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Found 10 results

  1. Dutemps Building, Château de Martel Early Afternoon, Around Lunchtime Eve leaned back in her office chair and sighed, rubbing her eyes and fighting off an encroaching headache. She needed something to eat, and to see the other ladies of the Castle. She gave herself a gentle mental chiding, reflecting that it was so typical of her to jump straight into to tackling the pile of paperwork tied to the company, the tower and the city projects she had instead of taking some time to reconnect with her friends. "Yeah," she said out loud, padding off toward the kitchen, "Food."
  2. CN: Date: Late July, 2016 Location: The Beach, Port Regal The Atlantic might be colder than the sea that Leilani had grown up loving, but the waves held a familiar rhythm and even if the sand was darker, the beach more rocky, working it with Kimo held a certain strange familiarity. It wasn't home - not quite - but it wasn't utterly foreign either. Which, perhaps, made it an appropriate place for a not-quite impromptu celebration of sorts. At least, with having begun to shift her things out of the League headquarters and into the Dutemps building, Leilani had accepted and acknowledged that while her powers remained concerning, they weren't actually out of her control. Her good-natured nephew (Leilani couldn't call him her great-nephew still with a straight face) had been all for an evening of surfing and beach barbecue, not to mention meeting more of the super-hero community and the off-hand invitation had been extended towards the rest of those calling the castle home. Leilani had traded her life-guard swimsuit for an off duty alternate. With a sarong knotted around her waist, she set about setting up the wood with the intent of setting up a proper bon-fire, pausing to wave over the guests she recognized when they arrived. "Kimo, watch yourself, yeah? Gonna put up some bumpers," she paused in her building of the small wood tower to gesture, mounding up the sand and rock to form larger banks to provide at least a little bit of visual privacy from the rest of the stretch of the beach. "Remind me to put that back afterwards." Leilani added in a mutter as she returned her attention to stacking wood.
  3. April 20, 2015 It wasn't that Kimber didn't think Eve would have agreed to fly them all out to Thunder Bay if the poltergeist's hometown hadn't also been where their fearless leader had met her girlfriend but it had certainly made pitching the trip easier. She had an errand to run in the woods outside of the city and while she could have probably performed it alone she had little desire to do so. Accepting that she had died and everything that came with it was one thing, actually visiting the resting place of her corporeal remains was something else entirely. The harder sell had been getting Tarva included in the outing. The trick wasn't so much convincing Eve - the Martel heiress wouldn't have let the sorceress work for her in the first place if she hadn't believed Tarva was worth taking a chance upon - as it was negotiating the paperwork involved in transporting an Annihilist defector across national borders. Ultimately while the Freedom League may have had their politely unspoken doubts about just what Eve and her Claremont classmates had done to earn the Furion's regard they couldn't argue that that regard existed and that made her more or less the de facto authority. If she said they'd keep an eye on Tarva in Canada, then an eye would be kept. The flight, meanwhile, gave Kimber an opportunity for a conversation she'd admittedly put off for too long. Floating over to Indira in the spacious cabin, she folded her translucent legs beneath her and cupped her chin in her hands. "Hey, so, I know I've been kinda acting weird since we got back in space. S'okay if we talk?"
  4. Friday, January 24th, 2014 6:22 AM The sun had yet to rise, but Eliza Oxum was already in the shower, preparing for the school day. She knew she was supposed to get out quickly - the hot water had been on the fritz lately, so much that she'd taken to a cold shower or two (then again, unlike her mom, she didn't really feel the cold). But on a day like this, with the weekend just around the corner, she felt like indulging a little. "...let it goooo, I am one with the wind and sky, let it goooo, let it goooo..." A knock at the door cut her off. "Eliza," came her mother's voice, "are you ever gonna get sick of that song?" "Sorry, Mom! Kinda speaks to me!" "That makes one of us. Dear, I wouldn't rush you, but I gotta get to work soon, and --" "Two minutes! Just let me do my hair!" Eliza's mom worked down by the Boardwalk in a rented store front as a palmister. It was a "breakout" space that allowed her to service clients when the winter weather meant a general downturn in Boardwalk audiences. But in the past few days, Freedom had been unseasonably warm, and the forecast promised clear skies today, so there was talk of going back to the Boardwalk. After putting her ablutions to rest, Eliza turned off the water and got ready to finish things up. She walked to the mirror when she saw the ghost of movement through the fogged-up window. She brushed aside the fog -- only to see curtains of snow falling from darkened skies. It was already piled up an inch, and didn't seem to be quitting. "Mom? Think you might be working from the office today..."
