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  1. "Niet I have not spoken to her in long time...I hope she well too." Jack said, a hint of sadness in his voice. Alexa had been one of his first friends. He often wondered what had become of her, if she had gone home or if something bad had befallen her...but he knew very little. He looked over the herbs with a nod. "There be some good specimens in dis place."
  2. "Da, if dat is what yous wanting then so it shall be Lapocha." Jack said with a big grin as he zipped upped his hoodie and slipped an arm around her waist. He stepped outside with her, the cold air feeling refreshing on his bare arms and face. He scratched at the growth of beard that was forming from his lack of shaving. He normally kept it shaved for school...since he didn't want to look out of place with the other kids...but it was the weekend and he hadn't been particularly motivated. "Mine family not big into holidays, but I know it important to yous westerns gorls." He added with a chuckle.
  3. "Smells wary good." He let his hand wander a bit as he ate the sandwich with the other in a couple of bites. Some bacon grease managed to dribble down his chin and he let it linger for an extra second to tease her, before wiping it away with a napkin. He licked his fingers with a nod. "That should keep beast happy for a minute." He looked to his red haired mistress. "Where we go today?" He asked. He knew she had mentioned it to him...but he had slept since then and his memory was...well his spirit animal was definitely not an elephant.
  4. "Ha..." he said with a thick exhalation. "Ve both know you in no mood for shopping last night." He finished as he exited the bathroom and made his way over to her. The smell of food cooking brought him fully awake. He had to admit she did know better then most how to get him up in the morning. He hugged her from behind and gently smelled her hair. As part animal he could smell more then the raspberry pomegranate shampoo she favored. Pheremones and body sweat among other chemicals all mixed beneath his nose, giving each person their own individual scent. Jess always smelled of chocolate covered strawberries. Delicious, but sinfully bad. "Good morning Love. I see you using culinary skills to woo me once again...You do know my weaknesses..."
  5. <"I alvays enjoy sleep..."> he responded, his eyes not quite open as he replied on instinct. Jack finally gave in as Jessica pulled him upright. He stretched with a yawn and sat on the side of the bed. His head was swimming from the early rising among other things...his muscles rippled as he stretched and scratched the back of his head. "Vhy must I 'ave fallen for morning person....?" He asked himself with a chuckle. He rummaged about for a bit to find his lounge pants and slipped into them as he padded towards the bathroom, still rubbing sleep from his eyes.
  6. Jack mumbled something and slipped an arm around Jessica's waist and pulled her back into bed. Enwrapping her into his arms with a quiet, "mhmm that's nice..." winter months were especially hard on Jack's sleep schedule. He had already been late to several classes this year and his teachers weren't particularly endeared to him over it.
  7. Jack moaned incoherently and rolled over, his daily hibernation not yet ready to be over. His head sunk into the pillows as his body readjusted to the slightly different position and he was fast asleep again. Lost to the outside world amid dreams of snow and stalking prey.
  8. Jack scratched his head as he had no idea what was being said in what sounded like on of the Arabian languages. He was glad at least one of the new group seemed to know English. He reflected on things now that he had a moment...this was definitely the oddest thing to ever had happened to him... including being bonded with an animal spirit. Jack had to admit he didn't understand anything of what was going on right now, but he understood that they had to find a book of some sort. He caught a brief glimpse of the one Pan had been holding before all of this and wondered if perhaps it was a similar book. "Good thing I 'ave muscle not tech.." Jack muttered to himself, thinking about a comment Watchdog had made not long ago. He eyed the new arrivals carefully...Jack wasn't sure about them, they were men long at sea, Jack understood isolation and how it could effect men. He hoped they wouldn't try anything foolish, but he didn't want to be far from the girls just in case. He had no doubt Watchdog could handle most of them...but his protective instinct were finely honed in this area. He crossed his massive arms over his chest.
  9. Jack


    Jack scratched his head a little bit as the head mistress spoke. He was clueless to the goings on of the academy in his absence, but he didn't remember hearing about an invasion...he wondered what all he had missed. "Da, A noble ideal to be sure..." He whispered to his newest dark skinned friend. "I commend your spirit." He accent came out low and breathy. His attention was drawn to the mention of a curfew and restrictions...which he did not enjoy in the slightest. Animals were meant to be free.
  10. "Da I do love half dozen burgers..." Jack said softly, mostly to himself. He felt a bit awkward with the group and felt like he stood out...which in all honesty, he did. He chuckled softly to ease his tension. "Students get married? Seem crazy...but den again dis is America..." He let the joke trail off.
  11. "Just gift from grandfather."Jack said softly. He truely believed it. His grandfather hadn't told them of their true purpose. He pulled out his phone and checked the time. "I have time before curfew..." He said with a grin. The new headmistress seemed to want everyone punctual. "That should be fine. Not too bad a walk from there." He said and changed direction without thinking.
  12. "You just want to get shirt off...like you ave from day one lil Crim..." Jack said with a laugh. He munched on another burger, but obliged her and tied his hoody around his waist. He got a few looks from some of the people, but he didn't dwell on them. He figured it must be an odd sight so late in the year, but to Jack it felt as warm as it did in July. Several tribal tattoos scrawled across his back muscles and down his arms. He didn't notice, but they glowed almost imperceptably whenever Jessica touched him.
  13. "Da, who could forget that?" Jack said with a smile. "Those muggers are still in traction, no question." Jack recalled that particular night. Her ferocity had appealed to his beastial nature. The beast had wanted her, but Jack had fought to control himself, he knew he was an animal...but he tried to be better then just his base instincts. "So...this mean this be our second date then...?" He asked with a small smile.
  14. He pulled her close and kissed her hard, without warning. It was something he had thought about doing for a long time, but had never wanted to risk losing her if she hadn't wanted more then casual. But losing his grandmother had awoken a sense of mortality in him. "Losing grandmother has changed me some..." Jack said softly after pulling away slightly. "I like you Crim. I do not vahnt to just be friend anymore." He could feel the beast within him, and it's desires, which were different then Jack's. But he didn't know how long he had on this Earth. It could be short or it could be long, having an eternal spirit bonded to him. Either way he didn't want to be alone, and Jessica understood him and accepted him. She was also beautiful and smart, two things he valued in a woman. His parents had judged her harshly due to her red skin...but Jack had never cared. He was a giant bear...and yet Jess had never cared.
  15. "Da I here, fear not." Jack whispered from behind Leroy as he towered over the smaller man. He was dressed in his costume as the others, which consisted of artic blue shorts with a white stripe, and nothing else. His abilities precluded much more in the way of clothing, and Jack was not fond of tight clothing anyways. "Why we sneaking around again?" Jack asked quietly. His memory was not the best and he wasn't sure why his skill set was needed in a library.
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