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Found 14 results

  1. GM September 1st, 2018, 4.28PM A.S.T.R.O. Labs The day was winding down, the light was starting to wane, and the people working at one of the premier technological application centers on Earth were starting to think fondly of home. By now the horrors of the Terminus Invasion had already begun to fade from all but the hardest-hit. But the fact remained: while there was a sense that the Terminus might not make such a move again, there were other dangers in the omniverse. So far the day had gone famously. The dimensional conduit prototype, code-named DR(pronounced, naturally, 'door') was in full working order, the odd-looking man from AEGIS hadn't gotten in the way while 'checking for mental leaks', and the representative for the prestigious Danger Foundation had been nothing but helpful with the finer details of avoiding dangerous interaction with the forces she unaccountably referred to as 'magic'. The support staff had been on top of their game today, especially thanks to a newcomer with an ease around the strange materials they worked with that confounded even veterans of the Labs. Regardless, there was only a little clearing up to do and everyone would be off the clock. So it was with a certain regret that one of the walls exploded inward from a shower of dark energy, followed by two odd-looking men in Atom Family Adventure-like uniforms of black, silver and purple with armbands that radiated power. "Hello!" the finned one said merrily "Please leave this to us, Terresi!" "I'm Electrum Eagle. No prey escapes me." The winged one snarled, knocking the room off its feet with a wave of his gauntleted hand, emitting a punishing shockwave that made the nerves scream. "And I'm Platinum Porpoise! Take a seat!" A snap of his webbed fingers and a boyish smile heralded a great seething wave of bluish-purple energy that started flashing across the room, pinning everyone in its path with coils of otherworldly darkness! However, even as they headed for the great arch of the DR, they were unaware that someone had followed them ever since they first materialized in Freedom City...
  2. OOC for this thread. @RocketLord Forever Boy debuts, alongside @Supercape's Echohead, @Exaccus's Facsimile and @Thevshi's Veronica Danger. For the stats of your opponents from Blackstar's Blackguard, consider them to be PL12 versions of this sheet by Troll, with the amendment the powers come from a Hard-To-Lose Device: Electrum Eagle can fly under his own power, and Platinum Porpoise is Immune to Suffocation by all descriptors.
  3. GM Tuesday, July 11th, 2018 The North End, Freedom City 3:44 PM Nothing. Even after several hours straight of observing, theorizing, and experimenting Dr. Eliot Westermen couldn’t figure out the Nexus Problem. He knew he had everything he needed to figure it out. ASTRO Labs was one of the greatest scientific facilities on the planet. They had reliable information on the paraphysics of the Cosmic Coil, access to salvaged Terminus tech and even an intact Omegadrone corpse for study. This should be easy. He should be able to see where everything connected. How this new portal system worked and how it could be deactivated. Westerman put his forehead against his chalkboard board and signed. “But you can’t, West. They’re right. This is beyond you. Beyond any of us.” It took him a minute to really grapple with that. To finally put his pride aside and admit the truth. “Chakwas couldn’t do. Oladeyle couldn’t do it. And you can’t either. They were right, we need outside help. A fresh pair of eyes to look at this nonsense.” Westerman had sworn that it wasn’t necessary. That the heroes needed to be out there helping people instead of slumming it with the eggheads. That if he had just a few more hours he could crack the Nexus Problem and stop the invasion. No one believed him. Senior expert on Terminus Tech and Paraphysics be damned. They put out the call for help about a couple of hours. Any heroes with an advanced knowledge of “exotic” technologies were asked to come to ASTRO Labs and help figure out how to dismantle the portal network that allowed the invaders to send wave after wave of monsters to wreak havoc on Freedom City. Westerman didn’t have to look at his watch to tell that the heroes would be in the “War Room,” as the scientists had started to call their primary laboratory working on the Nexus Problem, in a few minutes. Perks of being a super-genius he guessed, you get a great internal clock. That put a smile on his face. Westerman couldn’t remember the last time he smiled since the invasion began. Moving away from the chalkboard, he took a seat in one of the rolling chairs scattered across the lab and tried to relax. The lab was a mess. On all four sides of it there was notes, files, tech, empty coffee cups and lab gear scattered everywhere. Not to mention one scary looking Omegadrone on a medical table. Westerman didn’t look much better. Lack of sleep does that. The heroes would be here soon and Westerman knew he had to be at his best to get them up to speed on what little he and the others had figured out and answer any questions they may have.
