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Found 107 results

  1. HGM

    A Legacy of Crime

    GM The Hunter Museum of Natural History Midtown, Freedom City, New JerseyThursday, December 21st, 2017 1:30 AM Shortly after midnight a roving guard in the the Hunter Museum of Natural history discovered that the World Wart II exhibit had been broken into. Despite the building's nineteenth century roots, its security system was as modern as it came. Which made the fact that the crime occurred without so much as a blip on any of its systems all the more questionable. What made matters worse what that no one on site could identify what was stolen, the criminal having completely erased the listed contents in the museum's possession (signifying an arduous period of work ahead for its curator). Police officers had cordoned off the building as they prepared to conduct their investigation. A decision that both Trevor Hunter and Erick Sloane managed to overhear with their computer's access to the FCPD police feeds. For both parties, it was the first they had even heard of the robbery. The thief( or thieves) managing to avoid even their notice, despite Foreshadow's precognitive abilities or Mignight having direct access to the National History museum's security feed.
  2. September 16, 2016 With the summer months come and gone sundown was coming earlier to Freedom City with each passing day. Even in the dim dusk the lamps flanking the monorail track cast stark shadows on the cement ravine below, the pillars that held the track aloft creating even bars of light and darkness. Marring that pattern came a pair of headlights, accompanied by screeching tires and unmistakable bursts of gunfire. The rust red sedan crashed through the steel link fence, hanging in the air briefly before slamming down onto the sloped cement with a great crash and screech of protesting metal. Almost lost in that cacophony was the whisper quiet purr of the inky black motorcycle in pursuit. Clad similarly in black its rider practically melted into the bike's silhouette in the dim light, a crimson wing pattern up its sides the only detail separating it from a black brushstroke across the scene. It easily followed through the path opened in the fence and sped after the sedan, wearing back and forth to avoid the increasingly panicked fire from the car's occupants.
  3. Early spring was a good season for the rare auto restoration and preservation business, with all the aficianados and diletantes opening their garages and sheds after a long winter's hibernation. Soon there'd be car shows and leisurely Sunday drives in the nice weather, but for now Trevor was up well past his elbows in tune-ups and body work. Even with Riley Smith-Quinn from Claremont helping out, there was more work than could be done during normal working hours. By the time Trevor came in from work on the first Friday in March, Erin was long since home from work, camped out in the living room with half-a-dozen binders spread around her. "Hey," she greeted him with a quick smile. "Grab a shower and get in here, I've ordered Chinese. We gotta get some of these wedding plans knocked out before Alex takes matters into her own hands."
  4. "Okay, so what do you think about this?" Erin rested her back against the front passenger door of the Maserati convertible and studied the binder in her lap. She addressed her question to Trevor's legs, since they were the part sticking out from under the car. "We have the wedding in May, on the grounds here, over by that pond Aquaria's been mucking out. We get a trellis and a little platform built, rent a bunch of chairs, and have a florist do up a whole pile of flowers and cattails and stuff so it looks nice out there. Then we clean out the second floor ballroom, get a serious waxing done on the floor and have the bulbs in the chandeliers replaced, and have a reception in there? Easy, and we don't even have to go anywhere."
  5. Hunter Manor was quiet that evening, stately as ever in the waning summer light, with the sort of dignity that belied its crimefighting secret identity. The peace was marred momentarily by a rush of black inkblots appearing from nowhere, swirling into a vortex, and then disappearing, leaving behind three people on the front porch. Erin smoothed her hair as the last dots disappeared, finally used to the weird method of transport after all these years. "Come on," she urged the others. "Not likely anybody's going to notice you here, but why take chances?" She opened the front door wide and walked in, automatically checking to make sure all was well. The doors opened onto a handsome foyer, slightly dusty, with the air of a place that was pretty well cared for, but could use a housekeeper once a week. "Hey Trevor, you home?" she called into the house. "Mark and Mike are here, Mike needs a place to hide out!"