  5. GM Claremont Academy, Freedom City April 14th, Sunday, 11.59AM Another crisp, breezy spring day in Freedom City was at its height. The sun shone weakly down through a thick bank of clouds that hadn't shown any sign of leaving since morning, a gentle sea breeze was rushing across the Bayview Hill, and Claremont Academy was its usual quiet self. The grounds were well-populated, dotted with the school's outlandish students taking a breather from learning how to be the heroes the world would need. Most students were either off-campus or enjoying the outdoors before the week started the next morning and they would be stuck inside once more. Koshiro McMillan and Kimber Storm were among them, the paper-manipulator and poltergeist sharing a rare stroll together on the path threading around Claremont's lawn. Everything was going very well, until the golden eagle landed with a thud on the path a few feet in front of them. Looking up at the pair, it got unsteadily to its feet, croaked and offered them a talon ringed by a thin band of silver holding a small scroll.
  6. When the battle was done and the commandos defeated, Citizen floated out of the warehouse with his precious cargo tucked beneath one arm. "I've got it, guys!" He had both the truncated Erde-Tronik drive and the gold boxy storage medium from Earth-Prime in the same big black case. It would be up to he and Gina over the next few months, (probably as what would incidentally count as his graduation project) to integrate the Troniks together successfully but for now the backup was complete and the City of the Future (as he still sometimes thought of it, the very old motto that Tronik had kept even after the Exodus) was safe from the National Socialists. Assuming they got out there in time! "Wow!" He wasn't so focused as to not be impressed when he saw the battle with his own eyes; the smoking helicopters, the fleeing commando, the crack Nazi strike team that Young Freedom had taken apart with all of the skill and power of a master artist painting a portrait. "Nice, you guys," he said with a grin before disappearing into the Wonder Bus. "Now let me get the systems in here rebooted..." As the lights inside the Bus came back on, the other machines came out, Rogue in the lead in a humanoid body that looked like a human woman cast in the featureless nude, like something from a German Expressionist movie. With no explanation for the new shape, she cast her gaze from the scene of the battle to the heroes, back and forth, and for the first time seemed almost uncertain. "You did this. All of this, when you could have taken your Sharl and that city and..." She opened and closed mechanical hands before saying, decisively, "All right. All right, maybe you're right. Maybe there is another way to prosecute our war against the National Socialists." The group of robots behind her, which did not include her Sharl (who was in that system his counterpart was carrying) startled at that, but Rogue pressed on. "If you can fight the Nazis like this, teach them _fear_ without destroying them all, maybe we can try it ourselves. At least once, anyway. But you'd better take the Ragnorak with you. If we're not going to prune the humans back, it'll just look bad if we have it in our possession."
  7. Monday, June 4th 6:16 PM Eric LaCroix had just gotten off his shift at the Black Petal, and was enjoying the time before his night job began. Usually he'd go right back to his apartment, bolt down a sandwich or something pre-made from Trader Joe's, then get on the makeup as soon as twilight hit and head out to Lantern Hill. But one of the things about getting closer to the Summer Solstice was that twilight got later and later, which gave him a bit more downtime. So, with some cash from tips in his pocket and not much else to do, he decided to head over to Pyramid Plaza. For a resident of Freedom, Eric never really got much chance to check out the landmark plaza. Sure, there had been the luncheon for various practitioners that had been thrown soon after he'd settled down in the city, but his day job usually kept him around Riverside and his night work didn't often take him to places so peaceful and well-maintained. As he walked away from the food court, a pulled pork sandwich in his hand, he took the time to take advantage of the rare peaceful hubbub. It said a lot that the chorus of screams sounded more familiar. Setting the pulled pork sandwich aside, he found a place in the shadows to duck away to the back corner of Hades' demesne where he kept his work gear. Within a few seconds, Nick Cimitiere was back out in the world of the living, scanning the street for the source of panic. He found it across the street, as dozens of people were running out of an apartment building that looked like a fortress carved from marble. He thought about stopping to ask someone about what was going on, but figured a skull-faced man stopping them in a time of crisis would not help anyone. So he danced around the crowd, pushing his way into the building and towards the horror within.
