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  1. One of the perks of having a show on the Discovery Channel was a generally cordial working relationship with public broadcasting systems all around the world. It was especially nice in cases like this, where instead of doing interviews on the street or in a rented conference room, they were able to line up a cozy little interview space at the FCTV studios right downtown. The SuperCrime crew had piled all their outdoor gear in an unobtrusive corner and taken an hour's break to thaw out, eat lunch and back up footage of the morning's work. Now Paige was redoing her makeup in front of a mirror in the corner, covering up a slight case of windburn with concealer while the crew did light tests and their waited for their guest to arrive. The studio was not very large, a living-room themed stage area big enough for perhaps four or five people maximum. It was set up with two comfortable chairs cheated towards the camera with a low table between them for coffee cups and looked very much like a thousand different news program sets. The crew already had all the cameras set up and ready to go, and the smell of coffee floated invitingly through the warm air.
  2. GM A warehouse by Kissinger, Southside, Freedom City August 24th, 2020 4:30 PM With the police arriving, Archer and Shooting Star had left the fight at the school behind, heading towards Southside. Before leaving, he had called Facsimile, told him where to meet them. Archer had not been amused being carried, and had insisted on a quick stop at one of his caches around town to stock up on arrows. Just in case. Now, they were ready. Standing by a rooftop on Kissinger, Archer just waited for Facsimile to arrive before they could get started.
  3. GM FCU Campus 3PM, January 6th, 2021 It had been a normal day for Jennifer. Which meant classes. Lots of classes. While leaving the final class of the day, she had been joined by the professor, one Martin Stillwell. He was a relatively new teacher at the campus, having taken over Jennifer's Computer Forensics class just a few months ago. He was somewhere in the early thirties, with short black hair. He was supposed to be something of a genius in his field. He pocketed his small round glasses as they left the building, heading out into the campus proper. The afternoon sky was starting to grow darker, with grey clouds hanging overhead. The forecast had the possibility of snow, but nothing so far. Stillwell was silent for a short while as they headed in the same direction, before finally speaking. "So, what do you want to do after your studies are finished? Any specific field you're hoping to enter?"
  4. @RocketLord@Nerdzul GM Saturday the 20th of February, 2021 Supernatural goings on were not uncommon in Freedom City, and neither were gangs. The combination was a bit more rare though, especially when the supernatural goings were demons fighting alongside gangsters. With their fiendish assistance the Cardinal Rats rapidly pushed the other gangs out, driving them off of their ground by bullet and by claw. It didn't take long to draw attention from outside. As one of the latest in a line of Ravens, Charlie kept his ears to the ground, making it hardly surprising when he heard of the situation in Southside. For Luke Landers the matter was brought to his attention via a more personal avenue as earlier that day one of his old friends had called him about this new gang running them off their turf backed up by shrieking fiends. As these thugs and their demonic posse ran amok in the neighbourhood the question was simple. What were the heroes going to do about it?
  5. GM Night February 25th, 2021 Across the rooftops of the Fens Callie had spent a lot of time patrolling Freedom City since being brought to the this time. She had gotten used to this future Freedom, gotten used to this new world she found herself in, where she existed twice at once: The headmistress of Claremont and the time displaced teenager. Things had changed in the poorer parts of the city lately. The Fens, Southside, Kingston... The shadows seemed darker. Ever since Raven and Nevermore had learned that the House of Usher had returned, the Raven Family had found mounting evidence of the Ushers' increasing presence in the city, especially in these areas. Now, she had been patrolling the Fens. It had been largely uneventful when she caught sight of a mugging in progress on the street below, near a street corner. Three men against one hardly seemed fair.
