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  1. "Just gift from grandfather."Jack said softly. He truely believed it. His grandfather hadn't told them of their true purpose. He pulled out his phone and checked the time. "I have time before curfew..." He said with a grin. The new headmistress seemed to want everyone punctual. "That should be fine. Not too bad a walk from there." He said and changed direction without thinking.
  2. "You just want to get shirt off...like you ave from day one lil Crim..." Jack said with a laugh. He munched on another burger, but obliged her and tied his hoody around his waist. He got a few looks from some of the people, but he didn't dwell on them. He figured it must be an odd sight so late in the year, but to Jack it felt as warm as it did in July. Several tribal tattoos scrawled across his back muscles and down his arms. He didn't notice, but they glowed almost imperceptably whenever Jessica touched him.
  3. "Da, who could forget that?" Jack said with a smile. "Those muggers are still in traction, no question." Jack recalled that particular night. Her ferocity had appealed to his beastial nature. The beast had wanted her, but Jack had fought to control himself, he knew he was an animal...but he tried to be better then just his base instincts. "So...this mean this be our second date then...?" He asked with a small smile.
  4. He pulled her close and kissed her hard, without warning. It was something he had thought about doing for a long time, but had never wanted to risk losing her if she hadn't wanted more then casual. But losing his grandmother had awoken a sense of mortality in him. "Losing grandmother has changed me some..." Jack said softly after pulling away slightly. "I like you Crim. I do not vahnt to just be friend anymore." He could feel the beast within him, and it's desires, which were different then Jack's. But he didn't know how long he had on this Earth. It could be short or it could be long, having an eternal spirit bonded to him. Either way he didn't want to be alone, and Jessica understood him and accepted him. She was also beautiful and smart, two things he valued in a woman. His parents had judged her harshly due to her red skin...but Jack had never cared. He was a giant bear...and yet Jess had never cared.
  5. "Da I here, fear not." Jack whispered from behind Leroy as he towered over the smaller man. He was dressed in his costume as the others, which consisted of artic blue shorts with a white stripe, and nothing else. His abilities precluded much more in the way of clothing, and Jack was not fond of tight clothing anyways. "Why we sneaking around again?" Jack asked quietly. His memory was not the best and he wasn't sure why his skill set was needed in a library.
  6. Jack didn't say anything at first, simply threw his trash away and pocketed his extra burgers for the road. They were well on their way down the boardwalk before he spoke again. "But what if I don't want things to be the way they were before? Russia changed me some Crim." He asked quietly. "What if I want more?" He let the question hang in the air. He honestly wasn't sure how she would feel about this. She had always wanted more in their relationship, he was naive, but not that naive. But he was old school, he wasn't the type to have a casual fling. But he didn't want to lose his best friend either. Life was always complicated, no matter how simple he tried to make it. He stuck his hands in his pockets and pulled a burger out. He unwrapped it and ate heartily to distract himself.
  7. "Goodness, have you not eaten in months?" Jack asked with a crooked eyebrow and an ice-melting grin at the sound her stomach was making. "Da, we must get you food before your stomach gets more angry." Jack wandered off and returned minutes later with a giant burger, side of fries and a large drink. He set the tray down besides his seat And gestured for her to sit, pulling out her chair for her. "I do apologize for lack of response..." Jack said softly, looking into her eyes for a mental before looking away in shame. "Cell service is bad, I forget phone..." Jack said lamely, trying to deflect from the real reason. He was silent for a long minute as he found the words. "My...my grandmother very sick. She pass away right before I stop texting. I am sorry dear Jess'ca...I feel shame, but I was not in right mind for long time. It is still pain I carry." Jack didn't look at her, emotions coursing through him, and he felt foolish for expressing the pain, and he felt foolish for feeling foolish. He was someone who thought nothing of danger when others needed him, he was born to be strong. He didn't have time for shame and sadness. He tried to smile. "Look at me boring you with esscuses." He gave a half hearted laugh.
  8. Jack looked up with a smile. He had stepped away from the Academy for a burger, well more like 10. He hadn't been back from Russia for long before going back to school. It had been long months in the wilderness and no where near a burger shack. When he heard the voice he instantly smiled. He looked up into those eyes he knew well and he stood. He was over a foot taller then her and he looked down at the beautiful woman standing in front of him, not noticing her posture in the slightest. With a joyous laugh he wrapped his arms around Jessica and picked her up with a twirl, pressing her against him. "Da my most favorite friend! How I 'ave missed you! Come, sit, let me buy you burger!" Jack said with enthusiasm. He kissed both of her cheeks in quick succession in greeting.
  9. Jack laughed a little and flashed Abigail a charming smile. "Da I suppose I am one height for a Jack." He said in his accent. He bowed slightly at the waist in greeting, absently unzipping his hoodie from the heat outside. Jack was always warm, even in the middle of winter. "Melady it tis pleasure to meet you." He said formally. He cocked his head slightly at the books, curious. "You telekinetic...?"
  10. Jack


