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Found 23 results

  1. GM 11:30 PM February 12th, 2021 Jadetown, Emerald City The Night of the Chinese New Year Celebrations It was an evening of celebration in the streets of Jadetown, and on this evening, even the Takazumi-gumi seemed to be at ease, content to simply celebrate. It was the year of the metal ox. Some saw that as a sign, the year that the Steel Shogun would rise even further. Others simply enjoyed the festivities. Anyone and everyone in the city were welcome, at least for now. Perhaps the party, a smell of the supernatural at play, or somethin
  2. MarsTech Campus Emerald City, Oregon.Wednesday, March 10th, 20219:15 AM Sydney Alexander is Mars Tech's Chief Operations Officer. Second in command as far as the administrative day to day was concerned it came as a shock when she never made it home after clocking in for the night. That is to say, she never made it out of the building either as her vehicle could still be found in the parking garage. Then came the real commotion. First, MarsTech announced not only a reward for anyone who had information relevant to the safe return and recovery of the missing executive. But, als
  3. GM 3PM, August 25th, 2020 University Hill, Emerald City Naomi might not have expected that Elliot would ever take her up on the offer to talk or help with the issues at his school, but months after their meeting, she had received a simple text message: Things are getting worse at the school. I need your help. Meet me at the Starbucks to the South of the University Hill Campus. The Starbucks was busy. People talking all around. A lot of people that Naomi recognized from the university, some that she shared classes with, others that
  4. GM The Riverfront, Emerald City, Oregon Saturday, April 25, 2020 00:04:00 AM It was the end of the line as far as you could tell. Months before the case had entered your radar, the demand for cadavers in the market has risen unlike anything in recent memory. For sure, whoever had began buying had been smart about it. The demand had been incremental, months in the making, and there had been multiple buyers who bought at different times and from different suppliers across the city for different reasons. Funeral homes, prisons, hospitals, cemet
  5. OOC for this. @EternalPhoenix feel free to make any description of the Starbucks that you want.
  6. GM 2PM, March 21st, 2020 The Riverfront, Emerald City Since the meeting of heroes at the noodle place in Betlehem Heights, Waverider and the mighty Metanaut had volounteered to try and get their hands on an Ultio Suit system. Find a rich kid with a suit, convince him to hand it over, work their charms a little bit maybe, or, well, however else they could do it. A week or so later, they had found someone. A guy named Elliot Elijah Elder, his dad was rich, his mom was on the city council, he attended a fancy private school, so of course his mom had bought
  7. Rebellion Power Level: 14 (built as PL 10; 213/215PP) Unspent Power Points: 2 Trade-Offs: (Baton Throw) +4 Attack / -4 DC, (Baton Ricochet) +2 Attack / -2 DC, +2 Defense / -2 Toughness In Brief: Former villain in training uses the power of the Terror to seek the truth. Catchphrase: Boo! Theme: What's Up Danger - Blackway & Black Caviar / Untravelled Road -Thousand Foot Krutch Alternate Identity: Elliot Elijah Elder (Secret), Bronze Hornet (Secret, Super Villain Identity) Birthplace: Emerald City. Residence: Elder Mansion, Northern Shore, Emerald
  8. REBELLION Power Level: 15 Effective Power Level: 10 Power Points: 214/250PP Unspent Power Points: 36P Trade-Offs: (Melee) -1 Attack / +1 DC, +2 Defense / -2 Toughness In Brief: Former villain-in-training uses the power of the Terror to seek the truth. Catchphrase: Boo! Theme: What's Up Danger - Blackway & Black Caviar / Untravelled Road -Thousand Foot Krutch Alternate Identity: Elliot Elijah Elder (Secret), Bronze Hornet (Secret, Super Villain Identity) Birthplace: Emerald City Residence: Elder Mansion, Northern Shore, Emerald City / El
  9. GM The Emerald Cities, South March 21, 2020 Some time around Midnight The cargo came in at night. They always did. There was something cloak and dagger about it all, but Frank Pulasky was being paid well enough that he didn’t see much reason to care about that. He was content to ship the big, black crates from the dockside warehouse to the little shop down on the corner next to Daniken and Arnold every night while ignoring the strange lights he saw in the sky just before every deliver and the way the stevedores seemed to never say anything. He just wanted to d
  10. GM 11PM, April 1st, 2020 Bridgepoint, Emerald City A man had walked into Mictlan this morning. He had looked disheveled, scared. His hoodie was torn in a few places, he had some bruises. He was rubbing his right arm, looking around with a frantic look in his eyes. He'd heard rumours that some kind of witch was hanging around, someone that dealt with bad stuff. He had just met some bad stuff, the night before, at the port in Bridgepoint. Some kinda demon, he said. A shadow man. It seemed to be just shadows and glowing white eyes under clothes. It had attacked him, i
  11. GM October 4th, 2019 10:30 PM Betlehem Heights A lot had changed on the streets of Emerald City. Things had changed since the events of late August, and something had slipped into the city during the confusion. During the month of September, something new had started spreading through the city. A new drug, something simply called Power. Small white pills with a capital P. Swallow, and two minutes later, you gained random super powers for fifteen minutes. It was a rush, it was exciting, and it was of course completely destabilizing. Street fights evolved
  12. Riverfront August 5, 4:10 PM GM It was a fairly standard afternoon in the Riverfront. The cars pushed along, their drivers eager to get out of the downtown and retreat to the suburbs where they lived. The heat made things slightly sticky, only encouraging people to want to vacate faster. The sidewalks similarly were lined with people going about their daily business, entranced by their phones and latest purchases. Yet in one alley, there was something quite un-standard. It started as a small pulse of light, before the air in the alley began to ripple an
  13. 20 Questions HellQ Guidebook Page Theme Music Origin Vignette: Terror Night Reputation table Vignettes: - Just One Voice - End of the Road
  14. Elliot Elijah Elder Gather Information DC5: Elliot Elijah Elder is the second child of Emma Emmelie Elder and Everett Eaton Elder, respectively a local politician and rich heir from Emerald City. His older sister is Elaine Emma elder. DC10: Elliot was enrolled in the prestigious Elysium Academy in the semester starting in the fall 2018. Since then, he has spent most of his time at the school. DC15: Elliot's father, Everett, is very much an idle rich. He seems to be travelling all over the world on his own, rarely spending time at home. DC20: Elliot's aunt Ela
  15. Rebellion Traumatized by the death of his aunt at the hands of the Terror, super villain in training Elliot Elijah Elder turns to the side of good and uses the powers and knowledge granted to him by his own survival to seek the truth of the conspiracy that secretly controls Emerald City. History Elliot Elijah Elder is the youngest of the prestigious Elder family, who have long made Emerald City their home. Born the second child of local politician Emma Emmelie and wealthy heir Everett Eaton Elder, he never found himself wanting for anything, except perhaps his parents' time and
  16. GM Elysium Academy, Emerald City May 16th, 2019 11:30 PM Elysium Academy was as silent as one would expect during the night. The students, for the most part, knew better than to cause trouble, less they risk a punishment. And a pair of students were sneaking through the night, each independent of the other. They had both overheard Mr. Stark with Doctor Trine during lunch. Something about some important correspondence from "you-know-who". Very vague, sure, but also a potential clue. One that could lead to freeing students... or perhaps to the conspiracy behind
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