  6. In some ways, going to Claremont Academy was like going to any high school. There was plenty of academic work, meals in the cafeteria, sports, dances, all the same drudgery and fun that any teenager could expect from their education. In other ways, though, it was very different. Not all students, for instance, got signed up to do after-school study with members of the Freedom League! Patrol with the Freedom League was something of a pilot program this year. The Claremont students got to experience patrolling the city with experienced heroes who could offer tips and answer questions, and the League members got to serve their community and build ties with the school. It seemed destined to be a winning combination. At least, Stesha certainly hoped it was going to be. Fleur de Joie had been a vocal proponent of the program, and she was eager enough to see it succeed that she volunteered to take the first patrol shift. When she'd gotten the profiles of the students she'd be working with, well, it had been easy to decide who she'd ask to work with her. Tiamat seemed a natural fit, and it would probably be very entertaining to watch her interacting with the kids. Claremont patrols started fairly early, around 9pm, so at 8:45 Stesha was waiting outside the school gymnasium, wearing her costume and browsing through the League's text-tip line to see if anything might be brewing tonight. "Well, here we go," she murmured to Tiamat while they waited for the students. "Ready to teach the next generation?"
  7. Riley's Pub Peterborough, England'; UK. Saturday, March 20th, 20212:01 AM In the heart of rural East England and the center of Peterborough lied Riley's pub. Riley's was the very definition of a seedy pub. Though tough to see from the stained glass windows the lively atmosphere could be heard before one even entered. There were various billiards tables and tvs throughout the property. Though the noise itself made attempting to actually listen to a tv set a failed experiment. The clientele consisted of various roughnecks and known criminals. With hardly a full set a teeth among the lot. To say nothing of the smell. In the center of Riley's was a boxing ring. As Foreshadow explained, before the trio arrived, housed various underground bare knuckle boxing tournaments. The most well known of which was something called the Blood Brawl. Suffice to say, it wasn't exactly Cape territory. Various eyes following the members of the Vanguard as they made their way to the bar in the back. There sat an elderly yet muscular black man. He was missing an eye, half his arm, and an entire leg replaced with a prosthetic. Before Foreshadow invited them to come with him, he had explained they would be meeting this man as a favor. He was Gilles Gordeau the man who trained Foreshadow in Savate. And former kneebreaker for various organized crime families. And all around dangerous thug. Who spent his days now coaching underground bare knuckle boxers for still legally questionable pay. "Bonjour, Gilles. You know pubs should have shut down hours ago right?" Gilles didn't turn to look at the three members of Vanguard and instead dismissively waved his remaining hand. "Eh, I say to come alone. You bring children on to my establishment. Soft. Too soft. This is no babysitting service"
  8. Freedom City Medical CenterFreedom City, New Jersey.Wednesday, April, 10th, 20217:22 PM Eight thousand employees. Fifteen hundreds of which are physicians. Eight hundred beds. Ten doctors at the top of their fields with a superhuman specialization. And absolutely not one person with an answer to the question permeating throughout the sprawling Freedom Medical Center. Just where was baby Koa? It had been a good hour since everyone in the Labor and Delivery floor had fallen asleep. Including a woman who ended up sleeping through her own delivery. It had only been five minutes. But for Ata Kahale it was the longest five minutes of her life. When she awoke her baby was nowhere to be found. Hospital security was quick to pull the camera footage. Footage that has now dominated the the Freedom City news cycle for the past hour. Six robed figures exited the supply closet on the floor after everyone had fallen asleep. They entered Ata Kahale's room and left with her child back towards the supply closet. Disappearing without a trace.
  9. Monday, January 11, 2021 3:26 PM "C'mon, this'll be great!" An offhand comment about being a bit underwhelmed by the variety of vegetarian options in the Claremont Academy cafeteria on Utsuwa's part had been all the excuse his roommate needed to drag them into the downtown of the Freedom City. Ryder promised he knew a little place in Riverside that did every imaginable variation on a lentil bowl under the sun and was evidently worthy of quite a bit more effusive praise even after Utsuwa has assured him he was convinced. The street they were walking down had done its best to fit as many businesses as possible into its limited space, street-front real estate divided and subdivided, skinny little stairways leading up to second floors and hand lettered chalkboard signs competing for space with pedestrians and bicycles. The soundscape was no less overbearing, from the halves of cellphone conversations to the wailing toddler in the stroller across the street, from the young woman busking with an electric guitar on the corner to the mishmash of chimes, bells and electric chirps that sounded as every door opened. From the way he was grinning Ryder might as well have been strolling through a meditation garden. "Look at that blue sky! Hope you're hungry bud, I know how you feel about American portion sizes. Here we go!" He stopped in front of a vertical sign with red block letters on a black background reading 'LentALL'.