  6. Electra

    Midnight Elegy

    Monday, April 13, 2015 10:30 AM Earth It was a Monday morning when Erin made it back to Earth, nearly six full weeks after she'd taken off for her first space adventure since her Curator-enforced vacation. She blasted in out of a clear blue sky, her life-support suit holding in both her oxygen supply and her wildly triumphant shout as she and Redbird made their re-entry at white-hot speeds. As soon as they dropped enough altitude for there to be atmosphere, she pulled off her helmet and drew in a deep lungful of air. "God, it's so good to be home!" she crowed. "Space is nuts. Let's leave it to the aliens for awhile," she suggested to her AI companion as they arced towards the familiar skyline of Freedom City. She was half-tempted to dive off the motorcycle at twenty-thousand feet and splash down in the Great Bay, wash away the grime of a month and a half without a proper water bath. Sonic cleaners did an adequate job of keeping dirt and smell at bay, but she never truly felt clean after using one. That would wait, though. Instead, she steered the motorcycle northward, towards home. "I guess maybe we should've called ahead," she decided. "He'll probably be in school at this hour. But that just means we can surprise him when he gets back." In just a few minutes they were touching down on the smooth paved roundabout in front of Hunter Manor, which was currently picturesque with a full spread of carefully tended flowerbeds and green lawn. Erin took another moment to enjoy solid Earth beneath her feet, then vaulted the front steps to go in the front door. "Hello, I'm home!"
  7. Midnight II Placeholder Text History Placeholder Text Costume and Appearance Placeholder Text Powers Placeholder Text Allies Placeholder Text Sidekick, HQ, Etc Placeholder Text Timeline 2010 Spring The Clock Strikes Twelve: Trevor Hunter transfers to Claremont Academy to finish the school year and is greeted by Mark Lucas and his friends. The taciturn teen is happy to let his new classmates do most of the talking and finds that his inherited codename comes with some cachet even if his powers pale next to those of his peers. Midnight Meeting: In the dormitory common room late at night, Trevor meets Erin White, also known as Wander. She shows him the Academy's Doom Room, a holographic combat simulator, and suggests he might be a good fit for Young Freedom. Trevor is impressed by her abilities but suspects his admiration may go a bit beyond strictly professional. The Wolf and The Night: Midnight encounters the werewolf Lukos while hunting criminals and after a brief skirmish the pair agree to work together toward their common goal. New Sound: Trevor meets another new student at Claremont, Warren Wilder, known at the time as Rift and latter simply Riff. Midnight Express: Erin accompanies Trevor of a nighttime patrol and he shows off a bit by talking them over the cables of the Pramas Bridge on the Night Cycle. They foil some minor crime and talk over diner food with Trevor working up the nerve to causally invite her to a charity gala he'll be attending. Japanese Import: Trevor is among the students to greet Karakuri Aiko on her first day at Claremont Academy. What is Essential: Eve Martel, a telepath and transfer student, arrives at Claremont Academy and Trevor helps her find the administrative office. House of L: Trevor, Erin and several others arrive at the Lucas residence just in time to see a booby trapped Steelgrave robot explose and slay Mark. Stunned by the loss they accompany their friend's family to the hospital where Rick Lucas has a breakdown, unleashing previous dormant reality warping powers that wash over the city... House of L: Wake-Up Call: In the new reality crafted by Rick Lucas everyone seems to have gotten what they most wanted; the original Midnight is still vital and active with Trevor acting as his sidekick, Kid Midnight. But standing over his parents' grave site with two sets of conflicting memories, Trevor is compelled to track down his friends and try to discover what is or isn't real. House of L: Bringing Down the House: The teens find that Mark has been revived in this new world but is imprisoned in a twisted version of his family home to keep him out of harm's way. Trevor infiltrates the house and breaks Mark free so that he can join the others in confronting his father. House of L: The End: Rick restores the world to its rightful state, saving his son's life in the