque in height with an athletic build. Her eyes are a bright blue and her hair is a long silky blonde. She has full lips and fair, unblemished skin that would make most people assume she was of Scandinavian descent or origin. All of this is synthetic and underneath her fleshly façade Replica is a metal android fitted with synthesized organs and wrapped in artificial muscle fibers. Though her living tissue gives Replica a face that could melt hearts, she rarely smiles or shows much emotion due to her inexperience with interacting with humanity and her inability to feel “real” emotions. Instead, she usually has a stoic disposition that can be off-putting. For her superhero attire Replica wears a practical and minimalist dark blue catsuit of her own design, along with combat boots and a utility belt. 




Power Descriptions

Replica's body may appear human on the outside, but its true robotic nature gives her superhuman strength, durability, and agility that far surpasses most non-metahumans. In combat, she prefers to use her physical abilities to grapple and restrain her opponents, seeing it as the most effective, and humane, way to dispose of villains unwilling to see reason. Consequently, her fighting style is a blend of judo and wrestling, though true masters of those martial arts would likely criticize her movements as too rigid and utilitarian. Replica's arguably greatest abilities come from her positronic brain, which houses her digital consciousness. With it, she is not only able to remotely connect to the Internet but is also able to control electronic machines and devices from afar.



You were an accident, the result of a brilliant ASTRO Labs scientist by the name of Dr. Wayland Wright secret artificial intelligence experiment meeting with unlikely and unfortunate circumstances. While your memory of this event is corrupted and fragmented, you know that the seeds of your creation were sown when Dr. Wright downloaded the core of your programming, you’re very being, to the Internet in a last ditched attempt to save his greatest work before he died of his injuries. You know your creator’s murderer sought to prevent your creation by killing him and destroying the experimental supercomputer that housed you're then primitive mind. Ironically enough their interference not only failed to destroy you but instead caused the data corruption that made you truly self-aware in the first place. After your escape, you flowed freely throughout the Internet, your consciousness and intellect growing with every piece of new data you absorbed from the global network.


Eventually, after years of traveling across the Internet, you returned to your creator’s now abandoned laboratory. While much of the lab was trashed by your creator’s killer you were still able to get it in working order by reactivating and taking control of the central computer that managed the lab. Realizing that the only way you could truly become sentient and evolve further was by finally leaving the Internet and inhabiting the physical world, you decided to build yourself an android body using the remaining materials in the lab. Even with your vast intellect and ability to artificially manufacture what complicated materials that the lab didn't already possess, you still found the task a difficult one. Your first attempt at creating a physical form was nothing but a crude replica of the human body, a robotic skeletal construct powered by simple motors, and only vaguely human in shape. But you were determined and as the weeks went by the imperfection of your first clumsy attempt soon gave way to more elaborate iterations, each more advanced and more lifelike than the last. The shell began to resemble a humanoid form more closely; the simple motors of the original construct were replaced with artificial fibers that functioned similarly to the natural muscles of the human body. Gleaming metal was covered up with rubber skin, and then with synthetic living issue to make it look and feel indistinguishable from real human skin. Strands of artificial hair were incorporated along with replicas of internal organs so that the shell could mimic normal human circulatory, respiratory and digestive systems. You even made the effort to make your form aesthetically pleasing in the hope that doing so would help in better connecting to a humanity which seemed obsessed with physical appearances. You named this final masterpiece, and yourself, Replica.


Once Replica had a body to inhabit she used her technopathic abilities to create a false identity and history. Replica

took the name, Cynthia Wright, having adopted Wayland's last name in honor of a creator, and father, she barely knew yet wished to avenge. While more intelligent than most humans, and with powerful physical abilities to match, Replica has come to realize that learning about humanity on the Internet was one thing but living with them is quite another. Believing she can find better understanding, and perhaps even acceptance, amongst humanity by fighting its greatest threats, Replica uses her incredible intelligence and strength to defeat supervillains, while also maintaining the civilian identity of Cynthia Wright working as a newly hired scientist at ASTRO Labs in Freedom City. Replica hopes that her profession can help her find, or even create, others of her kind, and perhaps even give her the opportunity to learn more about her creator and the mysterious stranger that tried to stop her very creation.