  10. cw: difficult stuff January 2021 Angelic sat in the conference room in a student intern's chair and watched as the super-geniuses talked. With a clear disciplinary record at Claremont going back past the Thanksgiving holiday, she had finally won a full-on evening internship for her senior year at Claremont that she had long coveted. That she was in a conference room shadowing Miss Americana rather than her laboratory working on her internal upgrades had not produced any complaints - "I understand," she had told Miss Americana before everyone had arrived, "that human interaction is as important for the scientist as is research." So she sat, dressed in a pencil skirt and bulky sweater that were a far cry from her lab gear, gleaming silver earrings and green-black hair the only concessions to her usual fashion sense, looking as human as anyone else in the room as some of the greatest minds in the world talked business. She was currently engaged in recording the conversation, constructing a three-dimensional model of an internal framework that would sustain internally concealed titanium networking, and in tasting the coffee she had poured for herself to blend in.
  11. April 2021 Lantern Hill Cemetery Late evening Raina had saved Comrade Frost's number on her phone at Talya's suggestion but that didn't mean she got a lot of calls from him. "Hello!" came the cheerful, oddly-accented voice when she picked up. "Is this fire witch? This is Dimitri Peshkov! Tell me are you free this evening?" Dimitri peered around the side of the crypt as he looked around for the groundskeeper, nodding in satisfaction when he saw the man had gotten off-shift. Things were so much easier now that the graveyard had decided to hire a company rather than actually pay a man to live on-site.
  12. The Undercity, Emerald City, Washington Sunday, May 17, 2020 07:38:21PM @Kaede Kimura The Red Summer's resident magic specialist smokes a cigarette as he watches Mixnus and Nixnus lug the bars of gold from the deck of the PT boat down to its cabin. Blonde, sporting an obnoxious Hawaiian shirt, and eyes half-hidden by the rim of his glasses and the darkness there is no mistaking the naked greed and slightly slack-jawed awe as he intently follows the gargoyle twins carry their newly gained wealth. It had been nearly half an hour of continuous back and forth trips from the gargoyles, and only a small pile of gold bars lies in neat stacks on the sewer floor, when Alaynah goes up to you. She smacks her pack of cigarettes and offers one up to you. "Gotta tell you, should have asked for more." She chuckles slightly then shakes her head, obviously in a good mood. "Tell me, you can create all this wealth so why're you here chasing after a murderer knee-high in sewer water?" *** A few more minutes pass before Zach, holding a hand-held radio, waves at Alaynah. "Boss, the package's coming." Alaynah nods at the comment and turns to you, her one good eye hard, all business now. "We'll keep this simple. We all get on my ship and when we're in the middle of the river, nowhere for him to run to, and then you take him and leave. Then me and my crew gets out of dodge, never to show our faces in this city again." She motions for the gargoyles to finish their work with a "Hurry up." "Oh, and I almost forgot," she turns back to you. She raises two fingers. "There's another one coming with Advay, some P.I. in-the-know and packing magic. Goes by the name of Christopher Daye of Blackstaff Investigations. He's yours to handle and, uh, your pet if it comes to that." *** @Spacefurry At long last your trip is nearing an end. You can see the metaphorical and literal light at the end of the tunnel as you guide Advay down the sewers, the professor's boxes of personal belongings and research bobbing up and down as they trail the both of you in the air. "I-is that it?" Advay asks as your flashlight gleams against a PT boat's hull. "I must say, I can't wait to finally sleep somewhere that isn't a cramped, dusty cave always with one eye open. It takes a lot out of a person, you know." Your flashlight quickly beams over the whole of the PT boat and its light is joined by several other flashlights from the crew of the boat. A dark-haired woman with an eyepatch, who looks to be the leader, walks forward to meet you. A bespectacled man in an obnoxious Hawaiian shirt watches from the deck, smoking a cigarette. Then two gargoyles emerge from the boat's cabin, matching and glowing runes on their foreheads. They move to a a couple of gold bricks lying on the sewer floor and haul it back into the PT cabin. Lastly, a woman in armor atop a clockwork pony made of bronze and brass. "Cristopher Dayes?" The woman with the eyepatch greets you with a smile and an offered cigarette. "Advay Upal? Welcome to The Red Summer . We're your ticket out of here." She gestures at her PT Boat. "None of us want to be inside a sewer for longer than we have to. So get on board."