process. Victory is not without cost, though, as Rick is forced to leave that reality and his family behind and each of the young heroes must contend with the secret wishes they've denied themselves in the process. House of L: Eve of Midnight: Trevor confronts Eve, who is bitter over losing the use of her voice a second time in the wake of House of L. Thanking her for helping to restore a world where his parents still live, Trevor strikes up a friendship with the petite Frenchwoman, who is similarly stubborn and driven. Monsters in the Streets! - Southside: Massive monsters run rampant through the streets of Freedom! Midnight teams up with Arrowhawk, Freedom Angel and others to take down some of the mysterious titans. Life's Parade of Fashion: Trevor brings Erin to meet his family's tailor, the incomparable Frank Jr. Frank sets to work designing a formal dress for Erin and shares some stories about the age of mystery men, letting slip that Trevor has a history as a competitive swing dancer. Summer "...And I'm a Mutant.": The country watches as Alex Albright comes out as a metahuman by birth on national television. Trevor questions the wisdom of stepping into the light. Could've Danced All Night: Trevor and Erin attend the charity gala and make a bit of a splash. Trevor runs into an old acquaintance, Meaghan Mercer, but their relationship is clearly anything but friendly. Even so after some nervousness the night goes well and Erin invites Trevor to the junior prom Alex has been planning. Jail Break: A massive riot at Blackgate Prison brings a laundry list of heroes out to stop the worst Freedom City has to offer from breaking free and causing chaos! Save Tonight: The off-campus prom promised to be the event of the season but when secrets come out in the worst way possible the fun turns to heartbreak and violence. Trevor joins in the damage control but friendships are left ruined. In the fallout he and Erin manage to share one quiet dance, listening to music through his earbuds. Midnight Bloom: A mystery chemical agent is killing plant life and Fleur de Joie seeks the help of renowned chemist Travis Hunter to discover its source. Trevor joins Fleur as Midnight to stop the dastardly defoliation! At the Mountains: Mark brings Young Freedom along to check on the Centurion's Sanctum, a duty inherited from his father. They find Dr. Stratos and Medea intent on freeing Superior from the Zero Zone. When Medea uses her magic to control Erin's mind Trevor and James have to work together to stop her long enough to break the spell. Lights at His Back, Stars in His Eyes: Greeting another new student to Claremont, Trevor finds that his eyes are increasingly light-sensitive and worries what that might mean about his developing metahuman powers. The Other Guys: Still in possession of the spaceship from Rick Lucas' alternate version of history, James raises the idea of proactively taking the fight to dimensions in need of saving to Trevor, Erin and Eve. Just Another Class Trip: Mr. Lumins, better known as Dark Star, takes a class of Claremont Students to an alien world for a field trip. When the planet comes under attack and Dark Star must deal with a fleet in orbit, Trevor and Erin work to lead their less experienced classmates against the invaders' ground forces. Temple of the Sun: Generations meet as Midnight attends a Lifetime Achievement ceremony for El Feugo alongside Edge, Ace Danger and Bombshell. Rose Tinted Glasses: A secondary leaves Trevor with onyx black sclera and blood red irises, horrifying him. Thanks to the support of Erin and their friends - and a timely shove from Eve - he begins to adapt to his new situation. Midnight Oil: Erin meets Trevor in the garage while he's working on the Night Cycle to tell him about James' confession of love. They agree that while they want to take things slowly they also want to continue deepening their relationship. She kisses him and he kisses her back. Fall A Trip Between Two Worlds: Trevor, Erin and Mark end up temporarily stranded on Earth-XX, a parallel world almost identical to Earth-Prime save that everyone's gender is reversed! Trevor gets along well enough with Tricia Hunter, encouraging her to pursue her feelings for the temperamental Arron White. A perfectly good pair of pants are ruined by glitter. Shadow in the Night: Midnight steps in to foil a mugging and ends up getting struck in the neck with a pipe by Carrie Wendle, after which she asks for his autograph.
