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  1. It was a long moment before he spoke. "Da, I am sorry you had to see that lil one." He said softly. He felt ashamed that he had lost control so completely. He gingerly rubbed her cheek with his giant hand and played with her hair a little, actions he found soothing. "Guess I'm not so perfect as you think eh?" He asked with a subtle little smile. His thoughts were still dark but at least she was here to shine a bit of light into the darkness. He had enjoyed being savage...he had liked letting the monster out. True he had done it with good intentions but...still. There was a part of himself that he didnt recognize yet, part of himself that had been changed by the beast inside.
  2. Character Name Power Level: 7 (105/105PP) or 10 (150/150PP) Unspent Power Points: 0 All PP must be spent at character creation but unspent points may accrue during play. Trade-Offs: ±X Attack / ±X Damage, ±X Defense / ±X Toughness (or "None") In Brief: 1-2 sentences which sum up the whole character. Alternate Identity: ??? (Public) or (Secret) Birthplace: Residence: (Optional) Where the character normally resides / lives. Base of Operations: (Optional) Where in the city the character primarily operates or their headquarters' location, if anywhere. Occupation: Affiliations: People and/or groups you work with. Family: Close or otherwise significant relatives. Description: Age: ??? (DoB: Year [Optionally, Day & Month]) Apparent Age: If applicable. Gender: Ethnicity: Caucasian, Asian, Atlantean, Etc. Height: Weight: Eyes: Hair: (Describe what they look like! Cover their physical appearance, typical clothing and of course their costume if they have one.) History: (Remember we are a relatively family friendly site. Your story should be PG-13 at most. If your character wouldn't fit in an episode of Justice League Unlimited, The Dresden Files, or Buffy the Vampire Slayer, you'll need to rethink it. When in doubt, ask a Staff Member.) Personality & Motivation: (Describe why they do what they do here.) Powers & Tactics: (In-character descriptions of how they do what they do.) Power Descriptions: (Describe the appearance of their powers as applicable: the colour of energy blasts, the shape of portals, the design of a battlesuit. Also give an idea of the Descriptors those powers use: fire, technological, cosmic energy, etc.) Complications: Name: Description Abilities: 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 + 0 = 0PP Strength: 10 (+0) Dexterity: 10 (+0) Constitution: 10 (+0) Intelligence: 10 (+0) Wisdom: 10 (+0) Charisma: 10 (+0) Combat: 0 (2PP / Base Attack) + 0 (2PP / Base Defense) = 0PP Initiative: +0 Attack: +0 Melee, +0 Ranged Example: +10 Swords, +6 Melee, +4 Base Defense: +0 (+0 Base, +0 Dodge Focus), +0 Flat-Footed Grapple: +0 Knockback: -0 Saving Throws: 0 (1PP / Fortitude) + 0 (1PP / Reflex) + 0 (1PP / Will) = 0PP Toughness: +0 (+0 Con, +0 [Example: Protection, Defensive Roll]) Fortitude: +0 (+0 Con, +0) Reflex: +0 (+0 Dex, +0) Will: +0 (+0 Wis, +0) Skills: 0R = 0PP (1PP = 4 Skill ranks) Skill # of Ranks (+ Total Bonus) Skill # of Ranks (+ Total Bonus) Skill # of Ranks (+ Total Bonus) Feats: 0PP Feat Name Feat Name Feat Name Equipment: 0PP = 0EP (1 rank of the Equipment Feat = 5 'Equipment Points') Name (Power breakdown, if applicable) [XEP] Powers: 0 + 0 + 0 = 0PP Power Name Rank (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???, Flaws: ???, ???, Feats: ???, ???, Drawbacks: ???, ???) [XPP] (descriptors) Example: Damage 10 (Heat Vision; Extras: Range [Perception, +2], Flaws: Action [Full], Feats: Precise, Subtle) [22PP] (heat, solar radiation, alien physiology) Array Name Rank (2*Rank PP Array; Extras: ???, ???, Flaws: ???, ???, Feats: Alternate Power, ???, Drawbacks: ???, ???)[XPP] (descriptors) Base Power: Power Name (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???; Flaws: ???, ???; Feats: ???, ???; Drawbacks: ???, ???) {power cost/array cost} (descriptors) Alternate Power: Power Name (Descriptive Name; Extras: ???, ???; Flaws: ???, ???; Feats: ???, ???;Drawbacks: ???, ???) {power cost/array cost} (descriptors) Note: If all Powers have the same Descriptor (all genetic, all technological, etc.), you can just write that directly under the Powers header. Drawbacks: (-0) + (-0) = -0PP Drawback (Description; Frequency: [Uncommon, Common, or Very Common]; Intensity: [Minor, Moderate, or Major])[-XPP] DC Block ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Unarmed Touch DC 15 Toughness Damage Chain Lightning Ranged DC 25 Toughness (Autofire) Damage Taser Blast Ranged DC 16 Fortitude Stun
  3. Jack's ears pricked up at the sound of Jess' voice. He knew he should be calming down now that she wasnt in danger....but the anger felt so good...it was so easy to slip into it and just let himself go. It was fine to let go, wasn't it? He raised one of the stone monsters as high as his arm let him and slammed him down into the concrete, its body cracking harshly with the impact, his furry clawed foot putting pressure on its chest. With his second hand free he reached up and grabbed the second monsters jaw and spun it violently, the monster going limp. With a swift stomp of his foot through rock, the second monsters ceased moving. Jack let out a roar of victory and discarded his vanquished foe, tossing the limp stone monster into the far wall. His beast let out another roar of challenge and looked around for more prey that needed to be handled...but found none. It growled angrily at the lack of a fight. Jack felt himself regaining control as the danger passed. He reasserted control completely, feeling his body twist and contort once more as he forced the beast back inside himself. With a bit of horror and realization he looked at the two stone corpses and then at his own hands. He couldnt bring himself to look at Jessica. He didnt want her to see the shame he felt of losing control like that. He slumped to his knees. A lite misty rain began to fall, as if the heavens themselves wept. Jack felt cold for the first time in his life and it wasn't from the weather.