  13. GM Claremont Academy February 5th, 2021 Afternoon Coach Armstrong was pacing around in front of a tree at Claremont, looking at his watch. Elena was already there. She had been at Claremont for a few days now, getting papers and everything in order for staying ever since her rather explosive arrival. "Damn kid was supposed to be here by now..." Elena could stay at Claremont for now. If they hadn't been able to figure out a way to get her home by the next semester, she could join the school by then. Even if she was certainly experienced, she didn't know much about this world. She was hardly the first interdimensionally or chronologically challenged student at Claremont, and she would probably not be the last. So the school had chosen a student to show her around Claremont, give her the big tour of everything. And he was late. "Listen, I need to go, got an appointment I can't miss, just... wait right here, and he'll show up. Or go find some other teacher if he's not here in 15 minutes, alright?" Shaking his head and muttering something about a dumb kid, Armstrong marched off, leaving Elena alone by the tree.
  14. It was another morning in Freedom City, and the SuperCrime! crew were back at the TV studio. Yesterday's cold, clear weather had turned into miserable, sleety drizzle today, enough that Paige had needed to change her clothes and redo her hair and makeup as soon as she arrived. Since the studio space they'd borrowed didn't include a dressing room, she wound up hiding behind the blue scrim pretending to be the set's side wall while wriggling into a dry SuperCrime jumpsuit. "Okay, I know we've got a bunch of these to run through, remind me who's up first today," she called. "First up this morning is Jill o' Cure," Fred reminded her from the other side of the curtain. "Healer type, local to Freedom City, was on the Interceptors during the infiltration." "Ah, right." Paige paused in her dressing a moment. This interview would be a little bit tricky, just by the nature of secret identities and the super community. Paige Cline knew Ellie Espadas through a score of Nicholson family nights and Saturday field trips over the years, but that was an entirely different thing from Paige Cline the television personality or Hologram knowing Jill o' Cure. That family guarded their identities well enough that Paige only knew because Richard and Will had gone to a party at Fleur de Joie's place once and met Ellie's brother Erik, who was Jack of all Blades. Secret identities could get very confusing but Paige did her best to respect them absolutely, even to the point of concealing them from her crew. Paige stepped out from behind the scrim and finished toweling her hair before going for a quick makeup retouch. "I'm going to keep this interview loose and see what she wants to say, then maybe prompt her a little," she explained to Fred. "Be ready if I call for a break, I don't know if we'll need one, but this stuff can be difficult. We all ready to go?" "Sure, just don't make us go outside again," Dave called from his camera. "We're ready to go whenever."