  8. July 2012 Freedom City was an especially alien place in the summertime, given that Citizen had come here from one of his too-few visits back home. The heat poured off the naked alien sky overhead in a hot, moist blanket of humidity, the bizarre scents of humanity en masse rising from above the streets as he wafted his way through the sky towards Claremont Academy. Citizen had been in contact with Miss Americana since his departure, of course, as well as sending emails to his friends, but this was the first time he'd been back on Claremont's campus since his departure at the end of the formal school year. It was also the first time he'd brought his friend. "Hey, come here, Lora!" called Sharl, snapping his fingers towards the sky and bringing forth his dog! Lora was a black and brown canine from the German Shepard breed, an alien creature who'd had to board with a programmed sitter at Miss A's placewhile he visited a city where such creatures would have been an alien menace. But here on the streets of Freedom City, Lora was just another dog. It had taken some work to bond with the creature, but she was a nice doggie. Gina had made her well. Lora jumped up and licked her young master's face for a moment, making him sputter and reset his glasses, before he affectionately scratched behind her ears and went to look for his friends, cyber-dog in tow. Lora's holographic paws skittered lightly as he headed up the steps into the dorm building that he and Koshiro had shared.
  9. GM Saturday 4th August, after sundown... Mrs. Fairfield was an old woman, nearly eighty and looking every inch of it. She was still of reasonable height, and weight, but was stooped over and walked with a stick. Her hair was completely white, tied back, and reading glasses tumbled from a chain around her neck. There was something sprightly in her eyes, despite her venerable body. Something that spoke of a sparkling youth. The speculative soul, on examining her would wonder about just how handsome and attractive she would have been decades ago, for there was the remnant of youthful beauty still. She stuck to the main streets, gripping her stick, and scowling at anyone she thought might mug her. She wouldn't normally roam the streets. But the dreams.... Something was up, of that we was sure. Ever since that Russian Priest had come in, all polite. Knew a lot. Asking about all sorts of stuff from her shop, and religion, and magic. She prided herself on having a firm academic base, but that man knew more than she ever would... And then, he was asking about Ghosts. Said he wanted one. No...he needed one. Yes, that was his words. He needed a Ghost... And then came the dreams. Vivid, magical dreams, exciting and terrifying at the same time. A dream of a girl... There! She stopped and stared at the youngster on the street. Peering at her with an open jaw. Just like the dreams!!! She approached the young girl. "Excuse me, dear..." she said, politely, her fingers tapping on her stick. "I know this sounds, well...senior..." she laughed. "But I have the sensation I know you. I have...dreamed of you..." she explained, rather awkwardly.