  8. December 25, 2014 Freedom City Midnight Manor Late in the evening on Christmas Day, a Deep One sang an eerie song in the Midnight Manor, her body silhouetted by the darkness outside. "BUT I GET UP AGAIN! YOU'RE NEVER GONNA KEEP ME DOWN! WOO!" As her song finished and the strains of Tubthumping vanished into the quiet of what was sometimes one of many front parlors in the Hunter mansion, Aquaria leaped in the air and cheered, her smooth, wet skin glistening from the exertion of the vigorous karoake number. "I am awesome!" For their part, Mark and Nina both cheered and applauded - Mark hadn't been at all sure bringing the machine along was the right idea, but luckily Jessie's amphibian friend had practically snatched the karaoke machine up with her tongue and practically begged to go first. (Jessie had, blushingly, commented that Aquaria used to do this a lot before disappearing herself) Aquaria first approached Mark and Nina, since they had been the latest to the party - only arriving after Martha Lucas had turned in early and left her son and his girlfriend free for Christmas. "You guys want a turn? C'mon, don't be chicken!" Between Nina's competitive streak and Mark's natural showmanship, it wasn't long before the couple was standing in front of the computerized board, picking out their song - 500 Miles seeming to be an early favorite. Aquaria bounded over to join Erin and Trevor to watch the show, declaring, "Surface music is great, you can yell so loud when you're singing! And nobody complains!"
  9. Gizmo

    Midnight Dynasty

    February 14, 2014 Trevor Hunter lifted his girlfriend's feet with one hand to make room for himself on the loveseat before replacing them over his lap and handing her the steaming mug of hot chocolate he'd brought over from the adjacent kitchenette. In a fit of theater that went above his usually limited talent for food preparation he'd drizzled a swirl of melted dark chocolate around the whipped cream topping, taking advantage of the prodigious amount of confection they'd gathered in preparation for the four day long weekend they'd carved out for themselves. The room they'd settled into for the late afternoon was one of the less used in his family's manor, the short couch and the rest of the furniture looking like it had last been replaced sometime in the 1970s but it was the only room on the second floor with a fireplace, crackling away pleasantly now, and it had an extra touch of privacy compared to the larger rooms of the ground level. A cart that looked suspiciously like it might have been repurposed from carrying trays of beakers had been laden with a bountiful selection of fresh fruits and picnic foods while the side table that supported his own mug of black coffee also featured what had certainly been chemistry equipment before beginning a new career as a chocolate fondue pot. With a silent, happy sigh, Trevor settled in and lifted his cup to take a slow sip. It was nice to just have some quiet time with Erin for once, without some impending crisis hanging over their heads.
  10. Claremont Academy Headmaster's Office Thursday, September 4th, 6:00pm Aleksander Nakani was not a troublemaker, the sort to get called in to the Headmaster's office for a fight or prank or the like. But neither was it an unfamiliar place. When you're training to take up the mantle of the man who sits in that room, it is perhaps inevitable that you meet with that man. Or his daughter. Who is also your boss in the field. Not exactly the easiest position to hold, even for a disciplined teen like Alek. Still, Headmaster Summers had called for a meeting with him, and he was far from refusing. Of course, he had paused for a moment when he walked in, seeing not only Headmaster Duncan Summers, but also his daughter Callie Summers, and a young man he didn't recognize. The former was seated in the big chair behind the big desk; his daughter stood to one side of him, the stranger to the other. Alek closed the door to the office and walked to a spot a few feet in front of the desk, where he had a clear view of all 3 adults in the room. He gave them all assessing looks for a few moments before speaking up. "Per your request, Headmaster, I'm here."