  15. Late December 2020 A beach south of Freedom City It was a time, Sea Devil had assured everyone, of great importance. Hydra in her wisdom had provided a great blessing here in the coldest, darkest time of the year, a gift of food, and light, and shelter. Aquaria had guided her people to the site and with a little help from the Freedom League, the nearest tribe of Deep Ones had eaten well - and without conflict with surface-dwellers or Atlanteans. But most of that tribe was gone now, migrating out to the deep waters off the coast that stayed the same temperature in any season. So it was just Aquaria, her friends, and a few straggling Deep Ones to commemorate this rare blessing for her people. She had begged, pleaded with those she loved to help make this occasion a truly special one, and with a few promises of cleaning here and quiet there, she had won the help of important allies for a rare, glorious holiday amid a site made holy by the occasion. The best part was - it counted as community service hours, just the thing after the last time she'd gotten in a little trouble with the law of the Surfacers earlier in the year. Come to think of it, Indira had been there for that one too - maybe why she'd come along this time? It was hard to say. And so it was in late December that Sea Devil and Singularity crouched inside the almost completely skeletonized remains of a beached whale that Aquaria had assured all her Surfacer friends had been dead before her arrival there a couple of weeks before, Sea Devil wearing a crown of teeth and other bones and not much else to mark the role she played in the ceremony as Dagon, Jessie wearing - well, Jessie had preferred her own garb for the celebration and Aquaria could hardly blame her, the traditional Hydra garb not really being suitable for a great many reasons. Still she was here, making a sacrifice out of love, and as usual Aquaria was touched by emotions too profound for words. Crouched inside the skeleton, Aquaria laid a wet hand on Jessie's and hissed "You are the best friend anyone could want." Then she began to sing; a short, ponderous song about the blessing of the cold dark sea, and how in certain very special times of the year, Dagon and Hydra awarded their children special tokens of their esteem before she popped her head out of the rib cage and bellowed at the top of her lungs before adding a translation for the benefit of the humans in the audience - mostly a few volunteers from local communities and a couple of students from Claremont: AUSPICIOUS SEASON! Back inside, she turned a joyful smile on Jessie, an impressive sight indeed, and raised her two thumbs high to encourage Jessie to take her part. - Outside, Nightscale's extra credit project was certainly giving him something interesting to talk about. He was the oldest student there for once, a few first-years there in the company of Mr. Sadler, a parent volunteer who'd been a hero back in the far-off days of the early 1990s, being his Claremont escorts. There'd been music, and food already - hot apple cider brought over from the nearby small town, all of it locally caught fish fried over hot coals, though the 'locals' on the scene here were scaly fish-frogs that looked like they could bite his head off. The Deep Ones he'd seen in Claremont lectures had been fearsome beasts laying waste to Freedom City and fighting superheroes; the half-dozen here (besides Aquaria, the Deep One hero) didn't seem interested in much other than eating fish and watching the ceremony - though he was conscious occasionally of big black-and-gold eyes cast his way.
  16. Saturday, February 27, 2021 10:21 AM "Well, the schedule says it was supposed to be here at quarter after," Ryder confirmed, scrolling down the page on his phone and confirming he was looking at the right day. He and Danica had left the Claremont Academy dorms with plenty of extra time to get to efficiently titled Lab for their 10:30 rendezvous with Eira and whomever was working that morning but after disembarking to switch crosstown buses they'd been waiting a good ten minutes. "Maybe it was a little early and we missed that one?" It seemed unlikely since the other commuters standing at the bus stop had already been there when they had arrived. A stout man with a bald head turning pinkish in the cold winter air was tapping his foot impatiently while a young mother with a stroller covered by a weather shield did her best not to make eye contact with the leather jacket and studded choker-wearing teenager sitting beside her on the only bench, idly tuning a black cherry electric guitar. Even with his bright red scarf sticking out of layers of canary yellow hoodie and jewel tone windbreaker Ryder could feel the cold seeping in and he got the impression Danica was feeling it more acutely. He tossed his phone back into his satchel, catching muted annoyed clicking from within. Craning his neck to look for signs of the bus coming down the street he did some quick math in his head. They weren't far from the Lab now but even hurrying he wouldn't make it there on foot for 10:30 and it would be a pretty miserable walk for his classmate. "Well, guess we get there when we get there, huh?"