  4. Alright so if I read that right they both make DC 25 toughness saves.
  5. I am not sure what I need to roll while they in a grapple. I assume just regular attack roll?
  6. Jack felt the presence in the back of his already crowded mind. He felt the pure anger slip into him, and it found the memory of Jess being led away, and the sheer powerlessness he had felt. Wrath latched on to that memory and amplified it a thousand fold. Way beyond the point of being able to verbalize words anymore, Jack let out an ear splitting roar of pent up pain and rage right into the faces of the two brutes he held. His brow furrowed as what appeared to be flames danced around him. He felt no pain, so he paid them no attention, focusing on the Brutes instead. He let out a second roar as he brought the brutes in close and then violently slammed them into the nearby wall. The wall buckled and cracked under the sudden force.
  7. Just a heads up Durf I know Shadey had some unexpected family business to take care of, so it may be a little bit before she is back.
  8. My turn? Just dont wanna hold up the show haha. If not that's cool too ?
  9. Claw attack: 1d20+10 30 If that hits Grapple check: 1d20+28 41
  10. Jack barely saw the strike incoming. In the confined space he couldnt react to the strike and he felt the impact, but through the rage of his beast, he managed to push past it and shrug it off. He felt familiar heat off to one side, but he couldnt take his attention off of these brutes. He trusted that Jessica was ok now, for the moment at least. Jack felt the rock creature struggle beneath his grip and he tightened his claws on the creatures throat. He raised a fist and slammed it down at the dome of the second creatures head.
  11. Yes I think that would be best Toughness saves: 1d20+14 32 Reroll
  12. Toughness saves: 1d20+14 15 Ouch. +14 right since bruised?
  13. BEAR'd by Fox, ahead of queue due to PL cap concerns. If you could please update Jack's sheet it would be appreciated. -Under Description I realized I wrote his DOB wrong. It should be September 9, 2000. His Residence is now in Southside. -It was brought to my attention that his damage levels are too high for a PL10. To rectify this I'd like to adjust his Alternate form container as follows: Change: Enhanced Feat (Improved Critical 2) [2PP] Damage 0 (Claw Strike; Extras: Penetrating 5; Feat: Mighty 1) [6PP] Remove: AP: Damage 2 (Claw Swipe; Extra: Area, Cone; Feats: Mighty 1, Progression Decrease Area 1 [10']) [6/8] Add: Enhanced Feat (Takedown Attack) [1PP] This should hopefully rectify the power caps and retain the point count of the container. -In addition with PP from posting I'd like to add these two feats to his feat section: Startle & All Out Attack
  14. Grapple check: 1d20+28 44
  15. Claw attack: 1d20+10 21 If that hits He'll use improved grab
  16. Jack felt the impact from the blow. It surprised him, more then it hurt him. He let out a low growl and his eyes locked on the one who had hit him. The beast inside of him was enraged that this tiny worm had dared to attack it. Without thinking his fist lashed out at the cultist.
  17. Jack: 10 IC posts = 2PP We're still a Thing (9) Sunday Stroll (1)
  18. It was normal for Jack to get lost, quite normal in fact. Jessica had left earlier that day...Jack wasnt quite sure what she had gone out to do...but the weather felt amazing and he didnt have anything really to do that day so he just started walking. He hadn't really focused on where he was going, just out for a stroll enjoying the warm, lazy day. It was nice not to have to save anyone for a change. He always enjoyed it, but there was a simple dignity in a slow day where one could relax and take in the sights. Going for walks helped Jack stay grounded, and often it was how he met new people. He made a mental note to stop by and see his parents later...it had been awhile since he had seen them. He knew how his mother worried for him...he let out a small sigh at the thought, but turned his thoughts away from where that would take him. Best just to deal with one moment at a time, as he always said. Jack noticed the buildings had changed around him and he looked around to see he was in unfamiliar territory. This turn didnt worry him, as he could nearly always find his way home eventually. It did, however, coax a smile from him, as he had not yet been in this part of the city. This was turning out to be an interesting adventure...
  19. Toughness saves: 2#1d20+15 35 23
  20. Jack is pretty open and can travel anywhere, on foot if there's time or by conventional means. I can roll with pretty much any idea.
  21. Claw attack: 1d20+10 12 Not the greatest roll but if successful he'll use improved grab.
  22. The eerie laugh hit Jack's ears and that was the final straw the beast needed to break free. He let out a beastial roar as his mouth contorted and stretched, teeth twisting and elongating into fangs. Jacks shirt ripped and tore like wet napkins as his muscles doubled, tripled, quadrupled in size. Another roar escaped him as his muscles tore themselves apart and stitched themselves back together. His skin turned black before translucent fur sprouted, giving him a white appearance. As his transformation finished, pale blue translucent ribbons of color swirled around his chest and arms, forming the tribal markings of his Shaman abilities. He stood at his impressive full height and his eyes were focused on the two thugs that stood between him and Jessica. He charged, swiping at the closest thug with one giant paw.
  23. What's this about discord? Did we change to a discord roller?
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