  11. November 10, 2014 A hyperlight signal crossed the vast interstellar network, ricocheting off Lor communications stations a moment before the stations were deluged by word of the apocalypse that had befallen the homeworld. Further and further out into the Orion Arm it went, passing by the populated worlds of the galaxy as it headed into a remote galactic backwater that held one insignificant yellow dwarf and a small system of eight planets. It hit the unmanned station the Lor had left in Pluto orbit decades earlier and headed in one last burst for Earth, passing by the Lighthouse and heading straight for its source - Archetech. In a darkened laboratory, Sharl Tulink arrived on his hands and knees, screaming. "NO!" Instinctively, he reached out mentally into the surrounding network, both the building's power grid and the computers all around him. The lights flared up at his command and the computers came to life, the primitive technology and raw naturalism of Terra a sharp contrast to the sterile, doomed world he'd left behind him. As the Terran computers booted up, Sharl fought the natural urge to dive directly into their systems and not stop running through that primitive wireless network until he reached the familiar confines of Tronik - but of course that wouldn't really solve anything, would it? Instead, he raised his head and got up off the floor - though of course being a holographic projection he'd only barely been on it in the first place. He reached out into the surrounding network of the city and called a familiar number. "Gina!" he called, remembering old distress signals easily enough. "Code 404!"
  12. August 1, 2014 Midnight Manor 5 AM   The ball of water smashed into the grounds of Midnight Manor like a tidal wave, water erupting outward and down as the artificial sphere produced by a hasty mass teleport collapsed under its own weight in a mini-tsunami. The water smashed across the lawn and flooded the flower beds, smashed against the first floor windows on the north side (which were luckily closed) and flooded the pool.    In the center of the vast wet spot on the completely drenched lawn, a bedragged Mark Lucas and Nina al-Darsah were crouched protectively over an unconscious, bloody woman in a torn blue and white outfit like something from a Victorian's painting of a Middle Eastern harem. She looked bad, like someone who'd been grabbed in a giant's fist, and was covered in blood.   "<-STEN TO ME!>" Nina was in the middle of screaming; the only water still standing the head-height inch-thick wall she was holding up between them and an invisible assailant. Her formal Socotran dress was ruined, even royal-made waterproof blue and white cloth torn to ribbons and hanging bedraggedly off her body, as if she'd been tossed into a waterfall and come out the other side.    Mark wasn't panicking, really; he'd been in crises far worse than this, but as his soaking wet suit and tie erupted into his costume in a flash of light he was certainly far more focused than he usually was. "He's far away, and we have to get her to a hospital right now." He looked up, bloodstains on his hands from where it pooled on Fatima al-Darsah's skin like juice from a squeezed grape. "This is bad; I don't...I don't know how to fix this!" he said, a moment before he yelled "T-Midnight! Wander!"   Pacing around the scene, her eyes still out for danger that was thousands of miles away, the princess of Socotra kept moving. "It doesn't make any sense," said Nina desperately, pulling her hair loose so the black strands poured down, soaking wet, past her shoulders. "Why would he do this, why would he just..."   "Nina, please, I need you to help me with this!" Mark snapped. "I can't do this alone!" Torn out of her fugue by her boyfriend's urgency, not to  mention the crisis of the moment, the princess went to help tend the bleeding woman who twenty minutes earlier had called her Daughter...