  17. Salsa! Debarge Bath, Somerset, England Friday, March 27, 2020 21:15 PM local time Bath is the largest city in the county of Somerset, England, known for and named after its Roman-built baths. The steam rising in the air paired well with the steamy entanglements of many a couple seeking a romantic destination. Erick Sloane and Dawn Farrington had in fact sought such a weekend getaway. The expectant parents, and currently longest serving active members of the current iteration UK's national superhero team the Vanguard, had left their English estate for a weekend in Bath. Salsa! Debarge was a lively bar and dance club. The posters plastered along the inside of the walls advertised daily dance classes. But, the nights were dedicated to live music, drinks, and Latin food. The second floor balcony overlooked the dance floor, with patrons of the restaurant treated to the show of the customers dancing below. The dance floor itself was circular and spacious enough for a crowd to engage in. With a stage set where a colorfully dressed band was currently playing their music loud enough for all to hear. Erick was drinking a glass of water, his plate of food half eaten. He was wearing a long sleeve button down cotton shirt with an alternating brown and orange stitch pattern. Tight jeans covered his black Savate shoes that looked similar enough to loafers to pass as such. "So, you call the dance Salsa still. But, you guys call the sauce red sauce. Were people worried that the public would think Salsa clubs would be places people bring chips and compare dips?"
  18. Danica Holmes loved Valentine's Day. It was one of her favorite holidays, behind Christmas, Easter, Arbor Day, and Labor Day, so when it came up, she got very excited. A holiday all about love and friends and candy and giving gifts, what could be better? And with several decades worth of saved up extra cartoon Valentines cards, she had lots to give away! When she found out that the school was sponsoring a party this year after several years without one, well, that was just the icing on the cake. A week before the big day, she could be found riding up and down the halls of the dormitories on her Segway, red and pink paper hearts dotting her black and gold shell. On every single doorway, she hung a bright pink flyer and two mini-bags of Skittles. Valentines Party! Saturday Night, Feb 13, 7pm, Gym Food, Games, Music, Prizes! And a big (good!) surprise! School Rules are in effect The night of the party, the gym was festively decorated with pink and white helium balloons, streamers, even an ice sculpture of a heart thanks to a particularly industrious ice-controlling student. A DJ setup was currently unoccupied but playing peppy music, and three whole tables of snacks and punch had been set up along the wall. Danica arrived early, along with several other students who had helped set things up, and was busy assembling a little plate of snacks. Her shell had even more hearts plastered on it now, and was edged with a fanciful lace ruffle, making her look rather like a Valentine herself.
  19. Fall 2020 Lucy the Elephant Margate City, NJ In retrospect, Ashley's mistake was in letting herself think that today was going to be a good day. The trip out to Margate City was the sort of thing that many Claremont students might have balked at as being just kids stuff, but it had been just the right thing for her charge and the teens she worked with. Lucy the Elephant had stood proud and tall in Margate City since 1882, at least until a recent act of super-vandalism had left it tagged with various sorts of obscene graffiti, the Tag Gang having made their escape before the local police could arrive. The chance to send out some super-teens in costume to show the nice people of Margate City that teenagers weren't so bad, and could actually help clean up what their peers had wrought, was just about perfect - especially once a little check from the Secret Service revealed that the Tag Gang really had moved on to much more interesting pictures than a seaside New Jersey town. Blue Squad had spent the day doing various things; cleaning the inside and outside of the elephant, cleaning up the broken glass from the tavern window nearby, straightening up the museum inside the elephant that told the long and rich story of a 138 year old wood and tin elephant. Watchdog and Daystar had spent the day mostly working inside the elephant, letting the more photogenic members of the team talk to the local press that had stopped by to take advantage of the rarity of super-teens stopping by. You could see the skyscrapers of Freedom City if you looked out Lucy's eye across the water; but this place still seemed miles away. The local Jaycees had brought snacks and somebody had put on some music that had been old when Ashley was younger - and honestly - things had been pretty good. "I've been washed," sang Judy softly, almost under her breath, as she helped Ashley mount the new bulletproof windows in Lucy's butt, "I've been washed in the blood of the Lamb..." Daystar had been powered up most of the day, a pleasant rainbow glow, and Watchdog's armor was actually just about right for the Jersey Shore in September.
