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  1. Dirge Timeline Kill Team (IN PROGRESS): Dirge helps defend a defenseless world against pirate raids. For A Fistful of Tepeyoite (IN PROGRESS): Dirge is one of seven magnificent heroes defending a backwater planet from an army of bandits. He meets his first Praetorian, The Traveller. Toccata and Fugue (IN PROGRESS): Dirge meets Starlok and finds a kindred spirit. All Aboard The Nightmare Ship (IN PROGRESS): Dirge accompanies Starlok to investigate a haunted ship, and they meet Doktor Archeville.
  2. Starlok Power Level: 12 (185/186 PP) Unspent Power Points: 1 Trade-Offs: N/A In Brief: A countess from a vampire-like alien species out to protect the galaxy as part of her noble duty. Catchphrase: Starlok hungers! Theme: Mannfred von Carstein Theme - Total War Warhammer 2 Alternate Identity: Ori-Bath of House Nos, Countess of Lugo (Public) Birthplace: Castle Lugo, on the night moon of Nokton Residence: Space Base of Operations: The Pale Rider Occupation: Aristocrat Affiliations: House of Nos Family: Ney-Var (father, deceased), Ka-Har (moth
  3. Hyperslice Power Level: 12 (180/187PP) Unspent Power Points: 7 Trade-Offs: -2 Attack / +2 Damage, +5 Defense / -5 Toughness In Brief: A serpentine star-soaring aristocrat. Catchphrase: "Have a slice!" Theme: Garbage: When I Grow Up Alternate Identity: Skirris Sandwinder of the Silver Shadow Birthplace: Haasaa Prime, The Nest Residence: Coalition Victory Station Base of Operations: Coalition Victory Station Occupation: Aristocrat, Praetorian, Affiliations: Praetorians, Lor Republic, Queenmother Neshath Family: Nasselth Sandwinder (mother), Ashmet Scourtail
  4. In-Brief: Worf meets Cosmic Boy Character: Dirge Power Level: 11 (built as PL 10) Tradeoffs: -5 Attack / +5 Damage, -5 Defense / +5 Toughness Power Points: 160/160 PP Unspent Points: 0 Identity: Public Alternate Identity: Kanemu of Herd Krallos, Son of Drugo, Son of Amani Birthplace: Ku'unum, AKA Harsaf-4, the 4th planet of the Harsaf star system, which was annexed by Admiral Iyatu for the Stellar Khanate in 2004. Legal Status: In the Lor Republic, a non-citizen permanent resident, granted refugee status
  5. U.F.O. Power Level: 10 (185/195PP) Unspent Power Points: 10 Trade-Offs: (Abduction Beam) +4 Attack / -4 DC, -5 Defense / +5 Toughness In Brief: Ancient Praetorian scout drone, returned to service after disappearing during early Communion skirmishes. Catchphrase: "Incoming." Theme: Space Oddity - David Bowie Alternate Identity: Universal Field Operative 777 (Public) Birthplace: A manufacturing plant somewhere in the Delaztri Empire. Occupation: Former Praetorian scout drone; Praetorian. Affiliations: Praetorians. Family: Uncountable similar units, all lost.
  6. General Giirok PL 10 (150/153) Unspent PP: 3 In Brief: Looks like a giant alien bug monster. Acts like a high-ranking military general of a warrior culture. Actually the former Andromedan ruler before he was beaten and exiled. Catchphrase: None Theme Song: "Alien Invaders" by Brandon Fiechter (Link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1i_NvRRs7LA) Alternate Identity: Giirok of the Orion Brood Birthplace: Churrux Residence: Andromeda Galaxy (Formerly), Mobile (Current) Base of Operations: Andromeda Galaxy (Formerly), None (Current) Occup
  7. Moon-Moth Power Level: 10/11 (177/179 PP) Trade-Offs: -2 Attack /+2 Damage, -4 Defence/+4 toughness Unspent Power Points: 2 Theme: In Brief:Moon-speaking Mothman Mage, Praetorian of the Delzatri Empire and Loveable Eccentric. Alternate Identity: Myothizar A’lira Identity: Public Birthplace: Moon of Lantern Occupation:Moth Affiliations: Praetorians, Delzatri Empire, Lanturnians Family and Friends: Oroda and Litha A'Lira; Sire and Dam, Fascinated with the technology of the Dalzatri they migrated with their Children and had taken up the study of whatever they can get there hands on.