  13. OOC for >this thread. Probably won't need it, but just in case.
  14. Table of Contents Tensile Sojourner Hematite Knightfall Daybreak Mystery Midnight Dynasty IC
  15. January 6, 2014  7:20 AM EST  The first ray of sunshine came in the window and Richard Cline opened his eyes, ready for his last day off before they headed back to the West Coast for a full week of shooting. Richard sat up, pushing aside the linen sheets, and looked at the waxed-paper window on the wall of the little wooden house. Ticktickticktick Time slowed to a crawl for Richard Cline, as Fast-Forward took in his changed bedroom with all the time in the world. Linen sheets, featherbed, waxpaper windows, and I think that's a chamberpot under the bed...oh, geez, am I back in the Renaissance again? He looked down at the woman sharing his bed and reached down to gently nudge Paige awake, feeling the familiar brush against his mind that had been part of his soul for twenty-five years. Aw, geez, did I take her back with me again? She's gonna kick my ass after that thing with the Wild West...   Ticktickticktick On the handwrought, overlapping planks, there was a woodcut of a man frozen in a blur of motion paired with a smiling woman in a low-cut dress, smoke and fire rising from her hands. Behind them were a young man in equal speed, and a young girl with the same energies as her mother. The legend read    CIRCUS OF CRIME, MAGIC, MISCHIEF, AND MERRIMENT! STARRING THE LEGENDARY ROGUES - THE CLINE FAMILY! WITH PASSION PLAYS TO SHOW THE TRUE MORAL WAY!   The smell of horses outside, the sounds of activity; a circus in the middle of waking up for the day. It's another goddamned crisis in time! Richard Cline snapped awake alongside an altered version of his wife, dressed in a long black nightdress, and asked the question he had to ask.   "...Baby, is that you?" 
  16. Hughes Household Friday, August 9, 2013 The invitation had gone out some 2 weeks prior. Out of the metaphorical blue, Corbin Alphonse Hughes had invited some of his closest and longest-running friends over to his home. He'd mentioned it would be "breakfast for dinner" and that he'd be providing a "nice spread", but that people were welcome to bring an additional dish. There was little else on the note, but for someone who supposedly had intended to take a break from school to go off and hunt ancient artifacts, it did perhaps seem a bit sudden. It was a fairly decent day out when everyone started arriving, just a bit before 5pm. The house had several lights on on the ground floor, though there was no evidence of anyone moving about from the front entrance. There was a hand-written note on the front door.
  17. Just in case rolling-type things happen! (If they do it will be skill-check things.)
  18. September 1, 2013 Typhoon City (formerly Qalansiyah), Free Kingdom of Socotra From the perspective of Freedom City, anyway, it started small. A freak storm in the northwestern Indian Ocean, lashing coasts as far as the Arabian Peninsula and the Horn of Africa. A sudden media blackout on the island-nation of Socotra; with even its ample (and often illegal) Internet going dark. Socotra was on the radar of only a few people in the city with its lord and master gone largely into retirement, and a brief blackout was an occasion for concern, but not alarm. Of course, some people had closer ties to the Socotran royal family than others. Standing on the roof of the royal palace of Typhoon, on its best days a magnificent palace of Arabian and Indian styles, surrounded by ever-flowing fountains of fresh water that were among the tallest such in the world, Mark Lucas stared at what lay in Qalansiyah harbor, and beyond it, and for one of the few times in his life honestly had no idea what to say. He took the hand of his girlfriend Nina al-Darsah, princess-turned-college-student, and when he made eye contact and saw the fear she would never, ever, ever admit to having, he said the only thing that made sense. "I'm going to call for help." "Well...I suppose," said Nina, putting her arm around him, the shadows in which they both stood casting her dark face into gloom. "Normally this is something the royal family would handle amongst ourselves, of course, but this, yes, this is something that your friends could help with." She hugged him, stepped aside so he could disappear without her, because what princess would leave her kingdom in a time line this? and said "Hurry." With a nod, Mark's costume flashed up around him before he vanised himself - reappearing in the main foyer of the famous Midnight Manor! "Trevor, Erin!" he called out loud as his shoes creaked on hardwood floors. He'd been gone just half a day, but what a day it had been! "I need your help with something! Something...big!" He had to laugh at the absurdity of it.