  10. Ghost Girl Power Level: 15 (250/250 PP) [285] Trade-Offs: Ghost Array: None; Soul Scythe: -2 Attack, +2 Damage Unspent PP: 0 Theme: Dance Apocalyptic by Janelle Monáe In Brief: Teenage poltergeist with an upbeat personality and chilling powers. Alternate Identities: Kimber Storm Identity: Public Birthplace: Thunder Bay Occupation: Student Affiliations: Claremont Academy, DuTemps Building, Midnighters, Young Freedom Family: None Description: Apparent Age: Early Twenties (DoB: August, 1979; DoD: January, 1996) Gender: Female Ethnicity: Deceased-Canadian (Caucasian) Height: 5'7" Weight: None Eyes: Ice-Blue (Sea Green) Hair: Ice-Blue (Chestnut Brown) In her natural state, Kimber appears as the image of a young woman rendered in frosty, luminous blues, slightly translucent and floating a few feet off of the ground as though she were swimming through the air. Hair trimmed short on the sides and long on top is ruffled by an absent wind, while the faint chill of fresh snow surrounds her. The disturbing sight is considerably softened by her perpetually chipper expression and broad, friendly smile - even if she still had bones, none of them would be mean. Expressive and given to animated gestures, she tends to flit about a room, chattering excitedly. Her phantasmal abilities allow her to take on a more lifelike appearance, returning colour to her flesh and bright green eyes, though she has taken to affecting a black and light blue colouration for her hair as a small acknowledgement that she is no longer who she once was. Although she can appear as almost anyone she likes, direct sunlight reveals her true form, making it impossible for her to maintain the day-to-day illusion of a normal life. Since forging her soul scythe she's altered her costume as Ghost Girl to include a long, hooded coat with a tattered fringe and an ornate ice crystal pattern over the shoulders, buckled at the waist. She still includes a domino mask to the ensemble from time to time even if she makes little effort to maintain an actual secret identity. Powers Description: Kimber's ghostly nature renders her both completely incorporeal and translucent to a degree. Keeping the aura of cold that perpetually surrounds her to a barely perceptible minimum takes considerable concentration on her part; if she is distracted the temperature about her rapidly drops to well below freezing. She is also able to render herself completely invisible, though telepaths may sense her as a mental echo and electronics equipment will hiss with static at her passing. Not being restrained by any actual physiology, Kimber has a considerable ability to alter her appearance, from her clothing and apparent age to disguising herself as other individuals. The most extreme application of this sees her taking on an aspect that combines heartbreaking beauty and the sheer, existential horror of piercing, for a moment, the veil between life and death. The more paranoid might wonder if this is, in fact, her true nature revealing itself. Her soul scythe is formed from a curved snath of faintly luminous wood and a long, wicked looking blade of impossibly reflective metal. The tang is ornamented with what looks suspiciously like human bone while a charm in the shape of a highly stylized skull hangs from the far end of the shaft. The scythe grants Kimber a number of abilities, most notably the option to take on a corporeal form and interact with the world directly. The weapon can only be picked up by one who has died: a normal mortal attempting to lift it will find their hand passing through the handle as thought it were empty air. History: Kimber's life before her passing is largely a mystery. Her own memories are few and indistinct - she could tell you who the Prime Minister was when she was alive or what her favourite brand of cereal was, but she has little actual context for any of that information. Even after her death, she lost several years, punctuated by infrequent but steady reports of strange, terrifying activity surrounding a particular log cabin in the camping grounds near Thunder Bay. Trespassing teenagers related tales of horrible faces in windows, dishware smashing itself against the walls and an unearthly chill that defied campfires and generator-powered space heaters alike. Eventually the stories