  8. Player Name: Heritage Name: Ditra Fifty-Five Power Level: 10/12 (165/185PP) Tradeoffs: +2 Toughness/-2 Defense Unspent PP: 20 In Brief: Alien cyborg with telepathic and technopathic powers Alternate Identity: Councillor Ditra Fifty-Five, diploditra055 (Nameless designation) Identity: Public Birthplace: Somewhere in Lor space Occupation: Diplomat, politician Base of Operations: CoVic Station Affiliations: The Second Hive, the Coalition Family: Hundreds of hive mates Description: Age: 10 Terran years since final assembly Apparent Age: 25 Gender: Female shell Race:
  9. Player Name: EviscerusNox Character Name: Prince Akkar Power Level: 9/10 (in ship) (150/154PP) Trade-Offs: -1/2 Damage/ +1/2 Attack (PL9) (+2 Damage/ -2 Attack In Ship, PL10) Unspent Power Points: 4 In Brief: Cybernetically Enhanced Illthusian Space Junk Dealer. Alternate Identity: Ak’Kar Kalmari Identity: Public Birthplace: Illthus Occupation: Space Junk Collector/Dealer, and Exiled Prince of Illthus Affiliations: none Family: None alive. Last surviving member of Royal Illthusian bloodline. Description Age: 38 Gender: Male Ethnicity: none Height: 6’1” Weight: 182 Eyes: Pearlescent Blue H
  10. Greasy Gear Power Level: 10 (150/155PP) Unspent Power Points: 5 Trade-Offs: -5 defense/+5 toughness, -2 attack/+2 damage In Brief: A four armed time and space traveling gunsmith who is running from his past. Catchphrase: My Past is my business Theme: Alternate Identity: Emperor of Terror Xor'cran Zemer'ker'fren Xax'lec'kian, High Weapon Artist, Lord Smith of The Grand Rel Imperium, Forger of: the Hammer of Infinty, The Spear of Unending Terror, the Cannonade of Destiny and a Thousand other Beautiful and Unspeakable Bringers of Death. Birthplace:
  11. Player Name: Mister Shoebox Character Name: Joe Eastwood (Full name: F'zzit-Liano-Solinax-Granno of the Egg group Seeker, Hatchling of Grenslak the Finder and Y'rilk the Brawler.) Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 0 In Brief: Alien Sam Spade Residence: A small apartment in Southside. His ship is parked on the roof of his building. Base of Operations: His office - also in Southside. Catchphrase: He has a habit of calling humans "Meat-mammals." Alternate Identity: None Identity: Public Birthplace: Hatcher
  12. Starshot Power Level: 11/15 (250/250) [252] Unspent Power Points: 0 Trade-Offs: +3 Attack, -3 Damage; +1 Defense/-1 Toughness In Brief: Intergalactic Safari Hunter Theme Tune: Ride of the Valkyries Alternate Identity: Oskar Otto Birthplace: Berlin, Germany Residence: The Starship Xeno Occupation: Big Game Hunter (in Space) Affiliations: None Family: Distant Relatives Only Description: Age: 102 Apparent Age: 30 Gender: Male Ethnicity: Caucasian Height: 6’ Weight: 95 Kgs Eyes: Blue Hair: Blonde Starshot usually wears a ba
  13. Barrier / Kresh Melek / The Shieldbearer Power Level: 10/12 (150/194PP) Trade-Offs: -5 Defense, +5 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 44 In Brief: Shieldbearer wielding the ancient shield of an ancient civilization. Residence: CoVic station, wherever she goes Base of Operations: CoVic station Identity: Public Birthplace: The planet Lyanka Occupation: Praetorian, Shieldbearer Affiliations: Praetorians, Ancient Delaztri Empire, Lyankans Family: None Alive Description: Age: 213 (And 2000 in stasis) Apparent Age: around 40 for a human Gender: Female
