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  1. So here's the idea: A series of attacks have been occurring in Emerald City and CoVic where victims have been found cold and drained of blood. Most of them remain dead, but some rise again within a few hours and attack anyone they can get their hands on. I'm looking for two PC's preferably around PL 10 to join in and stop this menace!
  2. So in the spirit of all the hype with the new injustice game: I present an adventure hook. Plot hook: the heroes have been entered into a tournament. A street fighting tournament across the United States. Some have entered for the mysterious prize at the end. Some for the fame that comes with. Some have even been blackmailed into fighting. Some are hoping to eliminate rivals via an "accident" in the ring. Who's running this tournament? What's the prize at the end? Well, I suppose that will be something for our heroes to figure out! So! I'm looking for some char
  3. So one of the appeals of anything set in a High School type environment is seeing the characters deal with the everyday problems of school life, especially if you've got the additional "curse" of powers. So I'd like to try something to hopefully allow characters to experience everyday life in Claremont. The idea I have is for a couple of characters to have a single short encounter with an everyday event, as much as things can be with powers, and have to decide how to deal with the situation. So for instance the characters are hanging out in the hall when they see a couple of studen
  4. Hey guys, so I'm thinking of running a thread in a parallel earth. As the title of the post suggests this is an earth where pirates and the open ocean are a fairly significant portion. so I think I'm looking for probably two or three PC's who are down for some swashbuckling. Either post a response here or else PM Me. I'm thinking this will be around a PL 10 thread.
  5. So I'm back, and it feels so good! But, obviously I can't just jump back into rping (well I will do that) without being overzealous. It's my nature, after all. So to start off with I'm going to be resuming any threads I was in that stalled (and starting those I promised to start) as well as actually starting the rest of those promised threads. But I'm also going to expand on the idea I had for one of those threads. An Atlantean Invasion! This will partly serve as bit of getting So Freedom City: The Atlantean Royal family is set to open a new Atla
  6. Looking to recruit Bedlam PCs for a thread! (probably just three) The idea is that an open super-battle breaks out in downtown Bedlam - and Lady Horus is one of the combatants! Will the PCs intervene/get caught up in the fracas?
  7. I've just started a flag football thread for anyone interested in joining. A Friendly Game is opened to all and any characters interested. Even if you're not interested in playing football, the thread is open for people to mingle with other characters. Please take a look. I hope to see people join up! Oh, rules for the football part of the game can be found and discussed in the OOC thread.
  8. So, we have done these before in the past but I thought I'd toss the idea out and see how much interest there was in current PCs. If I had Phantom host a gathering for Freedom City's arcane practitioners to get together, would there be any interest? Social thread to form the basis of having other contacts of folks dealing with supernatural threats and issues. May lead to adventure spin offs down the line but no combat planned for this thread, barring people arguing about best practices!
  9. Alright before I get to posting in places today. And I definitely still have some places I need to catch up on I figured I'd start some new threads. So here's what I'm offering to GM. If you're interested in your characters taking part in any of these plot hooks just drop a line in this thread. The Ideal PL Range, and number of players isn't a hard and fast guideline. I just thought it would make it easier in the deciding which PC to submit part for some! What I need from you: If I take over 30 hours to respond. Just nudge me in Chat. I'm trying to pick the pace up on my
  10. I'm looking to recruit two or four PCs for a quick thread. Explosions bloom above the downtown skyline as super-powered mercenaries attack ASTRO Labs! Can the heroes save the scientists? Why is AEGIS on the scene so fast? What was stolen, and where will it end up? Expect threats around a PL 8 range. Preference will be given to Claremont or space-affiliated heroes.
  11. So based on some discussion in chat with supercape and others I think I've come up with a fairly simple but hopefully engaging idea for a thread that will feature some social and technological aspects and indirect antagonism along with some combat here and there. anyone interested?