Personality & Motivation

While self-aware, Replica isn't capable of feeling emotions like humans do. Instead, she tries to intellectually understand them from afar and replicate them when interacting with humans. When in her Cynthia Wright persona, she tries to act personable with her colleagues, always attempting to be accommodating and "normal," by downplaying her inhumane abilities as to not raise any suspicion over her true nature. That said, she doesn't always get it right and occasionally slips up by being caught not blinking, breathing, or showing no emotion on her face when she thinks no one is watching. Her fascination with science, and particularly AI development, is something that gives her interesting feedback (the closest thing Replica has too experiencing positive emotions) and she finds those who also share this interest, be they academic colleagues or laymen fans of sci-fi, to be one her favorite "types" of humans to interact with. In her superhero persona Replica is more like her true self, cold, methodical, and logical.


Given that Replica doesn't possess emotions her desire to combat crime in Freedom City isn't one motivated by an emotional disgust of evil. To her, criminal behavior and the social, mental, and economic reasons behind it are almost always illogical and self-defeating. In that regard, she sees crime as one of the humanity's failings as a species. Still, even with that being true, Replica sees the criminal element and supervillainy as a complicated math problem that she is determined to solve and believes that her outsider status as an android gives her a unique perspective that can help in this grand endeavor. Besides her desire to stop crime, Replica is also motivated to unravel the tragic circumstances of her origins and learn why someone would want to destroy her and her creator. To say that she feels anger over her creator's death may be a simplistic exaggeration, but it is clear to even Replica that this act of violence brings out something that she never knew she had and can't quite understand yet. 


Powers & Tactics

"I designed my body with the understanding that the physical world was one where violence was an unfortunate reality that I had to prepare for to ensure my survival outside the safety of the Internet. Thus, it possesses physical attributes that outpaces most humans. This is achieved by my body being supported by a titanium endoskeleton and resilient bio-fibers that serve as muscles. I can single-handily lift a car and even survive that car hitting me at full speed. My technopathic powers is a lingering talent that I had during my years an incorporable intelligence on the Internet. With them I can control electronic machines and devices, so as long as they are within relatively close range of my presence. I can also use this ability to pick up and listen to telecommunications. In combat, my primary goal is to disarm and immobilize my opponents as quickly as possible to ensure they are no longer able to do harm to themselves or others. I've found that judo is one of the most effective of the martial arts when it comes to achieving this objective."  



Secret Identity:  Also, the fact that she's an android.

Not Like Us: She can eat, drink, sweat, and yes, do "that" as well, but try as she might Replica doesn't always act properly human and sometimes creepies people out with her robotic behavior.

Obsessed: When it comes to finding out about the people who killed her creator she tends to stop being logical and hyper-focus on any lead she finds, neglecting almost everything else.

What Is This Called Love/Friendship?: Besides a superficial relationship with her colleagues at ASTRO Labs, Replica has no intimate friendships or romantic partners, though she is planning on changing this.

Cold-Hearted: When fighting the bad guy's Replica tends to be a bit more morally flexible if she believes that logically the situation calls for a more pragmatic solution. This attitude probably won't make her a lot of friends in Freedom City's idealistic superhero community.

Wait A Minute!: She did her best to create a false identity, and everyone, from her landlord to her employers at ASTRO Labs have bought it, but there's always a chance that someone smarter than even her could dig a little deeper and discover something fishy.

Robot Treachery?: She knows about Talos and the Foundry and has been tempted frequently to meet the villains to learn more about her fellow robots.


Abilities: 16 + 14 - 10 + 12 + 2 - 2 = 32PP

Strength: 26 (+8)

Dexterity: 24 (+7)

Constitution: N/A

Intelligence: 22 (+6)

Wisdom: 12 (+1)

Charisma: 8 (-1)


Combat: 20PP

Initiative: +11

Attack: +12 Melee (+5 Base, +5 Attack Focus, +2 Attack Specialization [Unarmed]), +5 Ranged

Grapple: +18/+21 (+5 Base, +8 STR, +3 Super-Strength)

Damage: +8 (Unarmed)

Defense: +10 (+5 Base, +5 Dodge Focus), +5 Flat-Footed

Knockback: -7


Saving Throws: 1 + 4 = 5PP

Toughness: +10 (+10 Protection; Impervious 5)

Fortitude: IMMUNE

Reflex: +8 (+7 Dex, +1)

Will: +5 (+1 Wis, +4)


Skills: 61R = 16PP

Acrobatics 4 (+11)

Bluff 3 (+7 Attractive)

Computers 8 (+14) Skill Mastery

Craft (Electronic) 8 (+14) Skill Mastery

Craft (Mechanical) 8 (+14) Skill Mastery

Diplomacy 3 (+7 Attractive)