    "Young man...?" Jack barked with a laugh. His smile had been growing since the melodic sound of her voice first touched his ears. There was something in her manner and tone that awoke his more primal nature, and Jack enjoyed that. "Da, you be correct though...One should not give up easily." He looked at her with a smile and a wink. "A predetor never give up easily...though some how I think you knew dis." He bowed his head to her and gently took her hand in his giant hand and greeted her with a soft peck upon the knuckles, his typical greeting. He never knew how well the old tradition would be received, but it was his custom. He found most Americans did not like the traditional European greeting of pecks on the cheek, so he settled for the more archaic greeting. "My name be Vanya, but most call me Jack. Tis a pleasure to meet you, melady."
  11. Jack watched as the boy Pan rose into the air excitedly, amused somewhat by the entire exchange. He loved people, they were rarely boring if you gave them half a chance, and he decided that he would get along with this group reasonably well. "Da flying is the best..." Jack said softly to himself with a nod. He wasn't sure exactly what had happened but he felt the field surrounding Danica and made a small mental note somewhere that she would be a good defense against an opponent.
  12. Jack


    Jack yawned silently and settled into his seat, trying to keep his nerves in check by periodically looking around for the window. The headmistress had finally arrived and so Jack fell back into silence. He was sad his conversation hadn't had much of a chance to flourish. Perhaps after the speeches he would get another chance.
  13. "You may call me 'Jack', Melady Danica." Jack said with a small nod. "And Da, I can understand that. Ve all must find our vay in helping others. I am good at fighting, but that not be only vay to help. I suppose that vhy ve are here at school, no?" He looked from Danica to Elizabeth and Pan. "Also, I Iagree Peter Pan is good story."
  14. Jack


    Jack stretched and Fidgeted in place. He was beginning to feel more and more trapped the longer he had to be inside. Fortunately someone voiced what he was thinking. "Not long, I hope..." He responded to the lovely black girl (White Lioness) sitting not overly far away. He offered a polite wave to the unfamiliar girl, but he didn't slide closer right away, fearing that might seem imposing. He knew he was a big guy and some people were uncomfortable around him because of that. Knowing what he knew about his powers, he couldn't blame them. He was a predetor, and as such he gave off that kind of aura. Even normal people seemed affected by it. "Are you new here...?" Jack asked, hoping the girl was in a conversative mood, as he needed a distraction from the need to not be inside.
  15. "You should not talk down about your self melady." Jack said softly, with a small bow of introduction as the girl turned towards him. "You do not seem type to drag anyone down." He said with his usual smile. He finished walking to the group in two large, easy strides and stood by them. "If you need gym partner just let me know, I am quite fond of the gym and excercise." He continued to the as yet unnamed girl, trying to put her at ease, as he could sense his presence might seem awkward, as they had just met. He looked towards Danica. "I do not mean to intrude, melady, but If you happen to be showing ones around school, I would appreciate it if I might be allowed to go with?" He asked politely.