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  1. Being invited to one of these events confused Anthony. He was smart, yes. But he went to a school with some of the best and brightest. And he got the call? He was honored to say the least. Still, he didn't know the others here. They could be on his level or better. He just knew that he had a big showing. The Warp Rang. A super dense metal that could travel thousands of miles per hour. It would take larger quantities and more sleek ideas to get it truly ready. Here he just had a prototype. The box he'd brought it in was slightly dented, but it wouldn't get any more than that. The call to come inside for drinks and suckers made him shake his head. Not that he'd totally quit sugar, but he'd done so sparingly in the past few months it was a surprise. "I'll pass, but yes, I do have my invention and study ready."
  2. School starts back up tomorrow. The parents don't want me to do anything but schoolwork on school days and weekends will be tenuous. So, unless you guys want to wait until the end of May to pick this back up, I'd say this is done. Thank you all for being in my first thread. I enjoyed the interactions, what there was of them. As I said, I'll be back during summer break. I hope to play with you guys more then!
  3. Tony tried not to smile when Corinne 'accepted' his invitation. The smile was a bit weird, like it was unnatural for him to do. He hung his head again. "OK, ok," he sounded embarrassed, "just when you're ready." He wiped the smile off of his face when Mona berated the learning institution. He didn't look at her, but thumbed through some notes. Still. "School works for some people," he said almost mumbled, "I mean who wouldn't want to go to one place where you can learn? It's like," he picked his eyes up to look at Mona and quickly looked at the papers again, "smart people fun?" He cleared his throat. That was supposed to be comedic, he didn't know how well it went. He nodded in agreement with Cathy, "study groups. Those are good too."
  4. Tony froze a bit when Zhu ask what he liked to do. "I, uh, hm." He picked up the boomerang, holding it at one end and tapping it on his other hand, while looking at it. Almost like he was asking it for answers. "Reading," he said, "I like reading scientific reports. I also like," he was thinking, obviously trying to pull more out of nothing, "i can take stuff apart and put them back together." He looked at her, doing her thing, "movies. Dancing. I, I... those are good too." He rocked on the back of his feet. Trying not to look awkward. Failing. Mentally he flogged himself.
  5. Tony nodded, "they're only locked once i put the cartridges in. They're locked and loaded after that. They coded to expel their cartridges on the next target they touch." He pulled out an uncartridged one and sat it down in front of him. Poking it a few times, it did nothing. Showing Selena a cartridge, he put it in and eyed the target. Throwing it it sliced clean through it. He sat one out for Selena, not putting a cartridge in it. "Its just polysteel now. A polysteel boomerang, but still not as dangerous as it could be." He laughed. He was about to pull out more boomerangs and cartridges. But the girl from his intro to the school, the fast one, came in. Ran in more likely. "Hey, uh," he remembered the girl's name "Mona!" He went through the demonstration of the boomerang again for Mona showing how it worked and did not work. This time the boomerang fragmented into smaller boomerangs which fragmented int even smaller boomerangs. "See?"
  6. He remembered his Valentines Day as well. It was in a lab, experimenting with new chemical cartridges for his boomerangs. Let's just say they're not all winners. Hallucinogenics were hard to get a hold of enough in large quantities. And when you messed up, well, you had to explain to yourself that there's no such thing as a brain in a jar telling you to conquer and dominate everything in your path. Yeah, it was a weird day. "Boomerangs are my 'gimmick', as you might say," he said perking up. "Sports are only a small thing you can learn from this little beauty." There was an awkward pause there. "The the the boomerang, I mean," he laughed. He quickly tried to avert the conversation, "I have cartridges that make them carry chemicals. So each one can vary by effect. Or they can be just regular boomerangs." He handed her the boomerang, "if you want to look at it."
