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Found 16 results

  1. So now that the Shrike has been approved, I'm thinking about having a grand opening sale at the new Silberman's location in the University Hill section of EC-OR. This would be an opportunity for any EC-based PCs to check out the new used books and records store in town, and meet Gretchen in their civilian identities. Sign up here if you're interested!
  2. Monday, November 27th 2017: 9:00am, Claremont Academy Zhu got out of the small old Honda Civic and had to just stop and look. While she already had looked over the school with an illegally appropriated satellite, checked every photo that was in a cloud anywhere, and had as much comprehensive knowledge about her new school as she could possibly get, there was something about the majesty of the campus that still overwhelmed her. It was a stark reminder that while information was good, there was nothing that could quite replace actual experiences. Perhaps she would have to do some
  3. GM February 20, Saturday, 11.25AM, 2016 The Cresswell Building, corner of Lombard and Madison, Freedom City After making a full physical recovery from the harrowing battle in the Goodman Building, it was necessary for the Claremont students involved to undergo psychiatric evaluation. Riley already had regular sessions with Claremont's experienced counselor, and Naomi was signed up withhim as well, but Robin's trials and the workload on-campus had led the Headmistress to, in a rare moment, contact an outside expert for help. Which was why Robin was stand
  4. Starbase #00026, corner of 40th and Allen, Midtown, Freedom City, 2nd of April, Saturday, 2016, 50 revolutions since last long-range inspection by the Lor Republic Folding down his holocor screen, Dol-Druth glanced around at the world that would be his home for the foreseeable future. It was warmer here than when he'd arrived on the exceptionals' Lighthouse. The northern hemisphere was tilting back towards SL-43, blazing gold in the faintly nauseating blue-hued sky. A slender sliver of silver was visible through the squat canyons of Midtown's buildings, a daily reminder to the
  5. Planet inspector and spokesbeing for the Dotrae, Dol-Druth of the battered Lor Republic, has arrived on Earth. His first duty is to examine the changes of human society since the 1950's, which requires him to interview representative citizens of Earth. To that end he's parked himself at a table outside a Starbase, people-watching and inviting anyne who doesn't look like they're in a hurry to sit with him and answer a few questions over the course of conversation and hot caffeine. Basically one of the more chatty issues of Astro City. Who: Anybody who lives or would have
  6. It was the early evening when Samuel stepped out of his mom's car and walked through the gates of Claremont Academy. He wore a simple printed tee with the school's symbol on it, some jeans, and a black hoodie for protection against the cold; but what was really interesting was that he was carrying a sheathed greatsword that was just about as tall as he was and carrying it in one hand on the middle of it too, a sure sign of his super-strength. He also had a backpack on that was stuffed quite full. it was after school-and cold outside-so the courtyard was mostly empty at the moment.
  7. Naomi stepped out the cab. Spectacle’s contact here at Claremont had paid for the cab from the airport, so she didn’t have to pay the cabbie. It was the middle of Saturday, so she fully expected no one to be around. Maybe the office had someone? She shouldered her backpack and started pulling her wheeled suitcase. She hadn’t brought tons of stuff. As a proper teenager, everything was on her smartphone and laptop. The former was on her hip and the latter was in her backpack. She passed through the front gate and glanced around. Vacant, of course. Wasn’t there a mall nearby, or something? Some o
  8. September 1, 2015 10:00 AM The first day of class was a day or two away, but the faculty always managed to give the students enough time to settle in. In a cruel move of mother nature it was unfairly hot. Humid. It was like nature was taunting the soon to be slaving over a desk students of Claremont. Even with availiable pools and air conditioning, the weather would keep a student in a summer mindset. Sakurako wasn't one to complain. She hovered over the Academy testing out a new bouy system. The bouy itself floated in the larger pool, sending back info on the water, any vibrations, etcetra,
  9. August 15, 2015 Allies of Freedom Memorial and Museum 11:00am EDT It was a mostly cloudy day, nothing of notice on the comfortable but humid day, storms were expected later, but it wasn't raining on anyone's plans for now. But it was a strange day for one of Freedom City's time displaced and newest additions to it's growing collection of Heroes. Mary Masterson, the public heroine starting to be known as the Seaworthy Sentinel Torpedo Lass was dressed in a uniform, but not of modern times. An exhibit opened up commemorating V-J Day, and the sacrifices not only of the brave soldiers, sailors, an
  10. This is a Casey/Miracle Girl and Sakurako/Endeavor thread. I would like people to ask me if they're interested in joining in through forum PM. I just ask to let us do some posting for a while first. This is an informal thread. February 21, 2015. 23:40 Claremont Academy, Simulator room Sakurako was working in the simulator room. It was after hours, and her work was for a advanced programming class set up to teach the more tech savvy students how to deal with virtual simulations. Sakurako had already went through the course work and was now enjoying the fruits of her labors. She had sculpte
  11. Claremont Academy, Front Entrance to the Quad. November 16, 2014, 4pm Sakurako rolled out her orange colored plastic case out on to the sidewalk outside the claremont academy. Adjusting the blazer of her favorite yachting outfit, she looked over the front of the building. "Ah... nice archetecture... looks better in person. Far more... well sophisticated." She nodded to the driver of the minivan she was in, after grabbing a red colored vest from the back seat and what looked like a reddish orange waterproof bag. She sat on her case as the van drove off as she made a quick call on her cel
  12. Mirror ambled his way around Wading Way, it was just after the sun had set, and it was quieter now then it had been all day. Twirling his cane, he hummed quietly to himself as he watched the invisible spirit, Mary, peer down various alleys, and into buildings, when she could, as she tried to get a good look at a part of the city she had been to very rarely. "Oh come on, slow down. I want to get a good look at this stuff, you never bring me down here, and your world has so much new stuff in it." She said as they passed by another Bank where some of the Employees were still cleaning up.
  13. Saturday, 22 November 2014, 1400 It was a cold winter's day in Freedom City. And across the city... two phones were ringing. Catherine sighed as she sat in the hotel room she was using, resting in her wheelchair. Hopefully, she'd be able to get out of the dammed thing soon enough- her recuperation from her injuries was coming along nicely, although she'd likely never be able to walk unaided again. Well... powers aside. And Dad was working on a powered frame, now, which should let her fight for extended periods of time... Now, though, her concerns were different, although rela
  14. Monday, July 15, 8:32am Carrie yawned as she walked into the park clad in track pants, and a light grey t-shirt. She pulled a headband out from her purse and put it in place as she got her headphones out and turned on some music. It was a nice morning, or at the very least, cool. It'd get way hotter in the day, she'd be dodging going back to the Fens which without the rest of the city's much more punctual clean up for the tourist city reeked in the summer heat with the accumulation of trash. She could probably go gathering it, but in what? Her car just wasn't big enough, and she really did
  15. Saturday, March 16, 2013 2:13 AM "... I believe that is all the questions I will answer for now. I thank you for listening, this has been Etain Maher, next session I will get more in deph about the creatures I have mentioned before. Goodbye until then." Curtis leaned back on his seat as the recording finished, looking up at the ceiling murmuring to himself after just having been sidetracked from his research into fellow local magical superheros and whatnot by her blog. "Should I contact her or should I not... oh come on... you're a superhero, and superheros don't not do things. Besides
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