  19. Saturday, April 6th 11:32 AM Cannonade usually wouldn't have been in costume and about town this early on a Saturday. But he, like the rest of the Liberty League, had been on high alert the last few days. There'd been a number of suspicious thefts in the Freedom area over the last few days, and if the pattern held up, odds were the thieves weren't going to take a day off. Midnight had been the first to notice the pattern. On Thursday night, at around 3 AM, several items went missing from the Harcourt family vault at Eastern Seaboard Bank. They could tell the time because the disappearance of the items had set off the motion detectors and pressure sensitive plates in the vault - even though the thieves had not. There was no sign of breach, no sign of forced entry, and no sign of electronic subversion of the vault's countermeasures. Then, around midnight on Friday, someone had done a smash-and-grab on the Valert mansion in the North End and had stolen several antiques from the family's private collection. Two thefts that might, by themselves, be either coincidences or the sign of a particularly brave gang of robbers. But the Valerts had a reputation for considering private acquisitions the family hobby. Their collection was rumored to consist of pieces that might better belong in a national museum - bits of Greek architecture, Renaissance painting... and paraphernalia from the homes of Hitler's inner circle. Likewise, the Harcourts had a black sheep in their family tree - Roland Harcourt, who it was rumored had made a bank securing Nazi funds in American institutions. Some of which he might have actually kept. So it appeared that somebody was going about stealing Nazi assets - or, worst case scenario, relics. Which was why Cannonade was on patrol in Midtown, keeping his eyes locked on the Super Museum. Midnight had been able to narrow down a few "avenues of interest" for the robbers to strike at, potential assets that the thieves might strike at - private collections, arcane libraries, and so forth. The Museum was hosting another retrospective on the heroes of WWII, this time focusing on some of the artifacts belonging to the Reich's own superpowered operatives. There was little chance anything was going to go down in the light of day, but he'd volunteered to keep an eye on Downtown. And hey, nothing wrong with spending more time at the Super Museum. "Nothing big so far," he said into his communicator. "Anything on your ends?"
  20. The Liberty League and Sage try to figure out who's stealing Nazi relics. The answer? Fascist leprechauns. Yes, really. As the thread starts, odds are each hero is checking out their own possible Freedom-based cache of former Nazi belongings - dusty storehouses, old banks, mansions of the morally dubious, and so forth. Feel free to describe the scene.
  21. Gizmo

    Grand Prix

    Trevor Hunter was more than a little glad when the attendant announced they would be landing at the Cote d'Azur Airport shortly, though anyone unfamiliar with the stoic young man would have had no inkling. He'd grown no more fond of air travel in general but at least the trip had not been plagued by the interruptions that so often appeared in the life he shared with the auburn haired woman in the seat beside him. He hadn't been entirely sure how interested Erin would be in attending the Grand Prix despite her developing skills as a mechanic. He'd originally had somewhat more elaborate plans in mind for their anniversary but after the events of the new year something more terrestrial had seemed to be in order. At the end of the day, however, one could do much worse than taking a few days off from their respectively hectic schedules to visit the Principality of Monaco. Something also appealed to him about a celebration that was by their standards fairly low key: the implication that there would be many more opportunities in the years to come. Rolling his stiff shoulders against a seat not designed with his tall frame in mind, he ensured his sunglasses had remained in place and looked over to Erin. "So far, so good?"
  22. Gizmo


    Trevor Hunter was very good at doing things for very good reasons. A personal moral code that allowed for no compromise and a keen, analytical mind meant that very few of his actions were left to chance, the end result always kept in mind. As such he had a number of excellent arguments for asking Erin White to move into the mansion to which he was heir. She'd stayed at the manor for a time after they'd moved out of the Claremont dormitories and the arrangement had proved agreeable. Even one of the bedrooms would very nearly afford more room than the entire apartment she was staying in currently, to say nothing of the other facilities. Being closer to the hidden headquarters secreted under the foundation would likely prove useful in their shared work as members of the Liberty League. Ultimately, however, honestly compelled him to admit privately that the core reason was that he really wanted to. That note of emotion over logic had the young, dark-haried man pacing nervously across the lobby in a most uncharacteristic display as he waited for Erin to arrive.
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