  4. Character Name: Gossamer Power Level: 13 (189/200PP) Unspent PP: 11 Alternate Identity: Dr. Estelle de Havilland Height: 5' 9" Weight: 141 lbs. Hair: Blond (reaches down to her ankles) Eyes: Blue Appearance: Estelle is a beautiful blond with refined features and an elegant bearing who always dresses to impress. Though her face and figure are both extremely attractive, the first thing anyone notices about Estelle is her amazing hair, which floats about her like a cloud of luminous gold. In its natural state, it cascades over her shoulders and down to her ankles, but she often wears it up or in a thick braid to keep it out of the way. Normally she dresses quite well, as her mother taught her, eschewing jeans and T-shirts for simple dresses with classic lines and open-toed shoes; she likes diamonds and vintage jewelry, but keeps the pieces small and tasteful. However, if she's not planning on going out, she will revert to collegiate sweats and gym shoes for comfort and convenience. As Gossamer, she wears an experimental protective suit (in blue and white), designed by ASTRO Labs; though the material appears to be rather thin, it is actually well-insulated and includes a combination communicator/wireless uplink on the left wrist. History: Estelle de Havilland grew up wealthy - she is neither proud nor ashamed of this fact, as it has always been part of her environment. It's been said that the de Havilland family owns a third of the Eastern Seaboard, and while this statement is obviously an exaggeration, it is true than Estelle need not have worked a day of her life, if she so chose. The family estate on Long Island was like a magic castle for the de Havilland children, who were essentially raised by its staff; however, young Estelle manifested a questing intelligence at an early age, more interested in science and reading than charity balls and fashion shows like her brother and three sisters. Her very traditional parents were somewhat flummoxed - a bright daughter is nothing to be ashamed of, but one who displayed no interest in either the family's investments or impressing the sons of other wealthy dynasties did present a bit of a problem. It was decided that she would attend the best schools and university (the de Havillands have been linked with Harvard for nearly a century) while still being raised as a proper lady. Estelle dutifully worked on her calligraphy and proper manners, took dance and tennis lessons, and went to all the right parties in all the right dresses. She never resented these family obligations, and always managed to enjoy herself, fully aware of both the importance and silliness of this rarefied world. In time, Estelle grew to be a beautiful young woman of grace and poise, and her parents breathed a sigh of relief - at least she wasn't a tomboy, like her cousin Arlene. Once at Harvard, Estelle felt truly alive for the first time in her young life. No one cared how much money she had; all that mattered was hard work, dedication, and the occasional raucous party to blow off steam. She made many friends and earned high marks, and was glad to find that she'd more or less dropped off the cultural radar, no longer interesting enough to regularly show up in gossip magazines along with her younger sisters Selene and Celeste. She went on to pursue her doctorate in organic chemistry, and took a position in one of her family's research labs in Freedom City, and it was here that her life would change forever. Her older brother Jason had been effectively running De Havilland after their father had stepped down to an advisory position to spend more time with his wife, who has been fighting cancer for several years. Jason, eager to bring the company into the 21st Century, authorized research involving synthetic compounds based on samples of Grue DNA, especially for use in the medical and beauty aid divisions; at first Estelle was leery of working with the