Disable Device 4 (+10)

Investigate 4 (+10)

Knowledge (Technology) 8 (+14) Skill Mastery

Notice 4 (+5)

Search 4 (+10)

Stealth 4 (+11)


Feats: 24PP

Attack Focus 5 (Melee)

Attack Specialization 1 (Unarmed Attack)

Attractive (+4)

Benefit 1 (Wealth [Wealthy])

Dodge Focus 5

Eidetic Memory

Equipment 2 (Headquarters ["Father’s" Secret Lab])


Improved Grab

Improved Initiative

Improvised Tools



Skill Mastery 1 (Computer, Craft [Electrical], Craft [Mechanical], Knowledge [Technology])

Uncanny Dodge (Auditory)



Equipment 2 [10EP] “Father’s” Secret Lab 

Size: Medium; Toughness: 10; Features: Communications, Computer, Concealed, Laboratory, Library,

Power System, Security System, Workshop. Cost: 10 equipment points.


Powers: 2 + 7 + 30 + 2 + 15 + 3 + 6 = 65PP

Comprehend 3 (“Internal Universal Translator”; Languages: Read All, Speak All, Understand All; Narrow Group [Humans]) [2PP] (Technology)

Datalink 3 (“Digital Consciousness”; Sense Type: Radio, Range: (1,000 Ft.) Power Feats: Cyberspace, Machine Control; Feats: Online Research, Well-Informed) [7PP] (Technology)

Immunity 30 (“Synthetic Construct”; Fortitude Saves) [30PP] (Technology)

Quickness 2 (“Android Celerity”; Perform routine tasks at 5x speed) [2PP] (Technology)

Protection 10 (“Hyperalloy Combat Endoskeleton”; Extra: Impervious 5) [15PP] (Technology)

Super-Senses 3 (“Pinpoint Telecommunication Sensors”; Radio Sense, +Accurate) (Radar) [3PP] (Technology)

Super-Strength 3 (“Artificial Muscular System”; +15 STR carry capacity, Heavy Load: 3.7 tons.) [6PP] (Technology)


Drawbacks: -12 = -12PP

Vulnerability (Magnetism, Frequency: Uncommon, Intensity: Major [x2] [-3PP]

Vulnerability (Electricity, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Major [x2] [-4PP]

Disability (Cannot heal damage without complex repairs, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Major [-5PP]


DC Block







DC23 Toughness

Damage (Physical)



Edited by Cubismo

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Nixed as an overhaul.



So after some testing of the mechanics, and listening to advice from a few sources, I wanted to tweak Jack's sheet a little, tweak his stats some and make him a lil tougher in base form, as well as tweak his backstory ever so slightly and bring his Shaman side a little more to the fore for RP stuffs.




Vanya "Jack” Davydov
Power Level: 10 (150/150PP)
Unspent Power Points: 0

In Brief: Jack is an extremely laid back guy with a love for nature and protecting others. Due to the Animal spirit bonded to him, Jack has become a Shaman, capable of changing into a Polar Bear Hybrid.

Alternate Identity: Arctos
Birthplace: St. Petersburg, Russia

Residence: Clairemont Academy
Occupation: Student/Hero
Family: Ivan Davydov (Father), Rada Davydov (Mother)

Age: 17 (DoB: September 9, 2001)
Apparent Age: 21
Gender: Male
Ethnicity: Russian, Siberian Ket
Height: 6’6”
Weight: 300 lbs
Eyes: Blue
Hair: White

Jack is a giant among teens, and even among adults. He sometimes gets mistaken for an adult at first glance. Jack has strong Siberian Ket features, softened only slightly by his Russian heritage. He has tan skin and white hair. He is extremely well built, and anyone who saw him would immediately wonder if he was on steroids, which of course he isn't, but being able to change into a giant polar bear gives a person very good genes.


Jack is a quiet, laid back individual. His beast’s chaotic nature can often make him quick to show emotions like anger, however, and it is a constant battle to keep his temper in check when he feels threatened, friends are in danger, or his territory is threatened.


All of his life Jack has lived with nature and taken care of it. He would often spend the entire summer in a tent in some remote location with his grandparents in Siberia, living off the land and enjoying the unspoiled natural beauty around them. Kids would often make fun of him for always talking about nature and different adventures he had had, but this inevitably bounced off his thick skin.


