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  1. I would like to add this to Corporis Super-Senses 1 (low-light vision) [1PP] (vampirism, biological manipulation) Eye opening. -Absurdist
  2. Thogphog


    She sipped the Bourbon as the man talked. It was strong of taste, but the vampirism knocked out the 'bad effects'. She'd get woozy if she drank too much, but not full on drunk. Also, no hangovers! The man was deathly ill, and she was just a shot in the dark. "Vampire, Winston," she said mocking the idea of mocking the idea, "I'm not sure you know of my recent predicament!" She sat the drink down on the table and crossed her hands, "you see, I'm partly out of that racket now. Some science madman made me his guinea pig and I'm alive. Though I still have the fun stuff. Blood Manipulat
  3. @GranspearZX @Darksider42 Are you guys still up for this?
  4. Jennifer's alarm. Not safe for work. Also loud. As of now, she has an Injury.
  5. If only it were just a dream. Last night. The past century. She had dreams, but they were blood soaked gore fests. Nightmares of ripping through bodies, then feasting on and bathing with the insides. She'd only started having them after she returned to life. She assumed it was a side effect of losing or gaining something from the man who 'fixed' her. If they were an intimidation factor, it failed. She reveled in these thoughts. The latter, she assumed, was the time of being a vampire normalizing this. Not that she would do it in her waking hours... Would she? Into the waking world
  6. It was a 'social experiment', as the kids like to call them these days. She would go to a sports bar and watch the game. Superbowl Sunday was such easy prey in New Orleans. She remembered last year, and the year before, and... well she did it for fifty-two at most. This Sunday, she would not think of sinking her teeth into the flesh of blitzed out of their mind revelers. No, she would actually enjoy the game. Mingle with the people. Have fun in a different sort of way. And it was a good night. She got a few drinks for free for the company of some rapid sports fans. They cheered vic
  7. Corporis Sick Filth GM post goes to Corporis, but it won't matter Retail Or Coffeeshop Experience Preferred Darkness Unleashed Bloodsong
  8. Thogphog


    "This is kind of what I expected," Corporis grinned. The two personalities were not that different. Corporis was Jennifer cranked up to 11. Though Jennifer rested at about an 8. She curtsied as Winston introduced himself. "I'd introduce myself," she said once it was over, "but you seem to have me all figured out. Jennifer James. Corporis. Whichever's good for you." She looked at the glass he was offering. "Blood is an acquired taste really," she looked to him, "I'll take your offer of bourbon though." She pointed to a seat, asking him without asking, "also,
  9. Thogphog


    Looking at the note and then the jar. She was glad it was frozen. Blood was her favorite smell. Warm blood had been known to make her a bit ravenous in attitude, but she had ways of controlling it for short periods of time. She stuck the letter on her fridge with a green C magnet. "I mean, I am a hero now, aren't I," she asked herself. She remembered the demon incident where she met two other heroes. "We did heroic things, saved people. Hell, I'm in hero housing." She walked over to the cooler and looked at the jar. "Alright, you don't have to pull my leg twice." She went into her dressing roo
  10. She got the Blood Manipulation from being a vampire, but kept it due to Mastermind messing with her biology. So yeah, i guess it wouldn't magic now? Thing is, with or without it, she's PL8. Without it, she has a sword. Not quite a weapon master, but she hits PL8 caps.
  11. So, the main villain of the thread is a demon trafficking in healthy human beings making them in to parts for people who need fresh parts quick and using the chaff to make abominations. That's what I had. Not that the demon - something super high level for Corporis - would be a challenge for either Ouroboros or Sandman. He was just going to turn tail after his crew of demons and monsters had been dealt with, swearing enmity on the duo/group. Something they'd have to deal with later, seeing as they'd made connections. Now the problem is, how would they nerf either character? Do you
  12. Are mismatched PLs doable? It'll be less a struggle, yeah. Carmen could be a sidekick
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