compounds, but Jason showed her data that convinced her, and told her everything had been run by the FDA. He told her to keep her findings secret for now, but due to issues of industrial competition she didn't really question it at the time. One late Friday night in the lab while she was trying to isolate certain protein strands, a tired and overworked Estelle spilled some particularly caustic reagents on herself and one of the compounds, so she rushed into a nearby emergency hazmat shower to save herself from serious burns; as she stood in the tiny stall ripping off her contaminated clothing, the fumes rose up, making her dizzy, and she passed out right then and there. When she awoke the next day, half-naked and damp, she discovered that she'd somehow inadvertently triggered a strange mutation - her hair had grown super-long, and was animated by her very thoughts! After some time experimenting, she wrapped herself in a fire blanket and took a taxi to the Albright Institute, as she had clearly been somehow altered. However as she described the circumstances that lead to her transformation, she was shocked to find out that not only had the FDA not approved the research, but in fact the samples she'd been using were mostly likely from actual Grue, and had recently been stolen from that very lab! The subsequent investigation cost the de Havillands millions, and put Jason in jail, as well as making public his drinking and gambling problems. The first thing Estelle's father did when he took over the reins of power once more was to fire her and shut down her lab; a truly loyal daughter would have kept it in the family, within the company, not bring ruin down upon them all. Cut off from her inheritance, she decided to seek out Dr. Clarence Macleod's help, and he was able to find her a position at ASTRO for the time being. Her older sister Sunny is still on speaking terms with her, as is her ailing mother when she gets the chance, but otherwise things are quite chilly between her and her family; the de Havillands are too rich to be wiped out by such a disaster, though it will take years to undo the damage to their reputation. For her part, Estelle sees her bizarre new circumstance as a sort of ironic message from the cosmos to get over herself and think about others more often. Personality: Estelle is no 'frosty blond' - despite her breeding and refined upbringing, she's both friendly and approachable, and has a wicked sense of humor. Her laugh is surprisingly loud and contagious, and she tends to laugh a lot - how else should she respond to her bizarre new condition? No one, not even Estelle herself, would deny that she can be a bit vain, but as true as this is, it does her an injustice; she is very passionate about both her chosen field of study and to helping those who are less fortunate. Though she may seem shallow and image-obsessed at times, all concerns about her appearance go out the window if someone is in genuine need; of course, she will most likely bemoan her bedraggled state at length after the fact. She collects first editions of Russian literature, and loves to go out dancing with friends whenever she can 'slip away'. She also owns several vintage Gibson electric guitars, and plays along with her favorite albums when she needs to unwind; now increasingly confidant in her musical talents, she is finding more and more opportunities to perform in public. As far as dating goes, Estelle has been seen on the arms of some of Freedom's most glamorous superheroes, including Dr. Archeville and Divine. She is currently in a relationshop with Gregory 'Mad Dog' Matthews, who's heroic identity is a closely-guarded secret. Powers: Estelle has full control of her hair, which she can form into up to twenty-five tendrils that lengthen at will up to 100 feet; her hair limbs are just as dexterous as her own two hands, capable of such complicated tasks as typing a letter or shuffling