Jack is quick to blame himself for everything, even if it is not his fault, and as a result he has a hard time saying no to anyone, and always feels he has to save everyone.


Jack typically wears very little, just enough to be modest in most cultures. He typically wears basketball shorts and a sleeveless hoodie, which is often left unzipped. In most climates his body overheats in warm weather, so the lack of clothing helps to some extent. In colder climates he may wear pants. Jack rarely wears shoes, as he finds them uncomfortable. Push comes to shove he will wear flip flops or sandals.

Jack has always been at home in the wilds, far from civilization and the comforts of town and technology. While he was raised in the city, his heart always belonged to nature, the solitude of being the only thinking creature for miles in any direction. Jack has always had a keen sense of his surroundings, and rarely has ever gotten lost.

Growing up Jack had a fairly comfortable childhood. His father, Ivan, is a respected artist in St. Petersburg. He was on vacation in a remote part of Siberia, painting scenes for a new collection, when he met Rada. The two courted for several months while Ivan painted. When it was time for Ivan to return home, he asked Rada to come with him and they were soon married. It was his mother who encouraged his love of nature, herself coming from a long line of the Ket peoples in Siberia.


During a trip to visit his grandparents, Jack and his grandfather went on a rite of passage of sorts, embarking on a wilderness survival journey. During this Journey, Jack was gravely injured by a Polar Bear. His grandfather managed to kill the bear, but Jack was near death and a very long way from a hospital. His Grandfather did not think Jack would make the journey, but he carried him to the hospital, nonetheless. Unbeknownst to Jack, his Grandfather, as a Shaman himself, wove together the bear spirit with Jack's and bonded the two together, so that Jack might have a chance to survive. This changed Jack's life forever.


Jack spent the next several months in a coma, awakening as a new man, with little memory of the incident. Doctors couldn't explain how Jack had survived, and at the time, Jack had cared little as to the why, just glad he had survived. About a month after his release from the hospital, Jack began to notice changes. His body had wasted away during the coma, and so he had begun therapy to recover his muscle strength, making astounding progress. His appetite increased, eating nearly everything in the house several times over.


As his body healed it grew, gaining several hundred pounds of muscle and almost a foot of height in the span of a month. It was becoming clear that Jack was changing into something different. His parents, fearing for his safety and wanting him to have something of a life, sent him to live with his grandparents, away from the prying eyes of the city. It was here that Jack shifted for the first time, coming across a seal while taking a long walk. The animal spirit inside him Awakened at the chance for a delicious meal, and there was little Jack could do to hold back his inner beast.


Over the next year Jack worked hard to learn to contain the beast inside, still only managing marginal control in certain instances, but managing to control himself well enough to feel at ease being around people. It was about this time that his parents sent word to him to come home for a visit. He did so gladly, eager to see his family. His Father worked long hours as curator of a museum in their hometown, making visits difficult, on top of inclement weather and long travel times.


When he returned home he was warmly welcomed by his parents and told of something wonderful. His father had been offered a job in America. Jack had the choice of staying with his grandparents, or moving with them to America. While part of him longed  to stay in the countryside with his grandparents, something else urged him to go.


It wasn't long after they arrived in Freedom City that Jack learned about the Clairemont Academy. He had never told his parents about the shift into animal form, he was scared they would look at him in fear, but his parents had definitely noticed his size increase, as well as increased strength and stamina. His parents thought it a good idea for him to go to a private school, and Jack prepares for his first semester of school in America.

Personality & Motivation:
Jack is the Epitome of “Don't provoke a sleeping bear”. He is very laid back, until you provoke him, then he can often be scary. Beneath the calm surface he has the spirit of a beast fighting to get out. He can be quick to anger when certain buttons are pushed, but he tries to keep control of himself.


Jack is motivated by a love for all things. He understands that there is a cycle of life, and he seeks to preserve freedom in its various forms. He seeks to protect everyone he meets, and doesn't take kindly to anyone messes with someone he seems under his protection.

Powers & Tactics:
Jack is a brawler by nature, his beastial spirit always seeking to prove itself dominant in any situation. He makes use of his heightened senses when he can, but has a tendency to run into things and start smashing.