  12. So I've decided I'll try my hand at GMing, now that I'm not completely new to the system anymore. It's gonna be a fairly straight up combat adventure, to keep it a bit simpler for me. 2 - 4 Characters Preferrably around PL9 to 11, but adjustments can always be made
  13. Planet inspector and spokesbeing for the Dotrae, Dol-Druth of the battered Lor Republic, has arrived on Earth. His first duty is to examine the changes of human society since the 1950's, which requires him to interview representative citizens of Earth. To that end he's parked himself at a table outside a Starbase, people-watching and inviting anyne who doesn't look like they're in a hurry to sit with him and answer a few questions over the course of conversation and hot caffeine. Basically one of the more chatty issues of Astro City. Who: Anybody who lives or would have
  14. Summary: A.S.T.R.O. Labs has embarked on an ambitious(especially at their budget) expedition into the mysterious, sub-atomically-accessed parallel universe known as the Infraverse. There an energy suffuses the space between eccentrically-shaped planets in a dim red void, called the "lifeglow". Its attributes are many, including sustaining life all but indefinitely. With the help of the Atom Family, whose members are well-acquainted with this bizarre world, and some independent volunteers from among the super-powered and super-skilled, they hope to establish a beachhead and begin work on unrave
  15. The woes of space espionage. A lor spy has been captured on a jungle planet in Khanate space. If your space faring heroes are willing to get involved in the minefield that is space politics (or are open to a payday) then hop aboard this rescue mission.
  16. So thread idea. There's a break in at police evidence lock up. Not much is taken, but the big ticket item that has gone missing are the charred remains of Malice's battlesuit, the Mantle of Freedom. It's up to our heroes to determine who stole the suit and what their nefarious plans are now that it's in their possession. I'm obviously throwing it's creator Bastion into the mix, and I'm looking for ~3 other PC's to join in. A bit of investigation and lots of combat as per usual for my threads. PL 10+ for that reason.
  17. A new villain has arrived on the West Coast who causing a storm all over Social Media, but another media obsessed villain isn't going to take it lying down. And of cause some heroes are caught in the middle! I'm after a couple of heroes to take on villains both old and new.
  18. The title is really is all you need in this instance. Right now I'm wanting to lean on social threads to help reintegrate Bastion into society, though I totally understand the desire for the other PC's to want to devolve it into a combat thread (which I will support if there's interest). There are three avenues I've been thinking of for threads to occur, but I'd like input for which people think would be the most interesting and/or which they would like to be a part of. Characters that were associated with Malice/Bastion are going to be given priority. 1 - The Press Conference - You simply
  19. Okay, folks - Looking to recruit a small collection of newish players for a thread! The idea here is that your character has been hired for publicity/security for the test run of a brand-new cruise ship, the SS Mictlan. Your PC should be credible/famous enough that a company would reasonably want to do that. Who wouldn't want an all-expenses-paid Caribbean vacation?
  20. I am starting it up. It is primarily social,. But there may be... special kinds of actions. This is sort of a senior-ish trip. But basically Elias/Errant is running a a harder core camping trip., over a week, for credit and stuff. I know there have been rumblings before, this should be about 5 to 6 people
  21. To celebrate the Cherry Blossom Festival this year, and not random coincidence and chance , I'm dusting off an idea for a thread set in Japan. I've already got one brave volunteer but I'm after another to get involved in a mystery in Tokoyo. I'm happy with characters in the 8=12 range and whilst Japanese would be nice it#s not essential.
  22. I need to get Brigandine into threads with other heroes now that she's around, and since it's sort of still in the middle of the school year, it doesn't seem right to just have a "new arrival at Claremont" thread. So instead we're going to say she's always been around and is only now getting her own title. This thread is going to be for PCs at the PL 7 or PL 8 level. It's going to involve a ruckus at Millennium Mall; I'm looking for two or three other PCs to be in it, besides Brigandine.
  23. Hello! Now that she's back to Earth, I have a little plot in mind that involves my character Mechanized. Time to introduce her arch-enemy, Steampunk! Formerly an engineer working for Emily's father, he was fired for stealing parts from work to create his personal robot prototypes, and over time he devolved into a Doc Ock wannabe. He also picked up magic skills and a way integrate them with steampunk style robots, before returning as a supervillain. In particular, he hates Emily because he believes her father favored her over himself, and the grudge only worsened when Emily beat him up a
  24. So, as it stands now there are going to be two threads coming up. One starting sooner. 1. Campout/Social thread/adventure in your mind! Errant attempts to have a bit of socially stuff with friends, and 'friends', and classmates, because... they tell him it is a wise thing to do. And then he accidentally imbibes hallucinogenic mushrooms... Oooooooo! Characters Involved: Errant, open. 2. Errant gets kidnapped by a nemesis, and is getting turned into a telepathic living weapon. His friends have to save him. This is set during during Thanksgiving, or in the chaos post Incursion resol
  25. I am looking for three to four science/history/mystic PCs to investigate a rash of murders in a small, North Dakota town. This sleepy burg has had its population double since the discovery of shale gas underneath the land, and this has created a lot of tension between the settled population and the itinerant workers; the newly-flush citizens and those who remain impoverished; the oil company's workers and a group of hardcore eco-activists; the sane and the mad; etc.
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