  14. Player Name: RobRXCharacter Name: KharagPower Level: 10 (167/167 PP)Unspent PP: 0Progress To Bronze Status: 17/30 In Brief: Immortal alien god, barbarian, one-time conqueror and member of the Praetorians. Alternate Identity: Many alternate names as well as titles, including: Veskren, K'ralg, 'Son of the Gods', 'The Golden King', 'The Deific Emperor', 'The Scourge of Za'ak', 'Conqueror Of A Thousands, 'The Immortal, 'The Destroyer' etc. Identity: PublicBirthplace: Za’akOccupation: Praetorian, King (Formerly), DeityAffiliations: Ancient Delaztri EmpireFamily: UnknownDescription:Age: UnknownApp
  15. Mater Vyrdna Power Level: 10/11 (150/165PP) Trade-Offs: -2 Attack / +2 Damage, -2 Defense / +2 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 15 Theme: Good Fight (Main Theme), Alien Champion (Tension), Keep Moving (Fight), by Trocadero. In Brief: Alien engineer who fused with a spaceship, becoming capable of controlling machines in the process. Alternate Identity: Vyrdnaya Solnys-Kori Milareth Identity: Public Birthplace: Aetol City, Planet Akarnia 05 Occupation: Former Engineer Private Praetorian of the Delaztri Empire Affiliations: Praetorians Family: Solnys Radamathon-Kuros M
  16. Bliss Power Level: 10/11 (153/169 PP) Trade-Offs: None Unspent Power Points: 16 In Brief: Cyber whip Wielding Space Gladiator turned outlaw. Alternate Identity: Identity: Public, more or less. Birthplace: Xu'ul Occupation: Rogue, Gladiator, Fugitive Affiliations: Roulette Family: No longer acknowledged Description: Age: Equivalent to 25 Sol years. Apparent Age: Approximately mid 20s Gender: Female Ethnicity: Xuli'pa Height: 5'11 Weight: Roughly 179 Eyes: Orange/red sclera with hourglass shaped pupils Hair: None, has ridge and semi-tendril like strunctures similar to hair. Bli
  17. Galvanic Power Level: 12/13 (200/206 PP)Trade-Offs: -5 Attack / +5 Damage (melee); -4 Defense / +4 ToughnessUnspent Power Points: 6 In Brief: Empowered paragon from a race of electrical aliens Residence: No fixed abodeBase of Operations: None (wandering hero) Alternate Identity: Chlo'zel ElzakIdentity: Public, although irrelevant outwith TempestBirthplace: The planet Tempest.Occupation: Climate scientist/full-time superheroAffiliations: None formalFamily: Mother, father and sister on Tempest Description:Age: 23 Earth years (born 1993)Apparent Age: Human equivalent of 20-25Spec
  18. Ruby Voxx Power Level: 10/11 (163/170 PP) Trade-Offs: Ranged: +2 Attack / -2 Damage Unspent Power Points: 7 Theme: Iron Maiden - The Final Frontier In Brief: Abducted girl from earth who became one of the best Bounty Hunters in the Galaxy Residence: Star cruiser Voidrunner Base of Operations: Mobile Alternate Identity: Ruby Hawkins Identity: Public Birthplace:Birmingham, England, Earth/Terra Occupation: Adventurer / Mercenary / Bounty Hunter Affiliations: Zorla's Hunters (Formally) Voidrunners Family: Adam and Teri Hawkins (Parents) Zorla Voxx (Adopted Mother) Description:
  19. Eclipse Power Level: 10 [15] (180/236PP) Trade-Offs: +3 Attack / -3 Damage; +5 Defense / -5 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 56PP In Brief: Tried 'good'; tried 'bad'. Took a third option. Residence: The Horizon. Alternate Identity: Captain Talisyn "Eclipse" Alar Identity: Public Birthplace: Lor space Occupation: Freelancer Affiliations: Horizon crew, Lor military (retired), Khanate pirates (retired) Family: parents (no contact), brother (little contact) Description: Age: 83 Apparent Age: early thirties Gender: fema