cards. Despite its rather lightweight appearance, her hair is surprisingly strong, allowing her to lift up to six tons with ease. She can also automatically style her hair at will, and often does so to playful or sensual effect. She is constantly finding new ways to use her powers through experimentation. Abilities: [0+6+4+8+4+6 = 28pp] Strength: 10/30 (+0/+10) Dexterity: 16 (+3) Constitution: 14 (+2) Intelligence: 18 (+4) Wisdom: 14 (+2) Charisma: 16 (+3) Combat: [20+16 = 36pp] Attack: +10 Grapple: +10, +23 w/ Hair, up to +33 if using all her Hair for nothing but a Grapple Defense: +8 (+4 flat-footed) Knockback: -10, -9 flat-footed; -2 w/out Suit, -1 w/out Suit and flat-footed Initiative: +7 Saves: [6+7+8 = 27pp] Toughness: +12 ( Impervious 8 ), +10 ( Imp 8 ) flat-footed; +4 w/out Suit, +2 w/out Suit and flat-footed Fortitude: +12 (+2 Con, +10) Reflex: +10 (+3 Dex, +7) Will: +12 (+2 Wis, +10) Skills: [92r = 23pp] Acrobatics 5 (+8) Bluff 4 (+7, +11 w/ Attractive) Computers 1 (+5) Craft (Chemical) 6 (+10) Craft (Mechanical) 1 (+5) Diplomacy 4 (+7, +11 w/ Attractive) Disable Device 6 (+10) Drive 1 (+4) Gather Information 5 (+10) Knowledge (Arts) 2 (+6) Knowledge (Current Events) 1 (+5) Knowledge (History) 1 (+5) Knowledge (Life Sciences) 4 (+8) Knowledge (Physical Sciences) 10 (+14) Knowledge (Popular Culture) 1 (+5) Knowledge (Streetwise) 1 (+5) Language 2 (French, Russian; English is native) Medicine 1 (+3) Notice 8 (+10) Perform (Dance) 1 (+4) Perform (Stringed Instruments) 7 (+10) Profession (Teacher) 4 (+6) Ride 1 (+4) Search 6 (+10) Stealth 7 (+10) Feats: [23pp] Accurate Attack All-Out Attack Ambidexterity Attractive Benefit 2 (ASTRO Labs access, Wealth 1) Chokehold Connected Contacts Defensive Roll 1 (+2 Toughness) Equipment 2 (1pp donated to The Lab) Grappling Finesse Improved Grab Improved Grapple Improved Initiative Improved Pin Improvised Tools Luck Power Attack Skill Mastery (Bluff, Diplomacy. Knowledge [Physical Sciences], Perform [stringed Instruments]) Takedown Attack Well Informed Powers: [22+30 = 52pp] Device 5 (Bodysuit, 25 points, hard to lose) [22pp] Communication 4 (1 mile, radio; Flaw: Limited [One-Way]) [2pp] Datalink 4 (1 mile, radio) [4pp] Immunity 1 (cold) [1pp] Protection 8 (Extra: Impervious 8 ) [16pp] Feat: Quick Change 2 [2pp] Prehensile Hair 6 (Container) [30pp] Prehensile Hair 10 (10PP; PF: Alternate Power x2) [12pp] BE: Additional Limbs 5 (25 'tendrils'; Sustained Duration) + Elongation 5 (100 feet) [10/10pp] AP: Deflect 8 (slow projectiles) [8/10pp] AP: Snare 5 (Extra: Engulf) [10/10pp] Enhanced Strength 20 (to 30/+10; Limit: Only with Prehensile Hair) [10pp] Super-Movement 2 (Slow Fall, Swinging) [4pp] Super-Senses 1 (Analytic Touch, Limit: Only with Prehensile Hair) [0.5pp] Super-Strength 3 (effective Str 45, Hvy Load 6 tons; Limit: Only with Prehensile Hair) [3pp] Drawbacks: None DC Block Unarmed -- DC 15/Toughness -- Damage Hair -- DC 25/Toughness -- Damage Totals: Abilities 28 + Combat 36 + Saves 27 + Skills 23 + Feats 23 + Powers 52 = 189/200 Power Points
  5. GM Date: Unknown Location: A prison "Do you know the history of Ethiopia, 'Weekend'?" It was the first time the man in red had spoken, his face hidden behind a dizzying shimmer of digital distortion. The voice was deep, yet soft and mild, accented with the rolling vowels and curt consonants of another country. He smelled faintly acrid, like dusty books and ruins. He dressed finely, with an air of not just wealth but aristocratic and elegant bearing. The others hadn't said anything, but even so Roland could feel their presence. That is, they were tightly clustered behind the chair Roland was tied to, thick, gem-studded manacles binding his hands and feet together and behind the chair legs. He could feel and hear their breath, the slight shifting as they adjusted their feet, the rattle and clatter of something metal all of them carried in their hands. All of them started fidgeting