  7. Tony looked at himself. Black slacks and loafers, a dark blue tennis shirt under a brown hooded coat. All topped off by the device of his design. "Well, I really do like this coat," he said as he noticed the temperature was not freezing in here. Quite the opposite. "Whew," he quickly tapped a complicated password on some buttons on his shoulder. The bandoleer came off and then the coat came off. He was broad shouldered and musclebound without the coat. Not that he wasn't without it, it was just hard to see. He quickly put the bandoleer back on and tapped seemingly different password. Or maybe it was the same? It was hard to tell. "I mean I tried the school suit," he said nervously, "I mean, I don't think me and spandex are ready for each other yet." Drawing a small, metallic boomerang, he placed a small pill-looking thing in a cartridge in the boomerang. "Now If I've calibrated the turn velocity of the orbit rotation." He flung the boomerang at the target. It exploded, the boomerang and the target. There was a gleam of pride in his eyes. Like he had done everything perfectly. He looked to Selena, "I have several prototypes, but I don't think a few of them will work on the machinery."
  8. Stepping off of the Hover Rang, it folded up and fit easily in Rang's over stuffed sack of papers and small gadgets. He'd already put on his Bandoleer of Boomerangs on the way over. "Yeah," he nodded, "I've never been in here. So, I might not have the clearance." He looked at the dartboard, "very nice aim. I'm a thrower myself." He walked over to the girl and reached out a hand. "I'm also a bit new here. I've been here a couple of weeks. My name is Tony." He looked around, "and this place is probably the most voluntarily dangerous place on campus, I'd wager."
  9. Rang Weird Science Circumference of Hi Take Your Shot
  10. Studying the weather patterns, Tony always studied the patterns. Not for some mystical reason. You didn't need magic when the numbers never lied. Still, Tony studied a little bit of everything. He wanted to have notes on why the Nor'Easter was not some punishment from a deity. It had been a few hours. His eyes began to blur from looking at the sky and the screen of his computer. He needed to take a break. Tony reflexively jumped when he saw the girl walk out of the locker room. He was all turned around to get here. He was sure he mapped out the layout in his head. Was that the combat simulator she was going into? I mean, it couldn't hurt to look inside. Was he cleared to go in there? Maybe he would go get his gadgets and join her. Would that seem weird? Well, only one way to find out. Going back to the dorms he grabbed his boomerang bandoleer. As usual, the boys dorm was quiet. He wondered if if this was him or them. At least the girls were talkative. Alexa was his science bro. And Corinne, she was cool too, but he had different feelings for her. And then the others. There were a lot more girls than guys here. He shook his head. Less thoughts about girls, more thoughts about that combat simulator. Flying out of the dorm and to the combat simulator he looked at the door. Was the girl still in there? Slowly he opened the door.
  11. It felt like forever. The people around here were so nice. Well, some of them. Corinne sure was pretty. Focus, he thought to himself. "Oh, yeah. I have a sandwich," he looked at the half-eaten thing, sitting back down while Cathy went to get something. "That's, um," he breathed in and spoke quickly, half looking at Corinne, "I can give you tutoring lessons In whatever you need. I'm pretty knowledgeable in what you need to know." When the guide got back he was still at a loss for words. He nodded, "yeah. I can do that."
  12. Rang Weird Science = 1 post Circumference of Hi = 6 posts
  13. "Your personal stuff is quite remarkable," he said looking but not touching. He didn't know what would happen if he messed with it. While robotics was a different field than his, he couldn't help but wonder what he could do with such knowledge. Little boomerang throwing robots? He made note of it to give it some study later on. Or with Alexa, she seemed like a good teacher. He nodded when she asked about feeling settled. "There's not a lot of guys in boys dorm. They're either to them own selves or put off by my studying. I think I was supposed to have a roommate, but he never showed up. Then, as you said, it was Friday night. I'm not privy to the nomenclature around the grounds. Maybe next week." He smiled, "My weekend plans however," he went digging for his notes. "Yeah, boomerangs," he said pulling out his notes. They were the same from yesterday, but with edits and a few more pages of technicalese, some of it written in Latin. "It was the first toy I enjoyed," he said pulling out a one to show to her, "It's aerodynamic and it always returns. I made sure. Down to the minuscule percentage." He snapped out of his glazed eye trance, looking at a prototype. "Um, yeah. I didn't bring any cartridges. so this one is inert."
  14. Just sending out a note that I was not able to access devices for the past week. But I am back. Do you want to continue? @BlazingCoconut @TheAbsurdist @EternalPhoenix @Tiffany Korta
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