caught the attention of Daniel Storm, an outdoorsman with no small amount of experience with the sorts of supernatural hazards that become more frequent the further north and away from large settlements one travel. A terse, unsociable sort, Storm wasn't typically one to get involved, but for whatever reason, his interest was piqued. Despite the poltergeist's repeated attempts to drive him away, he eventually found the long dead remains of a young woman in the woods. What little cooperation the admittedly suspicious Storm was able to get from the local authorities pointed to the winter of 1996, one of the coldest on record, as the time of death. Taking it upon himself to give the Jane Doe a proper cremation should have put the ghostly apparition to rest. Instead, Storm found himself face to face with the floating but quite distinct image of an alarmed girl. Although understandably distressed as she came to understand her situation, the phantom adapted with surprising speed, taking the name Kimber because, "I just feel like a 'Kimber', right?" Storm did his best to fill in as many blanks for her as he could over several weeks, and contacted various occult peers when it became clear that the situation fell well outside his personal experience, not just in terms of supernatural phenomena, but also dealing with a teenage girl! Eventually, through friends of friends, he was put in touch with Duncan Summers, a gentleman with no small expertise in helping teenagers of unusual natures. Nonchalantly suggesting that she might as well use his last name for the resulting paperwork, he sent the heroine-in-training out into the world for a second shot at life! Kimber attended Claremont Academy, where she joined an iteration of Young Freedom alongside her roommate Wraith, a Kinigosi warrior who had adopted the human identity of Indira Singh. Since neither girl actually needed to sleep they instead spent their nights talking and exploring, quickly becoming inseparable. The team's numerous adventures culminated in a desperate battle against the Curator at the Centurion's Sanctum. Witnessing the heroic sacrifice of her friend Sharl Tulink, Citizen of Tronik, had a profound effect of Kimber, planting a desire to become stronger to better protect the people she care for. After graduating Kimber accepted an offer from fellow Young Freedom alumnus Eve Martel to stay in the newly finished castle atop the DuTempts Building. Somewhat adrift for a time she continued to adventure with her friends and became a well liked part of Freedom City's supernatural community. Turning her attentions to expanding her arcane knowledge, the poltergeist began looking for a solution to her inability to interact with her world and the people around her in a truly tactile manner. Personality & Motivation: Despite her regrettable situation, Kimber retains a surprisingly upbeat attitude. She tends to react to any new situation with curiosity and enthusiasm, asking lots of questions and rapidly jumping from thought to thought. Looking oddly doesn't seem to particularly bother her, but a surprising talent for reading people makes her acutely aware of how disturbing her undead nature can be for some. As a result, she may compensate with an even cheerier manner or make reassuring attempts at humour. Death has done nothing to dull Kimber's sense of empathy - if anything, it's given her a greater perspective on the preciousness of life. Despite her positive mindset, she considers herself to have very little to lose, or at least to be in very little danger of true harm, and so is quick to lend whatever aid she can. The adventure and romance of the superheroic lifestyle certainly appeals to her as well, though her notion of it is more than a little idealized. After all, people might be scared of a ghost, but who could be scared of the marvelous Ghost Girl! Successfully forging her soul scythe with the help of her friends has helped Kimber come to terms with the idea that she is her own person now, distinct from whomever she might have been had her life not been cut short. This has added a layer of genuine confidence underneath her good cheer and made her less likely to avoid serious or uncomfortable topics. She still prefers to resolve situations through talking but is sure of her ability to handle