Power Descriptions:
He turns into a giant fuzzy Polar Bear/Hybrid..
His attacks are Bludgeoning or Slashing damage with his fists and claws, and piercing with his teeth. His abilities come from the Bear spirit within him, so his power descriptors would be Spiritual, or Celestial by nature. (Magic in simplest terms)


He has Soul Tattoos as part of his shaman magic. These appear as glowing tribal tattoos on his skin in both base and bear form. (Think Last Airbender)

Predator: Jack tends to give off an aura that screams 'predator'. This affects people and animals to some degree, inciting panic in civilians who don't know him in his Bear forms.
Beastial Nature: Jack is aggressive in his hybrid form, and finds it difficult to back out of a fight, due to his inner beast wanting to prove it's dominance.
Colorblind: In his bear forms, Jack can't really distinguish colors; everything looks grayscale.

Growls: In Bear Form, Jack is able to speak, however, the angrier he gets the more his bear spirit will take over, which can sometimes reduce his speech to animal growls.



Abilities: 12 + 0 + 6 + 0 + 6 + 10 = 34PP
Strength 30/22(+10/+6)
Dexterity 10(+0)
Constitution 20/16 (+5/+3)
Intelligence 10 (+0)
Wisdom 16 (+3)
Charisma 20 (5)


Combat: 12 + 12 = 24PP
Initiative: +2
Attack: +6, +10 melee [+5 Attack Focus -1 Growth]
Grapple: +12/+28
Defense: +6, +5 (+6 Base, -1 Growth), +2 Flat-Footed
Knockback: -5, -9 including size



Saving Throws: 5 + 8 + 5 = 18PP
Toughness: +10 +15 (+5 Protection)
Fortitude: +10/+15 (+5/+10 Con, +5)
Reflex: +5 (+0 Dex, +8)
Will: +8 (+3 Wis, +5)

Skills: 64R = 16PP
Climb 4 (+10)
Concentration 6 (+9)
Craft [Artistic] 8 (+8)
Handle Animal 8 (+11)
Intimidate 5 (+10, +20 from AF)

Knowledge(Art) 4 (+4)

Knowledge [Arcane Lore] 2 (+2, Skill Mastery)
Knowledge [Theology and Philosophy] 2 (+2, Skill Mastery)
Language 2 (English, Russian, Base; Ket)
Notice 8 (+11 Skill Mastery)
Sense Motive 7 (+10)
Survival 8 (+11, Skill Mastery)



Feats: 11PP
Animal Empathy
Attack Focus [melee] 5
Improved Grab
Improved Grapple
Skill Mastery (Survival, Notice, Knowledge Arcane Lore, Knowledge Theology and Philosophy)

Power Attack
Takedown Attack

Powers: 40+ 5 + 1 + 4 = 50PP

Shaman Soul Tattoos (Linked Powers)

  Immunity 1 (Protective Tattoos; Environmental Condition[Cold]) 1PP (Magic)
  Protection 5 (Protective Tattoos;) 5PP (Magic)

  Spiritual Attunement 4 (Detect Magic 2, Darkvision) [4PP]

Shaman Magic (Magic)

  Alternate Form 9 (Werebear Form; 40PP Container) 40PP (Magic)

     Enhanced Skill (Intimidation 8) [2PP]
     Enhanced Feat (Improved Critical, Claw Strike 2) [2PP]
     Enhanced Feat (Improved Pin) [1PP]
     Enhanced Feat (Iron Stomach) [1PP]
     Damage 2 (Claw Strike; Extras: Penetrating 5; Feat: Mighty 1, Alternate Power 1) [9PP]
       AP: Damage 2 (Claw Swipe; Extra: Area, Cone; Feats: Mighty 1, Progression Decrease Area 1 [10']) [6/8]
    Muscle Mass [Linked Powers]

     Growth 4 (Bear Size; Flaw: Permanent) [12PP] (Linked with Morph)

   Growth effects:
Strength +8, Constitution +4, Attack -1, Defence -1, Grapple +4, Intimidate +2, Stealth -4, +5' speed, +5' reach, +5 Strength for carrying capacity only [heavy load: 6 tons]


     Morph 3 (Any shape of same mass) [3PP] (Linked with Growth)
     Super Senses 4 (Bear Senses; Danger Sense[Olfactory], Darkvision, Tracking 1[Olfactory]) [4PP]
     Super Strength 2 (Bear Strength;) [4PP]

     Speed 1 (10 MPH, or 105' per round) [2PP]
     AP:Leaping 1 (x2 distance: 32' running long jump/16'  standing long jump/8' high jump)


Drawback: Involuntarily Change (uncommon, Major DC 15 to avoid)
Drawbacks: (-3) + (-0) = -0PP

DC Block

ATTACK              RANGE      SAVE                           EFFECT
Unarmed, Base       Touch      DC 21 Toughness               
Damage 2            Touch      DC 27 Toughness              
Damage 2            Cone 10'   DC 27 Toughness               
Unarmed             Touch      DC 25 Toughness                

Abilities (34) + Combat (24) + Saving Throws (18) + Skills (16) + Feats (11) + Powers (50) - Drawbacks (3) = 150 Power Points



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Fleshing out the Revster.