  20. RockPower Level: 12/13 (199/214 PP)Trade-Offs: -5 Attack / +5 Damage; -5 Defence / +5 ToughnessUnspent Power Points: 15 Theme: Rock and Roll Band by BostonIn Brief: Rock.Birthplace: Some RockResidence: The HorizonOccupation: Rock for HireAffiliations: Captain Eclipse, Nae-DaeFamily: RocksDescription:Age: Old as RocksGender: RockEthnicity: RockHeight: 8'7" of RockWeight: 1.5 Tons of RockEyes: Molten RockHair: Rocks At first glance Rock appears to be a crude humanoid statue pieced together from ill-fitting stones, a towering stack of grey and brown punctuated by patches of faded
  21. Elite Power Level: 10 (150/156 PP) Trade-Offs: Variable Offensive, +0 Defense/+0 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 6 In-Brief: Delaztri noble and officer, who has now outlived her society. Alternate Identity: Lady Tatiana Gaius Libera Identity: Public Birthplace: Muras Occupation: Praetorian Affiliations: Ancient Delaztri Empire Family: None Living Description: Age: 37 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Murian Height: 5'7" Weight: 160 lbs Eyes: Gray Hair: Blonde Tatiana is a powerfully built, human-looking women with weathered features and a commanding presence. Her wavy blonde hair is usually wo
  22. Made a new thread for this for more focused discussions. This is a character who is imbued with a portion of the power of Sun Wukong The Monkey King, but not possessed or inhabited by said being. In time this character will grow more powerful, but for now he's sort of like a "paragon lite" or some such. Player Name: KnightDisciple Character Name: Sun Walker, Exceedingly Prime Savant-Warrior Power Level: 10 (150/150PP) Trade-Offs: +5 Attack / -5 Damage (Unarmed); +2 Defense / -2 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 0 Progress To Platinum Status: 0/120 In Brief: A young Chinese-American man imbued
  23. Player Name: HG Morrison Character Name: Roulette Power Level: 11/12 (181/185PP) Trade-Offs: -4 Attack / +4 Damage, +2 Defense / -2 Toughness Unspent Power Points: 4 In Brief: Conman who shoots optic blasts Alternate Identity: Stahnze Turk Identity: Public Birthplace: Zultas Occupation: Bounty Hunter Affiliations: The Voidrunners (Ruby Voxx and Bliss) Family: Leorio Turk (Father, Deceased), Sattara (Mother, Deceased) Description: Age: 28 (DoB: 1986 [April 22nd]) Gender: Male Ethnicity: Zultasian Height: 6'1 Weight: 205 lbs. Eyes: Blue Hair: Sil
  24. Player Name Thievish Character Name: Paradigm Power Level: 15 (242/250PP) [254] Trade-Offs: -3 Def/+3 Toughness; -3 Atk/+3 Damage (+3 Atk/-3 Damage for Heat Vision) Unspent Power Points: 8 In Brief: An alien paragon who defended an ancient space empire, recently revived after two millennium in suspended animation. Alternate Identity: Amara Val-Ren Identity: Public Birthplace: Naram Prime Occupation: Former Praetorian of the Delaztri Empire; Current Imperatrix of the Praetorians Affiliations: Praetorians Family: Daar Val-Ren (broth
  25. CoronaPower Level: 10 [12] (168/182PP)Trade-Offs: +2 Tou/-2 DefUnspent Power Points: 14 In Brief: A Lor security officer empowered by weird cosmic experiments. She is assigned to work alongside ancient aliens and proven allies. Alternate Identity: Aya K'zan Identity: Public Birthplace: Firstdown, Hala Occupation: Agent of ALIENS Affiliations: Lor Republic, Allied Liaison/Intelligence Extra-National Service, the Praetorians Family: Genus K'zan (father, deceased), Mar'as K'zan (mother, deceased). Description Age: 32 Gender: Female Ethnicity: Lor, appears Hispa
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