herself should gentler measures fail. Powers & Tactics: Kimber's main offensive ability outside of her scythe is a bone-chilling ethereal touch that drains the strength from her target's limbs, eventually leaving them helpless and shivering. She can also let loose a blast of frigid wind that quickly coats anything in her path in a hindering layer of ice. Although reluctant to engage in violence in the first place, particularly given how little threat convention weapons pose to her, when her teammates are put at risk she moves to disable their opponents as quickly as possible. She takes advantage of her unhindered mobility, but is not entirely beyond being hurt, and her sense of invulnerability can get her into trouble. Her incorporeal nature, along with her powers of invisibility and disguise, make Kimber an ideal scout and infiltrator. A side-effect of her concealment scrambles radio signals in a small radius, a handy trick for disabling nearby communications even as it serves as an unfortunate tell for those who are familiar with spirits and their ways. After years of relying solely on her telekinesis to interact with the world it remains her default even with her soul scythe offering the option of traditional touch. A quick study, Kimber rounds out her repertoire with a number of minor tricks and cantrips picked up from her friends. Complications: Amnesia: Kimber's memories before her untimely demise are foggy at best. Avro: A pet manticore kitten is a big responsibility, missy! Carry A Big Stick: Kimber's soul scythe is an object of considerable power, likely to draw interest. Naive: Kimber's a naturally trusting sort inclined to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. Pyrophobia: Intense heat and fire are one of the few things that can actively harm Kimber, and she's understandably hesitant around either. She's Dead, Jim: It's a living man's world, Kimber's just haunting in it. Truly, Truly Outrageous: Kimber missed out on a lot of pop culture and world history after her death, though she's been quickly catching up. Untouchable: Kimber has no physical form without the aid of her scythe. Young Freedom 2.0: Kimber's friends are pretty rad. Abilities: -10 + 6 - 10 + 0 + 6 + 6 = -2PP STR: - /16 ( - /+3) DEX: 16 (+3) CON: - (-) INT: 10 (+0) WIS: 16 (+3) CHA: 16 (+3) Combat: 16 + 12 = 28PP Initiative: +3 Attack: +8 Base, +10 Scythe, +12 Ghost Array Grapple: - /+11 (+8 Attack, +3 Strength [Scythe]) Defense: +12 (+6 Base), +3 Flat-Footed Knockback: -6/-11 Saving Throws: 2 + 9 = 11PP Toughness: +12 (+12 Protection; Impervious 10 [Scythe]) Fortitude: - Reflex: +5 (+3 Ref, +2) Will: +12 (+3 Wis, +9) Skills: 19PP = 76R Bluff 6 (+9/+13 Attractive) Diplomacy 13 (+16/+20 Attractive) Intimidate 9 (+12) Knowledge [Arcane Lore] 15 (+15) Languages 1 (French) (Base: English) Notice 8 (+11) Sense Motive 12 (+15) Stealth 12 (+15) Feats: 20PP All-Out Attack Attack Specialization [Scythe] Attractive Critical Strike [Undead] Dodge Focus 6 Fascinate [Diplomacy] Favoured Enemy [Undead] Improved Critical 2 [Scythe] Luck 2 Minion 8 Power Attack Second Chance (Diplomacy) Startle Takedown Attack 2 Uncanny Dodge (Auditory) Powers: 30 + 15 + 40 + 2 + 1 + 3 + 3 + 30 + 21 + 12 + 7 + 3 + 10 = 177PP Ghost Array 13 (26PP, Feats: Alternate Power 4) [30PP] Base: Concealment 8 (Invisibility; All Visual, Auditory and Olfactory, Extras: Linked, Feats: Close Range, Selective, Drawbacks: Power Loss [Necromantic/Undead Awareness, -1]) [17PP] + Concealment 2 (Mental Echo; All Mental, Extras: Linked, Flaws: Displacement) [2PP] + Obscure 4 (Static; Radio, 50' radius, Extras: Action [Free, +2], Linked, Flaws: Partial, Range [Touch], Feats: Reverse Progression 1 [Area, min 25']) [5PP] AP: Damage 12 (Disrupt Electronics, Extras: Affects Corporeal, Autofire, Linked [Drain], Flaws: Limited [Objects], Limited [Electronics], Feats: Accurate 2) [14PP] + Drain Toughness 12 (Extras: Affects Corporeal, Affects Objects, Linked [Damage], Flaws: Limited [Objects], Limited [Electronics]) [12PP] AP: Drain Strength 12 (Chill of the Grave; Extras: Affects Corporeal, Feats: Accurate 2) [26PP] AP: Emotion Control 12 (Beautiful Terror; Extras: Area [Perception, +2], Flaws: Range [Touch, -2], Sense Dependent [Vision], Drawbacks: Power Loss [in Sunlight, -3]) [9PP] Morph 6 (Terrible Beauty; Any