the moment the man in red started talking. "Once, the kingdom of Shewa was a power that could defy even the Emperor. Even when Tewodros the Second defeated their Negus the region rose again and again in revolt. The Emperor settled their capital at Barara, the Negus' old seat, to claim that man's power and legitimacy for his own. The prince of Shewa, Menelik, became Emperor of Ethiopia in his own turn, a final insult to the pretender and his brood who thought they could take power with fire and sword." "I tell you this to remind you, sir, that what you have taken from us will soon be returned. My wise sister says "Wait." I say "Now", and no stripling boy untried by arms will defy me, not even in this, the seat of your pallid, wasting, leprous might." "In a few minutes our getaway vehicle will arrive and you will accompany me back to Africa. I cannot promise you such charming accommodations as this, but in time you might learn to accept gnawing, endless hunger and the surety that every chance to escape is a sham of my creation." The man in red held up the suitcase Weekend Man had, seemingly moments ago, been taking from the hands of a bunch of animal-themed robbers who had snuck into an ASTRO Lab wing. "Are you aware of the significance of daka crystals, Weekend?" This time, he paused and waited for an answer.
  6. Ari

    Straw Gods(IC)

    GM December 15th, 2016. 1.42PM A.S.T.R.O. Labs showroom, behind the labs proper, where they used to show off new jets and guns. "...Which brings us to the pride of our tour, the Guardian of Infinity!" Dr. Spencer gestured grandly to the towering apparatus, a of aluminium tubing on either side of a sideways, elongated oval as wide across as a city street and tall as a house. Hydrogen fuel cells hummed away, connected to the titanium oval by thick bundles of cables that vanished into the complex of struts and and bars around it. Running a good yard from it was a large black/yellow striped square. With "please do not approach the distortion of space-time" signs at each front-facing corner. The floodlights they reflected shone down on both the meticulously-curated and presented showcase floor and relics of the Lab's glorious past. Up above their heads hung replicas of various weapons and vehicles that had been the end of countless Germans. Around the guests was the future. Spacial-temporal distortions and all. Said distortion was a remarkably mundane affair. A city very like the Freedom City outside, with people looking very like those gathered before it. The first sign of difference was the omnipresence of Arabic letters. The second was the giant mechanical eagle that crashed into the ground, causing havoc as citizens rushed to shelter. As it rose up, it was struck down again by the now-visible superhumans pursuing it. Their host grinned and produced a spiral-shaped remote from her suit-jacket. "Yes, citizens! A world like our own, but not! With this device, constructed by my colleague Dr. Brandtford and myself, we can see any-" A world where domes were the major architectural style. "-neighboring-" Crosses filled the skyline, with images of saints on every window. "-divergence-" At the intersection, drivers floored it on the red light. "-we choose!" Spencer beamed at the crowd, tucking an errant lock of thick brown hair behind her ear "And best of all, we have made contact with a few alternate Labs, who had made devices nigh-identical to this one! Who knows what the future holds?" She scanned the gaggle of visitors, the vast majority of whom were students at Freedom City University "Any questions?" Dozens of twentysomethings glanced at each other. Spencer's grin was a bit too far that side of manic.
  7. Ari

    Straw Gods(OOC)

    OOC thread for this thread. Trans-dimensional dinosaursations. DC for a full Sense Motive on Raul here is 25. Accepting his story, or at least cautiously letting him in, will grant you both a Hero Point.
