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  1. Just a heads up Durf I know Shadey had some unexpected family business to take care of, so it may be a little bit before she is back.
  2. My turn? Just dont wanna hold up the show haha. If not that's cool too
  3. Claw attack: 1d20+10 30 If that hits Grapple check: 1d20+28 41
  4. Jack barely saw the strike incoming. In the confined space he couldnt react to the strike and he felt the impact, but through the rage of his beast, he managed to push past it and shrug it off. He felt familiar heat off to one side, but he couldnt take his attention off of these brutes. He trusted that Jessica was ok now, for the moment at least. Jack felt the rock creature struggle beneath his grip and he tightened his claws on the creatures throat. He raised a fist and slammed it down at the dome of the second creatures head.
  5. Yes I think that would be best Toughness saves: 1d20+14 32 Reroll
  6. Toughness saves: 1d20+14 15 Ouch. +14 right since bruised?
  7. BEAR'd by Fox, ahead of queue due to PL cap concerns. If you could please update Jack's sheet it would be appreciated. -Under Description I realized I wrote his DOB wrong. It should be September 9, 2000. His Residence is now in Southside. -It was brought to my attention that his damage levels are too high for a PL10. To rectify this I'd like to adjust his Alternate form container as follows: Change: Enhanced Feat (Improved Critical 2) [2PP] Damage 0 (Claw Strike; Extras: Penetrating 5; Feat: Mighty 1) [6PP] Remove: AP: Damage 2 (Claw Swipe; Extra: Area, Cone; Feats: Mighty 1, Progression Decrease Area 1 [10']) [6/8] Add: Enhanced Feat (Takedown Attack) [1PP] This should hopefully rectify the power caps and retain the point count of the container. -In addition with PP from posting I'd like to add these two feats to his feat section: Startle & All Out Attack
  8. Grapple check: 1d20+28 44
  9. Claw attack: 1d20+10 21 If that hits He'll use improved grab
  10. Jack felt the impact from the blow. It surprised him, more then it hurt him. He let out a low growl and his eyes locked on the one who had hit him. The beast inside of him was enraged that this tiny worm had dared to attack it. Without thinking his fist lashed out at the cultist.
  11. Jack: 10 IC posts = 2PP We're still a Thing (9) Sunday Stroll (1)
  12. It was normal for Jack to get lost, quite normal in fact. Jessica had left earlier that day...Jack wasnt quite sure what she had gone out to do...but the weather felt amazing and he didnt have anything really to do that day so he just started walking. He hadn't really focused on where he was going, just out for a stroll enjoying the warm, lazy day. It was nice not to have to save anyone for a change. He always enjoyed it, but there was a simple dignity in a slow day where one could relax and take in the sights. Going for walks helped Jack stay grounded, and often it was how he met new people. He made a mental note to stop by and see his parents later...it had been awhile since he had seen them. He knew how his mother worried for him...he let out a small sigh at the thought, but turned his thoughts away from where that would take him. Best just to deal with one moment at a time, as he always said. Jack noticed the buildings had changed around him and he looked around to see he was in unfamiliar territory. This turn didnt worry him, as he could nearly always find his way home eventually. It did, however, coax a smile from him, as he had not yet been in this part of the city. This was turning out to be an interesting adventure...
  13. Toughness saves: 2#1d20+15 35 23
  14. Jack is pretty open and can travel anywhere, on foot if there's time or by conventional means. I can roll with pretty much any idea.
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