  20. A few weeks after the events of Everything They're Asking For And More It had been an eventful few weeks of show prep, interrupted by chaperoning Holly's very first trip to Sanctuary with the rest of her Claremont class and Bryant waking up with one of those high fevers that goes and comes quickly in small children. But Richard and Paige had gotten a lot done despite all of that. They'd talked a little bit about their respective interviews, but they had been too busy to do their usual repeated comparing of notes. Some of what Richard had heard and seen had stuck with him, hanging like a dark cloud around his head as he sat at the dining room table, coffee in one hand and yellow legal pad with giveaway ballpoint pens in the other, writing names and question marks, a frown on his face.
  21. The Boardwalk Freedom City, New Jersey.Thursday, April, 2nd 202010:00 PM "I'm telling you. Frank has the best hot dog cart on the Boardwalk. Back when I had a penthouse here, It was my stakeout food of choice" Foreshadow told Raven before taking a bite. The prescient acrobat's cape fluttered in the wind as he stood on the sign of a run down hotel. The sign flickering in the night. The heirs to two heroic legacies in Freedom City had met up to discuss an auction that supposedly included powered individuals as items of sale going on in the Atlantis casino. "Oh! The kid's good. Solid nine out of ten for style." Down below the latest hero to don the mantle of Archer had been following an armored car that was transporting bags of cash from a casino. It had been stolen in the morning by a group of five ex special forces soldiers. The driver employed by the armored car company. They had almost gotten away with it until Archer tracked them down leading to a pursuit through the streets of the Boardwalk. Just now two thermite arrows that had been placed before the chase had started were set off from tire welds. Sending the vehicle careening in such a way so that the armored car was actually stuck in the one way entrance of an alleyway the opposite end blocked off by the back entrance to a meat market. The crash location gave both heroes perched above a clear view of the processions below. Two of the thieves came out into the alleyway with riot shields. Which provided them a degree of protection, but not to the degree that staying inside the armored car.
  22. GM A Friday evening in late February, 2021 The Boardwalk, outside the Diamond Clover Casino It had not been a evening for Raina so far. Eddie had seemed like a nice enough guy at first. He had taken her to a magic show at the Boardwalk. The magician wasn't exactly good, but he was trying at least, not helped at all by Eddie's heckling and talking over each and every thing that he did, loudly explaining to Raina how he would have done the trick so much better. No, Eddie had turned out to be quite insufferable, and Raina had left, leaving the Diamond Clover Casino soon after. It had been a good day for Casper. No trouble at all so far, he had been hangng out with Carrie and had taken her to a kids' show at the Boardwalk, and she had absolutely loved it. He could have sworn that Jessie had looked a bit differently at him when she picked up Carrie, too. All in all, a good day, and he had spent the rest of the afternoon and evening hanging out at the Boardwalk, just feeling good about himself for once. Of course, either of those feelings wouldn't last. In the cold clear night, the roar of bikes echoed through the Boardwalk. A biker gang tore through the Boardwalk, all wearing jackets with an a horned skull with burning eyes and a pentragram on the forehead that identified them as "THE DEVIL's ADVOCATES FREEDOM CITY". Few wore helmets or any kind of protection, laughing and shouting as they drove amongst the people that had to leap for their lives to get out of the way. Of the two riders in the lead, one looked almost unnaturally pale, a red bandana tied around his forehead, his rapidly thinning black hair pulled back by it, and the other, with a full light brown beard and long hair, wore a helmet in the style of an Imperial German Pickelhaube officer's helmet.