  8. July 30th, 2016 ASTRO Labs, Freedom City Lunchtime Downtown Freedom City was busy every single day. No matter what else was going on, the streets were crowded with pedestrians and cars, the weekend just meant the people were of a different flavor. The soaring towers of ASTRO Labs looked down on. Happy families and trendy teenagers thronged the streets, moving from place to place and interspersed with groups of tourists eager to experience the City of Heroes. A large group of elderly Asians with cameras around their necks lined up in front of the skyscraper, a young woman in a red pantsuit in their lead. The woman held a folded map in the air and started talking. "This is the headquarters of ASTRO Labs," she said, her voice projecting above the noise of traffic. "A world leader in scientific R&D, ASTRO Labs is proud to help Freedom City's hero population whenever a mystery is in their path!" Near the back of the group, a man in a trenchcoat lurked underneath a young tree. He chuckled when he heard to guide's pithy summation. Pretty soon ASTRO Labs was going to feel the burn from helping so many heroes.
  9. For all the rolls and suchlike that show up in this thread. Everyone show up and start getting excited!
  10. Fourth of March, 2016, The Gateway, Goodman Building, Freedom City On its dais in the middle of the stark, open room, the circular Gate pulsed and rippled from the distortion of energy from an open channel to another world. For once, the Gateway was crowded, both with people and luggage, crates and moving equipment, Tesla and Maximus at their control stations the only people with much room to maneuver. Chase and Victoria were mingling with the swell of twenty-odd chatting, nervous scientists wearing A.S.T.R.O. Labs insignia on their jackets and hats, while Cosmo was darting about the room in excitement. The Moon Monkey had to get his hands on anything and everything new or strange, which with a crowd of strangers really was anything. His gleeful shrieking and intrusively curious hands sometimes got him a stern psychic warning, and by now he was much less hyperactive than a quarter of an hour ago. After the media circus outside, it was a pleasant and calming change of pace. The news that the famously secretive Atom Family and endlessly innovative Lab were making a joint ventire into a mysterious new universe had hardly been enough for the news agents and shouting reporters, but the fact that three superheroes were joining them, along with Freedom Cross biologist Tristan Delacroix and journalist Daphne Celeste, had packed the street outside the Goodman Building as fans and well-wishers screamed over each other to their idols. More cynical heads had shouted accusingly that the list of supers was blatantly calculated for news-worthiness rather than "true" value to the expedition. Where, for example, was Daedalus? Dragonfly? Miss Americana or any of the other technically-able or routine dimensional travelers? That had been the point. "People are easily frightened by the unknown, by choosing you" Chase had gestured simply to Terrifica, Velocity and Valerie Cain "we disassociate this expedition with the ideas people have that everywhere we go, there are our enemies." The Gateway glared with red light. It would soon be ready for passage into the Infraverse. For the moment, there was little to do.
  11. I'm looking to recruit two or four PCs for a quick thread. Explosions bloom above the downtown skyline as super-powered mercenaries attack ASTRO Labs! Can the heroes save the scientists? Why is AEGIS on the scene so fast? What was stolen, and where will it end up? Expect threats around a PL 8 range. Preference will be given to Claremont or space-affiliated heroes.
  12. Out of character thread for this, where some people go to another world to learn more about it
  13. Summary: A.S.T.R.O. Labs has embarked on an ambitious(especially at their budget) expedition into the mysterious, sub-atomically-accessed parallel universe known as the Infraverse. There an energy suffuses the space between eccentrically-shaped planets in a dim red void, called the "lifeglow". Its attributes are many, including sustaining life all but indefinitely. With the help of the Atom Family, whose members are well-acquainted with this bizarre world, and some independent volunteers from among the super-powered and super-skilled, they hope to establish a beachhead and begin work on unraveling the lifeglow. The medical and humanitarian fruits alone are a tempting prize, but unfortunately the Infraverse is not without life and dangers all its own. Not to mention that A.S.T.R.O. Labs hasn't gotten there first. Who: 3-4, as always, is the optimum number. Preferably they would have something to do with super-science or controlling energy, but it's not exclusive to those. This is a long-planned trip, so feel free to have built something tailored to this mission if your PC has the Inventor Feat. Suggest back doors in case you end up having to drop the game part-way through, and of course talk about how your PCs might help or hinder each other over the journey. Special relationships with the Atoms or the Lab are also handy, whether positive or negative. What: Like a Star Trek episode, lots of talking and technical skills at the forefront, with sporadic and hard-hitting fights interspersed. This is primarily exploration of a strange new world. If you want more information, feel free to ask here or via PM.