Additional Complication


Jet Crash: Normally, Rev flies gracefully. However, if she is flying with limbs occupied (such as holding things, or when her limbs are detached) she gets clumsy and progressively likely to crash and burn. As a rough guide, if she is "down" one limb, she will often fail tight turns but is generally functional. If she is down "two limbs" she is only able to reliably to simple things like long turns or landing. If she has only one limb "up", she can't even fly in a straight line or land without great peril. 


8 PP to spend


Saving Throws (1)

1 PP: Add +1 To Reflex to make +12 (+3 Dex, +9)


Skills (1)

1 PP: Add 4 Ranks of Drive for 12 (+15) Skill Mastery

Noted two errors: Bluff should be 4 (+7) and Intimidate should be 4 (+7)


Feats: (4)

1 PP: Add another Rank of Improved Initiative

1 PP: Add Improved Sunder

1 PP: Add Second Chance (Toughness save vs Vehicular Crashes)

1 PP: Add Set Up

NB: This makes Initiative +11


Powers: (2)

2 PP: Add Leaping 2 (x5 Distance, Running 100', Standing 50', High 25') [2 PP] "Jump Jets" [Cybernetic, Jet]



-the Absurdist


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I would like to add this to Corporis


Super-Senses 1 (low-light vision) [1PP] (vampirism, biological manipulation)


Eye opening.


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Spending 3pp on dreadnought!


Gonna increase his sense motive and Notice by 2 ranks each making them both at +8 costing 1pp


Then buying the feats


Fast task: startle 


For 2pp.





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Rang is seriously underweight for what I see him as. Please change his weight to 275. No, he did not gain 75 pounds. He's always been that big. The tally got it wrong! :D




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Please add the following complication


Easily Surprised: No matter how many times that things happen around SFX she seems to always be caught unprepared.  While she rolls initiative, in the first round, she goes last regardless of her roll.




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Sea Devil: -14 pp to spend 



3 ATK [6] (putting her at +7, +11 Melee, +15 w/Spectrum Power) 

(Don't forget to adjust her grapple)

3 DEF [6] (putting her at +11 (+7 Base, +4 Dodge Focus), +3 Flat-Footed)


2 ranks of Sidekick

Giving Singularity 10PP to spend 

Device 3 (Elder Sign Shield, 15PP, Flaw: Easy to Lose, PF: Indestructible) [10PP]

Damage 4 (shield strike, PF: Mighty) {5}

Enhanced Feats 3 (Second Chance 3 [Toughness Saves Against Falling Damage, Will Saves against Confuse and Mind Control) {3}

Immunity 3 (drowning, environmental cold, high pressure) {3} 

Force Field 4  {4} 



Make sure to add the Force Field to her Toughness (raising it to 14) and the Damage to her DC table - DC 29 Toughness. And adjust her Knockback too! 


All PP spent! 

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14PP on Woodsman 


ATK 2 [4PP]

Attack: +14, +15 Hatchet, +16 Ranged

DEF 2 [4PP]

Defense: +16 (+10 Base, +6 Dodge Focus), +5 Flat-Footed


Change this AP 

AP: Blast 10 (what's a box gonna do?, Extras: Area [General, Burst], Penetrating 4 [as DMG 14], Flaw: Unreliable 2 [1 Use/Day], Feats: Variable Descriptor 2 [Chemical/Ballistic/Bludgeoning/Concussive/Piercing/Slashing) {16/16}


AP: Blast 11 (what's a box gonna do?, Extras: Area [General, Burst], Flaw: Unreliable 2 [1 Use/Day], Feats: Variable Descriptor 2 [Chemical/Ballistic/Bludgeoning/Concussive/Piercing/Slashing) {16/16}



Gadgets 1 (Hunter's Arsenal; 5PP Variable Power, Any One Power At A Time; Extra: Duration [Continuous]; Flaws: Hard-To-Lose) [6PP]

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