Humanoid, +30 Disguise, Feats: Attractive, Fascinate [Diplomacy], Drawbacks: Power Loss [in Sunlight, -3]) [11PP] Super-Senses 6 (Fear Awareness [Mental], Extras: Acute, Analytical, Radius, Ranged, Tracking) [6PP] AP: Snare 12 (Ice Breath; Extras: Affects Corporeal, Area [General, Cone], Flaws: Action [Full Action]), Range [Touch], Feats: Progression 1 [Area, max 275'], Reverse Progression 1 [Area, min 100']) [26PP] Friendship is Magic Array 4 (8PP, Feats: Alternate Power 7) [15PP] Base: Enhanced Feats 8 (All-Out Attack, Attack Specialization [Scythe], Critical Strike [Undead], Favoured Enemy [Undead], Improved Critical 2 [Scythe], Takedown Attack 2) [8PP] (Indira’s Instruction) AP: Flight 4 (Rank 5 Total, 250 MPH) [8PP] (Koshiro’s Kiting) AP: Healing 8 (Extras: Restoration, Total; Flaws: Empathic, Limited 2 [Others, Touched by der Schattenwelt]) [8PP] (Tarva's Touch) AP: Nullify Illusion 12 (Extras: Nullifying Field [+0]; Flaws: Limited [Technological Effects]; Feats: Progression 2 [Area, 300’ radius]) [8PP] (Sharl’s Skepticism) AP: Obscure 4 (Visual Senses, 100' long, icy fog; Extras: Action [Move], Area [Cone, +0], Independent [+0], Flaws: Range [Touch]) [8PP] (Siobhan's Shroud) AP: Super-Movement 2 (Dimensional Movement 2 [Realms of Death and Cold]; Extras: Portal [+2]) [8PP] (Dimitri’s Doorway) AP: Super-Senses 4 (Death Awareness [Mental]; Extras: Extended 1 [100'], Radius, Ranged) [4PP] + Super-Senses 4 (Postcognition; Extra: Affects Others, Flaw: Limited [Moments of Death]) [4PP] (Nick's Necrovision) AP: Telekinesis 2 (Rank 4 Total; Extras: Affects Corporeal, Range [Perception]) (Heavy Load: 400 lbs Total) [8PP] (Eve's Elevation) Device 12 (Soul Scythe; 60PP Container; Flaws: Easy to Lose; Feats: Indestructible, Restricted 2 [Only Lifted by Those Who Have Died], Subtle [Transforms into Necklace]) [40PP] (cosmic, necromantic) Base: Drain Will 14 (Spirit Sever; Extras: Affects Corporeal, Affects Objects, Alternate Save [Will, +0]; Flaws: Limited [vs. Spirits/Undead], Objects Only; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Alternate Power 2) + Damage 14 (Extras: Affects Corporeal, Alternate Save [Will]) [18 + 42 = 60PP] AP: Damage 12 (Reap; Extras: Affects Corporeal, Area [General, Cone], Selective; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2, Knockback 8) [58PP] AP: [33 + 25 = 58PP] Corporeal Form 6.4 (33PP Container; [Active, Sustained]) [33PP] Duration 4 (on Insubstantial; Continuous; Feats: Selective) [5PP] Enhanced Strength 16 (+3, Heavy Load 230 lbs; Feats: Affects Insubstantial 2) [18PP] Impervious 10 [10PP] Mental Transform 12 (Restore Lucidity; Extras: Area [General, Cone], Duration [Continuous]; Flaws: Action [Full Round], Limited [Undead]; Feats: Progression [Area]) [25PP] Comprehend 1 (Spirits) [2PP] Enhanced Feats 1 (Quick Change) [1PP] Environmental Control 3 (Extreme Cold, 25' radius, Extras: Duration [Special], Flaws: Range [Touch]) [3PP] This power is always active by default, but can be 'turned off' with a free action and a sustained duration. If Kimber is unable to take the free action required, it automatically reactivates. Flight 1 (10 MPH, Extras: Duration [Continuous], Flaws: Permanent, Feats: Subtle) [3PP] Immunity 30 (Fortitude Effects) [30PP] Insubstantial 4 (Incorporeal, Affected by Fire/Heat, Extras: Permanent, Feats: Innate) [21PP] Protection 12 [12PP] Regeneration 7 (Recovery Bonus [+0], Resurrection 2 [One Day]) [7PP] Super-Senses 4 (Counters Concealment [Visual, Flaws: Limited (Undead)], Darkvision) [3PP] Telekinesis 2 (Extras: Affects Corporeal, Range [Perception], Feats: Precise, Subtle) (Heavy Load: 100 lbs) [10PP] Drawbacks: -3PP Vulnerability (Fire/Heat, Frequency: Common, Intensity: Moderate [x1.5 DMG]) [-3PP] DC Block: ATTACK RANGE SAVE EFFECT Disrupt Electronics Touch DC22 Fortitude Drain Toughness DC27 Toughness [Autofire] Damage Drain Strength Touch DC22 Fortitude Drain Strength Emotion Control Perception DC22 Will Emotion Ice Breath 100 - 275' Cone DC22 Reflex Snare Reap 120' Cone DC27 Toughness Damage [Knockback as 20] Spirit Sever Touch DC24 Will Drain Will DC29 Will Damage Totals: Abilities (-2) + Combat (28) + Saving Throws (11) + Skills (19) + Feats (20) + Powers (177) - Drawbacks (-3) = 250/250 PP Avro the Manitcore Kitten
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