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Found 24 results

  1. Scion was facing down a couple of small time super powered criminals in the West End of Freedom City. The two thieves thought they could take what they wanted in broad daylight. Some criminals never did have any sense. "Freedom City, of all places," she laughed, "you better be glad all yo got was me!" Slamming one into the other. "Fortunately your hospital stay will be short, but your jail time will be..." Her, admittedly one sided, conversation was quickly interrupted. The two obstacles, in the blink of an eye, were now unconscious and handcuffed to boot! It "Pacer," Scion exclaim
  2. GM Pacer would be running. Of course she would be. After all, that was the entire reason that she had been chosen for this. A blur had raced past, and she had heard a single sentence spoken, with a voice that was almost like a whisper. The accent had been strange, nothing she could place from anywhere she had run to on the Earth. The message was simple, and yet enough to attract her attention: "Catch me if you can." Then she had seen the blurred being rush past her in a straight line. The other runner had the headstart, but she was slowly catching up, and she was starti
  3. Jack was never late for sound check. Yet here they were in Freedom City of all places, missing their drummer. They'd been looking for him all day. Last they saw him he was half down a bottle last night. Still, he never was this late. Tanya and Brandon strummed a few notes as Serena harmonized, but no drummer. It was weird. He hadn't answered his phone once. Two hours until the gig was supposed to start. Brandon and Serena looked to Tanya. "C'mon, you ain't got some of that evil magic juju that can find a lost person," Brandon said half silly half desperate. Serena laughed at the da
  4. Talon and Hell Girl run into each other for the first time.
  5. GM February 20th, 10:30 PM A little town with no name, about 25 miles Northeast of Clarksville, Arkansas. Hell Girl had heard the rumors. Something big was about to go down in the middle of nowhere, Arkansas. A small town that wasn't even on any map. It was maybe twenty houses, arranged in a nice cross with houses oppsite of each other, a single store in the middle of all that, and maybe three farms a bit further away. The town was surrounded by hills, with nothing but dust trails leading to it from other, more populated areas. There were a few trucks around, some
  6. OOC for this @Heartbreaker, @secondling, @EternalPhoenix Probably primarily a combat thread, but let's see where it takes us.
  7. Mona Simms was not busy. Pacer could get anything done in seconds. So she was living as she always had. World traveling speedster. Changing continents several times a day, if not an hour. But she had a Twitter account (two, actually. one for each identity) and Pacer sported an Instagram for all the crazy pics she got from being able to get places most couldn't. Hero House got in touch through those, and it was surprisingly easy to get the tiny young woman to agree. Pacer was an excellent typist. Okay, no she was awful, but she was certainly fast. Her screen name was PaceSetter
  8. October 20, 2018. Belleville, Illinois. BEAST Craft BBQ Co. 1 PM. Mona Simms loved a good meal. She did a lot of running, and she was technically still a teenager; so her caloric intake was truly heroic. In days past, her twin brother Mickey would be here as well, but recently they’d begun branching out from each other. Thus she was consuming a truly massive amount of barbecue (pork, beans, slaw, etc) on her own. This did not bother the tiny young woman, not one bit. And she thought she’d pay this time. After all, she had done some work for…who was it again? Some tech firm? Eh, wha
  9. OOC for this. First name Roland. Last name Nitiative.
  10. West End, Freedom City, 645PM, 27 October Moira had kept up with Mickey and Mona ever since they met in August. They'd meet up to bust criminals in Freedom City. It was a friendly relationship, but Moira took affection to Mick, spending more time with him after the heroics. After a couple of months, she finally broke down and asked him If he wanted to do something less on the books. She didn't come right out and say 'a date', which was weird for her, but they decided somewhere nice. Dinner, movie, stargazing, a ride home. All that first date stuff. It almost felt like a formal decl
  11. For this. In which Moira and Mickey keep getting interrupted and go further and further out! @EternalPhoenix?
  12. GM Lots of things happen in a city of heroes and villains. About a month ago the Terminus invaded and left a stamp on the landscape in the form of mutated citizens. Terra, Razor, Silk, and Crush were some of the 'lucky' ones. Friends through the same neighborhood, they looked after each other. These powers made it easier to do. Razor got a voice that could melt minds. Terra was lucky all the time, though she could never hit the numbers. Silk and Crush, the twins, got fire and ice powers, respectively. Things were looking up for Plantation Circle. Except for when their plans started
  13. Left to right: Terra, Razor, Silk, and Crush. All wearing bandanas. But people around here know who they are. Terra is Scarlet Witch build. Razor is Songstress build with dances converted to song, dropped to PL8. Silk and Crush are Energy Controllers PL6.