  23. Even though she knew full well what time it was, the dark and the cold were still a bit of a shock to Stesha as she stepped out of the largest knot in an ancient oak tree. She'd spent the past fifteen hours of a very long day much closer to the equator, helping out with a World Food Program/UNISON/Freedom League joint humanitarian project in Haiti. Evacuations ahead of the unseasonable tropical storm had kept casualties low, but the damage had still been extensive and a huge amount of arable land wiped out. She'd done good work helping put things back together, but it had been exhausting, miserable work in soupy humidity broken only by periods of pouring rain. By the time she'd finished doing what she could, her uniform was so soaked she could barely pull it off so she could change into somebody's spare UNISON jumpsuit. Even with as long as the day had been, even as tired as she was, Stesha wasn't quite ready to go home just yet. Ammy was out with her class on an overnight camping trip, and the house was so big and echoey with nobody else in it. She thought often about removing the extra bedrooms and going back to a cottage, but every time she considered it, some disaster or other filled all the rooms again. Tonight, though, it was empty rooms and tomorrow another tremendously long day of trying to organize the tax information for the 501(c)(3) that funded Sanctuary's needs from Earth Prime. Unless of course some disaster came up, she thought wryly, and wasn't it terrible and wrong to wish for a disaster just to avoid paperwork? Liberty Park, like most of downtown Freedom City, was never truly dark. Here on the footpath near the Children's Zoo, blue twinkle lights were strung along the path and through the trees, making soft shadows over the bench she sat down on. Just a few minutes to unwind, she figured, and she'd be ready to go home. Or at least cold enough to want coffee. With a rueful grin, she pulled a handful of seeds from her pocket and began flicking them across the path one at a time, letting them take root and grow into flowers as they fell.
  24. Port of San Juan San Juan, Puerto Rico, US Wednesday, April 1st, 2020 3PM local time "He has not called me once." Princess Thaelia of Atlantis explained to her former roommate Giang Trang. The conversation had gone as such for the former roommates. Catching up on their lives, the latest subject was her awkward not quite courtship of Elias Silvestri. "I own a cellular device, and yet no distance calling." Thaelia was dressed in ceremonial Atlantean armor, an object wrapped in a large cloth the size of her body tucked underneath her arm. Thaelia, Giang, and Heroditus were in the port of San Juan. One of the busiest ports in the Caribbean. Which on this day had an entire passenger ship dedicated to them. But, the trio would not be actually utilizing the ship. Though the pier was crowded with many dockworkers and potential passengers traversing, no one paid mind to the otherwise empty dock as they approached. Unlike when General Dalekos had dragged Heroditus out of Claremont some months ago, Thaelia didn't set up a meeting with Headmaster Summers. Simply arriving at Claremont and essentially kidnapping the Atlantean scholar. Leaving Giang with the job of apologizing to the Headmaster, who was both already aware of the kidnapping, and subsequently tracking them down. Where Thaelia explained that she needed inquisitive eyes for a task. The Atlantean Senate had unilaterally requested that three abandoned Atlantean outposts be investigated. After reports of salvagers in the area they dare not have Atlantean technology taken by those who may wish to do Atlantis harm. Though at least that was the public stance, never one to mince words Thaelia openly theorized to the others that certain members of the military may also be looking to reoccupy some of those outposts. Their first stop was to be her grandfather's base of operations during surfacers' second World War.
  25. GM The Fens, Freedom City August 24th, 2020 9:30 AM The day had started normal enough for Alice. Go to school, don't quite save the world just yet, but maybe learn a bit about how to do it eventually. Like much of the Fens, Alice's school was not a particularly nice place to spend your time. Apathetic teachers that had given up on trying to make a difference, students fighting. It was not the safe place that most of Freedom City had become. Few seemed to care about the Fens, after all. So few heroes stuck around. Alice was not one of those heroes. Since returning to the school after the summer, she had noticed something new. Drugs had always been a problem at the school, but these new drugs were different, and since those new dealers had appeared at the school, rumors of students getting into trouble had only grown, and they were suddenly showing signs of different super powers. Someone had to find out what was going on. By this point, Alice had found two dealers: Teddy Kaplan, a normally quiet and slightly twitchy type that tended to stay in the school yard, and Billy Altman, a nerd that was usually hanging out near what passed for a computer lab. She honestly didn't know either of them well, but she would have to make a choice on who to pursue.
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