  14. GM January 25th, 11.45 AM, Saturday, 2014, A.S.T.R.O. Labs, Reception Hall The unveiling of the Nucleic Reorganization Field Emitter was a lot more enthusiastic than the name would have suggested. But then, just about any public revelation from the busy corner of super-science usually heralded something extraordinary, whether it was some miraculous way to purify polluted water, direct the growth of plant-life or just a simple fusion-powered jetpack, and a clear sign that the world was changing all around the world, starting right there in Freedom City. The reception hall of the austere modern-style building thronged with those who had asked or been asked to attend, mostly businessmen and businesswoman, entrepreneurs, news-anchors and reporters. Over the Labs' main doors a broad banner was unfurled, those in the know glancing up at its familiar sleek edging and art-deco typeface with a smile of recognition, and at the words "A Gift to Humanity...Revealed!". The stairs outside for several steps were packed as well, and those unfortunate enough to be caught out in the cold shivered in thick coats and sipped gratefully at hot drinks while several of the more news-hungry guests performed impromptu interviews. Those inside had something very different to think about. "Yes, as you can see, ladies and gentlemen" said the trim, needle-like Prof. M. Cavesson, all crisp courtesy behind his thin glasses and snowy-white bread that matched his stark white suit, his soft, rolling voice reaching the entire front hall packed with unusually patient and calm reporters, cameraman and photographers, all of whom were relieved and a little smug that they didn't have to stand out in the cold waiting for "the applications of the Emitter are as boundless as they are humanitarian. With this, we can clean up radiation leak from nuclear reactors, like the prototype used in the after-effects of the Fukushima catastrophe in 2011, making the land and, air and water safe for human life within weeks and months rather than milennia. It doesn't stop there, either," he added, real excitement straining against his professionally-level tone "we are, ladies and gentlemen, looking at a real chance of reversing the effects of zero-gravity sickness, the horrendous effects of prions in the brain, maybe even, once we've perfected the reorganization process on living material, recover flesh lost to leprosy before that disease's total eradication!" The assembled newshounds and high-profile visitors clapped with polite enthusiasm, a few whistles ringing out from the back rows, but the eager grins on nearly every face showed that the sentiment was far from false. Swelling with pride, Cavesson stepped back and swung open the doors to the main floor, re-purposed especially for the day's revelation. Hanging from the ceiling's many arching steel beams were red, blue and gold banners celebrating the names of several patrons(including Daedalus) and companies(including Grant Conglomerate and the Rhoseus Corporation). Around the room were a series of blackboards crammed with equations and artistic depictions of molecules being recombined and reconfigured, while standing beside them were around a dozen nervous-looking lab technicians, many of whom stiffened in mild panic at the sudden invasion. In contrast to the hubbub surrounding it, the Nucleic Reorganization Field Emitter was a very refined-looking instrument, a tall pedestal under the generous Main Hall skylight bearing the apparatus of three slender blue rods as long as a full-grown man attached at their summit to a curved dish like a satellite. "This, I tell you," said Prof. Cavesson with a grin "heralds a brighter tomorrow! With it, why, we might even be able to permanently cure poor souls like Adam Ward, so-called Gamma 'the Atom-Smasher', or drain the poisonous radiation from Hiroshima Shadow..." As he spoke a gaggle of students from universities a few miles away to across the Atlantic piled in, some excitedly hurrying off to interrogate a like mind in a freshly-ironed lab coat, others remaining in gaggles to commiserate over how much of a pain the trip was. There were, of course, exceptions. And a few unexpected eyes...
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