  14. March 4, 2018 Noon Clouds hung over Claremont Academy, the occasional gust of wind shaking snow from the bare trees of the grounds. But for some of the students living on the grounds, this mattered about as much as the next song on the oldies station playing in the teacher's lounge. After having changed out of her warm winter clothes and into the gold and blue uniform of the school, Selena Kwon stepped out of the girl's locker room and into the programmed reality of the school's combat simulation room. Taking a deep breath, enjoying the facsimile of a beach in th
  15. Title unrelated to thread content. But seriously now. I have three PCs and a Sidekick I'm not using right now. Queenie's got Praetorian things to do, so I'm happy enough with that. Who would like to GM something for me? Terrifica, the prickly costumed detective Waverider, the Claremont senior and vibration controller Pacer and Stalwart, Speed and Strength Incarnate, twins, and Claremont juniors
  16. GM The Totality. The Solar Eclipse. Happens all the time, but why focus on it now? It has some magical significance for the Yellow Sign. Something about the Pact being weaker? Who knows, those guys are nuts. While they're being dealt with by other heroes, we focus on our daily life in Freedom City. Heroes with equally important tasks. Grimalkin, fae hero of great power. Spitfire, twisted firestarter. Red Moon, 'vampire'. Scion, former Olympian goddess. Going about their days as usual. Maybe they're fighting crime. Maybe they're trying to watch the eclipse (Good luck, only 70ish per
  17. GM June 4, 2017 The New Beginnings Ranch wedding venue. Outside Abilene, Texas The story had been on all the news channels in Texas. It was both very strange and not so strange at the same time. The not so strange part was that a disgruntled ex had crashed a wedding. Which in and of itself was not newsworthy. What was strange, and newsworthy, was the rest of it. The disgruntled ex had high tech weaponry, from the few wedding guests who had managed to flee, they had what seemed like sci-fi plasma rifles. The whole situation had gone bad fast. Hostages were taken and the p
  18. June 10, 2017 Freedom City, New Jersey Mid-morning The day was warm, months of overcast days finally giving away to blue skies and summery weather. Liberty Park was full of groups enjoying the fine weather; a group of breakdancers showing their moves near a fountain while teenagers in paper hats hawked from food carts. A group of gray-haired women bent their legs and moved their arms in wide Tai Chi circles. A pick-up game of ultimate frisbee verged dangerously near a family group. Warren Locke held himself in readiness to
  19. 6:50 pm February 25th, 2017 Earth-Prime Freedom City The arrival of an extra dimensional entity to earth prime was strange enough. Oh sure it happened, but it was rare for it to happen the way it had. An entire pirate ship sailing out of a shadow as the sun dropped below the horizon? It was odd to say the least. The black streak that had left the ship faster than most people could track? Concerning. The black streak raced through Freedom. Reports over the next few minutes began to come in. Crimes being stopped by a black specter of death. A bone hook ha
  20. Friday, August 26th, 2016 Aaron Cage Gymnasium, Claremont Academy, Bayview 8:03 PM The Kick-Off Dance was the first major event of any school year at Claremont Academy. Traditionally it was held on the Friday before the start of the year the next Monday. It was no different this year, and people had flocked to the gym, much to the delight of various students who had spent many hours during their summer break to organize it. Banners were hung alongside the wall. Somebody had actually brought a disco-ball. Along a table on the wall various bowls of punch
  21. GM Wednesday, July 13th, 2016 The Theatre District, Freedom City Afternoon Mona and Mickey Simms had arrived in Freedom City a few days ago. That meant, it had been time for a little tour around the city, learn about various places the locals went to. While Mona had probably visited most spots in the city a few times before, it still felt like a good idea to walk around the place together with Mickey, show him some stuff she’d seen the last times she’d been here. Today plan had been the Theatre District. Unless one was looking for theatre, or night clu
  22. Pacer Power Level: 11 (195/199 PP) Trade-Offs: None (Offensive); +4 Defense, -4 Toughness (Defense) Unspent PP: 4 In Brief: Literally Speed Incarnate. A cosmic energy being has become the soul of a mortal human. Residence: Claremont Academy dorms Base of Operations: Earth, basically. Catchphrase: “A moment is all I need.” And variations thereof. Alternate Identities: Mona Simms Identity: Secret Birthplace: Glen Burnie, Maryland Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont Academy in general Family: Silver Str
  23. Player Name: Eternal Phoenix Character Name: Pacer Power Level: 10 (180/180 PP) Trade-Offs: None (Offensive); +5 Defense, -5 Toughness (Defense) Unspent PP: 0 Progress towards Bronze: 0 In Brief: Literally Speed Incarnate. A cosmic energy being has become the soul of a mortal human. Residence: Claremont Academy dorms Base of Operations: Earth, basically. Catchphrase: General assertions of her being faster than anyone. Alternate Identites: Mona Simms Identity: Secret Birthplace: Glen Burnie, Maryland Occupatio
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